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A small update

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Im stuck at home unable to do much with this gosh darn(polite language) cold. My throat is killing me!

It however has given me some time to play at making a new chapter. It's about halfway done.


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Im all happy!

One of my neighboors just threw out a nice set of antique kitchen chairs!

I rescued them of course..

Make her stop!

Somebody make her stop!

Everyday it's the same thing.

I say I'm a guy/man/boy and , and , she laughs at me!

She calls me a silly girl and such.

happy new year

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I guess I should say happy new year to all.

I think I might have asked this before but...

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Why is it that almost every other TG story has someone going on hormones or being "girly" and they are emotional wrecks?


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I have the brave face on right now. I may look like I'm alright, or sound it. But this time of year is ....hard for me.

Sigh in hospital

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And no it's not for that surgery.

Sigh slipped on some ice and broke ankle in two places awaiting some surgery.

Hmmm I guess it's an update for some....

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Hi all!

Just writing to let you know that I have done my first grueling week of my return to work. Six hours of sleep followed by lots of studing have left me one tired...person.

uhhhhhhh... *blank blank*

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How do I put a title to this?

I know a person who is having difficulty. She says quite often " I can't be ..."

I'm a good murl.. really!

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The other day I had a dental appointment so I rode my bicycle to it.. and then back.

Okay no biggie just about 10 km one way and 18 the other since i took a side route along some paths.

hi all

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Hi everyone!

First off, I want to kill my cat at times. I love Pepper, so named because as a kitten it looked like someone put pepper on her hose,but she drives me crazy.

Diet is NOT DIE with a t!

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Dottie says that diet is DIE with a t. That is not true.

A diet is basically what you eat on a regular basis.

small update

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Small update for those who may be interested.

Words from the wise

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I once had a very good teacher who taught me something very important.

still here

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Just thought I would post that im still around, still in a bit of pain from the surgery plus two different of which was a nasty yeast infection.


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Well I am home again from my trip to montreal for surgery.

Darn it! Dottie is teasing me again please help!

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For the past few weeks Dottie has been teasing me.

I'm NOT a girlie girl!

Just because I like pink and have two tops in pink does not make me a girlie girl.

working hard

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In case people are wondering I've been working hard for the past bit everyday almost all day. I don't even have the energy to THINK of writing anything let alone actually write anything.

Need a little help with Dottie.

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She is feeling a little down because a cashier made an obvious error and called her Sir.

A thank you to those who read.

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I looked at my account and its past 12k kudos. I can only thank those who have been nice enough to read my stories and say that they like them.


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I'm so overwhelmed by the responses from people.

I'd like to give a big thanks to:

Ole The first to donate

A big huggle thanks to Sephrena for her timely help.

I'm gonna scream

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Artistic license is one thing but if I see another outright lie that new cars are safer compared to old ones I'll get really really nasty.


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Trying to post chapter 10 and I get validation error when I try to preview and have no clue as to why. Search pulls up nothing.


Help maybe..

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A few weeks ago I received some startling news.

amazing grace

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Ever have one of those days where you wake up with a song in your head?

Hmm let me rephrase that I always have a song going in my head. It's why I almost never listen to a radio dont have to.

Ive decided on something

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Some people may have been wondering why I haven't been posting.

I have been working on something, yes I know "she has yet another story going.."

In case people are wondering

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I have not exactly stopped writing on Trip home, Belle, or any of my other stories.

I got uhm sidetracked into a "short story"

4 chapters so far and still going....


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I always love how things are assumed by people. Many think that because the news spins it one way that its true. Sadly this is not the case.

belle book 2

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Please wait for chapter 2 which explains chapter one a bit better. I know some of you feel I went overboard but I really didn't. I'm just setting the stage so to speak.

okay now what?

So I guess now I need someone to turn my pile of ..., OUCH dottie quit that, well Bill's story into a book and then make a cover(i do have a picture in my head for it) and somehow post it to kindle or

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