Slumber Party Trap

Billy should have known better than to mess with his sister's slumber party.

Featuring a few characters from one of my previous stories.

Slumber Party Trap
By Shawna Stimple

Tiffany Summers slumber party had to be perfect. She had invited the most popular and beautiful girls from school. She had planned every event down to the letter. Makeovers, truth or dare, and late night television were all on the menu. Her parents would be out of town, and there would be no one to tell them when to go to bed.

Billy Summers knew his sisters slumber party had to be perfect. That’s why he had to ruin it. It was 1966. That’s what little brothers did. At 14 years old what else was there to do? He imagined bursting in and terrifying the helpless girls, and maybe getting a few pictures of the scantily clad females in the process. He could take his trophies to school on Monday, and be the king of 9th grade.

Billy called his friends, Marc and Conner, and filled them in on the plan. Marc had to bring the camera, while Conner had to sneak some cigarettes from his parents. They would hang out in his room while they waited on the girls to show up. Once they were all comfortable the boys would bust in taking pictures while the girls shrieked and desperately tried to cover themselves. Afterwards they would run to Conner’s and lay low until school. It was going to be perfect.

That night they waited patiently for all the girls to arrive. They heard the chatter through the walls, as 20 plus girls all cheerily complimented each others hair, and dresses. They listened to them talk about so and so’s boyfriend, and his car. If only the silly girls knew what they were in for.

After about an hour they decided it was time to make their move. Camera ready, they crept to Tiffany’s bedroom door. On the count of 3 they swung open the door, ready to capture all of the naked beauties on film. They were met however with an enormous group of fully clothed, angry teenage girls. Next thing they knew they were grabbed by the irate gathering, and pulled into the room.

Looking up from where he was being held on the floor, Billy saw his sister fuming. “I can’t believe you thought you could get away with this. I heard you plain as day talking to you little friends about trying to ruin our party.”

Billy knew he was in trouble. He planned on hearing it from his parents but the pictures would have been worth it. Now he was going to be grounded until he had gray hair, and all for nothing. “Please don’t tell dad. We didn’t get anything, so no harm no foul, right?”

“Oh you wish little brother. I had plans for tonight, but I think that they might have just been replaced. If you want to join us so bad then I think we’ll let you. But first we have to get you ready.”

With that each of the boys was taken by a group of 5 girls to a different bathroom. They each tried to overpower their assailants, but none could get away. Billy was led into his parents bathroom and stripped naked, all the while pictures being taken. The naked boy then had his arms tied to the shower rod above his head. First he was coated in a smelly pink goo, from his face to his toes. “This stuff burns! Get it off of me!”, he screamed.

Tiffany smiled at her siblings discomfort, and said, “Patience little brother. In a few minutes we will.”

After 10 minutes the pungent concoction was washed away, along with all his hair from his eyes down. Next thing he knew his neck length hair was attacked by the most flowery smelling shampoo, and conditioner he’d ever smelled. The three boys were all growing their hair out, like their heroes The Beatles. While their hair was not as long as Paul’s or John’s, it was still longer than most of their classmates.

When all 3 boys were finished being prepped they were given a pair of white panties, and a matching white bra with subtle padding. They were then led back to the bedroom and had their arms tied behind them to a chair.

Billy looked at his friends on both sides. He thought Conner’s stick thin body type made him look vaguely reminiscent of the supermodel twiggy. Unfortunately for Marc his subtle baby fat, combined with the padded bra made his “breast” look huge. Looking down, he was sort of impressed by his own body. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought it the body of a blossoming young woman, smooth and a little shapely. The flashes of the camera seemed to never quit.

Tiffany sat down in front of the boys with a smug look on her face. “I’m glad you girls came to the party, but you should have known we wouldn’t be seen with someone who doesn’t look their best. We’re not saying you have to leave. We’re just going to help you fit in a little better. Now you can either cooperate, or we can take these pictures and post them all over the school. Now will you be cooperative?” Each of the boys nodded their head accordingly. “Alright girls, are you ready for the show?”

The cheers and whistles were deafening as 2 of the young women approached. The first one was Beth. She’d been a friend of Tiffany’s since they were children. Brunette and beautiful, she looked like the kind of girl you‘d love to take home to mom. The second girl was Peggy Baker. She had only started school earlier in the year. The older boys called her a cock tease. They said she’d flirt to get what she wanted but would never “seal the deal”. Blonde and alluring, she was the sexiest thing to enter their high school in a long time. She was the first to speak.

“I heard you were planning to ruin our party. I thought maybe it was out of jealousy. You upset that you don’t get to have as much fun as we do, so you decided to ruin our night.”

Beth chimed in, “We figured we’d give you the opportunity to see what you’re missing. It wouldn’t be fair to leave you out.”

Peggy leaned down and sexily whispered in Billy’s ear, “Don’t worry. I’m sure you can look as pretty as me. Trust me.”

Billy hoped no one would notice that his panties were becoming a size too small. The two girls opened their suitcases. Peggy removed her scissors, and a few curler sets, while Beth removed the largest makeup case the boys had ever seen. Fearing public exposure the boys sat still while the girls traded between the boys waxing, trimming, curling, painting, and the like. Once all three were pronounced done, portable dryers were placed over their heads. While Peggy, and Beth sat down to take a break, a few of the girls sitting and watching pulled out a few nails kits, and set to work on the boys toes. When they were done with those, they untied their hands. They knew they had nowhere to run, dressed and made up as they were. Tiffany and few other girls were sorting through some outfits, trying to find something that would suit the new young ladies.

While his nails were drying Conner finally managed to quietly stutter, “We’re doing as you ask. When this is over you’re going to let us go right?”

Tiffany responded, “Don’t worry. We’ll let you go. Just keep behaving.”

When their hair was dry to the touch the dryers were removed. Each boy was led to a different part of the room to be dressed. Once they were zipped in, the boys made their way back to their seats, wobbling on the unfamiliar heels. One at a time, Peggy removed their curlers, brushed, teased, and lacquered their style into place. They were then stood up while their final accessories were given to them. They girls then took them to the big mirror they had covered with a blanket. They had seen each other, and wondered if they were as pretty their accomplices. Looking towards the mirror, the blanket was removed.

Conner was wearing a red plaid pullover skintight minidress with long sleeves that came down to mid thigh. Over that was a matching plaid jacket with slightly flared lapels, and a row of three buttons buttoned down the middle. He was standing a pair of navy blue 3 inch pumps, with a buckle at the toes. He was holding a plaid purse with a long strap slung over his shoulder. His hair fell to his cheek bones, in short curls, with bangs sitting softly on his forehead. Above that was a navy blue cloche hat with a turned up brim, sitting right on his crown just behind his bangs. His eyes were a soft blue behind thick lustrous lashes, encircled in a dark liner, sitting below slightly arched eyebrows. His lips were a soft natural color, but looked larger than normal. He looked like a cute girls next door type.

Marc was wearing a white tweed knee length a-line skirt, and a black chiffon long sleeve pullover blouse. Over that was a matching white double breasted tweed jacket, with black buttons, and a small black collar. He was standing in a pair of 2  ½ inch white pumps, and holding a black handbag with a white cover flap, and silver buckle. His hair was cut into a jaw length bob with bangs. His hair was teased a few inches high behind a black and white headband above his bangs, and the ends curled under slightly at the bottom. His eyes were made up heavily, while his eyebrows were barely there anymore, other than the thin line arching across his forehead, and his face shown a pink hue around the cheeks. His lips were a frosted pink, and drawn out in a cupids bow. He looked like a fashion queen, ready to shop to her hearts content.

Conner and Marc looked at themselves, looked at each other, and then it was all eyes on Billy. It seemed like they put a lot of work into the ring leader. Billy was wearing a pastel blue sleeveless knee length wool shift, and white 3 inch pumps with pointed toes. His hands were encased in white wrist length gloves, and on his shoulders sat a matching pastel blue wool jacket hanging down his back. In his hands he held a white clutch purse. His hair was cut into a wedge, starting shorter in the back, and getting longer toward the front. It was parted on his left side swooping down over his right eye, and teased for volume. On top was a small woven blue straw hat sitting high on his crown, with a huge upturned brim surrounding the outside, raising high off his head. His eyebrows were tweezed to give him that constant “come hither” look. His eye shadow was a mix of pinks getting lighter as it met the eyebrows. Dark liner surrounded his lids, while his eyelashes were blended with fakes, heavily coated in mascara. His lips were a pastel pink, and painted on in a way that could best be described as kissable. He looked like a mature elegant young girl, just shy of blossoming into maturity.

Suddenly the camera started flashing again. The boys broke from their trance and tried unsuccessfully to cover their faces. Billy finally broke. “You’ve had your fun, now let us go.”

Tiffany giggled and said, “All in due time little sister. Just do as we say, and you’ll get your camera back.”

The boys were then led down stairs to the living room, where they were given a crash course in female behavior. They were taught how to walk swaying their hips, and the proper way to hold their purses. The were sat in sexy poses, all the while the camera flashing away. The last picture was of the new girls arm in arm, walking down the hallway. After what seemed like an eternity, the camera was out of film.

“Well looks like our funs over. Guess it’s time to go get ready for bed.”, Tiffany said, removing the film, and shoving the camera into Marc’s hands. “It’s time for you to go. You should stay at Conner’s tonight. There’s not really enough room for 3 more girls anyway.”

“But what about the film?”, Marc said.

“And our clothes?”, added Conner.

Peggy walks up and takes Conner’s hand. “Tiffany only said she’d give you the camera back, and those are your clothes sweetie. They were a present, along with your new hairstyles.”

Tiffany, and Beth take the other boys by the hand, and Tiffany says, “I also told you we’d let you go when we were done, so you can leave.” And with that the front door was thrown open, and the boys were shoved out onto the porch, and the door was locked behind them.

After knocking for a few minutes they gave up, and decided to make their way to Conner’s after all. His dad was out of town, so there would be no beating from there at least. After finishing the 3 mile hike in heels, the boys arrived at their destination, well after midnight. They found their way to the living room, and exhausted fell asleep in their seats.

Sunday morning, they were met with a rude awakening, as Conner’s mom was standing there, tapping her heels on the hard wood floor. “Well what do we have here?”, she said.

Conner started in, “Billy’s sister did this to us. Her and her friends ganged up on us, and then tossed us out into the street dressed like this.”

“Well,”, she replied, ”I doubt that you didn’t deserve it somehow.”

“Can we please just go upstairs, and change clothes? I just want this to be over.”

As a sly smile crossed her face, she said, “I remember telling you how I needed some help around here to get the house cleaned up, and you said it was women’s work. Well dressed as you 3 are now I see no problem with you helping. Or you could be grounded Conner, and I’ll call your little friends parents, and let them decide what punishment suits them best.”

Lowering their heads in defeat the boys agreed, and followed her into the kitchen. Their jackets, hats, and purses were placed in the closet, and each was handed an apron that they had to tie behind each others backs into big floppy bows. They spent the remainder of the day sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and washing, until they’d finished the whole house. When they were done, Conner’s mother repaired their makeup, and returned their outerwear. She then led them out to the car, and drove Marc, and Billy home. Marc made his way to the door slowly, and then launched him self inside, trying to make it upstairs before his parents saw him. Billy made his way to his door hoping that his sister would let him in. He found the door was unlocked, so after entering, immediately made his way to the bathroom. After removing the despised clothing, he scrubbed his face as hard as he could, but try as he might there were still traces of his lip stick, and his lashes still looked quite dark and full. Giving up he made his way to bed, and slept straight till morning.

The three met up on the walk to school the next day. They decided that they would play off the hair and eyebrows as a bet, but none could come up with an excuse for the residual make up. They decided to go to the barbers after class, and get rid of the offending coiffure.

Once they entered the school they noticed that the flyers for homecoming court elections were being posted today. Taking a look at all the girls, they noticed that most of them were at the slumber party Saturday night. Coming to the main bulletin board in the commons, they noticed three pictures of girls, they wished they’d never see again. The names under the photos read, Marcie, Connie, and Billie.

The end…for now.

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