The Bad Little School-boy: The Original Cartoon Series - Part 6

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The Original BLSB Cartoon Series by Sissy Demi
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This cartoon came about after my girlfriend brought home a maids outfit from the hotel she was working at. I had "lost" one of our ubiquitous bets and she claimed me as her sissy maid for the weekend. This was not the first time she made me be her sissy maid, but it was the first time with an actual uniform. Previous, she had dressed me in a black, long sleeved leotard over white tights with a fluffy, white bib apron atop that. Oh, and 3-inch heeled black pumps. And a big, white bow in my hair.

This new outfit was not the "traditional" French maid uniform. I've never worn one, but would have liked to. *sigh*

No, this one was a drab, gray affair. It was knee length, with short, white cuffed sleeves, a white collar, and double breasted buttons. She also found a simple waist tied apron to complete the ensemble. I wore the white tights as usual, though this time she made me wear a pair of chunky heeled, square-toed loafer type of shoes. I've no clue where she got those as I never saw them before then. Topping it off was a little frilly white headband ... another new item I never saw before. Unlike other times, she did not put make-up on me other than a dark plum lipstick, and my underclothes were plain white and boring. My hair was also left in my normal boy-style.

She took to calling me Drudge that weekend. I did all the usual house cleaning duties (which we pretty much shared at other times), and each task completed to her satisfaction earned me a reward. The rewards were small things like a quick kiss, a pinch on the butt, a whispered tease in my ear, and the occasional caress to keep me ... errr ... attentive. I knew a greater reward was coming, as all our games tended to end with. But first I had a task I was unprepared for ...

She decided that we were going to do the laundry, as well. At the Laundromat. o.O

Now, I was no beginner at going out dressed, even as an obvious male in women's clothing. (That actually turned me on!) And I also was no Shrinking Violet when it came to embarrassing outfits and public exposure. But my ever-lovin' girlfriend decided not only were we going to the corner Laundromat, but that I was going sans panties!

It was a tense experience for me, and her little tricks to tease and entice me while I endured the stares, comments, and open hostility some patrons shot my way kept me fighting for control of my nether regions. My girlfriend made it clear to everyone I was working off a bet to her. Some people chuckled, a few shook their heads smiling, most were not amused.

It was a harrowing, exciting, and thoroughly draining experience.

I couldn't wait for a repeat!

Poor Chris, on the other hand, just wouldn't have felt right in a maids uniform at school. Thus the idea of one of those tacky nylon affairs stereotypically worn by lunch counter waitresses and lunch room attendants. I'm not sure Chris enjoyed his time as a drudge as much as I did mine. ~.^

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I Am Enjoying Your Cartoon Series Sissy And I Find

The cute story that goes with very humorous. But I have a question. How old is Chris?
May Your Light Forever Shine

May Your Light Forever Shine


I try to inject humor in most of my writings.

Chris is around 14 to 15-years-old in this series. He is in the 8th grade.

This is about the time I became really involved in crossdressing myself. Though even then it was mostly sneaking into my sister's and mom's things, plus the occasional manipulation of friends to force me to dress up. I had been aware of my crossdressing desires since I was very young, however ... five or six. But it was not until my ealy teen years I beagn to understand it better. (And not until my early 20's i came to peace with myself over it).

Thanks for the comment, stan!

-- SD

I love your cute little one

I love your cute little one page stories. A question tho, do you do all the drawings or do you have some doing them for you? Either way, they are really sweet and add much to story as you then know what the clothing really looks like that is mentioned. J-Lynn

Artist? Me? Noooo ... Maybe, Sorta ...

Yes, I do the drawings. However, a caveat to that statement: The original base doll of Chris was taken from an old Kisekae (KISS) doll based on Himeko from Hime-chan no Ribon manga and anime.'s_Ribbon

The outfits are a mix of modified KISS clothes and original work. Most of the modified clothes are really modifed as KISS dolls are widely varied. For instance, the cafeteria outfit was almost a straight KISS rip, just resized, recolored, and adjusted slightly. The short-alls set, the leggings set, and the swimsuit are 95% original, using only a base to work off of (like a pattern almost). The sailor moon duo was a heavily modified KISS outfit.

For the Illustrated story, most are mainly originals using existing work as a base/guide. My more recent releases of the last few years are 99.9% originals using actual sewing patterns as ... well, patterns.

I am in possesion of true 100% original artwork based on BLSB. Many years ago, a sister of a tenaged crossdresser contacted me about her writing and illustrating a slightly different version of The Bad Little School-boy in the vein of Marvel's Ultimate series of comic books. To this day, only myself and Carol Jean of Petticoat Punishment have seen this original art ... and the artist and whoever she may have shown it to.

I have not used it because I do not know who did the work. This was many, many years ago and i have no written acounts of names or the like. I would like ot use them some day as they are fantastic and done in actual manga style.

So if whoever drew them reads this (hahaha) please PM me!

I have always felt that most crossdressing stories need to focus more on describing the clothing worn other than in general terms. I like deep, deep detail about it, but it doesn't have to be extreme detail. Just more than, "He slipped into the black skirt and white blouse over his black, lacey bra and panties."


"He slipped into the lined, black linen skirt, fussily adjusting the knee-length hem. Then came the silk ivory blouse. He adored the fluttery round collar and barrel cuffs. But the lacey black bra and matching lace and nylon panties were what really got his juices flowing."

That allows to better envision what the character is wearing, though even more detail could be given for even more understanding.

To each his own, I guess. ^^

Thanks for you comment, J-Lynn.

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