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Students Rogeting to avoid getting sinister buttocks

Apparently the latest trend sweeping classrooms (schools, colleges, universities) is "Rogeting," named after the famous brand of thesaurus.

I've apparently been here five years...

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Five years and 21 hours, according to the counter. I'm sure I didn't register at midnight BST, so I think I'll take the hours figure with a pinch of salt :)

Marvel takes Rule 63 to Thor

Rule 63: "For any given male character, there is a female version of that character."

Even Classics get 1* reviews!

A big hat tip to Karin Bishop for highlighting this over on the Book of Face.

Even Classic novels can earn a single lonely star in reviews at Amazon and other online book retailers. Take the following comments for example:

"Harry should have married Hermione"

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Harry and Hermione shippers, rejoice! While in the books, Harry ended up with Ginny and Hermione with Ron, Jo Rowling's admitted she now feels differently...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Since I don't know if / when I'll be able to log on tomorrow (hey, it's a busy day!), I would like to wish you all:

Have a Very Happy Christmas.

Eat, drink and be merry (in both senses of the word!) :)

Interesting song...

Since you've so far got over 70% of the tunes on my infernal acronym quiz without much difficulty (although I've noticed edits have dried up recently (Hint Hint)), I thought I'd search out some more obscure songs for the next iteration.

Among them, I discovered this ever-so-slightly tongue-in-cheek track, which for rather obvious reasons never makes it onto seasonal compilation albums... :)

Xmas Tunes Acronym Quiz

So, as we're well into advent, it's time to roll out my infamous Christmas Tunes Acronym Quiz again. This year, I've bumped it up to 160 songs - most of which are either carols or secular seasonal pop songs (i.e. ones that actually mention winter / snow / Christmas, rather than just those that share nothing in common with the season other than release date), but there's a handful of secular songs considered traditional and the occasional novelty / parody track.

The Sun headlines with an F2M child

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Today's Sun (yes, that esteemed newspaper) headlines with the following tale:

Exclusive: Mum fights bigots
I'm a boy, says twin girl, 6

Daily Mail: Humans are chimp/pig hybrids!

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The Daily Fail has scored yet another notch in the "WTF?" category with this article:

'Humans evolved after a female chimpanzee mated with a pig': Extraordinary claim made by American geneticist

  • Dr Eugene McCarthy points to features that distinguish us from primates
  • He says that the only animals which also have these features are pigs
  • Controversial hypothesis has been met by significant opposition

30 million hits!

I don't know if anyone else pays any attention to the hit counter at the bottom of the page, but over the past day, we've hit a big milestone.

30,016,985 hits

So, everyone, give yourselves a pat on the back as we've all contributed to that figure! :)

National Coming Out Day

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I wasn't previously aware of this, but courtesy of Wikipedia's Main Page, I've discovered that today is (or has been for those in UTC+3 or greater) National Coming Out Day.

It is apparently "an internationally observed civil awareness day celebrating individuals who publicly identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender–coming out regarding one's sexual orientation and/or gender identity being akin to a cultural rite of passage for LGBT people. The day is observed annually by members of the LGBT community and allies on October 11."

So if you weren't already aware of it, consider yourself informed :)

Gulf States to 'detect' gays on entry

Admittedly the story's in the Daily Mail, but apparently Gulf Cooperation Countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) are to use a medical test developed by Kuwait to supposedly 'detect' homosexuals and prevent them from entering their respective country.

Someone else's birthday...

Courtesy of the Book of Face, I have discovered one of our most prolific authors is celebrating a milestone birthday today.

For Doctor Who fans...

As we probably all know, Google regularly likes to pay homage to pop culture. They've had a bit of Whoniverse fun recently with StreetView.

Four Years One Day

Who'd a thunk it? I've been entertaining you with my random comments (which I've been assured on previous anniversaries are not incomprehensible gibberish, despite the joke in my Twitter bio) and (very) occasional story for just over four years now.


Completely off-topic, but Google's coders have been having fun again with another "Easter egg"...

Search Google Images for "Atari breakout" and prepare to waste a few minutes or hours of your life...

1½ weeks' absence

Righteo, tomorrow I'm heading off for Hastings for a week (well, heading to Mum's, then on to Hastings on Friday), so it's likely to be a week Saturday before you start seeing my random comments starting to appear on your stories again :(

Laura Jane Grace: My First Year as a Woman

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Spotted over at Crystal Hall, a link to a very well handled story about Laura Jane Grace. Laura was previously known as Tom Gabel, and remains the founder and lead singer of Against Me! - whose latest album will be called Transgender Dysphoria Blues:

Uruguay approves same sex marriage

Just spotted this:

Uruguay's Congress passed a bill on Wednesday to allow same-sex marriages, making it the second country in predominantly Roman Catholic Latin America to do so.

French study: women better without bras

Using a slide rule and caliper, Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon spent fifteen years carefully measuring changes in the orientation of breasts belonging to 130 women, at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (University Hospital) in Besançon.

28 million hits!

According to the counter at the bottom of the page:

Since 16 June 2005

UK one step closer to marriage equality

The Commons have just voted 400:175 in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill (HC Bill 126), despite a rebellion by nearly half of all Conservative MPs.

Bike Wiki

If you've been following Angharad's Magnum opus you may be aware that a few years ago I had the daft idea to compile a spreadsheet summarising every EAFOAB episode...

Indy: "Everything is about to change forever"

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There's an interesting opinion piece in today's Independent:


I've just noticed we've passed yet another million view milestone! Twenty Seven Million (plus about twenty two thousand by now)

Rule 63 Avengers / Dark Knight (Photoshop)

Spotted courtesy of the "Geeks are Sexy" blog, a set of rather impressive photo manipulations to illustrate what (live action) female versions of a trio of Avengers characters and a trio of Dark Knigh

Merry Christmas!

So, it's that time of year again... heading off to relatives, eating too much, drinking too much, and generally enjoying the time off work while collapsing in front of the goggle box (TV).

Wiggo wins BBC SPOTY 2012

One for the cycling fraternity on the site...

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