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No Bike tonight

A variety of distractions seem to have conspired to prevent me scribbling tonight, phone calls, puter problems - hopefully sorted but very time consuming. It seems the closer I get to retiring the more life throws at me and usually the more stressed I get. Oh well, tomorrow I hope will be more normal but at least I did get a bike ride this morning (on the bike shown below) and a toasted teacake.


Mondays suck. I buried our two male cats today


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Rusty was euthanized this Feb 06th, one day short of his 20 birthday.

We had him cremated as it was winter with heavy snow on the frozen ground.

We planned to bury his ashes near his sister in May.

Simon was well, other than a couple teeth that had to be pulled, up until a week ago.

He went off his feed. Seemed less energetic but we thought it might be stress from a house guest or allergies. We was a shy but loving animal.

Sis took him to the vet today.

Scott Free, Final Part

Just posted the last part of Scott Free. That should be obvious to those who visit this site. I am very pleased with the positive response the story has had to this point. This was not the feel good story like Mike and Ashley was; however, the ending is just as feel good. Real life is difficult. There are nasty SOBs out there, and unfortunately, there always will be. Unfortunately, this story is realistic. At least, I think it is, and that is so unfortunate. How many children are physically or psychologically beaten because they are different and don't conform to the norm?

Victory - for the transgender community (it rhymes)

A few months ago I began a quest. A quest to make transgender fiction less marginalized and give it the respect that it deserves. A quest to show that transgender fiction is not only about erotica and men being turned into sex starved bimbos that live only as caricatures of what a woman is. The goal was to make Amazon recognized that there were far more genres that transgender literature fit into outside of erotica and biographies.

Help...inspiration in terms of a story

I'm looking at writing a story and I already have an idea for an ending and the beginning with a bit more(I really feel it could be good). I guess I'm pondering how to develop in between point A and B.
I'm not that author who has a muse like a few of you describe. I don't have tons of words and a beautiful scripted dialogue that just flows out of me. It's just not terribly easy for me. I would really like some tips in how possibly to develop supporting characters. Some suggestions on possibly being able to let the dialogue flow out...and naturally at that.


Hey everyone! Cathy gave me a good talking to so here I am with some explanations. These last few months my commenting and generally being part of the BC community has dropped off.

I'm one of those who has problems with migraines and I've been wrestling with them off and on for years. These last few months they've been particularly troublesome. My visit to my doctor gave me a good bill of health despite the fact my head felt like it was shorting out.

Giving this I've been working on identifying and avoiding 'triggers' so that's been taking up most my energies.

If You Are Thinking of Joining Her PLEASE DON'T



Please, if you contemplating suicide: don't do it. ASK FOR HELP!
I can be there for you if you just ask!
If you even think that you know someone who is contemplating suicide or is depressed please be a friend to that person.
If you need help I can advise and assist.
Too many have died this way:

I'm working on next chapter

I hope this is the right spot. Just wanted to let everyone know, who is waiting for the next chapter of Mathew's Secret Desire, fret not as I am working on it. Had to do some rewriting to hopefully keep the continuity right. So I should have it ready to post soon.


Maybe more than most want to know about transgender


Over the years I have learned, hoping with knowledge and time transgender would finally start being understood by the general public is an effort in futility. With the hate and fear mongers spreading their own biased opinion of transgender being a mental sickness or some such, far too many buy into the lies. Scientific research aside, facts discarded, the hate group hasn't a clue. Their hate and bigotry stops with their own personal fears and opinions.

The times they are a changing...


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This week I have sent in my application forms to claim my occupational and state pensions. At times it feels a bit scary, at others I can't wait to retire - the NHS is no place for old biddies or dinosaurs like me. It's all cut and thrust driven by youth and government targets, neither of which realise that they're reinventing wheels which didn't work last time or the one before. I suppose in my time I wanted to save the world too, now I just want to get off and do my own thing, tired of people who are too stupid to know that when they are in a hole, the best course is to stop digging.

To Those Who Said To Hold Off Posting My Summer Vacation Story

I just have to say . . . good call.

It's coming along, but at this point I don't think I'll finish it in time for the contest. Not because I don't know where to take it, but because it's not the most important writing project I have right now.


Twice I've been distracted while writing by having friends phone who needed to talk, tonight was the second. I'm sorry but I've run out of time - a combination of working too many hours and being a good listener (when awake). I shall endeavour to get back into normal production over the weekend. I'm also hoping to get back on a bike as I haven't ridden for about a month.

Thanks for your patience, I hope it will be worth it.


Updated Bio


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I just updated my bio this afternoon. I know some of you are just burning to learn more about the reclusive Drew (lol!). Now is your chance. And if you act now, you'll also receive....Just kidding. ;)

Here is a link to it in case you are curious:

Scott Free - New Story

Just posted the first part of five of Scott Free. The story involves a character briefly mentioned in Five Love Stories en Brochette, one of the California Saga series that I posted nearly six years ago. If you will stick it out through the first few chapters which are pretty dark, I know you will find the story to evolve into a very satisfying tale. All the locations with the exception of Scott's home and The Ranch are real and you can easily find them by using Google Earth.

Answers, finally answers

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Before an administrator gets upset that I'm posting on the same subject too often, this will be the last post about my foot for a while.

1. Dr. Martinez has been awesome. He has really kept on top of things and made sure I got the test that were needed and wouldn't take no for an answer. If others were so proactive, things wouldn't have gone so far.

2. I do not have an infection. Perhaps at one point I did, but I don't now. So that is a relief. After getting a bone scan a few weeks ago and getting a CT scan and x-rays today, everything came up negative.

Movie Experts

We used to have an author around here that was heavily involved with Movies, and I just can't think of his/her name. I'll work on it.

Anyhow, I have been following the reviews for "50 Shades of Grey", and I think it is doing pretty good in the box office. I think a lot of the screaming about it being lewd was just media hype. I've done all most as much as our protagonists, except I don't have a helicopter or Audi r8, damn.

Looking for KeikoJade's "Mermaid"

I have read some parts of this story and really love it , but sadly i cant find the rest .If anyone still keep it or know where I can find the full story "Mermaid" written by KeikoJade ,pls tell me, I'll be very grateful .Sorry if my english is not very good

my home town is finally getting its act together

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finally my hometown is getting its act together. I really hope things will keep progressing. here's the link to the story by local news

The saga of the foot contiues


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Yesterday I drove all the way down to Sarasota to get an MRI (It's more than an hour drive one way) only to be told that I was too fat. That really does give one a blow to their ego. Excuse me ma'am, but the machine can only take one person at a time and each of your ass cheeks constitutes a person. Notwithstanding that I told these people my weight beforehand and that the nurse at the specialist did to (I was standing right there when she called), there was a "miscommunication" and I wasted 3 hours of my life.

Ditzy Blonde

no not Gaby, me! I'd forget my own er, thing above shoulders, has hair - oh yeah head if it wasn't attached. I had intended to get another new chapter of Nena to my editor today but I forgot my file stick and so things are not quite as far along as I'd hoped.

I have put up the next Gaby chapter here on BC and i'll aim to post another on Sunday.

for now though,

BBC Radio 4 on transgender children and transgender parents


With so much USA media coverage of trans issues recently it seems the UK's BBC is showing their colours with the television programme Angharad linked at the weekend and now this BBB Radio 4 edition of PM which I think you can listen to anywhere in the world either through this link BBC Radio PM 7th April
or by copying and pasting this address

Elton John & Michael Stipe call for protection of Trans prisoners

The two singers called for protection of transwomen prisoners in Georgia men's prisons according to this article in the Guardian (where else?). Two prisoners claim they were raped and abused by the system.

Death of a Lady

People who know me are aware that I am rather fond of anime and manga. Last season I enjoyed watching an anime series called Kantai Collection based off a browser game of the same name.

Essentially the series features an enemy called the Abyssal Fleet which has taken over the seas. Fighting them are girls who wear weaponized outfits and possess the spirit of historical naval vessels known as kanmusu.

The saga of the foot


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Several months ago, I think in the beginning of August, I stepped on an old nail. It didn't hurt, I didn't even notice it, but boy did it bleed for a little. It was one of those things that happen. We took down the walls to the second bedroom so we could have a massive living room and one of the nails must've still been about. These things happen, especially to me.

Long story short. It got infected.

BBC News piece about TG children


A new programme started on BBC News this morning. In the first episode,Victoria Derbyshire talked to two young TG children and their parents. This short film has been supported by' Mermaids', a TG support group to help both the parents and children

Here is the link:

I hope the link works it is an interesting conversation with both girls

Love to all

Anne G.

Louis Theroux - 'Transgender Kids'

I watched this programme which I thought was done in a positive way for the most part. I had a mixture of emotions about some of the contributors, fearing for some and knowing others had the best chance possible because their parents were 100% behind them.

If I have a criticism, it's that the whole transgender thing seems like a conveyor belt industry and I wonder how many rushing to get surgery or hormones will live to regret it. I hear all sorts of statistics and don't believe any of them.

Just a short note

As advanced warning, the update on this coming Wednesday will be the last until the end of the month as I'm away to ride the Spreewald Marathon in eastern Germany. Hopefully by that point the new website will be just about ready - broken links, messy file systems, missing info - all this is being fixed.

Please, please H E L P

Hi y'all,

It has been reported to me that my latest maps don't download, at least the pdf versions.

I have a Windows machine, and I have accessed them under both IE and Firefox - I suppose I could try Chrome in a minute.

I myself have had no problems (Firefox downloads take noticeably longer) but at least one user is having difficulties.

Her configuration is Linux/Firefox.

Has anyone else had problems?

I need to chase this down as it might affect the entire range of maps ....

Thanks for any assistance.


One off short stories

Somehow I am not getting some elements of posting stories here. That should be of no surprise to those who know me because at times I can be the consummate ditz. :) Both of my two previous stories were intended to be one off short stories, but somehow I missed the place to make that selection.

Will someone please explain this to me?



More S E E info

Hi all,

Penny's latest (#126) mentioned two maps, so I have drawn them and posted them in the Map Repository.

I simply don't have the time to make them all 'Palarandi', so I hope their modernity doesn't distract from the 'atmosphere'.
They do have lots of swishy colours!

They are numbers 3 and 12 in the list (currently).

Feedback is always welcome.



Yes, we do have the nerve to ask for gifts


We still need the money to keep providing a friendly place to read, write and discuss TG Fiction.

I've updated the numbers in the The Hatbox heads up, again. Thanks to those who have donated. We're still a bit short and we've spent something close to $2400 bucks in the last few days so we will still be needing some soon to pay more bills and keep our internet connection and stuff like that. April is here and we are still working on March.

Moving on and asking for help......


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It is beginning to look more and more like I will soon be relocating to the Lakeland, FL area due to a new job. I will be flying into Orlando on 4/8 and then driving to Lakeland from there. For those not familiar with the area, Lakeland is a small, very pretty little community about halfway between Orlando and Tampa. My prospective new employer is bringing me down there for a second time to speak with the CEO, CFO, and VP of HR. they are putting me up for four days in order to get an opportunity to look around the area, house hunting, etc.

Strange days


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It's been a case of ups & downs recently, none more so than the past few days.

As I've previously said, I've been suffering depression for a few months but it is under those conditions that I find I can concentrate on my writing as I effectively block out everything else. That doesn't mean that I ignore my teenage daughter, some chance of that, but calls & emails are unanswered for hours, or days.

Why am I reluctant to read others' work?--and other bits of inanity


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Since I started contributing complete (though short) stories to this site, I've noticed a curious thing.

I've pretty much stopped reading other people's.

Once in a while I might find something that piques my interest, but that's rare these days.

Now, this is no reflection on the quality of the writing. If my fellow Mixed Tape authors are any indication, the quality of writing on Big Closet certainly hasn't declined.

Latest News -

So, work on getting the website revitalised and back up and running is going apace, thank you to everyone who has offered assistance in whatever form. With a following wind stage 1 should be ready to roll out in @ 4 weeks, I will of course keep you all up to date with developments.

The new Nena story is coming along, I'm currently working on chapter 3.

Today you can read Costone, chapter 35 of Gaby book 11 here on BC - if things go to plan there won't be much if any break between the end of this book and the start of Book 12 postings!


Am I hallucinating, or did TGStorytime get hacked?


OK, this is seriously weird. It doesn't concern this site, but I thought I should mention since it has to do with one of the sites on which the Mixed Tape anthology is posted.

I happened to go to TGStorytime to check and see how our latest anthology was doing on that site (I often check here, there, and on Fictionmania for reviews), What I saw when I got there made me think sleep deprivation finally got the best of me.

Petition regarding Penmarris


Hello fellow BCTS readers,

I recently came across a petition of the Penmarris people wanting to rename their village for a good cause, namely to raise awareness of our oceans. Being a scuba diver myself and also loving decent fish & chips I agree to their case and though I'd link this petition here.

Let's stand by the Penmarrians and their support of our oceans.

Tammy's tales from here

Tamara's Trials is heading towards conclusion and the writing emphasis will switch to Book 3 of Unaccounted Gains. I'm afraid that one or two loose threads will be left over after Trials finishes, but these will be picked up at a later date.

BTW To date Trials is 150,000 words, my longest piece so far, with the total Tammysphere running at 310,000 words - so far.




So an interesting tweet came to my attention just now, and I was kind of surprised not to see it mentioned here on TopShelf.


Today is international Transgendered Awareness day. I want to go ahead and post the tweet that caught my attention because it's from someone who's somewhat e-famous.

Meg Turney @megturney
Happy #TransDayofVisibility - Remember, no matter what hatred or hardship comes your way, you have my love and support always. <3

"Transgender Kids" - BBC-2 Sunday 21:00

There is an upcoming TV prog called Transgender Kids.
It is scheduled for BBC-2 (UK) on Sunday at 21:00.

The presenter (Louis Theroux) travels to San Francisco to look at a programme where transgender children are being helped to live in the sex of their choice rather than the one of their birth.

Bathroom Anthology

Friday we will be collecting the stories for the first Big Closet anthology. This one revolving around the bathroom issue. We appreciate those who have submitted something as we believe it will help defray some of the cost associated with the site. The anthology will also be good for authors and bring more visitors to the site as each story will have a link bringing readers to the author's page (the one that list all the author's stories, etc.) so they can view other works.

Indiana Discrimination Law Follow Up

As an Indiana resident in Indianapolis, and a Religious Jew, I will be picketing the State Capital and Governor's Mansion claiming the Discrimination Law is against God's Law as soon as my foot doesn't have an ulcer.

Companies with headquarters in Indiana:

Bear in mind that when this was originally quoted

Bear in mind that when this was originally quoted, pen\pencil or typewriter and paper were the only method of getting works to the public.

Authors exist merely for the stories sake and not the other way around,
A good story has to do Two things inform and entertain.

The information part must be entertaining enough to let the readers live the story,
Without the readers feeling they are on the receiving end of a sermon.

Writing entertainment without information or without some insight into what it is to be human is a waste of good trees!

What Does An Author Owe Their Readers?

Writing is hard work.

It doesn't matter if you do it for a site like BC, or for magazines, or just in your journal; writing is VERY hard work. It takes passion, it takes practice, and it takes the guts to put your words out into the world for other people to see.

Writing isn't a one-sided endeavor, though. When you write something and release it into the world, there is always someone else who is just as important to the success or failure of your work as you, the writer, are.

The reader.

Looking for

Whilst reading Blog entries within the last 2 weeks I saw a link to an authors web page.

The Blog entry had a help request for I think for something to do with email or feed back within a website, something I know nothing about, but this was why the link was included in the comment section.

I began to look at the site in question. I had thought I added to my favourites, as this seems to be wrong, I am at a loss.

Its been a tough week


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Well, I finally made it to the end of a really tough week. My job was very physically taxing all week, getting ready for this move is stressing me, and my spiritual struggles meant I was emotionally drained all the time.

Ah, well. Maybe next week will be better ...

Help Requested

Quick Question for my Fellow Publishers:
I have seen many authors and or publishers have a sign-up page to get updates sent via email when a new eBook is released. I was wondering if any of you have such a system in place, and if so, how did you set it up?
Right now, I publish the release of new Kindle books on our various TG community sites, but I know that a HUGE advance get our books directly from Amazon, essentially by " stumbling" on them. I was hoping to add a "sign-up" list to announce new Kindle ( and hopefully other formats soon ) releases.

My Dream


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Hello. I am new here although I have been reading blogs and fiction on BCTS for several years now. I have finally convinced myself it was time to create a persona.

I almost never remember my dreams, so when it does happen it is significant. I recently had a dream that I remember, and I think it holds special significance to the general subject matter of this site. If any of you are into interpreting dreams, this one should be pretty easy IMO. This dream is also the catalyst for creating a persona here on BCTS. I just had to share it with you all.

Xq-28 It has begun


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I am not going to give you too much information on this. You need to Google "Xq-28". There are enough articles out there to give a range of opinion. It appears that the "Gay" genes are being isolated and that as this occurs, transgender genes are sure to follow.

AND, I have often thought that perhaps I was simply Gay?

It's going to happen for us, I just know it.


Some Companies Will Stand UP

Kohellet (Ecclesiastes) 4:1 (Art Scroll translation):

I returned and contemplated all the acts of oppression that are committed beneath the sun: Behold! Tears of the oppressed with none to comfort them and their oppressors have the power-- with none to comfort them.


Scarpe Gucci sono una delle scarpe popolari che si possono vedere nel mercato di oggi. Gucci ha fornito l'abbigliamento di moda di alta qualità per diversi anni. Queste scarpe sono realizzate in materiali di altissima qualità e garantiscono la migliore qualità. Il marchio è molto popolare per le sue coppie di lussuose ed eleganti di scarpe. Possedere un paio di scarpe di Gucci è un segno di fama e ricchezza.

Vanilla Sky is finally done.

I finally had the time to finish this novellette and it's now finished and put to bed. I hope everyone enjoys it and hopefully we'll see some new readers to it since we've lots of great new faces here on the site.
*Great Big Hugs*

Write Then Post, or Post as I Write?

My entry for the Summer Getaway contest is coming along nicely. I've got what I think are fun characters, a simple but fun plot, and some fun stuff planned for it.

So, I need to know: should I finish writing the entire thing before I start posting it? Or, should I post it as I write it?

Taking Down Two Stories

Hello and happy spring! And in the spirit of this wonderful time of renewal, I've revised my novella Two Weeks at the Last Firefly Inn (literary fiction/indie-sci-fi) and my novel Reaching the Point of No Regrets (TG romance) and listed them for sale for Amazon Kindle; in fact, "Firefly Inn" underwent a very thorough and exhaustive rewrite, including a happier alternate ending, as well as being rewritten entirely from the first person perspective of Alice, among other changes.

Confused about Standalones

I think the word Standalone originated in the computing industry to mean capable of operating on its own without needing help from another similar thing. So when a story is described as Standalone, to me it means a story you can enjoy to its full, without having to read or refer to another story. Consequently, the episodes of a serial are not standalones, but a series would normally consist of a number of standalone stories.

Read all about it!

the keen amongst you will have spotted the new Gaby chapter here today already but for everyone else click here

Thanks for all your recent messages regarding the website and writing, all taken on board. I've decided to do the next Nena tale before banging on with Gaby, the first chapter is with my editing team now so it might be ready for Easter - in my dreams but certainly not long afterwards!

Calibre, the editor

HI Everyone,

I've recently downloaded "Calibre" for use in doing some HTML editing on one of my books.

The program took my book and split it into seven segments.

Since I can find no information pertaining to a size limit for files edited by Calibre, and I find no way to reintegrate those segments back into a single file, apparently Calibre cannot do what I need. ( my book is 1.746 MB in size as a .pdf - 186,000 words)

revealing myself to my mom


Nineteen months after my GRS I am going to tell my mom she has a new daughter. I have held off because my mom is from the pre-depression era and still in school when WWII began. She has that Egyptian disease Duh Nile. So I have been trying to figure out how to tell her. Many months were lost, the way I am telling her is the direct approach.
My siblings and cousins know as well as my Uncle, every one said they would not tell my mom.