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I miss her

There are days like today I wish I could pick up the phone and call my mother, just one more time.

The Princess

Okay, I followed a comic "The Princess" about a young transgender girl over on the drunkduck website. Well, that site apparently ceased operations in July/August.

T-Giving Tradition

If somebody has already posted this I apologize, but listening to this has become a Thanksgiving tradition for me.


I wasn't really ready for this when I found it on Facebook, but I think it needs to be widely shared and read. The author has done what I never could do, and expressed it well.

Looking for story

Trying to find a story I read several years ago. Mom wants son to get a haircut, son refuses. Mom makes a deal, if he can keep his hair off his collar for 30 days he can keep it.

Stand Strong

For those of you that don't know of it or just not following it, this is a webcomic "Rain", about a MTF transsexual named Rain.

Feelings Belong To The Person Who Feels Them

Ran across this on the Hello Giggles website, co-sponsored by Zooey Deschanel. Its about coping with yours and other's feelings.


For those that haven't noticed, there is now a nice dedication to Stan in the memorials. Thanks Erin!

Tribute to Teddi?

It's probably just a coincidence. But I'd like to think this is a nudge-nudge wink-wink from Teddi. Hey, you never know, right?

Shorts win!

Much to nobody's surprise, when the Swedish Railway dropped their opposition to men wearing shorts, the skirts were put away. No trans issue here.

Disturbing trans news from Greece

This is important news from our brothers and sisters in Greece. This needs to be spread widely.

Porous Memory - Lost Story

Since my main computer died awhile back I've been a bit lost, and my porous memory isn't helping. There was a multi-part story awhile back, by one of our top authors.

Looking for a distraction - LOTR

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Trying to distract myself last night, my mind stopped on the clothing designs for Galadriel and Arwen's costumes that Paula described in her excellent story - Fashion Star.

Sad news from me

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After several years of living on the cusp, my mother suffered a major stroke Monday and passed away this morning. The next week or so is going to be rough.

Kudos & Random Solos

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Don't know if they're connected, but I've noticed that the Kudos counts for stories are way down the RH column now, where they used be at the top above the author's story list.

Checking Browser?

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All of the sudden I'm getting a message Checking browser before connecting to BigCloset (or something to that effect) when I come to BC.

Made-Up Punctuation Marks

We need these on BC!

Anonymous Plans Internet Blackout

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"This video below with Hillary Clinton, encourages an internet ‘unplug’ tomorrow, Monday, April 22, 2013, in protest of CISPA.

Here we go again

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Just saw a report online that at 10:48 PM EDT there was a report of an officer shot and a shooter loose on the MIT campus. Why is all I want to know. Why?!?!

Seven years

Well, I've done seven, yes SEVEN years here at BC! Whoda thunk? I've penned a few decent stories, read a lot of damned fine ones, and made the odd enemy or a dozen or so.

DC Comics Introduces New Transgendered Character

From WIRED magazine via Huffington Post Gay Voices:

On International Women’s Day

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Found the start of an interesting "commentary" over on Feminist Ire. Somebody wished a happy International Women's Day to all, pointedly including marginalized groups such as Trans* women.


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Okay,I understand that everybody is working very hard to make things all spiffy on here, and I do appreciate it.

In search of . . .

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Looking for a story I read a few years back. A successful well-off bachelor has his life (and body) stolen from him by renegade witch with a grudge against men.

Transgender Sues School

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Denying the transgender trigger for the Stonewall Riots

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Apparently there are groups such as the Mattachine Society trying to take the trans people out of the Stonewall Riots.

Commercial Tissue Alert

Okay, for those of you that haven't seen the 2013 SuperBowl Budweiser commercial, get a box of tissues and follow this link:


Where do I hide?

A sad thing for me, just an hour or or two before the shooting started in CT, an 18 year old high school senior was arrested in my home town for plotting to trap the other students in the school audit

Is it really getting better?

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I think this link is worth reading. It's not funny or anything, but it is one that should be widely spread, as it affects all of us. Be sure and have some tissues handy.

Login resets

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Why do I keep having to re log-in all the time, it wasn't this way before. I was replying to an email when I got caught in the three AM reset and lost my reply.

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