Lost Balls -10- Bippity Boppity Boobies

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Thing-a-ma-boobs ...

Lost Balls

by jijillian

10. Bippity Boppity Boobies


10. Bippity Boppity Boobies


Philomena Duvalle came out of her trance slowly. She could still hear the boys chanting the absurd words she had taught them but someone else was saying something too, in a language she didn't recognize.

"Em neh ra toh fet," the voice said. "Yam ta lang toh set. Seh teh foh nan met. Su meh fa loh ket." It had a sing-song quality; it even rhymed. Phil wondered if it might be poetry from one of her quirky aunt's oddball CD collections.

She almost fell back into her trance until she realized that the voice chanting Old High Martian was her own. Her eyes snapped open.

The boys, Willie Richards and Dick Williams, still sat opposite her in the little triangle they had formed -- completely naked, just as before. Except ... except now they had little boobies on their chests. Boys with breasts.

Philomena tried to stop chanting to squeal in surprise. It wasn't that the breasts the boys had suddenly grown were that large; they weren't, really. Just little nubbins a lot like the ones she had herself had three years ago. With slightly shaggy hair and smooth bodies because she'd made them shave, they looked like twelve-year-old girls.

But they were supposed to be boys, and boys didn't have little cupcake titties with pointy Hershey's kisses nipples. Willie's nips were almost milk-chocolate-dark while Dick's were more caramel-colored. Even if they had lost their balls, they shouldn't have tits like those.

The image the boys presented disturbed Phil in ways she didn't expect. Virginal weirdness. She felt her own nipples crinkle up and a shiver came up from her middle to vibrate into her brain.

It distracted her from her realization that she had been chanting all this time in a sing-song voice of monosyllablic five-four rhythm. And she couldn't stop chanting!

She kept getting louder, in fact, almost shouting. "Na ti loh ma nen. Loh meh sil nam ren. Kay si noh seh ben. Kim til boh say ken!"

She tried to stop, to clamp her lips closed, to put her hands over her mouth but she couldn't move anything except her eyes and she couldn't stop chanting.

And the boys kept changing!

Again the intriguing sight of girlish-looking boys -- or boyish looking girls? -- distracted her. The boys changed right in front of her eyes and she watched, fascinated. Real magic, who knew?

Subtle things changed, as if their recent puberty were being erased -- or run sideways. Instead of fifteen-year-old boys, a year or so into turning into men, they began to look as if they were a year or so into turning into women. Their faces softened slightly, their hairlines moved down a fraction of an inch, their skin got even smoother than the shaving could account for.

They seemed to shrink a bit, too, their hands, arms, shoulders and hips morphing ever so slightly. She wanted to lean forward to check and see if they still had the sausages that used to keep company with their meatballs. But she still couldn't move.

And she still couldn't stop chanting!

"Let boh fel reh kim. Sen hoh sil sang bim. Im yoh rel neh lim. Yam nel sa boh tim!" she sang, loud enough now that she couldn't hear the boys' chanting their nonsense.

And now she felt herself changing. She couldn't doubt it, she felt pressure in her breasts and something like a pulling sensation in her groin. It was really happening but she had no idea what was happening. She wished she had never pestered her aunts to teach her magic, they'd said it was dangerous. Why hadn't she believed them?

A shiver went through her, a rippling sensation like she sometimes felt while masturbating. She'd borrowed one of Aunt Boadie's vibrators a few times and it felt sort of like that -- like a pleasant electric shock. In fact, it felt pretty good.

Good enough that she wanted to moan a bit with it, if only she would stop chanting!

"Kel ri hong ne koh! Bil sang si bong toh! Tel si im nong roh! Il sang si mong fil - Yam seh tang boh ril!"

The unmistakable mindquake of an orgasm shattered Phil's thoughts. She'd never felt such an explosive release, less like a freight train passing and more like an avalanche falling on her. She rolled with it, rode it, feeling the power and the joy; quivering with the energy of the magic -- or whatever it was. It crested, it peaked, it drove all thought out of her mind -- then it released her suddenly, like a parachute opening or a gun going off.

When she opened her eyes again -- she hadn't realized she had closed them -- the boys still sat opposite her but they had stopped chanting, too. Now they looked pleased and happy with themselves -- like two teenyboppers who've just been told they can keep the kittens they found. They sat, entranced, enchanted, unmoving, smiling.

Their new boobies had grown only a little more but the other subtle changes left no doubt that they were ... were what?

Phil leaned forward to check if they were still technically boys. As she did so, she realized several things. One, she could move again. Two, some sort of weight on her chest shifted position noticeably. Three, yes, the boys still had wieners, though shrunken and still no beans. Four, her mid-length hairstyle had grown out enough to fall in her face. Five, she felt taller, stronger -- prouder?

She liked the feeling. After checking for the evidence of the boys' gender, she looked down at herself. Red gold tresses fell forward, around her face and down over her new larger breasts -- the boys had not been the only ones to be visited by the tit-fairy.

"Wow," she whispered. "I've got more bust than Aunt Boadie and Aunt Julie combined." Big globes wobbled on her chest, big as cantaloupes. "I'm going to need new bras." She chuckled down in her throat, a powerful, sexy, grown-up sounding laugh. She raised her hands and cupped them, trying to figure out just how big they were.

She glanced at the boys again. They'd gone from flat-chested to AA or A-. She seemed to have gone from B+ to D. Cup sizes, that is. She laughed again; she'd been happy with the size of her chest before but this seemed an improvement. Magical bust enhancement. Who knew?

She thought to check between her own legs then but she couldn't see so she dropped a hand into her lap and felt around.

Then she screamed.

* * *

[next: "Magic Doesn't Work Like That!" ]

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Kristina L S's picture

Ah Phil

Yeah Phil works, I think I'd get on the phone to the Aunties pronto. Ooohhh dear.


Musta Changed to Patches!

Do you think Aunties can fix it?

I had a similar reaction when I switched from pills to patches. The doubled in size! Oh gooody!



Kristina L S's picture


Nah, they wrinkle up and come loose in the shower. Didn't do anything for me up top neither. Monthly injection worked better even if it's a pain going to the doc that often.

Um, back on topic, well if Aunties can't help I think they're in trouble what with the boys goin' girly and Phil bein' more of a Phil than she was. Damn magic is tricky stuff, lot's of naughty practitioners it would seem too. Rebirth possession thingie perhaps?


Looks like Philomena got

Looks like Philomena got what was coming to her for jerking those two boys around.

By the way, I was a bit worried that the story might have gone on hiatus or something, and it's a pleasant surprise to see the next update.

I'm back

I'd tell you what happened but it would make me sound grumpy. I'm back and intending to post twice a week, a thousand words or so.

I just reread this part after it sat out there for a while and it doesn't seem as funny as it did when I wrote it. <sigh>Sigh.</sigh> Not sure why, just that funny is hard to do, I guess.

- jijillian

this is cute

what happened to Philomena :) thats wierd. Why were the boys chanting to make them grow like girls

Oh yeah. . Hahah!

Guess she's blessed now with a little -or more- of what the boys are missing or afraid of missing soon, huh?!

Gee, will she be still so giggly and amused now I wonder. I think not, probably all prissy and shocked that someone, or something, is doing 'things', unspeakable things, to _her_ !

Oh, I know, it's all in harmless fun, so no gripping about traumatizing and victimizing harmless, defenseless, silly boys, or girls. I'll wait another 10 or more episodes, and sit back and read then to laugh about the silly antics you come up with next.

It's quite inventive and entertaining. So thank you kindly.


Very Late

Yikes! I completely forgot about this story. :(

I like it but I'm sorry to see it hasn't been continued. It's a very interesting story so I hope you continue it.

I like all the chanting and crazy changes. I wonder why the two ... uh ... boys are smiling though. Don't they know what happened? Did Phil's chanting affect their minds?

There's so much left to tell!

Thanks and please consider continuing this story.

- Terry


Oh c'mon, you know it's hiding in you... the rest of this story I mean. How about if I start chanting gibberish, will that make it come out of you?

The girl in me...
She's always there and she's holding her breath.

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