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UK Petition, TG Women barred from pageant


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"Last year I applied and was selected to be a finalist for the Miss Galaxy Contest, 4-7 February 2016. I was so proud to think that we finally live in a society that accepts transgendered women to this extent. But when I emailed to secure my place I mentioned this and was instantly informed I was no longer eligible to compete. They say they hadn’t spotted that I was transgender -- according to their rules you have to be born female to take part in the pageant."

Interference from RL

I've managed a few thousand words of Tammy's tales since I rejoined BCTS earlier this month, but I did have plenty of free time available.

It now looks like I have to spend a few days with my brother who has suffered a major PC failure and can't recover his data from his old hard disc. That means a trip to the far side of London, probably tomorrow.

Rumours, rumours


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Dear all,

I logged into BC today for the first time in six months and I'm sorry I haven't been around - please don't believe any rumours you probably haven't heard. My muse has escaped me, I haven't written a word since last summer and have no sign of doing so in the next few days. The stories will be concluded but I can't give a timescale.

I'll check in a bit more often - I promise.


Story update & bio

It;s been a few days since I posted a new chapter for either of my ladies. I'm afraid I've hit a block with Gains that needs a rethink but I had no desire to write over the weekend. Hopefully a new Testing Times will hit the news stand on Tuesday (that's today if you're East of the Meridian)

Number of readers

I noticed a strange behaviour yesterday, the number of 'reads' for one of my stories differed from the total hit for the same story on the 'my stories' page.

This morning, Chapter 11 of Unaccounted Gains 3 has 491 reads on the front page and 699 in My Stories (the same number is shown within the story itself). So, why would the front page counter differ? I'm also pretty sure this is not related to my account having checked a few others.


I had an idea

I had an idea earlier today. One of the problems with the way that I'm writing at the moment is that it's one story from two viewpoints in two series!! So, to keep Tammy's story as contiguous as possible I've added a diary to cover the gaps.

On a related note, I have my son in town at the moment so normal writing time is being given over to family matters. This is causing delays to Unaccounted Gains. Apols.


Strange days


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It's been a case of ups & downs recently, none more so than the past few days.

As I've previously said, I've been suffering depression for a few months but it is under those conditions that I find I can concentrate on my writing as I effectively block out everything else. That doesn't mean that I ignore my teenage daughter, some chance of that, but calls & emails are unanswered for hours, or days.

Tammy's tales from here

Tamara's Trials is heading towards conclusion and the writing emphasis will switch to Book 3 of Unaccounted Gains. I'm afraid that one or two loose threads will be left over after Trials finishes, but these will be picked up at a later date.

BTW To date Trials is 150,000 words, my longest piece so far, with the total Tammysphere running at 310,000 words - so far.


Unforced errors

I suppose it's inevitable that eventually I would make a boo boo that required an already-published chapter to be edited in such a way as the story changes, or at least one aspect of the story. I mixed up two characters' histories and simply changing the name wasn't an option. This made me wonder, how do I prevent this from happening again? The short answer is that I can't, an unforced error is just that.

Delays to Tammy's Trials

An apology to those waiting for Tammy's adventures (and there are plenty of them to come) but I'm engaged in a complete rewrite of Chapter 31 and now see that I've made a boo boo in Chapter 30, by mixing two characters up. That's going to require a partial rewrite to fix as it can't simply be explained away.

It's all going to take some time and I'm hoping RL keeps itself at bay.


Broadband issues

I'm having broadband problems again as my fibre went down sometime last night pb (post Bike). I've spent time today, after teaching my over 50s IT class, trying to fault find but right now have no outside world connection using that route although my internal network is still up. That much is useful as my scribblings are not stored on the laptop that I use for writing, all my work is stored on the big beastie (12Tb of storage).

Timeline problem

I have over 3000 words of Chapter 16 of Tamara's Trials ready to roll, It's been edited, re-edited and re-re-re-edited but I can't use it, yet!

The Tammy stories are written against dates and the chapter written for Monday 26th Jan should be 2nd Feb! So, I have nothing ready for Chapter 16 as of 1430 GMT, the chapter already written will become number 21 or 22 or 23 etc, eventually!

Can I manage 2000 words plus in the next few hours? Let's see!


A Scottish ferry ride

I occasionally make reference to the weather in Scotland, where the Tammy stories are set, but regardless of how well weather can be described in writing, nothing beats a video.

This was filmed on 9th of Jan and is the ferry between the Orkney Isles and Scrabster, about 4 miles from Thurso. Have your paper bags ready!


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