My Brother's Problem - Chapter 2

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Jennifer takes control and saves her abused brother but she pays a price.
My Brother's Problem
Chapter 2

by Princess

Copyright © 2009 Princess

Authors Note: I know the polices reaction in this chapter is very unlikely but it will help transition into the next chapters.
I knew that my brother had a major problem on his hands now. Or he has major multiple problems with his life. One of the problems was he was now becoming a girl, and another problem he had was that a man was abusing him. All of those big problems were happening all because our mother didn’t give a damn about either of us.

I had raided his bedroom and figured out what his problems were. Now, I needed to figure out what to do about them, if I wanted to do anything. I went back to my own bedroom that night with both of the pill bottles wondering what I was going to say to him. But in my thoughts, something kept nagging me. Those were pretty serious pills I was holding. Both were major doses of female hormones, so who was getting them for my brother, and how? I don’t see Mark getting his hands on them, how would he? He wasn’t taking them so I could only imagine our mother was getting them for my brother. For something this important, I figured I had better confront my mother once.

Holding out the two bottles of pills, I stormed into my mothers’ bedroom. I saw her sleeping form under the blankets of her bed so I shook her, “Hey mom wake up. We need to talk again.”

She woke and groaned, “What is it now Jennifer? I am trying to sleep”

I put the two bottles of pills down in front of her groggy face. Her eyes were barely open. “What the hell is this? Did you know about this”

“What are those,” She asked.

“They are pills that my brother is taking. I just saw him swallowing them and before you lie to me, I read the label and know exactly what they are. I know one older woman that is taking them for an operation and I know a trans woman that is taking them, too. I know what Estradiol and Progesterone are for and I know what they do to the boys that take them. I know they can only be obtained by a prescription from a doctor and how careful doctors about this. I also know the risks. He could be poisoned and die from them if he isn’t careful. He’s just thirteen! Damnit, do any of you know what those pills will do when a boy takes them right on the onset of his puberty?!” I asked very accusingly.

She was awake now and I saw her looking at them and she must had been going though a dozen answers before she finally spoke. When she did her voice was chillingly reasonable, “For your information, yes I do know exactly what they will do,” she answered harshly. “They will totally prevent his male puberty and feminize his body. I did sign for them. I know a doctor and she is prescribing them for him. I was just speaking to her online. We check his blood once every two weeks and she adjusts the dosage, you nosy girl. So, do you have any other questions?”

Her answered made me very angry. She was calmly doing this to her own son who expressed no desire for this life. “What the fuck are you thinking, mom?”

“That is none of your business, now get out before you get yourself in trouble. These are very dangerous people. You could get yourself hurt, or your brother hurt if you do anything stupid.“

I think that it was about that time that I did decide to do something about this situation. It was clear that none of these people really cared for his well being. At that stage of his growth, he needed someone to care so it may as well be me if it wasn’t going to be our mother.

I stayed there a little longer waiting for my brother to come. I did a little thinking myself. I was eighteen years old, and I had a job. I also had enough of savings that I could get myself my own place if I had too, and I also have my own friends. My job was about to give me a promotion soon, and I had access to a good attorney. If I played it right, then I might be able to get him away from these loons that are destroying him. But then what?

Well, I would enjoy raising a girl, but she would be happy. I wouldn’t let a man make a slut out of her, THAT was for sure. I would treat my new little sister better, but there were some things that I had to take care of first.

I waited in my brothers’ room bedroom for four hours before I heard Marks car pull into the driveway. The front door squeaked as my brother opened it and then I heard his heels tapping loudly on the hardwood floor. He slammed the door shut and he tapped his way down the walkway. He opened the door to his bedroom.

In the darkness of his room I could still see he was dressed just as he was before he left. I flipped on the light beside his bed and said, “Hi Ryan. I saw you leave and I looked around your room. I have been expecting you because we have a lot to discuss.“

I stiffiled a giggle at the stunned deer-in-the-headlights look had. My poor brother, he looked so frightened as he stood there stunned, face white as the blood drained from his face. Then he started to cry in front of me.

I walked over to embrace his lithe body in my arms. He pulled away and I said, “It will be alright Ryan. I will not hurt you.”

He nodded and said in a very soft fearful voice, “I know you won’t. Its just that I am so afraid, and right now, I feel so damn filthy. And he wouldn’t let me wash or even drink anything. I have that gawd awful salt taste in my mouth.“

He gulped as if he was going to vomit and suddenly, he flashed into the bathroom. I followed behind him as he heaved over the toilet.

“OH Ryan is that what I think it is?”

He nodded and said, “I guess that you know everything now,” He was so ashamed he could not look me in my face.

“I think I do and I hope you trust me enough. I need you to talk to me so I can figure a way to help you out of this.”

“Um I don’t know if there is a way Sis. But hold that thought, I feel so damn filthy and I seriously need to shower.“

I noticed he was acting very hurt. His butt looked hurt, he was stepping very tenderly and didn’t want anything touching that part. He was clearly hurt and probably leaking semen out which was why he wanted to shower so bad. But, He was my brother and I wanted the full story. I knew there was only one thing to do, if there was any hope.

“No, I am sorry, Ryan. But I can’t allow you to wash right now,“ being over eighteen and having a little knowledge of how things worked, I knew what we had to do and Icould get him to go with me. I grabbed his arm and pulled him out. “Come with me Ryan and those people wont hurt you again.“

Mom was in her drunken sleep so she didn’t know anything was happening as I pulled my feminized brother out of the door and put him in the passenger seat of my car. I squealed the tires as I tore out of the driveway.

He asked panicky, “Sis what the Fuck?”

I ignored him as I pulled out my cell phone and made a call.
“Carol, Hi. I have a serious problem right now can you meet me at the ER at ST. Mary's Hospital. I will be there in four minutes. OK, Thanks so much. Bye.”

“Who Is meeting us Sis?” he asked in a accusing voice.

“Oh that’s the attorney I know. She is meeting us to help us keep control, and to record everything for you. You see, we will use this against mom and she wont let her take you anymore. You will probably be removed from her custody. I know it’s a shock but its for the best. We know someone that will take care of you for the time being.“

He looked very hurt at that but I understood. He loved his mother even if she was horrible. But we couldn’t let that go on.

I made it there and she was there waiting as I drug my struggling brother behind me. I got up to the main desk and told a nurse there, “My brother here, Ryan needs to be examined as soon as possible. I think he’s been raped," Her eyes went wide as she looked at the totally feminized frightened boy behind me. “Don’t worry about what hes wearing. They were forced on him by the rapist. Please help him.”

She nodded and several nurses got him and took him in a room.

Two uniformed officers came within minutes and I answered all of their questions including our mothers involvement. My brother had been examined, evidence collected from his body and I gave them the medicine that my mother was forcing him to take. There was a reaction of total horror and shock that a mother could do such things to their son. He was questioned in the presents of me and the attorney. She agreed to help me. I did her a favor so she agreed to do this pro bono. Quite quickly, arrest warrants were issued out for my mother and Mark. My brother was placed in foster care and my attorney helped get him places with a great woman we know that takes foster children. I wanted him, but I knew if I wanted to take care of him, that I would need my own place so for the time being, I had to let that other woman take care of him. At least, I knew her and he would be face safe with her.

I saw him once last time before he was to leave. A woman from child services was holding him and he looked frightened as if he had no idea what was going on. At least we was wearing some jeans and a normal boys tee shirt. None of them fit him. The jeans hugged his feminizing hips and the shirt looked tight around two noticeable buldges from his chest. But he looked clean now. “Ryan. You are safe and I will be working hard to get custody of you. Do you want us to be together.”

I was surprised that he smiled, “Yes. What is going to happen to me now,” I detected a hint of fear in his voice. This woman will take you. You will have a new home and a very nice woman that will take care of you. Don’t worry, She has a soft spot for children so she will care for you. I will be working with my attorney to get custody of you as soon as I can. I just need to take care of a few things first.“

He said 'OK', and soon they were off. But not before I got that woman to the side, I said angrily at her, “No one is telling me a damn thing about anything. Please tell me what was found out about him.”

She said coldly, “We don’t have to tell you anything. You aren’t his guardian or anything. “

“Come now,” I pleaded. “It was me that brought him here. I am his sister, so please.”

She let out a sigh. “There was a lot of bruising and tearing in his anus. He had been raped and we found semen from multiple men. Samples had been collected and taken for DNA analysis. It looks as if several men had been sexually abusing him. The doctor has prescribed large doses of testosterone to counter act the estrogen he has been on. But, from the amount of estrogens flowing in his bloodstream combined with the very significant feminizing of his body suggests that he has been on that stuff for over six months to possibly a year. We don’t know if his body can produce any of its own anymore. The doctor is hoping for the best.

I had decided to stay with a friend of mine for the night and start looking for my own place in the morning. But, as with many plans something else happened. I was with my friend Melanie and we were sleeping soundly when we here a large crash though the door. I was lucky to get out, but Melanie didn’t make it. They started shooting and I made it to the police. They were there within minutes.

I was waiting at the station for hours. Finally someone got back to me. A officer and two suited men behind them approached me. He said, ”They are Jared and Dan from the United States Marshals, ma'am. We are afraid you will have to go into protective custody. You and your brother are now entering the witness protection program."

My brother was brought in and he looked like a young girl. “You are now Kimberly Dixon, and meet your young daughter Allison.”

He was brought up to me and we held hands as they got us in a black U.S. Government van and drove us off to who knows where.


*          *          *

End of Chapter 2
To Be Continued...

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can someone help me

make the title Pink


Try typing deeppink between the quotes where is says 'color'. It'll be this color.

A good story, but the ending seemed rushed. The part where the hitmen broke in and started shooting was so rushed it was kind of hard to tell what was going on. Other than that I'm liking it and hoping her kid brother will come out okay and they'll both be safe. I like the way she's rising to the challenge and becoming a more caring person. Mom is a loathesome collaborator. EVIL! EVIL! EVIL!
~~~hugs, Laika

Feminizing For Real

Sorry folks, this ain't no fantasy! I know of a little boy who was castrated and given Estrogen in massive amounts by his own doper parents. This shit is for real. It wasn't willing and the kid is a mess. CSD got to him too late.

Oh, if the kid wants it ... well we are treading a fine line here. Lots of us "knew" well before puberty. I wonder how it would have been if I had been castrated and on Estrogen to bring my blood levels to those normal for a 5 year old girl? I know it is way outside the Benjamin Protocol, but I know that it must have happened. For those willing, I wonder how it went and if they are happy now?

Many Blessings



Not kidding at all.

The facts are ladies and gentlemen, that real criminal forced feminization does take place. Some of my stories involve forced fem. Why, because in the initial years when "she" was just emerging, I was extremely unwilling.

All you really have to do is go do some volunteer work with homeless youth, or GBLT youth and you start to hear the stories and see the victims; little kids running around who are HIV+. One set of kids that I knew looked very different to me. One of them seemed to be the strong one, and the other always seemed to be on the edge of tears. They were very frightend to interact with anyone alone. I wonder what has happened to them now that Social Programs have been cut so much?

Christine01's stories are just too much for me, not because they are not well written but because they just hit to close to home for me. I read to practice a little escapisim, not to have some of the things I have seen dredged up for me to examine yet again. My old life was poisoned by bitterness and anger. I have seen the cost and still feel it was far too high, but many of us pay the cost.

I have made it a major objective in my life to practice goodness, forgiveness and charity as hard as I posibly can.





'I said initially that I didn't know where you were
going with this story,and to be frank,it frightened
me----but you have done exceedingly well,but why did you rush the ending??From a readers point of view,I think
you should slow down and think more about where the story is going.I think it's a good story and you have done well considering the topic,so I wish you well in the future.


May they

Burn in hell for all eternity for what they did to this poor child. I could say worse things, but I don't want to use those kinds of words at 1 am in the morning mew. Princess, your style is very unique, and I'm interested in seeing more. Yes the chimo scenes are bothering the hell out of me, but this is YOUR story, and YOUR muse is helping you with this. So please keep telling YOUR story, and don't change a thing except for the spell and grammar check that we do when we're done ^^

I know who I am, I am me, and I like me ^^
Bisexual, transsexual, gamer girl, princess, furry that writes horror stories and proud ^^

I know who I am, I am me, and I like me ^^
Bisexual, transsexual, gamer girl, princess, furry, little and proud :D

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