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A very beautiful lady made the transsition.


A beautiful person sent me this data and I'm sharing it with the BC family. First I want to say never judge another person by what you see. The clothes, the mortal body is only a covering. What and who that person is, isn't always what we see. The real beauty is deeper than looks. Some of you will understand, others not so much, and a few will think I've gone off the deep end. There is nothing in or on this earth that is what you think it is. I wish I could share with you my life, my experiences, what I see, and have seen. In time you will see and understand yourself.

Pink Pajamas

Usually I do a release and then wait to post the story on the site, but this time I did it a little backwards. I doubt it would make a difference one way or another. But my new short "Pink Pajamas" is now available on Amazon. It's only 99 cents or if you belong to Kindle Unlimited (which I think is a good idea if you read a ton) you can add it to your library that way.

Synopsis: When Francine finds her son's diary and a pair of pink pajamas it puts life in perspective.

A short story of 5000 words.

Thank you Cathy

So much time and effort one puts into editing and so little thanks. Kinda like being an accountant in a firm. No one knows who is doing the numbers until the money stops flowing. Then everyone blames the accountant for all their troubles.

Cathy honey, I know the effort one puts into editing. I sincerely thank you for all that time you spent working on another story.

A Quick Question

I'm thinking about trying to write a story for the Back To School competition, but all the responses to my idea for a PFH short and whether it would fit the rules basically came back "Sure! If you change everything you planned to do and write a completely different story that has nothing in common with your original idea."

Help finding a good all around eBook reader(eInk a must).


Hey everyone. I was hoping for some good advice on an eBook reader. Primarily I wish to use this to comfortably read scanned PDF and ePub's on it. I have a lot of books, both school and otherwise, I would like to have on hand without physically lugging them around.
I picked up a cheap Nook but I really dislike the text adjustment options on the the PDF conversion. If I make the text small enough to fit the page it's too small to read and the next size up doesn't really fit the page terribly well.

Story research help

I wasn't going to do this, but...

I'm working on the outline for my Back To School contest entry, and there are some things that I, quite frankly, do not know. Since I want my story to be as realistic as possible, I'd like to ask the following questions of anyone who might know:



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Yesterday we found out that Joan rivers died and then someone put out on twitter that Betty White died with turned out to be a very poor hoax . I saw the headline on Facebook and then read further into the story and found out she is alive and well.
Just proves you can't believe all you read on F B .
I almost got caught with this lie

The Human Body is an incredible mechanism

The problems and sickness we experience is usually caused because we feed our bodies the wrong fuel. You don't pour jet fuel into a high performance car engine thinking it will run better. Why oh why do we pour trash and dirt into our own human engine thinking it can handle all that without problems?

We feed that body for years nothing but junk and wonder what went wrong. Then we go to the engine specialists (doctors) looking for a tune up when all the ones who knew have long retired and all the new ones were never taught the basics.

Adding Books to Kobo

I have begun the process of adding my TG centric works to Kobo, a company founded in 2009 that has become a world leader in eReading. The charm of Kobo is that they publish in a format that allows a person to use any platform. The following is from their website.

There are drawbacks when publishing here. The categories a writer can classify their work under is quite limited. There is no 'Transgender' subcategory. I've written them, but it seems there is not much of an interest at present to change that. Oh well, nothing is perfect, yet.

HW Coyle

September's TG Mixed Tape - SNEAK PEEK!



Hutcho here, just a heads up that contributions for September's Mixed Tape flash fiction anthology* are due on the 14th. If you're interested, click through for more details. I've also included the framing story for the collection. I hope you like it. Feedback is appreciated.

* Haven't seen these about? Here's a link. Enjoy.

Holding on to hope in the middle of grief

When I was in high school, we were assigned a project that involved creating a coat of arms that would represent us. Mine ended up having a sun ray of hope, a cross of faith, an open book of knowledge, and a broken heart held together by a band-aid.

Looking back on it now, I think that it shows that even though I saw myself as "broken", I continued to have hope that some kind of healing was possible for me.

I've told you that story so I can tell you this one:

Good vibes/Prayers etc needed!


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I've been trying to obtain a Mirena IUD since my son was born 10 months ago. It's a long complicated story, but I was told it is finally shipping to my doctors office today. I was also told once before that it was shipped by a different company. I have severe endometriosis which is why I desperately need it.

I'm in pain from it every day, but it's worse at that time of the month,it's so bad I sometimes can't walk, plus I'm normally exhausted for at least two days during that time

IT IS FINISHED - kind of

I just finished the first round of editing for the biography I am co-writing. I have to rearrange a few things to get a major agent on board with the project, but it will be worth it. I mean, it's an undercover narcotics detective and army intelligence officer who is not only transgender but had SRS, I see a movie. So, today is done. Tomorrow and the rest of the week I will reorganize and rewrite and then, me and pinky will conquer the world. Oh, oops, you weren't supposed to know that last part.

Some General Help Needed

It's been a few months since I posted so I wanted to put his out there before I did. I have two parts of a three part story written and in the hands of my editor. Thing is because of the nature of the story I have no clue how to tag it. It's very science fiction with multiple transformations in it, open dialog about sex and sexuality and at least one sex scene. On the other hand the story plot itself is very much along the lines of Gentleman Jockey wins the derby, with some self-preservation thrown in for good measure. I'm not trying to pre hype the story I just have no clue how to tag it.

Alone again - naturally


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It's been a long time coming, but I've decided to end the relationship with my FtM boyfriend Felix. It started out well, but it is going nowhere and I figure why waste the next couple of years being polite. He will always say what I want to hear and do whatever the hell he pleases anyway. I am constantly frustrated in my own house and I don't want to live that way. I am tired of being annoyed, tired of living in filth, and tired in general. I think this is for the best. I am also thinking of putting my house for sale and moving from the state.

BigCloset Picnic - November 1


In memory of Holly Hart, today is a good day to announce the upcoming BigCloset picnic. I will be in New Jersey the weekend of November 1, this year. Piper lives there and Cat will be visiting from Old Blighty. November 1 is a Saturday.

Holly organized the meetings in Northern California two and three years ago and they went very well. I hope we can do as well.

Very Sad Day


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VERY SAD DAY TODAY . I had to put my best buddy HERSHEY to rest today . He has had Cushing Disease for the last 2 years and the last 2 days he crashed we took him to the Vet and found out he lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks . He no longer had a good quality of life . I had him from 10 weeks old found him at the Humane Society fell in love at first site to a little black Lab/Pit Bull/plus a few other thing mixed in a heart of gold. Long live the Memory of HERSHEY . :-( BIG TEARS - BROKEN HEART .

Bull Shit Filter Clogged

There are a number of very good authors here who essentially work for free here and there are some who are just beginning who need our encouragement. There are some whose work does not appeal to me for various reasons, and those of you who like their work should be supportive of them.

The Science of a magickal gender change

I began to wonder exactly why the trope "if woman is pregnant she cannot be turned into a man through magick" existed. After some deep thought I at first thought it was the magick had some sort of morality issue with it, but then realized magick doesn't give a damn about morality, it has no ethics it just does what it's told to do within it's realm of control.

Romance or Erotica

I am wondering something. I know romance and erotica are usually separate things, but can a work be both. I just wrote "The New E.D. Treatment" and am wondering if it is a romance. Can a romance have hot and heavy graphic sex scenes and still be a romance, or is the sex scenes that make it erotica. I notice that my smut is different from the standard TG stories out there. There's an anger that is missing, there's no sense of revenge. My stories tend to be about people who find each other. In this new story Jacqueline and Nelson find each other.

It Helps to Know Where You’re Going

Recently a maxim I like to adhere to when writing was brought home to me in a most dramatic fashion. When writing, I have found it helps immeasurably to have a clear idea how the story is going to end. In this way I am able to guide both character and plot development in a manner that leads to the preconceived end game.

Skype problems redux

Well, once again, skype is playing f# %king games. Now it's telling me that I have been signed out and cannot connect to the server. Apparently the workaround I found on the Apple forums was only good for a few more weeks of using the older, more user friendly, simpler version of skype doesn't agree with their new version, which my computer won't run!

Loving our Sisters


The presence of Transgender Sisters is growing stronger in our country. I know of no less than 4 such souls in my neighborhood in the wild reaches of barely civilized Oregon. Tonight I ran into two Sisters in a Safeway grocery store. One is the Night manager there, and the other was standing in front of the Pharmacy perhaps waiting for Estrogen? She was perhaps 5'10" with long luxurious black hair, budding breasts, and the studied face of a woman. She was dressed "female" style but not over stated.

for those who have been waiting... Tracy is back!

That's right. It's been since October, well, August and Through the years is back. Hope's ranch is almost done, at least the next part and maybe, just maybe, I'll try and post something tomorrow. I may drop to a post by the week schedule. Work has been hard and with our backroom at work, being like an oven, I have felt very off lately. Heck, spent almost an hour and a half in that humid room the other night, sweating like a hog.

New Kindle Release - new name - new genre

For years I have written stories where the main characters were young and have dealt more with the psycho-social issues of being transgender. A lot of my stories deal with acceptance and that is all well and good. I think I have produced some mighty fine stories. But, I am also an adult and have adult tastes and desires and to merge that with younger characters would be downright icky. So I decided to leave my comfort zone and head into my pleasure zone. That being said, it would be poor of me to combine the mainstream writing I do with some of the more erotic tales I want to tell.

Computer is sorted

A local computer shop had the required power adapter for my HP laptop and it was competitively priced to those I'd seen advertised on the internet. Took me moments to fit and test. I'm glad I have the netbook as back up but it runs Word Perfect and I prefer Word, far less fiddly. So I'm back up and running, well limping along as usual.


More Changes


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So my life continues to change. I am far enough in my transition to finally accept what others have told me all along, I'm cute, I'm pretty. I'm no longer self conscious, I have friends and family who accept me. I get correctly gendered as I'm out and about. even in male clothing. I have so much going for me. I'm also however moving back home. Whether this is a good or bad thing I do not know. Money is an issue so I can no longer attempt to live on my own. Dad has agreed. So long as I present myself as "normal". He's the only one who's had a problem so far with me being transgendered.

Light of Fury allowed me to post some stories

Light of Fury wrote several Whateley stories. At first, she claimed they were only for my amusement, but eventually, she said to go ahead and post them as fan fiction at Crystal Hall. So, if you're a fan of her writing, head on over to the Crystal Hall forums and look in the fan-fic area. They're being posted (chapter a day) under my name, but attributed to her.

(If you feel the need or desire to comment, do so in the fan-fic discussion forum instead of at the fan-fic page itself).

Seven Year in Nine Weeks

Going over things and erasing persistent log-ins, and noticed I will have been an official member for seven years in just a few weeks. I am still writing, but slowly. I might have the latest novel completed by the end of he year - no promises. I won't say much other than it starts out pretty dark. It complements (with an 'e') The Redhead and the PM but brings out much more that was thought to be hidden but wasn't. My other stories are still there if anyone wants to look them up.

Got confronted in Walmart about being trans and don't know if I should b


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I don't know if it is a good or bad sign to be mistaken for an FtM transsexual. Someone stopped me in the store today and said "honey, you were born a woman, you should remain a woman."

Those numbers

As a self confessed comments and kudos slut, I've reported the unusual figures my kudos totals show. Just now it was 164,164 so I've accumulated a few of them probably about one per hour I've spent writing and posting stories here and one or two other places. It's poor reward but all we get as authors here, so please give generously to all of us story tellers and wordsmiths.

The Family Girl #72: BCTS Mystery

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #72: BCTS Mystery:
A clarification on 'School of Hard
Knocks 101: How to put pictures
in your story'

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A BCTS friend sent me a message, where she talked about some old stories that she just discovered in the site.

In the same message, she also made mention of a recent blog of mine entitled "School of Hard Knocks 101: How to put pictures in your story," and what led me to post it. And I had this to say about it: "Huh?"

The Family Girl #71: About loneliness and other things

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #71: About loneliness
and other things: checking out
the chatroom

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