The Other Side of the Forest

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just had to add

a terrific tale. thanks

2nd that...

Kudos and all of that, I've enjoyed reading the story series you created, and looking forward to your other works.

Loved this story

Found it to be a great, and creative, take on the fae. Fast paced too, which was wonderful, bet left me wanting more.

I'm already enjoying Real Monsters so am hesitant to ask this, but thought it might be fun if you came back to Morgan for an omake type chapter dealing with the first day of school or something like that.

Thanks for writing such a great story.

Elsbeth's picture

Thank You

Thank you I'm glad you liked the story. I actually thought about writing a few short chapters covering Morgan's first experiences as a Arbitrator. A story about her days at school would be fun as well.

Thanks again for reading


Go raibh maith agat le haghaidh léamh

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