One Day at the Bridal Shop

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One Day at the Bridal Shop

It had been a pretty normal day for me during my shift at the bridal shop, until late in the afternoon, when a small group of girls came in.

They were obviously a bridal party, with the bride-to-be giggling and blushing as her girlfriends teased her with different gowns.

Then she turned the tables on them by throwing the most God-awful bridesmaid outfits possible, an assault they took with giggly grace.

While this was going on, I went to the display window to straighten up when I looked outside and saw a young man sitting outside on a bench, looking at the store with a strange look in his eyes.

It took me a moment to realize the look. It was longing.

I turned to the bride-to-be and asked “Who’s the guy waiting outside? The groom?”

She looked out the window, and said, “Oh no. That’s my friend James. He’s my oldest friend, and offered to help today.”

“Well, I would say he looks kinda lonely out there. Wouldn’t you?”

She stared at him for a while, and then said, “You’re right.”

She went to her girlfriends, had a whispered conversation, and then went outside and dragged the young man inside.

“I cant forget my best friend. Who else is going to be my maid of honor but you?” I heard her say.

He said, “But ... I’m a guy?”

“Are you? You never hang with the guys, but fit in perfectly with us girls. I’m a little surprised it took the saleslady here to help me see it.”

“You’re .... not making fun of me, are you?”

“You’ve known me most of my life, have I ever made fun of you?”

“What about your girlfriends?”

“If Alice here is okay with you as her maid of honor, we are okay with it too.” one of the other girls said.

So they spent an hour or more helping ‘Jamie” come out of her shell, and when they finished she glowed almost as much as the bride-to-be did.”

When they left, Alice came over and said, “Thank you for not hurting her feelings. I’ll definitely throw in a little extra for you when I pay for my wedding gown.”

“it was my pleasure. I’m glad she had a good time.”

“She did. But ... how did you know.”

“I saw the look she had on outside, and I’ve seen that look before.”

“Where? If you dont mind sharing.”

“In the mirror, when I was a little younger.” I said, and went into the back of the shop.

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Elsbeth's picture

Nice story

Very sweet story.


Go raibh maith agat le haghaidh léamh

thanks, Elsbeth

glad you liked it, and thanks for commenting.


If I could, I would give this story a lost more than one kudo

Jamie is lucky to be loved so much by her friends.

glad you liked it, Deconblue

its amazing what a little acceptance and love can accomplish, isnt it?

Thanks for the comment.


I Wonder

I wonder if this is the start of a larger journey. Acceptance is not everything, but it is a really good start.

thanks, OddPOV

its definitely the start of Jamie's journey. I just dont know if my muse will let us go along for the ride ..

Thanks for the comment.


The manager

It took the manager to show James lifelong friends the truth. Too bad it took so long. But what happened to the original maid of honor.



Thanks, Rami

I would assume its one of the other girls in the store was the original maid of honor, and stepped aside to just be a bridesmaid.

Thanks for the comment Rami.


Your writing

I read your storys.... I think a little while about it ... then I smile knowing who wrote it Thanks Kiddo

thanks, Papa

Glad you enjoyed it.

Hugs from your online daughter.


Thank you Dorothy,

You really are a sweetie,that was delightful
and brought on tears of joy!


tears of joy, Alison?

The best kind of tears.

Glad you enjoyed this story, and thanks for the comment.


Ole Ulfson's picture

Short but Sweet...

Very nice, my friend.


We are each exactly as God made us. God does not make mistakes!

Gender rights are the new civil rights!

thanks, Ole

Glad you liked it.


Tear Tear :)...

Nice Dotty! Taarpa

hands you a kleenix

Glad you liked it, and thanks for commenting.


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