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Indeed, as they say, the best laid plans..... Anyhow whilst I had hoped to post new chapter and get the web issue sorted today a change of plan/weather means I won't get on line properly (this is from my phone) today.

The next update will therefore be mid week so have a look then.

In other news - Book 16 is moving along well, the next block will be finished next week, the editorial team(!) have up to ch15 so only 25 more to go! Part 2 will be released next weekend, so if you can't wait for the full book you can sharpen your credit cards for a shorter fix in 7 days time!

What I Love About Melanie Brown

I love the way Melanie blends pop culture references into her stories. They are always entertaining and well thought out. They reference Gilligan's Island, The Love Boat, Here Comes Mr. Jordan to name but a few.

Some of my fave locations are Timothy Leary High School, Leonard McCoy Middle School, and Jonas Grumby High School.

Her stories are always entertaining and these little pop references are very much a signature trademark, like a Hitchcock cameo.


Close Hauled On the Edge of the Winds of Plagiarism

Gwen Brown

As I have said enough times before that it is likely getting tiresome, I have been working on a story for years, perhaps fifteen of them. It’s been an off and on project and I’m not sure why I didn’t just sit down and finish it. Perhaps the answer is that the fates had not completed parts of it.

Thanks, Everyone


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Well what do you know?


It seems my five year anniversary with this site has gone and past more than a month without me noticing. I certainly hope I'll be around in another five years. This place is such a welcome community and though I'm not as deeply involved as some folks in these parts, I've always found the attitude friendly and inviting.

Kudos to Erin, and crew for running such a great site!

Trying to remember story

While re-reading Frills, the attempted kidnapping reminded me of another story. But I can only remember a few details.

The t-girl in the story got grabbed from her front yard at night, just short of crossing over into her next door neighbor's yard. I recall something about a dumpster. Either she was dumped in one after being raped, etc or som e evidence that led to her was dumped in one.

And at some later point she plants a tree/bush on the spot in the yard where she was grabbed.

Anyway, that's all I can recall, and it's driving me nuts.

To whom it may concern, web serial edition!

To those who like the various things I do, and can't get enough... or just want things to read: I have started a new web serial, just today.

If you care, you can find it here:

If you don't care, just ignore this.

Another day, another dormouse.

I wasn't sure if this survey was going to take place because the forecast was so awful, cool and rather damp - as in heavy rain. However, when we met in the car park for Thorncombe Wood, just up from Hardy's Cottage (Thomas Hardy's birthplace), the rain had eased off to virtually nothing. The decision was we'd give it a go. A bit of a walk later we went on to the survey site, which was new to me and checked the boxes and tubes for dormice.

Uploading Chapters


I am about to begin a new story and have a dilemma. I write my story using MS Word with Times New Roman 12 point font. When I copy and paste it into BCTS it changes it to a Cambria 13.5 point font. It also requires me to add italics and some other forms of punctuation that do not transfer correctly.

Is there a way I can just upload each chapter as a document?

Moving forward


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I've been waiting for some good news and it looked at one point today that my waiting was in vain.

I had hoped that my prospective landlord would have made his mind up by now but that hadn't happened. While I was with him, however, my daughter turned up and then a man with a van arrived. I asked about renting the van for Monday morning when I need to empty the flat and he asked where it needed to go so I suggested the large ground floor living room at the vacant property. That finally prompted the decision - the place is ours!

I just re-read Leeway by justme

Sadly it stops at chapter 24 which is a pity because it's a good story. However, I'm not so worried about the story but curious as to what happened to justme, I know there were some domestic problems but has any one heard from her or know what happened to her?

The Family Girl #76: Pimping My Story - My Upcoming Entry


The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #76: Pimping My Story -
My Upcoming Entry for the May Contest

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl

Blogs, click on this link:

I decided to get on the "advertising" bandwagon, too, and advertise my story here in BCTS' blogs - it’s my entry to the "May Story Contest: Rebirth" contest sponsored by Asche, this May, 2016. Click on the Autobot graphic, and enjoy the trailer!

Unscientific Poll

I seem to have a few serialized stories that have not been completed. So I'm curious which one would y'all most like to see re-started? I don't mean any serial in the last 12 months or any story that came to an actual end. Some of these stories I just ran out of steam or the story started meandering. I don't want to lose ground on any of my current stories, but I thought it might be fun to revisit an "orphaned" story.


So a bit of an update on things. I've been trying to finish writing Ch. 5 of Just Keep Rolling and have come to one conclusion---I'm utterly bored with the story. I'm not saying I hate it or the characters, I just feel as if I REALLY want to be writing something else at the moment. This tends to happen to me all the time but lately its been happening more and more. I think half of my problem is that I love my stories and characters too much and just want to keep continuing in their worlds.

So I think I need to take a break from it.

How Societies (Could) Categorize Gender

Cissexist societies tend to classify all trans people as either our birth-assigned genders or some third gender. And these categories may work for some trans people, but not for others.

I was world-building for a couple s-f settings, and was thinking how they might classify trans people.

Need advice new job possibility Manifest Solutions, central ohio, lgbt nondiscrimination? need to decide ASAP

Has anyone heard of Manifest Solutions and their LGBT non discrimination policy, I asked for their policy and this was the response. I want to know what their policy is, but I am afraid to ask specifically in case the paid internship leading to a job is withdrawn. I am not sure how to ask without tipping my hand so to speak, does anyone have any suggestions.

Hugs :)

Equal Employment Opportunity and ADA

Boston Medical Center to provide GRS


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The Boston Medical Center Hospital just announced ( 5/18/16) that they will be joining a small group of US hospitals offering Gender Reassignment Surgery for both M to F and F to M. The hospital has long provided hormone therapy and mental health services, but due
to a growing demand,and slowly changing insurance coverage, it was decided to provide the surgical procedures. The BMC said it already
has a waiting list of over 100 patients to be evaluated for surgery.
This is good news for patients in the New England area.

Life's little ironies


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Life likes giving me little ironies.

Like today is my 5th anniversary of working for Walmart, and so every time I swiped my badge I got a "Happy Anniversary" message.

So why is that ironic?

Because today I also got my official walking papers saying my last day with Walmart will be Friday.

Ah, well.



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Mass General Hospital in Boston, Mass. has announced the first sucessful US transplant of a penis. The receipent had penile cancer and had his removed in 2012.
The lead surgeon saved my bladder in 2013 when I was diagonesed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer.
A team of 7 surgeons and over 30 support staff were involved in the surgical proceedure.
Doctor Feldman expects that in several weeks the patient will have full function of his penis. This also provides hope to servicemen who have received wounds to the genital region

I feel guilty

I feel like I owe my readers an apology. Its been more than a month since I published the last chapter of Mercy, and i cant even say I'm close to having the next one ready.

But pain, PTSD, gender dysphoria, and life stress have sapped my creativity totally, and so my progress has slowed to a crawl.

I'm so sorry.

Crisis averted *Thank God*

Well everyone I'm back and as you might remember I lost my outline to my story Broken Phoenix(or so I thought) well it turns out I made a second copy of the file and stuck it on a thumb drive. Now I'm happy to announce that Broken Phoenix will actually be returning! No timeframe as of yet but it will be returning when I get back to writing it(which is right now actually)



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It really makes you wonder what we are coming to when this pops up in the news,
"Students at Oxford University in England are allowed to skip lectures about crimes they find 'Potentially Disturbing'.
Makes sense, except, they are criminal law students.
Nice to see this is happening in the UK as well as the USA. Unbelievable !


My favorite author...

I had recently found that some books by my favorite author were translated into English and were published by "western" publishers including Amazon.
Pen name is Max Frei, and is a name of the protagonist in many of the stories.
Interestig thing is that while pen name of the author and protagonist are male, actual author is female.

How to saddle and bridle a horse


I don't agree with a lot of this. I also don't agree with all the different names they gave to respective parts of the saddle. Maybe my part of the world was ignorant and didn't know what all it took to toss a saddle and bridle on a horse? Maybe our horses were too tame and didn't need the tactical learning skills necessary to toss a leg over a horse? We always mounted a strange horse from the left side except our own horses. Ours we climbed on which ever side we were on. The horses and me were just too dumb to realize we needed a college course in how to saddle and ride horses.

From the ridiculous to the sublime


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After a stupid and annoying afternoon I've had a wonderful evening courtesy of The Dorset Chamber Orchestra who gave a concert in my local church - it's used for quite a few musical things because it has good acoustics.

Tonight after Legends 9 & 7 by Dvorak

Symphony in D by Arriaga

came the finale with Violin Concerto in D minor by Brahms with soloist Frida Backman, and she was excellent. This is one of the great violin concerti of the classical canon and a favourite of mine. For those who don't know it:

2016-05 (2) Pride and stuff


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Today is the annual Belgian Pride ( or 'Roze Zaterdag' ( 'Pink Saterday" ) for my generation and older > few namechanges for the event over the years). The focus this year is / was (day is almost over) transgender rights. Sadly enough I wasn't able to go. Especially since I used to volunteer year in / year out for it.



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I am so close to committing murder I've had to sit down and scribble this to distract myself. I hung a line of washing out at 2.00pm at 4.00pm I notice my next door neighbour's tenant has lit a bonfire and is burning garden waste - it's like a scene from Sink The Bismark. I knew if I said anything and he answered back I'd be over the hedge and stuffing him on top of his stupid bonfire. He's a bit bonkers anyway but I shall speak to my neighbour when he comes back from holiday.

My washing is mostly dry but smells of smoke - bloody men(well some of them).

How many people are you?


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As authors, if we are going to be any good, perhaps we learn to sort of "be" other people since we must develop characters as we write a story and most often our stories have more than one person in them. As I have been thinking about this, perhaps lots or even most T folk learn to be more than one person in our real lives and each of them are very real. Then I thought about a police officer who must be an authoritarian figure at work, and when he gets home he is dad, hey you, or some such.



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The fingers have been back at the keyboard this week so I must be feeling a bit less stressed. Last weekend was just hell for me, one of the lowest places I've ever been. Anyway, pulled myself back from the brink, did the paperwork that the housing folks were demanding and it seems to have worked, sort of.

Jogged my memory

I was just reading a post and down at the bottom was the Doppler ads. I saw one for Tanya Allen's Whispers in the Mind. I am in no way pushing an ad, but couldn't help the posting. I remember reading this a couple of times and have to recommend it to anyone interested in sci-fi tg stories. It is very, very good, if you are interested.

Languages: spoken

I did not wish to completely derail Julia's thread so decided to start my own.

Another aspect of languages, dialects and such is our ability to adapt to, even adopt the speech patterns of those around us. I am from Oklahoma Dust Bowl stock and when I get around them quickly begin to sound like them.

A silly bit of nonsense re: the English language

As an example of the

(please select: power/complexity/ deliciousness/stupidity/wonder/insert your own)

of the English language, it occurred to me today that:

Read and lead rhyme.
As do read and lead.

But read does not rhyme with lead.
Nor does read rhyme with lead.

Have fun where and when you can!


Vaniter 11 is up

Well the next part of Vantier is up! and you guys seem to like that one!

the next part of Shadowsblade is being wrote and edited.....but this part takes time to write. As she has so many things piling on her.
Ahh to torture a character---pain must be planed well to make sense!

have fun reading guys

back to beating the muse for ideas! Whack whack!

send cookies it helps!

I am in terrible pain


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I've reached a point where pain is a constant factor in my life.

Worse, regular pain medications are no longer nearly effective enough for me.

As soon as I can, I'm going to book a visit to my doctor, to see what other options are available, but in the meantime, prayers and hugs appreciated.

Oh, I am kinda blocked on Mercy right now, so I dont know when more is coming.


Getting a bit nervous...


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Last Wednesday at work I was revamping office/store space where I work. I was short of breath the entire 5 hours. I wrote it off to being out of shape from having my left knee replaced in December and putting on some weight during recovery. My co-workers told me to go get checked out. Since I've been going to the gym twice a week (spending 1/2 hour on the rowing machine plus other stuff) I decided to see the doc thinking I might be coming down with bronchitis.

C# Last Lab Extremely Confused Due Tomorrow Help ASAP please

I am having a great deal of trouble and I am extremely confused as to how to accomplish the lab requirements, questions are not a problem.
I can't get the json part for the currency name to go through and I cannot figure out why.
The list view needs to be changed to the name of the currency instead of the currency code.
Quincy Kurtz

New TG (really CD) Manga

Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru debuted in 2014. It is labeled as "ongoing"; however, the first four chapters were posted on a manga site in Feb. of last year. No more were added until five were posted on/before Jan. 15, and then two more later in the month. It could be more will come, but it may be several months, if ever. There is no indication on the scanlator's site to either outcome.

New Girl in Town


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Dear friends.

Thank you for welcoming me into the community here.

Heather has been a secret part of me for a long time, even when she didn't have a name or when I tried out several names.

You know similar stories. Buy. Dress. Hide. Shame. Purge. Then start again at some point a while later.

I will admit to a sex addiction but I never wanted this persona to be about that. It gets too intertwined. Been doing ok with the addiction part but it's too easy to slip back in.

May budget very tight


Last month's expanded goal was nearly reached so we carried the shortfall over to this month. The hope is that next month will be more regular in our other income. We have bills coming due and not that much in the accounts, I'm pinched pretty tight myself so I can't make up much in the way of shortfall. Anything you can send will be greatly appreciated.

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Thank You

The fun begins

Turned on my computer this afternoon after work and the first newsflash popup was this, US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law One of the NC lawmakers seemed to think it was a bluff. I guess it wasn't. So the fun begins.

Sorry no Bike tonight

I've been out to the hedgehog group meeting this evening and feel it's too late to start writing Bike. Hopefully, I'll continue dealing with Cathy's dilemma tomorrow.

Don't forget, I write other things as well as Bike.





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Had my appointment with my psychiatrist today and walk away holding a box with 2 red diagonal bars on it. Wich will hold me for 20 days so way longer then the exams I'll be taking it for.

As of now money is tight (first month use my pension) and I don't see that that will change. Got about 60euro left for the rest of the month. *sigh* Good thing I'll probably have lesser bills next month ...


Writing Bike enables me to explore the realities of being transgender/transsexual as well as flights of fancy from time to time. While a shorter form would also enable some of this, it doesn't allow the depth of exploration, my soapy serial does. In the most recent story arc, we have a new transgender staff member who doesn't know Cathy's history, but who latches on to her like a younger sister or even daughter to learn the skills she doesn't have as a woman - things as diverse as homemaking and dealing with male attention.

How to use the MENS as a Lady


The NC law was written by people who have NO IDEA what transgender is. It was as stupid as the laws other states have passed where every bathroom is anyone's bathroom. Take your pick. Funny how we managed to figure out women belong in the female bathroom and men belonged in the male bathroom before government got involved mucking up the basic concept.
Anyway, I think what Nayfack is doing is a hoot. Maybe those in charge will get the message but I doubt it. Bigots seldom think their thought train is the one on the wrong track.

That kind of weekend

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Well. it seems that several people are having that kind of a weekend, so I might as well throw another log on the fire.n I spent a good portion of early Sat. morning in the local ER. When it was all done with it seems I had a rip-roaring infection so they put me on a fresh bottle of saline to which they added a metric shitload of antibiotics and a hypo of morphine. While the antibiotics are probably the key to my long term health the morphine sure was nice!

Using real names andorganisations in stories

I'm seeking other writers' opinions on this topic. In my current story, and the previous one which both involve a fictional character Harriet who is making a name for herself on the British stage, I have added some characters who just might be based on real people but with names changed. Recently, Harriet obtained a role in one of the most famous companies in England who are based in Stratford, the home of Shakespeare. Maybe I am over-reacting, but after using their real name in a few chapters, I've decided to be cautious and changed it to the Imperial Shakespeare Company.

Death in the Family...


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My friend, Jenn C who is one of our Author's here was with her Mom when she passed at 0449 this morning in Texas. Jenn C is now resting after taking care of getting her Mom picked up from home to a Funeral Home. Jenn informed me of what happened earlier this morning and asked me to post this information on the Transgender Trekkie's page on Facebook. I did so because Jenn is my First Officer on the USS Jorgensen, NCC 1952 and I am one of the Admin's for that page. I also posted to Jenn's Starwar's Transgender Fan Page.

My sister's fiancee is in hospice...

He has some type of chronic bowl disorder.

Over the years he has had parts of it removed as they have become damaged.

This last time the doctors found there was too little healthy tissue remaining for him to survive.

As he is quite slim I fear he won't last long.

He is only in his early fifties.

John in Wauwatosa

Been dormousing


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I've been helping with the field work on the Mammal Society's Dormouse and Conservation course. Basically, we, the helpers, assist the course participants in checking the nest boxes--showing them how to do it and making sure anything in them which could be a dormeece is kept in the box until everyone has a chance to see it. To do that we plug the hole with moss temporarily which has no effect upon the dormouse.

Three week break

After this evening's finale there will be no Winnisimmet Tales for three weeks. I am going to try something completely different in the final story. I wanted to revisit England and do a story from a different angle, dealing with family who has struggling to accept their relative as being now post-op transgender and the heads of the family finding they have more grandchildren.

7 Years of College Down the Drain


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We live in a society where honest and decent people are afraid to become police officers, teachers, health workers, or firemen for fear of getting caught up in a YouTube moment. I began this year, my first as a teacher, with such high hopes. I felt a strong urge to give back to my community. I wanted to inspire young minds to read and learn and gain the fruits of knowledge in the same way I was inspired.

Now, I am seriously re-thinking my career choice. I owe 55k in student loan debt and am looking at job opportunities outside of the classroom.


Times, they are a-changing

This morning's news from Big Closet members is very uplifting but when I checked Facebook a friend had posted an old downbeat joke. In the mood of the day I decided to update the joke and here it is:-

A group of Hell's Angels in South Carolina are riding east on 378 when they see a girl about to jump off the Pee Dee River Bridge, so they stop. George, their leader, a big burly man, gets off his Harley, walks through the group of gawkers, past the State Trooper, who is trying to talk her down off the railing, and says,

Non-TG related, but seeking answers

Anyone who has spent any length of time talking to me already knows this, but just so it's stated... I'm a video game geek. Not like some casual "yeah I play on occasion" or "I like X series but not much else," but a dyed in the wool, I-can-name-you-the-processor-chip-from-every-console-ever-made kind of obsessed gaming geek.

Discriminatory attitudes


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I don't understand!

I don't understand why people feel the need to tell others how to live their lives. When you get right down to it that is what North Carolina DC 9 and similar laws are really about. I have a hard enough time trying to live my own life by my own ethical standards to spend time trying to tell someone else how to live theirs.

I don't understand hate. I've tried to hate various people and ideas, but it is too much work. It is much easier to love and tolerate, and I'm lazy.

North Carolina LGBT law violates civil rights


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In a letter to Gov. Pat McCrory, the Justice Department said federal officials view the state law as violating federal Civil Rights Act protections barring workplace discrimination based on sex. Provisions of the state law directed at transgender state employees violate their anti-discrimination protections, the letter said.

Certificate of Change of Name


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In the matter of:, MacKinnon, William Bryan

I, Michael J. Carey, Register of Probate at the Hampshire Probate and Family Court, hereby certify that after application and after due public notice the following persons changed their name as follows:

from: William Bryan MacKinnon to: Brianna Frances MacKinnon
which shall now be their legal name


Arson attempt at GRS surgery in Canada


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Early on monday evening an attacker attempted to burn down the Centre métropolitain de chirurgie in Montreal; the only place in Canada you can get GRS. It is also the practice of Dr Pierre Brassard, one of the top GRS surgeons practicing anywhere.

The full news story is available here.

Gabycon 2016


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More details at the weekend but we are pleased to announce that the 2016 Gabycon will take place over the last weekend of June - that's 24th to 26th.

Format will be pretty much as usual - cycling, reading, eating, drinking!

More details will be released as soon as we have them!



Jackie Evancho’s Sister Tells Her Emotional Transition Story

This was on my local news last night. There is a video interview with family. A nice change from the bathroom bills blogs :)


New Cover Artist

POPULAR (bela).jpgI'm really pleased to announce that I am partnering with bela04 to make covers for my stories. This is the cover of the story that I'm publishing after I finish "FEMAIL", but I was so happy with the work bela04 did that I wanted to share it as soon as I could. Bela04 is an incredibly talented artist that generally creates comics about Age Regression/Pregoression, though they have a few really good TG comics as well. They have a Patreon at, and have also just announced that they are taking commissions. If you're looking for an artist to do covers or work on full length comics, I would definitely check them out.

Weird dreams, and trying to write


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I have the weirdest dreams.

Like last night I dreamed I was at an event at the University of Alberta, and the person I was with caught a bus without me. I then wandered around for a while, saw a pretty girl, and kissed her for no good reason.

Then I apologized for kissing her.

There was more, but honestly, it was so jumbled I cant really make sense of it.

On the other hand, at least the fact I had a dream means I'm getting used to wearing the CPAP machine ...

Early applicant for the bathroom police...


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“When I saw you enter...I thought you was…,” the as-yet-unidentified man said.

“A boy?” Rush replied. She was wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts.

“You know it’s difficult,” the man said with a shrug as he walked away from the bathroom. “You are dressed like a man. Of course, you are dressed like a man, so…”