Deleting old Stories

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How do you delete old stories as i am about to post a new version of a lot of my work.


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Perhaps unpublish, instead?

If you delete, it deletes all the comments and such on the story as well. Unpublishing a story is an option we can do for you to preserve the original, and only the admin with proper "clearance" can see it other than the author.


Thanks for that i will take a look for that option

Unpublishing a story

is usually possible only for a site administrator. Simply write a PM to one of them (you know who they are) and ask. It's thoughtful to include a link to the title page of each story, because it saves looking for it, and therefore admin time. You never know when you might want to look at the older version of a story, including comments, so this is almost always a good idea. Deleting it is very final, and deletes all the comments, which is kind of weird for your readers if you change your mind and want to put it back.

Likewise, when you write your memoirs, you may want to include an admiring comment from a reader in your "blurbs," so you'll be sadly disappointed if it's gone.

You can, however, delete your own story by simply opening it for "Edit."

Down at the bottom of the Edit page, you'll see two buttons, "Preview," and "Delete." The second button does just what the name implies, although it will ask you if you're sure that you really want to do that. You might be surprised how easy it is to become confused when clicking buttons and accidentally click on the wrong one.



A tender heart is an asset to an editor: it helps us be ruthless in a tactful way.
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A tender heart is an asset to an editor: it helps us be ruthless in a tactful way.
--- The Chicago Manual of Style

You can also...

Do a partial delete - using that edit button...

You can Edit your story - remove ALL of the content - and replace it with a note "removed story"... This preserves the comments - and as much of the old version of the story as you like.


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When I posted the revised version of Transfigured. I added (Revised) to the title and added (Original) to the original's title. Then under the outline I set the revised version as a parent to the original.


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Another Option

Go to edit and put revised in the title block after the title and in parentheses, and then in the body block left click, then right click and select "select all" now go to you source for your new work and do the same after which you select "COPY"

Go back to your story's "body" which should still be highlighted and select paste.

finish up with your preview and submit runs. the comments stay with the new version. If you wish, you could add a comment stating date revised.

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