Fade to Black-2

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Fade to Black-2

Chapter 2

It’s still raining out I can smell it. Even before I open my eye’s I can smell it, hear it so clearly and feel it on my face…no… those are tears.

I don’t want to move. Dom and I finally made love and we crashed soon after that and I didn’t even dream, I felt nothing and no one and just pretty much passed out. I hurt, I hurt inside in ways I didn’t know people could. It’s not from fighting or from the sex it’s just…I just hurt from everything? I know that the soldiers in my pack get it…heart sick, soul sick.

I dreamt of Katya even in the darkness that had swallowed me up with the exhaustion and the pieces of my heart that had died from the battle and losing my people and being right. I dreamt of her and she wasn’t in those bloodstained clothes that she had been wearing.

She had been in this simple white shimmering camisole and …and nothing else…she had held me and kissed me…and…

I woke up.

It’s not fair to Dom really, he’s been…well, there’s a ton of people of women that’d be nuts not to love him. I do. I’m just really not sure about being in love with him.

And that’s not fair. Not with his arm around my waist here in bed and his body pressed to mine. There’s tears pouring out of my eyes as I just stare out my window in the RV. It’s sort of matching the rain…my mood, I woke up crying.

Everything I did is just right there swirling away in my brain.

I feel like shit on about ten different levels.

I don’t want to do anything but just curl up somewhere with my tail over my face. I rub my face and get the tears out of my eyes and gently lift Dom’s arm away from me and slip out of bed and stop to stare out the window.

There’s tents everywhere but it’s grey and wet and miserable out. The fires are out we had going and there’s a few people still on guard duty moving around in the rain and the mist. I pick up a bad nostalgic moment from a pack member in his sleeping bag as we both stare out at the lonely guard on the south fence.

Just a kid a teenager in a salvaged helmet and in a poncho in the raid an M-16 in his hand…

I feel it like the one remembering his time in that south east asian hell-hole he had been sent into when he was only as young as this kid is. I feel so responsible. I feel this almost hand on my shoulder and a squeeze.

~It’s different your Highness, this, this was something real, something that was really out to kill us, to kill our families and our loved ones not some drug war or some pissing contest or some brawl over oil…you did the right thing your Highness, a hard thing but the right thing.~

I pull the feelings of that strength and loyalty and belief from him and the others that feel the same way and use it to get me going. I pass by the door to the RV and smell meat. I open the door and there’s a plastic cooler there I take it into the trailer and set it on the counter and then go and slip into the shower. I turn it on hot but step right in letting the chill of it wake me then letting it get as hot as I can stand it before adding and of the cold.

So people are bath people but I’m more of a shower girl. I like the way the water cascades down and around my body and flows down around my curves. I’m now pretty convinced that I was hiding some transgendered stuff from myself and from others. Honestly I was or had a few of those fantasies about girls where I was one too. I kind of shrugged them off as my teenaged brain thinking up lesbian stuff but no…It might be the majik but I’m way too comfortable in my own skin like the way that I am now.

Just thinking about it has me drifting away into the whole shower soapy fantasy land and I’m not in the shower alone in my mind in here with me in the steamy mists is Katya and she’s touching me. Caressing my aching for her touch breasts, the way she rolls every so gently but not my nipples between her thumb and forefingers.

The way her hand reaches around from behind me to dip into my sex and to slip into me and start to pleasure me in all the right ways. I can’t help but to ride her hand to orgasm. “Nnnnn…Kat…Katya….”
I come down from it and she’s not there and I can hear Dom’s up and he likely heard me. The running water wouldn’t conceal that much even if I was quiet…It’s a bit too much and I sink to the shower floor and pull my legs up tight and cry.

……………………..The water was cold when I got out and dried off and thankfully it wasn’t Dom but grandfather and he’s cooking. I look around and see a shimmering sigil on the door to the bedroom.

“Silence Sigil.” He says. I nod and slip into a white tee shirt and panties then throw on one of Dom’s long sleeve shirts. I stop to smell it. Grandfather looks at me. “Given what I heard that’s a little mixed isn’t it?”

“Yeah, very actually. I hate it Gramps.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“Talking won’t bring Katya back…God-dammit Gramps, why? Why did it have to be me? Why did I have to fall in love with someone and have them taken from me?”

“Stevie, you’re not the only one this has happened to. There’s a whole bunch of them just outside who just won’t get it but are going through it too.”

“I know, it’s just so damned unfair.”

“Life’s not fair Stevie, it never was and it never will be. Fair’s something that mankind came up with.”

“So there’s no Why?”

“I’ve no Idea, you could try to ask the Greek goddess of wisdom out there or the elf or the earthbound angel but they kind of all look like they’re still looking for answers too. Okay…maybe not the elf.”

“Heh, sounds like you’re not a fan.”

“I’ve had encounters with the Fae over the years. The fact they’re part of a species that regards us as vermin or food or just about as significant as fish.”

“Are they a species?”

“As much as the Were are there’s many types of the Were-Gene, there’s who knows how many kinds of fae.”

I sit and Grandfather tosses chopped onions into the pan and then once they were sizzling he tosses in little chunks of bacon and a bit after that some chunks of venison along with bits of liver and whole chicken livers, gizzard and hearts he cooks them just enough to change colors and sets it in front of me with coffee and toast and dumps the yolks of three eggs ontop of them.

It sounds gross and normally it’d be grossing Steven out but this has me drooling, that oniony-bacony thing going on with the sear of pretty much raw meat all slathered in the richness of raw egg yolk…its food porn to my carnivore brain.

Dark roast coffee and blood go together. I’m sopping up the liquids with my toast and dammit if my mood isn’t getting better. Or as someone would say I’m starting to feel more human.

“You’re looking better.”

“I feel a bit better at least in body I guess.”

“Stevie you went through a serious fight and did serious magic the last two day and you haven’t really stopped since this started kid you’re running pretty close to empty. Even the way you heal in combat takes a lot out of you and you’re feeling fatigue from that and the pack too.”

“Yeah I’m getting that….Grandpa?”

“Yeah Sweetie.” Okay that made me blink and get all girly trembly lipped. He’s never called me this before and there’s something well Grand-dad with grand-daughter about it that suddenly means something.

“I’m scared.”

He comes over and he hugs me and I bury my face into him and shake, I don’t cry I am sort of getting better but I think I was like five or six when my Grandpa hugged me last and…..

“I know Stevie….here...”

He’s hugging me but he holds his hand up and in all those old man work scars he has on his hands I see lines of mana interconnecting like constellations only their sigils and amazing looking…I reach up and place my palm on his and there’s this flash of power in my head, blue-white and like a burst of stars and I feel him…and I can tell he’s feeling me and I’m getting images and feelings, how much he loves me, even before the changes, how proud he is of me…he’s been to war, he’s fought things that go bump in the night and those that abused their magic and to really feel that and see/hear him talking to my parents who talked about the same things…what others in the pack, the family have said…

It’s like he’s baptizing me in the truth. Just stuff that most people never get to see or feel…someone else’s perspective. It’s casting light and love on my dark places and washing those mental and emotional wounds clear. I know how big this is too, I can feel how potent a sharing is and can be and I let him just control it…show me and pick me up inside.

I blink as it breaks and there’s tears shining running down my face again but their good tears. Dad and Mom are coming inside with others Athena/Andrea and Miranda plus their fostered daughter and Shadira and Dorian as well. It’s strange really getting a look at “The Elf” as grandpa would call him.

I move and make room for everyone and they start to take seats and Mom starts to pour coffee. Dorian gets this look on his face and takes the cup and adds nine sugars to it. Yes definitely a fae, but he does it with almost royal dignity. Shadira’s staring at him and says something to him in what I’m going to say was Arabic or something. He sips his coffee then kisses her and she makes a face after licking her lips and she looks at us and turns an embarrassed shade of red. She’s really quite beautiful when she does that with her complexion and those big fall into eyes of hers.

Mom passes me a plate pretty much like the one I had but piled higher. “Go wake Dom, he’s likely hungry.” I nod and pad down to the bedroom. I’m going to need to get some clothes on anyway. I’m not sure if it’ll do for me to be traipsing around in my panties.

I slip into the room popping the sigil of silence that grandfather had placed on the door and I look at him while he’s sleeping. There’s honestly part of me that loves Dom very much and I feel like shit that I can’t seem to get there, to keep my promise to him.

I set the food down and give him a shake and his eyes snap open green but wolf like and wild and I fall into them for a minute before they fade back into the man. I give him a small smile. “Hey…Morning….Mom made you some breakfast…Thanks…thanks for last night.” I lean down and I kiss him.

He reaches up and he kisses me back and there’s a lingering and a longing there in him I can almost smell. I go with it a bit before pulling away. “I need to get dressed, there’s a command meeting brewing along with breakfast.”

He nods. “You’re welcome…He get’s up and walks over and takes the tray of food and holds it in one hand while he’s naked and leaning against the dresser and he quarter shifts. That’s my preferred state…pointed ears, sharper teeth, the eyes and the senses and a shift in strength from human to more than but I’ve still got control of all of me without getting too feral and stuff.

He eats using his claws and fingers literally scarfing the food down occasionally chewing but dammit this form makes him look good. Tall and dark to begin with he puts on about twenty pounds of muscle in this for and there those feral exotic eyes. And the way that he smells. I can’t help but look as I’m getting dressed the dark hair and eyes and I’ll say this Dom in this or full human state has the most thick eyelashes I’ve ever seen on a guy and makes him smoky and mysterious.

He’s staring at me. I can’t read him unless he lets me like the rest of the pack and right now he’s not letting me. He finishes the food and grabs a pair of black combat fatigue and walks out before putting them on making all the girls raise eyebrows and take looks save Shadira who covers her eyes and Mom doe’s a little squeak of “Oh!”

Yeah…Dom’s very put together, more than human right…yeah…there’s some people who’d call me a lucky girl. I mean he’s not huge or something stupid but he’s definitely yay in that department.

He gives my mom the plate. “Thank you that was wonderful.” But he still kind of stalks angry and hurt into the bathroom and shuts the door.

I sigh and go to sit with the others.

“Alright, so does anyone have an idea what to do next?”

Andrea sips her coffee after we share a glance. “I spoke to the director and he’s on his way.”


“No, he’s coming as himself.”

“Au-naturelle then?”

“Such as it is anymore yes.”

“Anyone have word of the shamans of the local tribes and the local packs?”

Grandpa nods. “The Shaman’s at least, they’re sending some help and escorts maybe, they want a meeting first.”

“Okay, I guess it’s us waiting.”

Things kind of go into small talk mode and I get up and head to the front where there’s the big bucket seats and I can take out my laptop. I power it up and set the scrambles and plug it into the mobile uplink.

I take a sip of my third cup of coffee for the day and start sending out e-mails and messages telling the bad news and the worse news to the people I’ve got out in the field and check the messages from them as well.

I read one very recent from Erica Price.

[I made contact with the Temp agency, they’re hiring local kids and really need to modify their human resources policies they’re very non inclusive. Lot’s of wonderful hardware here at the trade show.]

Lovely, Templars are recruiting from local kids…I’m guessing gangs and stuff they did that here with the bikers. The human resources I’m thinking that it’s business as usual with them and that there’s weapons involved….

I stare at the screen and I hate doing this, I hate sending news like this in just a message but they need to know. I actually debate not sending this because she’s in the field and I’ve no idea how this might effect her there.

[Erica, we were right and the tour turned out badly, a bunch of people got Lost…Kelly was one of them. I’m sorry but the office still needs you there working on the project. I’m sorry….]

I wipe a few tears away and click to the next report.

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Being Human

Baily, you do the human thing so well. I mean you cover the whole of what it means to be a person. Poor Stevie haunted by the results of her decisions even though she knows they were the only ones she could've made as well as being right. The love an elf and angel has found, or the humor of an American over-there just trying to talk to an Englishman. That's of course includes what you do best, the simple love of fixing food for the ones you care about. :)

It is also plain that the war isn't over. This thing is just beginning and if this is any indication this is going to get so very ugly as only fighting for your life and loved ones can.


SHIT shit shit shit, Bailey..

Kelly died?

Poor Erica. He/she didn't deserve this as did any of them.

Her relationship to Dom is reaching a critical point. SHE desires him as a male but does not love the man, the person. Unless she finds she does love and respect him their relationship will become bitter. Dom is already showing signs of unhappiness/anger.

Perhaps they should dump the dynastic alliance thing and divorce, let him find someone who loves an *old-fashioned* man? but in a way that does not diminish his position among the packs?

And I wonder, when the dying Katya transferred her powers to Steve did she accidently or deliberately transfer part of herself? Katya loved Steve, so much so as to defy her family and Dom. SHE did not like Dom, hated what the families expected. Is it Steve fueling Stevie's inability to love Dom or Katya? And his/her daydream in the shower was almost too real, like a part of Katya is in her, with her, still in love with her. Katya was dying, did she lose control of her power during the *bequest* and transfer too much of herself, not just the power. Plus to control the power Stevie would need Katya's knowledge of it.

Love to see where this bitter sweet tale goes.

Um, how did Kelly die? And how will Erica react? Will she *have a quickie* out of grief with Justin but think any attraction is just her grief, thus turn away from her potential lover/soul mate?

This stuff has my crying a little.

Very good.

John in Wauwatosa

Beyogi's picture

Woah that is evil! How did

Woah that is evil! How did Kelly die? She wasn't even a were...

This is definitly dark... I wonder how it'll continue, especially since Stevie is not in love with Dom. It's a relationship purely powered by supernatural bonds and instincts.
This just smells trouble. If I get the title of this series right, this will only get worse.

Thank you for writing this interesting story,


Hey Beyogi:)

I know it's evil and kind of cruel but wars are like than and so is combat. It's a hard thing especially when you look at how long they were married.

Stevie isn't in love with Dom. She does love him but loving someone is different than being in love with them as we all know. There'll be a mixture of things to come, I hope that you'll enjoy them as much.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
*Big Hugs*

Bailey Summers

It's a bitter-sweet story for sure.

I'll be covering Kelly's death later on. Arooo-2 when I get around to writing it will have a lot of the stuff that you're looking for.

Dom...I'm not sure if the divorce thing will be an option and he's going to be in some serious trouble for not containing his woman as it is. He was sent to marry the queen and establish old world control into the north american packs.

There's a lot going on with them and a lot more to go on.
I'm really glad you liked this John.
Thank you so much for commenting.
*Big Hugs*

Bailey Summers

Thanks so much for this Grover:)

There's a lot of stories that are very sweet or very dark I want all the elements of things in them that I can write into my stuff because that's the way that love is, life is right? The hard moments make the victories and the good times all that more real and treasured.

I'm going to try and to get the series into that zone as things happen. The war isn't over in fact it's just getting started and things are going to get messy.

*Big Hugs*

Bailey Summers

Great chapter

But to get that kind of news while deployed, that just sucks. They were married for a long time.
Dom has got to realize that Sevie will always love Katia, doesn't mean she doesn't love him too.
Great chapter, thanks

Thanks LoneWolf:)

That is hard and very shitty news to get and unfortunately it's not the only one that Stevie will have to break the news to. Dom sort of knows how much Stevie loves Katya, but he has never really been exposed to someone who was in love like that. Steven knew Katya for years and he'd fallen in love with her since he started to like girls. When they got together it was the biggest moment of his life and then all of this.

Dom's in a real hard place to be because he's falling for this girl who's not like anyone else in his life. And it hurts.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
*Hugs and howls*

Bailey Summers

Dark things to come I believe Bailey?

I don't think Dom has ever been in this position where the female hasn't been fully besotted with him. Stevie is rejecting him on a much higher plane but at the same time is physically attracted.

Dom was also possibly aware of the transfer of physic awareness from Granddad and may be a little jealous which is shown by his attitude?

It is obvious to me Stevie is the Queen and will be the chosen leader for the coming battles with the Templars, I think Dom knows this.

Another interesting day in the land of magic Bailey, thank you.


Age is an issue of mind over matter.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!
(Mark Twain)



You are so right about the things about Dom, pretty much right down to grandpa but for different reasons. He's not aware of the sharing but he knows they did some kind of linked spell. Dom's Old World born and bred so he knows a thing or too about majik.
He did feel something through their link though, something personal. He is very used to having his way when it comes to women.

You're very right about him knowing that Stevie will be leading the charge in upcoming battles.

Thanks for the great comments.
*Big Hugs*

Bailey Summers

Hmmm, the way Grandpa

Hmmm, the way Grandpa describes the Fae is a bit of a biased one... Or a cynical one.

So, Bailey, you say it was a sort of a takeover attempt by the old world weres. You know I can actually see Dom being not in support of that idea. Seeing as he realises Stevie's importance to the grand scheme of all things were, he's now stuck in an unenviable position. He has a troublesome headstrong woman (Shikamaru Nara's expressions TM) who has to remain her own person, on one side, he has the clans of the Old World breathing down his neck to exert control over said woman in their favor, on the other side, and he has to add the juggling embers of his own personal emotions and attitudes from pride to jealousy to honor to whatever else may plague him.


On rights of free advertisement:
Big Closet Top Shelf

Where you can fool around like you want to and most you get is some bemused good ribbing!


On rights of free advertisement:
Big Closet Top Shelf

Where you can fool around like you want to and most you get is some bemused good ribbing!

Grandpa has had some unfavorable experiences with the fae.

New England is very densely populated with them. I agree about Dom, he's definitely caught between a rock and a hard place and it's going to get worse. The old world clans are really going to start hating her...actually she is already.

Thanks for the great comments Faraway.
*Great Big Hugs*

Bailey Summers

As a reader

of urban fantasy it has often been mentioned just how conservative some of these clans and families have to be. We all have older relatives who just haven't adapted to modern life. Think about the problems a centuries old vampire, witch or wolf would have. Damn new fangled gadgets might be referring to electric lights! Organizations are sometimes worse. Secretive, hidden ones, like the were-wolf clans, I think would be so hide-bound that to make changes in the way they do things would take the coming of the Apocalypse.

Which incidentally almost happened with the development of that virus. If that thing had gotten loose all the were's would've been looking at their end. Instead Stevie's clan saved them all. Will they get any thanks? Of course not! Like any bureaucracy the old clans are more interested into holding onto their own power instead of fulfilling their own mandate of shepherding the Were-people welfare.

I remember hearing a saying. "What is good for me is good for the world." That's the clans.


A good saying...

I almost feel like giving a pointer to a fanfiction of a particular author, that actually had a clan that was proposed to be given an improvement/substitute for their home-made product, that would greatly change the in-clan dynamics. It was implemented, but the elders of the clan, those who wanted to maintain the power the previously used product gave them, went to all sorts of acts to suppress it. In the end, they attempted a coup after a prison break, and were summarily executed.

SO the situation is really common like that.


On rights of free advertisement:
Big Closet Top Shelf

Where you can fool around like you want to and most you get is some bemused good ribbing!


On rights of free advertisement:
Big Closet Top Shelf

Where you can fool around like you want to and most you get is some bemused good ribbing!

I get where you're both coming from.

It's almost a cliche at this point but there's a few other factors to go with your observations I'll have to include in this series.
But yeah, like any group or government these clans are territorial and even over the power that they wield. None of them are going to want to admit Stevie's power and status as an Alpha much less be indebted to them.
Dom's family will not be pleased with him not being King.

Thanks for the great comments Grover & Faraway.
You both help me make the stories better.
*Great Big Hugs*

Bailey Summers

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