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Poo, poo, big piles of poo

I have been waking early recently, like about 4 or half past.

This has vaguely helped my writing, or so I thought, because I could do a lot whilst the gentle snores emanate from the other room.

Mindful. or, A Descent into Sanity

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The book Mindful

or alternatively titled,

A Descent into Sanity., is out on Kindle.

Amazon ebook- Perpetual Pixies

You can buy it through Erin's Big Closet Amazon store. Here's a link.

It's selling for 2.99

Review: The Constantine Affliction by T. Aaron Payton

The Constantine Affliction by T. Aaron Payton (Night Shade Books, 2012) is a steampunk detective story, set in an alternate London where a sexually transmitted disease has recently begun spreading, killing many and changing the sex of the survivors. This is central to the plot, but not in the way that it would be in a story that’s solidly in the TG fiction subgenre; none of the viewpoint characters are transformed, though a couple of major supporting characters were transformed in the backstory, and one other is transformed in the course of the story, though not onstage.

Happy World Goth Day! (May 22nd)

Seems like there is a holiday for everything nowadays.

Don't forget to dress in black!

*wonders if anyone will post any Goth stories.

Somebody just shoot me.

Families, who can live with them?

The next time I mention something about my family being nice, someone please have the guts to put me out of my misery? Please


When Glee started it was one of my favourite programs. Sadly, the season has been a colossal disappointment.From the very first episode there were signs that they had no-where to go.

Yet again

I have grossly overestimated how much free time I would have while moving to my new apartment and my mother visiting.

Chapter 3 of Kregg's Story is almost complete.

I inspire kindness in others

Well, I seem to inspire kindness in others.

A grab bag o' subjects

Two subjects came to mind for this, my first blog entry in months. As the first is a bit too short to warrant its own entry, I'll include it here with subject #2, the main thing I wanted to discuss.

Have I told you lately...?

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Have I told you lately how much so many of you mean to me?

Maiden of Magic's Future, Part 2

Hello all,

I was wondering what would be the general consensus if I redid Maiden of Magic, as I kind of remastering. Any thoughts?


Crying for my father

Well, I just got home from my group therapy session, and once again, I am in tears.

New ElrodW / Whateley tale

I just posted part 1 of a multipart Whateley Fan-Fic to the Crystal Hall in the fan-fic area of the forum. So far, I have a LONG story outlined.

Staying On Task

I want success in my life. I really, truly, honestly do. And yet, for some reason I find myself continuously sabotaging the opportunities given to me to obtain it.


Oh Mickey

What would Donald say, or Walt? (Actually what will the Disney Legal team say?)

Normalcy resumes

Hey folks,

Charlotte Dickles - Personal Announcement

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It's been several months since I last posted anything on BC. This is because I went to see my doctor about what I thought was a minor medical problem.

Are you a Dustbunny?

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You might be. Find out for sure, soon....


Milestones and near milestones

As I general rule, I always picture myself as a bottom rung kind of person who is trying to get to the next level but always seem to have some difficulty.

a collection of random thoughts

Here is a collection of random thoughts from the last couple of days ...

Transgendered Couple

Here is an article and photos of a couple both transitioning in opposite directions.

I am still alive

Yes, I am still in the land of the living, but work has me jumping. I am working on both Through the years and Hope's Ranch.

Sleep eludes me.

I lay here in my dark hotel room, in one of the nicest sections of Kansas City.

They didn't event try - Possible Spoilers

Today, I watched Godzilla in theater.

A question for authors

There is something I've always wondered about. Some authors seem to refuse to real world references.



Apparently, my univese cross-ref went unnoticed

There was a surprise cross-reference in Temptation of Anya - Part 3, but apparently nobody noticed it, or if they did notice, they didn't comment or PM me about it.

Transgender Latinas from Queens, NY.

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This turned up on the Guardian website and I found it very sad. There are some links to reports and also some photos of the 'girls' working as prostitutes.

National Let Your Boy Be a Girl Day

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I was web surfing and happened across an article entitled "National Let Your Boy Be a Girl Day" An int

Andrew Garfield in Arcade Fire's We Exist

Here is Arcade Fire's new video with the new Spiderman with gender identity issues. Enjoy, the song is relevant to the video.

Going on a bit of a walk about.

Well, to those two or three who wonder what mischief I am up to, I am gone until the 28th or so.


The Art of Publishing

No this isn’t a how to on becoming a published novelist. It’s a story about a dream becoming a reality if only for a few years.

looking for a story

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I am looking for a story. In it there is a boh who is staying someplace else, as his parents are out of country. While at the other place.

Congratulations Tanya Allan

I think it's important to celebrate when one of us does well in the commercial markets.

Non-explicit, Non-trans books on Kindle

So, I have just been reading some Anne McCaffrey, and some A.G. Riddle on Kindle and having a relaxing time of it.

Good Things, Coming and Going

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Soon. :)


Wes Boyd's The Girl in the Mirror

I just finished reading Wes Boyd's The Girl in the Mirror, and was very impressed.

Happy endings are not always the best call

In a story I am contributing to together with my Anglo-Irish literary shadow, I imagine there will be a desire on the part of the reader to see the protagonist, named Alev, and her love interest find

Some days you can't win

There are days that are so f'ing depressing where nothing goes right, and you have to wonder why keep trying?

my new favorite book

Well, I have a new favorite book.

Writing an intersex character

Alyssa Brugman has written a book about an intersex character who goes from boy to girl. See the article at the Guardian.

buzz or not buzz

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Later in the day,I will explain more in details inb my blog why I felt personnaly attacked by all this buzz and why I was evidence of humour in speaky of the LGBT community and not to the trans.I said

A quick question

How many people really care about what happens to Jenny from the God Bless the Child series? Would anyone be interested in seeing a story from when she is in high school?

Newest Hatbox Story: Sexy, Cute and Popular by Angela Rasch

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We have a new story in The Hatbox, btw, by Angela Rasch, author of the "Voices Carry over Water" that is still on the front page for free for another day or so.

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday was nearly a cat-astrophe.

I suppose it wasn't really his fault, but had he not been tampering with things, none of it would have happened.

story search

I'm looking for a story where the main character hasn't started puberty and is taken to see the doctor and after getting a checkup is given a shot of testosterone and goes into anaphylactic shock due

I warned you.

I hate to sound like a Catholic Nun or something. Several of you from BCTS are my friends on Facebook and everyone has respected my caveat about being too open about T stuff there until now.

I'm a wuss

Its not news, but I am a total wuss when it comes to pain.

For example, I am currently in tears because my mouth hurts so much.

No Bike tonight

Sorry, keep falling asleep, had my needy friend on the phone for an hour, so I'm off to bed.

Hopefully better luck tomorrow.


Progress and a Thank You

I know I haven't been too productive since Martin and I got Frank working but things have been a bit crazy around here.

Article about a book on transgender and gender queer poetry.

One for the more esoteric verse on gender subjects but which doubtless some will enjoy.


Second chances and Book of Keilari

After taking care of both my health and some other personal problems, i finally got my love of storytelling again.

Does anyone have any interest in me Finishing Second Chances or Book of Keilari?

Goodness ! Life in the UK !

OH, my goodness. I was doing some fiddling about, calculating the cost of Petrol in the UK ! Glory be, it it really about $8.25 per US Gallon there? It appears to be around 1.30p. My goodness.

blog d'Isabelle

For all the friends of Big Closet.I advice to read the article on Huffington Post today from senator ecologist Esther Benbassa following the victory of Conchita Wurst in the Eurovision song contest.To

Interesting article about transgenders and the U.S. military

Maybe there is intelligent life in government after all.

Editors Are Awesome

We here in the Closet don't often give our editors the credit they deserve publicly, and that's something that I'm hoping to correct here, not only because I feel she deserves it, but also because I think that there are a few of you who might appreciate how her work has helped me.

Flash Fiction anthology contributions due 18/5

Last month I published an anthology of flash-fiction that I put together. It was a lot of fun to edit and write for and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Advocate on Cisgender Trans Allies, With Jeph Jacques!

The overall article is interesting, but page 3 has my favorite listing: Jeph Jacques.

A rant is not fiction

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A rant is not fiction.

Federal jury duty or reverse psychology works

Dear Wife was called for Federal Jury duty. This lasts for two weeks and you're on call and have to check your status daily.


I'm really excited today. I finally finished a part of my writing and posted it.

Now for something entirely new

We're coming soon!!!!

[email protected]

Five years ago ...

Well, today is my fifth anniversary here on Big Closet!

I Hate Mother's Day

I'm truly happy to see so many celebrating Mother's day. Mothers go through a lot bringing a new life into the world, nurturing that child, then sending them out to stand on their own two feet.

F to M, TG on lifetime network tonight.

TV show "Drop Dead Diva" has a segment on a female to male student not being allowed to use the boys restrooms in a private school. (Hugs) Talia

A Mother's Day Tribute by my son-in-law

I'm Just Sayin': The Women In My Life

May 11, 2014 at 8:28am

Bike blog

Back in January 2011, I couldn't believe I'd written episode 1234 of Bike. I wondered if I'd get to 2345. Now I know the answer. Why? is probably best not asked.

Transgender ban in military “should be reviewed,” Hagel says

I read an article on CBS News that I thought would be of interest to those around here.

Happy mother's day, everybody

Well, happy Mother's day, everyone.

If you can, be kind to a mother. Your mother for preference, but you can pick another mother if you need to ...

Broken Cup = Dana International

Dana International won EuroVision in 98. She had a long hard emotionally bruising fight getting to the contest and then another to win.

A question for our UK/EU members concerning electronics

I was reading up about obsolete electronics today, as I am wont to do, when I started looking into SCART connections.

At last!

finally and after more than 3 years I have reached the milestone I have reached the milestone of 100 Kudos points for a story.(Out of the Ashes, Part 1)

Looking for a story

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Found a story the other day and lost the link to it. It starts off with a mother and her son taken captive by a serial sexual assault prison escapee.

(Target) - Horror Story .. (non TG)

This is about the Canadian Target Stores; but should be a caution to our american brothers and sisters

Survived a trip to the dentist

Well, I had a dental appointment yesterday, and I am in pain, but at least its over with.

It's so wonderful!

* cover photo of Wanda's Kindle book in
It's so wonderful!
(a more upbeat alternative pov)


The other day I read a post that brought up a name that I knew but haven't heard in quite a while.

That name was Wanda Cunningham.

So sad.

The other day someone brought up a name that I knew but haven't heard in quite a while publicly.

That name was Wanda Cunningham.

You want to be a writer? Takes more than talent

This is the mountain you are trying to climb to establish yourself.

Jaci is gonna laugh at this one

Well, Jaci is gonna have a laugh about this, but last night, I was talking to a co-worker about my transition, and I mentioned how nervous I was starting out.

Her response?

A Request For Reviews

I didn't wanna bother people with this after having announced that it was up but...

Atomic Rockets

I ran across this today while looking for information for a story.

Read it all

Okay okay. I admit. I've hardly read it all. I probably haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to what's out there to read. The problem is that most of it, doesn't appeal to me.

The Great Experiment - results (kindle success)

For those of you who have been following my blog for the last week know I've been doing some kind of weird experiment on Amazon.

Scammers are either getting stupider or I'm getting smarter.

Just received a call from Louisiana, well that's what Caller I D said. Answered and guy called saying he was from the IT department.

Computer real life printed faces, bodies

I'm betting this one will start a few story writers imagination on fire.
3D printers are able to print out people's faces and body parts.


Finally , here in New Hampshire at the foot of Ragged Mountain today had absolutely no clouds ,no rain and the temperature hit a balmy 70 degrees (f.) .I had thought that it wasn't going to happen thi

Root of Pain & Desparation

The Root of the Pain & Desperation of the Past has been uplifted whole healing flesh behind...

Speaking of Numbers

Unlike Katie I've been watching another number at the bottom of the page. It won't be too much longer before BCTS hits 33,333,333 reads - WOW! I wonder what will happen when BCTS hits 66,666,666?

Back on Amazon

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For the few people that may be interested "Away With The Faeries" and "April Fooled!" are now available again on Amazon.

Number watching

This should be of interest to anyone who is publishing or is thinking of publishing on Kindle. Is there a bigger market for TG fiction than we think, that question should be answered in part today.

Funny idea

I´ve just seen some basketball match on TV and had funny idea. What if some disortographic wizard misspelled basketball as bastetball? What would consequences be?

A Warning

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I love and respect so many of you. Those of you that have not been able to transition and live like I have are the brave, courageous ones.

Clownfish Pic

Well after carefully thinking about it, I decided to change the pic of Beth for Ch.5 of Clownfish. The pic I had of her did look a little old as a few people pointed out.

The End is nigh

Well, after long last I have finished 300 Rains. I wrote the last bit just a while ago. Once I edit it I will get that up here and people can see how it ends.

A matter of perspective.

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Perhaps a matter of perspective though sometimes I wonder if this is my perception of my own bizarre gender appreciation.


I have posted the start of another story. This is a rough draft and if you like it and want it to continue, I have a few ideas of where I want it to go.

Da Interwebz is sick

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Da Interwebz is sick. Not that kind of sick but there is a problem going on between two of the large backbone companies that carry massive amounts of internet traffic.

May'd in Heaven

Well here you go - a return to the old routine!

There's a new Gaby chapter posted here today, a news update on and Wheels should be available on Kindle from tomorrow!