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Thanks and a NEW BOOK.. A Tale of Two T's

Just to say a big thanks to those who voted for my story - Three men and a Christmas Spirit in the Christmas competition.

Looking for an Editor / Critic

I am looking for an Editor / Critic to advise me on whether a story I am writing is worthwhile. Please PM me if you could help

Heather Marie

A Hug

Sometimes words just can't express what needs to be said, and the only way to express what is really felt is a hug.

To Erin, Piper, Cat and the Crew,

Mum and Quads doing well

They should be home by the end of the month. O'Hara Twin Girls Bailey and Iris weighed 4 lbs 7 oz, the boys weighed 5 lbs 6 oz Reilly and 4 lbs 4 oz

Because I Don't Seem to Be Able To Write - A Few Groaners

Read and Weep

Puns for the Educated

A couple of questions

I have a couple of question for my readers:

The Future Of Storytelling

You all might find this interesting/useful: The Future Of Storytelling

Saturday Morning Humor

A pig and a chicken walk into a bar and order a drink.

The bartender looks at them and shakes his head. "Sorry," he says. "We don't serve breakfast."

Nancy Cole
a.k.a. HW Coyle

For any authors who asked FM to take down your stories

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Your stories may still be accessible. An author who asked her work can be taken down, I am still able to open the text file for one of her stories. This post is just meant to alert authors to this.

Season of The Witch

I have put Season of the Witch up on Amazon as well so the story will no longer be appearing here. For The Fairest seemed to do pretty well so I'm hoping Season does the same for me :)


My new roomie!

Well, Melanie successfully made it to Albany on Monday of this week, and she is installed at our apartment.

A question about writer's critique groups and TG stories....

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(Note: Your ragtime gal made a few corrections, to correct some of the more egregiously horrible wording, the result of sleep deprevation and writing on a wonky computer in the wee hours--Rachel. )

With the extended downtime, I amassed quite a stockpile of questions for the BC readership at large, and question number one concerns a source of considerable dread for me, the writer's critique group. (I would have to promise that I'd post a story to the site.

I've always likened such groups to group therapy, and not in a positive way. Either way, I'm baring my inner self to relative strangers, leaving myself open to judgement and ridicule.

Missing episode

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Just a heads-up.

Thank you all for all of your work

Wow it must have been an incredible job of work.

Thank you

So, I'm Back In! (Again)

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Thank you SO much, Erin et al, for doing whatever had to be done to get 'it' up and running again.

2013 Xmas Contest Awards

December 2013
Three Wise Men
Contest Awards

20,000 up - New Book out to celebrate!

20,000th book sold!


I am in some pain today, and its worrying me a little.

First, my right knee feels off, and I've had trouble supporting my weight (not that my weight is feather-like, or anything).

Windy city

Out in my transit van this morning 65 to 70 mph gusting 80 according to local coast guard station (Mumbles head.) My van literally bouncing as the gusts clobbered it.

My cat died

Several months ago I was posting stories about my cat Madeline. She was the one who got paralyzed at the back legs.

Hatbox Gifts

We got a good head start on February this month and I want to thank everyone who contributed. We even got some donations for the hardware fund. :)

gaby book 12

Well I did promise more from Book 12 and here it is


I was wondering if there was anyone who plays the online game EVE. If so do you still play and what are the risks involved.

A sad visit

My brother came by last night.

Big opportunity

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So I've been beating around the bush lately, primarily because I didn't want to Jinx myself. But I have been given a great opportunity and I have been able to take advantage of it so far.

Attention StefB

Hey Stef. Give me a ring on skype! I haven't heard from you in quite awhile and I thought I'd better check to see if you're okay.


My Last Day

Today is my last day people.

No, not here.

At my job.

Shirley Temple has passed away.

Name poll

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Okay I've narrowed the choices down to what Xia as a character might choose as the names.

Trans-gressive Photography

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Psychedelic in the original sense, mind-opening photography:

Counter-point to yesterday

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Well, I had a moment today that acted as the counter-point to yesterday's being called "sir".

Early Movie With TG Character

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I saw on TMC one of my favorite movies: Little Big Man. It has a character that was obviously transgendered: "Little Horse." She was accepted by the tribe as female.


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Today's my first day out of work. I'm not complaining, since I left my old job willingly and have a new one lined up - one I'm really looking forward to.

Still no wiser but happy

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Connie Alexander

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What ever happened to Connie Alexander?
She has a great story, Catwalk Confidence, that just seemed to stop a year ago.

Name suggestions

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Hi folks,


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Just a question. If someone used the wrong pronouns regarding you, how would you respond?

Where is Constance Grant?

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Where is Constance Grant and her story, "Pirate's Gold"?

I need to do more

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For the past few days I have been helping out a very prominent member of the transgender community get her autobiography together and make it something people would want to read.

The Lego Movie

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Everything is Awesome.

Gaby Book 12

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Just a heads up really, I've started on chapter 18 of Its A Swiss! so I fully expect to have the second instalment ready for people on Wednesday next.

I wish I could be a figure skater

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I am watching Olympic figure skating, and not for the first time, I'm wishing I could have been a (female) figure skater.

The costumes, the grace, the beauty ...

I need questions, not answers

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There are few nationally known transgender celebs, but if you had access to one of them, what would you like to know about their lives. What kind of stories would you like to see in their biography?

Mixed Gender Basketball

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We have had occasional discussions on BCTS about sports and gender, as well as many great stories where sports play a role.

An Unexpected Journey

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...Or, There and Back Again. Once upon a time, in a hole in a hill there lived a...

Oh, wait a moment. Somebody has already done that one. Where was I? Oh, yes.

My eldest son, who lives in New York, has had an accident. His girlfriend is expecting twin daughters...

In order for him to be on the birth certificates, they have to be married, so we will be flying the pond at short notice.


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Sephrena is back but her health is somewhat shaky. Please let her know that we have been thinking of her. She hopes to be able to do the things she enjoys doing here again very soon.


Search is Back

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For those that didn't notice.... Search is back, and I believe we have knocked out all the bugs.

Going to publish my autobiography here exclusively

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After thinking about my autobiography carefully, I've decided it will be made available here on Big Closet only.

My Heart and Hope are with those friends in the UK

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Unless the stories that I have been seeing are untrue, I fear for all of my dear friends and beloved authors in the South and Western parts of the British Isles.

The Third Time's the Charm

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I want to thank those who took time to make suggestions about the title of my story.

The White Wolf Is Fading

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It has been almost 4 months since the last entry for The White Wolf. This story has great potential and I would hate to see it abandoned just as Jessie gets started on ranch improvements.

I - ALWAYS - Behave, and always have.

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It is TRUE - I always behave.

Need Advice concerning Atalanta's Story. Readers Needed.

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About a year ago I became enamored with Atalanta and her story from Greek mythology and I knew I had to write her.

February contest question

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I read about the contest but didn't have any inspiration. Finally it hit and I think I might have a story.

Listening is important. It leads to empathy

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I just spent the better part of the day helping out a fellow member of the trans community. They are writing their biography and it is one that will garner a lot of interest.

Once Again My Insensitivity Comes Forth

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I thought I had finally come up with a good title for my latest effort. Unfortunately, it was a bad choice. I apologize if I brought up unpleasant memories for anyone.

Sorry, No Bike

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Been on the phone to my needy friend, so no time to write tonight.


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Sometimes it's fun to think of something totally inconsequential, when thinking of other things is too painful.

Appeal to Sephrena's friends

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Appeal to Sephrena's friends

Please, if you love Sephrena and can contact her, check to see that she is all right.

"Simoné and the Final Solution" Posted

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I have posted a complete novella, Simoné and the Final Solution. It's too agonizing to post stories of this length in parts and get little response.

Alright, so, it's finally here.

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So, for those that don't know, "Always room in Hell" went live on kindle the second. (I was snowed in myself, and couldn't check.)

Brand spanking new release (no spanking fetish involved)

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A new release from Katie Leone. This is her first adult romance novel and it is as hot as the engine of a stock car in june after 50 laps at Daytona. There is adult content, so be warned.

Pun Fun

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There are more than a few blogs posted here that are real downers.

What do I say here?

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This is difficult. I don't know why to say. I have tears running down my cheeks and I don't know why but I don't care. So why am I posing.


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I can't believe how excited I am. I have just been given the opportunity of a lifetime. A very influential member of the trans community has asked me to help write their biography.

New Nena

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Yup, you can now get another dose of Nena to read on your Kindle!

You're so fat... you're so fat that

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You're so fat that you broke your own toilet while going to pee.

Harry Potter Fanfic

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I ran across this a few days ago and have been eagerly reading it, so figured I'd recommend it here too:

From remembrance, for memorial...

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Approximately one year ago, Edeyn Hannah Blackeney passed away...

You pick the cover and win a prize :)

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So, I'm ready to publish again (and soon post here on Big Closet). The new book is a departure. It is an adult romance with bonus erotic ending. But, like usual, I am torn on what cover to go with.

"You're worth it"

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"Just remember, you're worth it."

That's the message my pastor wanted me to take away from my makeover day.


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I've fallen a couple times recently and today the pain is so bad. Hot pads ice packs vicoden, hot baths and Spem in Alium will eventually make it stop.

Follow up story on Maine Ruling

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Ugly Fact of Life Number 34

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Ugly Fact of Life Number 34

Author fan pages on Facebook

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I don't know how many people know this, but I have a fan page on facebook. I usually don't post on there what I post on here unless it's a new release.

Looking for feedback. Please Read! Updated!

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Okay. I'd really really like some feedback on the following ideas, please! :)

Alright? No, It's Not All Right

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Alright is not a word. Please stop using it.

T-Girl in Maine wins in court

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I had a cousin post this to me wanted to share another small step for LGBT

On Depression

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I have suffered from mild to severe depression all my life. The Dr's told me that it was a chemical imbalance in my brain and it would never go away.

Twice Removed... possible delay

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Hey folks,

Back Again

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I have just posted the next portion controlled segment of Havens Salvation. I will be making the postings smaller so there is not so much to digest at one time.

"Barbie" day today

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Well, I am excited and nervous about today.

Why, you ask? Because today is "Barbie" day - I got invited to come over to my pastor's house for a makeover.

My take on Groundhog Day

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Was Holly H Hart your editor too?

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I'm working on a project, and will carry through on it all on my own if necessary.

My farewell

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In the past year I have found that my faith has taken me forward in my Christian life. I am a conservative Christian and I will say how I feel.

Looking for Artist

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Hi as some of you may know, I recently published For The Fairest on kindle and if some of you have taken a look, you'd see that the cover of it has left a lot to be desired.

Upcoming GTaBA chapters...

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I just want to give some advance warning about the upcoming chapters of Going There and Back Again.

A question before the panel

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Well folks, I have a question for the panel, and the panel is you guys:

It's Grounddog Day!

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Happy Birthday to my roommate, Cuddles the Minipoo! She's eight years old today and my best friend.

Cloudflare CAPTCHA woes

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I've started to see a Cloudflare CAPTCHA when I post.

1) It doesn't say why.
2) It's annoyingly HUGE.
3) It demands on the preview, then demands again on the post.

"Harry should have married Hermione"

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Harry and Hermione shippers, rejoice! While in the books, Harry ended up with Ginny and Hermione with Ron, Jo Rowling's admitted she now feels differently...


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I need to say Thank You!

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The words Thank You are simply not grand enough to carry how I feel towards all of you who have given me so much over the last few days.

Your posts and PMs have meant so much to me.


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I have received nearly 5000 e-mails from the BCTS site since noon today - in other words, in the last eight hours.


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I have a question for you all. and you may not have known her, but my mom was....someone I really idolized for her strength and tenacity. and there are many times I wanted to be like her.

Saved by the J.L.A.?

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The title of this entry is "Saved by the J.L.A.?", and I'm sure someone reading that would wonder what was going on with me lately. I can see someone saying, "Geez, Dorothy.

December 2013 Three Wise Men Story Contest Pre-Voting Blog

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December 2013
Three Wise Men
Story Contest Pre-Voting

A question for non-British readers

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In the UK, we use a special symbol to represent the British pound (monetary, not weight), shown here. Pound sign.jpg

Jared Leto 'road tests tg character'

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The actor plays a transsexual afflicted with AIDS in the Dallas Buyer's Club and who uses 'total immersion' in his characters as his method of acting.

The Name Is The Game

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Yes, I'm still working on writing.

Yes, right now that is focusing nigh-exclusively on the first (second?) draft of a publishable version of Oh, Cheers.