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Happy Valentine's!!!

I want to be first in wishing all the writers and readers here a happy valentine's day. Some have romance, some wish for it, some write for it and some read of it. I've made friends here and love them with all my heart. Hugs and kisses for all that want, double for those that need. My regards to those you hold dear.


Sparky Is My Hero

Originally posted February 13, 2000 on Original BigCloset

"Sparky Is My Hero"
by Joyce E. Melton
February 13, 2000

Sorry, been out tonight.

We dashed out after watching Wales beat Scotland in Cardiff, brilliant try by George North. To where, I hear you ask. Here's where.
I've been on my annual pilgrimage to Poole to listen to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra do their concert of film music on the theme of Heroes and Aliens. Wonderful stuff which I enjoyed despite suffering a recurrence of a UTI. I'm seeing the doctor on Monday, so if necessary, he can always shoot me. Consequently, I don't have time to write Bike tonight.

Compliment or a pick up?


Ok, I was sitting with a friend watching a k-drama (see blog 1) when I was hit with a craving for ice cream. I asked my friend if she wanted to go out for some. It being a balmy 16 degrees Fahrenheit she looked at me like I was crazy. She does this quite often but to be fair I look at her in the same way quite often.

I, personally, think she just didn't want to get out of her pjs. She said no but I could bring her back a hot fudge sundae. I had splurged for lunch (Chinese) so I might as well buy dessert too.

Holy background change Batman!


I keep the BCTS main page, as well as my own tracking page, open at all times, and routinely refresh them throughout the day to check for content. I keep the site's scaling slightly smaller than my monitor, though, so along each edge of the screen there's about an inch of the site's default background color.

Imagine my surprise today when I refreshed, and that went from a very very soft, creamy pink to a much darker maroon with dots!

After recovering from the surprise, I think I like this better though. It mellows the site's appearance a little bit. Good choice, elves!

Strange dream


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I had the strangest dream last night.

I dreamed that I was in Elementary school, and learned that a disease was going to turn me into a girl.

Even though I wanted to be a girl, i was scared in the dream, mostly because I was worried about the pain of the transformation.

Then, the time came, and I didn't transform, and I was devastated.

Ah, well.

Rambling About Gods and Dinosaurs

I believe that we, as in all of us human beings that find ourselves clinging to this mote of dust that is hurtling through the universe, try to lock everyone up into nice neat little boxes that make us comfortable. I am, personally, a bit OCD and I have a tendency to place my dishes into exactly the right place on the shelf, and fold my laundry just so, and do a billion things a day in a very specific way.

Reading Gaby and....

Wow, so as I mentioned before I've been reading Gaby books in my spare time pretty much nonstop since I came across them a couple weeks ago. I'm not really a very emotional person, but try as I might I'm not Vulcan. My whole life I've always considered emotional expression kind of pathetic, I mean that's even what the word means, Pathos from Greek. I try hard to hide emotions most of the time. My wife is the opposite. I'm sure some of that is biological, but I'm also quite sure that I'm just acting as I've been trained and expected to act as a male.

A sense of 'what the heck'???

I have two stories being written//edited that are a bit more macabre than my normal fare.
Ok, so on is where the hero/heroine is being stalked and the other is where they are involved with solving the crimes.
The latter one I strted writing in 2013 and is at least 6 parts. The former is something I wrote on a recent flight from Dubai to London.

Then I pick up a book called 'Deja Dead' that features Temperance "Bones" Brennan.

I think I have something special happening

I dont usually push my own stories, but I think I might be on to something special with my latest story "Mercy".

See, if there is a theme that runs through a lot of my work, it's about what happens after a person has been damaged.

I've explored ideas of healing, of looking for justice, and the power of forgiveness vs the allure of vengeance.

But in my latest, I think I have really hit the jackpot in terms of making the case for Mercy as the best choice.

Or at least that's my hope. Only the readers will decide if I am succeeding.

First time!

Hi all!

First time blog so be gentle...unless you like it rough than I'm ok with that too.

I've recently become a fan of Koean tv better known as K-dramas due to Netflix. They are listed as tv series but they are what we would consider mini series. Most are the very clean type that could be shown during family hour in the U.S. I want to mention a few I thought you maybe interested in.

Apologies for delayed story


Apologies to all who helped me last week with suggestions for places for my characters to visit in the UK. My story has been leading me down a longer path than I originally thought it would and there are parts that are popping into my head that I never considered but I couldn't resist adding to the story. This is the first story that I didn't bother making an outline for, I only knew that I wanted them to visit the UK and meet some new people and from there the story unfolded slowly.

Thank you all.


I would like to offer a heart felt thank you, I've been for the most part lurking in the shadows, and I've finally worked up enough courage to post something kin to a welcoming post. First allow me to thank all the wonderful authors out there who share there pieces of creativity. You guys are beyond amazing and have awaken in me a need and a want. You have also given me ideas and indirectly you guys have made me a better writer. And that's about it right now, I'm to shy to say anything about myself. And to quote a popular anime, one I can not name, I will conclude this bog by saying.

Angel O'Hare story

Going through my portable hard drive to clear some of the rubbish we tend to accumulate and found a chapter of a story that Angel asked me to edit for her.
The problem now is what to do with the story, do I just delete it or is there somewhere or someone that is holding Angel's stories.
It seems a shame just to delete the chapter and I do remember her telling me that her stories were being held by somebody

How I Fell in Love With Gaby

So the other day I was searching amazon for a new book to read. I entered the search term cycling and scrolled down the list. I really enjoying cycling biographies and have read most of them. As I scrolled down the list I came across a book cover with a really cute Anime girl, it just seemed so out of place, I thought what could this book have to do with cycling. Well the description really offered no clues but I was curious. I'm not a huge anime fan, I like the really good stuff, Studio Ghibli, some of the better series, I'd just finished watching SteinsGate.

The MASKS series now being posted.

The series is fully written and complete up chapter 17... however, I neglected to let Stickmaker know about not posting more than one story part per day or so, so the multiple posts today are my fault, not his. Since I was the one who asked him to post here, it was my responsibility to let him know of the unwritten rules here. Mea Culpa.

I hope you all are enjoying the series.

Catherine Linda Michel

My wife's visitor


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...a faceless man, in a long dark coat. He stole silently into where she was sleeping, and carried her away.

It's not like we didn't know this day was coming. There is no recovery from the dementia, no going back to being the vibrant woman that she was when she was healthy. I'm slowly coming to terms with it.

I had a friend comment that he couldn't imagine what I was going through. I replied with this:

Ever Read Your Own Stories?

A story I was working on (Remember "Houston we have a problem"?) just flamed out and fell into the ocean. It is clear that I have different "writing voices", but I have a difficult time controlling that. I don't know what I am going to do with it now.

Today I read part of one of my first stories that was I published on Storysite first and then migrated it over to BCTS later. I now remember that Crystal was not that impressed with my writing at first, and I think she did some pretty heavy editing on both "MS Frankenstein" and "Desert Princess" though I don't know for sure.

The Family Girl #75: An Announcement - Something is Coming Up!


The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #75: An Announcement:
Something Coming Up!

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl

Blogs, click on this link:

I’m putting up an announcement.

And that announcement is: after over a three-year absence from writing stories here in BCTS, I’m finally putting up another one. Yayyy!

Ummm… yayyy?

Looking for a book

Hi folks

I am looking for a book that I read over 10 years ago. It's about a realm ruled by immortal princes, the Faeren (Elves), I think, (pied piper may have been one of this race). At the moment its divided because some of them have been banished here (or a Medieval Earth) for rebelling against the King who is the twin brother to the rebel lord. They hunt a white deer that is also immortal across this realm and ours for sport. Anyway the two brothers fall for the heroine of the story. Eventually one of them (the good one) takes her back to his realm as his queen.

OMG: RE The Crush

119 kudos; I've never gotten over 100 kudos before. Here on a whim, I broke off from my other efforts to try something new and whipped out a story with no research, mostly just coming off the top of my head. I didn't really have any time to edit it beyond running spell checker over it at the end. And for that I break 100 kudos.

Who'd have thunk it? The best I'd done before was 90. I suppose though that beings it was a contest entry I garnered a few more readers than I might have otherwise.

Fighting Depression again (or still?)


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I don’t talk about myself much, guess I’m not very comfortable with it. I am willing to talk to anybody, be it a crowd or one on one, but writing about me feels weird. I post on my blog about twice / thrice a year, complete with pictures, if anyone is interested.

I’ve been unemployed almost 6 months, longer off and on again. Unemployment is long gone, and savings are draining steadily. I have my son (nephew actually, but the relationship is that of parent adult). If not for him I would be in real trouble.

In Too Deep - My Series

I know that a lot of people have struggled with my first few installments in my serial. I messed up the posting and overwrote the first three installments. As a result, comments that were supposed to be placed on ch 1-5 ended up on ch 6 and comments and kudos for 6 ended up being on ch 7.

I'm not sure, but I think this means that people that never read the beginning are not necessarily finding ch 1-5 as easily.

If you like the series, and have previously posted a comment or kudos, please go back and make sure they are in the correct location.

Has the Whatley website closed?

I recently began reading the Whatley Academy stories on the site. Somehow I missed the universe when it came out and have read the first dozen stories. I'd like to read the rest.

Unfortunately since Friday I've been unable to access the site getting WEBPAGE CAN NOT BE FOUND.

Does anyone know if the site is down?

Does anyone know an alternate site!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Question RE Marrage


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My wife and I Did divorce last April. We parted as Friends. Her mother has Alzheimer's and is in Canada. If you love them let them go. I let her go, and we ARE friends.

My Question is this

We Married in the Presbyterian faith, in Canada, MY faith, and divorced 25 years later in the Indian River County Court House, "faith". I did not go to a Church for the divorce. I did NOT NEED to seek approval for this from my religious faction.

Pleased as Punch! Have two books in the top 30 of Kindle Science Fiction

Marine Two and Marine three are 19 and 30, respectively in KINDLE SCIENCE FICTION - TIME TRAVEL category.

Marine Three is actually Number One in Trans science fiction - Time travel.

See it here . Marine 3

Got to be quick as new ones come out every minute!

Thanks everyone.


Job title: writer

Well that looks like the plan for now at least. Of course my publishing doesn't just run to Gaby et al, Scaramouch also have a range of travelogues and photo books, shortly these will be joined by some other non fiction titles.

To kick start this new career the first part of Gaby - Friends - the 15th Gaby book is available today! As usual the Kindle version lags a little, it should be available sometime this evening but here are the LULU links for paper and pdf;

I'm working on a story set in Victorian England

and which depending upon its length could mean the odd forfeit of Bike, depends upon time available and research required. It looks as if it could be a longish short story or novelette in length. Hopefully it will be a bit of an adventure cum whodunit with I hope my characteristic humour. I can reveal the title, Spring Heeled Jack. but that's all.

Requiem For A Hero


On Thursday, February 4th, 2016, my childhood hero died.

Edgar Dean Mitchell was a hotshot test pilot, so good they actually altered the cockpits of aircraft to have him fly them because he was too large to fit otherwise.

He was the 6th man to walk on our moon.

He was the best of us.

Any family would be proud to claim him and I can.

I met him once. I was 12 and he was however old... It was a family reunion at an Episcopal campground on a lake, somewhere around Joplin.

I was in awe, so tongue-tied I could barely speak.

Going on the Honor System here

So, if you've got a story for the competition and haven't posted it yet, I'm trusting y'all to get 'em in by Midnight (February 5th 2016) your local time zone. With the response we've had I don't see any reason to prolong the due date, especially after the idea being submitted garnered minimal concern.

Also, just a reminder: as of right now the prizes are:

Story help- characters visiting the UK

I have sent my characters on vacations before but this is the first time I am sending them to a place I know little about.

The gist of it is this: I have 19 of my Finn Family characters visiting the UK for two weeks and have four days of which to play with regarding where they go.I have spent several hours trying to figure out good locations to visit that would fit into the times I have written for them to visit. I wouldn't ask unless I was stumped but I have a little dilemma.

Crossing unthinkable boundaries

Working on a story, I seem to have crossed an unthinkable boundary. In working out the details of a plot so that human colonists could flee Earth, I roughed in the idea that Israel attacked Iran again, and then the Iranians promptly detonated a nuclear weapon in Al Aqsa Mosque. Most westerners call it the Dome of the Rock. The Iranians had been quietly building the device for many years in preparation for such an event. When we toured Jerusalem, we were taken into tunnels said to honeycomb the area under that mosque.

Transgender Ballerina - The Times (UK)


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I'm not a great one for reading the newspapers, as I find the constant barrage of negativity and bad news tends to tilt the balance of sanity towards deep depression and paranoia. When you realise that actually the world has a lot more good things happening than bad, but the media don't make any money from them.

Read this Transgender Ballerina

Found it hopeful.


A list as long as my arm

That's what I have, in regards to stories for my mini-contest thing. I've read about half of them, but most of my open browser tabs right now are stories starting with the words "The Crush."

People, you have no idea how much this means to me. So much, in fact, that I'm upping the prize for the winner to a 3 month sub, rather than a one-month. Well, okay, I was probably gonna do that ANYWAY since there's not a non-recurring option for one month any more, but still, the thought counts, right?

Mana Fire weekly update

Dear loyal readers,
Just a quick note to let you all know that I will not be able to update Mana Fire this week. Things have been crazy, but I did get some writing in this week, so I hope I'll be ready to post next week. Don't worry, I didn't forget about you. I love you all, and Mana Fire will be completed in time unless I am banned from the net, jailed, maimed, or dead, in that order. :P


For the culture hungry

The Guardian have been running a series of great actors performing vignettes of Shakespeare speeches. My favourite so far Joanna Vanderham doing a speech from Romeo and Juliet or Ayesha Dharker as Titania, probably because I'd loved to have played these parts and I'm more the size of the sugar plum hippo from Fantasia than a faerie queen or a lovesick adolescent. The boys are good too. If the link works, do have a look or a listen, they are brilliant.

I'm in-- The Crush: Patty’s Dilemma

Well I did it. I finally managed to get a story done in time for a contest entry. I've just posted "The Crush: Patty’s Dilemma" For better or worse, 6,337 words of my attempt at TG romance, written from the GGs point of view. Something new for me.

Hope you all like it.

not the best news i've had


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I had an inkling last week but it's been confirmed today, my tenure at my employers has ended after a mere 11 years service. Brutal but quick end but no less discombobulating for that.

So I'm in flux atm, not sure what i'll do but I might have to fill some time with scribbles.

UK Petition, TG Women barred from pageant


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"Last year I applied and was selected to be a finalist for the Miss Galaxy Contest, 4-7 February 2016. I was so proud to think that we finally live in a society that accepts transgendered women to this extent. But when I emailed to secure my place I mentioned this and was instantly informed I was no longer eligible to compete. They say they hadn’t spotted that I was transgender -- according to their rules you have to be born female to take part in the pageant."

A time of reflection

I just counted the books that I have published under the TANYA ALLAN banner. I have now fifty books to my name. I am gob-smacked, as I only started publishing in April 2011 after some kind people on this site and on Sapphire's Place encouraged me to do so. I have been writing for a lot longer, but most of those 50 books have been written over the last five years. In the first 12 months (2011-2012) I sold just under 5,000 books. Last year (2014-15) I sold a little over 11,000.

Marine 3 - Island of Dreams - now published.

Yes, it's correct - two new books within a few days of each other!

Marine 3 - Island of dreams is now available on Amazon kindle. This one is a little different to the previous two, but more to come!

Marine 4 might be a wee while, as I have Torc 2 almost completed as well as a load of others.

More hours in the day, more days in the week and an extra week in the month, please!

Advice needed please

I help run a yearly convention. A year and a half ago or so, one of our attendees transitioned MtF. As far as I know, she has had no troubles, other than some wrong name usage (she has been coming to the convention for 10+ years). The wrong name usage dropped from last year to this year. Even my very conservative friends have treated her well, doing their best to use her correct name.

Extremely ill and slow recovery

The counter thingie says I've been a pest here for slightly over 9 years or 2006. I first published at "Story Site" in 2001, probably after I returned from Kenya, completely shattered. My heart felt little dream of Christianity making the world a better place had been proved to be a vile, machiavellian. fantasy. I'd had shocking glimpses of the underbelly and droppings of the Missionary game. Then in a few weeks the 9/11 thing came, and the world came crashing in for so many of us, worst of all the occupants of the towers.

had a fantastic day with my daughter today


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I had a fantastic day with my daughter today. We went to West Edmonton Mall, walked around, talked of fashion, makeup, and shoes, and she was totally comfortable with both the conversation and my feminine wardrobe.

I am so blessed ...

A legend in my own lunchtime?

The above quote is John Lennon.

According to Oscar Wilde, 'The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.' It appears my name has been bandied about on the message boards at the other place, suggesting that I'd effectively created a Bike virus and infected half the authors on BC which makes them write interminable serials like Bike.

Understanding an Authors Style

I have been working on the Little Boy-Girl Saga for over a year. I use Microsoft Word when I write and I do use the spell check. Plus it will tell me if I need to add or remove words. IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND MY STYLE THEN MY STORIES ARE NOT FOR YOU. That's how I feel when someone doesn't read the saga from the start. I truly work hard on my stories. It hurts me when people don't get my style I give people good reviews if I like a story and if I don't I keep it to myself.

The Crush tag added to Contests

I just added "2016 February - The Crush Mini-Contest" to the "Contest" list which can be chosen when creating Fiction. This way, it will be easy to look at all the entries and check to see which ones you have read or haven't and vote on them.

Note though that Melanie and I have entries on the list but we aren't eligible for prizes. :)




My name is TGTrinity, and I'm an author of transgendered erotica. I've posted my stories on a couple of different sites, but it was recently requested by a reader that I post my stories here. I have to say that I love the amount of content on the site, as well as the tools available to authors and readers alike.

on a breadcake

roll or other baked product at the moment so I've sent four new chapters to the editor - it would've been more except stupid blonde that I am I managed to wipe a full new chapter and it took 3 days to remember everything I'd written - essential as I'd written two more after it!

Potentially then we'll be up into the teens by next weekend so there might be a new part book on Sunday.

Today though there definitely is a new chapter here.


2016-01 (2) Exams


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Well one worry less for the moment. My results for the first semester are 70%, 80% and 80%. So 2 B's and 1 C isn't bad when I didn't study more then 8 hours total ( for 7 tests, 4 homework tasks and 3 exams) for the entire semester. (finishes what they call A-levels in the UK for the rest, years ago so only got the technical courses left).

Thursday it's the first day of the next semester but before that it's back for the retirement commission and work related stuff Tuesday >faceplam<. Here's hoping it will be the last one ...


Time For A Rewrite!


Because I'm that type of person who prepares for all eventualities, I'm just making a quick post to let everyone know that I'm taking down my story to rewrite it. I wrote it quite a long time ago and just want to start fresh. Besides, I only got one chapter through before I felt that something went wrong in my telling, so it's no big loss I don't think!

I don't know when or if it will be posted, but I'd like to think that I will have something up within the year :p

*Edit* hmm... that is if I can remove it! I may just leave them and change the titles if I cannot */Edit*

New one out! - Marine 2 - A Very Unusual Roman

I do apologise, as this has taken me far longer than I anticipated. I normally research my books, just to ensure that I am reasonably accurate with what's happening, but the research for this one took me to extreme lengths.

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book - MARINE 2 - A very Unusual Roman.

For those experts into Roman history, and specifically the Emperor Trajan's Dacian wars in the years 102 - 106 AD, please note - I have tried to keep it as authentic as I can, but I have taken a little licence to give a rollicking good read!

A Little Favor, Please

While trying to beat my brain into activity I read the wonderful comments many of you wrote for the novels in the nine volume California Saga series. The stories now on have been selling steadily but slowly; however, the only reviews, two very nice ones by the way, were for "The Heart of the Beholder." I'm hoping that some of you who enjoyed the series would write a few reviews. You certainly don't need to buy the books, but remember to link through this site so that BCTS gets a little bit, if you do.

Portrait of the author as an old bat!

I'm tempted to suggest this is what happens if you eat more than you exercise, but it's self evident. Also my hair is so fine and grey it doesn't always show very well in photos, then none of me is photogenic but I've lived with that for a long time.


Tiring day

A couple of weeks ago my daughter got knocked off her bike by a car. Fortunately she was more shocked than physically hurt but her bike was damaged and as it's her main form of transport, I bought her a new one from a bike shop which she collected last weekend. Unfortunately, it wasn't properly set up and I had to drive up to her place and sort it out for her. I'm not the greatest bike mechanic but at least it was rideable when I'd finished and I'd more or less sorted out the gears.

It's been a tough go


Two months ago, on November 30th, I completely disconnected with reality as my body fought for life. It started while I was out driving and blacked out. When I finally came through, I was driving in the middle of nowhere and couldn't find my way home. I GPS'd my address in my phone and made it back. I got to my driveway and banged on the door. Felix let me in. I went to bed and blacked out again. The next thing I know the paramedics are leading my outside, naked, to get me into an ambulance. That's the last real memory I have. I remember my delusions vividly but they were not kind.

Crossover Characters


I'm trying to remember the title and author of a story

It is proving difficult as I can't remember which universe it was set could have been in the Julieverse or Whateley universes

part of story I can remember

new state of the art theatre is setup on a campus (link between the above universes and this particular story is Jen Stevens of Bob Arnolds ZAPPED universe if I'm remembering correctly), part of this theatre that Jen helps to set up is that it houses a panic room.

Rodford Edmiston Smith aka Stickmaker

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Stickmaker, but he is a superb writer with a huge body of work. He generally posts his stuff as emails to the Yahoo group, I think.

His main story, MASKS is an immense work, involving very large groups of characters, supers, of course. If you're a fan of these kinds of stories, I urge you to go and read. You won't be disappointed. Of course, his main character(s) is(are) TG.

Well isn't that just PURRfect?!


Blog About: 

I don't know if this woman is making fun of us with performance art, or if she
really is a cat at heart, but her trans-species situation seems like what the critics
of transgender people always warned would happen if they allowed us to exist;
and I fear this will be grabbed onto as somehow implicating us as delusional,
with that peculiar logic of transphobes...


Apologies for slapped together ending

I apologize to everyone reading my "A New Finn" finale. I wanted to use it to bridge the gap between my two other "year 4" stories but it seemed to sputter out towards the end and seem like I was just slapping together things to make them make sense. I wrote those stories without intending to bring the character of Miles into the Finn family so I needed to have a reason for him being absent from both stories yet still part of the action.

The next stories I do in the "Winnisimmet Tales" universe will all be set after "year 4" and hopefully start in a week or two.

What a compliment


To those who know me, which is few on this site, and those who don't, I want to start by saying I am a nurse of 20 years. That being said, I have just started a new job in the last 2 weeks. As with any new job there are the anxieties and insecurities aplenty. I have always worked in hospital, usually a large one, and am now working in a long term care facility in a new position as a supervisor.

All that aside, I seem to be one of the more senior nurses in this facility and I am finding that for once my years on experience is actually being appreciated.

I have been given an amazing honor today

I received an amazing honor today.

The Rev. Anam Chara, a fantastic author here on Big Closet, name-dropped one of my stories into the latest chapter of his story, having a group of high school students read my work and comment on it.

I am humbled by being selected for such an honor.

Interference from RL

I've managed a few thousand words of Tammy's tales since I rejoined BCTS earlier this month, but I did have plenty of free time available.

It now looks like I have to spend a few days with my brother who has suffered a major PC failure and can't recover his data from his old hard disc. That means a trip to the far side of London, probably tomorrow.

Mixed Tape Update

Hey all, Persnickety here, curator of the Mixed Tape collections.

The latest Mixed Tape is still coming along at a snails pace. At this point, an early February release doesn't look likely. As for the new release date, it'll happen when it happens, and it'll happen when we get at least 10 stories. I want to kick of the year with something substantial.

If you would like to be part of the collection, read on. This time around I'd also like to shine a spotlight on some of the longer stories you folks write, if you'd like on that, you'll find more information after the jump.

In Memorium


Today is the first of three sad anniversaries for NASA. On this day in 1967 a flashfire during routine preflight testing of the Apollo 1 spacecraft took the lives of Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee.

Tomorrow, Jan. 28, is the 30th anniversary of the Challenger shuttle disaster.

And Feb. 1, is the 13th anniversary of the Colombia disaster.

college bound

Can't remember if I read here or some where else. There this teen boy who wanting to get away from his controlling mother. So he applied for a college out there the west coast. His letter from the college came in he was accepted. His name was neutral so could a boy or girls name. When got the information back. He told mother that he was going cross country to go to school. When he get there and set up in his room. His roommate show up it was a female. By that time he had no choice but to share it with her. She found out that he was TG. someone can help me find thank you.

We're back


Piper and I are back from our vacation in Florida. For me this means going from 65°F damp days to 65°F dry days but Piper has been dropped into the deep freeze of New Jersey. :(

We had fun. We're tired and we probably all have colds. I expect to do very little today and maybe not much more than that tomorrow. And Piper still has some personal stuff on her plate to take care of. So, please, continue to cut us some slack. :)

need some insight

okay need some help. You see i have 2 stories on the go. One is almost done and should be ready to post, but the other is giving me issues in the stupidest way possible.

You see it centers around one of my favourite creatures: a naga. A boy angers his girlfriend's grandmother who turns him into a snake. THe girlfriend is horrified and tries to change him back, but she only knows one spell: change-into-girl. So the result is a naga made of two different kinds of magic. This is my excuse as to why he can't simply be changed back.

Now, what's been eating me about this?

Let it snow


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I live about 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Over the weekend we had a bit of snow... the local paper claims 31 inches. Needless to say I was snowed in but fortunately never lost electric power. Physically, it was quite tough on me.

In 2000 I had a total right knee replacement. November 2104 I had a spinal laminectromy, and in December I had a total left knee replacement. Fortunately I have a snowblower but still spent 7 hours digging out. Needless to say my new knee wasn't too happy with me. No damage, just ache & fatigue.