Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 883.

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Wuthering Dormice
(aka Bike)
Part 883
by Angharad

Copyright © 2010 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

“Just stay still, mate, ambulance is on its way.”

“I feel cold,” said Perryman and started to shiver. If he was faking it was a very clever act–especially when he closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

“Oh shit, what d’we do now?”

I’d watched in frustration too long. His injury wasn’t spinal, he’d bashed his head–sub-dural haematoma. I barged my way to the front–“Give me room, that means you too,” I told an offended first aider.

On the pretence of giving him mouth to mouth respiration, I was cradling the back of his head where the injury was, the energy leaving my hands was freezing cold–usually it’s warm.

I felt his carotid pulse–“His heart is still beating, but he’s not breathing.” I said which meant I blew into his mouth again–he’ll have fit when he knows who did it. The energy was blasting from my hands as if it had to reach a certain level to stop the bleed and disperse some of the blood.

I continued the kiss of life while healing his brain injury. He had a severe concussion with bleed–normally, he’d have been dead by now or a cabbage–instead of the usual turnip! They say a change is as good as a rest.

As I held his head, blowing into his mouth every minute or so, I got a feeling that the bit of brain that was being damaged was that relating to his sexual orientation. If he was a paedo, and we didn’t know for certain, this could prove most interesting. It was almost as if he had been targeted by something to change him. Part of me hoped he became gay–nah, that was wicked of me.

The ambulance eventually arrived, they’d only been sent to the wrong campus–giving me twenty minutes to pour in energy. Just before they arrived his eyes fluttered open, I kissed him once more and his body, including his feet moved a little–he’d be physically okay now.

The paramedics were arrogant and ignored me. They put him in splints and braces before loading him on the stretcher. “Get his head X-rayed, he’s got concussion,” I suggested very strongly.

“The caller said it was a spinal, not head–lost sensation in his feet and legs.”

“That occurs in sub-durals too.”

“How do you know?” he almost sneered at me.

“I’ve seen it before.”

“Yeah, where was that?”

“While you’re arguing your patient could be dying,” I pressed, he wasn’t, I was still maintaining him but they didn’t know that.

“Okay, I’ll bet you a fiver it isn’t a sub dural,” said the argumentative paramedic.

“Done, send it to Haiti appeal and I’ll do the same–but I am a hundred per cent sure of what it is, how sure are you?”

“Enough,” he virtually spat at me.

“Come on Don, she might be a doctor,” said his young female companion.

“Better than that,” said Gareth quietly behind me. “You’ve done it again, haven’t you? Where does the blue stuff come from?”

“The sky?–on a fine day, it’s full of it,” I joked.

“Is this yours?” asked a man who picked up a memory stick from the floor.

“No–all my stuff is in my bag.” I pointed to the pile of stuff which Tom had been protecting whilst I’d worked to save Perryman.

“If I collapse–will you resuscitate me?” asked a wag who’d watched the proceedings on the floor. I blushed, then he said–“I can’t breathe, save me beautiful lady.”

“Let him croak, then we’ll be able to get a word in,” said one of his colleagues.

“Shurrup,” said the one who apparently couldn’t breathe, “I’m seriously dying, here.”

I managed to find a ladies loo and wash my mouth and freshen my lipstick et cetera. I always carry a travel tooth brush in case I get bits of cabbage stuck in my front teeth. Brushing my teeth to rid myself of the taste of Perryman, was a real pleasure.

The meeting only lasted an hour–Dr Sage chaired it and did so very cleverly. A grant would be possible for sea mammal studies, dependent upon costs incurred, but Portsmouth would control the major investment–including the half a million a year from High St Banks–the bank had insisted upon it, apparently.

I’d helped Simon get the bank award for the survey, before we were an item. I’d kept my identity as Cathy Watts–but someone rumbled me.

“Mr chairman, isn’t this all a bit incestuous–isn’t Cathy Watts engaged to Simon Cameron from the bank? How come she hasn’t declared her interest, to the meeting?” mumbles went round the table.

“Cathy is actually the Lady Cameron of Stanebury, however, the award was made before she and her husband were engaged or married. This was done under the auspices of the Under Secretary of State, so unless you wish to query his integrity, I think you can rest assured that the award was made in good faith.”

“But she works for the bank?” protested another.

“No, she owns it,” piped another.

“I am retained as an ecological adviser by the bank–part of which means I try to encourage them to spend money on protecting the environment, funding education and publicity for good causes. I did get them to fund the posters for this survey.”

“Only because you’re on the bloody things.”

“If you think that’s a good thing, you can pose for the next ones–but they like you to do it in a fairly short skirt.” I threw back at the hairy faced ape who’d made the comment.

“Yes, Douglas, I’ll tell them where to contact you–cuddling what–um–a killer whale?” Gareth was very good at the put down.

This sort of banter went on for a while longer, when Gareth closed the meeting–the next would be an ad hoc thing as he decided we needed one, otherwise, Tom was very much in charge. He was, I told him so on the way back–and we all laughed.
As the meeting was finishing, the man who’d found the memory stick asked if it belonged to anyone. It didn’t, so he plugged it into the computer we’d been using for the meeting.

A load of gobbledygook came up first, then an encryption thing–at this point I’d have given up and dumped it. But not the finder–he was a bit of a computer buff and in two minutes he’d opened the encryption there were about a thousand pictures on it, mostly jpegs. He opened the first and we all gasped–the second was a gasp of disgust and the third meant we called the police.

I won’t describe the subjects except to say they were of children–I suspect you’ll know what the rest means. As no one actually saw Perryman drop the stick, unless the police find evidence linking him to it, they won’t be able to prove anything yet again. Hopefully, however, his bang on the head and my subsequent first aid will help him to mend his ways.

It’s ironic that I half expected him to queer my pitch at the meeting, instead I might just have spoilt his takeover bid, with Gareth’s clever running of the meeting helping enormously.

“Should I have declared my interest?” I asked as we drove east to Portsmouth.

“I did on your behalf, if you’d read your agenda and qualifying documents, you’d have been aware of that,” Gareth gently chided me.

“Sorry, been a bit busy of late.” I blushed.

“So I gather. Your father in law phoned me last night and asked me to take you to Southsea, apparently your kids are there, Stella has packed a case for you both, and if necessary he’ll send you off somewhere else, safer.”

“Not bloody Scotland, it’s even colder up there.”

“I think ye mean bonnie Scotland,” said Tom loudly, “Och, it’s whaur ma heart is,” he sighed to himself.

“Yep–highest rate of cardio-pulmonary disease in Western Europe,” I said and he gave me one of his porridge freezing stares.


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mittfh's picture


Within the space of an hour, Cathy:
(a) revives Perryman (while doing a spot of crafty blue lighting),
(b) possibly cures Perryman's paedophilia,
(c) wins the contract,
(d) acquires circumstantial evidence that Perryman is/was a paedophile.

So now it's off to the family hotel - and hopefully no-one will do a Mima and drown this time! (Although I fully suspect the guards will be extra vigilant this time, possibly even doubling up, to make absolutely positively sure nothing untoward happens!)
It wouldn't surprise me if Henry and Monica turn up as well to acquaint themselves with Cathy's ever-growing brood.


This space intentionally left blank.
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There are 10 kinds of people - those who understand binary, those who don't, and those who know this sig's in ternary.


Don't get me wrong, I think pedophilia is disgusting; but if Cathy can "cure" pedophilia, what else can she "cure"? Homosexuality? Transgenderism? Alcoholism and drug addiction? Religious belief? Tom's accent? 'Tis a slippery slope.


"Being a girl is wonderful and to torture someone into that would be like the exact opposite of what it's like. I don’t know how anyone could act that way." College Girl - poetheather

Karen J.

* * *

Ever accidentally throw something away and then later realize you actually needed it?

I did that with my life.

She Didn't Cure

...his pedophilia. She "cured" his death. The sidewalk "cured" his pedophilia, when he dashed his brains on it. Knowing what we know after viewing his image collection, I would have happily let him die. He deserved it.


I reread the bit and it could be either way. I've never heard of anyone becoming a pedophile due to a brain injury, so I have my doubts about a brain injury curing it. Perhaps they all died from the "cure"?

Karen J.

"Being a girl is wonderful and to torture someone into that would be like the exact opposite of what it's like. I don’t know how anyone could act that way." College Girl - poetheather

Karen J.

* * *

Ever accidentally throw something away and then later realize you actually needed it?

I did that with my life.

Woar There, What Do You Mean "Cure"?

Paedophilia is unacceptable (I do wish they had chosen a better set of Latin or Greek words, as "philia" means "love" and they certainly don't do that!), but homosexuality is so widespread among so many species besides humans that one might question whether it is supposed to be a thing needing 'curing', transgenderism some of us on here might not regard as needing a cure, since it is enjoyable, I can agree about alcoholism and drug addictions, and about religious beliefs.... Accents I suppose could be regarded as a social disease, on a par with having the 'wrong' skin tone in certain places - if you have grown up with a "wrong" accent or skin tone, it kind of limits what you can achieve in life - Lallands is nae sae bad as Cockney, but a gude Highland accented person has as much trouble figuring out what the poor eejit is trying to say as a Sassenach has. As for slippery slopes - there is still enough snow about.



Excuse me?

Transgenderism is 'enjoyable'? Are you joking, or just a wee bit ironic maybe. I do _not_ find it enjoyable. Not in the least. It has been a loooong and arduous road to understand and come to grips with my -pc term- transgendered nature. And I've found solace and a semblance of normality and acceptance after transitioning and subsequent procedures which now allow me to live in the role I feel comfortable with. I enjoy my life as a woman, and have very little problem with passing as such, or so I maybe delude myself.

But there isn't a day that goes by in which I don't regret the steps I had to take, the past I would have liked so very different, or the future I will never have. Enjoyable indeed! *snorts very unladylike*


Athena N's picture

No regrets

Looking back, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to change the way I've dealt with my gender problems, or to have grown up cisgendered. Being TS is so much a core part of me that changing it would make me someone else; and also, coping with it has led to some pretty good choices that would be atypical for either of the two main genders. Being in denial allowed me to become a parent, which makes up for a lot of the benefits of the early transition I didn't have. All in all, I don't regret my transsexuality, but like most other 'character-building' experiences I can't see how it should be called enjoyable.

It'll be interesting to see what happens to both Perryman and his paedophilia. And oh, funnily enough, just a couple of weeks ago some brands of encrypted USB memory sticks were recalled because the password handling routines were defective, so that the encryption could be cracked about as easily as it was done here.


No regrets. That's remarkable. Given the choice, to be who you are now. A content mature balanced parent -I imagine- but without the gender-agony, you'd still choose a life torn by transsexuality because it 'builds character'...? However unenjoyable. Wow!

I somehow don't believe it. I can understand, and agree, with what you say about it being so much a core part and all, but that doesn't mean you can not regret it.

I don't regret the steps I had to take to deal with my transsexualism, and I don't regret me being me.
But I do regret the fact that I had to take them, while me staying me.


Athena N's picture

Really, sort of.

What I mean is that now, looking back, if I had been born cisgendered (either way) or had transitioned early on I would have missed a lot of things that are very dear to me. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that if I had known a quarter century ago what I now know about gender identity and what not, I would have transitioned right then. Most likely in any of the what-if cases I would now have lots of things that would be equally dear to me, too, they'd just be different ones.

I guess we are really saying the same thing, just with a slightly different emphasis.

Andrea Lena DiMaggio's picture

Pardon me...

...I believe Karen might have been more than just a bit ironic when she listed all those things that need to be cured. If religious beliefs are a disease or a disorder, then you're going to have your hands full trying to "cure" nearly seven billion people! Have a splendid day and rest up, dear friend, you've got your work cut out for you.

She was born for all the wrong reasons but grew up for all the right ones.
Possa Dio riccamente vi benedica, tutto il mio amore, Andrea
Crying is all right in its own way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later,
and then you still have to decide what to do. ― C.S. Lewis
Love, Andrea Lena


is pure hell. I would be well shed of it if I could. I can't, it is part of who I am, but I am not a happy person.

I suspect (and hope) that someday it will be no big deal. You will go and get either your body or your mind fixed. For now, those who can, do, those who can't deal with it, and those who can't deal with it kill themselves. I float between the second and third, and while I played with cross dressing when I was younger, I will never do it again.

Part of why I like Bike so much is it is an ideal fantasy, where people get what they need and live happily ever after. I suppose the latter would be boring, but then that is Angharad's job. She does it well, and we are left wondering what is going to happen the next episode.

PattieBFine's picture

If I'm not mistaken...

There are animals here on our planet that due to population issues, CAN change their sex to keep a stable ratio. So, should trans-anything be even needing a cure? other than compleating the process... I mean?

If it occurs in nature, is this what should be used as a guide-stick for what's allowed?

That's a slippery slope, as far too many animals also kill-off their weakest members.

PS's picture

Perryman’s Perfidity

Nicely handled Angharad and Bonzi, particularly the way the proof was obtained.

As far as the healing is concerned, I find it interesting that Cathy now seems to be able to heal others merely by touching them, and without being aware of having done so—witness the recounting by Gareth in the previous installment of his hernia and self-inflicted knife wounds.

I wonder how Julie is going to respond to living in the hotel, and having a coterie of servants at her beck and call.

Physical Skills


Loved the clever bit about the memory stick, too. The nice thing about jpegs is that they're stored with some info, like time, date and some camera/image stuff. Might help in tracing whoever took the photos, or at least checking their alibis. ;-)

mittfh's picture


The EXIF information will contain the time and date of the picture, the camera model and various information about the exposure (shutter speed, aperture size etc.)
If Perryman was careless about his staging, there might also be clues in the pictures as to where they were taken.
Then there's the children themselves. Locals or the ones caught up in the Sussex case?

If the police can establish a link back to the paedophilia case in Sussex, they might be able to acquire more circumstantial evidence (although not enough for conviction) linking Perryman to the case. However, although not strong enough for conviction, there may be enough to inform the Secret Service (MI5) and GCHQ, so they could monitor him. Then again, what good that would do would be uncertain unless they raided his home/flat and found concrete evidence, since intercept evidence is still inadmissible in court (SS (MI5) and SIS (MI6) prefer it that way - they feel allowing intercept evidence would reveal some of their methods of operation, so making it harder for them to gather intercept evidence in the first place)

This space intentionally left blank.
Google+ | EAFOAB Resources

There are 10 kinds of people - those who understand binary, those who don't, and those who know this sig's in ternary.

(aka Bike)883

Pedophilia is a corruption of sexual desires, so Cathy was simply healing a perversion, possibly the memory that caused it.

May Your Light Forever Shine
May Your Light Forever Shine

Careful there Stanman

Same could be said about transvestism and autogynaphelia

I've never fully understood

I've never fully understood transvestitism, or rather, why people even worry about it. I mean, think of all the countries where the men still wear dresses. (BESIDES Scotland, you bunch of bleeding perverts). I mean, much of India and Islam has men wearing loose robes and/or dresses.

I've always felt that if you want to wear a skirt, do so - but don't buy women's clothing and expect it to look right. Learn how to sew or hire a tailor, and have it done properly. Mens clothing certainly is poor in choice of style, colour, and fabrics, that's for sure.


There are...

Women who wear men's clothing - purchased in the men's section (including jacket/tie/shoes... I know a lady lawyer who does. She's not a TS - she says she just prefers it that way.

Is there a double standard? Yes. Should there be one? This is the wrong place to ask that, and expect to get many answers.

As to Perryman, who knows where he'll be.



When fashion goes Unisex, what do cross dressers wear?



kimmie's picture

That has always been my question also

... because I seriously doubt that Annette's acquaintance's wearing of men's attire has anything to do with her wanting to express her 'masculine' side. The latter has been in general the proffered motivation for at least a portion of CDs.

Clearly the reasons are probably different.

So yeah, if men can socially wear dresses without limits then what would be their motivation at that point?


tidbit of a fact

in Saudia Aribia, Iran, and other locations around the world. a Man can & will be put to death by stoning for wearing of any woman's garments.
this is still current as of JAN 2011. I double checked. And this isnt homophobia, but religious protocol.

I suspect that being gay,ts, or to some extent, crossdressing comes from a screw-up in hormonal wash when we were fetuses. Least that the best plausable excuse I've ever come up with. I tend to agree with it till comes up with one that can be proven. what amazes me is in making of a baby that the millions or billions of things that could go wrong. most of the time we come out even 1/2 normal.

enjoyable - well I spent almost 45 yrs trying to come to terms with my self including several attempted suicides, cause I hadnt a flippin clue what was wrong cept I knew there was. most of that time I didnt have a clue what a transsexual was, I knew of a few crossdressers when they made the news or an occational drag queen. but i didnt relate to the latter, I was positive I wasnt gay. NO ENJOYABLE IS NOT A TERM I would of used to describe my life.


If it was Perryman's "stick", then there is a chance that there's detectable "residue" on his computer (perhaps a file containing passwords - including the password to the stick, for example) - other possibilities include temporary internet (or other) files (even if deleted, unless a special "shredder" program was used to remove it) may have the originals of the downloaded pictures.

Somehow, I'd not be surprised that his work and home computers will all be "checked out" most thoroughly.

As to the healing... Perhaps he had some "issues" that he'd been suppressing, and it was coming out in his use of the porn, and Cathy broke or at least softened that which was suppressing whatever it was. Interesting thoughts.

Thanks for keeping things so interesting.


I hope Cathy does everything in her power to catch that bastard. The damage they do stays for life. Lack of self confidence endures for the rest of the victim's life which is often painfully short!

My most abiding fear is that Paedophilia is something they are born with and totally unable to get rid of.

I know that I firmly believe my transvestism is something I've had from birth. Even though it only manifested itself as sexual release in my earlyiest teens I was cross dressing and role playing from my earliest memories.

I know that transexualism is all about the brain, (we are what's between our ears not what's between our legs.) and transexuals are born with their brain sex probably determined from birth,if not conception even; (it's the plumbing that has to be corrected,) and I know that gays are born gay because they all tell me this when we chat about it.

My abiding dread is that paedophilia is similarly imprinted somehow at birth and it remains with the individual until death. Can it be cured? I myself doubt it for the same reasons that my transvestism can't be cured; indeed, I don't want my transvestism to be cured because it gives me that wonderful extra dimension to my life whilst doing little or no harm to others.

The ghastly conclusion I am reluctantly forced to draw is that paedophiles are similarly incurable but of course they do immense harm!

My feelings leave me hopelessly confused and divided on this issue.

I have a deep and unrequitted resentment and rage for what was done to me both in the psychiatric unit where I was locked away and later in the Borstal unit where they placed a transvestite amongst dozens of violent disfunctional youths. I am bitter that those crimes wnnt unpunished, (as far as I know,) because the perpetrators (Wardens, supervisors and yes, you've guessed it; social workers,)are mostly dead, (I'm 63 going on 64,). They are safely beyond any efforts for legal redress.

Alternatively if paedophilia is in some way genetic what in the hell are we to do with the people afflicted of this disorder?

I worry about this still and I have never satisfatorily resolved it in my head or my heart. I suppose I'll take the confusion, anger and conflict to my grave.

Anyway, Angharad.
Thanks for touching on the issue and I loved your compassionate 'blue light' way of somehow repainng the imbalances in Perryman's twisted brain.

Will he be 'cured'? I hope so but there's still the issue of what appears to have gone before.

Keep writing,
this is excellent stuff,

Beverly Taff.

Excellent point Beverly

about whether Perryman has been cured,Yes it would be good if there was one less paedophile on the streets But IF and i emphasise the if because he has not yet been proven guilty, Then he must be punished, Quite what that punishment should be... Well that is a discussion for another time!!


woody's picture

Will be interesting to find out if Perryman really is

"cured". Glad no one thought it was Cathy's memory stick. Will Cathy check in with the arrogant paramedics? Would they lie to her about what was wrong just to avoid admitting that she was right?

kimmie's picture

Question is why did the force

behind the blue light allowed her to heal him? Recall that the blue light does the choosing.

It will be interesting to see what happens from here.

By the way, pedophilia is a perversion of sexual desire but that is no excuse as as a human one should have control over sexual desire.


maybe just so he can be

maybe just so he can be properly punished?

let it come out in prison and he'll be on the receiving side for a change.

Perryman's Regret?

If Perryman has indeed been cured of his pedophilia, perhaps when confronted with the evidence on the memory stick he will, out of revulsion for what he has done, cooperate with the police to identify the others involved and the children they abused.

Michelle B

Once again

Cathy proves her love for her fellow humans can overcome even her obvious distaste for the sort of person Luke Perryman appears to be....Liked the thought Cathy had when she gave Perryman mouth to mouth for the first time about finding out who gave him the kiss of life.... After the letter he wrote i wonder what he will feel like now?


Perryman's guilt?

I don't see any indication that he was (or was not, for that matter) involved in the production of the images on the stick. It may be that he is an avid collector of such images, not a producer. It's still disgusting, and illegal in many Western Civilizations; but I believe the punishment under law is generally less severe. We won't know until our lovely authoress decides to tell us.


"Being a girl is wonderful and to torture someone into that would be like the exact opposite of what it's like. I don’t know how anyone could act that way." College Girl - poetheather

Karen J.

* * *

Ever accidentally throw something away and then later realize you actually needed it?

I did that with my life.

the stick might not be

the stick might not be usable by itself for evidence, as the chain of evidence is compromised. it's enough to start an investigation though.

In the UK ...

... I'm almost sure (from reading news reports) that mere possession of images depicting paedophilia is illegal on the grounds that even if the owner didn't actually create them he creates a market and an incentive for others to do so. This kind of thing isn't restricted to men, of course; a woman working in a kindergarten was convicted of child abuse involving photography only last year.


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