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things at work are coming to a head


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Well, things at work are moving fast. I have an appointment with my store manager on Monday about staying with Walmart, and the new cleaning company will be conducting interviews sometime after the middle of April.

Prayers and hugs appreciated.

Tu eres el amor de mi vida......


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I was speaking with my wife on the phone this evening - the woman I commonly refer to as my ex, even though we are actually just separated and not divorced. She has understandably had a lot of difficulty dealing with my admission to myself and to her that I am gender dysphoric, and my subsequent transition. Even through it all though, she has not taken the step of divorcing me. We both still love the other very much, and we are and have always been best friends - she simply can't live with me as I am now.

"All The King's Horses"

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Well, I'm not registered over at Whateley (on purpose) so I can't comment there. And even if I could, it wouldn't do the reader any good, due to their comment system. There is a fairly new story posted, titled "All The King's Horses", its a first generation canon story. I'm not going to spoil it for anybody, but I need to say this: For people who suffer with PTSD, this may very well push some buttons for you. It did for me. It is well written, I'll give it that.

Happy Birthday, Jaci !


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Well, today is a special day.

It's Jaci's (AKA Tels) birthday!

Yes, the originator of all the girly germs on many chat sites is having a birthday today.

And since she's having a tough time because of her period, I'm sure she'd really appreciate all the birthday huggles we can give her!

Jaci, I hope you have a happy, girly, PINK birthday!

I've finished another one

OK, I've managed to finish, and thanks to Alys9, have edited another offering for BCTS.

"Dumb Bet" is finally up. I started this story some three years ago and thanks to some gentle prodding, I picked it up again and managed to finish it. Then, I got lucky and found an editor who managed to persuade me to correct some of the errors. I'm afraid, that I did reject a few of her suggestions, so if you see anything amiss, it's all my fault.

Rachel is Back

For those of you who have been waiting for the next chapter of Reversals I apologize for the long delay. Although, I’d like to be writing full-time that’s not my reality yet. A number of things have gotten in the way of finishing Reversals. There’s other works in the pipeline too for that matter which have suffered. The good news is – I’m back. I’m hoping to finish Reversals and then move on to one of my other projects.

End of the Month; End of the Money


It's that time of month. We have about 1700 due by the end of the week and we are about 400 short on our expected subscriptions and gifts.

Anything you can give will be appreciated and we have some new stuff happening that people will be finding out about soon. Piper has been very busy. :)

Here's the info:

Use this link to send us a gift:

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Use this link to subscribe through the Hatbox Membership page:


Checks can be made out & sent to:
Janglewood LLC
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Thank You

Vietnam veteran day


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Today is March 29 for some on this site who was over in Vietnam know the hardships that we went through. A lot went over went through hell. Some of us came home but some didn't. I came home to lot of protest. But still made it home. Just want to say welcome home brothers and sisters.

148th support gp 80th gp

71/72 Da Nang.

I'm With the Band by Melanie Brown

Have just read Melanie Brown's 19 part story 'I'm With the Band'. It is a good story and if like me you only joined BC in the last couple of years you may have missed it.

It is well worth reading and she has plenty more stories to read in her story listings. Thank-you Melanie for the good reading.


I'm With the Band part 1

The Curtsey


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A story in Harper's Bazaar about celebrities meeting the Queen has a bit of a ruction going on Facebook. I've been around the world a bit and see no harm in respecting the culture of another country. If I went to Saudi Arabia, you can bet I would wear Niqab. If I went to the Jungles of South America, I am not sure I would run around in a few leaves, but not out of disrespect. If I went to Japan, I would try to find out about their usual greeting, and bow and say hai as is proper.

still liking it!

well i am still loving it!

but I am now on to adding in some of my older works off of fictionmania and I find that I really need an editor!

some have posted suggestions on my sentence structure....but I need more help

as English maybe my first and only language BUT---I sucked in that class! big time and now I am trying to relearn all I forgot!

all I can say is at that time I did ask my teacher if I could write fiction and she edit it so I could learn

too much work was her ---excuse
ohh well?

Something Sinister

There's something sinister about this situation, a WWII account in TVtrope's "Awesomeness By Analysis":

Britain analyzed planes returning from combat, plotting the number of planes returning with holes or damage against position of the holes. Some areas had many planes returning with holes there, while other positions had very few planes returning with holes. The question here is, which sections of the planes should be reinforced.

I think I might be a crazy cat lady... and I'm a guy!


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WARNING, cute cat pictures ahead. Shot just this morning

Yesterday, March 26th Audrey turned one year old.

Her half sister/cousin Gracie turns one on April 7th.

Our oldest, Sniffanie turn 3 on September 3rd.

John in Wauwatosa

Your True Name

Joseph Campbell was a very well known philosopher and studier of comparative religion. Nowadays a significant number of the stories here are right out of mythology and lots of that interacts with ancient Jewish themes. I am intrigued by a story on the front page now where there is reference to one's True Name, and I am fairly sure that it originates partially from a book in the Old Testament of what Christians call Isaiah 56:4-5

Thank You Rasufelle

Once again Rasufelle (Melanie E) has been the inspiration for a raft of new standalone stories.

While I applaud the skill and determination of the serial writers, I long for more short and intemediate stories.

Over the last few years Melanie has pushed, cajoled, and coaxed writers through contests and challenges to produce stories, mostly short stories. I shudder to think how few short stories would have been posted had she not been such a driving force.

She's my Easter bunny carrying baskets full of short stories.

Genderfluidity: One Step Forward Or A Giant Leap Backwards?


I noticed this on the Guardian website this morning:

I'm not sure what to think about this. If it's a step towards a time when people can wear whatever the hell they like and no one bats an eyelid then I'm all for it.

North Carolina anti Privacy Law


Did North Carolina not learn from Indiana when they tried this last year ? The big corporations are already are looking into scaling down their expansion plans .
The next questions are they going to hire people to check your birth certificate when going to the restroom who is going to look up your skirt ? What are they going to do follow you into a stall ? How do you enforce this law ? What are the fines going to be ?

would it be welcome

I'm contemplating making God Bless the Child available on the site again. I'm wondering if people would appreciate that or if people have had enough of it and couldn't care one way or another. The story isn't your usual transgender fare and it is a highly emotional and volatile story that will make a lot of people scream and caused at least one site operator to call me a son of a bitch (Erin). I know a lot of people have read it and probably have it saved on their computers so it doesn't matter. I would post it all in one shot.

To whom it may concern:

I know I've been updating slowly these last several months, and I know those of you that care know why. (namely, a book in the works and Whateley academy generation 2.)

I just thought that if you had a burning desire to read something I wrote, a need to read something new by me (or at least new to you) I'd point out that the first part of the origin for my gen 2 character (some 20k words of goodness) is now up on the new Crystal Hall site. If you already knew and read, carry on... if not, well, you're invited to.

female Mowgli

I just thought I'd drop this a line, I was watching stuff related to the new Jungle Book movie, and out of mild curiosity I googled 'Female Mowgli' just to see if it would come up with anything.

There was the usual porny stuff but in amongst that i was surprised to discover that there exists a Jungle Book comic featuring a female mowgli. Now i can't offer much more beyond that, but I thought that it was interesting, maybe some fodder for someone's story ideas and at the very least it may be

Update on Denise


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Denise' stroke required surgery to stop the bleeding in her brain. The doctors say that they sealed it, and that there appears to be no additional damage.

Her brother flew out from the West Coast to be with her. He reports that she's doing moderately well. He says her left side was affected. Her speech is affected, as has her vision. However, she seems to be thinking clearly and shows every sign of a good recovery.

Winnisimmet Tales Index updated & other things


I am sensitive to criticism but when it is something I should have done already I have to listen to it. Today I gave in to requests and updated the WInnisimmet Tales Character Index up through the most recent series. I also added in two characters I had forgotten to add the first time, one of which will be central to my upcoming short story. I am holding off adding the last multiple appearance character as his background is fleshed out part 2 of the upcoming short story.

North Carolina rams through anti-transgender law.

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In an act of massive fuckery, North Carolina's legislature convened a special session today and rammed through a law overruling all local non-discrimination ordinances in the state, in order to block a new Charlotte ordinance slated to take effect in April which would allow trandgender individuals to use the correct bathrooms.

Short Story: Valkyrie's Child

Hi everyone, this is one of the stories that I wrote for a story-writing competition. If this is accepted, it may be chosen for full novel adaptation. I greatly appreciate suggestions, comments and for those who can help fix my grammar, I offer my thanks in advance. Please don't remove the original if you wish to edit it, just copy paste under the paragraphs and fix it there.

As for why I'm using Google Drive, it's because GD is not indexed. I don't want them to claim that this has been published before just because the can google it.

Writer's Block/Motivation

We all have those times when writing a story that we get stopped for various reasons. Perhaps the most common is Writer's Block. We've all experienced it at one point or another, whether it's not being able to figure out where to go with a story, or not knowing what to do with a given character. It happens to the best of us and it's almost unavoidable. Another reason for being halted on a story is that sometimes we lose motivation to write and it takes something sparking us to remotivate us into writing.

Righting Wrongs explained

I am unsure if anyone noticed but "Righting Wrongs" is my longest story so far. It exceeded my previous longest story, "True Friends and Family" by over 8,000 words. But this story was something different, it wasn't written the same way. This was the first story that I wrote where I had no clue where it was going, all I had was one single mission and that was to get one character, Sean Beretta, out west to his hometown. Well I did that, and along the way I ended up making his part of the story almost a footnote.

Is it child abuse

A long time ago I wrote the book God Bless the Child. At the end of the book the parents, therapist, and doctors decide to perform SRS on a 4 year old child because they feared that she would do irreversible and potential fatal damage to herself. The negative response I seem to get the most is that this is child abuse and I'm wondering if it is?

SEE hit counts

Since completing - nominally, anyway - Somewhere Else Entirely, I've been keeping an eye on the read counts. I know that some of you like to wait until stories are complete before reading so I expected some extra traffic. I also know some of you like the story enough that you are re-reading it again. Me, too! Sometimes I still can't believe I did this.

I have noticed that the total read counts vary between ~2,000 and ~5,000 (ish) for most chapters, which is only to be expected. #1 is slightly different (12,905), but that's because a number of people have dipped in and decided it wasn't for them. Fair enough. But three chapters have read counts way greater than the normal spread and I don't know why.

Edited due to poor research :(

Happy, 100x Happy

I am really happy - I haven't got a clue how it happens that some stories catch the readers' attention and approval and others don't but ......... Anyway, my most recent story is the first to hit 100 kudos apart from my very first story not quite 3 years ago.
And it's only taken 10 days - which puzzles me almost as much.
Thanks everyone who posts a Kudos; triple thanks to everyone who posts a comment and thanks, of course, to every reader.
Best wishes
Alys P

Things I think about when falling asleep...


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It was the summer of 1940. In order to celebrate the progress made in Spain under Fascism, Francisco Franco decided to hold a grand exposition in Madrid, that would be as big and impressive as any world's fair, but it would be an all-Spanish affair, highlighting progress and prosperity and culture from every city and province.

But the dictator's timetable for the construction and opening of his exposition was hopelessly optimistic, and rumors began circulating of workers dying on the job, and that some of the pavilions seemed like they wouldn't hold together for the two months that the thing was supposed to last. The Department of Public Safety got wind of these rumors, and they sent a building inspector down to the exposition grounds to see what was going on.

Hadley Freeman in the Guardian on Caitlyn Jenner

Ms Freeman raises some valid points about the current most famous/notorious transgender person.

One query I have about her and one or two other wealthy 'celebrity' gender swappers is have they had SRS as well as all the other surgeries? In which case the real life test/ Harry Benjamin rules don't seem to apply if you're wealthy enough.

Mixed Tape Update: All good things...

I've decided that the upcoming TG Mixed Tape will be that last that I curate. It's been a good run. If you contributed a story to any one of the collections, thank you. If you enjoyed reading our short sorties, thank you too. A readers time, willingly given, is all that we authors can ask for.

As this is an ending of sorts, I would like the content of my final collection as curator to skew more reflective and sentimental. As such, I am looking for stories that address the theme of "Hope".

recipe requests

ok many times I've been asked(since Frills debuted) about crepes. I saw a re-run of Good Eats the other night and it was about crepes. I have used this recipe and its really good. The best part is its so easy to understand. so since I've been asked so many times about crepes here is the recipe. Even I've used it. please do enjoy.

Denise is in the hospital


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Hello Everyone,

I am sad to report that one of my favorite authors, Denise Trask, has suffered a stroke. She is known by many nom de plumes. She is Anesidora's Urn when writing Last of the Fey. She is Renae A. Dumas, who took over from T. D. Aldonetti, when writing Duty Calls. And, she is my co-author in a new novella, Terra Infirma.

I am in contact with her brother. He reports that she underwent surgery today. She is now out of surgery and in recovery. The surgeon reports that the surgery went well. However, he can't predict either the extent or the pace of her recovery.

Enough with the 700,000!


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For years the media trots out the 2011 Williams Institute figure of “700,000 transgender people in the U.S.” (2011 Williams Institute LGBT Report). They came up with this number based on two primary sources: a survey in Massachusetts, estimated from data collected in 2007 and 2009—and a 2003 study of California smokers.

Mother's Child Chapter 13 delays

Work on Mother's Child is proceeding slowly, unfortunately. I had surgery on my hand last week to stop progressive degeneration of the median nerve. This problem has for some months caused a near total loss of sensation in that hand and (contradictorily) excruciating pain in the thumb and forefinger. It has been getting progressively worse, and the orthopedic surgeon opined that I risked near total loss of use of this hand without the surgery, but this surgery has left me as a one-handed hunt-and-pick typist at best for the time being.

a little feedback needed

so, thank you to everyone who responded to my last blog post, it's inspired me to write something kind of short, but i want to pose a question to you all before i get started.

How important would it be to you to see a criminal punished versus one rehabilitated? The idea I have involves turning criminals into children, where tehy are then re-raised to adulthood. Though this can take longer than others for...reasons.


Tomorrow is the last day for submitting your stories for the March contest, so if you haven't done so yet, please do. We're still sitting at only seven entries,with the last one being posted Sunday. At this point I'm honestly tempted to just ask the entrants if they would accept a 3 month sub consolation prize and call this month a bust; we got some great entries from wonderful authors, but the volume of turnout has been pretty lackluster.

New Book Release

Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since I last posted on this site, so not sure anyone remembers me. Real life kind of got in my way for a couple of years so my writing sort of slowed down, or maybe more accurately stopped for a while. However, I am now officially retired and able to resume attempting to tell my stories. As such, I am happy to announce a new book that is just being released on Amazon. I hope a few of you would be interested in taking a look at it.


An Erotic Thriller



ARGH! I can't take it any longer. The Pain! The PAIN!

No Dormouse in two days! Two days, I tell you. How much can a person stand?

It's just too much!

I think I'll throw myself off an anthill! No, not one of those huge African ones. A plain little American ant this that will withstand my huge - by their standards - feet. It will take them at least three minutes to clear the mess I made. But I will still be without my Daily Dormouse.

OH! the Humanity!

Interview with an award winning author

I found this interview with Tim Pratt on twitter. He's won several awards for his sf/fantasy stories. He's also an editor for Locus magazine. He talks a little about the creative process and I thought it was interesting. Maybe some of the authors here would enjoy reading it.

Sex in strange places - Brazil

A fascinating programme on BBC3 which is now only available via the internet. In Brazil, there are more transgender sex workers than anywhere else on earth. Stacey Dooley interviews some of them and some of the women sex workers, both groups feeling that they have little option if they want to earn a living. For the transgender girls, it appears there is very little else for them to do.

I feel so lucky I was born and brought up in the UK.

conspiracy (joking)


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It's a conspiracy I say. Although it's a a sad one. Tom Waits Traubert's Blues, Dougie's Loch Lomond, The Dubliners Parting Glass, 99% of the fan fiction I'm reading on AOO, ... *ad's a dozen of so different things* And then I just have to look at the pets ...

*and the migraine isn't helping either*
PS Need more 'happy' F/F or at least with an happy ending (grrr all main char. deaths)
PPS still trying to figure out how I'm still functioning, more or less, in school at the moment.

Bad dreams


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i have always had strange dreams.

Not only the night terrors I had for decades, but just plain odd dreams.

Well, last night, I had a doozy.

I dreamed that I was with a group of people being harassed by government officials when a group of tough looking men started attacking the group.

I got the idea of giving this one guy a drop-kick because I was on a platform and I figured i'd at least get his attention.

So I launched myself at him, kicked him in the face.

And I killed him.

punishment that didn't work?

So, a common storyline is that a male does something to upset a female member of the family so they're punished by being feminized and eventually comes to love it. Is there are any stories out here however which change this in some fashion? Maybe the boy becomes a girl but on their own terms or maybe the punishment doesn't work or something else? I"m just looking for something new and different.


If you ever doubted the quality of the stories on this site (which you shouldn't have anyway) then read Randalynn's "Firefly" series. She says they're fan fiction, but in fact Joss Whedon should be reading these and basing an extension of the TV series on this saga, which captures the absolute essence of his Serenity/Firefly tales. They are magic.

I am new here


Hello, I just want to say thank you all of you, for creating this site. I have a ton of stories in my head, but I am not the best at grammer. In the future,when I do write, I will welcome all comments. Basically, I could use some friends, as I do not have any that truly know me. I am in disguise as a man, in a girls body. I am in a dream state. I want to wake up and smell the roses. I need friends first as I am too much a coward to do make this giant leap alone. This shouldn't have be a personal and/or lonely transition. alone, I may not have the courage.



I am having trouble with eye strain and getting frustrated with freezes, so I am looking for a new e-reader. Definitely a large-screen e-reader. Definitely one with buttons, and without touchscreen gestures. I have trouble avoiding accidental gestures. Any ideas?

Big Closet Top Shelf; a purpose should you choose it.

New authors here can make of this site almost what they choose to make it. The first sites I published on were cranky and one even altered some of my stories such that I almost did not recognize a few. Still they published me and I was grateful. In the 90's I wrote a lot and got chewed out, but improved a lot. The scope of my spelling and grammar errors was legendary.

I am most thankful that even in my early years here, starting around 2005, certain people still massaged my stories and the other day someone told me that I am doing much better than in the beginning.

Testing, testing


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Well, "testing" seems to be the theme for the day.

I took my ex to get her heart tested (she'll wear this monitor for a day and then hopefully get the results soon).

I also got the results of an X-ray done on my knee, and I have mild damage. That's a better result than I feared.

Same goes for the results of the x-ray I got done because of the fall I had a work - no breaks, just some bruising and strained muscles.

And in April I'll get tested for sleep apnea.

The more you know the better, they say ....

End of Winnisimmet Tales stories coming in April


I am doing one more Winnisimmet Tales series and withdrawing from writing any more. I enjoyed writing the characters but now that I am getting second guessed on personal experiences I am going to stop writing anymore in this universe. The next series isn't written yet and I need to recharge my batteries so the end of this universe will happen at the end of April. I am sorry that anyone will miss the stories but getting critiqued over minute details just sapped the last of the will to write the stories any longer.

I Want To Be The First

To wish our lovely space puppy, Laika, an Extra-Special Very Happy Brthday. Inter-National Date Lines mess up my timing a little, but she was born on the Ides Of March, which is tomorrow by my calendar.

It is fantastic to see her gracing our site again, with suitably appropriate mermaids.


Apologies in advance for some disturbing content

"Righting Wrongs Part 5" and "Righting Wrongs Part 6" have some disturbing content involving abuse towards children. It was referenced before but the extent of the assaults are finally addressed.

There are many who may be disturbed by it but I tried to make it as out of frame as possible with vague descriptions. I did this kind of abuse to show how disturbed some people are and show how much someone can be hurt by the beliefs of others. It won't be the last time the events are addressed but it will be the only time I even try to describe it.

You're Beautiful


This time I'm going to recommend another K-drama (subtitled) called You're Beautiful. It is about a fictitious k-pop boy band who is getting a new member, however, "Go Mi Nam" is stuck in American and cannot sign the contract. His "twin" sister, played by Park Hye Shin, lives in a convent is convinced by the brother's manager to pose as the brother to sign the paperwork. Ok, you ask why just not fax or email the contract...but then where would the story go? The story doesn't end there but the girl must pretend to be her brother until he returns.

Another Friend Lost


Those of us who operate heavy equipment, farm equipment, machinery of any kind, including trucks and flying understand the possibility of death from associating with massive moving steel. Normal people take for granted the vehicle they use will operate in an acceptable manner. Growing up on a farm, I knew from a very early age when I climbed on that tractor (age 5) and daddy sent me out to the field with a plow, disk, or cultivator, that piece of machinery was lethal to everything it ran over.

Shooting the Rapids: Some Editing

I have to apologize for the original ending I posted To "Shooting The Rapids: An Adventure. It was rushed and the last 1k words or so had some fairly eggregious typos as well as not quite striking the tone I wanted. I've gone over it a bit though I won't make any claims to proper grammar or spelling... or even some aspects of the timelines of stellar evolution.

I fell at work on Saturday


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My week was going great until Saturday morning. Then I managed to slip and fall at work, and since then my neck hurts, my tailbone hurts, I've had trouble concentrating, and I've been very shaky PTSD wise.

I'm going to the hospital to get checked out ...

Weekly update

Its that time again!

Yep there's a new Gaby chapter here for you all to enjoy.

Book 15 is coming along nicely, 35 chapters are now complete, 31 of which are edited! Thanks Ang. With Spring in the air my life is about to get busier with other stuff so I'm aiming to have a push to complete the book for next weekend so look out for news on that next weekend.

for now though, have a good week




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Sirius:We have already been to five doctors. I had my ankles microwaved -
Sirius:They took my blood away to use for science!
James:Cholesterol test.
Sirius:James had his sinuses… removed?
James:Looked at.
Sirius:Some guy looked at my wiener. Touched it – that was weird.
James:And that guy wasn’t even a doctor.

Project: Super Solider Delayed

I am sorry to say that there will not be a new posting of Super soldier tonight. Things have gotten heated up at work causing less time for writing therefore taking me more time to complete the story. But not to worry the story has been plotted and will continue, just not at the rate that I would like. Part 6 is in the works and I will post it as soon as it is ready :)