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First story re-posted

I've just published "Human Resources" which first appeared on BCTS in 2011 as "Martha". There's been a major edit/revision of the original text. I'm not sure which of my stories will get the edit treatment next, perhaps even a new one? I'm afraid Eve & Tammy will have to wait a while, especially if there are any new chapters in the pipeline.


Well met BC, you might wonder why I've called you here today

If you were actually wondering why, I just wanted to see if that title would fit. It did, so I'm leaving it.

Really this blog entry is about venting. Feel free to respond or not.

Onto the fun stuff.

Look good, feel good?

Back in the Eighties, there was a bit by Billy Crystal where he played a character called "Fernando". He even made a music video as the character called "You look Mahavalous" . In it there is a line where he says "If you look good, you feel good."

Well, I guess he was on to something, because today for counseling, I've chosen to wear a dark blue skirt and a light blue striped top,a necklace with blue stones, and a set of earrings, and I actually feel better because I think I look better.

Question about choices


I have noticed a lot of stories that involve a SF or Magical change M2F, the changee ends up shorter, very often shorter than the average height for women. As a lover of tall women, I find this unfortunate, not that this has made any real change to how I have enjoyed the story.

What I am wondering is why this choice is being made? I can understand that exceptionally tall TG people may wish they could be shorter, but it seems to be taken to extremes, even with characters that were not particularly tall prior to the change.

Just a musing. Any answers would be nice.

the end of the Jaci and Dottie stories?

Well, with Jaci seemingly done with writing, I think the Jaci-Dottie stories is going to come to a halt. I had an idea for a half-story of Dottie's view of her 14th birthday with Jaci doing the other half, but without her, the story (and the universe) have just no snap to them. Not that I'm done writing, I've submitted a piece for the next "TG Mix tapes" collection, and I'm working on a couple of ideas, but I'll miss visiting my younger alter-ego.

Ah, well.

In case anyone was wondering where I was / am

Since posting Temptation of Anya, I've been busy, but it's a new front for me. I was accepted as a canon author in the Whateley universe, and I've been working on my first foray into that universe. I still have a lot of non-Whateley story ideas, and I'll be working on them, but my intense focus is my new canon Whateley character Kayda. Hopefully chapter 1 of her origin story will be posted officially soon.

Tabloid slumming, and the need for a role model


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I feel as though I'd just emerged from a six-month coma--otherwise, how could I have missed something like this?

While perusing online newspapers, as I'm inclined to do, I happen to run across a familiar name and a phrase I never thought I'd see linked together: "Bruce Jenner" and "sex change".

The "click bait" worked. True or not, there's no way in hell I was going to pass this by.

A change in venue - no longer writing transgender fiction


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The few people who follow me and care no that for the longest time I have struggled with where my body of work falls in the large scope of things. I have often felt on an island, alone (or with few others around doing the same thing). For some reason, I thrive on being defined in a group because I think that gives me direction and parameters to work under. It could also give me sources where I could see what worked for others and what hasn't.

A few pieces of entertainment for those on BC.

The return of the Beautiful Sailor Scouts.
As of 3 am (PDT)today, Saturday, July 12, 2014.

The reboot of Sailor Moon, has already started.

motion-capture ideas

I was reading an article about "motion-capture" in regards to the newest Planet of the Apes movie, and as a throw-away comment, they mentioned that an actor could play "any creature, any race, and either sex".

That got me thinking, what would happen if an actor played a female role via motion capture?

It sure sounds like the sort of thing our writers here could have some fun with, so lets make it a challenge - can you make a story where a guy plays a girl using this tech?

I'll be interested to see if anybody tries this challenge ...

Off of Facebook temporarily.....

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Apparently, based on a phone call I had with our SVP of HR on Thursday morning, an employee of mine found my Facebook page and has apparently circulated a photo/photos. I knew that this could happen, and I made a conscious decision to live with the possibility. My employer already knows about me and we have discussed my plans and my timeline for transitioning. They have no issues at all - outside of the need to circumvent any rumors or problems that this early outing may cause.

Where is Lilith Langtree

I just finished chapter 16 of her story "do it right or don't do it at all" and was trying to send a message to her here on BC... I typed her name into the recipient part and was told... Enter a whatever it said... I double checked the spelling and got the same "not gonna happen stupid" note.

Where is she and does anyone know if she ever wrote any more chapters to this story.

Update from the great beyond

So right now I am working on a summer romance story for the Interlude Press Summer Love Anthology. I am really hoping I get it done and that it makes the cut. The main character is trans and is very much like the kind of characters I write, searching for something, trying to make sense of everything... you know, the usual. If Interlude Press passes on the story I am probably going to throw it this way, because I am sure everyone here will like it.

Struggling to get back...

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Woah! It's been just over a year since I made my last entry. I'm back to writing TG fiction (kind of). I posted the final episode of Charlie Volume One a couple weeks back. It was waaaaaay over due, a year in fact, so I sincerely apologise to those who were waiting for the conclusion. Thank you for the emails and such. It's nice to know some still care about my writing. I'd be lying if I said I was currently writing Volume 2 but I've literally only written a couple sentences. There's a wall in the way.

Start again?

I decided last night to re-establish myself with BC-TS and everyone here. What I am thinking of doing is to dust off some of my old stories, re-edit them into better English, and re-post them. That is not a quick process as I have over 250,000 words across several series of stories to tackle.

For anyone who had my email address, it hasn't changed (as a certain lady from Oz has confirmed)


New Gaby!

No new chapter on BC this week although there is one on Big news is that there is a new Gaby volume available on both Lulu and Kindle, Gaby Futures includes the previously limited release Gabymas episode along with a brand new Tour de France themed episode. Both are set some years into Gaby's future, there's no guarantee this is how things will pan out, they are both just possibilities.

So if you fancy a read, take a look!

Assassin postings

Hi everyone, just a note to thank all my readers and especially the ones who purchased the novel from Amazon. I guess you notice that I've been posting one part everyday, today being the first installment of part one of Angola. There are two more parts to Angola and then three to the final part of the story, part eight. The reason I'm posting this blog is that I have to travel to LA {Los Angeles} for those of you that live in Rio Linda, this Thursday. What this means is that Angola will be posted and the final three parts will be posted starting Monday when I return.

Saw an updog today...

It was suggested that I do a weekly meme post of a meme related to LGBT or BC itself. So far I have come up with 53 meme pics. That's enough to post one a week for the next year. I'll probably post on a Wednesday or Saturday through the blog feature.

Half of the memes I already had. These are a meme I created myself that I call the autistic transgender meme. Some of them are funny, some are sad, some are WTF.

Major writing issue - need help

I'm starting to plot out the sequel to Unreachable and I've come up with a major snag and I haven't even written word one yet. See, Unreachable and the Christmas story are both written in the first person. Now I have this sequel, which is going to be even more complex, and am wondering if I "HAVE TO" stay with first person because it fits the series. Should I swap to third because it would help tell a more complete story. Can I swap back and forth between chapters when I need to show action outside of Ms. Rosenthal? Thanks for the help.

Slowly but surely

So yeah, since my last blog about how much things suck right now things haven't gotten much better. Since then things have been crap-tastic. We're still barely scraping by and being off my meds is bad enough without the extra stress of our living situation right now. I also had a bit of a medical scare. It turned out to be nothing, but it scared the living crap out of me So my mind and moods have been all over the place and not conductive to writing at all.

Just another woman

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Well, I had a good day yesterday. One of the ladies from my church gave me some clothes for my birthday (late, but hey). Then in the afternoon a friend who has a birthday a couple of days after mine invited me to a buffet, and gave me a set of earrings, and then in the evening I joined my neighbors in a barbecue, and one of my neighbors had a little boy about 3 years old who took a bit of a shine to me, and we sat together while his mother got a break.

I ran over a dog

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The other morning, the 5th of July, I was driving on my paper route and all of a sudden I heard scraping from under my car. At first I thought I ran over a garbage can lid. I got out of my car and some drunk guy starts yelling at me that I ran over his dog. I didn't see the dog then, I didn't even see the dog when I ran over it. I couldn't tell you if it was laying in the middle of the road when I ran over it or if it darted under my car.

To my brothers......

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With the approval of my keepers - my personal therapist and the therapist appointed for me by the US Navy - I was able to sign myself out of the hospital last Wednesday with the caveat that I agreed to be back by tonight. Originally the idea was to allow me to share the holiday weekend with my sons, but I was able to extend the weekend one day in order to attend the swearing in ceremony for my middle son who will be attending the State Police Academy starting this Wednesday. He was officially sworn in last Thursday, a true milestone in his life.

Editors and Critics at Large

Reading the "comments" on one of the stories I was reminded how careful we publishers and editors had to handle writer's egos and emotions. Stories are writer's children. Unless one delicately massages the writer's ego while trying to tell them that baby has pooped in his-her diapers, expect blow back.

Big Closet provides the best training ground in the world for experienced and wannabe writers. The writer gets to put his or her story out there for free. Then a thousand editors have the opportunity to critic the style and content of the story. And that too is free.

practicaly molested!

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So lastnight we went to a friends house for the 4th. Well some other ppl showed up aswell, they where pretty cool except this one brunette woman who was like 37 with 2 kids wearing the tightest and tiniest skirt I've ever seen, its wasn't flattering. So after a few hours everybody is properly intoxicated (except me). Well she was getting very touchy feely and constantly patting me on the butt and making vulgar refrences. At one point my transition came up since we where practialy with family..

Fashion Sense is a lost art

Once upon a time...,no one had to teach us manners or proper dress. I guess it was because we had a mom and a dad or someone to respect and look up to. Then it became "cool" to rebel against the status quo by dressing down. Along came other things like casual Friday. Remember when all the girls wore flip flops to the White House? Movie stars stopped looking like movie stars and more like fashion wrecks. That included the guys as well as the ladies. The women looked like they bought their clothes at Back Alley Dumpsters R Us, rather than Rodeo Drive.

The Quagmire of my Life

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Hi everyone, I'm sorry for not writing or blogging. I thought yalls could do with out my constant (insert desired adjective). Well its been almost two years and I still have failed to secure a job, move out of the area I am in and worst of all I failed to live as myself full time. I still feel I am to weak to survive on my own and I have no family or friends that could help me out on this manner. Anyways I was wondering if my last job was blackballing me somehow. I mean I have had a few interviews and after that I hear nothing from the companies I have applied too.

after a rough day

Nothing beats a nice bath with only a few candles lighting the room. Soft classical music playing just loud enough to hear and a nice book, the older the book the better;) its great until you lose track of time and fall asleep like I did lastnight. Saying I looked like a prune is an understatement on top of that the water got hella cold and I ruined a book. >:(

My Make Believe Husband

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Today, I saw a huge cotton plaid shirt lying on my bed, and it was obvious that it was a garment that belonged to a huge man. Was he the one in my dreams that pinned me to my bed and made me scream with delight?

It is quite nice having a make believe husband, because I can sneakily take his shirt and go out, letting other women believe that I have stolen my husband's garment.

And, when he comes to me in my dreams again, I shall conceal the fact from him that I have his shirt hidden under one of my dresses in the closet.

Darkkitten Entertainments Video Game Retcon Contest 2014

Ever wondered what Hyrule would be like if Link was instead Linka? What if Mario was Maria? Now’s your chance to rewrite video game history - literally!

Prizes to include a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace and more!

DKS logois proudly sponsoring the Retcon Rewrite Video Game Short Story Competition! The rules are simple:

  • To enter, simply post your story as you normally would, and select the contest entry tag “Darkkitten Studio Retro-Game Contest 2014”
  • The story MUST be about an existing video game character - any genre, any system or era.
  • The character can either be made transgendered, or you can rewrite them as if they were always the opposite gender.
  • There is no limit on which character or characters you choose. Want to have Prince Toadstool hook up with Zelda after Linka saves her? Go nuts.
  • This is a short story competition so please try to keep compositions between 4,000 and 20,000 words.

i hate doctor offices

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So, I'm at the doctors office again for another round of tests. My insurance won't even copay unless I have like a million referrals from every kind of doctor imaginable. I even had to see a neuroligist,I've alreqdy seen 5 therapists and specialists., -_-... actualy I hate insurance companies they are really annoying. And theyr only gonna co pay like 5%.