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Thanks to my Authors and Readers!

First and foremost, I want to thank the community for supporting all the authors who’s ventured into the published ebook field, even myself!

The Unwritten Chapter

In the movie ‘The Poseidon Adventure,’ one of the characters sings a song, ‘The Morning After.’ It was a way for the people making the movie to let people know even after surviving t

I'm sorry

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I'm sorry for posting stupid stupid crap.

What to do?

First of all, I'm sorry but the chapters of Winter's Child and Twice Removed that I was hoping to have done today will be a bit delayed since my weekend was a bit crazy.

Haven Salvation 5.-2 up

There is action there is adventure and James fights a giant. all in the latest posting.

An interesting article on trans and sex abuse

If you are interested, I've found an interesting article on being trans and being a survivor of sex abuse:

any vets or familys

to all vet there has been a death to our family my dad has die the morning from caner I ask us all to send owner prayers to him and all vets and to any who know a vet remind them we all care about the

Huge Thanks to Ebook Cover Artist!

I want to publicly send a HUGE Thank You to the artist of the cover of the Kindle book " The Dragon Staff of the Master Druid ", Erica Caddei .

I thought people might appreciate this poem

Some of you will know it already. Not directly about gender, but about truth and appearance. It is by the English poet, John Masefield.

An Epilogue

Random ramblings on a very hot bank holiday afternoon

Just taking a break from JoB- and SEE-related activities as random thoughts spark across my mind.

More Knowledgeable, Less Able

Every 18 months to 2 years, I post how I can't write, with the hope that my muse will get her dander up and show me. Here is another of those attempts. And no, my knowing that she knows might still work. Reverse psychology, if you will.

Looking to help with websites or graphics

I am looking to help authors or others. That would like help with a website, website design. Graphic design, logo design, and book design, layout or other things.

Two stories in today's Daily Wail

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The first comes with pix of some very attractive trans women.

Undercover Doctor

I watched this today at a friend's house.

What I said in church today

Well, here is a copy of what I said in church today:

I am transgender.

You might have guessed that, I mean, I don’t really know how well I “pass” so maybe you can tell by looking at me.

Over the top to fictional characters

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Getting involved with fictional characters is up to each individual.

My output

While I don't have a high output to begin with, I suspect it may drop off for a few weeks. The kids are out of school and when they're not tying up the computer, they're still up and about.

I got the best of myself in an unpleasant way

This is just venting, but I feel the need to put it out there so I can get rid of it. This just happens to be the venue I'm in this morning.

Basically I messed up last night and got hurt.

Comparison of accomplished authors

I just finished reading an Anne McGaffery trilogy, "Petabea", and as I reflect on the experience I actually feel that there are not a few authors here who are equal or perhaps better than her.

Another short delay ... aka naughty Julia

Hi all,

New (but familiar) Kindle book!

I have published my twentieth ebook Salvations at Amazon. Like all my books, it's now only available in the Kindle format.

Who's on first?

One of the no-no's I do is mixing point of views. I'll have the main character speaking in the first while other viewpoints are presented at the end of the chapter.

Karen Page

Has anybody heard from karen page latlely as she has not added any stories for quite while?


Has anyone heard from our friendly neighborhood Catboy?

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Just wondering, haven't seen any comments or blogs from Extravagance in a while. Loving Hugs Talia

A question for all

Just a question for you all. I am considering publishing here the speech I will give at church on Sunday, and I wonder if I should do so as a "story" or a "blog"?


The end.

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My best friend died last night.

Huffpost serendipity

I looked at the Huffpost entry re Texas bigotry, and found this. Pardon me while I weep happy tears,

Contributions wanted for Mixed Tape 3

I'm putting together a collection of TG flash fiction.

D-Day, 70 Years later.

Today is D-Day. A day to honor all those who went and did what they had to do, to ensure the freedom we all cherish.

One year of selling ebooks: analysis of sales figures, etc.

It’s been slightly over a year since I started selling ebooks via the Amazon Kindle store and Smashwords. I thought I should share some information about the results with other writers.

My test results are mostly good

My test results are mixed. The good - there is no arterial blockage in my coronary arteries. Great!

Just what I thought

Be careful when you self publish

This is an interesting piece. Don't get sucked in.


The fog lifts

Well, I didn't wanna worry anybody, but I have been in a pretty bad way the last couple of days in terms of depression.

Amber Light

Though I have received some wonderful support for my writing and my stories, there have been some requests from a few readers for more accessible content from me.

What should I do?

I am sitting on something very hot right now.

Medical procedure tomorrow

A few weeks ago, I got up from my computer, took 3 steps, and blacked out, getting a significant concussion from the fall.

I have nothing to fear, but fear itself.....

This past weekend I flew home from Kansas City, MO, arriving home from the airport about 2:00 AM.

Early identification of GID

This is really important to me and I need a real answer, not just one that someone shoots out their butt. I am hoping that there is a psych person lurking here, please?

Trouble at net!

I worked a 12 hour day went to check my emails and found one from the TdF organisers about my training in a couple of weeks time.

Interesting visit for a sonogram

Just got back from a sonogram. I went to the new Kaiser West Side Hospital. They set my appointment for the third floor. I checked in as usual using my male ID and the reaction was admirable.

Tablets and mobile devices

Hey there,

Hatbox Gifts Needed

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We made the May hatbox numbers before the end of the month so thank you everyone who sent money. :)

looking for story

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The story im looking for is of a boy dressed by his cousins to go to a 60's themed dance and then got a job at a news station does any one have any idea what the name of it is

A question for anyone interested in answering...

Is it just me, or are some of the most difficult stories to read the ones you wrote yourself?

Thank you to all those who take time to comment

Every comment is appreciated. Believe me, every single one.

An identity to call their own: A new open life

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My local newspaper has a 2-part story on the Transgender community:

I am ashamed

As most of my long-time readers know, I try my best in this blog to be as honest as I possibly can, in part to make up for the amount of lying that was part of my life before.

An apology of sorts

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Well here we are in June, nearly at the longest day of the year and still awaiting our first hot day, and I haven't posted anything for AGES.

A combination of factors has hit me ....

Is Katie doing anything?

Been a long time since I posted anything and people might be wondering if I gave up writing for good or if I decided to join a circus or something.

Sorry I'm crap at blogs but...

I'm useless at writing blogs but today is a BIG day...... I'm taking estrogens and spironolactone for the first time in years. Last time, I chickened out.

Another serious question:

A couple of questions really, about where I should go from here.

To those who do not like to read blogs or posts about crass fiscal concerns, A warning: this post is full of them, please don't read if you are offended by such.

About Almost A Girl.

First of all, allow me to thank everyone who has read, commented on, and kudoed the story so far. However...

Many thanks to Cathy

Cathy has a life and it isn't holding my hand editing my stories. She does it anyway. Hand holding that is.

No Bike tonight

Sorry folks, been up in Lunnun all day as part of my training for the Tour de France (I'm not riding it, just helping to make it happen).

Writers Block?

We have so great writer on BCTS and as of late there has been a shortage of stories from some of our regular writers and some of the long stories with multi chapters that never got finished.

Termites and Gun Shots

It's termite swarm season here in Florida and guess whose house has got them. MINE.

Forced Vacation

Well, yesterday, I got chewed out by my Human Resources manager because I hadn't taken any vacation time during my last year of working for Walmart, and she and my supervisor insisted on me taking it

What Gives?

There I was sitting in a restaurant in Alamogordo, NM eating a meal and the 'server' said when you are ready you can use the device on your table to pay your bill.

Ok, I thought I'll do that.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Good news everyone.

I don't have to fix the exhaust leak in my car....

Lady Valor Movie

I saw this bit on Facebook but have been unable to find anything else about play times or locations. Can someone please keep me apprised of the situation?

Question about story size.

Okay. I have a story ready to post. It's one I've edited by another writer. Here's my question. It's about 80,000 words, according to my info thingie in word.

What is everyone reading at the moment?


Transexual surgery with medicare

I am not sure this is such a good idea unless people age 16 can get Medicare.

Family accepting their new son

Here is a video I found showing a family coming to terms and accepting their new son, in order for him not to become a statistic but to live a happy life being who he is.

Bad news about my foot

well, yesterday I went to the doctor's about my foot, and my 2nd worst fears have been confirmed.

S E E index thingy updated with the latest link.

I have added in the link to Penny's latest episode in the Indexy thingamajig.


New Erotica Title available for Kindle

Hi guys and girls. I'm not really new here but since this is my first time publishing I thought I would let you know that there is new Erotica on Kindle.

TIME Magazine — Transgender People

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If you are one of "them" and word pronoun sensitive, there is going to be a lot of hurt in the world as people describe transgender, transsexuals.

an unexpected act of Kindness

Well, I got an unexpected act of kindness from Sharon last night.

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

Levar Burton has a Kickstarter going for Reading Rainbow.

It started May 28, 2014.

Make her stop!

Somebody make her stop!

Everyday it's the same thing.

I say I'm a guy/man/boy and , and , she laughs at me!

She calls me a silly girl and such.

No Bike tonight

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Problems with computer - I hate the stupid things and at the moment they are wasting far too much of my time.

Attack of the ingrates continued

12 Days on the Road.

Tomorrow I will have been on the road for 12 days, and If I could afford it, I would just live on the road. All someone would have to do is give me a couple thousand a month. Right.


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I know it seems disloyal but I visit TGStoryTime from time to time. There's a link there from the Home page here. It's another story site and hosted by Joe SixPack.

opinions needed please

well, I have a rough draft of what I want to say in church on June 8, and I would really like some opinions on it. If you're interested, please send me a private message.

I have posted a revised and greatly expanded story

I have posted a revised and greatly expanded the story of The Transformation of Lady James on top of the old one. If anyone wants to see and tell me if it is better I would like it very much

Shades of Anmar!?!

For those of you following Penny Lane's Tales of Anmar, I thought you might find this interesting.

Next part of out of the ashes

I will post part 4 of my tale in a couple of days when I get to Durango. At the moment I'm about to watch the sun go down from inside Monument Valley.

Just finished a story by Jerrie256. Reminded me of Bob A.

called "Transformation Treasure Hunt." She wrote it in 2006, but while reading it, it seemed to be constantly reminding me of Bob Arnold. The link is here. Go read it and tell me I'm mistaken.

Looking at barefoot shoes.

Hey guys. I'm looking at barefoot shoes and I heard all about the complaints before you go warning me.

Good News

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Good News folks. Just finished speaking with Richard and he is improving rapidly. Doctors predict a full recovery and say that he is to be discharged tomorrow. Likely to a rehab unit.

I will be speaking at my church on June 8

Well, I have been asked if I wanted to speak at my church during the Pride service on June 8. If you're the praying type, pray I do the community and my God proud with my words.

A Colleague is Down.

Hello All,
I am writing to let you all know that my dear friend and our colleague here at BC, arianrhod, Richard, In San Diego, CA, USA, Has had a stroke and is in the hospital.

Tag use

size tag
I don't see it as a problem. Most of what I read here are multiple part posts. I cant expect the writer to know ahead of time just how many words it will be.

TG Children

An article that appeared in this morning's Observer might be of interest. I read it in the 'real' edition but it was hard to find in the on-line version but here it is:

First time in a skirt ?

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Well, here's the rub. I. Am far too old and ugly to ever consider dressing 'appropriately'.

Friendship hoooo!

So I'm not going to go into too much Details with this on specific things. Simply because I tended to keep my nose out of those specific things for this one.

Remembering always.......

Once again this year I make my annual pilgrimage, I do my penance on this weekend of remembrance that we call Memorial Day here in the States.

Background Noise: The Interesting lives of Interesting Folk

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Here’s something BC readers might enjoy.

"But inside, I'm screaming"

I just finished reading a book called "But inside, I'm screaming".

Pricing Guidelines for Kindle

This is in general response to another post. These are guidelines that I use and it has served me well.

Attack of the ingrate(s)- Updated with fixed link

It's posts like this to me at the Fictionmania Hyperboard that made me stop posting stories for free.

Thank you Veterans & Merchant Mariners Memorial Day 2014.

This is Memorial Day weekend, 2014 and I think it behooves us all, no matter what nationality, race, creed or religion to take a moment and thank all those who have served and who are serving in the a

Still need Amazon reviews on Dear John

I'm still sorely lacking in reviews on Dear John on Amazon. And by "sorely lacking" I mean there ain't none.