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Unaccounted Gains etc

The next chapter of Unaccounted Gains, number 30, may take a day or two as I've deleted a 1000 words from the draft chapter and commencing a rewrite.

Just another day

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It's just another day in Chateau Shiraz. Being a single parent isn't always easy, particularly when there's a teenager in resident, but I can recall it feeling almost the same when I was with my ex.

More on stories

It's been a little strange going back over stories I wrote 5 years ago and hadn't looked at for 2 years.

Stories update

Eve is being extensively revised and my re-editing is running a few chapters ahead of publishing at the moment. The chapter numbers will no longer tally with the previous publication of Eve.

Child support (again)

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I last wrote two years ago about my quest for my ex partner to pay maintenance for our daughter, who lives solely with me.

First story re-posted

I've just published "Human Resources" which first appeared on BCTS in 2011 as "Martha". There's been a major edit/revision of the original text.

Catching up

I discovered that the last edition of Bike I'd read was just past 2000. Trying to catch up the 300 in the meantime and it's hard work. Loving it again, despite (or because of) the cliffhangers

Start again?

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I decided last night to re-establish myself with BC-TS and everyone here. What I am thinking of doing is to dust off some of my old stories, re-edit them into better English, and re-post them.

Child support

As most will know, I obtained custody of my daughter over two years ago.

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