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for those who have been waiting... Tracy is back!

That's right. It's been since October, well, August and Through the years is back. Hope's ranch is almost done, at least the next part and maybe, just maybe, I'll try and post something tomorrow.

And we're back!!! Internet woes and more

So the internet connection issue should be over now. Changed from Frontier to Comcast Xfinity.

stl having issues with connections

Well I figured I would post again and let you all know the connection issues are getting worse. First of all, I hate Frontier. At first the connection came and went. It was more off than on.

having connection troubles

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I know I said I would get some through the years out, but we are having issues with internet connection staying on.

Hope's Ranch has returned!

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I have decided to post Hope's ranch first. But I will post some Through the years here in a day or so. I may post before we have it edited. But for now. Here is the Story of Hope's ranch.

I am still alive

Yes, I am still in the land of the living, but work has me jumping. I am working on both Through the years and Hope's Ranch.

looking for a story

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I am looking for a story. In it there is a boh who is staying someplace else, as his parents are out of country. While at the other place.

well I'm still here

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I thought I'd leave a blog stating I am still around. Haven't written anything much over the past two months. Been busy with work.

So a question of sorts

I am still here, like I said last time. Its just work has been a drain, but one good thing about work is that for my lunch and breaks, I can read from the site....well, kinda.

I am posting something today

Well, I am still around. I am now working the pets department as a stocker, so when I go home, I am beat and I wanted to put this out a few days ago, but I was so tired.

Still here

I am still around, I've just been busy. At work we've lost all of the new people (4 in a month, 2 of them in just one week)and one older person. So I am working Sundays stocking the pets department.

I have a few questions for those who read my stories

Well, and a statement.

looking for yet another story

I don't recall much, other than the main character is able to switch from male to female, works in a store as a piano player and is the witness to a crime and the criminal is looking for the male side

Had a strange day yesterday

So as you may remember, I got a new job at the end of July and started on the 30th of that month.

Happy Birthday Geekydee

I only remember today is Geekydee's birthday, because it is my birthday too. Makes it easy to remember that way

looking for a story

I never got to reading it, but I wanted to.

Well, I go in tonight

My background check came back all clear so I had to do some paper work this after noon.

i got it!

Got called at noon for an interview at 2. As of 3 this afternoon, I am employed again. Just got to wait for background check to return. Now to get those bills under control again

two down, one to go

Well I had interview #2 yesterday. And while talking to the nice lady, I learned that I wasn't the only one that guy forgot to set up appointments for.

now that was embarrassing

As some of you know, I have been looking for work and may have found a job that can work with me and how I really hate dealing with people face to face.

RE: Ragtime Rachel

This past week, there was a message Rachel not being heard from in a While.

About the Through the years

I am still alive, but I have been busy. I have been searching for a job and not finding anything. I also don't own a car, so I walk everywhere. So when I get home I am tired and don't write.

two years

Like the title says, its been two years since I first joined. I don't recall my first comment, but I came to this site through the stories "shoes" and the ones that followed it.

About the Through the years bios

I have started posting the bios for through the years. I will post the major and minor character bio sheets and updating them through out the next few weeks.

Re: Through the years (some what good news and a question)

I have been working on the next few parts of Through the years when I got sidetracked. It happens really easy to me. But one day I was busy typing something out and I thought....

Re: Through the years and Tracy

Well, it's been long enough. Tracy's next chapter shall be posted here shortly. Thank you for waiting for this.

Once again, we are a staging ground

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Remember last year when I posted a blog about my roommate hating me because she loaded cookies for girl scouts into our house?

re: through the years

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I have been working on getting another chapter out, but with looking for work, dealing with being sick, twice, and the emotions that have come up after the funeral, I find it hard to write at times.

A military question for people who recall the 80's

I am back and working on some ideas for Through the years and I was wondering a simple question. Does anyone recall the cut off age that someone had to be under to join the military in 1983-1984?

Back home again

Made it home,safe and sound. For those who was going to travel across the USA and go from either Emeryville to Chicago, or Chicago to Emeryville, I recommend Amtrak.

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