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Major decisions on my part


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A small number might have noticed that I am no longer using the username of Payter Eketta. Well there is a reason for this. Back in June of 2012 I finally started getting treated for PTSD/Depression by the VA. My PTSD is combat-related due to Desert Shield/Storm. However, my depression has absolutely nothing to do with my PTSD. After many years of struggling with myself I am finally going to ask my Therapist for a referral to the Gender Clinic in the Jamaca Plain Campus of the Boston VA. I also had lunch with my daughter (my youngest) today and told her about my decision.


There seems to be a controversy regarding Bruce Jenner's recent appearance.

Regardless of the reality of the situation, what I find amazing is the predominant attitude reflected in the comments to that story. It's rather heartwarming, IMHO.

Gender Bender Chronicles (Promotion Started)

My wife and I have been sharing a crossdressing fetish for some time now. I would hope she loves me enough to trust in my mixing of two gender-personalities, but not to the point that she would hurt herself emotionally. That is a major contributor to me writing books that reference our guilty pleasures.

My weekend with Samantha was awesome

Well, Samantha is back home with her mother, and I can say that it was an awesome time having her here.

We watched videos, we attempted to make rice crispie square Christmas trains (and had more fun failing than I think we would have had if they had turned out perfectly), and I got to be more of a parent than I think I've been since she was born.

She's turning into a kind, thoughtful, and responsible young woman, but one who can still enjoy being silly too.

Sighs ... I already miss having her here ...

Banned in porn in the UK


I see tonight that the UK has banned 10 acts from its porn? I don't even look at it any more having enough of that running around in my own head, not that I needs much.

One matter of distress to me is that they banned "Spanking". You mean that if I came to the UK, I could no longer get a few taps on me bottom ? I never felt that what I experienced as a child was even vaugely related to any sort of affection, so what I seek now and have been completely unable to find is that gentle rat tat tat. :)

What is the world coming to?


its been a while, but im back!!!

Hey guys and gals. I know I dissapeared for like 4 months. I just lost interest in writing and really everything. I kinda got depressed but I think im past that. Ive decided to start posting some of my poetry. I know its not very good but I woild like to share it with you guys. Please check it out and let me know what you think


Greetings and Blessings for the Season

Greetings Dear Ones may the season be bright and Happy for you,. The Quads have been terrorizing the house now that they walk so well, thankfully I have it very well baby/toddler proofed. First thing they found that I forgot was lying about was JK's wprk, and they brought it too me, been reading it too them since.

My Family has changed so much over the years, yet there has always been love found here and I share the love of my family with you all.

Very Good Serial Stories


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I just started to read the Fan-Fic Whateley school for Mutants stories on the Chrystal Hall site . I am so very hooked on the action that takes place in each story. Sometimes it is nice to get a break from the stories with dress up as the main theme .
These stories have been written by great authors from the resent past and have gender flip and dress up but with action scenes .
I highly recommend them . You can find other stories here at Big Closet and on FM . I am so hooked LOL .
Hugs Richie

In an introspective mood tonight.

Just finished watching a PBS special about 50 years ofPeter Paul and Mary and got thinking about all those years behind me. Mary, of course, died in 2009 but Peter and Paul are still going strong.

A Love So Bold - My attempt at writing an actual book

So, I've written a behemoth of a book. It is well over 400kb, 100,675 words, 221 pages of 12 point type...ugh! It is currently being previewed by someone I trust explicitly, for continuity, and just plain feedback to let me know if it is worthy enough to publish. I've written some long stories, most of them are on here... I just wanted to see if I could pull off something more like an actual book.

It will probably be written in my 'other' pen name: D.L. Lanholder

Kudos, Hits and Things

I don't get many hits on my Blogs but read other blogs sometimes and comments that are posted. Hits and Kudos scores and writers concerns cropped up a few times.
I read historical stories aren't interesting to most readers and also noticed a lot of new writers and members yet a general decline in hits of all stories. There was some good advice.

What to write next?

I’ve just finished the first draft of another Valentine Divergence story, and a month ago I finished another fantasy novel. I’m probably going to start something new soon, and I wondered if my readers might have a strong preference among the story ideas I’m considering:

Met Kristen Beck -Lady of Valor- Tonight


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For those that do not know who she is.

Kristen Beck is a Retired US Navy Senior Chief and US Navy SEAL. After retiring in 2011 she came out as transgender and has transitioned. She co-wrote a book Warrior Princess and had a CNN documentary( here is the link= )done on her, along with writing a new book now. She is an all around advocate for transgender changes and works and lives in DC.

An update on me

Can I say it now? I hate Christmas shopping season, and winter? I am still stocking the pet department of the store I work in, but since the rest of my crew hates to work and is trying to leave early each day, I have to cover other areas, like Toys. Love the toys, hate stocking them. We also spent two weeks cleaning up shelves that were overstocked, only to have another group put everything right back where it had came from. So work has been rough.

Might Need a Little Help...

First off, how's everyone doing? Good? Okay, great!

Secondly, it seems my muse has taken an extended vacation and I can't really seem to get back on track. My mind seems to be running with a lot of ideas, just can't seem to pin them down.
Anyone have some good advice?



Okay. In keeping with the "I am amazed" theme I have going,

You know, sometimes I end up on that "weird channel" on youtube and I find the most incredible things, most of the time I am shocked and disgusted, but sometimes, and very rarely I am thrilled and blown away by some of the absolute gems I find.

Try this one but once you start the playback, close your eyes until it's over, then open them and prepare to be astounded!
I promise you! Also, don't let the title of this video turn you off.

Surgery a success


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All is well other than a large amount of bleeding overnight and a trip to Doctors office for a clean wrap . Next week when the stitches come out I get a cast almost up to my knee "whoopee joy" for 4 or 5 weeks . Sponge baths at the sink again . Thank to all for the kind words and thoughts . HUGS AND KISSES :-) RICHIE

I'm probably not dead yet


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Though my body and spirit might say otherwise, vital signs have confirmed that I haven't died. I feel worse than a corpse, but the coroner assures me that he is unable to sign a death certificate while arguing with the dearly not departed about it.

If I haven't been melodramatic enough, I feel like poo. Not just regular poo, but poo that had been stepped on by a 500lb man wearing cowboy boots that is trying to scrape it off on a curb.

Homonym warning

I've run across a particular error in a number of stories here recently.

People are writing about having been "put through the ringer".

That's wrong. It's "put through the *wringer*". A wringer was a gizmo on early washing machines where you used a crank to turn a pair of rollers which you fed wet clothing between. They'd squeeze out the water.

Getting a finger caught in one was rather painful for obvious reasons.

These days you find wringers on some industrial type mop buckets.

Related words phrases:

Some witty title goes here

So, I've just posted the first chapter of Bellona which is a Hyperverse story. Since Bellona occurs chronologically before the rest of the stories, I'm focusing on it first before all my other writing. At least that's what I've decided now. This all may change.

On a side note, my deviated septum surgery has been a success and things are better. I had a medication change up which seems to be working better than what I was on before for some of my issues.

Good things it seems... for now...

*knocks on wood....

Be awesome everyone.

Feeling better

Hi folks,

Just a note to let you all know that I am feeling much better now and I'm trying to get back into the writing swing. There will be no regular updates of I Wish, Twice Removed or Raven's Blood on their regular schedules until next week though. With me feeling better now Martin and I have a busy week this week, getting things done I couldn't while sick and with it being the last week of dance classes for a month over the holidays.

OT, but in keeping with the holiday season,

One of the very best IMHO acappella groupps around, Straight No Chaser. Please give it a listen. A version of The 12 Days Of Christmas that ISN'T boring. The live versions are even better, although less in the sound quality, but superior, owing to the fact that you can see their visual hijinks as they perform.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Catherine Linda Michel

Writing Update


A quick note to anyone who is a fan of my stories or flash fiction. If you haven't noticed already I've been contributing to Hutcho's monthly anthology. So be sure to check it out if you haven't already and note that I have (until now) been quietly adding links to each of my contributions on my Author Page.

Being sucked into a black hole


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So there I was, trying to decide what to do about xyz, when it suddenly occurred that I hadn't actually done a full system backup for a good few months, having been dashing off Julina stories and the like.
So I thought, on Saturday afternoon, I would just invest the few hours it would take, and instigated a full backup.

This was a mistake.

Several problems raised their 'pretty' heads.

Seven Years


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Seven years... That's about 1/8th of my life I've been a registered member of this community. Wow. (Though, I started reading hear a few months previous, I was one of many "guest readers"...)

I started writing, registered and posted my first attempts at writing here when so encouraged by Karen Page and Angharad. And, wonder of wonders, I discovered I actually enjoyed writing. This was quite a surprise to me as I'd not voluntarily written ANYTHING since '71 when some classmates destroyed a play I wrote. (So, I assumed I couldn't do it... Write that is.)

20,000 lovers in their lifetime !!!!!

Lord Monckton, an adviser to the British Prime Minister and a Hereditary peer, claimed that the average number of partners for a gay person was between 500 and a 1000 with some gays having as many as 20,000 sexual partners during their lifetimes.

Do the maths guys. Were do they find them?
Have a look at this guy here.

I don't belieeeve it!

Shalimar is in the hospital

Hey everyone, a good friend of mine and an author here is in the hospital with an infected heel on her foot. Please keep shalimar in your thoughts and prayers. I will keep people updated as I get more updates. She said it is okay to post about it here.

She has diabetes and has lost toes before, and this time she had a shoe that was bad and she didn't know it, so it has the heel on one food pink and smelling bad. Let's hope they can get her taken care of with antibiotics, because we don't want anything worse for her.

It's that time of year again


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According to my mother 62 years ago, my dad came home from the office party the worse for wear. Trying not to make much noise, he went up stairs carrying his shoes which he then managed to drop down them. My mother was rather pregnant and I appeared the next morning, all 5lb 2oz of me. The morning was the 3rd December 1952. (A week later the Christine Jorgensen story broke - pure coincidence, I expect).

This rebuts all rumours about my being found under a gooseberry bush, though some might like to see me there now.

New Half-Lilin sequel - choose your heroes

Just yesterday night, I received a vision, after taking a dose of Panadol and falling asleep on my coffeebean-filled pillow. There I received a revelation, a storyline for a new Half-Lilin sequel, The Quest of Heroes! I know most people have forgotten the Half-Lilin series, what with the first installment being so terribly written and all. Not to mention that most of those who actually liked this story had mostly either disappeared or passed away (I miss Stan).

Sissy Fetish?


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Well; I’m here. I’m not sure why, but I’ll start by pointing out I have a sissy fetish. Getting in touch with my feminine side through gender-swapping my clothing, altering my figure with removable prosthetic breast/hips (Thanks TheBreastFormStore!!!), applying makeup, and wigs sexually “does it for me”. Honestly, just as much as heterosexual sex.

Surgery Again


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This past April I had a accident at home (yes with a ladder) and broke my ankle almost ripping my foot off (it was close) now this Wednesday I will have the third surgery to repair my foot . The Doctor is breaking my foot to construct a new arch . I will need 1 more surgery to complete the repairs, but they can't do all the work as it is too much trauma to the body . The broken bones from April still have not healed completely OUCH
This at least will be out patient and only 8 to 10 weeks in a cast double OUCH.

On Searching

I'm trying to use the Search box which appears near to the top of the Home page, but need a little advice.

I can enter terms like "Sentimental" and the search seems to pick up stories marked with a Sweet/Sentimental tag, as well as those which contain the word "Sentimental". Is there anything I can enter in the search box to restrict it to tags only?

Is there any way I can search on things like Standalone or Complete, which I understand are stored differently in our database?

Best wishes


Travel Time take two

I thought you might like an extra chapter as I'm away for a bit so, Bobsyerunkel! new chapter today.

If you have a Lulu account now is a good time to catch up with stuff! until December 25th you get a one off chance to save a whopping 25% off of a single order, yup make a saving, do some reading! Just use code KTP4 when you check out.



So alot has happened

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WOW! so it's been a while huh? I honest have been busy. Right now I"m currently working a part time call center job. bringing in 200 a week. For food and rent as well as bills. 350 a month. (sweet deal right?) Well I really had to fight to get it. and my life. So once again my connection with the PRices are permanently cut. Especially after the flaming perfume fiasco that gave me quite a shiner. Sister moved to Arizona and all that leaving me alone with the one who tried to seriously maim me with said perfume. Long story short. I'm still alive.

To the lonely in PDX


So, about everyone knows that I live in Portland, Oregon in a 6 story, 50 unit apartment building. I am told that there are 4 other T folk in this building. I have seen one of them, tried to make conversation, and you can guess where that went.

Across the street from me is another 6 story apartment building and on the 6th floor is another one of us.

going to have company next week


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Well, Sharon has told us that its confirmed that she will be going in for surgery, and so we will be hosting my daughter for at least four days - Friday through Monday.

This is going to be the most time I've spent with my daughter since we separated, and her mother is super against my transition and no doubt has pushed that view on Samantha, so I am kinda nervous ...

Organic Charity?


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I am wondering if anyone here has heard of a charity which offers organic or, at the very least, non-GMO food to homeless people? I mean a shelter or even just a soup kitchen.
I have truly been thinking about wanting to set something like this up if it doesn't already exist. I think most of you might have an inkling of how I feel about GMO's so I would ask certain members here NOT to start debating me about GMO's in this posting.

A Personal Request


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Hi Everyone. There have been a few times when I was in a jam and the wonderful users here @ BigCloset have helped me out immensely. Whether it was helping me buy a new mattress/boxspring for Bill and I when we were stuck in a motel during the mold cleanup, or helping me setup a fund to get a vehicle and get my life back on track, and even helping us come up with the security deposit for the apartment we are in.

So it's now that I come to you with my hat in my hand, and my heart in my throat, asking for help once again.

No Rules returns!

Finally, I get to post here again!

I'm still working on my novel for traditional publication, but my stories for BigCloset keep pulling at me. I've finally gotten to the end of chapter 5 of No Rules, and I present it for you, hoping I haven't been totally forgotten. *grin*

Bon Apettit!

Trans-focused suicide hotline

Several of my (cis) friends shared this article link around earlier today, and I thought I might bring it to the attention of you all. While I might wish that no one on this site would ever need such a thing, I know that's far from likely.

New Suicide Hotline Dedicated to Trans People Now Open for Calls

Happy Thanksgiving to my family at Top Shelf

To all my friends online, to all the people who make this site such a welcoming REAL home to many, to all the readers, commenters, authors and to a very special group of people who I love dearly, you know who you are, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and I wish you all a very happy holiday season as well.

Be careful out there and be safe. You are all very important to me. "God Bless us, every one."

Holiday huggles,
Catherine Linda Michel

Travel Time

The third stanza of Culture Clash will be available from tomorrow in ebook, print and Kindle versions! Lots of stuff going on in this volume so take a chance and have a look.

As I mentioned last time i'm away for the next couple of Wednesdays so this week you get three chapters on my website! Take your time over them, they have to last a long time! The next chapter is here, you'll need to follow the links from there.

See you in December,

Ultimate compliment


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On facebook I belong to a group that revolves around playing the game Real Racing 3 (awesome game by the way) and I am quite active in it. I was talking to one of the people who play the game and we got to talking about my books and that led me to revealing that I am transgender.

Their response:

You want to be a guy, I don't see it.

Priceless. With all the dark and dreary, I needed that.

Delay with The Transit of Venus


Sorry about the slow recent progress but I've been having a hectic time preparing for a period to come away from internet. I hope to be able to get back to the adventures of Venus in a couple of weeks.

Thank you all for your support with the story so far and your patience


Unintentionally Hilarious

When I was in junior high I skipped a lot of school, and one of the shows that was still going around on basic cable was the dreadful Mission Impossible. I never saw this particular episode until a friend mentioned it over dinner last night. Barry Williams (Greg Brady!) in drag with Leonard Nimoy, with both of them doing unforgiveable latin accents.

A Thumbs Up Button

I Don't understand I've been Here over Seven years and why is it I see stories have say over 900 reads and only get less then 10%Thumbs up WHY . I think that just about every story posted here should get at least 80% score of the over 900 reads. I will admit I'm not a writer of stories here but I have edited for several writers here and have requested not tobe acknowledge for my help, but all writers here should get a better score then then 10% for their effort of writing these stories we read almost everyday. This is just my Thoughts on this subject have good day! Richard

Trying not to be contentious here

But some authors are putting up several stories/episodes at once. This is a bit unfair as the front page is somewhat taken over with these stories and gives other authors less time on the front page and listing on the shortcuts.

Once a story goes off the front page, read counts go down considerably, so the longer a story is visible, the better chance an author gets for her work to be read.

Please think of others when posting several things at once.


TG Day Of Remembrance rhyme

Since the 20th is coming up I might meet fate and partake in the chance to wake a dreamer. Remember these terrible follies and stop shaming ourselves as human beings. It can seem even the most awake has the ides of March in their eyes. This terrible malady truly places them in a snit, fit to fall in such a terrible trap. These societal jaws tear flesh from maws or toy with one. I ask you not to forget and be well met to keep a light on and your eyes upon more than the form.

Family buried Transwoman daughter as son...

I was read this story on Huffington Post, about a trans-woman that died and her family had her put in the casket dressed and made up as man. Not only was I disgusted at what the family did, but the comments were equally disturbing. I could actually hear the banjos playing in my head from reading what some people said.
I may never transition, but if I do, I would like to be buried as I was presenting myself to the world.

Freaking out


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I finally got the referral for the PICC line and am now on antibiotics for the next 6 weeks. Each morning I have to go in and get a daily IV as well as carry around this pump that gives me IVs three times a day.

They put the PICC line in and I promptly proceed to tear half of it out getting into my car (It got caught on the seat or something as I leaned getting in). Doctor is still using the line though it's now at the mid point, he might change it by wednesday.

A place for us in society.


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I promise, NO Drama.

Since 2005, I have been determined to forge a place in society for myself and those like me. I've stubbornly insisted and fought for a place in society as a woman, and to an amazing extent, that dream has been realized. It has been a long time since anyone has challenged me on the street or off it.

In spite of my total lack of understanding, the Mormon members around me have been kind and healing and supportive. That the upper management of the church has issues with those like me, actually arouses the ire of the members.

A long time ago in a world far away (sort of)

I posted my very first novel "The Frozen Balance" here on BCTS, starting in 2009.

Recently Erin has been immensely kind and added the updated version that I submitted for the Amazon annual competition to the Hatbox. It's exclusively available there for the next six months (at least) as I wanted to offer something back to the site that started me on my journey and for the many friends, including the sister of my heart, who have so generously helped me along the way.


OK. Updates.

Hope I'm not TOO treading water here

Moving 'Dead Ringer' and Summer of Love along ever-so-slightly.

It feels more like a tease .... an appetizer without a meal.

....The meal's still on the stove...

I'm confident that it will still be a meal, but (much like the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner) it's more an aroma and a promise than the eventual fulfillment.

Still, I promise a fulfillment.

I just haven't worked out how to get from the bag-full-of-groceries to the inevitable food-coma yet, ;-)

But, I have no doubt that I WILL....


Gah! Stupid muse.... ;-)


Just burned off a chapter for 'Summer of Love' that I'm really happy with, but it's too far into the story.... I haven't gotten nearly close to the plot/character development to use this... but, wow.... I wrote it, slept on it and revisited it a couple of days later, and it still has the emotional ...punch... I felt when I wrote it. Or maybe transcribed it is a better word, because I only half-joke about the muse. Sometimes I read stuff and think. 'I was only the typist. I'm not capable of stuff like this.'

Jennifer Gable's death


I've a really sad story to tell. A young woman named Jennifer Gable, transitioned from a man years ago. That's the last time I will mention her as trans.

So, she was apparently a customer service rep for Wells Fargo, in Idaho. Wells Fargo hires anyone they wish as long as they can do the job. She attended Boise State, studying Art and Drama.

She unexpectedly dropped dead at work with an aneurism. Doubly sad is that her father had her hair cut and had her buried as a male.

"Conversations with a rattlesnake"

I am reading a very good book on recovering from trauma called "Conversations with a rattlesnake".

Its by former NHL hockey player Theo Fleury, and in the book he (along with therapist Kim Barthel) covers how to retrain your brain as you recover from your past.

The book contains some frank discussion of rape (Fleury was molested by his hockey coach), so gentle people prone to triggers will struggle at times, but it really is worth the read.

Sorry - had to go out this evening

I had to go to a colleague's leaving do so haven't had time to write Bike for tonight. Hopefully will be back to my usual boring self tomorrow to describe in tedious detail another few minutes in the life of Cathy and her family. Bonzi had offered to do it for me but the daft old bugger got shut out and was soaking wet when I returned from the restaurant. Why couldn't Whizz do it for me, I hear you ask, but her spelling and punctuation is worse than mine.


Little Boy-Girl Saga the Stories

This is my first time in a long time writing a story.
This story came about back early this year when a girl i was with came up with the name Nicole.
When I came up with the names Sabrina, Jamie and Junior.
Jenny , Amber, Samantha, Sara Beth, Michael, Missy and Marie all came about later.

I was interviewed


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Not too long ago I was contacted by someone from Poland about doing an interview. Can you imagine? Poland? Didn't know I made it there, guess I should put another thumbtack in the big map I have. Anyway, they run a pretty big blog and have interviewed a lot of notable people and decided to include me. I guess to some I'm a heroine. I hope I'm not too addictive.

If anyone cares, and I can't imagine anyone not caring, here is the interview link. Share a comment here and there.

Going forward with transition.


Wonderful news.

After my first consultation with my psychiatrist on October 22nd I have been classed DM 5 and he has agreed I am suitable for GRS. Letter has been sent to my GP and she has prescribed Oestrogen plus Spiro.

We have agreed to suspend any breast augumentation because my breasts are growing nicely and it is better to wait and see where they end up before deciding what augumentation (if any) they need. So far they are close to 36/38 B to C; they still appear to be growing and very noticeable..

TDOR a surprise


I spend a lot of time on Facebook talking about things that matter to me. Oddly, I have yet to be confronted on TG issues, and this is surprising to me because I have pictures and everything right there.

A couple different people including the TED group put up things about Transgender folk and gratifyingly they were supportive and not snide at all. Perhaps things are turning around for us?

Sure, there were those who demonstrated their hate and ignorance. I think the anger was mostly manifested by the profoundly ignorant.


Fallen (for Transgender Day of Remembrance)




The fallen are remembered today

All of Those who've passed,

Persecuted for just wanting life

lost, Through their own hand or another's.

What does society say

As We continue to be harassed,

Our every day filled with strife

remembering all the others.

Being true to ourselves every day

No judgments at last,

Lives with honesty and rife

With happiest ever afters.

Dealing with issues of my job and how it is affecting me personally.

I am a Co-Facilitator of a 'Vet 2 Vet' Peer Support Group at two of the VA Hospitals in the Boston area for Transgender Veterans and other LGBT Veterans that wish to join us also. I have not super active with the group for a while, because I was in school for 9 months and had to miss meeting due to classes. Then I became homeless and entered a program myself at the VA to deal with some of my own personal issues. Now I am missing the groups, because I am taking a Certification Program, offered by the state.

Good news, bad news


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Well, I got some good news, and some bad news.

First, the good news - My birth certificate arrived today, so I am one step closer to getting a passport to go to Arizona for my consult.

Now, the bad news - Sharon called saying it looks like she might be getting her surgery in December, and she called about having me or mom take time off work to look after Samantha. Problem is, both my mom's work and mine don't give time off in December, and so now I feel like a failure as a parent ...

A glimpse at Editing.

Below is a picture showing the first page of JG Ballard's Crash. The marks all over it are the author's edits. When I'm doing my own edits, I do this. I print out my work to edit in a different font (and font size) so that it doesn't look the same as it does on the screen. I've read and can testify from experience that changing how the text looks can help see it fresh. It can help you see those things that you gloss over from familiarity and such.

I also thought it was just neat as hell.

Why are stupid people in charge?


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I can't take this any more. I am near tears.

The ongoing saga of my foot will not end.

So, they need to do a ct scan to confirm that I have a bone infection and also to know how to cut it out. I'm sure it's not every bone and probably not the whole bone so they have to be careful. The specialists have been pretty nice and on top of things so I hate that part of my frustration gets taken out on them.

Ashleigh Blayze Where Are You?

Ashleigh Blayze:

So, in trying to find her, it seems that the last time she visited this site was in June of 2012. Has anyone here had contact with her? I am not thinking of badgering her for more of her science fiction, but would like to know how she is doing and to wish her the best.


PS: I have a strong suspicion that Ashleigh Blayze is one of the authors here who chose to write in a different voice. All I can say is bravo!

Following story links

So often I see blogs from authors talking about their stories. Maybe they're bemoaning the number of comments or kudos. Maybe they're talking more generally.

But so rarely do they provide a link to the story. If I click on their name, it doesn't take me to a page showing their titles.

They may think everyone knows the story they're talking about. We don't. Please provide a link so we can quickly look up your story.