Catwalk Confidence - Part 60

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Catwalk Confidence

By Connie Alexander

Part 60

What started out as a great day ended in disaster. Considering the fight with Lindsey and Britney and our suspension from school–and I’m not sure how long that will be yet–plus going home and finding out that the rag trying to be a newspaper, the National Post printed an article that I’m not a girl but a boy who had a sex change operation. The last was what did me in for the day–seeing that I just broke down and cried.

Eventually Mom and Dad got me up to my room where I cried myself to sleep. Now it’s four in the morning and I’m curled up on the couch reading the damned article.

“Hey there, what are you doing up?”

Looking up, there’s Mom in her robe and slippers.

“Hi, Mom, I just woke up. I think it’s because I fell asleep so early yesterday.”

Sitting down next to me, Mom puts her arm around me and pulls me into her shoulder.

“How are you doing, honey?”

Snuggling down and relaxing in the comfort of her arms, I reply, “Better. I think I just got a bit overwhelmed, yesterday was kinda stressful. I’ve been reading this thing. It’s from that reporter that I hit isn’t it?”

“Yes, honey, it is.”

“I should have broken his neck instead of his nose.”

“Now, now is this from the same girl who finds it difficult to even spar?”

“For him I’ll make an exception.”

“I suppose I can’t blame you, honey, I feel the same way and lord help the man if your father ever gets a hold of him.”

“How did he get this? It says here that my Thai birth certificate proves that I’m really a boy. I didn’t even know I had a Thai birth certificate. The only one I’ve ever seen is my U.S. one.”

“To tell you the truth your father and I forgot about the Thai one. You know that your U.S. certificate isn’t like most?”

“Yeah, you said that was because I was born on a navy ship, right?”

“Yes it is, that’s also where you got your name. See, while we were in Thailand, some members of the consulate were given a tour of some of the ships that were in port. Your father and I went along on one wanting to see what the inside of a submarine was like.

“I was very pregnant with you at the time but since the sub was in port and we weren’t that far from the hospital, we didn’t see the harm. Well, we were on the bridge of the sub and the captain had just offered the captain’s chair for me to sit in. Wouldn’t you know it, no sooner had I sat down than my water broke, and as soon as that happened I went into hard labor. There was no way I was going to make it out of the sub, much less to the hospital in time to give birth. So, Lieutenant Commander Bethel, the ship’s chief medical officer helped me deliver you in their sick bay. He told me afterwards that he had never been so scared in his life. You were the first baby he had ever delivered.

“Now a U.S. navy ship is U.S. sovereign soil, no matter where it goes, so you were given a U.S. birth certificate that says your place of birth is SSN-757, Groton, Connecticut. SSN-757 is the ship number for the U.S.S. Alexandria, a Los Angeles class submarine with its home port being Groton Connecticut fifteen years ago. It’s also why we named you Alexander and why I’m pleased it’s now Alexandria. It’s this certificate that we recently had changed to reflect your true gender.

“After you were born, an ambulance came and took us to the hospital in Bangkok. Since we were in Thailand, even though on a U.S. ship, they issued you a Thai birth certificate as well. I guess you have dual citizenship. Come to think of it you may have three since it wasn’t until the following spring that your father became a full U.S. citizen. Hmm, you just might have Irish citizenship too. I wonder if there’s another certificate out there somewhere. I’ll have to look into that.”

I start to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“I bet the captain just loved having you break your water all over his chair.”

“He was very gracious, in fact they made both you and I honorary members of the crew.”

We both chuckle some more.

“Mom, what are we going to do about this? How can I show my face again and what are we going to do about school?”

“We’ll take everything one step at a time, honey. First, you are a girl in every sense of the word. We’ll get the paper to retract the story. We may even sue as they made no attempt to verify the story with us. We’ll see about that. As to school, I’ll be talking with them today and we’ll see what they say. I think it’s pretty obvious that you were the one attacked. Don’t worry, honey, we’ll work it out.”

“I sure hope so.”

* * *

After lunch I’m floating in the pool just vegging out when Mom comes out.

“Honey, come on inside. Your father and I have some news for you.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Getting out of the pool and wrapping a towel around my waist, I go inside to hear the latest news.

I join Mom and Dad at the kitchen table and Dad asks, “How are you doing, princess, you holding up okay?”

“I’m fine, Dad, really. What’s the news?”

“While your Mother has been dealing with the school, I’ve been talking to our lawyer about the newspaper article. Our attorney will be talking to the paper to see about them printing a retraction but there might not be a whole lot more we can do. The Thai birth certificate is a valid document and it does have your gender down as male. We’re working to have that changed but the legitimacy of the document provides cover for the paper. We’re hoping that because the reporter didn’t verify the information with us, we can get a correction printed. Now you being a minor does make things difficult for the paper and we’re not sure how the reporter got a copy of the Thai certificate. Additionally, the part about you having a sex change operation is completely made up. We’re doing everything we can and we will be talking to some experts to ensure we are doing everything possible. I’m sorry, honey, we’ll keep working on it.”

“Oh man, that sucks. What am I going to do? Everyone knows they bury the retraction even if they print one. Nobody will believe it isn’t true.”

“I don’t think it will be that bad, honey, and we’ll do all we can. I just didn’t want you to get your hopes up too high. Don’t give up yet though.”

“Okay, Dad,” I say sullenly.

Mom clears her throat and says, “I just got off the phone with the school. The board met and for any incident that involves any of their ‘no tolerance’ policies, they are the ones who decide length of suspension. In talking with Mrs. Cavanaugh she’s convinced that you did not instigate what happened but the board seems to want to set an example that no matter what, these actions won’t be tolerated so they decided that all three of you girls are suspended for thirty days.”

Mom holds up her hand to stop my comment then continues, “Lindsey and Britney both will be suspended an additional fifteen days for starting things. To answer what you were going to say, yes they really do believe that Lindsey and Britney started the incident, however, Britney’s entire face and a good portion of her arms and front are blue and will be until the dye wears off which looks like it will take some time. Lindsey’s nose is rather severely broken. Given the seriousness of the entire encounter, the board decided on the thirty days for you. If you think about it, that really won’t be so bad. They did decide that you can submit assignments and other work during this time and most of your class assignments are online so it shouldn’t be too bad and this will give things a chance to calm down there.”

“Yeah, I suppose. I still would like to know what I should have done then. Should I have let them beat the crap out of me and dye me blue just to keep within their policy? This sucks and it’s so unfair.”

“It isn’t fair, honey, but it could have been worse. Now on another subject, PJ will be here in a little bit. She said she has some news for us. Why don’t you go on up and change before she gets here?”

“All right.” With that I sulk up to my room.

A short time later I’m changed into shorts and a tank top and I go back downstairs. I’m slouched down on the couch watching television when the doorbell rings and Mom lets PJ in.

Turning off the television I turn to greet PJ.

“Hey, PJ, I guess you heard.”

“Yes indeed I have. How are you doing? Are you holding up okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. There isn’t a whole lot I can do about things right now so I’m trying not to let it get to me. Mom said you had some news?”

PJ and Mom sit and PJ sighs then says, “I’m afraid that I too have a bit of bad news but I do have some potential good news to it. What do you want to hear first?”

Groaning I say, “Better tell me the bad first so we can get it out of the way.”

Smiling, PJ says, “Okay then but hear me out and don’t kill the messenger. First, remember I said that Margo’s show could lead to some catalogue and print work?”

At my nod she continues, “Well they didn’t pick you, they decided to go with Connie. It was close but she won out.”

“I can see why, she’s pretty amazing. What else you got?”

Taking a deep breath PJ continues, “Nike is pulling the ad. The coverage in the paper really spooked them and even if it gets cleared up they don’t want to take the chance, the cowards. There is a full termination clause and I’m going to get them on that. It will mean a bit of money for you and get you out of the options. I’m sorry, honey.”

The look on my face must have been bad because Mom comes over and gives me a hug and PJ is looking a bit stricken too.

“I’m sorry, Alex. I really tried to get them to change their minds but they spook real easy.”

“Well isn’t that just peachy. Thanks PJ, I know you tried your best. I guess that means the end of modeling.”

The thought of not doing any more modeling surprisingly upsets me and my eyes start to water.

“Why on earth do you say that? Just because Nike doesn’t want to use you doesn’t mean no one will.”

“But if Nike does this, I can’t see why anyone would want to hire me if there’s doubt I might really be a boy.”

“Alex, you don’t know the fashion industry that well. This isn’t going to hurt you, believe me. Have you ever heard of Lea T. or Andrej Pejic?”

“I don’t think so, well maybe.”

“Lea T. is a transsexual fashion model and she’s doing very well for herself. Andrej Pejic is that male Serbian model that’s so beautiful he models women’s fashion and looks incredible, better even than a lot of models born female. The fashion world only cares about the ‘look’ and if you can sell the product, not what you may or may not have between your legs. Lordy girl, that’s the other side of the coin I came to tell you about. There was a scout for one of the big agencies at the show and he was very interested in you and wants to see you.”


“Yes, you. I wasn’t surprised when the print work went to Connie. She has the look for a fitness model. You have the high fashion look and you have Paul chomping at the bit to meet you and try to sign you.”

“Sign me? I couldn’t, I’m signed with you.”

“Honey, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the agent for you. My specialty is not modeling, if you wanted to do acting, get into commercials, television or movies, then I’d hold onto you for sure but if you want to do modeling and have the opportunity to get in with one of the big agencies, then you need to take it. And this won’t mean I’ll be going away. Models are quite often signed with multiple agencies. So long as the area for each agency’s work is clearly established, there isn’t any problem.”

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to talk with him then if you’re sure. What can you tell us about him and his agency?”

“The scout’s name is Paul Coleman and he was one of the top, if not the top scout for Next Models, he’s now one of their top managers. You hear of them?”

I’m stunned and I nod my head. “They’re one of the top three or four agencies in the world. Are you serious? They really want to talk to me?”

“Very serious.” Turning to Mom, PJ asks, “Is there any way you can go down to L.A. to meet them at their office this week? I’ve got to tell you, Paul was very eager to meet Alex and he isn’t one to show his hand like that. This could be a huge opportunity for her.”

“I think we could manage that.” Turning to me, Mom adds, “What do you say, honey? Is this something you want to do?”

“Mom, if this guy is serious then hel-heck yeah it’s something I’d like to do.”

“Okay then, honey. PJ, when would they like to meet?”

“Let me just give Paul a call right now.”

While PJ makes her call, Mom turns to me and asks, “Are you sure, honey, this is something you want?”

“I really think so, Mom. It’s hard to explain but it was a rush doing the runway work. That day we spent with Phillip was a blast too and I got the same type of rush. I don’t know if all modeling will be like that, I doubt that it will be, but I’d like to find out. I’d like to see if this is something I’d be good at. Some people seem to think so and I’d like to know for sure.”

“Well then I guess we’ll just have to give you that opportunity then.” Mom says with a smile.

PJ puts her hand over her phone and asks, “Sharon, can we get Alex down to L.A. Thursday morning?”

“I don’t see why not. We’ll go down tomorrow and stay overnight.”

With a smile PJ gets back on the phone.

When PJ gets off the phone, she sits down and says, “Well, that’s all set then. You’ll meet with Paul Thursday morning at eight. Now it’s my turn to come clean. I think you’re a natural and I think you have the potential to be a top model. When I saw Paul at the show I latched onto him and sang your praises. After the show I showed him your book and gave him a copy of your film. Truthfully I don’t think it was too hard to sell him on you, you do have what it takes. I think it very likely that Next will make you an offer and if they do and if you really want to be a model, then you should take it. They’re definitely one of the best.”

“Thanks, PJ, I really do appreciate all that you’ve done for me.”

“Hey kiddo, like I said, you’re not getting rid of me, you’re just expanding your horizons. You decide to get into film work and I’m your gal so don’t act like this is goodbye.”

We continue to chat for a bit longer then PJ tells us that she has to run but she’ll follow up with us to see how the meeting goes.

After PJ leaves, I go up to my room and send off an email of the latest drama in my life to Aunt Dee. Now that she knows that I’m for real, we’ve really been getting closer through our correspondence. She was shocked that Mom had told me about their relationship and even more so when I told her about Robbyn and I. After that wore off she’s turned into a very welcome ear for me to vent to, even though she keeps telling me that she’s hardly one to give advice given her track record.

My goal is to reconcile her with the rest of the family, specifically Mom. I think it would be so great to have more family. Ellen is still cold to talking about Aunt Dee, she doesn’t know the reason why there was a falling out and feels a bit of resentment towards her. The boys I’m sure never think of her and poor Dad is kinda caught in the middle between his sister and father and Mom.

If I can get Dee and Mom talking, then maybe everything else will work itself out. I hope so at least.

With the email done, I grab a book and stretch out on the bed to read a bit.

* * *

I’m rather engrossed in my book when the door to my room suddenly opens. Looking up I see a very worried-looking Blair. Her expression eases slightly when I sit up and give her a smile.

“Hey, Blair, I was going to give you a call later. Are you okay?” I ask when she doesn’t answer right away.

“Am I okay, am I okay? Don’t you answer your phone? I’ve been trying to get in touch with you all day. The rumors around school go from you being murdered to you being a murderer and everything in-between. I was worried, the question is how are you? What the heck happened?”

Blair seems really upset so I get up, pull her into the room, shut the door and have her sit on the bed.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I haven’t even looked at my phone since yesterday; I should have called you sooner.”

Blair’s tension leaves and she asks, “Just what did happen? I heard that it had something to do with Lindsey and Britney.”

“It did, we got into a fight in the locker room right after school.”

“Was it…is it because, well I heard some talk that you’re really a boy at least there’s supposed to be some newspaper article saying that? I know that can’t be true. Is it?”

“No, I’m really a girl but the article is kinda right too.”

Blair first looks relieved then confused.

“Let me try to explain.”

So for the next fifteen or so minutes I tell Blair all about my gender confusion and how the paper got its information.

“So you really are a girl then?”

“Yup, the surgery that I had wasn’t a sex change, just corrective to make the outside match the inside. I never had boy parts, it just kinda looked like I did. We’re not sure how the reporter tracked down the Thai birth certificate but he did. We’re getting that changed but the damage has already been done.

“That’s why Lindsey and Britney attacked me. They thought they finally had something over me I guess. I just don’t understand what that girl has against me.”

“Well I’m glad you broke her nose. When I catch up to them they’re going to think they got off easy being dyed blue and getting a broken nose.”

“Hey, don’t think I don’t appreciate the sentiment, but don’t do anything. As far as I’m concerned it’s over with and I certainly don’t want to see you in trouble. Promise?”

“But you’re my friend and they hurt you.”

“And you’re my friend and I don’t want to see you in trouble. Promise me, Blair, please?”

“Oh all right, I promise.”

Smiling, I give her a big grin and a hug. Blair holds me tight and softly says, “I wouldn’t care if you were a boy. I l-like you, you’re my best friend.”

Giving her a final squeeze I reply, “You’re a great friend too, Blair. I’m so glad we met.”

With the tension eased, we sit back and I fill her in on my upcoming trip down to L.A. to talk with Next Models.

“So how long are you going to be down there?”

“Well as I said, I’ll meet with them Thursday morning. We’ll be driving down there tomorrow and I’m not sure if we’ll head back right after the meeting or on Friday morning. I’ll be back by the weekend though. I’ll give you a call when I get home, maybe we can get together?”

“Count on it. Now as much as I’d like to stay, I should be getting home. I promised Tia I’d help her with some stuff.”

“Okay then, give me a call later if you want to talk some more.”

With that we head downstairs and I see Blair on her way.

* * *

“Stop fidgeting, you’ll be fine,” Mom says as she pats my hand.

We’re sitting in the reception area for Next Models right on Wilshire Boulevard in L.A. We’ve only been waiting about three minutes yet I’m already super nervous. I really want this to go well.

“Alex Conners?”

There’s a young lady looking over at us and I say, “I’m Alex Conners.”

Smiling, the lady replies, “If you’ll follow me, Mr. Coleman will see you now.”

Mom and I get up and follow her down a hallway to an office. Entering, there’s a man a bit older than Dad talking in Italian to someone on the phone. He smiles and waves us in to a sitting area in the office where there’s a small couch, coffee table and a couple of chairs.

He says goodbye to whomever he was talking to stands and comes around his desk towards us.

“Alex Conners, a pleasure to meet you. I’m Paul Coleman. This must be your mother?”

“Yes,” Mom says taking his hand, “I’m Sharon, Alex’s mother.”

“Hello sir,” I say as we shake hands.

“Please sit,” he says indicating the couch, “and do call me Paul.”

“I appreciate you coming down here to meet with me. I apologize for insisting on the short notice but I fly out on Friday and I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to be out here again.”

“That’s okay, sir, I mean, Paul, I’m glad for this opportunity.”

Smiling he says, “Great, then let’s get down to business. First, a bit about myself: I started out with Next twelve years ago right here in Los Angeles. A few years after my start, I moved to our New York agency working as a scout. I did that until about two years ago when I moved to our Milan office where I manage several of our models there.

“I happened to be in New York a couple of weeks ago and a mutual friend of ours recommended that I give you a look while I was here in town.”

At my confused expression, Paul adds, “John and Ramona Dempsey?”

“Oh, they talked to you about me?”

“Indeed they did. They strongly suggested that I give you a look and I’m glad they did.”

Something in my expression made him ask, “What’s wrong?”

“Well, sir, I appreciate all this but I don’t want any undue favors, I want to do this on my own merit.”

“They told me that might be your reaction. Let me assure you that any success you have will be solely on your own merit. John and Ramona merely pointed me at you. If we come to an understanding and you decide to sign on with us, it will be due solely to your abilities.

“Tell me, do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“Yes both. I have two younger brothers and an older sister.”

“What does your sister do?”

“She wants to be a fashion designer and is about to graduate from school to do that. She’s really good too.”

“I’m sure she is. If you knew of someone who was looking for a designer, would you recommend your sister?”

“Oh yeah, she really is amazing.”

“Would that be special treatment?”

“Well no, if they didn’t like her designs then they could go elsewhere.”

“This is the same situation. John and Ramona pointed you out to me because they know I’m always on the lookout for new talent. They also know that if I don’t think you can do it, I won’t make you an offer. Okay?”

“Yes sir, thank you.”

“Good, now like I said, I’m always looking for new talent. Since I was going to be out here anyway, I contacted your agent PJ and she told me about your show. I saw you there, went over your book with PJ and have reviewed your DVD. You are a rare one. You look and act like you’ve been modeling for years and you have the image that I think will do very well indeed.

“Modeling has rather drastically changed over the years. The age of the supermodel is past and many of the models today are quite frankly forgettable. Let me amend that, the age of the supermodel has changed. While it’s true that supermodels don’t have the stature they once did in the nineties, they’re still around. Gisele Bundchen is looking to become the first billionaire supermodel, so supermodels are still out there, they’re just not so prominent anymore. Additionally, magazines that once sported models on their covers now use the celebrity of the moment instead.

“Now I’m telling you this because I think things are changing again. In the nineties models were at their peak, the pendulum swung the other way and for the past couple of years models have been skinny, ultra-pale, forgettable clothes hangers. It’s my thought and that of our other managers that things are on the up-swing again, I hope so at least.

“Now even at its lowest point, the models that were successful, that went on to become ‘supermodels’ had one thing in common: they were real. They have their own personality, they’re easy to work with–well for the most part–and they stand out from the crowd of other models in some way.

“I’m sorry to lecture you on this but I do have my point. You see from what I’ve seen of you, I believe you have the potential to succeed bigtime as a model, to be one of those that stand out in the crowd of easily forgettable faces and bodies. What do you say?”

“I-I don’t know what to say. I’m not sure if I agree that I could be that good and I think it would be easy for me to get a swelled head from all this.”

Laughing, Paul says, “Maybe I did pile it on a bit thick, but everything I said, I believe. Some girls do let it go to their head; some can’t handle it and never make it despite their ‘potential’. Don’t misunderstand me, if you decide to sign with us and you really want to be a success, I can assure you it won’t be easy. You’ll work hard and at times hate the job. I won’t fool you, yes you have the potential, but to realize that potential, you’ll work yourself to the bone and then some. Only you can decide if the end result will be worth it.”

“Wow,” I say. “That’s a lot to think about.”

Mom says, “Mr. Coleman, Alex can’t obtain the success your talking about up in San Francisco can she?”

“Truthfully, no–the industry isn’t as strong up there. Even down here in L.A. it would be extremely difficult.”

Beginning to realize the implications of what’s being said I add, “But what about Arizona Muse–she’s with Next L.A. isn’t she?”

“You’ve done your homework. Yes she is with Next L.A., she’s also with our London, Paris, Milan and New York offices. She currently lives in New York and she travels extensively.”

“So?” Mom asks, “What are you suggesting for Alex?”

“Okay I do want to sign you, Alex. I think you could find work here in Los Angeles and that you’d do better in New York. I think your best opportunity though would be in Milan, Paris and London, specifically Milan. I know I could put you to work right away there.”

“Milan! I can’t go to Milan, I’m only fifteen, well almost sixteen but still.”

“Your age really isn’t a factor from our end. We have a lot of girls your age or a bit older. Accommodations can always be made. Shared living with an adult supervisor to ensure their welfare and to make sure schooling is done, girls eat right and get proper sleep etcetera. Others stay with family that travels with them for their first year or two. Those are details that can be worked on. This is one of the hard, difficult things I mentioned. Are you willing to make the sacrifice, is this something you want enough to make that sacrifice?”

“I-I don’t know. This is coming at me awful fast. Mom?”

“I don’t think that this is a decision we can make right now and certainly not without talking with your father. Paul, when do you need an answer?”

“You can take as much time as you need. I’d personally like to get her signed and working as soon as possible but I do understand your concerns. Let me add this to the pot. Milan Fashion Week will be starting in a few weeks for the new spring fashions; I’d like to get Alex some work during that. We could call it a trial period and afterwards you could give me your decision. We’d fly you out, put you up in one of the apartments we use for our young girls and it would give you the chance to see a bit of what it would be like. How does that sound?”

Mom says, “We still need to discuss this with my husband and if we agree to the trial, I’ll be going out there with her. May we let you know our answer by tomorrow afternoon?”

“That would be ideal. If you have any questions in the meantime, here is my contact information.” Handing us his card, he adds, “Don’t hesitate to call me.”

“Thank you, Paul,” says Mom.

“Yes, thank you, Mr. Coleman,” I say.

“I keep saying it’s Paul and you’re most welcome. Here is a copy of the modeling packet. It has copies of the contracts and additional information you might find useful. I’ll let you go so you can think about this and I look forward to hearing from you on Friday.”

We all shake hands and Mom and I leave to head home. My head is in a daze as I think about all that’s happening. Me in Milan?

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Here we go, I just couldn't wait

I was going to wait until later this week to post but I just couldn't help myself.

My vacation was great but the traveling was a nightmare and everything that could go wrong since being back has gone wrong: flooded basement (three times), downed trees, catching a horrendous cold (I wasn't even chasing it!). As a result this chapter has taken a bit longer to get out and I didn't want to put it off any longer.

I hope you enjoy it.

Now I'm off to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and my box of tissues.




Extravagance's picture


(I see Connie Alexander)

Great to have you back, no matter how contagious you are! ^_^

Queen Bitch could be in trouble if she's already had a lot of plastic surgery on her face, but who nose what the future holds? :)

Catfolk Pride.PNG

Great pun

I love that pun in your last line!

It was really nice to see another chapter.

I have always enjoyed this story very much, I was hoping for a bit more action between Alex and the two cows but maybe next time. On the plus side if Alex does Milan it'll make their heads explode.

Thanks and get well soon.

Bailey Summers

I'm so glad you posted it Connie!

Great story as always, looks like she may be in for a great time?


Age is an issue of mind over matter.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!
(Mark Twain)


It Was So Nice To See A New

PICT0013_1_0.jpg chapter of this wonderful story. I hope Nike lives to regret their actions in dropping Alex and I hope that idiot reporter gets his comeuppance for printing the story about her. I think her modeling contract with Paul will be the ultimate revenge on Lindsey and Brittany. I love how Lindsey will be dealing with her broken nose and Brittany will be a walking Smurf until the dye wears off. I would still like to see more of Alex and Robbyn. I liked them together. It would be a shame to see the same happen to them that happen to her mother and Dee.


kimmie's picture

Problem is this Milan trip

is a mixed blessing as it may be good for her career but may very well be ruinous for her relationship with Robbyn.

I really am pulling for Alex and Robbyn also.


Has that ship already sailed?

I'm worried that Robbyn is already about to say goodbye. If I recall correctly, Robbyn seemed uninterested the last time she and Alex spoke, it may be the time for Alex to quit holding on to Robbyn so tightly. I just feel that "out of sight, out of mind" is already having an effect on Robbyn.

* * *

There are plenty of people in this world who think they are wits. They are half right.

Karen J.

Karen J.

* * *

Ever accidentally throw something away and then later realize you actually needed it?

I did that with my life.

And IF Lindsey has had previous plastic sugury on her nose

They may not be able to restore it or may make it worse. Look at Michael Jackson and his too many surgeries. The no tolerance policy equates to no brains! Worthy of a law suit I suspect. And I wonder if the head mistress on her return will agree with the VP and board's moral cowardess. The idiot suspension gets her away from that gay boy using her to hide the fact from his mom and in a way that hurts no one's feelings. So in that way it is a plus and it gives her time for other things, like a trip to the Milan fashion shows.

Nike wimping out may prove a career boon for her. As her agent pointed out Alex is more of a high fashion model -- and I would add an athletic high fashion model, very fit but quite feminine IE she has serious curves! -- than an athletic model.

That she lost follow-up commercials hurts BUT she will get a payoff to end the contract. Plus the loss of likely future commercials with Nike could be used to get a whopping big settlement from that scandal rag. Plus what's that old saw about there is no such thing as bad publicity? Alex got her first *break* from the vid of the rescue and then the Parkor. This was followed by the Nike adds. But in the end these mostly had novelty value so would have likely lost value over time.

But now we have publicity from the false *outing* in the tabloid and Nike dropping her. This quickly followed by the Next Model people -- known for cutting edge and even TG models -- offering Alex a try. This is another boost to her career, a huge one. The more she gets out there, the more she continues to exceed expectations and earn a rep for hard work and being cooperative AND what's most important, producing GREAT results WILL make her career. Her current agent is right, she should have multiple agents, each who specializes in a different field. If she wants or has success in acting the current gal is perfect. But an agent specializing in print ads and catwalk modeling would be better for her now. The "is she? or is he?" speculation will draw them in. Her skill, great looks, hard work, can-do/uncomplaining/work ethic attitude and the truth will cement her in the public eye. This *disaster* may be a golden opportunity.

As to Robbyn the most recent phone calls in previous chapter seem to point to that *ship having sailed* at least for now. IE she has found a boyfriend or even another girlfriend and is embarrassed to admit it. But they are teens and fickle. Who knows what will be in a few months?

As to Blair, so far just a friend ... if the Milan thing works for Alex, Blair could well scrub-up into a very desirable, slightly edgy model -- the piercings --with some encouragement and a *in*. IE Alex pointing her out to advertisers.

SOOO happy Alex and her near *twin* Irish Aunt are corresponding. I think she may pull off a long overdue family reconciliation. Hum, mom and her in Milan? Then if it goes well Paris, then London? Hum getting very close to Ireland...

Sweet. The cliff hanger that was and wasn't. Great Connie. Get well.

John in Wauwatosa

Good point about Blair

I know some girls who do Alternative modeling: corsets, fetish, punk/goth/lolli style, that sort of thing. But there is much competition for the relatively few slots available, so the best Alex could do is get her a foot in the door; alternative and high fashion don't generally cross paths. Different markets, different people, etc.

Sorry John, I can't send you any pictures of them, I don't want to be responsible for your heart attack. Perhaps one of the milder ones that would just cause you to hyperventilate?

* * *

There are plenty of people in this world who think they are wits. They are half right.

Karen J.

Karen J.

* * *

Ever accidentally throw something away and then later realize you actually needed it?

I did that with my life.

Mom Has Been Talking to Mrs. Cavanaugh

Alex's mom said that she talked to Mrs. Cavanaugh (the head mistress); so, no help there.

Good One, Connie...

I was sort of expecting Paul to bring up the TS angle -- not that it'd prevent her from doing anything, but it'll certainly be part of her persona, one more way to stand out in a crowd if she makes it as big as Paul thinks she will.

(Of course, they'll all be able to correct the story, but I doubt that it will matter; she'll still be sexually ambiguous as far as the public is concerned.)

The long school suspension seemed way too convenient, but you explained it pretty well. Blair is losing her friend's presence for the duration of the trip (though if Alex's cellphone works in Europe, that's not the barrier it used to be, and if it doesn't, she'll be able to afford landline calls if they're needed.) Blair also loses an ally at school, but she's accustomed to standing alone there, and her worst enemies are suspended too.

Thanks for the new chapter, and looking forward to more.


Thanks for the New Chapter

I've been watching for it for the last few days. It's a shame that the situation isn't clearer vs. the newspaper. It seems that the Dempsey's could use their position in publishing or influence to help the family get Alex's true story out (in a controlled manner) if they were asked. It's possible they'll even volunteer. It's hard to understand "no tolerance" policies. Punishing everyone doesn't make much sense to me. As I recall, Alex was just going to the school for the socialization. She'll be telling them to "stuff it" anyway if she decides to sign with Next Model.

No Tolerance

Yeah, when I hear "no tolerance policy", I think a policy where offenders don't get a warning or slap on the wrist for first offences, but get the full punishment right away. I don't think of punishing their victims along with them.

As for telling them to stuff it, when Alex first heard from her mom about the 30 day suspension for her, I thought they should call the school and tell them they're pulling Alex and want a refund (probably partial) on the tuition, and would find a school that won't punish the victim of bullying and assault. But then this meeting with Paul gives another option, private schooling/tutoring while modeling abroad. Although that would make it harder to have a "normal" life and teen girl experiences and friends, and keep up friendships with the friends she has now... On the other hand, she'll make new friends in modeling, some her own age and some older, and have some great experiences both in modeling and from all the world travel. Tough choices. But I suspect they'll take the Milan trial and Alex will decide to go for it fulltime after that.

Home Schooled

She was home schooled and did well enough on her high school entrance placement exams to qualify for high school graduation (it's in Part 36). Her parents wanted her to go to high school for socialization and the practical labs. That's why she went to the private school as a junior. Short story is, high school is not an issue.

Oh yeah...

I forgot about that. She may need a few required credits, and then be able to graduate early anyway. Hire a tutor for a year and voila. Or even just learn it on her own, or with parents' help, which worked fine with home schooling so far, then take whatever tests are required, and school's done with.

While I loved the relationship between Alex and Robbyn, I agree it seems to either be over (hopefully the friendship survives), or Robbyn's taking a break from it with a new love interest for a while. On the other hand, Blair seems interested in a little more than just friendship with Alex, as I suspected after last chapter. I don't think Alex is aware of it (yet), though... I think that relationship could be good for both of them. Hmm, we'll have to see.

Although going to Milan and other places around the world can make that difficult, just as the long distance relationship seems to have hurt her relationship with Robbyn... (or been a factor, making Robbyn more receptive to the advances of someone else)



No Intelligence Policies

Most "No Tolerance" policies are really no intelligence policies. They are a one size fits all solution that refuses to take into account that not all situations are the same and that as in this case some people are the instigators and some the victims.

Perhaps they could "suggest" that they are considering filing a law suit against the school for failing to protect Alex. Punishing the victim after the incident just adds insult to injury when it's the school's lack of supervision that allowed the problem to occur in the first place.

Michelle B

edeyn's picture

Andrej Pejic

is AUSTRALIAN. His ethnicity is Serbian, yes, he was born there. But he grew up in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

This is like saying that I am from Kansas. I was born in Kansas, but raised in Missouri, and currently am living in Arkansas.

But really... if that's the only problem with your story, it's a pretty amazing story, innit! :)

It's the nature of multi-cultural Melbourne

That many, if not most, of the people who live here who were either born overseas or who's parents were born overseas, identify as being from elsewhere. It's part of what makes Melbourne well, Melbourne.

Oh well.

Connie, the chapter was nice, get well soon and have fun!

Interesting tidbit about possible third certificate. I wonder...

As for the Nike, I think it might be someone high-up that is not spooked but squicked, and is pulling strings to terminate the contract.

Paul's suggestion sounds promising.

And Robbyn - it's a right pity we can't see more of her she's just as much fun as Alex and losing her would be hurtful for more people than our Wonder Girl Alex.


On rights of free advertisement:
Big Closet Top Shelf

Where you can fool around like you want to and most you get is some bemused good ribbing!


On rights of free advertisement:
Big Closet Top Shelf

Where you can fool around like you want to and most you get is some bemused good ribbing!

Renee_Heart2's picture

Some Example 30 day suspenchion?!

Considering that Alix was only defending her self that is a bit extream 3 days would have been plenty as for lindsy & Britny 45 days isn't long enough 60 would be perfice for attemted assult, false imprisionment, & destruction of private property (Alix's lock & cloths). As for the modling bit in Malin I don't think she should it would be WAY too much for her I think she should stick to doing the smal things here & there not to menchion being away form all her friend & family for so long, as for Nikie... pardon the expershion but are chickin! They can't thry & verfiy the truth when they can, also I think that with the proper documentation from the hospital that Nikie would relize they made a HUGE mistake. Also I think the family should SUE the paper & the guy who wrote the artical cause he did not have ALL the facts & how he got the Thie birth certificate is beyond me I can understand about the parents forgeting about it as she WAS borne on U.S. Sovern soial abord a Los Anglias class fast attack sub. I think that A. The Reporter loose his job& never get another one as long as he lives in the news business B. he makes a public appoligy not only in the paper but on national TV & C. Alix gets to not only break his nose but break a few fibs & his nose again as well as at least an arm & leg (basicaly kick his can all over the place) then thorw him in to the river.
Love Samantha Renee Heart

Love Samantha Renee Heart

mittfh's picture

Modelling contract

While there's plenty of potential in the international modelling contract Paul's offering; he seems to be suggesting that she up sticks and move to New York, and carry out the vast majority of modelling in the major fashion cities - New York, London, Paris, Milan.

To date, modelling has been a sideline for her - indeed, PJ even hinted that modelling would be part-time with Paul as many she'd worked with had been signed to multiple agencies to do other work besides the modelling. However, Paul seems to be offering a career as a model. Personally, I think she'd be wise to hold out, possibly do the 'trial run' in Milan (no doubt to rave reviews), but then turn down the globetrotting contract because she values her family, friends and studies more. When you think about the lifestyle he's offering, it isn't hard to imagine why some supermodels have developed "unconventional" (and in some cases illegal) methods of coping.


Bike Resources

There are 10 kinds of people in the world - those who understand binary and those who don't...
Google+ | EAFOAB Resources

There are 10 kinds of people - those who understand binary, those who don't, and those who know this sig's in ternary.

What I Understood

PJ said that she thought Alex has what it takes to be a top fashion model, and that if she wants to be a top fashion model and gets an offer from a top agency such as Next Model then she should take it. PJ also said that if Alex wants to be an actress then she is there for Alex.

What Paul said is that to reach her potential, Alex would need to work primarily in Europe (Milan initially) and New York. It sounded like she needed to be available (or close by) in those locations most of the time. This of course becomes a huge life choice for Alex and her family, which I'm sure will play out over the next several postings.

Life Choice

You're right, of course, but remember that living all over the place wouldn't be new for Alex; her family's travels were the reason she was being home schooled before, if I remember correctly. (And truth is that she wouldn't be losing many friends by relocating, since she hasn't been in NorCal all that long. I'm tempted to add that all the friends she has made locally come from families wealthy enough to follow her around...)


Yes You Are Correct

They have made a number of moves, but have committed to stay in one place for their children to attend high school which they did for Ellen. I recall that they are planning to stay in the SF Bay area for 7 years (HS for Alex and the twins) although now Alex is only planning on 2 years of high school which would create a gap between her finishing and the twins starting; so, I guess they could move again before the twins start high school especially given that Alex may go ahead and test out.

I was thinking of Alex being separated from her family for extended periods, what to do about her education (both HS and college), and the ending of her childhood. You could argue the kidnapping largely ended her childhood, but she seems to have recovered remarkably well (both physically and mentally as the author promised).

PS's picture

Thanks, Connie

Great to see another installment in this series, and I trust you're soon better and well enough to write more.

Popular Sympathy

Bike Resources

Modeling or ... ?

No recent mention has been made of Alex's interest in aviation or of her driving skills. Now might be the time to toss stunt work into the mix. Los Angeles or Milan? Hmmm...'s picture

Keep Going

Great Story line - too bad we do't see any more of the Parkour.



Missing Alex and Catwalk

Connie, I've been hooked on Catwalk from your first chapters. You've given us a great story so far, with intriguing plots, great characters and so many wonderful chapters. I can't remember enjoying a story so much since Jenny Walker's "No Half Measures". Will we be seeing more of Alex? I sure hope so.
PS. I agree with Dani: the Parkour is great !

Catwalk Confidence

Yes, I also hope this series hasn't fizzled out. I only discovered it a month or two before the last part. It's been a great series and I think it has other places it could go. (although I also hope she gets back to the parkour too)


I rest my case

(See my comment to the previous episode.)

[Alex]"Yeah, I suppose. I still would like to know what I should have done then. Should I have let them beat the crap out of me and dye me blue just to keep within their policy? This sucks and it’s so unfair.”

Any so called policy that does not make room for a person to defend themselves is racist, sexist, bigoted and homophobic.

And almost certainly liberal. Of course, it is also very likely to be conservative.

Politicians chap my ass.


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