Effects of T-blockers

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I've started T-Blockers, does anybody know what effects I should expect?

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I believe that they help you get ahead to score points...

...believe it or not, the thought of transvestite roller derby came to mind with your question about T 'blockers,' and this is on someone's flickr page... courtesy of a Google Image Search:

Montreal Transvestite Roller Derby

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That does it...

I'm moving to Canada.

You know I've never been to a roller derby, but I find this fascinating for some reason. Not particularly the roller derby part. I don't know if it's a gag thing or not, but the fact people are cool with it (perhaps even there cheering them on) is pretty cool to me. Too bad society can't be like that in general.


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It’s been a number of years...

…since I was on a T blocker (Spironolactone), but as I remember:

1. After I’d been on it a few days, I felt like I’d had my finger in an electrical socket, and finally pulled it out. Or maybe like I’d been having too much caffeine my whole life, and wasn’t anymore.
2. After I’d been on it for a few weeks, I started to notice my skin changing to be more smooth and soft.
3. After I’d been on it for a month or so, I got some breast development, starting with buds. This was without estrogen supplements (my doctor mistakenly thought I’d get rapid breast development on estrogen, and I wasn’t ready to come out at work yet).

Your own body produces estrogen in small amounts, so if you’re on blockers you will likely start to get some development. However, everyone is different, so you may see different effects than I did. It also depends on the dose.

Good luck!!

TBlockers have no real effect if all they do is block.

Spiro for instance is an T* antagonist it bonds where testosterone binds thus preventing T* from working, but doesn't change the level of T* in your system. Areas of your body that respond to T* are still affected except for a few regions of the body where T* is converted into something else... The spiro doesn't break down with the proper sub molecules so its action fails. Hair loss can be slowed or even stopped, body hair may fall out or become thinner, and skin may feel softer.

One effect which my shrink says is purely wishful thinking but I did notice it is... the pads of my fingers became more sensitive...I walked around touching stuff and grinning like a kodiak during a salmon run.

But the feeling that I was finally moving forward bouyed me up and kept me going.

Now. 1 thing you should know if you are overweight... your body converts T* to estrogenic sub molecues (why fat man boobs form). If you are overweight and on high doses of spiro you may experience a small amount of breast growth...

Spiro also is a weak diuretic and blood pressure reducer as well and high dosages (500mg a day) can make you both pee a lot and pass out if you stand up suddenly (jump from sitting to standing and bounce over a couch to answer the call of the microwave and *boom* you fall down and hit your head on your roomie barbells. Trust me not fun)


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