am I truly twisted?

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A gay friend made this comment one day a few years ago, talking about what he would do if someone "gay bashed" him.

Purring "Mmmmmm, foreplay. I hope you squeal like a girl when I ram my cock up your ass."

ok, my friend IS a masochist. ;)

I have been having a hard time getting that phrase out of my head. :/

It has expanded into a whole monolog, all done in the soft purr of someone who is turned on.
For full effect though, it would need the intro verbal abuse and response.
[ if the following inspires, feel free to run with it. ]


"Why thank you, but I don't date insecure boys no mater how much they want me"

"You are a freak, why would anyone want to date you"

"You only say that because you were getting all hot looking at me, realized I'm Transsexual and your insecurity makes you question your sexuality"

Her head rocks back as he punches her in the face.

She purrs "Mmmmmm, foreplay. I hope you squeal like a girl when I ram my cock up your ass."

He freezes, eye widening as the blood drains from his face, twitches, shakes himself and turns, running away.

"Aww, don't run away lover, that just makes you a cock tease" as she minces after him. He disappears around a corner and she turns back.

Pouting "Aww he gets a girl all hot and bothered then runs away, what is a girl to do now."
Pondering "I never expected to ever actually SEE a Twitch, Flail, Run Away for real"

Truly Twisted?

You say that as if it's a bad thing!

I wouldn't call it twisted... only slightly wicked.

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I had a girlfriend buy me a great t-shirt for Christmas one year.
black, with white text on the front.
Wicked, Evil, Mean, Nasty, Sick and Twisted.

Those are my good points.


of course, that was after a 4 hour session at a fetish fashion show where she was lying face down on a table with nothing but a g-string on and I beat her with a flogger. only reason it ended was the bar closed.

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