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Work in Progress, Warning Construction Workers Ahead

Just an Idea of what might be coming in the future, that is if I can get my muse to come back and visit me.
Below is a list of prospective titles and a short blurb of where I am thinking of going with these.

a MAU-MAU-MAU mau mau ma mau ** no not that song!!

As I performed my normal look over at Fictionmania for what stories and chapters were new today I noted that Danielle J and/or Elrod W posted

I so wish I could use this in a story.

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While researching ideas for a story I am working on I came upon this youtube presentation, Oh my heart wishes I had the ability to copy parts of this to put together a video, sadly I have not an artistic bone in the body and I am fairly computer illiterate.

Urban Asalt Vehicle

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Wisconsin has done it. In the past they needed Urban Asalt Vehicles in Georgia, Alabama, and Texas.

Vietnam Memories

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I have not been one to go back to the early seventies and late sixties, still the following site got to me.

Question, does this look to you like a usefull source?

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I was looking around for a icon or picture I could use in creating a title page in more than one book

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