My Brother's Problem - Chapter 2

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Jennifer takes control and saves her abused brother but she pays a price.
My Brother's Problem
Chapter 2

by Princess

Copyright © 2009 Princess

Authors Note: I know the polices reaction in this chapter is very unlikely but it will help transition into the next chapters.
I knew that my brother had a major problem on his hands now. Or he has major multiple problems with his life. One of the problems was he was now becoming a girl, and another problem he had was that a man was abusing him. All of those big problems were happening all because our mother didn’t give a damn about either of us.

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This story is 125 words long.

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can someone help me

make the title Pink


Try typing deeppink between the quotes where is says 'color'. It'll be this color.

A good story, but the ending seemed rushed. The part where the hitmen broke in and started shooting was so rushed it was kind of hard to tell what was going on. Other than that I'm liking it and hoping her kid brother will come out okay and they'll both be safe. I like the way she's rising to the challenge and becoming a more caring person. Mom is a loathesome collaborator. EVIL! EVIL! EVIL!
~~~hugs, Laika

Feminizing For Real

Sorry folks, this ain't no fantasy! I know of a little boy who was castrated and given Estrogen in massive amounts by his own doper parents. This shit is for real. It wasn't willing and the kid is a mess. CSD got to him too late.

Oh, if the kid wants it ... well we are treading a fine line here. Lots of us "knew" well before puberty. I wonder how it would have been if I had been castrated and on Estrogen to bring my blood levels to those normal for a 5 year old girl? I know it is way outside the Benjamin Protocol, but I know that it must have happened. For those willing, I wonder how it went and if they are happy now?

Many Blessings




That's Horrible!I really hope you were just kidding or Something.

Not kidding at all.

The facts are ladies and gentlemen, that real criminal forced feminization does take place. Some of my stories involve forced fem. Why, because in the initial years when "she" was just emerging, I was extremely unwilling.

All you really have to do is go do some volunteer work with homeless youth, or GBLT youth and you start to hear the stories and see the victims; little kids running around who are HIV+. One set of kids that I knew looked very different to me. One of them seemed to be the strong one, and the other always seemed to be on the edge of tears. They were very frightend to interact with anyone alone. I wonder what has happened to them now that Social Programs have been cut so much?

Christine01's stories are just too much for me, not because they are not well written but because they just hit to close to home for me. I read to practice a little escapisim, not to have some of the things I have seen dredged up for me to examine yet again. My old life was poisoned by bitterness and anger. I have seen the cost and still feel it was far too high, but many of us pay the cost.

I have made it a major objective in my life to practice goodness, forgiveness and charity as hard as I posibly can.




I know it is happening(and that is tragedy in itself),i just hoped for...nevermind.Anyway that are great life goals,wish you best luck to practice them,this sad planet need more good people like you.



'I said initially that I didn't know where you were
going with this story,and to be frank,it frightened
me----but you have done exceedingly well,but why did you rush the ending??From a readers point of view,I think
you should slow down and think more about where the story is going.I think it's a good story and you have done well considering the topic,so I wish you well in the future.


May they

Burn in hell for all eternity for what they did to this poor child. I could say worse things, but I don't want to use those kinds of words at 1 am in the morning mew. Princess, your style is very unique, and I'm interested in seeing more. Yes the chimo scenes are bothering the hell out of me, but this is YOUR story, and YOUR muse is helping you with this. So please keep telling YOUR story, and don't change a thing except for the spell and grammar check that we do when we're done ^^

I know who I am, I am me, and I like me ^^
Bisexual, transsexual, gamer girl, princess, furry that writes horror stories and proud ^^

I know who I am, I am me, and I like me ^^
Transsexual, gamer, little, princess, furry and proud :D

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