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Laura, part 2

"Show me! Show me!" Nicole eagerly giggles. Also giggling happily, I take the mirror from the kitchen table and show my new friend the glittery highlights me and my other friends have applied to her eyelids. "So cool!"

"Me next!" Megan insists. Giggling almost feverishly, Nicole, Suriya, Priya, Harriet and myself take our glittery make-up brushes and set about giving my best friend a make-over just as pretty as Nicole's.

Mathew's Secret Desire - Chapter Four


Author's Note: Here's Chapter Four of Mathew's Secret Desire. Sorry for the delay in posting, like Chapter Three I had to do some re-writing. I also apologise for any spelling or grammar errors as my spell and grammar checker is Canadian English.

So please enjoy and as usual constructive criticism always grateful.

Seasons of Bailey: Spring - Part 3

Never expect a happy ending...

Seasons of Bailey

Part 3

By Taylor Ryan
Copyright© 2010-2014 Taylor Ryan
All Rights Reserved.

Laura, part 1

It's not a question you ever expect to get asked, certainly not by your mother. And yet, I'd hoped my whole life that I'd be asked the question.

"Leon, do you wish you were a girl?" My mum asked. I paused briefly, more in shock than out of a need to think about the answer.

"Yes," I said confidently.

"I want you to think very carefully about this," mum said calmly upon hearing my answer. "Would you rather be a girl, or a boy?"

"I would rather be a girl," I answered immediately. Mum simply nodded and gave me a long, comforting hug.

A Summer’s Odyssey Part 1

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

A Summer's Odyssey

Part 1

By Jennifer Sue
Copyright© 2008 Jennifer Sue
All Rights Reserved.

I remember the night my odyssey started as if it were yesterday. A lot has changed since then... especially me.
That fateful summer changed me forever. I was forced to grow up as I temporarily became the head of my family.

The PomPom Fortress chapter 4


PomPom Fortress chapter4.jpg
Kyle is having a good time
  until the rodeo club decides to have their own fun
fun for them doesn't mean fun for anybody else, especially Kyle.


Mathew's Secret Desire - Chapter Three


Here is Chapter Three of Mathew's Secret Desire. I made some changes when I posted Chapter Two that didn't mesh with Chapter Three. As a result I had to rewrite Chapter Three. Don't you hate when that happens, hehe.

The PomPom Fortress chapter 1

Mathew's Secret Desire - Chapter 2


Mathew’s Secret Desire
Chapter Two

“Are you fucking nuts?!” An agitated, disembodied female voice said.

April looked up at the image of her 20 year old cousin, Samantha on the computer monitor.

April and Samantha talked to each other every week. The two girls were as close as sisters, and April felt she could tell her cousin about Mathew, and what she was doing.

“I beg your pardon?” April said in disbelief.

Little Boy-Girl 15 Michael Comes Out as Michelle and, a New School Year

The day came to go to the school that the kids are to attend. We walk in to the building and are greeted by the principal and told what room to go to. We get there and are greeted by a teacher by the name of Mr. Vaughn. He says “hey Mario how it going and who are these lovely little ones.”

Brianna and Jayden - A TG Dress Shop Story


TeenGirl Logo.jpg
Brianna and Jayden
A TG Dress Shop Story
By Torrey Grover

Copyright© 2015 Torrey Grover

Brianna, who works in her mother's dress shop, is a confidant, cheerleader,
and mentor to boys with special interests. Jayden was encouraged to meet her,
and now they are having a deep conversation about Jayden's identity crisis.

Here Comes the Sun - 4

Here Comes the Sun
a series of Vignettes celebrating transgender romance
through the songs of George Harrison*

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

I don't want to kiss or hold your hand
If it's funny try and understand
There is really nothing else I'd rather do
Cos I'm happy just to dance with you

The Last Water Nymph Chapter 5


Where is this place?
What am I doing here?
Why am I here?
What happened to me?

To be lost in the world,
How could this happen to me?

The Life and Death of
The Last Water Nymph

Chapter 5: The City of Sulsuk
By Shinieris

Little Boy-Girl 14 the Trip Back Home With my Nephew and Nieces

Joseph and Gillian say “why is Gabriella going to live with Uncle Mario.” Beth says “it’s to get her away from the person bullying her.” And I then say “if you are having trouble as well you can come as well.” Gillian asks “what time are you leaving in the morning.” I say “early real early.” Beth says “if you want to go pack seven day worth of clothes and be ready to go when he says get up.” That’s when Gaby says she ready for bed and I go to tuck her in and tell her the rules for traveling.

Pointe Shoes, Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Have you heard the rumor?" one of the moms asked Aunt Amy in the wardrobe room.

"What rumor? she said as she worked on my tunic for my role in Sleeping Beauty.

"There will be a transgendered child attending the middle school next year," the mom said.

"Oh really?" Aunt Amy said before she told me to stop fidgeting.

"I swear I'm dealing with Meg," she said as she put another pin in the tunic.

"What would you think would happen if that child took class here?" the woman asked my aunt.

Pointe Shoes

Pointe Shoes

Editor's note: Pointe Shoes is a sequel to My Summer With Meg and Our Nutcracker Adventure.

I've always been mesmorized by watching Meg dance.

This night was no different.

Classes were over for the evening. Meg liked to go into an empty studio and dance for a few minutes, making up her own choreography as she went.

"Get off your little butt and join me Collin," she shouted as she was making a dance up to Kelly Clarkson's "Break Away."

Curiosity Killed The Boy 8


All week I thought about sleeping in the night gown. Now it lay next to me on the bed. Mom knowing what I liked to do, and being OK about it, should have been a relief. I should be embracing her acceptance. Instead, I sat hesitant. What if I want to go back? What if I never want to go back? I thought about what she said. Do I enjoy wearing girl’s clothes? Yes. Do I enjoy pretending to be a girl? Is it pretending? I know I am a boy. Correction I have a boy’s body. I had many questions and no real answers.

Misunderstood Fortune

Curiosity Killed The Boy 7


I checked my closet. The bra and panty I hid in a bag on the closet shelf were still there. I wanted to go into the spare bedroom and look in the dresser drawer for the night gown. Either Mom or Sis changed the sheets. Neither acted unusual nor treated me different. I assumed it had to be Sis; Mom would have said something to me. I paced the room wondering what I should do.

There was a knock at the door.

“Yeah,” I didn’t open the door.

“If you are looking for the night gown, I put it in the top drawer."

Curiosity Killed The Boy 6


Dad was late arriving on Saturday. He was supposed to pick me up by noon, he didn’t show until three. He took one look at me and stated, “What’s with the hair?” I told him I was letting it grow out. Mom saw an opening, “If you sent the money you owed maybe I could afford to get him a haircut." Dad shook his head and told me to go. Mom wanted the last word, “See if you can have him back on time."

Curiosity Killed The Boy 5


“Starting next week you have to spend two weeks with your father,” Mom stated as a fact.

“What, why?”

“It is part of the divorce settlement,” Another cold fact.

“Is Sis coming?”

“No,” I see her minor shake of the head with a frown. Her way of saying, I’m sorry when delivering bad news.

“Why not? Why do I have to go and not her?” I once again get screwed.

“I have a job. I can’t get off."

Sis looked happy stating that fact. “I don’t want to go,” I was afraid of him.

Funky Lady: A TG Mixed Tape

Funky Lady: A TG Mixed Tape


Edited by Hutcho

A mortally wounded superheroine chooses her successor. A young man makes a mistake when administering a love potion. In the near future changing genders is as easy as popping a pill. Hit play on the first Mixed Tape collection of 2015 for all these stories, an interview with Morpheus, and more!

Curiosity Killed The Boy 4

It had been three weeks since the day I wore my first outfit. I’ve started making some minor modifications to my daily routine. I took baths, long hot bubble baths, instead of showers. I’ve been shaving my legs, armpits and private area. I started wearing panties. I slept in a night gown. Part of me thought I was making too many changes to fast. The joy I felt each day only encouraged me to go further.

“Mom. Did you use my lip stick?” Sis asked.

“No,” Mom looked at Sis. “Why?”

Curiosity Killed The Boy 3


I sat on my bed wearing an aqua baby-doll night gown and panty. The cotton balls were stuffed between my toes. I shook the bottle of red nail polish, thinking about the risks. I didn’t think it likely that Mom or Sis would ever see my painted toes. It would only be for a few days. I was confident I would never be caught. I found it exciting to have a secret. Like when I wore panties for the entire day. Mom and Sis never knew. I knew, every time I stood or sat I felt the panties caress my bottom. It made me feel naughty, and I found that exhilarating.

Curiosity Killed The Boy 2

Since the divorce things have changed. Sis and Mom work more, and the house isn’t as tidy. Mom is more stressed. She complains about money all the time, and my good-for-nothing father. Some changes have been for the better. Mom and I haven’t received a thrashing; her for being a whore, and me for being a dumb ass. I was growing my hair long.

Curiosity Killed The Boy

Curiosity Killed The Boy

My older sister always had more clothes than I. Her closet and dresser were full. The closet in the spare bedroom was packed with outfits that didn’t fit her or were deemed out of style. There were boxes of her old clothes on the floor of the closet. Since Monica took care of her clothes, Mom had a habit of saving her stuff. “You never know when they may come into use,” she would say.

The Last Water Nymph Chapter 4


Where is this place?
What am I doing here?
Why am I here?
What happened to me?

To be lost in the world,
How could this happen to me?

The Life and Death of
The Last Water Nymph

Chapter 4: The Black Plume Bandits
By Shinieris


By Anon Allsop

I sat upon a little bench and watched shadows race across the open expanse of the lawn. Deep were my thoughts as my mind filtered out and processed, what had gotten me to this exact place in my life.

Glancing at my watch, I saw the dial reflect the sun as it broke through the cloud that raced overhead. I squinted at the sudden glare, angling the face so I could see the dial. Ten minutes till two. I had forty minutes until I would be forever alone.


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