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So, here's the deal

I feel horrible, not physically horrible but just bad for disappearing and not being able to post anything for so long.Granted, circumstances were beyond my control but I want to try to make it up to my readers. To that end I worked hard the past week on getting Going Green ready to post and the new chapter of Twice Removed.I'm currently working on the next chapter of that too as well as Alex in Wonderland, Syryn's Song, and Winters Child.

BigCloset and Graceful Degradation

So a little bit of a lesson on how the new Bigcloset works.

BigCloset uses a web-format we are calling "Graceful Degradation" to detect how to display the site on your various devices.

First you have standard Desktop mode, This is Followed by Tablet - Landscape Mode, then Tablet - Portrait Mode, then Smartphone - Landscape Mode, and lastly Smartphone - Portrait mode.



Kaitie Leone asked that I post that she is in the hospital with an infection in her leg. The hospital is most likely blocking her access to the website. She would like to wish everyone the best with the new setup of BigClose Topshelf. She calls her foot a Hobbit Foot since it looks like the size of a hobbitt's foot due to all the swelling (see picture below). She hopes to back to writing and working within a couple of days. It will take that long to get her white cell count down so that she can come home. I will post info from her as I hear it to let people know how she is doing.

Open blog to Alexander Kung

Where, oh where has Alexander Kung gone
Oh where, oh where might he be?

With his tales cut short (and his work cut long),
Soon back to write might we see.

Seriously, it has been a couple of years since the last writing of Second Chances and Book of Keilari have had chapter updates.

In May of this year (2014) the question was put forth by him as to whether or not to continue both series. The resounding vote from the hoi-polloi was “YES” “Definitely” (if you listen to the masses).

Insane Hysterical Rant


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So, I finally got moved into my palace in the sky (4th floor) down by the river. Everything was going fairly smoothly until I started dealing with our Government. Social Security was actually not too bad if one can accept the hour and a half of divining their secrets of joining on line. Wow, talk about secret squirrel !

Novel writing software kickstarter

Hope I'm not overstepping any bounds here, but I just thought I'd pop in and mention this since it might be of a lot of interest to folks here. I recently got the privelege to beta test a piece of online novel writing software known as Novlr. It allows you to rearrange and organize chapters as seperate documents in a manner similar to Scrivener, but has a much simpler interface. Currently, it's not very feature rich, but new features have been promised.

Patreon? is a crowdfunding site, kind of like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but Patreon is concerned with ongoing funding. The idea is that someone who creates online content can get continuing funding from a group of people in return for doing what they would probably do anyway. I'm looking into it with the idea of creating chapters of Kelly Girl in return for funding to go to BigCloset.

Would anyone be be interested in supporting this idea? Does anyone else contribute to someone thru Patreon or get funds from Patreon?

Any thoughts?

Odd email subject.


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I know that everyone gets those odd emails, Increase your 'body part' and Buy cheap 'drug' here type ads. But the other day I got one with a very strange subject: Email Exclusive! Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Woman Within! Now I thought that slavery was illegal, but here it is a sale to buy one woman, get one free!

(For those that don't know Woman Within! is a clothing store.)


The new skin looks great. So fresh and inviting - really love it.

I've just written a new standalone story. I've marked it as complete but can't find how to set it to Standalone, so it's in the Serials section.

Can you help me, please?

Incidentally, all my kudos points seemed to have disappeared. Is this temporary, or are they gone for ever?


Problems with BCTS?


I've been away from a computer for a few days and when I logged in this morning, I found a very different looking BCTS.

When I read a blog, the list at the left of the page does not turn color to alert me that I've already read that message.

Listed fiction no longer includes the name of the author, a prime criterion for whether I read a story with my very limited time.

I notice that the ads are absent. This cant be good for revenue.

This seems to be a large print version of BCTS. Even with my poor vision, not yet necessary for me, even on a laptop.

84 Months In Default


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That's where my student loans are sitting right now, with a total value of 3,184 dollars and a handful of cents. On the plus side, this is down from the near 10k I owed previously. On the downside, after having spent the day calling the various offices and figuring out what, if any, help I could get, the general consensus is that after so long they have little in the way of leniency for my debt, so forgiveness and/or lowered values are pretty much off the table.

Afghan girls raised as boys.

Who can blame any girl wanting the freedom of boys, especially in the worst country in the world to be born female, according to the UN. However, there can be a sting in the tale, as soon as they begin developing as female adults, they're expected to revert to their biological sex and begin acting like normal females, have children and so on. Read the article:

Today Is National Voter Resistration Day

Here in the U S we have a democratically elected republican form of government with a constitution enabling us to generally have free and fair elections. The most important way for anyone to have any voice in government is to VOTE! The only way to vote is to BE REGISTERED! If you are not registered get registered. Make sure you follow the qualifications in your state. Also ask your neighbors if they are registered, get them registered and urge them to vote. The country you save may be your own.

shalimar, a voter

I'm Back -- Network help needed.


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We spent a week without internet. My DSL went down Thursday the 12th. That happens now and then and they are usually pretty good about getting it back up. However, it was still out Friday after work. I suppose I should have called right then, but we had things to do and would be out 'til late, then Saturday there was this family outing. Long story short, I didn't make the call until Monday. I was told they could get a tech out Thursday morning. Thursday evening and no tech.

Avoid the movie "Boxtrolls"

Just wanted to pass along a heads-up regarding the new movie "Boxtrolls" - according to reports on Facebook, the movie is very anti-trans, hitting all the low points. The villain apparently dresses up as a woman as part of his schemes, he's sexually embarrassed almost continually while dressed, when he is finally unmasked he attempts to destroy everybody while still in a dress but minus the wig, and worst of all, some of the men who were harassing him say that they dodged a bullet insofar as they didn't do worse than grope him.

Welcome to the audience participation portion of our program

Voices from the stage OR
Welcome to the audience participation portion of our program.


Yes this is instant replay of anthers well worded post but it bears repeating for those who may not have seen it the first time.

I need advice on a story im writting

I have a problem and im stumped. I have written a story almost to the middle. I think its good but not as written. I have thought of a better way to start it and write the first half. It wont change my plans for the second half. But, its a totally different start up to the half point. What do I do? Just write it from then and later change the start, or rewrite the whole damn thing

Have any of you writers here even encountered a problem like this and what did you do

Not Safe For Work tag questions

Well, pink pajamas has probably run its course and I've managed to piss a few people off, but when don't I piss people off. I got a nice message saying how someone will never read anything I ever write and I think someone has a voodoo doll and has been stabbing my keyboard.

Donations still needed


This month is a particularly heavy one for bills. We have over $1000 in bills for hosting due before the end of the month, this is because several annual payment contracts are expiring. Others will expire next month and in November.

Donations are our major way to fund BCTS, not to slight our advertisers who help us out enormously but advertising is less than 25% of our revenue. We've only received about 1/3 of the amount we need for the month, so far.

Blog entries: what do people want to read?

Looking over the past few months of blog entries, I've noticed that some of mine get far more reads than some others, and they're not always the ones I think are going to attract attention.

With that in mind, I put a question to all of you. What do you like to see in a blog entry, and what do you not?

An update and news

Work got bad, to the point where I was so tired, I was coming home and going right to bed. I tired to finish the next part of Tracy over the past two weeks, but at work it gets hard, with just 15 minutes and a half hour lunch. But i got it to the editors.

I was also setting up something for the contest. An idea that came to me one night. So yeah, got sidetracked. Hope's ranch has suffered too.

Somewhere Else? Not Entirely

So I have this massive epic to bring to an end, with plotlines and stories disappearing in all directions. I'll be flying to the US again at the end of October...

So, what do I do? Write another story, of course. This one is set on Anmar, but somewhere nearby.

Back home - and the world as we know it ends .....


So I got back home, after days of traffic jams (bloody C Y C L I S T S - we even got caught up in the tangled web of closed and opened streets due to the end of the Tour of Britain !!!!) and getting a virus on the computer from a CD of photos that some a..h... had given my elderly recently-widowed aunt, and I unpacked all the goodies into the fridge (British sausage, bacon, and just a hint or two of individual pork pies, along with some Cheddar!!!!).

All well and good, and all the comforts of home, and a reasonable night's sleep for a change.

transgender aggregate news site


My apologies for my lack of clarity. Many people are on sites like BC because some of those authors are some of the finest story writers to ever live. If you are one of those who are not interested in TG issues, if you are here for the great stories, please ignore me and accept my most sincere apologies for my endless posts on the TG subject.

Transgender wins title homecoming princess

The original site I picked this news up off is really off the wall when it comes to TLG things. Part of the "hate them" crowd. You can figure the comments were skewed. Lots of likes dislikes about this story at the school and on the net. Net search of the story turned up a little less hate mongering at the following site.

'I couldn't stop smiling': Transgender girl crowned homecoming princess by fellow students

Muffin the Cat Died Yesterday (Saturday about 1:30AM)


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My cat, Muffin, died yesterday morning from complications of cancer. She not only owned me. She owned others in the Evil Witch/Little Kids Kamp family including Holly Hart, Maggie the Kitten and Debby Bishop (the superintendent of the Little Kids Kamp schools). She was a very loving cat. She loved to climb anything she could reach. She will be sorely missed.

I still sometimes think I hear her meow.
She was one of the ancestors of the sabertooth cat (Felix incisor) at Little Kids Kamp.


Thailand Beauty Pagent 2014

Fascinating the ladies would put so much time and effort into a thirteen hundred dollar prize. Have no idea what those gowns and accessories cost in Thailand? Here in US easily twenty to fifty times the value of the prize for winning.

The fact they made that transition is the best prize of all for those who have their hearts and their minds finally in agreement for the first time in their lives.

What next for The Housemate

Where should I go for the next chapter(s) "The Housemate"? If you didn't get it, the girls want to make Clarence, their only male housemate, a female, that is, "Claire". At the end of chapter 1, they captured him, handcuffed him spread-eagled to his bed, cut of his clothes and gagged him. What next should happen to make him into a "Claire"? Clarence as depicted, is rather short--150 cm, skinny. Not sure whether I should make him have body hair--that would need them to shave him? What next should happen? 1) Shave body hair? 2) Make up--how? 3) Stuffed bra or breast forms?

Girl Power and a confession

I am shocked, stunned, blown away, pick your adverb(s). This story is almost completely free hand as I call it. I didn't sit down do and out line in general, set a time line, lay out all the players and so on. the notes I made for it would fit on a 3X5 index card with room left over. That is not the way I normally write. I generally lay out he whole story start to finish outline style and than start the actual writing process. I normally do a ton of research before I start too.

No Bike tonight

Sorry run out of time. The shit that my life has become in recent months continues. At times it feels like everything I have is being tested or destroyed. Now it's my car which is going to cost a lot to repair and get through the MOT, earlier on Bonzi was attacked by another cat. My daughter is still suffering her fatigue, which is worse since Huw's untimely death, and working for the NHS remains very much a case of lions led by donkeys.

Gone to the Dark Side


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Wish me luck please, Cathy, Bev, and Beth and anyone else who's listening. Tomorrow morning I am moving to a place that has nursing care available should I need it. AND, it will be $250/Mo cheaper than where I am now. Hopefully, this will enable me to resume writing and have a bit of peace.

Pulling the plug now on SKYPE and will perhaps be back on line by Friday?

Much peace


Wonderful Authors


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We have so of the must wonderful Author ever . I send P M's to the authors about the stories and always get a response and a big heart felt thank you from them . First that I take the time to thank them for the time and effort to write & post and second they our honored that I take the time to read the stories they work so hard writing.
I just sent Mary Beth Sanford a thank you for posting stories . I had sent her a email on her personal email account and was so excited that she read my email and listened to me about posting here at BCTS .

Unaccounted Gains etc

The next chapter of Unaccounted Gains, number 30, may take a day or two as I've deleted a 1000 words from the draft chapter and commencing a rewrite. Unfortunately I wrote myself into a corner that would have taken a miracle to get out of. It was a shame as the dialogue was pretty snappy.

Eve reposts will continue on a 1 or 2 day basis until Book 1 ends, then there will be a break until book 2 starts.

There's no timescale for Tammy to be reposted as yet but I might produce a few standalones as time permits.


Europe's first transgender pride march.

From the Guardian - where else? - a transpride march in Brighton. Did you know there's a trans flag? No nor did I. Dunno if I'm getting old, but the fact that it appears most of the population of the earth is now deciding it's transgender is getting a bit passé. Anyway for those who want to read it...

I got the green light for giving a lecture at my church


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Well, I got the green light from my church to prepare a lecture on being trans. It was suggested that I make it a mix of facts and my own personal experience. So ... any suggestions, ideas, or resources you guys know about that will help me do this?

A very beautiful lady made the transsition.


A beautiful person sent me this data and I'm sharing it with the BC family. First I want to say never judge another person by what you see. The clothes, the mortal body is only a covering. What and who that person is, isn't always what we see. The real beauty is deeper than looks. Some of you will understand, others not so much, and a few will think I've gone off the deep end. There is nothing in or on this earth that is what you think it is. I wish I could share with you my life, my experiences, what I see, and have seen. In time you will see and understand yourself.

Pink Pajamas

Usually I do a release and then wait to post the story on the site, but this time I did it a little backwards. I doubt it would make a difference one way or another. But my new short "Pink Pajamas" is now available on Amazon. It's only 99 cents or if you belong to Kindle Unlimited (which I think is a good idea if you read a ton) you can add it to your library that way.

Synopsis: When Francine finds her son's diary and a pair of pink pajamas it puts life in perspective.

A short story of 5000 words.

Thank you Cathy

So much time and effort one puts into editing and so little thanks. Kinda like being an accountant in a firm. No one knows who is doing the numbers until the money stops flowing. Then everyone blames the accountant for all their troubles.

Cathy honey, I know the effort one puts into editing. I sincerely thank you for all that time you spent working on another story.