Chrissy’s New Life Part12

Chrissy’s New Life Part 12
I woke without having to use my diaper. Edwina and Dora came into the room and they got me out of my cot and onto my changing table. They removed my sleep suit and then took of the rest of my clothes off and put a pink quilted dressing gown on me and put bunny slippers on my feet. They took my hands and led me to Susan’s room.

There they bathed me after removing their clothes and my slippers and dressing gown. After my bath they began to dress me. As usual pink frilly panties were put on me followed by stockings and a satin camisole. My school uniform was put on me. They led me to the dining room where breakfast was waiting. Carolyn fed me breakfast and then she drove me to school. Aunt Mary accompanied us. Aunt Mary walked me to the gate and we met Billy.

During the day Billy asked what the girl Chrissy that was staying with Mrs. Alexander was like. I smiled inwardly thinking he still does not know. I wished I could tell him there and then it was me dressed as Chrissy. An idea crossed my mind, I would ask if he would like to come over and play as I replied to him that she saw a nice girly-girl and also if he would like to come and play. Billy said he would like that. I arranged that we would ask his Mom and Aunt Mary if he could come over.
At the end of the school day Aunt Mary arrived to fetch me and we saw Billy’s mom outside the school. I asked Aunt Mary about Billy coming over to play. Billy asked his mom if he could come over and play. The two adults got together and agreed, Billy came with us to Aunt Mary’s mansion. We arrived at the mansion and Billy was impressed with size of the mansion. He wanted to know where Chrissy was once we went inside.
Aunt Mary answered for me, “She’s upstairs and will come down in a while.”
Carolyn appeared and curtseyed and then took my hand and said, “Come Chris let’s get you changed.” As we left Aunt Mary took Billy into the den.
Once we were upstairs Carolyn got me changed out of my school uniform and into a pretty pink floral dress. She put my hair into two pigtails secured with pink satin ribbons. I wore pink Mary Jane’s on my feet. I loved the transformation into a girl.
We made our way downstairs and went to the den. I greeted Billy with a kiss. Billy blushed and after he regained his composure, asked the inevitable question, “Is Chris coming down soon?”
Carolyn dropped the bomb,” Billy dear this is Chris we call her Chrissy.”
Billy blushed deep red and said, “I just been kissed by a boy, do you like them to dress you like that?”
Carolyn said,”Yes a very girly-boy and Chrissy likes it, don’t you Chrissy.”
I nodded and said, “Yes Carolyn I like being dressed like this.”
Billy surprised me and leant to me and kissed me on the lips and said, “I like your perfume.”
Billy asked if we could go up to my room. Aunt Mary nodded and Carolyn took our hands and took us up.
Carolyn said, “Well Billy would you like to change out of your school uniform.”
Billy said,”What would I wear? You don’t have boy clothes here.”
Carolyn said, Well you could wear one of Chrissy’s cute dresses, no one need know.”
Billy blushed and said,”I would love that, I’m already wearing my sister panties.”
Carolyn said, ”And your mommy and sister don’t know?”
Billy said,”My sister does but not my mom.”
Carolyn helped Billy out of his clothes and into a pair of my stockings, a chemise and a red velvet dress.
I asked Billy what he would like to be called. Billy said he liked the name Bernice to which I replied that was the name of Carolyn’s daughter.
Carolyn said that her baby was sleeping and she was now going to put her two girls down for a nap. I knew what was coming. Carolyn did not disappoint, she invited me and Bernice to her room. We all took our shoes off and on got onto the bed. Just as we settled down Aunt Mary came into the room and said,” Ooh my darling Chrissy what’s your lovely girlfriends name?”
I told Aunt Mary it was Bernice to which she said that we should enjoy our nap.
Aunt Mary watched as Carolyn undid and removed her dress and also took off her bra. I took the lead and began to suck on Carolyn’s lovely breast and Billy followed my example.

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