Call you mommy, are you serious honey part 13

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Call you mommy, are you serious part 13
By princess Panty boy

The sun is shining through the window and two little girls are playing Barbie's like there is no tomorrow just having a great time. While everyone in the house sleeps quietly.

“Look, look Miley your baby sister is waking up.” Amber says while I put my little pillow over my head seeing the light shining through the window.

I hear Amber saying her baby sister is awake and I want to scream after such a long night trying to sneak that dirty diaper off me with no one seeing.

“Cindy are you awake? Are you awake Cindy?” I hold a pillow on top of my head. I ignore both the girls until I feel a warm sensation start to spread across my diaper. No way, I just wet myself that is so messed up. Well no sense trying to stop it if I need to go pee. I need to go and the diaper is wet already anyway so no big deal I guess.

This is not a very good way to start my morning. I peak out from under the pillow while I am still peeing in my diaper and I see Miley smiling at me.

“I can see you sleepy head. Did you sleep good sis?” I can see Miley smiling at me looking at her threw the bottom of the pillow. The pillow I was hiding under is pulled off of my head as I start to stand up and complain, but I just stand half way up with my knees bent.

I can see my reflection in Miley's wall mirror and I am definitely not standing up, I am squatting and I realize I am still peeing in my diaper while both of the girls are staring at me. Oh well they seen me with a wet diaper so this is kind of nothing new sort of.

“Oh I can smell it again. Do you think she is pooping again?” I notice both the girls look at each other then at me. Oh no I am not just peeing my diaper I can feel it coming out as I fill my diaper up with poop as Amber and Miley stare at me smiling. Now I know why they are staring at me. I am so embarrassed having my sister and her friend watching me going poop in my diaper.

What the hell am I thinking she is my daughter not my sister. I start crying while I am still going potty. Oh, man they are watching me going poop and pee as I continue to cry.

“What's going on in here little ones?” I can see Mary walk into Miley's room while I am crying looking through the bars on the railing to the crib. I look up and see Mary staring at me. “Are you girls making the BABY cry? I will get in trouble if you two are being mean, I get blamed for everything.”

I stare at Mary, listening to her comments and I only cry softly now. We have eye contact and I stop crying as she walks closer to the crib. Mary puts her head up to the bars of the crib staring at me. “Oh I can see why you are crying. Or I should say we can all SMELL why you are crying.” I stop my crying or she will treat me more like a baby even though I have a diaper full of pee and poop.

“Did my baby sister poop in her diaper? Come on baby girl tell your big sister.” Mary says as she reaches into the crib and messes up my hair making my pretty hair go all over as she teases me. I notice her eyes staring into mine then her looking between my legs.

I follow her stare, and I look between my legs. I see my diaper is so full it is sagging badly, only being held up by my plastic panties. I won't be complaining about wearing plastic panties again. It would be so much more embarrassing if I stood up and my poop-filled diaper fell off.

“Well my baby sister smells like she needs her diaper changed; now tell your big sis that you pooped your diaper or I can let you stay in your dirty diaper if you want. It’s up to you little one.” Mary says while she is smiling staring into my eyes.

I cannot believe she is going to make me say it. “Yes Mary I need to be changed.” Mary looks at me, but she doesn’t seem to be too happy by my response.

“Now did I ask my baby sister if she needed to get changed or did I ask my baby sister if she went poop in her diaper?” I look into Mary's eyes as I feel the poop, and pee soaked diaper moving around as I turn.

Mary is waiting for a response from me, and I don’t want to keep this diaper on any longer, than I need too. “Okay Mary I pooped in my diaper can you change me?” That has to be the worst possible thing I ever had to say to anyone in my life.

“Now that’s much better baby sis. Yes I will change your poopy diaper.” Miley and Amber are smiling as they are back in bed playing with there Barbie's as they watch Mary and me.

I watch as Mary bends over, and pulls me out of the crib with very little effort just like Penny did last night. I am put down on top of the changing table. “There we go little baby sister now lay back and let me get this stinky diaper off you.” I do as I am told trying to speed up this super embarrassing moment in my life.

“Wow you sure made a mess little sister.” I watch as Mary stares into my eyes while she starts to slide my plastic panties off. “Wow you went right through your diaper, luckily you had your plastic panties on or you would of made a big mess.”

The good part is I feel the wet plastic panties sliding off of me and I see them in Mary's hand. “I will be right back little sister I have to soak this in hot water in the bathroom. Don’t move or you will fall off the changing table and your mommy will be upset.” I see her walk out of the room carrying the pee and pooped soaked plastic panties.

“Okay I’ll just sit here or lay here would be a better way to describe it.” Like I have much choice because I have a very smelly dirty diaper that will probably fall off of me if I stand up. I turn and see Miley and her friend still playing Barbie's on her bed.

I sure hope Mary hurry's up. The last thing I want to do is lay on this changing table wearing a smelly diaper. Miley and her friend sure are having fun. I watch while Miley changes the Barbie's clothes and puts a bathing suit on her. Looks like a pretty one-piece swimsuit. While Amber is changing her Barbie into a two-piece bikini. Wow that is tiny I cannot believe girls wear that tiny little swim suits. I wonder if her bikini is good in the summer because there is hardly know material to get you hot.

Sort of when we went to the beach I would always take my shirt off and just hangout in my board shorts and go swimming like that. I guess mommy will be buying me a new swimsuit or I will be using Miley's old ones.

Wow, this feels weird. I run my tongue threw my mouth feeling my teeth. There all gone and now I have tiny little baby teeth coming in. I guess my adult teeth didn’t fit in my little body anymore or my new baby teeth just pushed them out. Well at least my two big teeth in the front feel like their full size, which is a good thing.

I continue to run my tongue around in my mouth as Mary walks back in staring at me laying on the changing table. The last thing I am going to do is tell everyone I have baby teeth now. Everyone is treating me more and more like a baby.

“Well you were a good girl just lying there waiting for your big sister to come back and change you.” Mary says.

Maybe if I treat Mary like she wants to be treated, ya know like a big person or a big sister in this case. Maybe I will be able to get more of what I want, which right now is not to wear diapers anymore. Even though if I didn’t have a diaper on last night I would have been covered from head to toe in poop and pee. Maybe diapers aren’t so bad come to think of it.

I smile at her come back with her still wearing her nightie. I cannot believe Penny lets her wear a teddy like a grown up women. Those panties are so tiny I think I can see right through them. I bet there comfy and easy to sleep in because you probably feel like you are naked. “Um yes Mary I waited just like you asked so you can take this icky diaper off of me. I like your pajamas they look really comfy.”

“Well thank you little sister they are comfy.” Mary gives me an odd look as I give her a compliment. “Maybe I can ask your mommy if she will get you a pair like this. Would you like that LITTLE SISTER? Maybe pink like mine.”

Mary says little sister louder than the rest of her comment trying to piss me off, but I just ignore her. “Yea I don’t think she will let me wear something that grown up. Especially since I am stuck in these little baby girl clothes not big girl pretty clothes like yours.” I say while I notice Mary's eye brews go up like I am trying to trick her.

“Okay baby sis we will see. Now let us get that smelly thing off you. I think that diaper is smelling the whole room up.” Mary says while I hear both sides of the diaper getting un done and her wiping me clean and tossing the diaper in with the other dirty diapers. Man she did that so fast it must of took me ten times as long last night trying to do that myself. I guess it is harder to clean yourself up, and change your own diaper.

I smile feeling all cleaned up. “Okay let me get you a clean diaper than you will be good to go baby sis.” Oh, man how can I talk her into not putting me in another diaper? I feel like such a baby with a diaper under my clothes.

“Um sis can I not wear a diaper I am a big girl now pleaseee.” I see Mary's eyes light up when I call myself a big girl and I call her sis too.

Mary turns with her hands on her hips with a diaper in her hand. “Well baby sis since you are being a good girl and calling me your sister and calling yourself a big girl maybe if you don’t pee your diaper before I have to give you a bath after breakfast I will let you wear big girl panties. Would you like to wear big girl panties baby sister?” Oh, she is pushing my buttons to get a rise out of me but she is doing what I want her to do.

“Great sis that would be awesome to wear big girl panties like you my big sister. Yours panties are very pretty.” I don’t think she expected me to agree with her, and act all girly. I hope she fell for it.

Mary looks at me weird again. “Okay baby sis if you want to wear panties like me your big sister I will find you some pretty pink girly girl panties. That is if you don’t wet your diaper okay?” Opps I guess I got carried away saying I wanted to wear panties like my big sister now I will have to wear super girly girl pink panties. Oh well it has to be better then a diaper, and plastic panties.

“Okay great sis.” I give her a big smile but it is a super fake smile realizing I need to word my sentences more carefully or I will be dressed like a girly girl always.

I lift my butt up without Mary asking me too, I feel the soft dry diaper slide under me. “That’s a good girl you’re getting the hang us this now baby sister aren’t you?”

“Yes sis thank you. I am trying to show you that I am a big girl and I don’t need a diaper anymore.” I smile while she secures the new diaper on me. I don’t think she is even noticing how fake I am acting. I feel some new Barbie plastic panties sliding up both my legs, I notice they are pretty.

I am sure Mary could not have found a more girly type of plastic panties for me to wear. “There ya go princess you are already. Let us just leave your little Barbie camisole on you; you really don’t need to be fully dressed. Babies can just wear a diaper and no dress.” Oh, man that means everyone will see me waddling around in my diaper in front of the world.

“Okay sis but if I don’t go potty in my diaper I can wear big girl panties like you my big sister right?” I smile at her with my biggest fakest smile I can show.

The grin on Mary's face hopefully is her thinking that I am just acting like the little girl I look like instead of acting like her dad, who I am still. I am trying to fool Mary into thinking I am acting like her little sister, then maybe get out of wearing diapers and maybe get out of wearing dresses too. Man I haven’t wore pants since before my accident.

“We will see little sister now let’s go downstairs and get some breakfast okay baby sister?” I feel Mary pick me up off the changing table and put me on the floor right in front of the big mirror. I wonder if she put me in front of the mirror so I can see how truly babyish, and totally girly I look in just a diaper and baby tee shirt.

I cannot let her know how much it bugs me to look at myself dressed like a baby or she will just continue to make me dress like this. Instead, I play with my hair ignoring my super baby girl looking reflection in the mirror. “Sis does my hair look okay it’s so messy?”

“Yea I can help you little sis.” I see Mary turn and walk over to Miley's vanity and come back and put a pink hair band on my head pulling my bangs back making me look even more girly. Man I really need to think before I talk especially around Mary.

I give a big fake smile seeing my super girly reflection in the mirror. “Thanks sis for fixing my hair it looks much prettier now.”

“Just ask me little sis and I will help you make your hair look prettier anytime you want.” Damn I really need to watch what I say now. Or I am going to have really girly looking hair too.

We start to walk downstairs and I see Stephanie talking on her cell phone when we walk into the kitchen. “Stephanie doesn’t our baby sister look pretty with her hair like this?” I smile trying to make them both think I like it like this.

“Um yes she does look very pretty specially in her pink plastic panties and diaper. Do you like your hair like that daddy?” Stephanie says to me.

I hear her call me daddy and I want to cry hearing her say that. “Um yes Mary said I looked pretty with my hair like this.” Wow hearing Stephanie call me daddy really makes me want to put my foot down with Mary but that hasn’t worked out to great so far. I will just have to try this new approach, which is acting like the little girl everyone sees me as.

“Ask your big sister Stephanie to get you some cereal while I go answer my cell phone?” Mary looks at me than at Stephanie. “Be right back Stephie.”

I look up at Stephanie and I see a surprised look on her face when Mary told me to ask my big sister for some cereal. “Um Stephanie can you get me some cereal please?”

“Sure thing daddy I mean little sister hehehe.” I hear Stephanie say as she giggles staring at me. I roll my eyes at her response calling me her little sister but what can I expect since I didn’t correct Mary referring Stephanie as my big sister.

I eat the cereal up and notice no one gave me a drink but if I ask I am sure they will get me a bottle like last night so I don’t want to chance it. My tummy for sure has shrunk with the rest of my body because I could only eat a small bowl of cereal.

“Thank you Stephanie for breakfast, it was good I am going to take a bath now that I am done eating okay?” For some reason I was asking her permission, but I just wanted to thank her for getting me cereal and inform her I was going to take a bath. I have no clue why I asked her if I could take a bath, I will have to really pay more attention to what I am saying, if I am going to pretend to act like the little girl everyone is treating me like.

I hate the crinkling sound that comes from getting off my chair from the plastic panties and disposable diaper I am wearing. I know everyone can hear it too, oh well hopefully if I play this game right I won't have to wear them soon. “That’s fine little sister, but try to hurry because I need to take a bath too. Oh, and you’re welcome for breakfast by the way.”

“Oh Stephanie were is mommy, I mean Penny?” I say to her and she smiles when I said mommy like a little toddler by accident.

I look down at my little feet and my diaper feeling embarrassed. “Mommy was taking a shower but I heard the water stop a while ago, so you should have plenty of hot water. I would probably take a shower instead of a bath just to make sure okay little sis?’

“Um okay that makes sense sis, I mean Stephanie.” Damn I really have to stop responding so fast I am really starting to sound like a little kid and referring to myself as her sister and Penny as my mommy. Man I need to get a grip if I am going to keep it together.

I turn and there is Miley and Amber standing next to me. “Hey look Miley your little sister is the same height as you. I thought she was smaller than you for some reason.”

“No she isn’t you have to be wrong Amber let me see. Cindy is my LITTLE sister. Okay sis turn your back against my back. Stephanie can you tell me who is taller?”

I do as Miley asked and we are back to back. “Well Miley you are cheating because you are standing on your tippy toes so stand flat footed and I will see.” Stephanie walks over to us and puts her hand on top of both are heads and measures us. “Well your both exactly the same height now. So know she isn’t your little sister like you were saying Miley.”

“I guess she is more like your twin sister Miley.” We hear Amber say as she walks into the kitchen and sits at the table. “You both have the same eyes and the same hair but she has a different hairstyle.

Miley leans in and whispers in my ear. “Well I guess you’re not getting smaller like I was saying yesterday, but I think it’s great I have a twin sister now.” She looks down at my plastic panties and diaper. “Well I hope you get potty trained soon. I don’t want to say my twin sister is still in diapers.”

“Hopefully I won't have to wear them long because Mary said if I didn’t wet my diaper before I took a shower she might let me wear big girl panties.” I notice Stephanie giggling, when I didn’t notice her standing behind me.

I turn and see Stephanie smiling at me. “Come on LITTLE SISTER get your little butt up in the shower so I can get in when you’re done.” I ignore her little sister comment and start to walk away and upstairs into the bathroom.

It feels good to get away from them. I am just totally surrounded by females. It is good to be alone. I pull the plastic panties down and off. Un-taping my diaper and of course it is dry. Well I should say for a change it is dry. I will put it on the sink so if Mary comes in she will see a dry diaper.

I turn the shower on and wait for the water to get warm when I notice my reflection in the mirror. I guess I cannot get away from being around females, because I am for sure one. I see my new vagina and I shake my head and get in the shower even though the water is still kind of cold.

The shower warms up pretty fast and I wash myself with the only soap in there of course it has to smell like flowers. The cool thing is that the soap smell really pretty so that’s a good thing. Did I say the soap smells pretty I hope not?

Anyway, I wash up my body and I hear the bathroom door open up and close. “Well it looks like someone has a dry diaper that’s a good girl Cindy.” I hear Mary saying. “Is your hair wet yet so I can wash your hair little sis?”

“Yes my hair is wet I was just going to wash it myself sis.” I bet she loves me calling her sis. But she doesn’t respond like I was thinking she would.

The shower door opens and Mary takes the shampoo and puts some in her hands. “Come over here lil sis so I can do your hair. You have to wash and condition your hair real good now that you have long hair sis.” I roll my eyes but she cannot see with my back to her. I notice the shower getting the floor wet while she washes my hair.

“That’s why you have a big sister to help you, or I guess you have two big sisters to help you. I heard Miley saying you’re the same height as her now. I guess we have two sets of twins now little sister.”

Mary's hands actually feel good rubbing on my head making suds as she washes my hair. “Yes sis I guess you are right. I am glad you and Stephanie don’t dress the same like a lot of twins do.” Closing my eyes as she rinses my hair and puts conditioner in. “I would hate to wear the same clothes like those twins do.”

“Okay little sis we are all done. I will let you rinse out the conditioner and you can get out and dry yourself off, unless you want me to help you?”

I turn and see Mary smiling at me, she looks at my naked body up and down, and she stares between my legs to confirm I am still a girl. Would be great to wake up with a penis, but I know that is more of a dream than anywhere near reality.

“No I will be fine, I am pretty sure sis I can dry myself, but thanks anyway.” The more I call her sis the more she will think I am turning into the little girl I look like. I grab the pink towel that Mary left on the top of the sink and start drying myself off.

I have to admit it does feel good to wash up after waking up with a diaper full of pee and poop. How the heck did I do that to my diaper anyway? I will have to start going to the bathroom before I go to bed, that should help. Man but I pooped my diaper I will have to ask the doctor today about that when I have my appointment.

“Now I put some pretty panties on your outfit today instead of a diaper. So don’t make me regret it okay little sister?”

I smile hearing I won't have to wear a diaper again. I have to ignore her little sister comment since I am getting what I want. I finish drying myself off, I put the towel around my waist, and I start walking to Miley's bedroom.

“Cindy you can't put the towel around your waist only boys do that. You have to wrap the towel around your chest and it will go under your arm pits, okay?”

I listen to her and I sure don’t want her pissed off at me again. I un-due the towel and it falls to the ground showing off my naked girlie body. “Opps okay sis, I will fix it right now.” I wrap the towel across my chest going under my arms and it is not as easy as it looks. I like wrapping it around my waist much better.

We walk into Miley's room, and I see the super girlie dress hanging on the crib. The dress is light pink, and has short puffy sleeves. The wide pink belt goes around the waist and the dress looks more like a toddler would wear it.

“Isn't that dress pretty Cindy? When I seen it in Miley's old clothes I thought of you immediately.” What should I do it looks so tiny I hope it doesn’t fit me. The dress has matching panties that go with it and I touch them thinking that they go over a diaper like the plastic panties but there not plastic but way big and puffy looking.

If I tell Mary, the dress looks like it is more for a baby she might lose her mind, and spank me and put me back in a diaper. This dress for sure goes with a diaper more than panties. I guess I will have to try it on. If I make it sound like I really like the clothes she is picking for me, she might chill out and see that when she is giving me, super girly clothes that it is not bothering me anymore.

“Oh yes this dress is so pretty I hope it fits me but it looks kind of small, but I will try it on anyway. I hope it fits.” I lie saying that as I touch my nose to see if my nose is growing from lying like from the Walt Disney movie Pinocchio. That was so funny when the puppets nose would grow when he lied.

What the heck am I thinking about a Disney kid’s movie for anyway? “What kind of panties are those sis?” I point at the fluffy wide silky panties that look like they go over a baby's diaper.

Well those are kind of big girl panties well actually; they mostly go over plastic panties. The plastic panties go over a diaper but this time we will skip that part.”

“Can I wear big girl panties instead of the fluffy rumba panties?” I ask Mary a question and her eyes kind of light up and I regret asking her anything. I feel kind of scared that she is going to do something mean to me.

I look down at my little naked feet trying not to make eye contact with Mary. “That’s a good idea little sis. Let me see what Miley had from when she was smaller.”

“Miley and I are the same height now so I should be able to wear her regular clothes not her old baby clothes.” I regret the words that came out of my mouth the second they left my lips. I get nervous and I almost wet myself right then and there seeing the look on Mary's face. I swear I think her eye balls rolled into the back of her head like some horror movie.

Oh, no that is going to piss her off as I see Mary stop and stare at me. “I’m really not interested in what you think little sister so do as I say or maybe I should just get you back in your little diaper and pretty plastic panties. I bet you would like that my little baby sister.”

“No, sis, no please let me try that outfit on right now, it is so pretty.” I take the fluffy rumba panties, and I don’t have to move the towel because the second I let my hand off the towel that is wrapped around me it falls to my feet’

I immediately slide the weird fluffy panties up my legs and it looks like I am wearing a diaper almost they bulge out everywhere.

The panties are a perfect fit and they have elastic around each of the leg holes and around the waistband. If I was to pee right now no one would even notice because there is nowhere for the pee to leak out. Oh wait there not plastic so I guess it would just leak right threw them. Except for them not being plastic, they look just like really fancy plastic panties that go over diapers.

“Oh yes those panties look very pretty on you little sister. Let’s finish getting you dressed and see how pretty you look okay? You want to look pretty right little sis?” I stare at Mary smiling at me while she is teasing me.

What I want to do is explode Mary is really pushing my buttons calling me little sister and lil sis and don’t I want to look pretty. This is getting tough making it sound like I really want to be pretty and all that girly stuff so here we go again.

“Oh yes Mary, I want to look pretty just like you my big sister hehehe.” Opps I didn’t mean to giggle like a little girl but Mary I think fell for it. “Let’s put my pretty pink dress on me so I can see how pretty I look okay sis?” I feel the dress being pulled over my head and Mary buttoning the back up.

After I am all buttoned up, I turn and see Mary smiling at me. “Well do I look as pretty as my big sister?” I give my biggest fakest smile. “I really like this dress a lot. Thank you for picking me such a pretty dress Mary.” I stare at Mary waiting for her to respond. I wonder if I am pouring it on too thick.

I turn around and there is Penny smiling at me. Oh my god how long has she been there listening to me acting like a little girl to trick Mary. Looks like I am the one that was tricked.

“Oh that makes me so happy hearing you saying that Cindy, that you want to be pretty like your big sister. I thought for sure I was going to have to spend a fortune to buy all new tomboy pants and jeans for you. Since you want to be a girly girl like your big sister this makes it much easier you wearing only Miley's old dresses and skirts since she doesn’t even own pants.”

Penny is just grinning from ear to ear seeing me in the toddler dress and rumba panties. “You really do look pretty in that dress, pink is definitely your color little Cindy.”

Great that was way messed up now mommy thinks I want to wear dresses, not only dresses but girly girly dresses too. Man that sure back fired on me big-time. Did I call her mommy again instead of Penny? I don’t think so, but I really need to get my act together with calling her Penny more, and not mommy.

“Oh before I forget Mary; Mr. Steve wanted me to ask you if you wanted to babysit for him next week end. He asked for you to come over later and get the details. I guess something about before and after her gymnastic lesson but I didn’t understand so he asked for you to come over and get better details okay?”

Mary's eyes light up really bright for some reason, and I see her messing with her hair. “I told him you could probably come over after I leave to take Cindy to her doctor’s appointment okay?”

“That sounds great mom, I would really LOVE to go over Steve's house when you leave. I mean Mr. Steve's house.” Mary has a for sure weird look on her face talking to mommy. “I guess I better get changed since I am going over there.”

Mommy and me look at Mary surprised because she is already dressed in a cute outfit wearing white capris and tank top.

“Oh um, mom I just want to look my best ya know when I, you know babysit.” We both look at Mary as she stutters her words like she is up to something. “Mom have you see my new pink skirt?”

Why the heck does Mary want to get dressed up for Mr. Steve? Mommy thinks it is weird too I think. “It just came out of the wash, so its hanging up in the laundry room. Isn’t that skirt too short to be around adults. I thought you bought that mini skirt for your boyfriend so he wouldn’t be staring at that one girl at school you were talking about?”

“Oh good it’s in the laundry, great I am going to get it we can talk later mom. I need to go get ready.” That was weird and I can see a odd look on mommy's face too like something is going on. Wait a second was I calling her mommy again when I was thinking to myself?

You know Mary never answered me when I was talking to her yesterday about if she spent time with Mr. Steve alone and how the hell she knew what he liked sexually. Oh that’s right that was while mommy was kissing Mr. Steve wait a second it’s all coming back to me now she was sucking on him downstairs when Mary was talking about Mr. Steve.

That’s right Penny was messing around behind my back in the kitchen kissing and oh man she was giving him a blowjob. Oh shit that’s right. Oh, shit then she did the same think in Miley's room, but this time right in front of me so there would be no question that she was having sex with Mr. Steve.

Oh man that is right I remember everything now, I look down sadly at my naked feet as mommy notices the sad look on my face. “Princess get your little bottom up stairs and get some socks and shoes on. You might want to ask one of your big sister which ones match your pretty new outfit okay?”

“Did you hear mommy sweetie?” I did not respond because I was deep in thought about my mommy having sex with Mr. Steve. “Your sister was acting kind of weird don’t ya think?” as mommy changes her train of thought asking about Mary.

I look up and see mommy's hands on her hips staring at me. “Um yea okay I will mommy, and yes she did seem weird to me but Mary is kind of weird anyway.” Oh shit I just called her mommy to her not just thinking of her as my mommy. I called her mommy when she was referring herself as my mommy. Man, my head is so messed up.

“Mary can you bring down some matching socks, and shoes for your little sister. So she will be finished getting dressed for her doctor’s appointment?” I hear mommy yelling to Mary who already grabbed that tiny pink mini skirt and ran upstairs already.

We don’t hear a response from Mary, I notice mommy getting ready to yell up at her again when we hear Mary respond. “Mom I am trying to get dressed can't the little baby find her own shoes and socks?” I think I notice mommy’s eyes start to get red and start to roll to the back of her head like Mary's did earlier. I guess I know where Mary gets that from. I giggle to myself softly, but luckily, know-one heard me.

“Don’t you argue with me and do as you are told or no babysitting for you. I am sure Stephanie would like to earn some extra money and take over babysitting for you.”

We hear something drop and then someone running and guessing it is Mary losing her mind like usual. “No, no mom I will get them for you no problem, I am doing it already. Sorry for talking back to you.” Mary comes running down the stairs wearing only a bra and her pink mini skirt.

“See look I already have baby Cindy's shoes and socks right here mom.” We both watch as she puts them down on the chair next to me.

Mommy still doesn’t look to happy about Mary's response. “Don’t be calling your sister a baby she is not a baby. You are acting more like a baby. Maybe we should go shopping on our way back from your little sisters doctor’s appointment and buy you some large diapers and treat you more like the baby in the house, if you’re going to continue to act like a baby?”

“No mom I said I was sorry to the little brat I mean for what I said. I will be good. Sorry Cindy for calling you a baby.”

We both look at each other as mommy definitely hit a button listening to Mary apologizing so fast and so drawn out like she doesn’t want to be in trouble.

“What do you think princess you think your big sister would look cute in diapers like you wear?” Mommy says to me.

I smile with the thought of her wearing a diaper and some plastic panties. “Um I’m not wearing a diaper mommy. Mary said I can wear big girl panties, as long as I don’t have any more accidents.” I say while I am staring at mommy.

“Well what do you think about that Mary? Cindy had a chance to say mommy I think Mary should wear diapers since she is acting like a baby, but she didn’t. You can learn something from your little sister.”

Mary looks at me and smiles. More or less a evil smile which is not good for me. I didn’t even think of saying that too mommy because I didn’t want Mary spanking me for getting her in trouble. “Thank you Cindy, that was nice of you.” Mary's says to me but not very convincing more like she is saying what Penny wanted to hear from her.

“You might want to finish getting dressed young lady unless you are going to just wear a bra and mini skirt over to Mr. Steve’s house.” Mommy still looks pissed at Mary. Mommy walks away into the downstairs bathroom.

Mary turns to walk away and I hear her say something like. “Well it would be easier, and less to take off if I just wore a bra and mini skirt hehehe.” I hear Mary giggling to herself.

“What did you say Mary?” I give her a weird look as she turns around and stares at me. I smile seeing her look like she is in deep thought.

Maybe I should just stop talking to her because every time I say something she gives me a weird look. “Oh nothing little sister, but thanks for not getting me in trouble, and it is a good idea you not wearing a diaper.”

“Ring, Ring, Ring.” I hear a cell phone ringing. That ring, I’ve heard that ring tone before. Oh yea that’s the ring tone I had on my cell phone. I follow the sound and it is coming from the top of the refrigerator.

Great like I can reach that, so I pull over one of the kitchen table chairs and climb up at it and look at the caller ID. Oh shit this is from my old work I better answer it. “Hello” I say and the voice on the line is hesitant to speak more like background people talking.

“Can I speak to Doug I am sure he is your daddy little girl.” Sounded weird like he was talking threw a speakerphone. I wonder who this is.

I am still standing on top of the chair and I look around and see no one is around to hear me. “This is Doug, who is this?” I can hear nothing on the phone then a bunch of background talking.

“Oh hi Doug is it okay for us to call you that. I am Mr. Carpenter; I am the president of your former company you worked for when you had you accident.” Oh, shit I am going to be in deep shit from breaking the safety procedures if there calling me. The president of the company would not be calling me if they were going to prosecute me.

I am thinking of a response when he continues to talk. “I am in the conference room with the research staff going over your file and it looks like whatever chemical combination you were exposed to turned you into a female and here it also says you are now a young female. By the tone of your voice talking on the phone that would sound pretty accurate, is this correct?”

“Yes Mr. Carpenter that is correct. I would like to say how sorry I am for by-passing the safety procedures when I was working that day, I am really sorry sir.”

I can hear people talking in the background. “Well thank you Doug for admitting to us it was your fault, and releasing us from any possible damages. That is not why we called you today.” I wait for him to say why he or they called me.

“We are looking at offering you a new position with our company. We realize that you are no longer able to hold the same position you had with us, because of your new physical size.”

I am getting excited that I might actually be able to go to work again. “What type of position are you looking at me to work as Mr. Carpenter?” I am thinking not that it matters because I would take a job empting their garbage out or cleaning there toilets to get out of being in this house all the time.

“Well before we get to that I need to ask you a couple questions is that okay Doug?”

I love hearing my name again I missed it so much. “Yes that is fine Mr. Carpenter ask whatever you like sir.” I climb down off the chair, and walk outside and sit on the porch to get some privacy.

“Great this is Ms. Brunssen with our legal department. She will be continuing this conversation even though the whole research board is here okay Doug?”

Wow the whole research board is in the conference room plus the law department. This kind of sounds scary. “Okay Mr. Carpenter. Ms. Brunssen what would you like to ask me?” I try not to sound nervous but I would do anything to get another job and to be able to contribute to the family again.

“Well first things first Doug, since you are now in a female body and sound more like a young child on the phone. Are you still going by Doug or I am guessing you have changed your name now that you are female?”

Wow, she is pretty smart, but again that is probably a common sense thing. “Well Ms. Brunssen, my family has been calling me Cindy, my old name doesn’t really fit anymore. I guess I will have to change my name since I am a girl now.”

“Okay then Cindy, I know your size is much smaller according to your file. Are you still considered an adult with the same age or have they considered your intelligence is now also of a six year old to match your body?”

Wow, that question is kind of weird. “Um well I remember everything before the accident so I guess I still have the same intelligence.”

“Okay great so you haven’t signed anything saying that you are now a six year old girl and need to have an adult take care of you correct?”

There is no way I am going to tell them that I have been wearing a diaper since I left the hospital, and have had my daughters, and my wife or future ex-wife change my diapers. “That is correct I have a doctor’s appointment today and I know Penny said something about changing my name legally too.”

“That is great Cindy, and we do know about your doctor’s appointment today. The doctors here on the board would like to talk to you when I am done with you sweetie. I mean I am sorry to say sweetie to you but you have the same tone in your voice that my daughter who starts kindergarten this year has.”

I smile hearing her apologize for treating me like a little kid with her cute comment. “No problem Ms. Brunssen I have been getting a lot of that lately.”

“Thank you sweetie for being so understanding, I mean for being so understanding.” She sounds so nice; I giggle hearing her calling me sweetie again.

I bet she is pretty too. I hope I meet her and maybe her little daughter too. What am I thinking? Who cares of meeting her daughter who sounds like me? Man I cannot let them know I am starting to think like a little child or toddler like mommy says, I mean Penny says.

“Did you giggle sweetie you have such a pretty voice, I can't wait to meet you.” I am trying to ignore her about me giggling.

I am trying to come up with something else to say to her pretty voice, but then she continues after I don’t respond. “I am going to pass you on to Ms. Bunker she would like to ask about your doctor’s appointment today is that okay sweetie I mean is that okay?”

“Yes that is fine Ms. Brunssen, and I look forward to meeting you and your daughter also, I mean meeting you Ms. Brunssen.” Oh, my god I cannot believe I said that out loud. Meeting her daughter too.

I try to think of something adult to say but I am starting to get so nervous, I cannot think of anything to respond. “Oh that would be great; I don’t know if I can bring my daughter here but um, oh yes Cindy we will be able to help you change your name legally also.”

“If you change your competency from adult to child or toddler by the sounds of your voice, we will have to ask your guardians permission for everything. It is very important you maintain your adult status, or like I said we would have to always talk to your guardian, which would be your wife, I am guessing.”

While I am listening, it sure would suck if Penny had all the rights to everything I am doing. Man that means she would get my new pay and I would still have nothing. So I need to focus on staying in adult status. “Thank you again Ms. Brunssen for the information.”

“Oh your so welcome sweetie, I mean you’re welcome Cindy. I am going to hand you over to Ms. Bunker now.” I smile while listening to her voice. She has such a pretty voice I bet she is pretty too.

She seems like a super nice lady, I bet she is a real nice mommy too not like mine. Oh shit what I am thinking, Penny is my wife or my cheating wife hopefully she will be my cheating ex-wife soon. I would love to live somewhere else maybe then Stephanie and Miley could come visit me, or even live with me.

“Hello you there Ms. Bunker?” I say and play with my hair a little bit, as I wait for someone to respond. I start to daydream about having my own place and having Miley and Stephanie living with me. Mary and Penny would make a great combo with them living together, I bet they would kill each other off hehehe I giggle to myself softly.

All I can hear is a lot of talk in the background so I guess they have to take turns on who gets to talk and sit closest to the speakerphone. “Yes I am here Cindy it is great to finally talk with you since I have been looking at your file for a while now. I know we have been grilling you with questions, and I will be as quick as possible is that okay Cindy?”

She has a pretty voice too; I hope she is as nice as the legal lady whatever her name is. I cannot believe I forgot her name already. That is kind of weird I used to be really good with names before the accident. “Sure thing Ms. Bunker just ask whatever you need to.” I say and think to myself how grown up my response sounded.

“Great sweetie, Opps Ms. Brunssen got me started doing that too calling you sweetie. You really do have a very pretty voice sweetie. You also sound so grown up except for your tone which of course is of a little toddler girl.”

I smile listening to her voice. “Well thank you Ms. Bunker that is really nice of you to say. You have a very pretty voice too.”

“Well thank you sweetie that is very nice of you to say. I am a doctor by the way. I am really Dr. Bunker, but you can call me anything you like, either Dr. Bunker, Ms. Bunker, Ms. Alice it doesn’t matter to me okay sweetie?”

She does sound nice, but I didn’t know she was a doctor I wonder what kind of doctor she is, there are so many different types. “Okay great well what would you like me to call you?”

“It is up to you sweetie, call me whatever you like okay?” Okay I guess she won't tell me so I might as well pick a name.

“Alice is really a pretty name I guess that will be my choice if that is okay with you?” Wow hearing out loud what I just said; I really sounded so girly. I hope that wears off when I am not stuck being surrounded by female's all the time.

I hope Alice didn’t think I sounded too girly. That would be a bad way to start, if she thought I was getting into being a girl and giving up on my manhood.

“Okay sweetie that sounds good to me so from now on you will address me as Ms. Alice. Now when you come into your doctor’s appointment will it be okay if you talk to us after the doctor gives you a checkup?”

Ms. Alice I really didn’t mean I wanted to call her Ms. Alice that makes it sound like I am a toddler talking to an adult. Oh well I will tell her when I meet her in person, that I meant I wanted to call her Alice not Ms. Alice. Come to think of it, that wasn’t one of my choices. Oh well she seems nice so it will be okay, anything has to be better than being here all the time.

“Sure Ms. Alice that would be great. Will you be able to tell me more about the new position that Mr. Carpenter was talking about earlier?”

I hear movement inside the house I am sure they will be looking to pick on me some more, so I hope there almost done asking questions. “Okay Cindy we have been asking you all these questions, do you have any questions you want to ask us?”

“Well yes Ms. Alice I was hoping to get more information on what this new position Mr. Carpenter was talking about. I have been so bored since I was released from the hospital. I would love to get back to work since I was full time employed there for so many years, and now nothing.”

I can hear a lot of talking in the background but no way can I make out anything they are saying to each other. “This is Mr. Carpenter again; I can answer that question for you. Doug I mean Cindy.” Wow, he sounds like a big man I wonder what he looks like I never met him in all the time I worked there. I guess what would the president of the company want to talk to me, when I was just a forklift driver anyway.

“I am sorry Cindy we have been kind of vague about what the new position that we would like to offer you. The reason for that is we need all the input from your doctor and our doctor’s interview with you and of course you’re input on what we would like to offer.”

Okay he basically said a whole bunch of words, but he really didn’t give me any information at all. I guess that’s why he is the president of the company. He can say a lot and make it sound good but not tell you anything.

“By you not responding I will make it a little simpler for you. The position we are going to offer you, or ask your guardian will be at least three times what you were making in the warehouse as a forklift driver. Plus you will only have to work part time as well.”

Oh, my god that is awesome this must be a dream come true. “Wow that sounds great Mr. Carpenter I am looking forward to meeting everyone.”

“Great Cindy, we all are looking forward to meeting you too. We are going to let you go because I am sure you will need to do whatever a six-year old girls need to do before your doctor’s appointment.”

I am in shock almost speechless. “Okay thanks again Mr. Carpenter, and everyone else.”

“Bye for now Cindy.” Mr. Carpenter says and then the phone goes dead as they hang up. Wow, this is so exciting; I don’t know what to do first. I better get in the house and make sure I am not in trouble again for something.

The second I stand up, I know something is wrong. I look down at the steps and I see it is wet and I feel my panties are soaked. No way I peed my panties this could ruin everything if they think I am a baby. I need to get inside and change my panties really fast before someone sees I wet myself again.

The total last thing I need is to have to wear a diaper to the doctor’s appointment. I open the front door and stick my head inside real quick. No one is there so I get inside and close the door super slow and very quietly. I turn and see no one and I run up the stairs and right into the bathroom.

Oh, yes a rare moment no one is in here. I close the door slowly and slide the panties down, and I see how soaked they are. Oh, man how am I going to get out of this, I mean I am wearing these super girly panties so it is not like I can just put another pair on and no one will notice.

I look at my pretty dress and the good thing is that at least the dress didn’t get any pee on it so that is cool. This dress is really nice so much cooler than when I was wearing shorts before the accident. I guess that is why girls wear dresses and skirts so much in the summer.

What the hell am I saying that I enjoy wearing dresses like a little girl holy smoke I need to get a grip or I will lose this only job opportunity. I mean there are not very many job openings for a six-year old girl.

I bend over to pick the panties up and my little black Mary Jane shoes slip and I start to fall, my arm hits the toilet and I land on the floor crying. I am laying on the floor and I notice how soaked the floor is as mommy rushes into the bathroom with Miley and Amber close behind her.

“What happen are you okay Cindy?” I am crying my eyes out with my dress now soaked and my arm, and head hurts and everyone is going to find out I peed my panties. What am I going to do as I continue to cry.

Mommy holds me tightly while she kneels down on the floor. “Are you okay baby girl, did you hurt yourself? We were in the hallway and heard you fall, and we came running.”

“Why is this floor soaking wet?” Mommy says as I continue to cry knowing my life is ruined the only chance I had to get out of this nightmare and I peed on myself. I still cannot respond as I cry louder knowing how screwed my life is.

“I bet you walked in here sweetie to go potty like a big girl and that’s why you don’t have your panties on and you slipped on the wet floor while you were taking your panties off and you fell. Is that what happened sweetie, tell mommy?”

Oh, my god thank you lord she made up a great story. I start to cry softly thinking to myself no one knows I went pee in my panties. I would of never been able to come up with a story like that.

“Look mommy all the clothes, and towels on the floor in here are soaked. I bet someone took a shower and didn’t clean up her mess and poor Cindy fell and got hurt mommy is she okay? Is my sister okay mommy please mommy answer me please.”

I hear Miley saying then she starts crying thinking I am really hurt bad. I look up and see Miley crying so hard tears pouring down her face. “Yes is she okay?” I hear Amber saying as she starts crying softly as her and Miley start to cry in stereo.

I see how they are crying and then I look at Stephanie in the doorway looking down at me and she has tears coming out of her eyes trying to hold on to Miley and Amber who have both lost their minds and are crying hysterically.

I feel like everything is in slow motion, I look around and see everyone crying, and I look up to tell mommy I am okay. But, mommy leans to hug me, and I feel her warm face touching mine hugging me, she is so warm, as she pulls away from me crying tears pouring out of her eyes.

I see her face now has red all over it. Shit mommy now has blood on her face after she hugged me. I look down and see the water I am laying in turning red.

I stop crying now looking around and I cannot hear anyone crying anymore, I see them all staring at me crying but I cannot hear them. I start to black out when I hear a scream. “Call 911” everything goes black.

The end of part 13

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story keeps getting beter

story keeps getting beter


The plot is getting better. It has more twists than a snakes and ladders board

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