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Follow up story on Maine Ruling

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T-Girl in Maine wins in court

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I had a cousin post this to me wanted to share another small step for LGBT

Doctors Application "Nice Find"

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While filling out a application for a new Doctor the area that say sex read F=female M=male and a third box that said transgender that my friends was a woo-hoo moment .

A good Xmas story

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A Great Christmas story with is my favorite worth the read at this time of the year is Santa Monica by Jennifer Brock .I strongly urge new readers to BCTS (and older readers) to go to search and look

Costume contest

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I just wanted to say that there are so many great Costume contest stories it is going to very hard to vote for the best story KUDOS to all thank you for your writing skills and time posting :-) Richi

Toot my own horn

Today is my 65 th Birthday WOW I made it . I am very pleased to share the day with Piper's baby boy Happy birthday to us. Anybody else today ?

Waking in Heaven

The story WAKING IN HEAVEN was writen for WREN when she died I keep thes story in my favorites to read when someone passes .

Kudos to LightofFury AND all authors

I have to say a BIG KUDOS to the mistress of the short story .

New Stories & Old Stories

I just wanted to thank all the authors who take the time to write & post the stories we all love so much KUDOS to all of you great creative minds plus thanks to all thiers muses for kicking butts to g

Where in the world is?

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Where in the world is K-Jo anyone over in the UK know where she is or heard from her? Just to know she is OK & work is keeping her busy.

R I P Stanman

I had a little interaction with Stanman over the past years & he and I had some laughs about the post from EOF about the mmorfg or what ever you call the interactive games you play on the internet .

40 years together

Wow today is the 40th anniversary of my marriage to my best friend Trissa 1 of 3 loves of my life the other 2 are the children she gave to me

Lingerie firm launches women’s underwear for men

I found this a my FB wall posted by my nieces husband. I wonder what's up with that . I checked & they have some nice stuff

4 Wonderful Years

I will becoming up on 4 years here at BCTS and have enjoyed so many wonderful stories. I just want to Thank Everybody for the friendship that is shown here at BCTS
Love to everybody HUGS RICIE@

Wow reading the blogs?

WOW after reading the blogs I don't feel so bad with my problems ,sounds like everybody is have a bad time starting this year 2013.My hope is that things get better for all of us at BCTS

Jazz on 20/20

I watch 20/20 about Jazz ,what a brave and very beautiful young lady.

Say Hello to Bob

I just know that Wren went to heaven so Wren please say hello to Bob for us and all the other BCTS members we have lost .

Christmas eve eve

O K it is 2 days before Christmas so I would like to wish my BCTS family a very Happy Holiday and A very Good New Year to come
Hugs & Kisses may you all have happiness and peace :-) RICHIE2

Hero on BCTS

I just wanted to note that and unsung HERO on BCTS who are the wonderful editors on BCTS and we have a few of them to name a few EOF, Holly H Hart, Djkauf and I am sure I am forgetting more than I nam

Another Happy Anniversay

Our friend Little Katie is coming up to 4 year anniversay with BCTS so lets all wish a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to LITTLE KATIE

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