The Bad Little School-boy: The Original Cartoon Series - Part 1

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The Original BLSB Cartoon Series by Sissy Demi
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I am reposting my original series of BLSB (Bad Little School-boy) cartoons I began creating back in the early 1990's. This is not the Illustrated Story, but the original, one-shot, one-panel cartoons which were an unofficial pre-cursor to the actual written tale which may be coming soon.

Each image is presented in its original style and artwork. Only the file naming and image type have changed.

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This story is 98 words long.

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Very Cute Sissie,

He looks so sweet.
May Your Light Forever Shine

May Your Light Forever Shine

bad little school boy / girl?

ok weard but sound,s like it may be a fun storyi wood love to read it to find out . tell than have a god awalys oldhippie

mr charlles r purcell
verry good story i wood love to see a lot more of this all i can say is wow verry good thanks for shareing

I hope you have enjoyed the

I hope you have enjoyed the follow-up cartoons, oldhippie!

-- SD

Hi; Excellent post for me.

Hi; Excellent post for me. Your post has good quality. I wish to has good posts like yours in my blog e okul. How do you write these posts?


I followed the story way back and felt sorry as it was never finished. The cartoons are simply very well done and the story is good too! Pretty, pretty pleaaaase - finish it this time!

Sissy Baby Paula and Snowball (my toy puppy)

Ps. could this little school boy be bad enough to be put into diapers... (I just love diapers in stories almost as much I love wearing them all the time)

Pretty cool.

I looked up the actual illustrated stories, and they were really quite good. Only problem was that they just sort of ended, although that's understandable. Still, I can't help but hope that more might be forthcoming, what with you posting them here and all.

Oh, and I think the pictures are really neat too.


Yeah, I'm terrible at beginning a story and leaving it open at the end. When I did post this on Crystal's Storysite a few years back, I added a few more images to at least end the story a little better. It was still a bit abrupt, but at least you saw him after the salon visit.

I have never been a big fan of the diaper scene. I don't dislike it, and have been babied a couple of times in my adventures, but I never got into it. I cannot say to rule out ever seeing Chris in diapers or babyish attire, but the prospects at this time are slim. (I seem to recall I did once try a diaper image ... I don't have it in my archives, but it would have bene posted to Bety's Sissy site and looong gone fro mthere. The photo storage place I used cancelled my account on it long time ago. You could ask there if anyone still has it ... assuming i did one. LOL I really cannot recall if I ever did post it or not).

Thanks for the comment Sissy Baby Paula (and Snowball)!

-- SD

Well, I think the outfit is

Well, I think the outfit is simply darling and gives "her" a certain appeal. May "she"grow to like "her" new life style. J-Lynn

Chris puts up a good act,

Chris puts up a good act, but he secretly enjoys the forced dressings! >_> Shhhh ... don't let anyone know. ^^;;;

Thanks for the comment, J-Lynn!

-- SD

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