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For Sephrena

The little girl was in her room and scared. She looked at the door to her room from her bed. She knew she should just get up and open it but she couldn't. It was far to frightening. She had spent so long hiding herself from everyone that the thought of walking out the door of her bedroom was so hard. She knew she should but as soon as she even thought about it her heart would pound in her ears.

Fairyland Trail, Part 11

Community Reactions

McKenzie is now openly presenting herself as a girl around Santa Carla. Will she be accepted in her new identity? Now that the divorce is final Father wants to come to the house to remove his personal stuff. Mrs. Russica publishes a tirade in the local newspaper.
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Jealousy - A Jaci and Dottie story.

Jennifer (Jenny to friends)Wauwatosa, nobody could ever pronounce it correctly which is why the girls commonly referred to her as Ms. W or Ms. Wawa it was just easier, was walking down the school hallway on her way to the staff room for a much needed cigerette when she passed by the door to the girls washroom. She later couldn't say what it was that alerted her but she sidestepped to the door and opened it onto a scene of chaos.

Fairyland Trail, Part 10

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Coming Out In Public

The custody decree is final and Mom no longer has to worry about interference from McKenzie’s father. Aunt Karen suggests they use the afternoon mall visit as a coming-out experience, and this causes a range of reactions from the small-town community.

Bikini Beach: Mommy's Girl

Bikini Beach: Mommy's Girl
By Ellie Dauber (c) 2001

Has Jill Nash figured out a way to use the magic of Bikini Beach for her own evil ends?

A Charm School Uniform - A Jaci and Dottie story

Lil Jacilynn walked into her room at the house Andrea (Drea to friends) DiMaggio. Her sister Dorothy (Dottie to friends) had been left behind at school chatting with friends about the upcoming dance recital. Dottie was nervous in the extreme about dancing with boys.

Bikini Beach: Teaching Sally

Bikini Beach: Teaching Sally
By Ellie Dauber
Copyright 2000

While returning from a romantic tryst with his secretary, Mitch Hammond struck and killed a young girl with his car. Out on bail, his wife vows to make sure that Mitch fully understands the gravity of what he has done--in a way that only a trip to Bikini Beach can accomplish.

I had planned to wait until later in the week to post this story, but, after the response to "Bikini Beach: Swim Date", I thought I'd enter it today. Read this story, and see if Mitch/Sally's fate wasn't appropriate.

Jaci and Dottie - Halloween

Lil Jacilynn stomped into the housedoor after being out trick or treating for only 10 minutes. Hey eyes were almost overflowing with unshed tears as she removed the piece of black cloth covering her eyes. Tante Drea came into the living room to see who was in her house. Her own costume as a sexy witch missing only her hat and her other eye done in a smokey sexy look missing. She took on look at her young charge and instinctively rushed to Jaci's side and pulled her into her lap for a hug.

Through the years: Two against the world part 24

“Molly? Assaulted....she assaulted a child?” Lionel asked, now very confused. He leaned back in his seat, stunned. The only time she had ever struck a child was when Scotty wouldn't mind her. Then he remembered the day his daughter had left, he knew Molly had slapped her a couple of times, but that was at home and not some stranger. “What happened?”

“Well, we have some questions and we need some answers to fill in the blanks.” Deputy Cooley said.

“Okay. I answer what I can.”

The deputy opened up a small note pad. “First of all, has your wife had any contact with a woman named Maggie Patterson, or her child, Troy?”

--SEPARATOR--Edited by Djkauf

This time I focus on Molly Hallmark,and her children. Tracy shall be back next post.


Allie 4: Allie Catwoman

Allie Catwoman
By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by bunnyman A sponsored Allie sidebar.

When cosplayers and their fans give the boys a hard time, Mark and Alan give them a harder one with Connor ready to take pictures.

Millie's Release

Millie's Release,

Being tonight is Halloween, I've decide to post my one attempt a using Halloween as the catalysis for discovering one's feminine side

It was written years ago and I offer it up now unchanged or edited.

Bikini Beach: Cousin Trouble

Bikini Beach — Cousin Trouble.

When Jenny finds out her younger brother's son is suddenly an orphan, with no one to help him, she knows she's going to have to help out. The problem is that the boy needs a LOT more help than Jenny can provide.

Note: This is an updated version to correct a continuity issue with this story, The Sub, and Dear Jenny. The updates are minor, reflecting Melinda's presence in Jenny's life (although she is absent at the moment on a fellowship in Europe).


Fairyland Trail, Part 7

McKenzie continues waiting for the custody issue is settled and Father is removed from control over medical care decisions. The teacher who was at Bryce Canyon now wants to talk to McKenzie's mother. McKenzie sees the first signs of puberty begin to emerge and becomes desperate.


Ninja Girls' Theme

This is the theme to Ninja Girls a (hopefully) soon to be produced TV cartoon show based on the fantastic Ninja Girl stories premiered so memorably on BCTS.

The Ninja Girls stories are written and created by Purple Dragon n k-jo is humbly grateful for her kind permission to post this theme.

Hope's Ranch (Original version)

“But you work for a ranch that deals with them?”

“I was lucky enough to have my eyes opened for me.” He stated. “It had started a couple years ago, actually, but last year it was all pulled into focus for me.”

“What was that?”

“Well it's kind of a long story....” He looked at the fuel pump and realized he had time. “But for me, it started a long time ago...”


The story of a ranch that is a safe haven for children who are LGBTQ and a man who had a falling out with his Transgendered sibling and his journey that takes him back home again.

While no actual sexual abuse is depicted, other than an attempted rape and pictures, the cautions are there for other mentions of sexual abuse. And harsh language


Seren Dee Petty: Chapter 5

Hey everybody, am back from my travels n I guess folks took note I was away as I got less comments n PMs on the last chapter, although all those I did get were lovely again thank you. Y’all still bein so nice to me. Well, here’s the fifth slice n I’m sorry, but it’s still Friday…. Take care my baby.

Joseph blushed. He’d completely forgotten what he was wearing under his tights and dress and suddenly had a renewed awareness of the tight lacy fabric caressing the tender areas of his body. “Thank goodness Ms Wilson never measured down there,” he thought with a shudder.

Seren Dee Petty
by k-jo

For My Princess: Part 13


First Arabella and Helene are part of a most peculiar meeting with the women from the other kingdom, and then less than a day later -

"... you will need all your wits about you today."

"Why is that?"

"Today we rejoin the hunt."

The look on Arabella's face was definitely one of slight anxiety now.

"Your second hunt will be much easier than your first," Ysabel said.



Fairyland Trail, Part 6

Revisiting Bryce Canyon and Meeting Aunt Jessica:
The families have arranged a spring break vacation that will give McKenzie a chance to meet StacyLyn's 'Aunt Jessica.' How will the conversations on this repeat visit to Bryce Canyon affect McKenzie's future? What will be the consequences of McKenzie not bringing an emergency set of boy clothes?

New Midnight Society: The Tale of the Demon-Sitter


The Midnight Society were a group of friends who met in the woods to tell stories around a campfire, but after three generations, no one was left to carry the torch. They fell into urban legend, until Kristina decided to resurrect the traditions with a story of her own.

Life was hard for Kristina ever since her return to school as a girl. She was ready to try anything, but would a scary story really be enough to win over her peers?

ESwS #1 - Chapter 21 - Dancin' with the Stars AKA Clear Skys

“Sarah! Phone’s for you,” Mary called as she rounded the corner from the kitchen, nudging the sleeping mound on the sofa. They had another long practice that day, and Sarah had passed right out after her shower. “Moira is on the other end.”

Sarah groaned as she sat up. “Mmph, what time is it?” she mumbled sleepily as she accepted the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Sarah! Turn on the telly,” Moira’s voice came over the phone, sounding extremely happy.

Seasons of Bailey: Winter - Part 3

New experiences await Bailey.
His first ballet serves as a backdrop to finding out new things
about himself, his friends, and even life itself.
Could a wonderful afternoon out with Tawny be exactly what he needs?
Or will it simply add to the confusion…

Seasons of Bailey

Part 3

By Taylor Ryan
Copyright © 2010-2014 Taylor Ryan
All Rights Reserved.

Seren Dee Petty: Chapter 4

Am still away but found some QT to get this fourth slice together n am now in a place where can access the wibbly wobbly web n hopefully upload. I am really appreciatin all your comments n questions n so glad my little story is putting smiles on faces. Please keep the comments comin n feel free to PM me. I’m sorry but we still don’t seem to be able to get beyond Friday…. Take care my baby.

Pam gushed: “Seren is not a woman and this whole masquerade has just got to stop. It’s Sally’s dress, I never knew it had ever been worn until we walked in on it being danced in early this afternoon. Sally’s shoes too and, I’m guessing, everything else. Except the make-up, that’s mine.”

Seren Dee Petty
by k-jo

Allie 3: Blind Allie / Allie Cat

Blind Allie/Allie Cat
By Paul Calhoun
Bought by Demuto
Turns out it was 11.5, not 10, so there's a bonus for you. There was going to be a scene with Allie in a two person horse costume doing a bit of weird meta costume imagery but that section was cut because things were running long.

The boys first test out their new social Allie at the mall with friends, followed by a trip to the pool and dinner at a nice restaurant. Then it's Halloween with the boys and girls trick-or-treating and a party in which Allie learns a valuable lesson many of our intrepid bodysuit users have to. Saying no is harder than it looks, especially when you've got two people in one attractive female.

Fairyland Trail, Part 5

Facing Puberty and Seeking Help

McKenzie continues to be closeted at home while puberty approaches and Mom remains concerned about anything that will interfere with the custody hearing. Depressed over the discussion of puberty in health class McKenzie turns to StacyLyn for help. She has a suggestion, but acting on it means sharing family secrets.

How I became Dawn 2

Well as you can see this is not just one event but also several. I will go back though the years as I go along this way you get the whole picture of the who I am. If you are wondering as to what year, this is let me tell you. The events in this tale for the most part are centered in 1985. You see at the time we were living in base housing, which in the nature of things has built in friendships. When people leave the service of their country they have to find new homes. As with all things this is not as easy as it sounds.

Allie 2: Side Allie

Side Allie
By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by demuto

Allie returns for another job, this time a legitimate babysitting call. Will the boys crack under the pressure of a pair of stuck up little girls? Read on!

Includes a lead-in for the next installment.

Seren Dee Petty: Chapter 3

Getting my third slice out early as am jettin east for a couple o weeks n don’t know if I’ll be able to access the interknit while I’m away. Thanks again for all the wonderful comments n PMs on the second slice, I just hope this one tastes as good, can’t believe it’s still Friday…. Take care my baby.

Joseph smiled because he realised he’d added “necessarily” to his “Not in a dress” thought. He knew this was the other way around of saying: “Possibly in a dress. Maybe in a dress. Perhaps in a dress.” Was it possible that Seren had a future? Was it possible that he wanted Seren to have a future?

Seren Dee Petty
by k-jo

Allie 1: Right Up Their Allie

Right Up Their Allie
By Paul Calhoun
Summary: Written for those tasteful perverts who were on Turkranma's journal. Some boys find a female skinsuit and decide it's time for a new babysitter in town!

Seren Dee Petty Chapter 2

Thanks everyone for being so kind about my first ever posting on BCTS, especially for the wonderful comments n PMs I think I’ve replied to y’all n I hope you like this second slice…. Take care my baby.

This crazy Friday was raising so many unanswered questions. Was this business running on child labour? How did Ms Wilson know his girl name when he’d only been given it less than an hour ago? Exactly who, or what, is the agency? Did he really have to come back tomorrow and if so, as Joseph or Seren?

Seren Dee Petty
by k-jo

Fairyland Trail, Part 4

McKenzie and Mom return home from the 'all-girls' vacation at Bryce Canyon. Mom expresses serious concern that McKenzie's dress-up activities will interfere with the custody hearings. Aunt Karen continues to be enthusiastic about McKenzie's changes, but what is her agenda? McKenzie has conflicted feelings, but keeps communicating with StacyLyn.

Seren Dee Petty Chapter 1

My first ever posting of the first chapter of my first story on BCTS …. Take care my baby.

Joe was older than his sister by 11 months, but you’d never guess. Where she was confident, he hesitated. Where she was independent, he seemed incapable. Where she thrived on responsibility, you couldn’t trust Joseph with anything. Not that he was a naughty child, just incredibly accident prone. Joe was not a boy you could leave home alone …

Seren Dee Petty
by k-jo

Fairyland Trail, Part 3

Before leaving home McKenzie was told by Aunt Karen that going on a vacation as a girl was just a game to cheer Mom up, but now events seem to be going unpredictable directions. StacyLyn invites McKenzie's family to join them for their last day at Bryce Canyon. A fun mother-daughter day of sightseeing is followed by a picnic. StacyLyn leads McKenzie away from the campfire and reveals a secret.


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