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At the time I was born there was this fad going around for new mothers. Basically it was all about 'natural childbirth'. Hence I was born at home to my mother, without drugs she never lets me forget, by a midwife. My little sister Suzie was born years later with lots of drugs.

Which one is a Good Fit?

Which one is a good fit?

By Jennifer Sue

Halloween: Fourth Grade: Helpless as a Turtle on It’s Back

It was his first year going out without a chaperone. Jimmy had his doubts about the costume. After all, it had been his father’s from when he’d been Jimmy’s age like 30 some years before! How creepy was that? His dad, Don, simply went on and on about how much fun he and his buddies had when they’d worn the costume trick or treating. Naturally his mom, Jenny, took dozens of pictures. His jock buddies laughed at him when they saw his costume. Jimmy was humiliated. As he went door to door with his classmates, many of the homeowners chuckled and just had to reminisce with the boys about the time they had dressed as the mutant turtles. Jimmy usually got more goodies than the others at those homes which angered his buds. By the fifth time that happened, they jumped him, pushing him into bushes, cracking the turtle shell and stealing his goodies. They ran off leaving him scratched and bleeding in a broken costume.

Through the years: Halloween 1983

--SEPARATOR--Editing by Djkauf

This is kind of a one shot Tracy story, but will fit in when I reach October 31st of 1983. I have added some new people, and yes, Tracy will meet them in the coming chapters of Through the years. I have done my best to keep spoilers out, but this post focuses on her feelings in October.


The Lesson Learned

"What you send forth comes back to thee, so ever mind the law of three. A lesson to be learned, once learned you will be free. Another point of view is what you must see."

These words will change Marks life forever, for better or for worse is yet to be seen.


Mrs. Winston's Cat

It all started Halloween night a year ago. My sister, Lisa, and I were out Trick-or- Treating. We had begged our parents to let us go as Disney Princess characters for our final year, as we had turned 10 and 11 and were getting too old for it. I wanted to be Cinderella and Lisa wanted to be Jasmine. My parents weren't all that thrilled that I wanted to be a girl again, but they had gotten used to the same request since I was 4 years old and Lisa was 5. I knew that I should have been born a girl since I was old enough to talk.


----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------


by Lisa M.

Copyright © 2009 Lisa M.
All Rights Reserved.

When the pain of being different separates someone from their family, a mask is put on.
Where lies the truth of one's soul when the mask falls away?

Who is underneath?

Lashes Chapter 7

The pictures of me in the dress finally appeared. Even I wasn’t ready for what I saw. Mom and I both gasped as the first picture was seen. It was a shot from my waist to my head; I’m looking toward the sky and am slightly backlit, creating a halo around my head. It was the most beautiful picture I had ever seen and it would have been so with any other model. Mom’s eyes had filled with tears.

Lashes Chapter 6

“Because you’re my best friend. I’ve known you forever and I’ve never thought of you as being a boy. Why do you think you’re my best girlfriend? Amanda, you are just being you now. It took something like discovering the game you played with your mom to make you realize you’re a girl. I know you have a reputation for being tough, but being a boy doesn’t make you that way. Standing up to bullies does and a girl can do that too, you just don’t realize it yet. When we’re together you couldn’t be more feminine if you tried. Being feminine isn’t the way you move or talk or any of the things girls do on the outside, it’s what’s here,” Cindy said, pointing at her heart.

Lashes - Chapter 3

When I’m with my boy friends at school, or anywhere else, no one questions who I am, even with my pretty face. It’s no wonder Frank the bully thought I was an easy mark, looking the way I do. I may be pretty, but I’m still not a sissy, just ask Frank and any of the other kids who look to me for protection.

As I’ve said already, I’m tough as nails, and I’ll do anything, any other boy will do. I’ve had the scrapes to prove it. Maybe that’s why I don’t object to looking like a pretty girl.

Who’s going to tease me about it?

Certainly not Frank or his cronies.

Strange Water

Strange Water
Copyright 2013 by Heather Rose Brown

In a post-apocalyptic world where water (not gasoline, as in Mad Max 2-The Road Warrior) is the most valuable resource, an apprentice finder discovers something incredibly strange.

Jaci and Dottie: Boy troubles part 7 part 2

Drea hugged the girl into her chest to protect her from the cruel world. She felt her tears fall down her face into the hair of the young girl in her arms. She wanted to make the entire world go away. She still could not believe what had just happened. How could any parent ever do something so...


Drea looked up in annoyance as the buzzer from the kitchen stove started to buzz.

Lil Jaci shook herself and disentangled herself from Drea's arms.

"My cookies!" she exclaimed.

You Chose the Wrong Store - Part 8

Ronnie's life took an unexpected turn for the different

when he picked the wrong store to shoplift!

You Chose
the Wrong Store
Part 8

By Jessica C
Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Jaci and Dottie: Boy Trouble Part 1

The wind blew dust and last years remnants of leaves across the sidewalk. It was not a big wind, more of a breeze really. It did little more than make most adults crave the safety of air conditioned comfort
However for the children it was just another summers day. Two such children were walking along a cement path towards the center of the park.

You Chose the Wrong Store - Part 7

Ronnie's life took an unexpected turn for the different

when he picked the wrong store to shoplift!

You Chose
the Wrong Store
Part 7

By Jessica C
Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.


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