Deela Eon

Valentine Walnut

How does a smitten junior-high jock get on the close side of a cold embittered lad who's the splitting-image of his stunning classic tween star heart-throb?

This Valentine's Day quickie was 60% inspired by a middle school incident which I might expand on in a larger story. Please excuse this draft's grammar; I was scurrying to get this out on the appropriate day!

Take care!

A Pal Too Pretty

A macho junior high jock experiences the awe and blossoming rewards of multi-tolerance and keeping a new friend's far more alluring deepest secret.

Filed 06/20/2004 at Fictionmania as my "A Pal Too Nice". Only title has been (belatedly) changed.


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A Pal Too Pretty

By Dee Eon

Book Of Change -- The Continuation

The sequel-continuation of Thomas the Tame's "Book of Changes" where ruthless businessman and delinquent father Alex gets his comeuppance when his cunning ex-wife uses his heirloom book of magic against him by stamping out his memory in the body of the pretty little girl which he assumed to steal it back from her possession. Now grown as Alex's ex-wife's teen temptress daughter, Miranda wants to permanently erase what lingering memories of her male past with a new spell so they'll no longer bother a girl who just wants to have fun.

Book Of Change -- The Continuation
A sequel to Thomas the Tame's "The Book of Changes"

by Dee Eon

SHAMrock Stand-in

The 12-year-old male member of an Irish dance troupe must second for his ill sister to help them win a contest in the St.Patrick's Day Parade in New York.

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