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Arkansas Weather

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On Wednesday it was in the eighties, and we were fighting with our AC to try and get it to cool the house down.

Today it's not even reached 60, and I'm curled up in my room with a hoodie on.

A Quick Question

I'm thinking about trying to write a story for the Back To School competition, but all the responses to my idea for a PFH short and whether it would fit the rules basically came back "Sure! If you change everything you planned to do and write a completely different story that has nothing in common with your original idea."

Red Letter Day

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Yesterday was quite a good day for me, and gave me a much-needed emotional boost after several weeks of being pretty down in the dumps.

Depression Sucks

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I'm sure this is no news to most of you here, but it still has to be said: getting depressed sucks.

Status Update: Back In Arkansas And Looking For Work

Well, for a few weeks anyway.

Still need Amazon reviews on Dear John

I'm still sorely lacking in reviews on Dear John on Amazon. And by "sorely lacking" I mean there ain't none.

Staying On Task

I want success in my life. I really, truly, honestly do. And yet, for some reason I find myself continuously sabotaging the opportunities given to me to obtain it.

Editors Are Awesome

We here in the Closet don't often give our editors the credit they deserve publicly, and that's something that I'm hoping to correct here, not only because I feel she deserves it, but also because I think that there are a few of you who might appreciate how her work has helped me.

Advocate on Cisgender Trans Allies, With Jeph Jacques!

The overall article is interesting, but page 3 has my favorite listing: Jeph Jacques.

A question for our UK/EU members concerning electronics

I was reading up about obsolete electronics today, as I am wont to do, when I started looking into SCART connections.

A Request For Reviews

I didn't wanna bother people with this after having announced that it was up but...

Dear John is Live

Dear John is now live on the Kindle marketplace in English.


Because I Need Money

This is a warning notice concerning a story I have up on the site currently.

That story is Dear John.

Blatantly Begging For Feedback

I am now on Goodreads! And I need reviews for Josie's Con Stories!


Fun With Text Gendering

Yes, it's *another* blog about the OC rewrite.


I'm back on Skype for the first time in almost five years!

If anyone feels the need to contact me via IM, you get three guesses for what my screen name is, and the first two don't count.

Holy Crap!

After a 3000 word binge of writing (the most I've put down on a single thing all in one sitting in quite a while) Part 1 of the Oh, Cheers rewrite is done done DONE!

TG in Games

While reading articles on the games industry (as I have a tendency to do,) I came across a recommendation for a game exploring non-gender-conformist behavior and feelings.


Whoo, what a slog this has been so far!

My Last Day

Today is my last day people.

No, not here.

At my job.

The Name Is The Game

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Yes, I'm still working on writing.

Yes, right now that is focusing nigh-exclusively on the first (second?) draft of a publishable version of Oh, Cheers.

Cut Rate Con

Due to somewhat underwhelming sales in its first week even by my own meager expectations (2 copies,) I have slashed the price on my Josie's Con book from 1.49 down to .99 americans.

I'm Published! Sorta!

As of about ten minutes ago, Josie's Con Stories: A Collection Of Transgender Short Fiction is pending approval on Amazon Kindle.

Being Reverse Read

In the past two days I have had two quite different TG-related experiences.

Progress Report

For the possibly two people actually interested, I figured I'd post a progress report on what I've been working on recently.

Going The Rewrite Route

I know people are probably getting tired of my blogs about my attempt to join the published world, but...

I want opinions, and this is the best way to get 'em alright?

Book Cover

I'm in the final stages of prepping my collective book for sending to Katie to make sure it'll work as a Kindle eBook.

Window Dressing

This was originally intended to be a comment on a comment on a recent blog entry, but I was rambling and going WAY off topic, so here it is on its own.

Links Added

I added links to the bottom of my Halloween contest entry for the other stories in the "universe," if you will, of Henry Harrelson's Custom Fit Boots, in case anybody is interested in reading the other stories set there.

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