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Seren Dee Petty: Chapter 4

Am still away but found some QT to get this fourth slice together n am now in a place where can access the wibbly wobbly web n hopefully upload. I am really appreciatin all your comments n questions n so glad my little story is putting smiles on faces. Please keep the comments comin n feel free to PM me. I’m sorry but we still don’t seem to be able to get beyond Friday…. Take care my baby.

Pam gushed: “Seren is not a woman and this whole masquerade has just got to stop. It’s Sally’s dress, I never knew it had ever been worn until we walked in on it being danced in early this afternoon. Sally’s shoes too and, I’m guessing, everything else. Except the make-up, that’s mine.”

Seren Dee Petty
by k-jo

Allie 3: Blind Allie / Allie Cat

Blind Allie/Allie Cat
By Paul Calhoun
Bought by Demuto
Turns out it was 11.5, not 10, so there's a bonus for you. There was going to be a scene with Allie in a two person horse costume doing a bit of weird meta costume imagery but that section was cut because things were running long.

The boys first test out their new social Allie at the mall with friends, followed by a trip to the pool and dinner at a nice restaurant. Then it's Halloween with the boys and girls trick-or-treating and a party in which Allie learns a valuable lesson many of our intrepid bodysuit users have to. Saying no is harder than it looks, especially when you've got two people in one attractive female.

Ninja Girl - Part 5

Ninja Girl
Part 5

by Purple Dragon

This is the story of how a young boy,
living in an orphanage,
ends up being a ninja girl.

As always, feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Fairyland Trail, Part 5

Facing Puberty and Seeking Help

McKenzie continues to be closeted at home while puberty approaches and Mom remains concerned about anything that will interfere with the custody hearing. Depressed over the discussion of puberty in health class McKenzie turns to StacyLyn for help. She has a suggestion, but acting on it means sharing family secrets.

How I became Dawn 2

Well as you can see this is not just one event but also several. I will go back though the years as I go along this way you get the whole picture of the who I am.

It was a rainy day in 1982. : 8

It was a rainy day in 1982. : 8
as written by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part I - Dawn talks to her friends.

Allie 2: Side Allie

Side Allie
By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by demuto

Allie returns for another job, this time a legitimate babysitting call. Will the boys crack under the pressure of a pair of stuck up little girls? Read on!

Includes a lead-in for the next installment.

Seren Dee Petty: Chapter 3

Getting my third slice out early as am jettin east for a couple o weeks n don’t know if I’ll be able to access the interknit while I’m away. Thanks again for all the wonderful comments n PMs on the second slice, I just hope this one tastes as good, can’t believe it’s still Friday…. Take care my baby.

Joseph smiled because he realised he’d added “necessarily” to his “Not in a dress” thought. He knew this was the other way around of saying: “Possibly in a dress. Maybe in a dress. Perhaps in a dress.” Was it possible that Seren had a future? Was it possible that he wanted Seren to have a future?

Seren Dee Petty
by k-jo

Allie 1: Right Up Their Allie

Right Up Their Allie
By Paul Calhoun
Summary: Written for those tasteful perverts who were on Turkranma's journal. Some boys find a female skinsuit and decide it's time for a new babysitter in town!

Ninja Girl - Part 4

Ninja Girl
Part 4

by Purple Dragon

This is the story of how a young boy,
living in an orphanage,
ends up being a ninja girl.

As always, feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Seren Dee Petty Chapter 2

Thanks everyone for being so kind about my first ever posting on BCTS, especially for the wonderful comments n PMs I think I’ve replied to y’all n I hope you like this second slice…. Take care my baby.

This crazy Friday was raising so many unanswered questions. Was this business running on child labour? How did Ms Wilson know his girl name when he’d only been given it less than an hour ago? Exactly who, or what, is the agency? Did he really have to come back tomorrow and if so, as Joseph or Seren?

Seren Dee Petty
by k-jo

Fairyland Trail, Part 4

McKenzie and Mom return home from the 'all-girls' vacation at Bryce Canyon. Mom expresses serious concern that McKenzie's dress-up activities will interfere with the custody hearings. Aunt Karen continues to be enthusiastic about McKenzie's changes, but what is her agenda? McKenzie has conflicted feelings, but keeps communicating with StacyLyn.

Ninja Girl - Part 3

Ninja Girl
Part 3

by Purple Dragon

This is the story of how a young boy,
living in an orphanage,
ends up being a ninja girl.

As always, feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Seren Dee Petty Chapter 1

My first ever posting of the first chapter of my first story on BCTS …. Take care my baby.

Joe was older than his sister by 11 months, but you’d never guess. Where she was confident, he hesitated. Where she was independent, he seemed incapable. Where she thrived on responsibility, you couldn’t trust Joseph with anything. Not that he was a naughty child, just incredibly accident prone. Joe was not a boy you could leave home alone …

Seren Dee Petty
by k-jo

Ninja Girl - Part 2

Ninja Girl
Part 2

by Purple Dragon

This is the story of how a young boy,
living in an orphanage,
ends up being a ninja girl.

As always, feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Fairyland Trail, Part 3

Before leaving home McKenzie was told by Aunt Karen that going on a vacation as a girl was just a game to cheer Mom up, but now events seem to be going unpredictable directions. StacyLyn invites McKenzie's family to join them for their last day at Bryce Canyon. A fun mother-daughter day of sightseeing is followed by a picnic. StacyLyn leads McKenzie away from the campfire and reveals a secret.

Ninja Girl - Part 1

Ninja Girl
Part 1

by Purple Dragon

This is the story of how a young boy,
living in an orphanage,
ends up being a ninja girl.

As always, feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Abuse-Leaving-Escape-Xanadu = Love-Exhilaration-Xylem-Imbue or Alex=Lexi

Abuse - Leaving - Escape - Xanadu = Love - Exhilaration - Xylem - Imbue
or Alex = Lexi
by Jennifer Sue


Alex Dennis liked school, which was quite unusual for an 11 year old junior jock. Most of his classmates were at least slightly jealous, the girls for his intelligence and thick shoulder length red hair, the boys for his athletic prowess. Another unusual aspect was that none of his classmates disliked him since he never strutted about lording over the less physically and mentally adept. In fact, Alex was more than willing to help classmates when they were having difficulty with academics or sports.

Through the years: Two against the world part 23

Tracy smiled. “So I can do it?”

“Yes. Let's start now. Also we're thinking of taking you out to a nice dinner tonight, okay? For Valentine’s Day.”

“Okay. That was what Uncle Frank was talking about?”

“Yes, it was. So a nice dress for dinner if you want, or a good skirt and blouse, nothing too fancy, just a nice one will do.”


Edited by Djkauf

Valentines day, 1983


The Project, Chapter 2

When you live with two psychology grad students you already find yourself being over analyzed.

Kelsey and Avery both looked for "hints" of my gender struggles in the past.

The Project, Chapter 1

"So, do you want to transition?"

That's not exactly a normal question you would hear at the family dinner table.

But then again, we didn't have what I called a normal family.

Who's fault is it?

Hi all I woke up from a dream and there was this story in my head.

When I was but a fetus inside my mothers womb she had had an ultrasound done with my father loving her so much. The doctor, although at the time she wasn't supposed to, stated that mom was pregnant with twin girls. My parents were ecstatic and decorated two rooms in our house. One was a pink themed room the other was a rose themed room. All was well as they both spent hours in stores examining all the cute baby girl dresses. They actually bought alot of dresses, two at a time, of course.

Through the years: Two against the world part 22

“I wish she didn't have to go. I wish she could move with me.” Tracy said, leaning her head against the window and just staring blankly at the passing scenery.

“I can bet that she wants the same thing.” Lilian said as they turned into a large sprawling campus. Tracy started looking around and saw several buildings and groups of kids, all ranging from six to eighteen walking around different parts of the campus.


Editing by Djkauf and secondary editing by Stanman63

More of Tracy and family.


A cute little christmas song

I was thinking the twelve days of christmas song last night and this what came to my mind.

On the first day of Christmas,
my parents left for to me
A pair maryjanes under the tree

Through the years: Two against the world part 21

“Tracy, it won't make you feel better, but they know about Sage as well.” Persephone said.

“Tracy, it's something they need to know about.” Lance stated.

“And the whole thing about using the bathroom in the nurses office?”

“What if another girl sees you without a skirt and panties?” Lance asked. “You’re a girl, in your head and your heart, but until we get your body to agree with them, you have to do things differently. You don't want someone spreading stories about you again, do you?”


Editing by Djkauf

Back to Tracy in Livermore and look in on William, too


It was a rainy day in 1982. : 7

It was a rainy day in 1982. : 7
by Dawn_Smith_1972 as written by
Barbara Lynn Terry

Part I - Dawn is given what she wants.

As Dawn and her mother started on the dinner, Dawn couldn't help but wonder why her name was changed.

"Mom, did you and daddy change my name, today?"

Through the years: Two against the world part 20

“Good. It's good to know someone has your back in a fight. It's also nice that you made sure your friends got to safety. That's the sign of a good person, willing to put themselves in danger to help others.” Ivan said. “Now about your Grandmother. Was she okay with you as Tracy?”

“I don't know.” Tracy said. She shrugged and shook her head. “She wouldn't listen She kept saying I should see a new therapist and go to church and stop wearing the clothes, but Grandpa, her husband, said I was always this way. He recalled me as a kid in Wyoming when we visited and said I was girly then.”

“And obviously your Grandmother has come to terms?”

Tracy nodded again. “Yeah. She came in Sunday night and woke me up to say she was sorry for being a big mean person and she loved me. The next morning she helped me with breakfast and asked to come down here with Mom and me.”


Edited by Djkauf

Her first day away from Oroville. The fun of setting up a new life begins.


Dottie's Surprise - A Jaci and Dottie story

Dottie’s hospital surprise - A Jaci and Dottie story

“Do I gotta have the surgery?”

Accidental New Life - Part 8/8

Faith laughed, “No daughter, I have a lot of work to do, and I don’t have time to take time off.”

“I’m at your disposal, of course.”

Faith nodded, “I need you to find me one more for him for now: someone who is powerful, just like your great great granddaughter.”

“What persona is he seeking next? As far as I know he can’t have Death, which also means he can’t have access to the spirit world, so no analogues to Kris.”

It was a rainy day in 1982. : 6

It was a rainy day in 1982. : 6
by Dawn_Smith_1972 as written
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part I - A school day.

That night, I wore one of my new nightshirts to bed. This had a Care Bear on the front with a cute rainbow. I made sure my face was washed, and I got in to bed. Mom came in a few minutes later and kissed me good night. That night I had a wonderful dream. I dreamt I was in Gym, and Duane was there, looking at me kind of weird like.

Through the years: Two against the world part 19

Tracy looked around the room. The room was big enough to fit two twin sized beds in it, plus a desk, thin, but tall dresser, bookcase and a bean-bag chair. Tracy pondered moving things around for a moment, but then decided against it. “I don't want to change your house all around.”

Frank got down on one knee and looked her in the eyes. “Tracy, this is your house, till your parents get here. You want to nail the beds to the ceiling, we'll do it. I don't know if it will hold, but we'll do it.” She giggled at the thought of a bed on the ceiling.


Thanks to Djkauf for the editing

Away from Oroville, free at least. Here is a short chapter, with a few guest stars.

ratings and warning are up for assualt on a minor, but fear not, it's not Tracy this time.


Dottie's Sleepover - A Jaci and Dottie story

Dottie’s Sleepover - A Jaci and Dottie Story

“Can I have a sleepover, Tante?”

Through the years: Two against the world part 18

“Dad? Do you mind?” Maggie asked her father.

“Not at all. We talked about it this morning. I can help Conner around the property and she can help make sure that everything is in order down there.”

“Also, I haven't seen Shelly in almost ten years.” Bernice admitted. “I've missed her being around all the time, like when we lived in Castro Valley, when you were Tracy's age.”


Big thanks to Djkauf for the edits

A big one this time. Tracy on the day of her departure. William at work. And a surprise visit from Molly Hallmark


Accidental New Life - Part 7/?

Kris and Marry took that moment to appear in Bethany’s office, “Or we can have it now?” Kris smiled. “Sorry we weren't eavesdropping, but I felt something here, and I had to make sure Bethany was ok.”

Bethany leapt from Faith’s arms, right into Kris and Marry’s. Kris grunted a little, but Marry giggled and knelt to kiss Bethany’s cheek.

“I’ve never felt anything like that. It was like his very presence here was poisoning me.”

Kris frowned at that, turning to Faith as she stood, her chair vanishing again. “I thought no mortal could harm us? … He was mortal right?”

For My Princess: Part 12


Arabella is an inexperienced rider, how will she cope when she joins the hunt for the first time?


Ahead of her she could see someone jumping the stream, but they were not looking forward, far from it, their gaze was fixed downward.

In the couple of seconds it took to reach the stream curiosity took hold.

'I hope it is worth it,' she thought as her horse leaped and she looked down.

"Watch out," someone shouted.



Dancers Within, Part 3

This is the final part. Thanks for indulging me. Thanks Patricia Allen for proofing. And hopefully it starts on the right chapter!

Chapter 14

There were times when Kyle wished for a little normalcy.

But he had forgotten really what normal was. It seemed like everything was moving way to fast.

His mother filed for divorce from his father. He had no objections.

He still hoped his father would change, but he knew his parents would never get back together.

It was a rainy day in 1982. : 5

It was a rainy day in 1982. : 5
By Dawn_Smith_1972 as written
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part I - The dinner discussion.

"Do you need help in the kitchen, mom?"

"Well, I don't know. Do you know how to set the table?"


"Would you like to do that, while I get the things together that we are having for dinner?"

"Yes, mom. Thank you."

Through the years: Two against the world part 17

Thanks to Djkauf for the edits

Continuing once more, this time we say goodbye to an old friend.

Also, due to not wanting to give away the good parts, there is no teaser this time.

More of Tracy, the Girls, The Parents and the rest.


Dancers Within, Part 2

Part two of three. Thanks again to Patricia for the proofing.

Chapter 9

Dancing professionally, teaching and choreography were never really career goals Kyle had even thought about a few months ago.

His mother threw out things like being a doctor, a lawyer or even an engineer. He had the grades to think about those things in the future. Those were the type of jobs that pulled in “a lot of money”, his mother always said.

Accidental New Life - Part 6/?

“Oh cool, I’m glad you guys are still friends.” Angel smiled, “I think between her and her cousin Casey and I look down right sexy.” Taking a moment she added, “But even more so on my end.” sticking her tongue out at Casey.

Casey blushed bright red, causing the others to start giggling all over again.

Lacy piped in, “I think you went and broke her Angel.” She giggled.

Casey stuck out her tongue. “Hey, I’ve only been ‘out’ a day. I’m not exactly used to being called ‘sexy’!” she shot back, still blushing, but starting to giggle too.

Through the years: Two against the world part 16

“I'm tired of hiding. I hate these clothes. I hate Troy.”

Tracy got up and began pulling off the shirt she had on, pulling it over her shoulders. Sage stood with her. “Stacey, get the door. Rachel, get a skirt from the closet and a matching blouse.” Sage asked their friends in hushed tones. Sage stopped her before she could completely remove her pants.

“Okay.” Rachel nodded.

Sage pulled Tracy into a hug. “So can I assume that Troy just said his final goodbye?”


Thanks to Djakuf for the edits

The story continues, the next day, Sunday. Soon this weekend shall be over.

Also keeping the rating where it is for the subject matter with William's story


Through the years: Two against the world part 15


Thanks, once again to DJkauf for the Edits.

After a month long wait, the continuation of Through the years.

How shall things go down? Billy's involvement is known, Clark is still out there, Molly Hallmark is still out there, and now her Grandparents are out there. Things are slowly shaping her future, but will it be a good one and will our young Tracy make it to see twelve years old?


Dancers Within, Part 1

This is the sequel to His Secret. I originally wrote the stories in 2007-08 when the Iraq war was still raging. Thanks again to Patricia Allen for the proofing.

Chapter 1

It had been an unusual Christmas.

Two families sharing a house. Two families in the process of healing.

One family trying to overcome the death of a father who died of cancer a couple of years before. Another trying to heal from a father out of control and a marriage that fell apart.

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