Becoming a Girl

Becoming a Girl

by DR Love 1968


This is a story how I became my step moms little girl. You see I had a very tragic childhood as a boy and grew up to become the girl I am today. But then again it is not so bad because for some strange reason it does feel very normal to me because it is the way I was raised and at times I have felt very much loved.

I was raised by my step mother because my father was left with me when my mother ran off when I was very young. So young that I don't even remember her, the only mother I remember is my step mother. I think my mother had a drug problem or maybe she just couldn't handle me or the responsibilities of being a parent. Either way my father was left to raise me on his own when I was just a couple of years of age.

That must have been very hard on him also but then he meets my step mother and they were married and she has always been there for him. She had a daughter herself and we became a family. My father was on the road a lot making money as a truck driver and I was left at home with my step mom and sister. That was ok also because my father was not much of a family man anyway. He felt like he made the money and paid the bills and it was my step mother's job to take care of the house and the two of us. He was gone a lot only coming home about every other weekend and sometime less. He treated the three of us very good I guess in that way but I would have loved to have been able to spend more time with him.

When he was home he use to buy my step mother and sister things like clothes and make up and such, stuff a girl would like. He also bought me toys that I liked very much like video games and such. I was happy to be able to play my video games by myself while my mom and sister did their thing. Mom was a little heavy but cleaned up nicely when dad came home and my sister was very pretty I always thought. I myself was always very self conscious because I was very skinny and felt out of place around the other kids. My mother was happy to let me occupy myself with my video games up in my room. My sister had her Barbie dolls and mom had her computer.

As I grew older I became more and more of a loner with me staying in my room playing my video games and very seldom going outside with the other kids in the neighborhood. As long as I kept my chores kept up along with my grades, my mother didn't mind. My sister was much more out going and was always going outside to play but we got along fine. Then as we became teenagers I noticed that when dad came home for his weekend visits he was splitting his time more and more with mom and my sister because they would like to go to places I had no interest of going myself and was much more then happy to be left at home. He also would take the time to spend equal time with the three of us alone for some quality time with him. He would take me to the movies and such and take my sister just as much to things she enjoyed. My father and mother would get all dressed up and they would go out on the town themselves.

Then at the age eightteen I noticed that on one of my fathers weekends home that my sister was acting a little strange about going with my father some where and him and my mother were fighting but it all worked out and they left for their weekend together. My mother was upset about being left at home but I hardly noticed because he had bought me the coolest video game in the world. Over the next few trips home I also noticed that my father and sister were spending more and more time together and my mother and father were fighting more and more. I didn't care and it wasn't really a big deal to me but then one day all that changed.

One day after the two of them had a big fight about my sister and father going away again. Which I always thought was because my dad was just supporting my sister's hobby of playing sports, my mother came into my room the next day when they were due home.

She woke me up with the news that would change my life forever. She had been up all night by the way she looked crying. She came in my room and woke me up and had me sit down on the bed next to her. That is when she told me that my father and sister were in an accident and were not coming home. I was devastated and cried like a baby in her arms. My life as I knew it was over from that point on. I was lost and only had her in my life now and wondered what would happen to me now.

After the funeral and all we were left with only each other. For a few weeks or maybe it was a month or two I didn't feel much like anything. My video games fell to the side along with my chores and grades. I was finding myself feeling lost with the lost of my family as I knew it. Then one day I came home from school and noticed mother was dressed very nice. She was going out to a support group she found and left me home to fend for myself for the night. I still wasn't handling the loss very well myself and she asked if I wanted to go with her but I refused.

She started meeting with them a couple of times a week and it seemed to help her a lot all the while I seemed to hide myself more and more in my room. Her life was getting back to normal while mine was becoming more and more that of a loner. She got a job while I didn't care to socialize with anyone. She had to take a job as a secretary to pay the bills while I could have cared less about getting a job, school or anything else. She would get me up in the mornings when she was ready to leave for work so I could go to school and I would be on my own to get ready for my day.

One day she came in my room still wearing her night gown and woke me up saying she over slept and I only had ten minutes to get ready for school. She rushed out of my room and started getting dressed as I slipped on my clothes from yesterday and left my room to start my day. That is where I saw her come out of her room in nothing more then a pair oh panty hose and a bra to get her clothes out of the laundry. The sights of her halve dressed like that really turned me on in some strange way and I watched her there until she retrieved her dress and disappeared into her room. I left when I was supposed to at the usual time but couldn't get the thought of her dressed that way and thought I might skip school today.

Instead of getting on the bus I headed for the woods until mother left for work. I waited until I knew she was gone for sure when I returned home and went to my room and thought I would relieve my raging hard on with some masturbation. When I had finished I felt much relieve and took a nap. My mother came home later that day none the wiser to my day and I thought how easy that was. The next few days were pretty normal and it was back to school for me. The next week I decided that school was not what I had in mind and would much rather stay home and do my own thing of masturbating and napping instead of going to school.

About the fourth or fifth time I did this was when it all changed because that is when she caught me sleeping in my bed. The school had called her at work and reported me absent and she came home to check on me. She came into my room and noticed my favorite magazine laid out and me sleeping very soundly naked on my bed. That was the first time she ever laid a finger on me by slapping me awake. I could tell she was very upset and that she was not happy at all to see me home and what I was up to. She sat me up on the edge of the bed by grabbing my arm and we had a talk about how disappointed she was in me.

"I can't believe you and how come you aren't at school and what is this disgusting behavior you are doing" she screamed at me.

Well being caught red handed and off guard I didn't know what to say to defend myself so I responded by telling her it was because my life sucked so bad and was so hard since my dad and sister died that I just couldn't handle it anymore. I was hoping for her to calm down and have some sympathy for me but she only got madder. She informed me that I had no idea how hard it was for her and that I had it easy. She went on to inform me that she was the one who had it rough by having to work, pay the bill's, and make sure I was taken care of and all my needs were meet.

She went on to explain that her job not only wasn't enough to pay the bill's we had but that the money from the insurance had run out. She continued by telling me that we were going to have to be moving because she no longer could afford the rent here. She let it be known that she was very disappointed in me and that it was not acceptable behavior.

Well I was not sure how to save face here at this moment so I kept trying to play the sympathy card by telling her that I never got over the fact of losing my dad and sister and that she didn't have a clue how I felt. That is when she turned red and slapped me hard across the face. She repeated it a few more times until I hit the floor. She then sat there for a minute which seemed like hours before she collected herself somewhat. She went on to tell me I had been the one who had no idea how hard she had it and that I had it pretty easy.

"All you need to do is go to school and then play your video games" she said.

"Your eightteen years old and don't work and will be done with school hopefully this year and still don't have any responsibilities."

She informed me that she was the one who lost a daughter, husband and lover. She was the one who had it rough and that her daughter and she were closer then me and my father ever were and that my father was no saint.

I snapped back by saying "My dad was to a saint and you're wrong."

That is when she informed me that my father had been having my sister perform sexual favors for him and that they had started fighting the last couple of years over the fact. She also informed me that she not only lost her little girl but that my father should have spent more time with the two of us.

"He wasn't much of a father at all and I treated you a lot better and cared for you a lot more then he ever did for you"

I was stunned and didn't know what to say except that I was sorry and it would never happen again. That is when she broke down and cried and grabbed me softly by the chin and sat me on the bed next to her once again. After a big hug which seemed a little awkward because she was right and I wasn't very touchy feely with anyone ever before. I much rather be self centered and alone having her take care of my every need. She then looked me in the eye and said it was ok and going to be alright. I was really hoping this would end and she would leave me alone with the news of my father and sister floating in my head. She told me to look at her and promise that I would never skip school again and that no matter what she loved me very much. She reached over and kissed me gently and told me she had to go and we would talk later about all of this. With that she left me there and told me to get dressed as she left drying her eyes.

After she had gone the thoughts of my dad and sister were all I could think about. He did seem to buy her the prettiest outfits and she was very pretty. Looking back I could put things together and I realized that maybe she was telling the truth. I could remember some of the fights they had. I could remember now how my sister started acting whenever dad was due home. And now I was left with thoughts of them together and the things he would have her do.

After thinking about it for awhile I was starting to get a hard on like no other because now a days with me being a typical boy, masturbating was all I could think about. I went into my sister's old room and it was still there just as she had left it. All of her things still there to remind mother of her I guess. I looked in her closet and there were all her dresses and things. I looked in her dresser and all her clothes were still there too. I sorted through some of her things and pulled out a pair of panty hose when the thoughts of my father and sister having sex really had me curious. That is when after playing with my sisters panty hose I had a flash back to my mother the other day dressed in nothing more then her panty hose and bra. I wondered if my dad liked the feel of my sister's legs dressed in them. I decided to try them on along with a pair of her panties and the feel of the silky material was exciting me beyond my wildest dreams. I laid down right there and began to whack off when to my horror the door opened up and there was my mother standing there.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY DAUGHTER ROOM AND IN HER PANTIES" she shouted at me instantly killing my hard on.

I had been caught once again but this time she was livid. She stormed in to the room and snatched me up by the hair and bent me over her knee while grabbing a brush off the dresser. She let me have it whack after whack until the fire I felt in my rear had me in tears. I was shocked, hurt, and embarrassed all at the same time as she continued to spank me with the brush until I fell off her lap and landed on the floor.

"It is bad enough you wanting to beat off and all but to also do it in my daughter's things is just wrong" She continued.

Once again I was speechless and just laid there while continued her rant because I didn't know what to say for myself. She went on to chastise me about how pathetic a boy I was and how disappointed she was in me. She stood me up and stripped the hose off of me and told me to go to my room and leave her alone. I quickly ran to my room, glad to do so also. I was glad to get away from her because she was so upset with me and my ass was on fire but also so embarrass at the same time for being caught in my sister's hose and masturbating once again by her.

It was getting late and I thought she had gone to bed and I was in the clear when she opened my door and came in. I quickly sat up and she sat down next to me and told me that things need to change around here and after giving it much thought that she had figured out away of making this work for both of us. She went on to tell me that masturbating is a nasty habit and that she doesn't wish for me to ever do that again. I assured her that I was truly sorry and she could trust me that it would never happen again.

"You just sit there and be quiet and let me explain" she whispered to me.

She went on to tell me that since I seemed to like dressing in my sisters clothes and playing with myself, that she has come up with a plan that should make us both very happy together and solve both of our problems.

My sister's things are still here to remind her of her daughter she had lost and that they should fit me very well. She also informed me that since I seemed to like wearing her things that she and I could become much closer by me wearing her things. I started to protest when she put her finger over my lips to keep me quiet and continued to tell me she didn't want me to talk but listen.

"Things are going to be much different around here from now on and you will soon learn to accept it or I could leave"

I was eightteen and could leave but not having many social skills and no where else to go, I just sat there as she continued to go on after a little pause. I felt stuck to go along with her and whatever she said.

"I think for now on you and me will get much closer and you can be the daughter that I lost as well as I can help control that little problem of you masturbating at the same time"

She then went on to explain that since her daughter has passed that she has missed being able to help her dress and that I could somewhat take her place to help her with her grief. Now not wanting to really go along with this but also feeling stuck and willing to do anything about now to make her happy, I agreed by not saying another word. She then handed me a baby doll outfit from behind her back that belonged to my sister and told me to put it on and that it was ok. I slowly got up and undressed and put the night gown on when a big smile came across her face.

She seemed very pleased with me and took me by the hand and said "I am so happy you have agreed to this"

With that she led me out of my room and down to hers while telling me that for awhile I should sleep with her while we got closer then ever before. She let it be known that she was very happy with me and that we could work though this together. She pulled back the blankets and helped me in the bed and tucked me in before she too took off her robe and climbed in bed. I was a little nervous but she soon had me feeling much better by rolling over and with a big hug and a sweet kiss good night before rolling back over and turning off the light.

The next morning I awoke in her bed and noticed how I was dressed and reanalyzed it wasn't a dream. When I finally got the courage to go out into the other room, she was busy making us breakfast.

"Good morning sunshine" was her greeting to me as I wondered what mood she would be in after yesterday.

"Come in here and help me with breakfast, we have a busy day today since we both have a long weekend off"

I slowly went in the kitchen when she gave me a kiss before asking me if I was hungry. I replied that I wasn't very hungry and just wanted to get out of this outfit I had on. She told me "Nonsense my little girl needs to eat"

She told me to have a seat and quickly had breakfast on the table. I ate so fast just to get it over with and then got up to go change when she asked, "Where are you running off to" With which I replied "To my room to change"

First off she said to me, "for now on your going to learn to do more chores around here other then just take the garbage out."

"From now on your going to help out with all the house hold duties around here and it is not fair for me to do it all"

With that I sat back down while she finished her food while she read her paper. After she had finished her coffee she asked me "Be a dear and get me another cup sweetie" She then went on to tell me that I needed to wash the dishes some before loading the dish washer. She did make it sound fair and I did do as she asked by taking our dishes to the sink. She continued her reading while I finished the dishes and then tried to sneak off to change.

"Now where are you going" she asked.

And once again I said that I wanted to go change but once again she stopped me by saying "But first you need a bath and for now on you will bathe everyday instead of every three days or so like you usually do" And she also insisted that when I am in the bath that I should shave that hair from body that she noticed last night that I had grown. Now this was going a little too far but she was in a really good mood it seemed so I went to take a bath as she suggested. As I went into the bathroom and began to run the water I stripped out of the baby doll outfit and began took climb in when she opened the door.

"Now now there is no need to close the door" she said as she walked in.

"It's not like I haven't seen you naked before is it"

Well she was right there after seeing me in my most venerable state yesterday. So I climbed into the bath as she got some bubbles out as foamed them up in the tub. Then she went to the closet and returned with a razor and told me "Let me help you with those nasty little hairs since you haven't ever shaved before."

After getting all of them she could see she had me stand up to finish the job. When she was satisfied of her handy work she grabbed a towel and dried me off and told me to go get dressed that she had laid out my clothes for the day on my bed.

"We have a busy day planned and if you need any help to just ask"

When I arrived in my room the first thing I noticed was my sisters dress, hose, slip and heels laid out. I was shocked and dumb founded when all of a sudden I felt her standing behind me. I turned around and instantly protested by saying, "What the hell is this and there is no way I am going to wear that"
That is where she stepped in and shoved me back a step or two. She slapped my mouth and said "You will not talk to me in that tone little girl"

Well I had enough of this and decided then and there to stand up to her once and for all and a swung on her. She was a lot bigger then me and quickly blocked my swing and hit me a few more times with a couple more hard slaps. I still knew I had to stop this here and now so swung on her once more. She then hit me with her fist not once but twice and then once in the stomach that sent me to my knees. I knew then that I was powerless to fight against her and decided to accept my fate but she wasn't finished. She pulled me up by the hair and threw me down on the bed face first.

"I am going to teach you a lesson little girl and For now on when I say jump you are to reply how high is that under stood"

"You are not going to disrespect me any more or else"

I was truly at her mercy at that moment because I knew now that she could kick my ass if she wanted to or worse throw me out. Before I could move she grabbed a brush that she had laid out and sat on the bed and straddled my body with one leg. She then began to spank me with such rapid and hard blows that I screamed out in pain. Very soon though, I was just gasping for air between the sobs. After about three or four minutes my ass felt like it was bleeding and on fire.

She finally said "Well then I suggest this doesn't happen again and you need to get dressed like I told you"

With that I climbed to my feet and gathered the clothes from the bed. I started with the slip and then the dress. I then grabbed the panties and then the hose and started to pull them on when she stopped me.

"Sit down and let me show you the right way to put them on."

With that I sat down on the bed and even though the pain was almost unbearable, I didn't move. She rolled them up and put them on one at a time on my legs before having me stand up to finish the job. After that she fixed my dress and then told me I needed to go to my sister's room and have a seat at her vanity table so she could help me with my make up.

Not wanting to go through with this but also not wanting another ass whooping, I quickly complied. She followed me in there telling me to slip on the heels before having a seat. She then sat next to me and applied make up to my cheeks and face while explaining the process as she went.

She next did my eyes and laughed a little bit saying, "Don't worry I will not expect you to get this right the first time" But she also added that "I will expect you to learn to do it yourself"

She then had me pucker my lips and applied some red lip stick. She then did my hair with lots of brushing and hair spray and with a smile she had me done up as she had always helped my sister do in the past. She was very pleased with my look and had me take a look for myself in the full length mirror on the door. Looking back at me in the mirror was a very pretty girl and I felt so unusually weird but yet aroused by the silky feeling of the clothes. She went to my room and while I was admiring her handy work she retrieved my wallet with my money and ID cards in it. She returned to get a purse out of the closet that matched my dress and then handed it back to me. She then retrieved some slip on ear rings and a necklace for me to wear. After she had finished with my new look she told me that she loved me even more for doing this for her.

"Now I need to get ready so we can get going" she said to me. She also told me "While I get ready I want you to clean up the mess in your room and in here"

Now I was really worried where she planned on taking me dressed like this.

"Where are we going" I asked her.

"Well I thought we would go shopping for some things you need like getting your ears pierced nails done and maybe a hair do."

"I can't go out like this" I said as the nervousness set in. Not wanting to leave the house like this.

"Don't be silly no one will recognize you like that and besides I'm taking you across town where we will be moving to once I finalize the deal on our new place"

She went on to explain that in our new home I would be her girl all the time and wouldn't have to be a boy at all. Until then we needed to pack and we would be getting rid of all my boy things.

She went on to say "I am going to love having a girl around the house again"

"Now go on while I get dressed sweetie" she said before leaving to get ready.

Shocked at what I was told I still was sore from the spanking I received earlier and began cleaning up the room. About the time I was finished straightening the bed she was ready and we left for our trip.

She really seemed to enjoy the day and I made it through also because no one noticed that I was actually a boy dressed as a girl or at least acted that way. She did every thing she said she wanted to do and then some. After a long day of shopping and such we returned home and I really was horny. So when mom went to the kitchen to get diner ready I decided to sneak of to the bathroom to relieve myself of some built up tension. I was in there for only a few minutes when I heard her say come into the kitchen and she would show me how to cook some stuff. I released my load and pulled my panties and hose back up before rushing back to her.

"Is everything all right" she asked as I came out from the bath room.

I just told it all is fine and hoped she would accept my answer. But then again I was busted because after hurrying with getting my release and not cleaning up the mess totally, because after arriving in the kitchen she pulled me close to her and hugged me tightly and kissed me softly. She wanted me to change into one of the outfits so not to get my dress soiled when she noticed the little wet spot in my panties.

"You were in there doing that nasty habit of yours again weren't you" she asked. "And don't you be lying to me either"

I still remembered the spanking from before and quickly told her the truth. She seemed shocked but then she informed me that if she was going to go through life without sex that she doesn't see why I'm so stuck on whacking off all the time and she dropped it.

After diner she returned to her computer and called a friend of hers on the phone while I did the cleaning up. When I finished she told me to sit down on the couch and told me once again how much she loved me and that she was very happy at me being her girl. She also said that maybe she was being a little hard on me and for getting on me for masturbating like I do.

She went on to explain that it has been awhile since she had any release of her own and that maybe she and I could help each other out. That is when she leaned over and put her hand on my thigh. I had on a pair of very smooth slacks and she reached over and undid my blouse some. I was scared to move and excited at the same time. She reached in my shirt and began to play with my nipples causing me to get instantly hard again. Leaning over and kissing me like I have never been kissed before with her tongue, invading my mouth, I became very aroused. She stopped and leaned back to only reanalyze how excited she had become also. She undid my zipper and pulled my hose and panties down to spring my cock free.

"Well I see you like this and maybe we can do something about this" she whispered.

With that she grabbed my cock and softly said to me "Well you might not be nearly as big as your father was but I do know it works"

"I think I will help you with that problem of yours but you are going to have to stop masturbating all the time and only touch it when I say" As she began to pump my cock in her hand.

"Now I never would give your father head because he would never return the favor but I think since we are a lot closer that you won't mind helping me with that either."

And with that she began to go down and lick the tip of my dick. She was about to cause me to have another release by sucking me for a few minutes when she stopped. She was breathing about as heavy as I was when she wrapped her hand around the back of my neck and guided me off the couch to the position between her legs. She lifted her skirt and her panties were already wet when she removed them to one side. She pushed my head down to her and I was more then happy to do what I had always dreamed of doing to a woman my whole life. I began to lick her and she guided me by the hair faster or slower and soon was fucking my face when she squealed and had an orgasm herself. She didn't stop there but kept riding my face until she had another.

"Oh my, that was wonderful, I could get use to that" she said

She quickly released me and got up taking me by the hand and led me to her room. She told me to strip while she was taking off her clothes at the same time. She then had me climb up on the bed and I laid there as she straddled me and quickly inserted my cock in her. It only took a minute for me to climax and she knew it and she was very disappointed.

"What the hell was that" she said.

She was very disappointed I could tell and she slid off and sat next to me. She went on to say that it was ok and she had an ideal how to fix this.

"Besides you are very good with that mouth of yours and I can get use to that"

She then had me in her bed not only as her son but also now as her lover. At least that is what I thought anyway. I would soon find out differently because the next day and every night from that time forward would be very different but always the same.

She came home the next day from doing some shopping and quickly had me in her room. She had me strip and try on some things she bought me starting with some stockings and a garter belt, and then a very sexy outfit that was very short. She was very excited to see me in it and had me spin around slowly for her before she came up behind me wrapping her arms around me as we kissed and made out.

She then had me follow her to the bed before she guided me to my useful position between her legs. After having a few orgasms she told me she need to go to the restroom a minute and I sat on the bed to wait her return. When she returned I noticed right away the huge dildo she had strapped to her and began to get nervous.

She could tell my fright and told me not to worry "That little dick off yours doesn't do anything for me but this is double sided" as she showed me it more in detail.

"If you are a good girl I will allow you to masturbate when I am satisfied or if not then I will just take what I want and you can do without."

And with that she sat down on the edge of the bed once again and said "You're my little girl now and as my girl I feel it is up to me to show you what it feels like to be a girl"

She told me that I was going to learn to like it as she sprang her cock inches from my face as she slowly pushed me to my knees. She grabbed her cock which was a lot bigger then mine and smacked my lips with it.

"You are about to learn the first step of what it feels like to be a true girl" she jokingly said."

Then she told me to kiss the tip of it and soon had the head of it in my mouth. Then with her hands on top of my head she had me moving up and down to the rhythm she wanted and soon I was taking it all the way in. I gagged a few times and she would allow me to stop only to start again until she got very much excited herself. Before she had another orgasm she stopped and helped me to my feet.

She then guided me to the end of the bed where she got a tube of lube and squirted a small amount on my asshole before beginning to finger me. I didn't like it very much but stayed in my position hoping to end this as soon as possible.

After shoving me face down on the bed and speeding my legs apart, she inserted finger after finger until she was fucking me with three of them. When all of a sudden she stopped and I felt something a lot bigger at my passage. She lubed her cock and began to push. At first it wasn't so bad but after a few inches and her slowly continuing her assault the pain became unbearable. I tried to escape but she held me in place. I was being rapped by her and at her mercy but she didn't stop. No matter how much I struggled she remained in control and would do so every time afterwards.

Not long though the pain was replaced by a fullness that I have grown to love and soon with the help of her double sided dildo I became not only her girl but her property. To do as told at all times and have even come to love it very much although, every once in awhile she still has to use discipline to keep me in line.

Even now that mom has moved on to the real thing with boy friends of her own, she has me as her girl. She even allows me to be with a select few of them if they wish and has bought me the prettiest maids outfit to do my chores in.

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