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TG friendly solicitor


Hello to any and all who read this blog and can give advice or direction. Due to a difficult and contrary ex-wife, my fiancee is unable to have contact with her 3 youngest children. It is going to come to a legal battle in the UK court system and we are both strapped for moneys to be able to consult a custody solicitor. Abby has not been allowed to speak to are contact her children in over 4 months and previous to that only by Skype once a month. She loves her children above all else!!

And again, a judges decision is wrong

Once again someone in politics doesn't even have the decency to become educated enough to make an informed decision before making policy decisions which affect all of us in some way or another. We wonder why our battle is so difficult and always seems to be uphill?


Hi all,

here is a little heads-up on developments.

The next (and final) part of the (my) Chivan tales will be posted in the next few days. Naturally, it stops at the start of the post-Chivan era, so if any of you want to pen some tales to fill in the two great missing swathes of time, then there will be plenty of scope - the time after the Chivans when the Empire came into being, the hangover of which gave rise to the different countries in Garia's time, and the different ruler's titles! Of course, there are also opportunities for many more tales set in Chivan times.

Breast enhancing pills


I've been interested in increasing my bust size for the longest time, but to no avail. I'm currently 18 as a 34 B or 34 C, depending on who manufactured the bra. I have a "scooping" breast shape, and it makes it kinda difficult to fill out most of my bras.
A while back, I tried breast enhancing pills, and they didn't do much whatsoever, and now I have started taking herbs for a bit. While I have seen a SLIGHT improvement, I still don't feel like I'm getting much from them ;(

This is Big for TG Folk


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OH My Gosh! Look what I just found? Look at Matt 19:12. Then look at Issiah 56:4-5. I am sure that you have heard of secret names. How about everlasting names? No matter what happens now, I can die knowing that Heavenly Father loves me, has a place in Heaven for me and has given me my everlasting name.

Even if you are not religious, this is a great deal of validation for those of us who are.


12 TG women killed already this year


I can't say it often enough. Don't put one's self in a non defensive position. I know everyone wants to be accepted. Predators are the most accepting kind. One time I made a list for not only TG but any person to follow for safety. Especially TG and women need to be extra alert of their surroundings and the body count in that clear space. If anyone is closer than ten feet make sure one's hand is wrapped around mace, pepper spray, or other weapon. Because of my lifestyle I pack heat, usually on my hip with a shirttail draped over it. More than once I have uncovered my defense.

I'm really worried about my mom

I am really worried about my mom.

She's panicking over having to move, she's not sleeping well, and has been very forgetful and doing stuff without thinking.

Yesterday I came across the stopper for the bathroom sink in the fridge, for no reason.

All prayers and good wishes are appreciated

Silver Wings

so thank you to Monica Rose for her indispensable help in getting Silver Wings kickstarted. Hopefully I'll be able to stay on track as I write this thing. It's going to be my attempt to tackle and dismantle some of the tropes in TG fiction that bother the hell out of me. I will also be trying to show that good intentions do not a good outcome make, nor are they warrant for forgiveness. Simply put, sometimes even the best of intentions can end in complete disaster and your victim has the right to accept or refuse any apology.

Looking for a story

I am looking for a story I read a couple of years ago. I'm not sure whether it was here or on FM. The story was about an alien invasion. Men (and women?) were taken aboard the alien ship and converted mentally and physically by a plant in a chamber making them very compliant, however, not all were made incapable of mentally resisting. A revolt is eventually made on the mothership. That's about all I can remember. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

One size fits all!

I suddenly thought of BC friends when thinking of what to wear. Why not stretch your cultural boundaries, especially as these possibilities have the advantage that fitting is no problem as one size fits all!

How to tie a pareu.

How to wear a saree.

looking for a story (again)

I REALLY got to get better at bookmarking stories I like.

Once again, I need help finding a story.

It was about a wager between Heaven and Hell, with a young boy as the subject. He's granted superpowers, but in the process ends up a girl.

Any ideas?

No stories lately

Due to circumstances beyond my control (namely kids off for the summer), I haven't been able to do much writing lately. So hopefully by the end of August, I'll start having some time to write with one back in school and the other out of town at college. I have several projects languishing, and some new ones I want to start, plus I want to get a novel published.

delay on Knights of Death and Embracing Justice


Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting new chapters for Knights of Death and Embracing Justice. Due to a lighting strike too close to my home the pc that I use to write my stories on was destroyed. It long with my passwords for the cloud server that stored my notes and stories were trashed. I have spent the last two weeks replacing them. Now that I have done so I will be posting new chapters as soon as I can. Until then may the peace of the Goddess find you all.

A strange moment at work


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I had a strange moment at work.

Out of the blue, I had this ... urge to make my walk more feminine. So I found myself swaying my hips like a catwalk model for a while.

Then later in the shift, I panicked about having done this. Somehow I felt like I had taken away my ability to blend into the background by walking like that.

Fortunately, by the end of the shift, I was mostly okay.

Make of this what you will ...

Caroline Cossey breaks her silence


It would seem that Caroline Cossey is taking a tentative step back into the limelight.

There is an article on in which she breaks her silence of many years. Here is the link:

I wish her every happiness in this venture.

Love to All

Anne G.

Finding Lisa has now gone live

Hi again folks.

Finding Lisa has just gone live on Amazon and if you want to check it out, go here. If is not your local Amazon store, there will be a link for one that is.

I hope this one goes as well as Cliffside and Halloween and thank you to all that bought copies :D



Any and all reviews gratefully received.

On the subject of mood disorders

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I have been fighting cronic depression and anxiety for nearly 15 years, i have been trying to be my authentic self almost as long. Two seemingly random statements that bring me to the topic of this episode... Depression and T*ism.

From PubMedHealth "Depression may be described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or down in the dumps. Most of us feel this way at one time or another for short periods.True clinical depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for a long period of time."

More and more colleges offering TG surgery health plan


N.J. university healthcare plans to cover genital reconstruction surgery

This news is two years old but come up in the search engine when I brought up some other data I had read last month.
More Elite Colleges Are Covering Sex-Change Surgery and Other Transgender Student Needs

Grandpa's New Ride in The Hatbox


Grandpa's New Ride

by Katie Leone


Grandpa has an old ride, ancient, a relic really; when he decides to change it for a new one, his grandson Scott jumps at the chance to join him at the auction. A fun sci-fi romp by one of BigCloset and DopplerPress's favorite authors.

Transgender Models


Nice, I pray this is one more crack in the door of resistance everyone of this life has faced.

All-Transgender Modeling Agency to Open in L.A.
Apple Model Management, a modeling agency that represents only transgender models, is opening an office in Los Angeles, reports The Advocate.

Is everyone aware of this?

As the follow-up to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey will become our community’s go-to source for information about the lives and experiences of trans people.

More than 6,400 people took the NTDS, and over 7,000 people have already pledged to take the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey when it becomes available on August 19th. But we’re far short of the 20,000 pledges we need to ensure we double the number of people who complete the U.S. Trans Survey from the NTDS.



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Yesterday I terminated my relationship with my VA Counselor of 10 years. It's time I put my big girl panties on and run my own life. I am greatly reducing my relationship with Muslims and the Mormon church.

It seemed possible that there would be a relationship with"Transactive" here in Portland, but because I will not spout the PC agenda it seems like that is off. I was surprised. I will tell anyone that asks more but in a private setting.

looking for a story

I'm looking for a story, and hoping somebody can help.

It was about a trans girl who had been sexaully abused, and after her transition plans to kill her abuser when he's released from prison Only she's confronted by the man who has come to love her who begs her not to ...

Anybody with an idea of the name of that story?

Brutal but honest way to test your family.

While on vacation I visited with my family this past weekend. I found a easy way to test someone to see how they would react to a trans person. When someone is nice and relaxed just watching tv, put it on a channel where Caitlyn Jenner has a show on. One 30 second commercial with her in it and your friend or family member will most likely reveal how they feel about transgender people. This happened to me on a few separate occasions this past weekend. It was not pretty.

an "ah ha!" moment, and compliments from strangers


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Yesterday, I went and got my oil changed, and while I was waiting a man came in with a small dog. We sat beside each other, while the dog sniffed around and accepted pets from the people who were sitting and waiting. But if someone was standing up, and tried to pet the dog, he'd back up, unsure of the situation.

Anyway, after I had paid for the service and was about to leave, the man and the dog were approaching the till, and the dog, without any hestiation, went up to me and licked my leg (I was in a skirt).

The man said, "He likes you. He can tell you're a good person."

Just playing around

I got my DAZ Studio stuff loaded onto my new computer and decided to give it a spin. The scene is from an upcoming series, Shadows of Eden. The protagonist, Lilith Alexander, is an adult, but here she has been regressed to the age of nine by the Queen of the Pixies, so she can experience being a little girl. Click on the attachment for a higher resolution image.

Preteen Lilith & Pixie Queen.jpg



I just wish to say thanks to all the authors whom have shed light on my world in the form of entertainment. My life seems so bleak and hopeless at times, i.e. today, and it is such a wonderful thing to be able to escape into a good story and forget the depression and hopelessness. I am reminded of doing the same as a child/teenager because the story always ended in the positive. I know mine won't and today I just don't care!!

Cynthia and the Queen of the Knight - Finale

Just posted the last chapters of Cynthia and the Queen of the Knight. There was a intentional pun in the next to last chapter. I wonder if anyone will catch it. This was a fun story to write, and I'm sorry that it didn't create the interest I hoped it would. I guess there wasn't enough angst and abuse, and SRU is apparently passé. I would love to hear from the readers.

Two random thoughts

Two random thoughts came to mind as I was responding to a PM I received, One was about how many lovely readers have told me they have purchased my novel, The Enhanced: TRI from Amazon (hopefully through the Amazon link on Big Closet's main page) that I may actually make a little money from my (pseudo) Publisher this August. Then it struck me... I should give back to the wonderful site that hosts my fiction and attempts at poetry. So, I will donate whatever payment I get from my Publisher in August to BCTS. It may not be huge coin, but it will be something :)

A great place for inexpensive wigs and clothes

I just found a great place on the web for really inexpensive wigs and clothes as well as jewellry. It's

The prices there are unbelievably cheap. Wigs I've been paying 30-50$ for are under 20 dollars. They also have human hair wigs from 50$!

I don't know the quality of their merchandise, but I have placed an order online and will let you all know how good their stuff is or isn't when it arrives. Check them out. They even have clothes and swimwear for plus sized gals.

a fantastic story worth reading

There are some amazing stories on this site. We are blessed with so many good authors, who give us their stories for free, when they are as good or better than anything in any bookstore.

I almost hate to list some of my favorite authors, simply because I'm afraid I'll forget somebody who deserves the mention, and they'll feel bad for being left out.

That said, I wanted to say something about a story I just re-read.

Except I don't think I can do it justice, so all I can say is if you've never read it, you should, and if you have, you should read it again.

New Doppler Release: PomPom Fortress by Snowfall

Young Kyle struggles to make it through the school day without being noticed, but others intend to make him the center of attention. A beautiful coming of age story with a difference. Now available to borrow from Kindle Select for Kindle Prime members.

The PomPom Fortress by Snowfall

LightOfFury's stories

What happened?! I can't read any stories about characters being transformed in Mai Shiranui or someone as big into SNK fighters. And her other stories were great.

Are you still here Light?! Please come back.

Also, now I'm thinking I may make backup's of stories for my eyes only, should they be pulled. I love all of these authors way too much to just see them gone from my eyes though if you wish to pull them from the site so be it.

I'm still fuming about that "Beyond the Sea" fan fiction getting pulled so quickly from MORFS though.

Editing our Writing

Getting a story out onto paper (or into a computer) is easy at times, and more difficult at other times. Regardless of ones efforts, editing must be done before it is shared with the world.

I have been working on a book (a memoir) for four years now. I think I am done, but I now need to do some editing. Not my best skill with my own writing. It also takes a lot on a 101,000 word book.

Passive Verb Tense: This is one of my biggest issues. I have had this problem for years. There are places that you want it, but I have found I use it way too much.

The Money Blog - BC Needs Cash


It's that time again. We have bills.

If you can, please use the Janglewood link to send us a gift.

Or you can use the Hatbox subscription link to subscribe to Hatbox.

Since Amazon discontinued their service via Amazon Payments, both of the above links will lead to PayPal. We hope to have direct credit card acceptance working sometime in the future but that isn't that easy to set up.

A Most Satisfying Birthday


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I have had a very nice birthday. I got some cake-flavoured M & Ms - the blue ones are the best - some Wonka Runts, some DVDs by Dr Michio Kaku that will help me travel to a parallel universe, travel through time and build a flying saucer, and a beautiful framed map of the River Wear as it was in 1898. I was also treated to several drinks at the Ashbrooke beer festival, which may explain why I am in such a mellow mood.

As far as headlong rushes towards the grave go, this isn't turning out to be an unpleasant one.

I am Jazz


TLC channel is having a new show called I AM JAZZ this coming Wednesday at 10 pm & 10:30 pm eastern time .
Jazz is a transgender teen mtf who has the good fortune to have parents who have been supportive since she came out as a toddler .
Jazz has grown to be a Beautiful well rounded young Woman .
Should be a interesting show maybe it will show some pictures of her growing up.

A big Thank You!

Goes out to everyone who answered my blog about helping my Veteran friend! I've forwarded all the info you have so graciously sent. I hope it does some good for him. He's a really super nice guy and he deserves a lot better treatment than he's getting right now. He accepted me as Cathy without so much as a raised eyebrow so anything I can do for him is small enough repayment for his caring friendship.

Catherine Linda Michel

Honey Bunny is now complete!

For those readers who wish to make sure that a story will be finished before they begin reading, I have just posted the last chapter of Honey Bunny.

This has been the best received of all my stories to date and so I hope you will at least give it a try!


anyone remember an old story


i was trying to recall one of the story that i have read on here its about a boy in is collage ages where he his girlfriend and his best friend go and see a stage hypnosis. After hes hypnotized he can only see him wearing girls cloths even though he was wearing boys cloths. I remember the first part during the stage hypnotists he said that it he was wearing his star wars t shirt and not the Alice in wonderland dress that he saw him self wearing. I just cant remember the name of that story it was really good.

Money making idea for TG RPG

Ideas and Opportunity.
Money Making Idea ... "TG Fantasy / (Person) Maker"
Tell the Tales of the Closet in the form of a Game!
I am open to the thoughts and ideas of our community.
Who is up for an adventure in non-code, coding?
Hope the people take this idea, and run with it for a Golden Award.
Character closet.jpeg

The transgender forum


It seems I cannot log into transgender forum and there is no contact process that I can find to discover who has used my email address. My attempt to sign up was blocked because my email address has already been used by someone. I tried all my own passwords but no luck. Seems I'm not wanted on TG Forum.

Ahh well there are plenty of other sites on the internet.

The Cliffside Herione - Now Available!

Just to let you know, I have uploaded Cliffside Heroine to Kindle as a full novel and it is now on-line at Amazon. The link here is to, but will redirect yu to your local branch.

Also, I have tweaked the ending slightly and I hope it meets with approval.

All reviews gratefully received.


A (sort of) answered prayer


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Sometimes, prayers are answered in ways you dont expect them to be.

I was having a tough day, unable to sleep, pouring my heart out to God, and I ended my prayer by saying I really could use a hug from God, just to know I was still loved.

Well, not long after I finished praying, my little bundle of fur decided to jump up into my bed, worm her way under my covers, and snuggle next to me.

I giggled, and said to God, "I was hoping for a God-sized hug, not a dog-sized hug, but I'll take it, and thanks."

Any Veterans in Oregon, HELP?

Do any of you live in Oregon and, if so, can you reccommend a Vet Rep? A friend has gotten nothing but a runaround trying to get his issues addressed. He lives in Coos Bay and his injuries prevent him from getting to the only VA hospital that seems to understand and want to help. Roseberg seems, according to what my friend has told me, indifferent to his problems. Now, my friend is not TS, but he IS a dear friend and I'm trying to find a way for him to get the help he DESERVES. He desperately needs a VA Rep who can buck the system, as it were, and get him the help he needs.

New Release on Amazon

New Release available from Katie Leone. It's a short 99 cent story as Katie tries her hand at sci-fi and body swap. It's a unique spin, that's all I can say.

Grandpa has an old ride, ancient, a relic really; when he decides to change it for a new one, his grandson Scott jumps at the chance to join him at the auction. A short story of about 5000 words.

Granpa's New Ride



Hi chaps,

Having got through the minefield which is posting a book on Amazon, I have managed to get Halloween published.

This is not the first as I published A Witch in Time a few years ago, but had completely forgotten what I did to get it there. However, thanks to the kindness of the BC readers, the book did better than I could have imagined and I hope Halloween will be equally as popular.

I just posted one of my favorite chapters that I wrote.


First, I am not asking for kudos, nor reviews.

But, over the literal thousands of pages I had posted on this website. This chapter of Badasses Of the Multiverse. Book 5: Volume 1: Chapter 18: “Sealed Can Of Savvy Awesome.", is one of my favorite chapters.

The reason that this is one of my favorite chapters, is that I found this part of my story arc to very funny to write. I laughed quite a few time, while I wrote it. And I hope, that if you give my story a chance, you will find it funny to read.

Thank you,

Paul Cousins

29 years


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29 years of living and working full time as me - no wonder I feel tired. No regrets, well not major ones.

Incidentally, Bike is 8 years old on Thursday. Where does the time go?


PS. sorry for the lack of posting last night, I finished late and my broadband was playing silly buggers. Hopefully a better result tonight.

The PomPom Fortress


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For those that are wondering where PomPom Fortress is; it's currently available for purchase at Amazon. Please use the links provided by BCTS to get to it and other fine books by our authors featured here. Should you do purchase please remember to leave a review there, it does mean a lot to us. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!!

life and looking for a story

with all these story requests,was wondering if some knows the series name of a story with boy becoming a girl , his grandma and a war between twp kingdoms? not sure it was ever finished.

Aldo, sorry for the typos, still recovering from eye syrgeryu and can't see for crap. macular edemas sick, retina tire druing surgert (getting tired headache checking spelling) found a chrpm,e addin cakked Speakit that is helping hear stories. Anyways any help would be appreciated

Take care all


Doppler Press would be remiss if we didn't send a heart felt congratulations out to one of our authors, Katie Leone, on her current success.

Currently UNREACHABLE is a best selling book in three genres and is ranked number 20th overall in Juvenile Fiction (#622 out of all ebooks on Amazon). No small feat.

Katie is also ranked as the number 97th young adult author on Amazon.

Kudos to Katie. Good job in joining the list of successful authors from Big Closet.

Get ready for a Little Chill


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Researchers at Great Britain's Northumbria University believe they have discovered some information about the sun, which allows them to predict solar activity with 97% accuracy. According to their research, competing forces in the sun will cancel each other out, resulting in lower solar activity that will cause a mini ice age starting in 2030. You folks up north better start stocking up on firewood and canned goods!

had a great day with my daughter

I had an amazing day with my daughter today. Took her to a museum, looked at some dinosaurs, watched a movie about dinosaurs, and she was very happy to have a day with me.

I am so grateful I still have her in my life, despite my mistakes and my transition.

And now, just for fun, a song that's (sort of) about dinosaurs ..