Forced Feminization?

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A lot of people ask me about the forced aspect of this popular fetish. Of course 99% of the time its not really forced. It isn’t like I have a loaded gun to their head or anything. There are occasions where theoretically I could blackmail someone to do whatever I want but that’s not going to happen. The thing is, that although they do enjoy being dressed up most want it to be a very intense experience. Many also want it to be at the very least somewhat embarrassing if not completely humiliating. So I like to make it memorable for everyone involved.

This past weekend for example I had my new friend Terry come over for a little feminizing. I spoke to him several times and we met at a coffee shop to get to know each better. He told me that he has always wanted to be transformed into a woman as completely as possible. He also fantasizes about being discovered by his girlfriend while dressed to the nines but was afraid of her reaction, even though she knows about his fetish. I assured him that we would take it as slow as he was comfortable with and could explore that another time. It turns out I know his girlfriend very well but that’s just a coincidence.

I insisted he be completely shaved and he showed up around noon. I ordered him to strip in my bedroom and put on a chastity belt that I securely locked. He looked nervous but I could see he was excited as well. He was now given 3 simple rules.
1-To speak in a soft, feminine voice at all times.
2-To do whatever I asked without question, and
3-To learn a song during his makeover and sing it for me later on.

I had picked out a very pretty red nightgown and matching panties and watched as he slowly put them on. Now it was time to test rule#1.

“Whats your name sweetie, and are you ready for your makeover?”
“My name is Terry Miss Teresa and I want to be a pretty girl”, he said in such a cute voice that I had to laugh!

I had him sit in a chair by my bed and began his makeup. I had printed out the words to Shania Twain’s “Feel Like A Woman” and he studied them as I worked. I took my time and had him sing a few verses for me as we progressed.

“Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy—forget Im a lady
Mens shirts—short skirts
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild—yeah, doin it in style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action—feel the attraction
Color my hair—do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free—yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a woman!”

I was having a ball and he was actually getting pretty good with that chorus. I had just finished applying his lip gloss when I suggested he take a break and I’d get us something to drink.
I quickly texted my neighbor who was waiting to come over for the show. Leaving the front door open a bit I went back to get our drinks.

I put the drinks down and carefully put on his wig first so he would be ready for Bonnie.
“Why don’t you sing for me again Terry, here-you can pretend this is a microphone” and I handed him a large dildo.
“Go ahead honey, its just you and me”.

Im going out tonight—Im feelin alright
Gonna let it all hang out
Wanna make some noise–really raise my voice
Yeah, I wanna scream and shout

Bonnie was standing in the doorway and applauded and gave a little whistle.

Terry was in complete shock and couldn’t seem to get any words out.

“What do you think Bonnie-should we sign her up for the next American Idol?”

“Oh definitely, but we have to find her just the right outfit”.

“You’re right, come help me pick out something appropriate. Terry, would you rather wear a blouse and skirt or a dress? I think we’ll just try both. Are you OK-I’ll bet you never thought you’d have an audience today did you?”

“Oh, uh, no, I mean yes Miss Teresa-whatever you think”.

I thought he was looking a little faint so I sat him down on the bed while Bonnie and I went through my guest closet.

“Did Debra ever tell you that we’ve known each other for years? That’s right, I had a long talk with her yesterday and she thinks your being silly not dressing up for her. I’m not sure she wants you to do it every day but you should certainly try it once you know?”

“But Miss Teresa I really don’t think she could handle this-I mean look at me!”

“But you’re gorgeous Terry, isn’t she Bonnie? That wig looks great on you and I think I did a great job with your makeup if I do say so myself!”

“Teresa’s right Terry, and wait until we get you into this dress. Come over here and let me help you.”

I had asked Debra to come over around 2:00 for coffee and wanted to make sure Terry was ready for the second show. I glanced out the window and saw her Malibu pulling into the driveway.

“OK now young lady, I want you to sing for us and make us believe it! Ready-from the top…”

Im going out tonight—Im feelin alright
Gonna let it all hang out
Wanna make some noise–really raise my voice
Yeah, I wanna scream and shout

Well it turned out that Debra actually couldn’t handle it very well and Terry looked like he was about to pass out again.

“Hi Debbie-hows things?”

“What the fuck is going on-is that a dildo he’s holding? And was he singing I feel like a woman? This is insane!”

“How about a nice drink and I can explain it to you. I thought you knew about Terry’s fetish?”

“Do you have vodka Teresa-I need vodka-and a Valium.

“Sure hun, you and I will have a nice talk while Bonnie does Terry’s nails. The same red as his lipstick Bon”.

Debra and I had a long talk and she calmed down considerably after her third drink.

“But Teresa, its just too weird. What does he want to do once he’s all dressed up like that besides sing?” and she let out a little giggle without thinking.

“Anything you want Debbie, anything you want”.

Debbie ended up a little too tipsy to safely drive home so Bonnie drove the two of them back in her convertible. Terry sat in the front dressed in a yellow sundress, stockings and heels, and a silk scarf around her long blond wig. I grabbed a CD and followed them in her Malibu.

The best thing about being a woman
Is the prerogative to have a little fun and…

Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy—forget Im a lady
Mens shirts—short skirts
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild—yeah, doin it in style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action—feel the attraction
Color my hair—do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free—yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a woman!

Several facts were slightly changed to make a point and create an enjoyable post. I would never break up a marriage or unsuspectingly humiliate someone like that unless asked-nicely.
The song remains the same.

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Not to know the difference between chalk and cheese.

Our Right Worthy author distorts the facts. Casually or deliberately she does it-was unimportantly. She equates game in forsed feminization with the true forsed feminization.
What do we see in its story? The agreement between two people and game in ff following it. Any compulsion, violence and so on. As a first approximation it can be compared to theatrical performance or with cinema. The curtain has fallen, spotlights have gone out. "Killed" have revived. Actors have won back the roles, have washed off a make-up, have changed clothes in casual wear and have gone home.
As well here. Terry will change clothes and will return by the normal life. It was, some kind of, small performance. And nothing else.
The true forsed feminization-is perfect other business. It not game, not performance. It-crime. Though some try to present it as almost benefaction. The human nature well-is that. Even having made the most awful, heinous crime the person searches for self-justifications. And forsed feminization at all an exception to the rules.
If to compare ff to rape the rapist also searches for self-justifications: "on her was provocative skirt, she made advances to me" and so on. Compare here to it. "He too beautiful for the boy (the guy, the man), at him too beautiful hair (eyes, eyelashes and so on) for the man. He is absolutely useless as the boy (the guy, the man), to him is better to be the girl (woman)". Isn't that so similar justifications?
The victim ff at all does not enjoy neither feminization process, nor its consequences.
As to ways of compulsion, their great variety. It is not so obligatory to ram down throat or threaten to shoot down.
But, however, it already absolutely other theme.
Yours faithfully, cordially yours.

One percent or....

All is spoken "by one percent, one percent" as though someone really conducts statistics of similar cases. At all events in a free access I of such statistics did not see. With the same confidence I can confirm that cases ff 3 or 5, or even 7 percent. While there is no authentic statistics (interestingly who and how it will collect???) all conversations about prevalence of this phenomenon as search of Atlantis.

Re: Forced Feminization?

'Of course 99% of the time its not really forced.'

The author is quite correct. However, for the 1% that experience the nightmare of the 'real' thing, it is extremely violent (not all violence is physical), dehumanizing, extremely traumatic and life changing. There is nothing sexual, exciting, or enjoyable about being forced to do anything...ANYTHING. It is simply another word for rape!

May We All Have Peace of Mind...

Kelly Blake

Forced Fem -Not really


Despite the title, nothing in this story is truly forced. Terry may not have known what exactly was going to happen, but he had accepted the invitation, and felt that Miss Teresa was a friend. He had no genuine fear for his safety or basic identity.

He willingly got dressed and took part in the farce. His only fear in the whole charade was a fear of what his girlfriend Debra would think. This was not a wife and so a marriage was not in jeopardy, and was not done at work, so a job was not being risked. Teresa knew Debra and how she might react. Teresa immediately took steps to mollify the situation. The only thing done that could not be reversed immediately was the body shave. The hair would eventually grow back.

After today, Terry could give up his fantasy and never have to do it again. Just like the person who wants to sky-dive and is content with his one jump.

He was not kidnaped. His manhood was not truly threatened and his sexual identity was not attacked. He was not raped, neither by his mistress, her female guest, using dildos nor by a male accomplice forcing unwanted, homosexual intercourse. There were no piercings, not even for earnings. There was no bondage. No forceful threats, and the humiliation was mild. Nothing took place outside Teresa home except the drive home. At which time Terry was comfortable.

Teresa Bowers classifies this as a forced fem story, it does includes some elements of that, but it is truly a very vanilla part of that genre. However, many elements of a nasty forced fem stories are not found here.

Nothing I have said, takes away my enjoyment of this well written story. I enjoyed reading it and will look for more stories by the author.


P.S. Cute pictures, really go well with the story.


About the story all is clear.

Events in the story are clear as day. I do not think that they should be chewed or interpreted. To read the story quite enough.
Clearly that is concrete from Terry absolutely happens nothing, it is clear that at Ms. Teresa some kind of business. Quite legal (especially if she from it pays taxes).

Joy Phillip's picture

I would point out that the

I would point out that the author has a business making over men who wish to be "forced". Not the nightmare reality of someone slicing off body parts then handing them a skirt, but the humiliation aspects of the "safe" forcing. I believe that is the experiences she is pulling on to write stories like this.

I'm sure that she could do a true "forced" scene, and do it well too (meaning writing), but I'm also sure that nearly everyone on this site would be triggered by it and have flashbacks of varying degrees if it were posted.

It could be retitled "Fantasy makeover" or "A Scene" if she wanted to and they would be as accurate.

I don't think I would read a real nightmare scene. Despite her being my friend. I don't think I could handle it. This was enough for me.
May the Stars Light Your Path
Maid Joy

Being suitably honest about FF

Our minds are hoplessly deceitful, so much so that many of us do not even know our own truths. It is a life long effort to find it, and when we do, who is to know that it is not simply a delusion that is comfortable to us.

In my own case, I know that Mom had an obsession with having a daughter, and I was it. I know that when very young, I wore them most darling little dresses. At birth, she wanted a Daughter so much that she named me Gwinn, which I later changed to Gwen. Some British may argue that Gwinn was a male name, how ever she did not know that and frequently expressed her anguish at my not being a girl; we know what her true intent was. I never regarded her efforts as abuse.

Having all that early conditioning torn from me by my stepfather; a bridge troll that had been recruited to personally torment me, the next decade was awful. Looking back, it does rather seem like my circumstances were rather like one of those children's bed time stories, that give them nightmares. He did manage to produce sufficent guilt and shame in me to cause me to do my utmost to become the steriotypical red neck male, he seemed to so desire, and he enforced his desire with much extreme corporal punishment.

However later in adulthood, I found the internet and found forced feminization, bondage stories to be like intoxicating nectar of the Gods. In a curious Freudian twist, my inner mind had finally found a way for at least limited expression of my natural feminine nature.

The main focus of much FF literature is that if one is forced, then one can not be guilty of any wrong doing. Testosterone can drive the inner being to astonishing ends seeking satisfaction. After my first guilty pleasure, and being caught almost imediately, like others I learned to keep all that private and hidden to all around me. So, the ideal fantasy of being captured by some huge and delightfully muscled Knight with brightly shining armor and forced to be his posession, concubine, slave and to bear his children became an almost daily fantasy that ran through most of my life.

Isn't it odd that having finally begun to live elements of my own best fantasy, that I find myself completely unable to enjoy the physical maturbatory fantasies that I once did, and in nearly total abscence of Testosterone, I don't even miss them. :) I have been successful at starting to live my own fantasy. And it would be perfect were it not for the total abscence of my once sought after conquering Knight.

It reminds me of the recent story, "I need a Hero".

Where art though my conquering hero
The one in brightly shining armor
Ye who makes my members weak
And maketh my inner parts quiver in girlish delight.

Come, take me thy frightfully wonderful apparition
Carry thine damsel off to your warm, dark lair
Tear my raiment from my anxious flesh
And make me thine in such a way that

Any thought of resistance becomes a feeble effort
Abandoned at the first onslaught of thy power
Against me I feel the heat of thy desire ...



Imaginations and a reality. A free choice and compulsion.

Well, probably all essence of our discussion can be reduced to the common denominator: between imaginations and a reality, the free choice and compulsion lays a deep gulf. And it is better than it to anybody and never to cross.

My earlier comment...

If my comment sounded as an attack on the author, I do apologize. It was not intended to be a put down of her, or her life style (as if I should talk about someone else's life style). :D

However, there was one sentence that did push a button: "It isn’t like I have a loaded gun to their head or anything." I have heard this rationalization from so many evil people from drug dealers to loan sharks and this is what prompted my rant.

"It isn’t like I have a loaded gun to their head or anything." I have heard people say this when they feel that their 'career choice' is open to criticism. I have also heard them say this when they rationalize what they do. I have also heard them say; "Well, if I don't do this, someone else will."

This was a good story. It provoked a good discussion of how people feel and some of the comments were heart felt. What could be bad about that! :)


Don't forget about FM too, and I don't mean Fictionmania, I mean forced masculinization. I know of a few intersexed and biological girls who went through this. I also know of a few genetic boys who were forced feminized in real life. The darkness of reality is hidden by our ignorance, so many don't want to believe such a thing is true, yet it can and DOES happen. It's not in the media most of the time, except talking about those kids in Thailand sex trade, but it happens in EVERY country, not just Thailand. I know we don't want to believe that such a horrid thing can actually happen, if we blind ourselves to the truth, then as the old saying goes, "If good men see evil and do nothing, that is evil enough." I don't want to talk about those cases this happened to, some of them ended quite tragically and it brings up old sores... yes I know I'm only 26, yet I've seen so much terror... so much horror... that sometimes I wonder if anything is really real. If this reality is merely another construction of my muse and I'm just asleep in some hospital bed in a coma... but if I were to ignore it... I could never forgive myself mew. For those who like to play at this, or have it as a fetish, more power to you, but as stated, if it ever becomes something more, don't forget you CAN call for help. I actively search still, to this day, to figure out if there are any support groups or help for people that have gone through this. If anyone knows of any, please contact me, with links or websites or phone numbers, anything like that, so the next time I run into this or the few people I know who have, maybe they can find some peace in their souls mew...

I know who I am, I am me, and I like me ^^
Bisexual, transsexual, gamer girl, princess, furry that writes horror stories and proud ^^

I know who I am, I am me, and I like me ^^
Transsexual, gamer, little, princess, furry and proud :D

Angel's picture

Free Choice and sometimes you get what you pay for!

Not only did this guy freely choose to go through this, he paid for it as well.

This was nothing like the "Forced Fem" stories we have seen posted. It was more like a diary entry or a descriptive remembrance of a mistress for hire. A professional who does this for a living.

The dude freely chose to go through this and paid for it as well. Sometimes, you get what you pay for!

Huggles All Angel

"Be Your-Self, So Easy to Say, So Hard to Live!"

"Be Your-Self, So Easy to Say, So Hard to Live!"

Beyogi's picture

This sounds more like a D/s

This sounds more like a D/s story with feminisation as a major plotpoint. Forced femme is something else entirely. I don't read them anymore. They're pornographic rape descriptions.

It just hurts me in my soul. The problem is if people can think of this stuff and write it as fiction it is probably true too.

Still, thank you for writing this interesting story, which I wouldn't exactly call forced femme ^^


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