Reggie's Ad Campaign

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Reggie’s Ad Campaign

I guess you could say its all my fault.

My wife had opened up a little store to sell lingerie, and before we knew it things were so busy she was seriously considering expanding to have locations across the country.

Her business model was simple. While stores like Victoria’s secret tended to cater to the already beautiful, she focused on helping the less than perfect be as good as they could be.

Small breasted women who wanted to be a bit bigger, Women who had lost a breast to cancer, the larger woman who needs a little slimming, these were some of her best clients, and they all swore by her stuff.

And because my wife has an amazingly open attitude, she also got a small amount of men coming into the store as well. Every kind of guy from the one-timer looking for a costume to full time crossdressers, drag queens, and even people who were transitioning came to try her wares.

And thanks to her commitment to making shopping at the store stress-free, all of these left promising to come back soon.

Many of her customers came from great distances, and some wondered why my wife didnt use the internet as so many other “speciality” shops did.

She’d say, “You cant really tell how something will fit on you by looking at how it fits a model in a catalog. And even having your measurements isnt enough. You have to try stuff on, and that means coming into the store in person.”

Still, the number of requests from out-of-town customers nagged at her, and finally she decided the best idea was to franchise - to get people in other cities to run stores in her name.

She found customers who would love the chance to be store managers, and soon she was ready to open up the new stores.

And that’s where I made the big mistake.

I figured she would need an advertising blitz to celebrate the occasion, and found a firm willing to come up with a couple of TV commercials to help briing awareness to the new stores.

They came up with one ad that showed a pretty woman in her underwear getting ready for her day. With pretty undergarments on, she had the confidence to ace a presentation at her work, go out with her girlfriends and dance, and generally take life by the horns.

What made it different was the company claimed to be able to put a subliminal message in the ad, or in fact two separate messages. One would be directed at women, and would go something like this “You feel envy of this woman, and want to be her. If you dressed in her clothes you would feel as good as she does.”

The other was directed at men, and went “You find this woman attractive, and will encourage your significant other to dress like her, and be turned on if they do.”

I wasnt too sure about the subliminals, but signed off on it, and the ads ran the week before the stores opened.

The stores opened, and did pretty good, but pretty soon there were some interesting calls from the managers.

They had expected the odd man, but it seemed that the majority of the people coming in the door were men.

What women came were often girlfriends or wives of the men, which was even stranger. What little we knew about cross-dressing told us most guys dont share it with the women in their lives.

But we both shrugged, and didnt think much about it, assuming things would get back to normal soon.

But it didnt. In fact, it got worse. The number of cross-dressing men seemed to be growing daily, until they represented a significant part of the population.

Laws protecting gender expression were rushed through legislatures around the country, and pretty soon it was obvious why. A significant percentage of politicians seemed to have been “infected” and were soon dressing like women even on the job.

The same thing happened in many churches, as pastors and preachers seemed to fall over each other preaching tolerance while dressed in women’s clothes.

So our world has changed, and who knows how long it will last, and its all my fault.

But is it really all that bad?

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You are an evil person. Those males will eventually hit the wall you know.

more than likely, yes

but in the meantime, those of us who are gender variant will enjoy being in the majority ..

Thanks for the comment.


Reggie's Ad Campaign

Wonder if there was more than just those two messages broadcast

May Your Light Forever Shine

No it isn't a bad thing. I wish that what this story portrays

would actually happen...I have always said that if everybody came out of the closet the mainstream would be in the minority. Why? Because the per cent numbers the government has about how many LGBT people there are versus the mainstream, is only the ones who are out of the closet and admitting who they are. It is time brothers and sisters to get up off of that closet floor wipe the dust off of your fanny, and step out in to life. Then with everyone out of the closet, I know we would be in the majority. How do I know this. The town where I live there are more bisexuals, gays, lesbians, transsexuals than there are mainstreamers. Here they call the bisexuals players, and we have a 90% player population here. How many more would be in the bigger cities?

Maybe there will be a time, when pastors, business people, police officers, paramedics, social workers, doctors, therapists and the multitude of people in regular jobs, can actually wear what they want that makes them feel comfortable. I get a lot of respect from the town's people here as the woman I am. But it hasn't come down to the topic of this story, sadly.

Thank you for sharing.

"With confidence and forbearance, we will have the strength to move forward."

Love & hugs,

"If I have to be this girl in me, Then I have the right to be."

there are a lot of us in the closet, sadly.

But I think its getting better out there - I mean I'm not the most feminine woman going, and no one has ever given me a problem at work, in the mall, or even using the bathroom.

thanks for commenting Barbra


I think it worked

I think I remember that commercial.
Yeah, now that I think of it... I saw it when I was very, very young.
Not sure if it had any effect on me though.


The girl in me. She's always there, ever since the day she saw that ad.

seems like it didnt do a thing to you

you had a girl in you all along, right?

Thanks for the comment, Lora.


Renee M's picture

Hey, Dottie,

Great concept; really cool little story!

So I'm, like, " yeah, that would be nice". OTOH, everyone might think I was a Xdresser. Around here, very few of the "civilians" have any exposure to TG's, so I don't get clocked.

Congrats and Big Hugs for Alberta deciding to pay for GRS in your excellent medical system! I was sustained and cheered up for a few years, knowing that I would get my surgery! (by the way.... somehow, I thought you were in Saskatchewan... )

Hugs and Bright Blessings,

no I'm in alberta all right.

Glad you liked it, and thanks for commenting Renee.


I liked it

very twisty

thank you, Stacy

I'm glad you liked it.


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