Chiaroscuro ~ Part 3

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By Kristina L.S.

Life is change. She had; it was all about the challenge now, well the money too, let's not forget that. After all, it's just business, nothing personal at all. Just a way to measure.
Chiaroscuro... def... indistinct, shadowy...
This is not sweet, there is violence and allusions to child abuse, be aware.



This is a work of adult fiction.

No resemblance to reality should be inferred or expected.
Copyright KLS 2010.



By Kristina.L.S.


Part Three... Crease... def... overlap, wrinkle.
She patted aloe gel into her left cheek and examined it carefully. A little puffy but it might not bruise. Damn that kid was quick. The pair of them, young triad punks lined up by Master Chung as he tried to set them straight, keep them out of the gangs. She couldn't help but have a wry smile at that one, she might not be directly gang related but she was hardly straight. Still they probably didn't know that, not many did. The walk back up from Chinatown was a little slower than coming down and a hot shower was definitely in order.

Clicked off the blow dryer and fluffed her hair, fixed her make up, checked the cheek and shrugged. Adjusted her clothing and scanned the room quickly. That had been a hell of a workout, those two macho little punks were good but she guessed slightly less condescending than they were now. She was damn good too. It was good to catch up with Master Chung, he was an amazing man and had helped her a great deal over the years. He might be in his sixties but no way would she take him on for real. Training sure and he kicked her arse, she chuckled at that. Getting ones butt kicked was good for you now and then. Character building, kept you on your toes.

The Sheraton Doorman swung her C63 AMG Mercedes onto the apron of the hotel and with a sigh opened the door to climb out, he saw some nice cars but this one would really suit him, he doubted he could afford the steering wheel, let alone the car. Navy blue rather than the more common cream, silver or black and not this exact model, all style with a kick. Just like it's owner, damn she'd suit him too, but no chance.

She slipped her laptop bag into the rear passenger seat well and closed the door, turning to the porter and handed him a ten as he placed her two bags in the boot and gently closed it and then the doorman a twenty as he handed her the keys with a smile then turned slightly to look enviously at the car. She almost laughed.

"Nice isn't it."

"Oh yes, I wouldn't mind one at all."

"It was a toss up, this or the BMW 520 M, this is 'darker', has more kick, zero to a hundred k in under five seconds. A wolf in sheep's clothing, rather suits me I think."

"Oh hell yes, baa baa blue sheep, dark works for me", and he chuckled and bowed to her.

With a delighted laugh she smiled as he tipped his hat and pursed his lips at the growl from the exhaust as she hit the start button, a hundred and fifty grand and it's yours me old mate. She smiled again and pulled out slowly into the Elizabeth Street city traffic.

Flipped the control for the sound system and blinked as ..'.I'm a single lady, I'm a single lady oh oh oh... oh oh oh... '…., after a couple of seconds she flicked the toggle again and took a deep breath as she was washed by the soulful strains of Miles Davis from In a Silent Way. Bloody car park attendants, radio, I left it on CD. Damn... that song, ack, maybe I should make a quick trip to LA and shoot that silly bitch. Come on Cassie, relax girl... The slow traffic split and she veered right at the end of the park at St James Station to swing up onto Macquarie Street and sat waiting for a light just at the corner.

Gazing casually across to a group of men standing back a little near the statue in front of the church and the law courts pathway, she squinted slightly and focused.

"Well, well, look who's here." she muttered softly to herself.

Her eyes roved around the group and the surroundings. Judge, Surgeon, Clerk and Barrister and coming toward them about five metres away Inspector and she was amused to note the limp and the stiff left hand. The sudden itch of anger surprised her as holding Inspectors right hand and seemingly a little sleepy was a small boy. Trainers, hoodie, a T and baggy jeans. Damn that could have been you girl, fifteen years ago. Then another, Nurse joined the group carrying a knotted half full garbage bag and took the boys right hand. Wonder what the word for a group of lizards is? They all seemed jolly, if lizards in the sun could do jolly.

With a quick fumble in her bag she pulled her new phone, imagine carrying an android round in your handbag she mused. Lowered the passenger window as the traffic began to move and snapped three shots as she cruised past. The window rolled up and checking the mirror none of them had noted her she was sure.

So why are you surprised girl, you know what they are. The anger, the tunnelling of vision, that was... unexpected. Hey... not my problem. She turned up the music and headed down Macquarie, onto the Bridge headed north and up the M2, cut across to the Western Freeway and began the climb up into the mountains. An hour and a half after leaving the city she turned West off the old Highway at Blackheath and wound down a narrow road to her home. A two acre property set on the cliff top overlooking the Megalong Valley. The gate swung open and the garage door rose and then they closed in turn behind her.

It was only early afternoon, a light and pleasant if chilly day, the mountain air crisp and invigorating. For some reason she was at odds, unable to settle or decide what to do with herself. A stroll down into the valley perhaps...yet it would be slippery and damp so not ideal. Thoughts kept floating in and out, memories old and new. Last night... she ran it through and it was as near perfect as mattered. The morning workout and those two smartarse punks. Near adults and as tough and vicious as any hardened gangster. Both quick and nasty, their willingness to go full out and hurt her had surprised her at first. The bigger one had got a shot in and knocked her sideways as the smaller tried to take her legs and stomp her once down. It had taken a very quick and agile skip and kick to stop that one. They gained a lot more respect over the next ten minutes and had a few bruises of their own to think on. All in all a nice hard workout.

A slow motion image of that group near the statue and the boy. Past images of them and others... with a grunt of exasperation she headed through to her bedroom and stripped, changing into workout gear and light dance slippers. She headed down to the basement and circled for a few minutes before attacking the wooden man and working up and down for several minutes, slow and gradually faster until her hands blurred and sweat ran into her eyes. Gasping she stepped back and paced some more getting her breath then stepping into a matted area with a half dozen angled speed balls at different heights she spun and punched and kicked, bouncing and dancing and dodging the swinging blobs and the elastic cables that held them. After half an hour she stepped back exhausted and sodden. Watched as the balls settled into place again and were still.

But her thoughts were not. be continued... if there's interest. I'm winging it as a way to try and write, so... might not be my greatest effort but it's something.

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Chiaroscuro ~ Part 3

Me, I am wondering what that 'pod' of lizards was doing with that boy and if she will do anything about it.

May Your Light Forever Shine
May Your Light Forever Shine

Ohhh boy!!

You are doing great so far. Definitely have me hooked, sister. I would like to see longer chapters if possible and I will wait for any comments about plot and characters for later but I really like what I am reading. Go Girl.


Yes Please! I for one am

Yes Please!

I for one am definitely enjoying this story!

Getting into it

You've got this massive burgeoning backstory you're just giving us glimpses of - so frustrating and tantalising and addictive and I'm following that carrot.

Kristina L S's picture

thanks guys

I appreciate comments and don't mind questions or critiques. I do get the 'short chapters' thing but as I've been sorta absent for a while and have been having trouble I'm doing it this way to I guess force myself to write. I suppose this will be one maybe two more pieces, just have to see how it shakes out. I hope those that read get something from it.


Very intiguing tale

[email protected] The title is perfect. I always loved that word. It's so lyrical. Though I haven't come across it much since my days as an art student. It captures the essence of the story beautifully. Dark, mysterious, and it draws you in, sometimes against your will. I also like the use of definitions as chapter headings. Intersting way to give us a clue as to what's to come. Good to see a bit of humor thrown in 'Should go to L.A. and shoot that silly bitch!' Hilarious!!! I'll be looking forward to more. Thanks, Jonelle.

Kristina L S's picture

ah, glad someone noted that

I really don't like that song, not to mention much of the attitudes expressed in similar. Just rubs me the wrong way, hey where better to vent than in character, then it's their fault. Ha.

As for the title and definitions, I do like to try things and hopefully get reactions or make people think. No harm in that I think. Thanks


joannebarbarella's picture

Cassie, We Have A Problem!

But it is her problem, isn't it? She just won't let herself consciously admit it yet.

Watch out you lizards! I think you're going to be feeling Cassie's vengeance soon.

Like it, Kris,


Kristina L S's picture

Umm, ya think?

Gee, am I that transparent? Cough, don't answer that. Err, is it a 'pod' of lizards, I haven't actually looked?

Thanks Jo.


Faboo dark tale

Kristina can set a mood or scene like few I have ever read.

WOW is a pale adjective to describe my reaction to her work here.

I am in awe of this and following it closely. I agree, despite her *you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone* ultimatum to the cretins who destroyed her childhood and any chance of becoming a male thus forcing her to chose to become female to carry on ... -- take a deep breath and exhale, better now? --
In any case, her *detached outsider* persona is slipping. She cannot let this next victim suffer as she did. It will gnaw at her soul and she will act if only to not see herself as somehow complicit after the fact in this new victim's destruction. Like how she documented -- photographed -- their latest crime . Maybe it's time to release that disk of evidence, so long as she has rescued the child an any other victims' before they try and burry the evidence. Maybe it's time to give those creeps some of the oleander laced food she used on her *master*.

Unless those she has killed for deceived her she has been very selective in her assassinations, only killing vile criminals. As broken and scared as she is she has a conscious, a soul. I see she noticed the hand of that disgusting man is crippled as a result of their last meeting. Nicely dark, brooding piece with tantalizing bits of her past dribbled out to us a few drops at a time. The humor is in tone with the story. Sweet.

Great to see more from you, Kristina.

John in Wauwatosa

Kristina L S's picture

cracks in the facade

Wow, thanks John, you make me blush. I refuse to admit you have the basics worked out, well sorta, if not exactly, umm... Yeah okay I am that transparent. Just hope I can make it work and in keeping with the overall feel.


I actually like the pacing

I actually like the pacing introduced by the short chapters. The professor who taught me how to think about writing once pointed out that chapter breaks should serve the story, not the reverse. Very few authors wrote in consistent chapter length, Dickens being one (And he had reason, if he ran short, the paper paid him less, if he ran long, they simply dropped the last XX words to fit.)

I do hope that you complete this story, what I seeing is the first few chapters of a excellent novel.


Kristina L S's picture


I guess each piece is what would be a chapter in a single posting, part three for example I had intended to have more there but I reached that point and it seemed a natural break point, so... Dickens? yep me n 'im is old mates, cough. I hope I can keep the next piece or two on track and in the groove. I suspect that will be it for now, but hey, who knows characters can be pesky. Thanks for commenting.


Kristina L S's picture

Huh, imagine that

Curious I had to have a look and... a group of lizards is... a lounge, sorry Stan. Hmmmphh, not sure that's really icky enough in context, but it is what it is I guess. See who says this stuff can't be educational.


I Think Someone...

...may have been putting you on. Neither my old American College Dictionary nor shows that definition for "lounge". Both, of course, have, under "lizard", references to human "lounge lizards". (Ditto for the Cambridge Online Dictionaries on the U.K. side, though their idiom finder identifies "lounge lizard" as chiefly American.)

Maybe I'm off base, but I'm wondering if you ran into one of those creative "collective nouns that should have been" columns or blogs, with things like a giggle of girls and a sunth of Mondays.


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