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Felicia's flagship

Ok, so those reading my new story, Felicia's Second Life may be aware of how Felicia's turning everything upside down with her 'inventions'. In chapter 4, she will be introducing another 'invention' that would look like Eiffel Tower to these backward people. No, there's no actual tower involved.

In chapter 4, she will build ships. It starts with a cog, then larger ships. Let's talk about the largest ship.

I Was Right and Wrong

In 2005 I wrote "Renaming a Highway" that came to Big Closet in 2007. I was right about the problems of race and sexuality when I wrote, "Same shit, different decade." I was wrong when I wrote, " There still some embers, but Mississippi is no longer burning," referring to the 1988 movie, Mississippi Burning The flame of hate is throughout the U. S. We are all to blame. In the end the Romeo and Juliet character Mercutio was right, "Don't ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."


posting, Gabycon and the future

Sorry that there isn't a Gaby chapter this week, my borrowed internet connection no longer works so that's probably it from me.

It's also occurred to me that the new site is actually no advance over the original in that I still won't be able to upload updates. So whilst i'm grateful to those who've been working on it it's something of a Dodo as far as i'm concerned.

An interesting life


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I'm half way through writing the next episode of Bike when I suddenly realise I hadn't heard the central heating/hot water boiler light up. It's old and noisy. On checking I find it isn't working. Up in the attic to make sure the header tank hasn't run dry - it hadn't. Looks like the boiler may have died of old age. After swearing at the cats because they wanted to see what was going on but know even less about boilers than I do - which is minuscule - I try the immersion heater, which I kept despite the assurances of the plumber I wouldn't need it.

Update, TWO groups with nine lives in town today


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Our two kittens, Gracie and Audrey. Both are doing well and making friends with our not quite two year old calico, Sniffanie.

Tonight, 8PM at the Marcus Amphitheater at the Summerfest grounds these really, really, REALLY OLD geezers are performing.


John in Wauwatosa

P.S. Tickets ARE available through ticket brokers at 249 DOLLARS US last I looked -- 4:45 PM CDT -- and parking for just under 40 bucks.

Boo-hoo, I Got Bad Comments

Last night, I read the first few chapters of J.K. Rowling's book, The Casual Vacancy. I know I'm three years late, but my stack of books to read is more ambitious than I am.

While I worked through the pages it occurred to me that the book had a LOT of characters and was written to appeal to someone who likes character-driven novels. Being character-driven restricts her audience from the majority who prefer plot-driven books.

Out of curiosity I checked Amazon this morning.

Limo Dancing


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Some of you may remember that recently I had some unexpected news: my eldest son was (a) getting married and (b) preparing for fatherhood. We flew over for the wedding in New York and subsequently to visit our twin grand-daughters.

Since then, he has declared his intention of returning to England, so we have to prepare for the hordes...

Back-flips and oops

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In my story When tales come true, I have found many things I would do differently. I got a wild hair and took a chance. As you will see in chapter 12 the main Gal takes a back-flip through time due to a accident. This is my way of redoing 3 1/2 chapters while leaving what I have already posted alone. I hope you all like my Chapter called You never know. to be put up today some time.

KERA: Helping Transgender Youth Transition


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There was a "Think" radio show on transgender youth.

Monday, June 22, 2015 2:30 PM
[2015-06-22 12:00:00] Transgender children are forced to face the challenges of fitting in at school as they struggle with finding their identity. This hour, we'll talk about how these kids are being helped locally with Dr. Ximena Lopez, Medical Director for the GENder, Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support (GENECIS) program at Children's Medical Center; and psychiatrist Dr. Meredith Chapman, who also works the program.
Media files

My Confession – I plagiarized

It all started back in 2000. That was the very first time I posted a story on one of the sites. It was fictionmania and I posted “The Wishing Blanket.” It was only three parts, though I intended it to be more (blue screen of death killed the fourth installment and I never could get it back again). The response was immediate and it was positive. For a person like me it was better than drugs and sex combined. I lived for praise, and, to be honest, I still do.

Concerning "Duty Calls"

Hi Everyone;

For those of you who have given up on seeing the completion of "Duty Calls"...

A recent comment attached to chapter 40 of "Duty Calls" prompted me to send a PM in answer. After some thought I felt I should also post a blog to let you know where things stand.

The story is still "in the works" so to speak. My own work has sidetracked me for this past year and appears to be prepared to continue that at least for the rest of this one.

BOM B5V1Ch02 posted on reused page. This blog post is to prevent confusion.

I decided to reused a previous series page that I created a few days ago, and did not need. So, I decides to just use to post chapter 02 of Book 5 Volume 1 for my on-going stories series.

I am posting this because, due to me reusing it, it does not show up on the main page.

And I do not want people to be lost, wondering why they did not see B5V1Ch02 on the main page, when I post chapter 03.

Presenting ... Dorothy's 5 Star Blanket Fort


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Ok, since its been a rough week, lets start the weekend with a smile, as I present ...

Dorothy's 5 star blanket fort!

Yes, this blanket fort has everything for those occasiions when you need a break from the world. Its got soft blankets (in your choice of colors), several stuffed animals to cuddle , a pillow to rest on, and a compartment full of your favorite comfort foods/treats.

So next time, you need to get away, chose Dorothy's 5 star blanket fort!

And now back to your regular program ...

submitting Atalanta book 2

It has been almost a year since I last posted a story and I have completed the second Atalanta book and ready to post it but I seem to recall something about a command line page break that seems to be missing. Can someone offer some pointers/suggestions about posting chapters.



Why am I so fragile right now


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Okay, this is gonna be a bit tough, but I think I need to share this.

I figured out why I've been struggling so much with the PTSD the last while.

As always happens, there were a bunch of factors that contributed to it.

First, I was fighting a bit of a cold, and there's nothing like being under the weather to weaken the defences psychologically.

2nd, I had a depressive episode, which also weakened my defences.

3rd, I happened to read about a sexual assault in the news that really hit me hard.

The future of Bike

As we roll on towards 2700 episodes I'd once again like to ask if the readers want me to continue writing this saga. I know some of you really enjoy it, I also appreciate it's become almost a fixture of BC and I get emails if I miss two in a row without stating why.

I presume Erin is happy for me to continue cluttering up her hard drives and I'd like to thank her for her continued support.

I never thought I'd ask this

I never in all my life thought I'd ask for this, but as I'm clearly out of options I figure, what the hell. Might as well try it.

What most of you may not know is I used to have a plethora of stories that I wrote up until at 21 years of age I had a massive amnesia happen. And now I haven't been able to write a single new decent story. I've not been happy with any of them so I keep throwing them away. I got plenty of ideas, (my muse is always giving me ideas, but she's evil so....) but I just cant get them off the ground.


I want to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to read my offering "When Winding Paths Meet". To be honest, I'm totally blown away by the number of Kudos that I'm getting.

I've had a lot of time this week to devote to the story, and I hope that before Monday evening, I can add Post 4. Stay tuned, because there is A LOT to this story. Surprising twists will keep happening as events unfold over the next several (story) years.

Blogs, content, community and friendly places.

I can't help but post because I have had folks come and ask me what was going on here. That there seems to be some stuff going on that's really cis centric and kind of making some of ghe folks here feel unsafe.

Seriously this is a friendly space and it should be a safe one.

Persephone's poem. (Ball Python!)


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I read Persephone's poem 'Pegasus has Landed' and began to think about the imagery and subsequent self-imagery it represents.
The arrival of the winged horse well conveys Persephone's path of transition and her feelings about it. The freedom and beauty that equine flight has brought to Persephone's life is well described therein.

Naturally I fell to wondering how my life has panned out and how it will progress from now to the end.

Not sure if

Not sure if the following are parts of the same story or parts of two different stories, either way I can't remember title/s or author/s

1. teacher goes ballistic in class, and student who is hearing impaired, and has permission to record lessons for later, records all insults from the teacher.
Later the teacher resigns after hearing her ranting at the school board meeting.

2. Brother or cousin is given a book containing a hidden recording device (I think by a detective firm employed by the family) and records a teacher making insults.

Thomas Sanders speaks on Gender roles

A somewhat famous Youtuber/Viner speaks his mind about gender roles in today's society.

He also has some funny stuff he's posted, so if your bored and looking for a laugh check out his antics.

Not to put too fine a point on it, we need money


Due to various confluences of need and happenstance, we are short of money this month. We have about $1800 in bank accounts and outstanding checks and debit charges totaling about the same. Other bills are coming due, too. I have not taken a draw yet this month but I can wait. ISPs and hosting companies cannot.

We will have about $3500 in bills due before the end of the month. Some of that will be taken care of by advertising money coming in and by the revenue from Doppler Press which is beginning to make a difference.

A big thank you to all who sent hugs my way


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I really wonder what's going on with me lately.

For at least a week, I was dealing with grief and depression periodically, and then I had the worst PTSD attack I've had in quite some time.

I feel a little better now, and would like to thank all those who sent me messages of support.

Huggles to everybody

Velocipede failure

Sorry folks got home so late from work tonight that I don't have time to scribble the next episode of Bike - hence the title of the blog. Still, that'll give some of the other authors a chance. Hopefully, things will be back to normal (whatever that is) tomorrow.

Of course you could always have an early night...


Angharad & Bonzi & Whizz.

Does anyone know what happened with Darkside?

Darkside is, as some might know, the author of The Cursed and the Fury Saga. In a foreword to The Cursed, Darkside stated that this would be the last TG story written by him. That was in 2002. Since then, Darkside finished re-writes to chapters one and two of the Fury Saga in 2004 and since then... nothing.

The stories are so well done and complicated beyond belief that nothing _I_ have ever written even holds as much as a candle to the mind that conceived and wrote them. How did we ever lose track of such an inventive mind such as Darkside?

It's funny how much influence a simple thing can have on one's life.


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As I was sitting in my hotel suite this evening finishing up some work I had brought back from the office, and catching up on some reading, I turned on some light music in the background as I am wont to do ocassionally.

Interview in the Guardian with Laverne Cox

This 'sassy' actress seems to turn up on everything, but much of what she says I would agree with. I certainly don't think she needs facial feminisation surgery.

Another Woe is Me post


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Not exactly. I'm tired of being defeated. It's not my personality. I don't expect life to give me anything I don't earn and I don't expect things to come easy. A few years ago I tried to start blogging to hold me accountable for weight loss, no one cared, things happened. and I quit posting. In three years I've gained a hundred pounds and am about fed up with the way I'm living, but accountability is crucial for a person like me. Just ask people, I live to toot my own horn and get a pat on the back (which is pretty much everyone else in the world to some degree).

My take on the Gabyverse

With the Gabycon visiting Dorset again next month, I thought I'd better re read the three books I did about our favourite racing cyclist. I have still to do a concluding chapter for the final one and I'm working on that at the moment.

For those new to my version of the Gabyverse, the first of my books is: Drew Goes South. (Also available in dead tree format as Gaby Heads South, from Lulu)

the effect of holding a baby


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I had an interesting experiance last night. I went over to my cousin Terry's place, and I got to hold her granddaughter, who is not two yet.

And I had this wonderful feeling of peace come over me when I held her.

Tension I didn't even know I was carrying dropped off me.

Anybody else get this kind of reaction?

Help Wanted

I'm writing a short series of stories where the action is based in a fictional US State somewhere near Colorado/Nebraska/S. Dakota.

If there is anyone here who knows the area and/or importantly knows how a County Police Department works then I would be most grateful to hear from you if you are willing to help me get my stories right.


KITTIES awwwwwwwwwh!


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As of 3 pm today we are again a three cat household.


They were born to different moms in early and mid April of this year

Not yet named though the younger ( to the right in the picture ) -- by a couple weeks -- kitten may end up Molly .

The older girl is a bit of a devil though snoozing at the moment.

The last of our previous trio, Sniffanie, hissed at them. Rare bad temper by her.

Finally--A Karin Bishop Website!

Karin Bishop Books It's live now, and the links all seem to work. I have yet to see if the mobile version is working, though. If you try out the website, please let me know what you think, especially any difficulties or criticisms, so I can take 'em back to the designer to fix. (I already think he's got some of the text too big but maybe it's my display).

A rare posting

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This is my first post and may also be my only one. I am not a writer though I have been known to write an occasional poem or two when inspiration has struck me, and I am a member of a formal creative writing group organised at my local "Mind" ( UK Mental health organisation/charity) center.
I am a reader, one of the eternal Watchers, reading every day that I am physically able to. Some of you may have noticed my sign in I'D here on occasion or a rare comment or like here or there on FB posts so I thought I might post a bit about myself here.

Tales of Anmar

Tales of Anmar

Penny Lane and Julia Phillips are going to have to spend a lot of time collaborating.

Julina of Blackstone has a group going to the wedding i guess one more post for that.

Prince Torulf needs to be dwelt with at least one post for that.

then i think it will take some time to get the next chapters out.

grins would not want to see to really good authors having a cat fight

Got a nice compliment

Well, having had success with sharing "Dear God", I thought I would share something else with one of the people at my church.

So I sent him a copy of "The hem of His garment". His response?

"Dorothy, what a powerful and amazing story. I was riveted and moved. You wrote this? Wow!'

I might just start a happy dance ...

My story "Moonlight".

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I've been talking with my Military Shrink about MPD, and realized that perhaps allowing the killer out to play would be healthy.

I'm editing this to make the TG element stronger, and intend to add an indeterminate number of chapters following. My muse has directed that this story will take an astonishing change in direction.

Look for additional chapters of "Moonlight".

Khadijah Gwen

Book 12 chapter 3 & Gabycon

So the race goes on, read chapter three today!

Gabycon isn't far away, for those planning on attending over the weekend we'll try to get a programme out next week. If you are coming to Friday dinner can you please confirm with me so we know how many to book for.


oh and I've started work on Gaby Book 14 today!


I originally sent this to Erin. But she said I ought to send this to the group as a blog.

(She is probably too busy now. Duh. [Sorry Erin])


There are a number of good writers here, and I suspect at least a few of them would like to see their work turned into a movie. I also suspect that we have some here people who have talents that are needed to make a movie.

Girly germs


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Dorothy Colleen and I were having a civilized discussion about Gun control over two posts I had made on my fb page. At the end we both kissed and hugged. In the end I told her that I blamed her (and Tels) for my girly germs. I mentioned that I might blog about it here then she DARED me to do so. I mean, who dares someone who is going through puberty? :) Of course I am going to accept the dare and have now done so :)

So THERE Dot (sticks tongue out) :) GIRLY GIRL :)

Looking for a Story

I've recently lost my hard drive in a crash and hadn't had a chance to do my weekly backup and I lost the links to a story on the site I was reading, and I was quite enjoying it.
I can remember that it was about a young TG school age girl whose entire family went to the school she was going to and she ended up starring as the lead in a rendition of the Chicago Musical and I THINK MacBeth. I think the story was set in England and the headmaster was ex-military and maybe the father was constantly absent? Also I think the girl ended up having vocal lessons.

One step forwards one step back...being tg in Egypt

While the plastic world seems consumed by one celebrity coming out as transgender, the real world still seems a hostile place, especially for transgender women in Egypt. From the Guardian.

A Movie on Netflix: Boy Meets Girl.


I just wanted to let everyone know about a movie I stumbled across tonight.
For one of the very few times it's happened, I found a movie, Boy Meets Girl,
that I wish I had written the story... and shockingly enough, it was a story that
I almost could have. And... I was floored.

I hope you are all well.

Sarah Lynn

Benefits of having a transgender husband

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This morning my wife slipped in the kitchen and fell, bruising her right shoulder. She doesn't deal with pain well. It took a bit to get her off the floor and onto the couch so I could check her over for serious injuries. Thankfully, there were none,but she didn't feel like moving around, so I let her rest while I cleaned the kitchen of the cereal and broken dishes she had been carrying. An hour later she informed me that she thought she should stay home from church because it hurt to much to lift her arm to put on her make-up. As I said she doesn't deal with pain to well.

CyberRealm: It's back!

I had some great feedback on this story before I had to stop updating a while back due to time conflicts, so I just wanted to let you all know that I am just about finishing it up, and will be posting chapters about once a week until the conclusion while I get Mana Fire up and going. Don't worry, this time, it won't be going away.

Go check it out, and don't forget to drop a comment. ;)


Transgender Terminology, What are your thoughts?

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When discussing things "around the water cooler" here at BigCloset/Janglewood (read as inside a skype chat window), we often have troubles picking one "definition" for what various terms mean. We often share the same "flow" with slight differences, but we know there are many different feelings in the community.

Some people often feel that Transgender and Transsexual are the same thing, but others include Transgender to be an umbrella term for everyone including Gender Queer, Non-Binary, Transsexual, Transvestite, etc.

Caitlyn Backlash and Irony

For the last day or so some of my less than tolerant associates have posted less than complimentary things about Caitlyn's journey. Obviously, they are not aware of the bravery required/needed to transition. One individual poo-pooed her bravery, and posted a picture of what "real bravery" was about. In doing some research after the fact, he learned the irony in what he'd done.

Looking for a story.....

Hello there everyone...
I would really appreciate the Help if anyone help me locate the story i read long ago. In this story a mother makes a bet with her son a sports match that if his chosen team wins she will give him 50 bucks (i think), and if her chosen team wins he will let her put nail polish on his nails... So anyone please help me out...

Random Author page

Todays random author page has 2 great authors that we lost to the heaven authors guild
Bob Arnold
There are 2 other authors that are still very much with us and writing great stories
Drea DiMaggio
Patricia Marie Allen

New members check these stories out , old members you can reread them

Blog Entry 5th June 2015- Let's hear it for the boy...

In the immortal words of Deniece Williams...

Certainly I know when I visit sites labelled 'transgender fiction', I know what to expect. Sure, the stories are varied- VERY varied. Every subgenre of fiction can be contained under the banner 'transgender'. Fantasy, science-fiction, horror, romance... 'Transgender fiction' is just as varied as any of those categories, but deep down, there's always one core element: and that's 'boy becomes girl'.

Attention: Indiana Residents

Attention Indiana residents: there is a GLBT organization here in Indiana:

Indy Pride the internet contact is:

as I have been trying to find a transgender group this may help me and others.



Having spent most of my working life in what is now known as the IT industry, I am pretty familiar with the concept of logic.

What I am at a loss to understand is the logic behind the on-line petition that Caitlyn now has to return her Olympic medal.

Maybe all those so upset are worried that it might show that a woman beat men IN A MEN'S CLASSIFICATION

But seriously, why on Earth would there even be a thought that Caitlyn should return it?

Di (Bewondered)

Andreja Pejic

Andreja (formerly Andrej) has just scored a major gig as the "face" of a high-profile cosmetics company, becoming the first transgender person to achieve such a position. At only 23 she comes across in interviews as an intelligent and thoughtful young woman on the subject of transgender issues. She also happens to be ravishingly beautiful (which makes me totally jealous or would if I were 50 years younger).



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On the one hand (and the more important one at that,) it's GREAT to have a job again, and I'm making more per hour than I've ever made before, with semi-stable hours to boot.

On the other....

I'm completely, utterly thrashed at the moment. As mentally ready as I was to get back to work, my body is definitely feeling it, especially after two six-day-in-a-row sessions virtually back to back. I'm sore, and I'm exhausted to the point that writing has been the last thing on my mind: heck, some days I've barely gotten out of my bed until time to go to work.

A Curiosity

For some reason, one particular story of mine, "John's Living Nightmare" gets many times the hits of my other stories -- except for a story still listed on the Home Page. It doesn't get many times the Kudos. ("Bikini Beach: A Boy's Visit" comes closest to that.) Is there a particular reason?

Maybe it's not Bikini Beach?

Now I can separate the wood from the trees

For the first time in ages, I clicked on the Crossdressing genre to find a list of stories under that classification. The reason I don't do it too often is because doing that used to bring up every chapter of every story, all interspersed in chronological order - a complete jumble. Rarely did I happen upon a readable story.

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered?

Wondering what type of writer you are? Be it the first, third or narrative speaker?

As I look over the writings of various authors that I would like to emulate I find myself asking, 'What type of writer am I? Where does my writing style fit in?'

By this I mean my writing style. Not so much about the first or third person, but more of how I structure the sentences, the selection of certain words vs spreading out the meaning. How compact vs length.