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One April Morning - Spring 2013 Story Challenge

One April Morning
A BigCloset/TopShelf Story Challenge Presented By
Erin Halfelven


The Pregnant Boy

They only did it once...

The Pregnant Boy

by Erin Halfelven

Reality TV

Reality TV

by Erin Halfelven


Vic Kemple loved him some sexy superheroines. He never expected to be one!


by Erin Halfelven

Verse by Joyce

Verse by Joyce

Erin Halfelven

Erin Halfelven's Story Pages

including stories written as Betty Kane, Joyce Melton, and Morgan Preece

The Author's Lament

Ran across this quote today: "I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again. - Oscar Wilde"

I have so done that! :)

Da Interwebz is sick

Author, Rating and Tags:

Da Interwebz is sick. Not that kind of sick but there is a problem going on between two of the large backbone companies that carry massive amounts of internet traffic.


The television is saying, "Without a doubt, there is a boom in crossdressing...."

Hatbox Gifts

We got a good head start on February this month and I want to thank everyone who contributed. We even got some donations for the hardware fund. :)

Fantasy Novel by a friend - Road of Leaves

This book is written by a friend of mine from a local writer's group. It's a fantasy novel, no TG, but it is well-written and presents a very original idea. I helped with the editing. :

Off to ComicFest

I'm going to spend three days in San Diego, hobnobbing with some of my friends in the comics industry at a small con out in Mission Valley called ComicFest.

Blue Daisies

Blue Daisies

by Joyce Melton

I'm at Comic-Con in San Diego!

This is about my 20th time, I attended the third one way back in 72 and I've gone to almost half of them since then. I have a few friends in the industry and know even more people just to say hi to.

The Starchild -6- Just a Second

Raindrops keep falling...

The Starchild

Chapter 6

Just a Second

by Erin Halfelven

The Starchild -5- Put It In Your Pocket

Got Wishes?

The Starchild

Chapter 5

Put it in Your Pocket

by Erin Halfelven

The Starchild -4- Once Upon A Star

Ten Thousand Wishes?

The Starchild

Chapter 4

Once Upon a Star

by Erin Halfelven

The Starchild -3- Strange Visitor

If wishes were bicycles...

The Starchild

Chapter 3

Strange Visitor

by Erin Halfelven

The Starchild -2- Tanstaafl

Habib the Djinni looked nothing like Barbara Eden...yet...

The Starchild

Chapter 2


by Erin Halfelven

The Starchild -1- Djinn and Tonic

It all began when Simon woke up, one April morning...

The Starchild

Chapter 1

Djinn and Tonic

by Erin Halfelven

February 2013 Valentine's Day Story Contest Results

February 2013
Valentine's Day
Story Contest
Peek inside to see our winners!

Field Trip

I dreamed this, it was like Indiana Jones meets the Ghostbusters....

Field Trip

by Erin Halfelven

Look Around

Look Around

We were walking close together,
And I knew you had something to say,
But we stopped to admire a winter's day,
And I looked around and you were gone,
I looked around and you were gone.

Rock Me a Little Christmas – Baby!

I really did write this song in a Bob's Big Boy this morning....

Rock Me a Little Christmas — Baby!

By Erin Halfelven and Donna Lamb

White Elephants - a savory side dish for a feast

I make a version of this for almost every potluck, once I had made it, organizers demand that I repeat.

White Elephants Savory Sidedish

Sam I Am

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

All at once...


by Sherilynne Amber MacDonald

Wifey - Epilogue

Weddings are such a drag...


by Erin Halfelven

Wifey - 6 of 6

Winter is a drag...


by Erin Halfelven

Wifey - 1 of 6

Housework is always a drag...


by Erin Halfelven

Rae of Light

Another nightclub in another city...

Rae of Light

by Erin Halfelven

Cassandra Cass as Jessica Rabbit

Just ran across this through a link on Dan Shive's blog:

Cassandra is a model and performer who was also in the documentary Trantasia.

I guess anything is possible.



I overheard some men enjoying this rather rude joke at a party on Saturday, so as part of the language studies that my brother and I are doing, I translated it into my semi-bad Spanish:

Una vez Caperucita Roja estaba caminando por el bosque, para llevar una cesta de cosillas buenas a su abuela. Caminaba sola cuando un conejo se acercá³ a ella y le dijo: "Me temo para te, Roja. Hay un lobo en el bosque y él podrá­a intentar herir te."

I had a very strange evening

I went out to eat at a fast food restaurant and felt a bit lonesome and bored afterwards. So I did something I do once in a while and headed over to the nearby casino to people watch.

As usual when I do this, I leave my purse and money in the car, taking in only myself, my keys and my phone and a small amount of cash in case I get hungry.

I'm teaching my brother Spanish

Here's his lesson for this morning:

Chapter 9 of Reckoning is posted and

we'd all like to know how we did with our first real action chapter. Please give it a read and let us know?

Thanks everyone.

Cathy, Erin, Maggie and Grover.

Reckoning-9- We Can Build A Bridge

Action at last. Watch our heroes use their powers as a team for the first time!


Reckoning -8- Gifted, Assemble!

Shirt_Template_Gifted_Assemble2.JPGRECKONING -8- Gifted, Assemble!

FROM CATHY: Sorry for the delay in posting this chapter. A computer problem is to blame, but all is fixed and here we go!

An incident prods our heroes to jump into action. Chapter 9 will follow very soon, I promise.

Reckoning -7- We ain't highlanders...we're better!


The heroes are all in one place. Can serious action be far behind? It might get bumpy from here!

Reckoning -6- Getting The Band Together

The Heroes have finally all met. They know their powers. Can they find the threat that will end the world? Stay Tuned! Shirt_Template_Road.JPG

Reckoning -4- The Heroes Revealed


We get more descriptions of the heroes and how they feel about being "Gifted" and descriptions of their powers.

Good Advice

Sometimes the funnies can teach all of us something:



Reckoning -2- Awakenings 3 and 4

Two more newly created heroes make their appearances. Read their backstories

Reckoning -1- Awakenings 1 and 2

The Earth has reached a crossroad. Destruction could be immanent. Can a Rookie band of newly created heroes stave off Doomsday? Chapter 1 of a collaborative effort by several Top Shelf writers will begin to explore this dilemma. Introduction of the heroes and their powers will be the first couple of chapters. Writers are: Catherine Linda Michel, Grover, Ariel Strickland, Erin Halfelven, Maggie Finson and Scotty, "Voice Of Reason" Bishop.

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