Trust Me!

A wife who has never approved of her husband's closet crossdressing suddenly changes her mind and lovingly encourages him,
for reasons he can't quite fathom.

Trust Me!

by Vickie Tern

Copyright © 1996 by Vickie Tern

Badger's Set: Part 1

Badger's Set

by Tanya Allan

Lee and Leanne were twins, but as a young baby, Leanne dies, leaving her twin with the firm belief that part of her remained with him for always.

As Lee grew in an unhappy home, struggling with a gender identity problem, events occurred that enabled Leanne to come alive again, in more ways than one.

Leanne got a job in a classy cocktail bar, called Badger's, that turned away hundreds for every one that was accepted.

She was a unique girl...

in more ways than one!

An Apprentice needs help 7

An Apprentice Needs Help

by Wannabe Ginger

Chapter 7

We woke the following morning and I made it to the shower first. I was determined, again, to be male and to make love as a male …….with Ginger taking the female role. We had made love that way for the first time last night. We had made love "as two girls" as well — but with one having a cock. And we had loved every minute.

Total Recall ch 23

Total Recall

Chapter 23

Epilogue - the full and final 2nd version, (alternative theme)

Sunday approaches and Karen and Jenny have agreed the way the day should go…….
Christine is on her way to Cornwall, not knowing even that Jenny exists,
but determined that a new beginning is possible!

Dramatis personae

Jenny, parties over, the final part of the wedding dress story. Part 3

Life was getting very interesting, I had a boyfriend, a supportive mother and a desire to be a girl, but a caution about giving up my birth gender.

Life through the rest of the year was pretty much one of, Jens for college, Jenny for most of the other times. After our heart to heart after the halloween dance mum offered to treat me to a hairstyling that would allow me to switch easily between genders, so when I came home I would only need to change and add light make up to feel right. They also took away the black and dyed my hair a more natural light brown.

Skipper! Chapter 14

Skipper! by Beverly Taff


This chapter describes Angela's discovery that Skipper is an effeminate, heterosexual she-male transvestite. It describes in further detail how Angela handles it and starts to move forward with her girls and Skipper.


There was a man, a lonely man
Who lost his love through his indifference
A heart that cared, that went unshared
Until it died in his silence

The squad car speeds through the downtown canyons, red and blue lights reflecting garishly from the polished steel and brass facades of the office towers. Now and then a puddle becomes a wall of frigid water across the sidewalk as the car flashes by; but it's late, and those few unfortunate souls still out at this hour are already wet in the rain.

Sex-Linked Anatomical Influences On Locomotion (Why We Walk Different!)

Sex-Linked Anatomical Influences On Locomotion

or, Why Men And Women Walk Different

That men and women walk differently has been the subject of much amusement in popular culture. But, from watching how men and women interact on the streets in cities, it's also apparent that something as simple as walking is likely part of the mating ritual, whether by sending signals in consciously or unconsciously displaying ourselves, or in appreciating the assets on display. As such, it's fair to assume that there are large amounts of peer pressure and social conformity at work.

Anyone who's read my first posted non-fiction story, the one of my first public outing "dressed," will remember the comedy I encountered in my own body, suddenly unable to walk on the sidewalk in heels, despite the fact that I was able to spend hours in my own home moving easily around. My "muscle memory" kicked in, sending me lurching around like a broken robot. It was kind of a wake-up call that got me to thinking about the differences in how men and women walk.

Jamie and the Peach - 01


This is a new occasional series that takes its basis and some of its storyline from the cancelled Tokyopop Manga, Yubisaki Milk Tea by Tomochika Miyano. It’s a great series and well worth looking out, it’s a mystery why they cancelled it. For my version I’ve changed the setting from Japan to England and of course the names, then I’ve added some new characters and situations to produce Jamie and the Peach. The original series was cancelled before completion but I intend to take my version somewhat further!

Maddy Bell, February 2010

Jamie and the Peach

Chapter 1

by Maddy Bell
Copyright © 2010 Maddy Bell
All Rights Reserved.

Skipper! Chapter 13

Skipper! by Beverly Taff


Jenny and Bea's mother Angela is introduced to the extended family. Things progress better than Sandies wildest hopes as the reunion of mother and children demonstrates the intensity and effectiveness of Sandie's therapy.

Involuntary Secretary

Involuntary Secretary
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter I - Applying for a job.

I was sitting in my apartment looking at the want ads. I was very expert at doing office computer maintainance, and also a few other sundry things. I spotted an ad on the third page that read.

Industrious person wanted to fill position. Good pay, company benefits,
and two weeks vacation after 1 year. Please apply at 247 Harvard
Square, room 326. Position open for the right person.

Morticia, following on from the wedding dress adventures. Part 2

I mean who would have predicted my mother knew I was playing with her clothes, that she would encourage me to walk about the house in heels and a skirt, that she would take me out dressed as a girl and buy me alcohol, that she would set me up with my best friend so that we end up in bed together, finishing off the adventure with my first sexual encounter.

It's My Life

As I sat there in the church, I thought of how fragile and short life is. My friend Christy had found out she had Cancer and felt the pain would be too much to bear so she ended her life. She had been dealing with Bipolar Disorder all of her life and I guess the added news of her diagnosis proved to be too much. I had even had thoughts of doing the same thing. The stress of living my life to make my family happy was beginning to become too much. I spent twenty three years of my life trying to fit into a role as a son, grandson and brother. I was miserable.

On the Flip Side, Chapter 6

Chapter 6

"You know your father didn't mean it," my stepmother said as I sat on the swing on their porch.

"He meant every word, Marie!" I said.

"You have to see things from his perspective, Luke," she said. "You don't know how embarrassed he was when he saw you on CNN. His friends let him have it really hard."

"No harder than me," I said. "Does he think I like to be called names? Does he think I like being picked on? Does he think I like being beat up?"

Skipper! Chapter 11

Skipper! by Beverly Taff



This chapter describes how Beverly argues with Judge Elizabeth about the inhumanity in the family courts and later gives Herself, Margaret and Sian the sweet delight of putting Judge Elizabeth on the receiving end of a typical Court-room style inquisition.

A Summer of Changes - Book 1 Chapter 4


After a successful ‘girls night out’ with her colleagues
Denise now discovers she has a problem,
but Sue’s flatmate suggests an answer

A Summer of Changes
by Louise Anne Smithson

Chapter 4

‘The morning after’

On the Flip Side, Chapter 5

Chapter 5

"Good, you guys are here," Melanie Piper said when Jessi Mears and I arrived for our shift during the "Santa's Toy Give-away" our sorority was sponsoring for underprivileged children in our community.

The pledges were to be "Santa's helpers," helping Santa Claus pass our gifts to children. It sounded like a worthwhile cause on a Saturday morning after ballet class.

"Jessi, you'll be getting Amber's uniform as soon as they're done," Melanie said. "Lucas, you're getting Caroline's."

My Valentine's Dream Come True

My Valentine's Dream Come True

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a young boy finds that he is a girl, his parents lovingly encourage their child's journey into womanhood. She grows up as a girl in a boy's body and has a best friend who accepts her for who she truly is. As they go through school, each one proves to be each others best friend that ends in the culmination of a Dream come true.

Petra: I Will Survive

February Music Motif Challenge
Petra: I Will Survive
by mittfh
Copyright © 2010 Ben Norwood.
Creative Commons License

Contains lyrics from "I Will Survive", written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris - © 1978 Polydor Records

Synopsis: I've been mulling over the possibility of writing a sequel to Petra's Outing and doing something for the Challenge, when I realised a perfect opportunity to set the challenge within the context of Petra. This is set "the morning after the night before", at Kim's flat.

N.B. Think of this as a cut scene from Petra: The Aftermath, the (as yet unwritten) sequel to Petra's Outing, taking place immediately after that story ends.

N.N.B. This is completely unedited - this is more-or-less a stream of conciousness. Gedit thinks it's spelled correctly, but whether it makes any grammatical sense or is properly punctuated is another matter entirely... :)

An Apprentice needs help 6

An Apprentice Needs Help

by Wannabe Ginger

Chapter 6

Ginger's home was shrouded by the rain as I walked towards the door. This evening was going to be special. I had made sure that I had shaved more closely than ever before. I wore a cool denim jacket, crisp white shirt and blue chinos. Male. As I had left the house, Mum's words confirmed it was right. "You're looking good tonight — is it an important date?"

Brandon vs Sarah

Brandon vs Sarah

Sarah wants to go to a party with her friends but she has been tasked to watch Brandon. The party is a girls only event. The only exception is the brother of party host that Sarah is attracted to. Sarah hopes to get time with him but only if she can get to the party. None of the girls want to stay behind and miss Sarah’s rendezvous with her prospective beau.

Even though Brandon has witnessed many of Sarah’s pranks before he is still caught in off guard.

On the Flip Side, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"But I don't want to quit!" I yelled at Mom as she tended to my fat lip and black eye.

"I was afraid this was going to happen," she said to Coach Mills outside of the principal's office.

"Lucas, you should have made me aware you were being teased," Coach Mills said. "I know you were being tough because you're a boy. But you're also in the seventh grade. You are younger and smaller than those boys are."

What happened? One boy pulled a pair of briefs underwear over my head. Another one shoved me in my locker and tried to lock the door.

Skipper! Chapter 9

Skipper! by Beverly Taff

This chapter describes how Sian and Margaret persuade Beverly to agree to let them renovate part of the barn. It also re-introduces Judge Elizabeth Porter with respect to Martin's revealing himself as a transvestite.

On the Flip Side, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Okay Lacy, 10 more crunches!"

I swear Gina Lenetti missed her calling. Did I mention she should have been a drill sergeant?

She pushed us at field hockey practice.

Now she's pushing us in P.E.

"Push ups next, you know what your goal is," Gina said, holding a clipboard, bracing it with her crutches.

"Mears, who said you were through?" Gina barked. "You've still got 10 more crunches to do, too. So do you, Miss Crue."

Fitness test day, you gotta love it.

Coach Martin sets the goals she wants us to reach. It's part of offseason work for field hockey.

Total Recall 22

The love affair continues……………………………….

Total Recall

Chapter 22
by WannabeGinger

Jenny and Karen had spent the afternoon in the garden, taking in the “rays” and talking about the way their love might go in the future, against the imminent background of Christine’s return.

Andy had done most of the talking, it was true, and he was more than a little concerned that Jenny’s feelings hadn’t been expressed sufficiently. He knew what he wanted but he was unsure how Jenny saw this…….

Catch Her in Disguise


This is a follow-up story to Catch Her. William loses his
job. He discovers that he can make a lot of money at a strip
club, but he has to dress as a waitress in a French maid
outfit. Fortunately, he has the necessary physical
attributes. Or will someone see through the disguise?
Originally posted in the summer of 2003 on Fictionmania.


by Laurie S. aka l.satori

A Summer of Changes - Book 1 Chapter 3


Denise discovers one secret but is worried in case her friends should give away another

A Summer of Changes
by Louise Anne Smithson

Chapter 3

‘The hen night’

Skipper! Chapter 8

Skipper! by Beverly Taff

This chapter dwells upon Sian And Margaret's decision to live at the 'cottage' The logistics prove to be perfect and the 'family' begins to grow. All in all a very sweet chapter with some surprising developments towards the end.

On the Flip Side, Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I hadn't been to "the barn" since I was about 8-years-old.

"The barn" was what Aunt Paige called the building where she taught gymnastics, cheerleading and tumbling.

She talked Mom into letting me take class when I was in kindergarten and I took lessons for about three years. I never really told anyone, but I could still tumble, do cartwheels and handstands.

That is until I showed I could tumble during gymnastics tryouts.

"My gosh, Janice, it's seems like he's grown!" Aunt Paige said when we walked into the building.

Skipper! Chapter 7

Skipper! by Beverly Taff

This chapter describes the childrens presents after the certainty of their having accepted Skipper changing permanently to Beverly. Beverly buys Jennifer and Beatrice each a pony then Margaret and Sian decide on buying their children Chennile and Martin each the same.

The second part of the chapter explores Beverly's heterosexuality and the strange exploration of it by Margaret and Sian.

Wi-i-ild horses; couldn't take you from me!

A Summer of Changes - Book 1 Chapter 2


One of his colleagues did not want
to exclude him from her 'Hen Night',
but now Denis finds that there is more to being a girl
than he had previously imagined

A Summer of Changes

by Louise Anne Smithson

Chapter 2

‘Welcome to our new colleague Denise’

Maid to be a Man?


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Finally free of Grandma, Gerome begins the adventure of a lifetime. Will reality match his dreams? As day to day reality comes home to Mia, will she be able to continue to be two people at one time?
Maid to be a Man?
By Maid Joy
Picture credit to "Emma, a Victorian Romance"

Catch Her

Catch Her

by Laurie S. aka l.satori


Novelist J.D. Salinger passed away on January 27, 2010. This tale has a few minor similarities to J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye. To tell you the truth, Salinger's novel is absolutely terrific, way better than the story I made up. So maybe you might want to read Salinger's book because Holden Caulfield is an extremely funny character. Catch Her was first posted in the summer of 2003.


A Gaby Fan-Fiction
by Stanman

Synopsis:What exactly happened to the students and faculty of Augusta High School, Bigg's Manufacturing and Erin's Cyclery after Drew and his friends went back home to Warsop at the end of the Cultural Exchange Program? This story will attempt to answer those questions.

An Apprentice needs help 5

An Apprentice Needs Help

by Wannabe Ginger

Chapter 5

The evening with Ginger had left my head in a spin. We hadn't made love to eachother but we were closing in on that, I could tell.

We both wanted it to happen. Equally, though, the pathway towards my playing my part in the training of our friend, Karen, as a hairdresser's Apprentice was leading us both towards making love as two girls not boy-and-girl. Could the two be separated? Was one coming nearer because of the other?

An Apprentice needs help 4

An Apprentice Needs Help

by Wannabe Ginger

Chapter 4

It was indeed a night to remember. I had arrived at Ginger's house expecting to go out on the town. I had done my hair as best I could, with its red colour, a glorious deep dark auburn, and its Wedge shape cut. I had back-combed the crown and smoothed the sides, using as much setting lotion as I could without drowning! And she wasn't even ready! Hadn't even washed her hair! But that was the catch….. that was for us to do together. It would be a long night.

Skipper! Chapter 6

Skipper! by Beverly Taff


This chapter covers how Skipper finally gets Jennifer and Beatrice to accept his transition to Beverly.

They organise a Fancy-dress Party and Skipper tells the girls that he is going to dress up as Beverly.


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