Cover Story, Part 1: A Gaby Fanfic

I've dabbled in Maddy Bell's GabyVerse before. This story was first printed in the second "Gaby and Friends" anthology last year and is currently being posted on Maddy's site. I hope you enjoy it.

Easy As Falling Out of the Tardis - A Fanfic Based on Angharad's "Easy As Falling Off a Bike"

Auntie A inadvertantly challenged me to do this, so blame is also being written 'live', so excuse any mistakes please. I won't be updating this nearly as frequently as Angharad, but more will be forthcoming.

Now, on with the show...

Gaby's Manx Tale

Just to prove I can write a complete story. This was written for the proto-Gabycon in July 2007, and read to the assembled crowds by the author(who has since lived in hiding). It has previously been posted on Maddy Bell's site.

Gaby’s Manx Tale.
By Angharad.

“You do this to me everytime,” protested Drew.

“You could always do your own packing!” snapped Maddy and went off down the corridor.

Baruchah and Maggie's Magic Closet

Baruchah & Maggie’s Magic Closet

By Maggie O Malley aka Maggie the Kitten

Although each stands alone, this should be read before "Ally in Wonderland."

Another Star Wars Scenario

Another Star Wars Scenario

by shalimar

Please don’t throw too many rotten tomatoes at me for this one.

Finally, Luke Skywaker was captured and brought to the Emperor in loose chains.

Hayfield Hall PDA - For Fans of A New Style of Education

I've been a fan of Karen Page's story, A New Style of Education, for a while now. At first, I had trouble of keeping track of who was who until I found her character list. When I first saw the list, I was thinking of the PDA's often mentioned in the story and ... well ... created what you see below. Just click anywhere on the PDA to get things started, then click on the tabs at the top of the screen to navigate. Enjoy! :)

The Chalice and the Wand, Part 4

The Chalice and the Wand
Story ideas by poetheather and Wintermoon3
Beta by Redpiratemel

Chapter Four

“Well, Miss Weasley, it does rather seem that the magical leakage from the items is responsible for your current condition.” Eithleen put her wand away and started returning some of her magical tools to their places.

Mallory in the Middle

Original story by Annabelle Raven
Characters from TV series “Malcolm in the Middle”
Created by Linwood Boomer
Based on the Episode “If Boys Were Girls”

Lois Wilkerson had her hands full raising four sons, and it was getting to her.

Shotgun's Secret

Shotgun's Secret
a fan fiction by
Valentina Michelle Smith

Shotgun McCain gripped the reins tightly as he snapped his whip. He was desperately trying to drive the four horses to outrun his pursuers.

Two men on horseback chased the stagecoach, firing their pistols into the air. They had little hope of actually hitting the coach while riding. On the other hand, the coach had just as much hope of outrunning the highwaymen.

The Chalice and the Wand, Part 1

Ron Weasley has always managed to find himself in all sorts of trouble. Time and time again he had bumbled through things. Now he has bumbled into something wholly unexpected.

This is a work of fiction using the characters created by J.K. Rowling. They are not used with her permission. All actions follow the events of Book Six of the series. Any similarity between any person living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional. If you happen to find your life reflected in this piece I’ll be impressed.

The Chalice and the Wand
by poetheather

Fleet Commander - In The Line Of Fire - Part One

"Fleet Commander - In The Line Of Fire - Part One" By Cathy Dee

The Universe is a big, unexplored place, with a LOT of surprises. Think that you have got what it takes?

(From the universe of the sci-fi movie "Wing Commander")

Heart of Darkness

A tale of child wronged, who through the love of father is uplifted to succeed beyond all but their own hope and dreams.

Note: If you found this story as a result of reading the Adventures of a Merchant tales, then I would like to warn you that even though it too is fantasy based, it is a very different story in tone.

All It Would Take -02-

willy milly

All It Would Take

By Sasha Zarya Nexus

Will Wally find in his mother Milly's old bedroom the key to a life-changing experience?

This fan fiction piece is based on the original work, Willy Milly aka Something Special; by Willy Milly Associates, Concorde, copyright 1985.. All original characters and plot lines are the property of the owners, and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is coincidental. This piece is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended as a copyright infringement. No income is being derived from this fan fiction piece.

Wayne Manor ~ Egged On

Timeout 1- Stop/Playback/Rewind - Chapter 6


Another BigCloset TopShelf story.

Joanie learns first hand of the "joys of womanhood". Later her girlfriends devise a plan to make her look more like an adult -- albeit a kinky one -- instead of perpetual jail-bate.

Timeout 1- Stop/Playback/Rewind - Chapter 5


Another BigCloset TopShelf story.

In chapter 5, Joanie has a nice meal, meets the cream of the Dairy State's mutants, gets early results from her medical and powers exams, and finds her social calendar may get very busy, fast.

Timeout 1- Stop/Playback/Rewind - Chapter 4


Another BigCloset TopShelf story.

This chapters subtitle pretty much tells it all, Fashion and the Lab Rat. Our heroine gives an accidental fashion show and gets poked, prodded, pricked and dunked, all in the name of science.

Timeout 1 - Stop/Playback/Rewind - Chapter 1-3


Another BigCloset TopShelf story.

Andy Warhol said,"In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." What if your 15 minutes came late in life, and fame decided to never let you go? Could you survive the circus your life would become?

All Alone in the Night


She was just another lurker from Downbelow, but on the day she snatched Ambassador Mollari's purse, everything started to change. Just how profoundly they would change nobody could forsee.

The Wardrobe


This is the story of a middle-aged man who's been fighting the voices in his head telling him he's really a girl, and what he does when he hears a new . . . yet strangely familiar voice. This story is loosely based on the Chronicals of Narnia. It's intended to stand alone, although I may add to it some time after I finish writing Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure.

Follow Your Heart

In a familiar future, while villagers are en route to a new home world, a girl finds the magic to fulfill her dream, but will she be allowed to use it and at what cost?

Meeting of Minds - Act II

Sue and the gang hit the road. It should be a fun trip - an Immortal pretending to be a Senior Watcher Researcher, an ex-Watcher pretending not to be an Immortal, who has been essentially possessed by the spirit of her Immortal subject, an active Watcher, and the only true Mortal of the bunch, who must not learn the truth about other two, as well as two known Immortals, one a three thousand plus year old witch, ant the other the newest Immortal, who is followed by a homicidal curse. All together in a single vehicle. Let's party!

Act II

Another Ranma 1/2 Story

Another Ranma 1⁄2 Story

by azgerri


This is an idea that came to me one day. Ranma, for those who don’t know, is the main character in a Japanese comic story. He is a first rate martial artist who has been cursed. While on a ten year long training trip with his father, Ranma accidentally fell (actually was knocked) into the Jusenkyou Spring Nyannichaun, the Spring of the Drown Girl. Now, whenever he gets covered with cold water he turns into a girl, while hot water returns him to his male self.

But, what if Ranma’s father, Genma, was even dumber than we have been told. What if, instead of heating regular water, he managed to heat…

Read on and see. Anyone who wishes to use this idea, feel free to do so.

Standard Disclosure: The characters of Ranma 1⁄2 are not my own creation, they are the exclusive property of Rumiko Takahashi. The story is mine, but the rest is hers.

The Rigby Narratives -15- Resistance is Futile

The Rigby Narratives:

The Ultimate TG Experience
by McKenzie Rigby

as told to Andy Hollis and Jaye Michael

Chapter Fifteen -- Resistance is Futile

A low hum, and bright white light flooding through his basement window, woke McKenzie from a deep sleep. Igor's barking didn't help any either. He blinked against the light for a moment, listened to the throbbing hum outside and then rolled over to go back to sleep. At that point he noticed that the mattress was further away than it should have been. He was floating-about six inches off the bed.

Meeting of Minds - Act II - Road Trip - 19 - On The Road To Yellow, By Another Name

After a discussion about famous Immortals, Cassandra tells her story about her time with Methos to Adam, for the official Watcher record. Later, while on the road again, Eadgils finally corners Methos and gets the answers to some of his questions about the eldest's relationship with Sue. Adam tells more than expected, and Sue will learn something about herself which will shake her identity to it's very soul.

Act II
Road Trip

Chapter Nineteen
On The Road To Yellow, By Another Name
by Dana Short

Meeting of Minds - Act II - Road Trip -18- Early Morning History Class

We learn that what has happened to Sue and Eadgils is not quite unique, as the world's oldest Immortal has seen something similar once before, and he tells the sad story.


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