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Writing for Dyslexics...

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Writing for Dyslexics...

More memes by popular demand (8 images)

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You're all on your own now... This is the last time.

I'm serious. :P You can make your own memes if you want more.

It's finally here - the 4th God Bless the Child on Kindle

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Lavender Rose Publications is pleased to present:


Help! I have two author pages.

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I have two author pages. One that I've personalized a bit, and one that was created on the 1st. How do I delete the 2nd one? It was a nice thought, but I have one...

My mom is awesome

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Well, as my birthday wound down yesterday, my mother surprised me with a beautiful card for a daughter's birthday.

Fashion Sense is a lost art

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Once upon a time...,no one had to teach us manners or proper dress. I guess it was because we had a mom and a dad or someone to respect and look up to.

I am writing again!

After a long dry spell I have started writing again am working on a Whateley Fanfic.

I intent to finish it, and then start posting. Watch this space.



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The BBC has an article on "LGBTTIQQ2SA"

We all know about LGBT but what on earth if TTIQQ2SA for heavens sake?

To quote

I got us some memes... (6 images)

Mainly because no one was here to stop me when I did this. Where's an adult around when you need one?


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Firstly there is a real update

48 years ago today

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48 years ago, in a hospital in New Brunswick, my mother almost died giving birth to a weak baby that no one was sure if it would make if for the first 3 months of its life.

where's Wanda

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When was the last time anybody talked with wanda Cunningham? Around 2009 she just dropped off the site until now and its not even her posting kelly girl, its her publisher.

Transgender in EGS Comics.

The current week of strips is looking at transgenderism (well, more seriously in part than it has in the past)

Will someone please distract this stupid muse?

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I finished Rumspringa - for better or worse - and now have only the dark, kinda bleak, vaguely cyperpunk morality tale that is Dead Ringer rattling around my head.


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Im all happy!

One of my neighboors just threw out a nice set of antique kitchen chairs!

I rescued them of course..

The Quagmire of my Life

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Hi everyone, I'm sorry for not writing or blogging. I thought yalls could do with out my constant (insert desired adjective).

after a rough day

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Nothing beats a nice bath with only a few candles lighting the room.

My Make Believe Husband

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Today, I saw a huge cotton plaid shirt lying on my bed, and it was obvious that it was a garment that belonged to a huge man.

So about Athena's Wisdom...

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I never thought Issue 6 would get the response that it did.

Gazetteer - Religion

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Religion: The Five Temples

I'm proud of myself a little

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I am kinda proud of myself for something that happened yesterday.

Darkkitten Entertainments Video Game Retcon Contest 2014

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Ever wondered what Hyrule would be like if Link was instead Linka? What if Mario was Maria? Now’s your chance to rewrite video game history - literally!

Prizes to include a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace and more!

DKS logo
is proudly sponsoring the Retcon Rewrite Video Game Short Story Competition! The rules are simple:

  • To enter, simply post your story as you normally would, and select the contest entry tag “Darkkitten Studio Retro-Game Contest 2014”
  • The story MUST be about an existing video game character - any genre, any system or era.
  • The character can either be made transgendered, or you can rewrite them as if they were always the opposite gender.
  • There is no limit on which character or characters you choose. Want to have Prince Toadstool hook up with Zelda after Linka saves her? Go nuts.
  • This is a short story competition so please try to keep compositions between 4,000 and 20,000 words.

An article on today's Guardian Website

An article about a rarely mentioned group, transmen.

Throwing crap on the wall...

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Here we are again, for those who dislike talk of fiscal concerns, this one is not for you.

Who says 'like a girl' is an insult?

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i hate doctor offices

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So, I'm at the doctors office again for another round of tests. My insurance won't even copay unless I have like a million referrals from every kind of doctor imaginable.

Now for a word from our sponsor.

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Now a message from our sponsor.

Today finds me many thousands of miles from my home in Everett Wa and back in my old stomping grounds around Philadelphia Pa. [ note Next installment of [ HS will be late. ]

looking for a discrete test reader

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Looking for a discrete test reader for a new story. Must be blunt and willing to tell me what gives. msg me.

moved beyond words

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Well, I am moved beyond words.

At church yesterday, one of the ladies gave me a beautiful jewelry box with a set of earrings in each drawer.

I actually cried ...

New Release on Kindle

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Lavender Rose is pleased to present:

Tuck - Ellen Hayes

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I was wondering if anyone knows what, if anything, has happened to Ellen Hayes.
It has been almost 10 months since she last posted anything on her site.

Dorthy I tried posting a pic here

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When I tried posting a pic here the bot told me, "You're too fat."

"I beg your pardon! Who you calling fat!"

"You're over the limit on bytes."

My first time. 2

So I found put the name of the book with alot of help from all of you( especially Paula Claudia ,

Final Chapter

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My wife died last night in the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, Australia.

I am so done...

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...with moving. Really tired right now. Spent the day cleaning my old apartment and got the last of everything out. Moving has pretty much eaten all of the time I thought I had for writing.

My first time.

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When I was younger, in 3rd grade or so, I stumbled across a book in the school library. "There's a girl in the boys bathroom" or something along those lines.

sharing my picture

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I'd love to share my new picture with you guys, but I'm not sure the best way. Suggestions?

Looking for story

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It's a shame how sometimes you can't remember where you read a story.

Here at last!!

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So, as promised the next chapter of "The Hand We're Dealt" is posted after a long wait... 7 months... I hope all of you enjoy it and leave a remark, I love to hear what yall think. :3

Torn. I said I wasn't going to do this.

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Dead Ringer is coming together as a very, very different story from Rumspringa.

I'm worried that anyone who liked one might be put off by the other.

Trying to remember a story

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Main Character takes up modelling, and gives it up to go back to school

Most I can remember is

Money and Keeping BCTS running

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It's time to ask again for gifts to help us meet expenses and continue with our program of improving services.

A word about Assassin

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As you can see I just reposted Assassin for your enjoyment, but a word of caution. This story is very long but is well worth the read.

So many enticing stories

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I am quite sad that one of my favourite stories "Almost a Girl" has come to an end.

Happy Stonewall Day

Happy Stonewall Day, everyone.

I'm back.... again.

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So, after like 5 months I've found the motivation to return to all of you wonderful people. I moved th virginia and went into a sort of funk, like a post move depression.

a question for the Whateley types

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I have a question for our Whateley authors.


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Warning: this blog contains possible fiscal concerns. To those who don't like such talk out of their writers, this blog entry is not for you.

So I was going to try and branch out, and looked at Smashwords as a possible venue.

Almost a Girl was posted because of Cathy

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About six or seven years back I wrote Almost Girl as a self indulgence piece. The story wasn't completed with an ending. Let's just say chapter ten wasn't there.


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i read this story I think when I first join this site. it's was a contest for a modeling job. about a teen age boy who was dress up as a girl and look like one. that's I can remember.

Forced Fem, A Possible Reason

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I didn't understand forced fem until a group of TG friends joined Holly Hart and me at our home. Of the nine of us we were all M2F, except two of us. One was a F2M and the other was apparently male.

Kylie is still with us/ Four-fold comfort

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Well, good news - Kylie is still with us.

In the aftermath of this crisis, I found that during it I had received four separate comforts.

having connection troubles

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I know I said I would get some through the years out, but we are having issues with internet connection staying on.

Bike and beyond

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We're coming up to another centenary with Bike, and I'd like to check that I keep pedalling or should that be peddling?

Limited time postings

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You might have seen under Kelly Girl the tag "Limited time posting" and wondered what that was all about.

writing resource

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Beside being alone I'm having trouble picking apart what i want to happen to my main person.

I fear the worst regarding Kylie

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you're gonna have to forgive me if I spend the day crying.

Gotham Knights

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I thing some of you might enjoy this. No trans... yet.


i-Pad, What format?

I need to share a story with someone using an i-Pad. The story was written in MS Word 2010. I know i-Pads can handle PDF format, but is there a better way for me to send the story?

Drug Withdrawal

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Well nuts ! I asked the Doctor to put me on some anti-depressant, and what a ride it has been ! Tunnel vision, single ear loss of hearing, drowsyness, and nymphomania. NOT!

Fair warning

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Fair warning, my newest piece has no transgender content.

(Makes an evil grin ....)

Absolutely unbelievable young girl singing opera

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Channel monitors, if I'm out of line with this post please let me know. It has nothing to do with TG or GLBT.


Just a reminder there is 5 more days to submit a story to the Darkkitten Entertainment contest.

Chip and Pin vs, Magnetic strip

We are leaving Saturday for London, and I just realized that all our credit/debit cards use the magnetic strip. We do not have the Chip and Pin technology available yet in our backward country.

Really long article about misconceptions and word play Trans

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Pack your lunch. It's a really long article about the word play of drag queens, tranny, and what some think is a no no while others embrace the words.

The Sidereous Prophecy

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I have a vested interest in this new story having spent the best part of a year working with the author proofing and editing.

My Reading Blog

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I have been a member of this website for nearly 3 weeks, although I discovered it about 4 weeks or so ago. It's wonderful, and I'm sad that I didn't find it before.


Is anybody else having difficulties with the "Remember Me" aka "Persistent Logins"? I've tried a laptop with Vista, a tablet with Android and a phone with Android, and the same thing happens.

Hope's Ranch has returned!

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I have decided to post Hope's ranch first. But I will post some Through the years here in a day or so. I may post before we have it edited. But for now. Here is the Story of Hope's ranch.

A way of introduction - and some news

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Greetings fellow Big Closeteers,

Common culture

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In the 'Ride' books, Eric suffers a lot of ribbing for being a banjo player. For example, it is suggested he take up the harmonica because, compared to a banjo, only half the notes suck.


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I've done another of Charlotte's Tale so haven't had a chance to do Bike tonight. Hopefully tomorrow should have normal service returned.


I can die happy

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With all that swirls around me, I occasionally hit some pretty amazing highs. Sometimes things happen and I wasn't even expecting them to.

Curse you, muse.

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I am beginning to think my 'muse' must be the evil twin of the Sandman. I should be sleeping (I have work in the morning) but instead I'm writing. :-(

Guess I'm not as stable as I would like to think I am,

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Why I can't take Forced Fem Stories

Etiquette on leaving message on old or finished stories

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wonder what it is, i know a lot of people get snarky for bringing up old work on forums but this is a posting site not a forum....that also seems to have a forum that people post stories extra in...

So.... this is fun

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My writing laptop's char (aiouy: non-consonant not in list) did fail today. This is fun trying to pick words without (aiouy: non-consonant not in list) in it.

Interesting Article

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Here is an interesting article from ABC news about Transgender in America with some good points.

Change of pace

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Karin Bishop's comment about stepping away from work for a bit really inspired me.
I figured I should let 'Rumspringa' marinate for a few days.
However, I'm really BAD at resting...

writing, grief, and other matters

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Today has been a hard day, for reasons I can't really get into at the moment, but it got me thinking about many things, among them why I write stories.

Short answer is because I can't not.

Bras and size

Someone mentioned B is the average breast size of women. I'm wondering where this came from? I'd dare say over eighty percent of the women I have known are C cup.

They get everywhere!

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I've just been up to the training for the Tour de France volunteers in London and while I was waiting for it to start, we were sitting out in the sun drinking tea or coffee and on the next table to me

This kind of sucks

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A long time ago I belonged to a wrestling club called World Class Wrestling (not what you saw on tv). I was one of the better wrestlers to come out of the club and was voted Mr.

Whew ...

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The final chapter of "Mirror Mirror" is up, and I have NEVER been so glad to put a story to bed.

To those who stuck with this story, thank you.

Gratitude and an Intro

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Amy. I'm a 36 year old cis-gendered woman who is currently in college studying Social Work.I'm currently engaged to Piper.

I joined BC to give and get support. I also plan to write stories when I have some time. I may not struggle with the same demons you do, but I have my own I struggle with on a daily basis, which explains the username.

Teaching Saudi English

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Don't ask me how I get into these things? I was just thinking of a music video made by some Saudi youth. "Good Girls die young, bad girls do it well." Who says girls can't do things in Saudi Arabia?

Where did chapter 6 go?

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For what's it's worth, I posted the last two chapters of Out of the Blue Part II: Into the Fray. But only chapter seven is showing up on the main "stories" page.

A much easier way to proofread. (File under "Duh!")

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Better late than never, it dawned on me that I could export my Open Office manuscript as a PDF and view it on my Kindle app, where it feels much more like a real book.

S E E maps update

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Hi All,

My RLT letter to friends and co-workers. Written 6 years ago

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Several years ago, I began my transition at work.

Breasts for those who have them.

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So in assisting authors to write more realistically, Size B is the average size of a Woman's breast. They do not jiggle when one walks. I only notice them when I run without a bra on.

Need a few beta readers

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So, I'm closing in on finishing my next novel.

I'm sorry if my latest story isnt your cup of tea

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I'm trying to do something a little different than normal, and it may not work.

For those who are sticking with me, thanks.

NASA Flight Surgeon

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Fighter pilot, NASA Flight Surgeon, Alternate pilot for Space Shuttle, this amazing lady has "been there done that".

A new one from the Guardian

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I think a well written article.

Hope the link works.

At Long Last -- Eerie

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I've just posted Week 1 of "Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring."

I apologize for taking so long.

A win for Canada

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Not sure if this has been shared here yet, but I find it inspiring that some enlightened communities are breaking down walls to grant transgender rights. Now let's lets see it spread.

Book 12

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Finally, for those who prefer a paper book or just want to read the whole thing in one go, Book 12 complete is now available through Lulu and by tomorrow for your Kindle.

SC DMV: Boy Can't Retake License Photo in Makeup

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I woke up in the middle of the night, and couldn't get back to sleep, so, being the news junky that I am, I checked the news and ran across this lovely piece.