Dorothy Colleen

fighting temptation

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I am fighting a serious temptation right now. To put it in simple terms, I want to give up, to surrender. I am not talking about killing myself, but just shut down again, like i did as a kid. I have even considered finding a dom/domme and just be a slave, so I dont have to think or feel anything again. I will resist it, but i could use help, and prayers

unexpected twists

When you write, do you have a "map" on how the story will go? If you do, has something happened to make you change that, almost like the story had a mind of it's own? I have, it sometimes it makes me wonder if i have my stories, or if they have me.....

about my last two pieces

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I would like to talk about my last two pieces together, because the one led to the other. I started working on "tears of the phoenix" because I was struggling with flashes of attraction toward men, and it was scaring me. As I had jean say, I felt like i was losing the last part of my male self, and i didnt want to. This struggle formed the first half of the story. At the same time, I was struggling with grief over Misty's "Out of the Ashes". I really hurt when Dolores died, and i wanted to say something about how her death affected me.

I am Nine Years Old

Author's note This is as true a version of my abuse as I can produce. I have removed some of what happened to me so it was readable, but it is still going to be tough for some people. Please consider your own state of mind before reading, as it may trigger.

I am 9 years old

history of the Ret-con universe

I was watching "Smallville" the other day, and it got me wondering about the history of the ret-con universe. On the show, the JSA operated in secret until they were driven completely underground. I wonder, do we have any ideas weather or not there might have been meta-gene activations before the current crop? Maybe some historical/mythological characters were early metas. And maybe, just maybe some of them are still around.... something to think about, yes?

drip by drip

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My gender journey has reached an interesting point. Sometimes, I am in such pain i dont know how to function. But then, there are days like now. the pain level is less, but more steady, like Chinese water torture. I am not sure exactly what I can do about it. I have done all i can right now, or at least thats what it feels like.

Tears of the Phoenix - A Ret-Con Interlude

For Misty, for making me cry

The Tears of the Phoenix (A Ret-Con Interlude)

On the satellite known by some as the Moon, there is a cliff. Around it, there is only silence, and cold. This cliff has sat undisturbed for thousands and thousands of years - until today. The first thing an observer would have seen was a new light in the sky, bright and shining and growing brighter as it drew near.

something to say, but not sure how to say it

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I have something that I would like to be able to share, but I am leery of actually sharing it since it might pain some others here. Basically, I had a flashback last night, and instead of being just a victim, i thought about writing it down. The result is a nearly full description of one of the last times i was assaulted. Trouble is, too many people here have had rapes happen to them, and i have no desire to bring those memories back for them unless they can handle them. Any ideas?

the sound of crickets

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Well, apparently, my last piece was a dud. As the saying goes, even Babe Ruth struck out more times than he hit home runs, and i am most definitely NOT the Babe Ruth of writing. But the experiance has taught me a lesson. I am a pretty needy girl when it comes to my work. I thrive on praise, and wither without it. But i think i need to change that if i am going to keep writing. Still, I hope at least some of the time i hit a "home run"....

My mom took me shopping for a ladies coat

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A few days ago, I had causally mentioned to my mom that next time i had some cash, I wanted to look for a ladies coat. To my surprise and delight, today she took me shopping. Even though i went in male clothes, it felt like a genuine mother-daughter shopping trip. We found a nice coat that fit me, and I feel much better for it. Do I have the best mom, or what?

my christian connection

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Looking at the responses I got from my last entry, I feel I need to explain a bit about my faith. When I first became a Christian, I had no real teachers in the faith. I got a bible, and read it from cover to cover several times. Some things I understood, some I did not, but I had no one to ask. Since I was a "Christ"-ian, I figured I should read what Christ said and use that as my guide. Unfortunately, there was nothing that really covered the area of my tg, at least in the new testament.

Am I demon-possessed?

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I went to an online chat (IMVU, if you care to know the name) and decided to visit a christian room and get some prayer support. Unfortunately, one of the people there noticed my avatar was wearing a TG symbol, and asked me about it. I tried to explain my history, how I felt. Her response was to tell me i needed deliverance from a demon. I told her how i had prayed about this since i became a christian, prayed, begged, cried. How i even tried to kill myself, and even asked God to kill me rather than let me offend Him. How i finally reached the point where i had to accept what I am.

about Yaddie

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I would like to tell you guys and gals about my character "Yaddie". Yaddie came about because of one of those moments i get, where i think i get a glimpse of the future, without being able to understand what i have seen. I came up with yaddie at about 6 or 7 years old. I found a tennis ball with a rip in it, making it look like it had a mouth, and being the sort of kid i was, i promptly took a marker on it and drew eyes on it and gave it a name - Yaddie. How was that a glimpse of the future?



(First Voice)

When I was just a young child,
you took me by the hand
You said “welcome to the family
It is a rock on which you can stand

No matter where you go
And no matter what you do
You can always be sure
We will be there for you”

But when I came out as transgender
You rejected your own kin
You said don’t darken your door
As long as I continue in such “sin”

(Second Voice)

On our wedding day my dear
We both had taken vows
To love and honour all our lives
Be as close as God allows

story search

I am looking for a story, but i don't have much to help the search. It was a tg version of some stories of Jesus, including one that redid the story of the woman at the well. any ideas?

Inspection time

Author's note. This isn't exactly a Christmas story. It is a story that takes place at Christmas, and that's different.

Inspection Time

It was inspection time in Hell again. Once a year, on the anniversary of the beginning of that terrible period called the Incarnation, an angel came down to the dark pit and observed.

At first, this had rankled Satan. He felt like it was rubbing his face in it. But after a while, he realized it was an opportunity to show off his successes, and it seemed like there were more of those every year.


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When I first started this journal, the only real rule I set for myself was that I was going to be as honest as I possibly could, and I think i am succeeding.

Mostly, it really hasnt been much of a struggle, other than the difficulty of finding the best words.

I have talked about good times, bad times, and all the times in between, and most of the time, I have felt no hesitation.
Indeed, most of the time, i have been anxious to share.

But today, I find myself struggling to write this.

I want to just babble on about my writing, or whatever.

told my boss

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I just had to give an update here: I have come out to my boss at work. I have talked about my assault, and was giving her an update, and she asked me (making sure to let me know that i had the right to say it was none of her business), if i was gay, and that gave me the opening to tell her about my trans status. She was fairly nonplussed and gave me some indication that if the day came that i wanted to be working as Dorothy FT, she would do what she could to help. (unofficially) It is a big weight off my shoulders.


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I may have mentioned before, I am not a fun person to sleep with. Between night terrors, snoring, and the simple fact i dont sit still, even when i am dreaming. But last night was a topper. I remember having a dream of going downstairs, picking up a pile of presents, and returning to my room. Along the way i had turned off my alarm. Once the dream was over, i woke, and it had felt so real i actually got up to check if i had brought stuff up. I hadnt, but I had turned off my alarm, and there were signs i really had left my bed while asleep. It's a little frightening, to be honest. Ah, well.

About "no son of mine"

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For those of you who are interested in such things, i would like to share with you how "No Son of Mine" came about. It started with the old Genesis song of the same name. (you can read the lyrics at: Because i could truly identify with the character in the song, it was a moving piece for me from the first time I heard it. It ends pretty darkly, and at some level that bothered me. I wanted some hope, some possibility of a reconciliation. Then i saw the "loophole".

Ironies, and another tough night

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Had another series of flashbacks yesterday, and thank God for the friends who chatted with me online as i worked my way through it. I am finding all kinds of ironies in my struggles, both with the assaults and with my gender. For example, I realized that i owed to my abusive step-father a thanks, because by forcing us to move when he did, I was able to escape from the monster who was using me. And despite his other flaws, he never touched me sexually, which gave me some opportunity to heal enough to function.

No Son of Mine

No Son of Mine

Former boy, now transformed, walks to where her father still lives.

Rings the bell, fights the urge to run away.

Old man answers, still rigid and unbending despite the years.

He looks at who it is, his face a stone mask.

“I told you when you left, you are no son of mine.”

Her heart breaks.

His expression softens.

“But, if you can forgive an old fool, I would be honored if you let me call you my daughter.”

may not be able to get back to "the lucky one"

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Well, with all the stuff i have been going through lately, I honestly don't know when or even if i will be able to get back to "the lucky one". It requires a goofy, silly mood, and right now i just dont have it. Frankly, I am having trouble having the concentration needed to do any writing at all, so i may go a while before i have new stuff to post. I will still comment and give kudos, still support all of you when i can, but the writing may have to wait until i am more stable. Hugs to all.

Flashback, grief, and recovery

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Well, it has been an interesting day, to say the least. I am still fighting a bit of a cold, so I chose to stay home and not go to church today. I went on a chat site to talk to some friends about my depression, and while we were talking, I started having a pretty strong flashback. One of my friends there has my phone number, so she called me, and listened while i cried to the point i could barely talk. Feeling slightly better after i unloaded, i fidgeted, played video games, and made lunch. Then, some remnant of my flashback nagged at me, and i started to write.

A Second Letter from a (Formerly) Broken Toy

A Second Letter from a (Formerly) Broken Toy

To the person who abused me:

I wrote you a letter some time ago, and today I felt compelled to write another.

You see, things have changed for me. I have recovered most of the memories I suppressed and I understand better what happened to me while I was in your “care.”

Wishing It was over

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The worst part of my downs is the horrible feeling of hopelessness i suffer with. It is hard to even conceive of a good outcome, much less make positive plans. I guess i thought that the anti-depressants would be a magic fix, and not surprisingly, they are not. I am still stuck in male form, still without even hope that i will be able to change that, and wishing that it all would just end. But I am needed, by my daughter, my mother, even my ex, and taking my life would be utterly selfish. I appreciate all the support i am getting here, and I will find a way to hold on.

fighting depression

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Well, it seems like i am fighting the first major depression since i started taking my medication. It started with a sleepless night last night, and pretty much has gone downhill from there. hopefully, i can ride it out, and find a way to hold on until it ends.

The Lucky One

The Lucky One

The Lucky One (part 2)

The Lucky One

(Part 2, or “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”)

Hay, kids! What time is it? It’s Fantastic Fluke time! (note to the owners of the Howdy whoever show, please don’t sue me. I am just funning, and I have already had a cease and desist order from Disney from borrowing the theme from the Mickey Mouse Club by accident in my first entry)

Yessirry, its your pal, the Flukester, back with more of my amazing origin!

holding it in

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Sometimes, i find it hard to hold back from just telling everybody about my gender struggles, and getting it over with. Other times, I realize that to do that would bring all the consequences down on my head, without actually being able to have any real positive results, except I would be free from this terrible burden of having to lie, especially to the people i care about. I pray to God that I can endure, since I see no way to move forward at this time.

had a little trouble posting "she"

I had a bit of trouble posting "She". You see, it was intended to be one word per line, but when i went to post it, i got an error message saying i had less than 10 words. (I counted, i did have more). So i ended up putting two words on some lines with a slash between, and that worked. Anybody know why this error message occurred?

about "A Cop's Story"

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I would like to take a moment and talk about the origins of the story i published called "A Cop's Story" It stared during a horrible moment, but by the time I finished writing it, it had become a sign of my progress. You see, I started having a flashback at work, and it was terrible, and i wasn't in a position to do much at that moment. But, instead of just being a victim, I responded by writing, and before long, i had mastered the flashback, and i had crafted (what i think) is a pretty good little story too.



She / Born

Nameless / Hidden

He / Named

Loved / Known


Meeting / Merging


Pain / Guilt

Sorrow / Regrets

She / Buried

Alive / Helpless


Whispers / Nudges

A Cop's Story

Author's note: this is somewhat based on my real experiences, although slightly fictionalized. It has some strong themes, involving the abuse of a child, but I think i handled it with enough sensitivity that it is readable, but the reader is hereby cautioned in case i have failed. I promise, I will get back to silliness of "The Lucky One" soon.

A Cop’s Story

Having a crush

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Well, color me overwhelmed. The response to the first chapter of "The Lucky One" was amazing, and I thank everyone who has left a comment, you made a middle-age lady very happy. But I have other concerns to share with you all. I sort of have a crush, and its driving me crazy. She works at the day care that my daughter attends, and not only is she pretty, she is kind, gentle, and super nice. She is like a warm fire on a cool night, just being near her makes me feel better about everything. But, there are a few problems with asking her out. First, i am assuming she is taken.

Did it work?

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Well, I posted my latest story, and I am waiting to see how well it is received. I am not going to beg here for kudos or comments unless they are deserved, but weather or not the story continues will depend somewhat on the response. I happen to think it was funny, but I am the AUTHOR for heaven's sake, so what do I know? I hope it lightened at least a few people's day, but we will have to see.

The Lucky One (part 1)

Quick note: this is not a Ret-Con story. It is inspired by some comics I read as a kid, but I hope it is a little different from anything else out there.

The Lucky One (part 1)

Well, hay there, hi there ho there! Or, as my dear friend Stan Lee likes to say “Face front, true believers!” (I better be careful about saying that. Don’t need to annoy The Stanster, much less his horde of marvellous Marvel Zombie lawyers… )


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Well, this might be my last update for a bit. I am writing like crazy, and i would like to finish my current project before life catches up with me. Hugs to all, and I will be back when i can post it.

TG day of rememberance

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Well, today is the transgender day of remembrance. Have things got better? Probably. I mean, I have gone around Edmonton in a skirt and not drawn any serious negative reaction. And there is a bill in our Parliament that will finally put an end to discrimination based on gender expression or identity, assuming it ever comes up to a vote and passes. But things are less good in other places, and even here, I risk the loss of my child if I move forward. (Even if the ex would be wrong legally, it would be up to me to go to a court to get access, and I simply cannot afford it).

Dorothy's drabbles

Dorothy's Drabbles

Children Know

Children Know

At a supermarket, an overweight, balding, middle-aged man bumps into young mother with small child.

“I am sorry.”

“No it was my fault”

signature on comments

when i decide to leave a comment, there is a "signature" on the body section, just my screen name. Now, some people have sayings or even pictures that they use whenever they leave a comment, and i assume they dont have to retype it every time. How can i do this as well?

bit of a mixed bag

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Well, its been kinda a good news/bad news day. To start with the bad news, I got a reply of sorts to the reply I had sent to the fellow on the christian support group. Unfortunately, it was less than charitable, or at least that is how I saw it. At the moment I was reading it, I was on a down, so it was like a slap to my face. But, (and this is the good news) fortunately, some christian friends of mine were online, and comforted me. Then, to make things even better, I got a gift from Richie (our fellow author here on BC) - a pair of very nice wigs.


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I have discovered a side effect of my little breakthrough the other day. I seem to have lost any protection i had from my emotions and they are in overdrive. I am hyper-cycling, with my ups and downs going like a roller coaster traveling at about Mach 10. I am going from stratospheric highs to crying from utter depths of depression in less time than it took to write this paragraph. I am not sure exactly what I can do about this, except ride it out and hope things slow down soon.

my responce to the act of trans phobia

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Well, the author of that hurtful message sent me a message to apologize, and although his message is too long for me to share, I would like to share my response.

I find myself conflicted. I appreciate the apology, and I forgive you. But may i point out a couple of things? First, talking about me to (other member) or anybody else behind my back is not any different than any other form of gossip. Perhaps you will learn from this to not say something about a person that you wouldn’t want them to hear.

thanks to all / a shaky night

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Well, first i want to thank everyone who offered support to me by leaving a comment on my last entry. Each one of you helped me greatly, and I thank and bless you. But I also have some big news to share. First, I have to relate a story, and forgive me if I have told it before: When I was 16 years old, I saw the movie "The Wall", and I became fascinated with the concept of having a wall. I then did something a little odd - I prayed to God to have my walls come down. Well, be careful what you pray for, to mangle a quote. I discovered that I didn't just have walls to keep others out.

facing judgement from Christians.

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I wanted to share with you guys a message i got on the support group site i am part of:

I read (my screen name's) latest journal and felt that he could make for a good illustration in church. It crossed my mind that we have a guy claiming to be a woman trapped in a mans body. This guy is basing his feelings as reality. I am assuming that his latest dream (his latest journal) where some girl asked him when is he going to tell the truth as meaning when is he going to come out confessing his perversion as his reality when the opposite of that would be the truth.

Just about the perfect day

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Well, for all my anxiety before I went out today, things could not have gone better. I got dressed up, I stopped for gas, I went to the coffee shop, and nobody blinked. Then I met my friend, and she was lovely, gracious, and we hit it off like two old girl friends catching up. We chatted, laughed, and gossiped for more than two hours. Best of all, she said she could definitely see me as female, which made my day, week, year, and possibly century. Wow! I can't wait to do it again!

struggling with felling pathetic

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I am just about to go out to meet my friend dressed as Dorothy, but I am struggling. It's hard not to see what I look like in a mirror, and think "Who the heck do I think I am fooling? I don't look like a woman, I look like a bad joke, a man in drag pretending. I wish I could turn off that "tape" once and for all. I fear that as long as I hear that message, I am not going to make real progress.

a wake up call from a dream?

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I know to some people regarding your dreams as something worth thinking about once you wake is a little odd, but I do. I don't necessarily think that they are messages from God, but I think they often show me whats going on in my head better than i can sometimes express it when i am awake. So last night, I had a dream of being in a large room, perhaps a gym that had been converted into something like a flea market. I recognized most of the people there. Then a girl came up to me, shook me, and said, "When are you going to stop running?

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