The First Queen in the Village 17

The First Queen in the Village 17

by WannabeGinger

The Tipsters List has to be completed. The Invitations have to be delivered. Christine and Astrid’s party’s only a few days away. Is the village ready for all the excitement?

Chapter 17 — They’re under Starter’s orders!

Fairyland Trail, Part 1

A sensitive boy is gently asked to crossdress to allow his mom to go on an 'all-girls' minivacation to a National Park. Soon after arriving at the hotel McKenzie is read by a girl who gives him a mixed message. The park is a big place and he hopes he can avoid her for the rest of the trip. Will McKenzie be able to pass as a girl when out hiking?

The First Queen in the Village 16

The First Queen in the Village 16

by WannabeGinger

The first group of Runners and Riders having been listed, Christine wants to get on with the Invitation that they'll receive. That way, the party will definitely go ahead, then it's only a question of how many people to come?

Chapter 16 How to invite.... and to what???

Jem...Chapter 41

Jem…Chapter 41

Chapter 41

“Randy…Danny.” I nod to both of them as I just adjust my footing. They’re big guys and I might be able to get around them to the drivers side. I was just distracted enough that they rushed me. Randy first and I duck his swing and stomp kick the front of his ankle pitching him forward and bouncing him off my car.

Danny takes a swing just behind Randy and I lean back out of the way of the swing and give him a kick in the ribs.

It doesn’t slow him much.

The First Queen in the Village 14

The First Queen in the Village 14

by WannabeGinger

Astrid has had a wonderful afternoon with Heidi. Christopher, likewise, with Bev. Armed with ‘information’, both aim for home at the end of the day and Christine prepares to explain her plan in detail to Andy.

There are some explicit details contained early on in this chapter, so, though it’s mild, there’s a need for CAUTION.

Chapter 14 — The plot is hatched!

Jem...Chapter 40


Chapter 40


The show was good, way more of a mellow thing than I though and yet I still really enjoyed the show and the whole little angry song hyped up bit for the crowd that Angel did for Adam was good but…

I slip over to her why she’s counting out the tips. “Hey, Angel?”

“Yeah Mike.” She stops and smiles at me. That’s one of the great things about Angel. She tends to smile a lot and she has a nice one but she will also stop what she’s doing and give you her attention. People respond to that.


When David Bowie and T Rex were making waves in music and their hair my characters find a new way of living. Another dip into the world inside my imagination. Not sure the pictures will copy, sorry if they have not.

Jem...Chapter 39

Jem…Chapter 39

Chapter 39


It’s been a good week, better than I thought. I’m getting used to this Mike asshole. Okay he wants to play around and do these little power games then fine. I get it he’s the Mounties kid, part time student the “Bad boy cop” thing.

And he’s hooked up with Jason.

Her Sons Makeover

Her Son’s Makeover
Part One

By Angel 101

Warning from the Author Angel101:

This story deals heavily with childhood sexual abuse and a neglectful Mother. I know themes like this, has caused problems with other sites in recent years and if it does here, I am sorry. But unlike some of those other stories, that isn’t the sole aspect of this story. This story will deal with it and how it impacts his life and the relationship with his neglectful mother. I have seen mothers that have chosen lovers over their own children this story deals with that. I don’t know how it will end, it could end pretty violently. This is the warning.

Jem...Chapter 38

Jem…Chapter 38

Chapter 38

I get into the house and hold the door open to the guys as they came with us and they are acting as roadies for us and ferrying all the stuff in from the vehicles and I tell them where to set the stuff.

Rayne actually comes out of the kitchen having been one of the first people in the house and she made coffee even this late and she has some of the cookies that I made out on a plate for them.

She’s got a nice smile on too doing this which is nice to see. I smile myself getting maybe a glance at the pre-gothy, pre-Summer girl she used to be.

Boyfriend Helps In College Assignment

Boyfriend Helps In College Assignment

By Terry Hansay
Story line — A boyfriend helps his girlfriend in a college project. She needs to get human reaction to a shock factor in life for her thesis. The boyfriend (already a closet crossdresser) helps by wearing a bra in public under a shapely feminine top and ends up loving it and wanting to wear all “the” clothes forever.

Chapter One

Come fishin'

Come fishin'
by Charlotte Dickles

fishwalk lodge.jpgWhen Kevin's boss, Rick, suggests a walking and fishing weekend, Kevin little realises he will have to act as a decoy for Rick's latest girlfriend.



Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

I've always been a risk taker and this has sometimes got me into trouble and for many years I have been an active transvestite. I am also something of a loner and in view of what has happened, perhaps that was just as well.

Hidden Jem

I spent a lot of time with my best friend Janey. I was nearly always at her house or she was round mine. We spent most of our spare time together and being in the same class at school meant we were pretty much inseparable. It was strange, at my school at least, for a boy of my age to have a girl as a best friend; but I did. Janey was such good fun. What ten year old wouldn’t want to be friends with her? The fact that the boys didn’t have much to do with me or, in fact, that I didn’t really mix with the boys made it quite important that someone wanted to be my friend.

Jem...Chapter 37

Jem…Chapter 37

Chapter 37

It’s pretty cool having the extra help with taking down the gear and I go over the tips in the tip box we’re doing pretty good. I call the girls over and the tree servers over and the barista guy. I count out the tips evenly. It’s a good haul and the barista guy looks at me.

“Wow um, thanks Jem. But why are you tipping us?”

“Because you’re all part of the whole show and the experience here and you work your asses off and it’s not fair if we just come in and get a lot of tips for the half shift we’re here.”

“Cool I mean we all can use the money.”

Like Brothers, Like Sisters – Part 2

Like Brothers, Like Sisters — Part 2
By Amy Lynn

'Jeff? Can I ask you a question?' Timmy said as if he was testing the waters of a cool, but inviting lake.

'Sure, I suppose.' Jeff answered slowly.

Timmy held out his hand. 'Would you do my fingernails too? I kinda like that pink nail-polish.'

Jeff smiled and took Timmy's hand.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *21* The King and I


Chapter *8.21*

The King And I

True to her word Heidi was on hand a short while later to help me get ready for the evenings festivities. The Residenz these days is home to various exhibitions and museums but hidden away upstairs there are enough rooms to allow several to be utilised as changing facilities for events held in the complex. I was a bit wary of changing with a load of other women but the room I was directed to was divided into smaller cubicles offering a reasonable degree of privacy.

Like Brothers, Like Sisters

Like Brothers, Like Sisters — Part 1
By Amy Lynn

A gentle breeze blew along the Sherman Street and the dandelions in everyone's yard waved back and forth in response, the fluff of those that had turned to seed hanging on for the ride. Tommy Stazny whipped his cruiser bike around the corner, a cloud of grass clippings trailing behind him. It was April of 1971 and the gentle scene on the street contrasted with the turmoil of America and the whirlwind Timmy was about to meet up with.

Patrick's First Training Bra

Patrick's First Training Bra

By Amy Lynn

Their mother always treated the twins, Patrick and Susan, equally. But when she felt that Patrick felt left out when his sister Susan got her first training bra, Ms Knowlton knew that she had to find a way to make it up to him.

The First Queen in the Village 13!

The following posting should not be taken seriously! It just reflects my inability to create visual images in electronic form! This is, in fact, a morning's work, creating a map of the Village - now named "MUCH HUMPING IN THE MARSH". The formatting is totally messed and none of the detail is readable. But I thought you all might have a laugh!! What I am to do - without a CD friend with computer art skills, I have no idea!! I'm gonna get back to writing!!!! Love you all! Ginger xx

The First Queen in the Village 13

by WannabeGinger

Andy's Diary (part 2)

Andy's Diary — Part 2
By Amy Lynn

Andy's Diary 2

Note: This is part 2 of a largely true story. Every event in this story actually happened to me in the period 1970 to 1971. I have collapsed the timeline a bit. I have had to write this to come to terms with the abuse I suffered.

the dress

2012 copy write post on free sites but leave intact I got bored again here you go another one from me rues comments welcome

I saw the dress on line and had to have it. So I bought it.I had it shipped to a post box and if your wondering yes I love all things feminine.
I have been lucky as no one knows that I dress and have this deep wish to be a woman.
It started early in my life and has been kept a secret.
The dress caught my eye one night last month, no one had bid on it at all so with my shaky hand I hit buy now and got it for a few hundred bucks plus shipping.

Andy's Diary (part 1)

Andy's Diary
By Amy Lynn

Andys Diary

Note: This is a largely true story. Every event in this story actually
happened to me in the period 1970 to 1971. I have collapsed the timeline a bit. I have had to write this to come to terms with the abuse I suffered.

How I became Clarisse

All started by a nigth event organized by a couple of friends for a costumed party with " you and its opposite".

being a male with some fantoms, I choose to transform me in femme while my wife, who's quite discrete choose to fake a Lady Gaga style.

Jem...Chapter 36

Jem…Chapter 36

Chapter 36

I make a motion for Mike to lower the lights and cue a soft spotlight on the stage and I smile out to the crowd and start to croon out a little vocalise warming up the pipes and Raven’s on the keyboard and I croon out a last warm up note to get the crowd warmed up instead of me.

“One and Only.” By Adele’s a great way to warm the crowd up for some evening café music. I take a deep breath and belt it out…

You've been on my mind
I grow fonder every day
loose myself in time
Just thinking of your face
God only knows
Why it's taking me so long


Names John Owenhimmer Johnathon Ernie Owenhimmer.

What not impressed? Oh good phew I though you would assume that .. well never mind. Anyways I am to my shame a crossdresser. Not a transvestite and certainly not a transexual.

How did I start? Now there is a good question. I was like maybe 8 when I put my dirty clothes in the clothes hamper at home. For some reason I got a small shock when I put them in. I touched something soft and smooth. Curiosity got the better of me and I pulled out mom's satin blouse. It started from there, just that one thing.

My Ken Doll Part 2 of 2

My Ken Doll

By Zylux

Part 2 of 2

It's Halloween, a time to let go and live out one's fantasies, even if it's just for one night.
Laura and Crystal talk Mike into stepping out while dressed.

Jem...Chapter 35

Jem…Chapter 35

Chapter 35

I’m still emotional as I lay there and try to let things matriculate with everything that happened. I slip my shoes off and actually just roll a little more on the bed and take one of my pillows and I hug it hard.

Yes I’m letting myself be Angel…so I hug my pillow and put my face into it and lay there replaying aside from the two goons…one of the best moments of my life. It’s so good some parts have me in tears.

An orphan tale

It’s late at night as a small figure moves across the grounds of a lavish estate, the house is a classical Victorian sat right smack dab in the middle of ten beautiful acres of well maintained gardens.

My Ken Doll Part 1 of 2

My Ken Doll

By Zylux

Part 1 of 2

After catching her younger brother going through her closet, a teenage girl strikes a deal, one in which she agrees to satisfy his curiosity and he agrees to help her realize a childhood fantasy.

Gaby Book 8 Chapter *19* Wedding Day


Chapter *8.19*

Wedding Day

“I'll take that as a compliment.”

“I mean, I'm sorry Gab its just that you're German is perfect, bit of an accent but I couldn't guess you aren't born here.”

The First Queen in the Village 12

The First Queen in the Village 12

by WannabeGinger

After setting forth into the unknown, both Christine and Andy have been unmasked very early on in their afternoon encounters. Bev and Heidi proved to be more perceptive than even the two Lovers expected. But what will they reveal to them in return?

No explicit details are contained in this chapter, so no need for CAUTION.

Chapter 12 — The afternoon that Bev and Heidi……really did!!

The First Queen in the Village 11

The First Queen in the Village 11

by WannabeGinger

After a morning’s relaxation (??!!) Christine and Andy have dressed for the afternoon’s encounters

No explicit details are contained in this chapter, so no need for CAUTION.

Chapter 11 — The afternoon that Bev and Heidi……did!!

Derby Day Surprise - Chapter 2

Derby Day Surprise — Chapter 2
By Julie D Cole

The flight was very comfortable and not busy so I had an empty seat at the side of me. One thing I found about travelling to US of A was I would be arriving just a few hours after the time I departed so I’d still have time to see a bit of New York this evening with luck.

The First Queen in the Village 11B - caution!

The First Queen in the Village 11B - caution!

by WannabeGinger

Taking things easy, Christopher and Astrid were enjoying their day of research into the proclivities of their neighbours in the village. Coffee had set them both up, as had the talk about having sex. Unsaid, both resolved that they would fore-go lunch and head for home before the joys of the afternoon.

Explicit details are contained in this chapter, so CAUTION if it might offend you.

Hillbilly Girl

Mark, a loner who grew up in a small Kentucky town, has always been a lonely and tragic figure. When his mother passes away it marks the end of his former life and forces him to rebuild as he moves away to attend college. Helped by Todd, his only friend, Mark finds himself anew but struggles to find happiness as Megan, his alter ego, insists on a place for herself.

Thanks, Mom!

As Charley watched Mom mope around the house, just as she'd moped around the house since ... well, he just wanted to smack his older sister Ruthie silly!


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