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It Happened Again!

So, there I was, reading and contributing comments on my favourite website when - I get hit with an attack of the shakes, and pins and needles in my hands and feet.

Five hours later I was in hospital again. What just happened?

No Good Deed

No good deed goes unpunished as they say.

So, I put up chapter #98 and almost immediately decide that I have made a mistake. Unfortunately, I had a trip to the US to organize, and my readers have already supplied many comments... enter the rewrite from chaos.

Return from the Big Apple

So, we returned from NY, NY and still alive! (allegedly). It has taken me nearly a week to recover from the jet-lag but I'm back in business.

An Unexpected Journey

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...Or, There and Back Again. Once upon a time, in a hole in a hill there lived a...

Oh, wait a moment. Somebody has already done that one. Where was I? Oh, yes.

My eldest son, who lives in New York, has had an accident. His girlfriend is expecting twin daughters...

In order for him to be on the birth certificates, they have to be married, so we will be flying the pond at short notice.

The Long Road Back

I could be talking about Somewhere Else Entirely, but this time I'm not.

Many of you are concerned, perhaps rightly, about my welfare, so I thought I'd bring you up to date.

And I hope that, unlike Garia and Keren, I don't suffer any more unexpected shocks and surprises along the way...

Lies down in dark corner

Unfortunately, going on my nightly experiences, that probably won't help much... but I'm going to take it easy this week-end. I've spent three days visiting hospitals last week and another rebuilding the house network. Phew!

Each time I go to a hospital it basically uses up a day. If I go to the local hospital for a blood test, it is a mile walk and then a bus ride each way; I can get other things done but you can't get a full run at anything. Going to the Renal clinic is an hour's train ride and a mile walk each end so basically we make it a day out and roam the shops, eat out, etc.

Interesting times

The reference is to the old Chinese proverb, of course. Did I expect to settle down to a quiet life? What do you think?

Apart from the various medical issues, there are a number of other upcoming activities which have to be addressed, of which writing is, regrettably, only one.

I'm back!

Well, I was discharged yesterday (Weds 12th), a process that took all afternoon. I'm home and attempting to pick up the pieces of life again.

I'll draw a veil over the hospital experience since a lot of you have been there and done that. I'm just glad I wasn't as badly off as some of the other poor sods on my ward.

A diagnosis!

I have been given a diagnosis (such as it is ) of vasculitis. The consultant was sufficiently concerned that they wanted to admit me as an in-patient yesterday but there was no bed. I am going in this afternoon, so will be AFK for a few days.

Short health bulletin

Just an update note on how my health problems are progressing.

Speed Bump

For about the past three weeks, or perhaps a little longer, I've had a mild sore throat. Symptoms: slight discomfort there, perpetual taste of old milk, intestinal bloating on account of the gunge draining down, resulting nausea and so on.

Last week I decided it had gone on long enough and went to the doctor. Cue loads of tests and a completely unexpected finding.

Possible spam infiltration

I have just received an email via the address I use solely for BCTS. This appears to be spam and thus means that someone who knows my email addy may have been compromised.

I "viewed source" and it refers to something called Zorbia which is apparently HongKong based. I didn't look any further and I didn't open it. It went in the bit bucket.

Four years, eighteen hours

Four years and eighteen hours ago, it said when I logged on this morning.

Maker! Has it really been that long?

SEE Universe

Well, it seems I now have a Universe tag, assuming anyone else is daft enough to want to write a story set on Anmar.

I have written up some universe rules but I would rather not make them public just yet, as there could be (of necessity) spoiler material inside. If anyone wants to have a go at a story, then PM me and we'll have a conversation.

SEE - Request For Comments

It seems that Somewhere Else Entirely has turned, without me realizing it, from a simple tale to a small industry. I have helpers tabulating names and places, proof-reading and even making maps! I even have a reader who wants to write fan fiction!

This story is no longer a one-author endeavor. What could or should I do here?

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Oh, $#@@+!

After I posted SEE 84 I had some time before tea so I decided to update the server... Now I can't get in!

Another SEE delay

Regrettably chapter 80 of Somewhere Else Entirely will be delayed...

I've written 5,000 words so far and just realized that I have put the cart before the, er, dranakh.

The reverse of the coin

Sometimes it's nice to see the other side of the story.

Don't get put off by the URL, this is a woman modeling men's clothes!

Meh. Cold.

This is typical of what seems to happen to me over the winter holiday period. I have an eeeeeeevil cold and I'm reduced to coughing, hacking and dripping everywhere. Needless to say, I can't write while I'm in this condition.

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