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Music festival

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Well, it has been that time of year again, and I was off following Steph and Annie's footsteps to the Shrewsbury Festival.

Breaking point for Melanie

I wrote 'Uniforms' at pace, for the subject had me gripped. I referred to Melanie Stevens' revulsion at events in Bosnia with the words "I lost my religion as well as my gender then"

Common culture

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In the 'Ride' books, Eric suffers a lot of ribbing for being a banjo player. For example, it is suggested he take up the harmonica because, compared to a banjo, only half the notes suck.

Undercover Doctor

I watched this today at a friend's house.

Huffpost serendipity

I looked at the Huffpost entry re Texas bigotry, and found this. Pardon me while I weep happy tears,

Grow your own?

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banananana

Just checked my account and apparently I have been here for, ahem, four years and 52 weeks.


Shameless self-publicising

This is a shameless plug, yet again.

From the depths of time

Well, a surprise yesterday, with an e-mail at work sent to my male name from someone I used to work with many, many years ago (80s). In summary, "Hi, remember me?

TG film

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I wrote some years ago of a film called "I Want What I Want", and referred to it in 'Sweat and Tears'. Robi was good enough to send me a link to the book, but the film was lost.

Brilliant reply to bigotry

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Sweat and Tears background

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I wrote 'Sweat and Tears' to raise two issues. One of them was an attack on the 'forced fem' trope, which Dorothy has slapped down with her short-short.

Times they are a'changing

I wrote John Forster as a closeted gay man, lashing out at others before joining the army, only admitting to himself and the world what he was after being caught at it. Here is the reality.

Sarah's place takes a battering

This is a video of what the weather has done to Aberystwyth, home of Sarah's university in 'Cold Feet' and 'Sisters'.

Extra Time now on Kindle

As the title line says. If anyone does wish to buy my books, the easiest search term for them on Amazon is 'Sussex Border Stories'.

Blogging site interview

I have been picked up by a website that reviews and promotes LGBT literature. I must admit, some of their stuff is a bit raunchy for me, but each to their own.

Too Little... now on Kindle

The seventh volume in the Sussex Border Stories is now up on Kindle. A search for that phrase (SBS) will bring up all seven, and a link to my author page.

Cider Without... on Kindle

The latest book is being processed for Amazon so should be up on Kindle in a day or so.

Understanding the essentials

Sometimes we wind up so absorbed in ourselves that trying to cope with the present we miss the world. I have been visiting a friend, post-surgery in Charing Cross.

Riding Home on Kindle

The latest of the books to be published, it also contains 'Cold Feet at Christmas'

Ride On on Kindle

I have just submitted 'Ride On' for publishing on Kindle. The best way to find it (for it isn't up for another day or so) is to search on Amazon books under "Sussex Border Stories".

Sore LH fingertips

I have just returned from the Shrewsbury Folk Festival, where, what with workshops and sessions, I spent about six hours each day playing. For three days, and two hours on the first evening.

Lurking in the shadows

[Cod German accent] Very interesting...

Cold Feet now on sale

Nothing better to do before this weekend (a music festival!) I sorted Cold Feet for Kindle. Go*gle 'Sussex Border Stories' to find most of my e-books.

Books now on sale

Well, I now have three books up on Amazon for Kindle, and they are selling. Thanks to my supporters.
Something to Declare

Kindle has my baby

My first story, Something to Declare, has just been submitted to Amazon and will hopefully be on sale on Kindle in a day or so.

Extra Time

I am working on the final episode just now.


Well, I entered the BBC competition. No great hopes, but I got a reply today. My script hasn't been selected, but they have told me it reached the top 16% of entries. Now, there's a compliment!

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