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Tammy's continuing story

As I said a week and a half ago, Tamara's Debut ends with the next posting. Writing for the next installment (Tamara's First Christmas) has now reached 40,000 words but I want to finish it before I start posting so there will be a gap. In story terms, however, Debut finishes on December 12th and the Xmas story starts on December 13th.

What I have not yet decided is how to release it, whether one day at a time, in cliche cliffhanger (ie Bike) style, or as a novel. Debut, as a completed story is 108,000 words and I'd expect Xmas to be a similar size.

Tommy & Tamara series continuation

I've just posted chapter 17 of Tamara's Debut, due to editing that series will end on Chapter 24. Most of what was Chapter 25 now forms the intro into Chapter 1 of Tamara's First Christmas. As of now 20,000 words for that series have been written and posting will commence shortly after 'Debut' concludes, the story as written is now many thousands of words beyond where I left it in 2010.

New or revised?

Here's an update on my stories:

Unaccounted Gains Book 2 is continuing with a posting schedule of every 2 days (ish). It is brand new, never published elsewhere.
Tamara's Debut has 25 chapters and was first published in 2009/2010 on BCTS. It has been revised and re-edited prior to republication.
Eve Book 2 contains some material from earlier publication but is mostly new, I haven't decided when it will be published yet as I don't want to be posting more than two series at the same time.


The sharp-eyed amongst you may already have noticed some logo changes for the Eve & Unaccounted Gains series as each is now displaying Book 1. The Series page has been suitably modified with a new uber organisational page created, There is also now an Eve 2 page awaiting content, as a teaser.

What this means is that both Eve & Gains will be finishing soon in their Book 1 guise. One or both may take a break whilst I work on republishing Tammy, starting with the Hallowe'en special.


Unaccounted Gains etc

The next chapter of Unaccounted Gains, number 30, may take a day or two as I've deleted a 1000 words from the draft chapter and commencing a rewrite. Unfortunately I wrote myself into a corner that would have taken a miracle to get out of. It was a shame as the dialogue was pretty snappy.

Eve reposts will continue on a 1 or 2 day basis until Book 1 ends, then there will be a break until book 2 starts.

There's no timescale for Tammy to be reposted as yet but I might produce a few standalones as time permits.


More on stories

It's been a little strange going back over stories I wrote 5 years ago and hadn't looked at for 2 years. Whilst I can remember the Eve plot, some of the chapters surprise me when I read them, prior to editing & revision. Of course, that does help the grammar checking as it's not a very familiar text.

I'm running several chapters ahead with Eve, but as I warned earlier the chapter numbers have changed.

Stories update

Eve is being extensively revised and my re-editing is running a few chapters ahead of publishing at the moment. The chapter numbers will no longer tally with the previous publication of Eve. Book 2 is planned but not written. That might be an autumn/winter project.

Unaccounted Gains is a side project that will appear irregularly. Tammy requires plenty of work before I see it fit again, although Gabi was my editor first time around so the spelling should be okay!


Child support (again)


Blog About: 

I last wrote two years ago about my quest for my ex partner to pay maintenance for our daughter, who lives solely with me. In the past two years several calls have been made to the Child Support Agency but the situation remains the same. Today's call confirmed that there are no employment/tax records nor current benefits claims, so she has no liability to pay until one of these conditions is met.

First story re-posted

I've just published "Human Resources" which first appeared on BCTS in 2011 as "Martha". There's been a major edit/revision of the original text. I'm not sure which of my stories will get the edit treatment next, perhaps even a new one? I'm afraid Eve & Tammy will have to wait a while, especially if there are any new chapters in the pipeline.


Start again?

I decided last night to re-establish myself with BC-TS and everyone here. What I am thinking of doing is to dust off some of my old stories, re-edit them into better English, and re-post them. That is not a quick process as I have over 250,000 words across several series of stories to tackle.

For anyone who had my email address, it hasn't changed (as a certain lady from Oz has confirmed)


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