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To Transgender Women

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Well, I got moved to an Apartment building down by the river, here in Portland.

Sort of Back Online.

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So far so good. The Apartment House has WI-Fi and it s better than I thought it would be. Don't know about SKYPE or Movies yet.

Gone to the Dark Side

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Wish me luck please, Cathy, Bev, and Beth and anyone else who's listening. Tomorrow morning I am moving to a place that has nursing care available should I need it.

Transgender Seal

This is a very interesting story, and no surprises to me.

Bull Shit Filter Clogged

There are a number of very good authors here who essentially work for free here and there are some who are just beginning who need our encouragement.

Realism in our stories

I have seen snippets of "Game of Thrones" and find certain scenes far too graphic for my tastes.

Internet Identity Protection


I just was at a website on a non TG subject, the name of which is "Not To Be Spoken". :), where one of my favorite authors has revealed HIS identity.

font size on samsung tablet 10.1

So, on this site only, the font is too small and I do not seem able to make it larger. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


It is out NOW, um soon !

YESSSSSS, 50 Shades Trailer is out now !!! Honest they didn't do anything bad, YET ! Valentines day 2015 !!!! GASP ~!~~~

And, he is so, so handsome, charming and oh YEAH sinister !!!!

I've written Porn !?!

In looking around for something to write about, an old story idea of mine surfaced, so I went looking for it.

Bite me in the ***.

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The past is always ready to bite us, um there.


Gwen Brown

A lonely, divorced and abandoned woman finally pays an escort to take her out. She feels that if she is careful, she can afford to do this once a month.

Pure TG

Captain, Oh My Captain is pure TG and straight from my heart. I left it needing a bit of editing because I wanted to present a woman who was not quite coherent much of the time.

"Captain, oh my Captain"

Captain, Oh My Captain

By Gwen Brown

One of my readers just informed me that my title was originally used by Walt Whitman. I did not know this when I used it.

Comparison of accomplished authors

I just finished reading an Anne McGaffery trilogy, "Petabea", and as I reflect on the experience I actually feel that there are not a few authors here who are equal or perhaps better than her.

Be careful when you self publish

This is an interesting piece. Don't get sucked in.


They Kill Children Don't They Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Gwen Boucher


This is a true story, but does not include violence and trauma

Early identification of GID

This is really important to me and I need a real answer, not just one that someone shoots out their butt. I am hoping that there is a psych person lurking here, please?

Lady Valor Movie

I saw this bit on Facebook but have been unable to find anything else about play times or locations. Can someone please keep me apprised of the situation?

Transexual surgery with medicare

I am not sure this is such a good idea unless people age 16 can get Medicare.

12 Days on the Road.

Tomorrow I will have been on the road for 12 days, and If I could afford it, I would just live on the road. All someone would have to do is give me a couple thousand a month. Right.

Somebody just shoot me.

Families, who can live with them?

The next time I mention something about my family being nice, someone please have the guts to put me out of my misery? Please

Going on a bit of a walk about.

Well, to those two or three who wonder what mischief I am up to, I am gone until the 28th or so.


Non-explicit, Non-trans books on Kindle

So, I have just been reading some Anne McCaffrey, and some A.G. Riddle on Kindle and having a relaxing time of it.

I warned you.

I hate to sound like a Catholic Nun or something. Several of you from BCTS are my friends on Facebook and everyone has respected my caveat about being too open about T stuff there until now.

Goodness ! Life in the UK !

OH, my goodness. I was doing some fiddling about, calculating the cost of Petrol in the UK ! Glory be, it it really about $8.25 per US Gallon there? It appears to be around 1.30p. My goodness.

A Warning

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I love and respect so many of you. Those of you that have not been able to transition and live like I have are the brave, courageous ones.

Engineering, Strength of Materials, Nuclear Science

So, in working on a story, I've seen the need to educate myself somewhat in Engineering.

Boy test one results.

Some of you know that I have been toying with the idea of returning to living as a man.

Have you not been told?

Ok, so well I was talking with a half dozen trans-women today, at various stages in transition and one of then just had not come to the realization that the moment you put that skirt on you lose some

Wanda Cunningham

I was just looking around on the site tonight and found, "The Fairy King", by Wanda Cunningham.

Wandering in fantasy land

So, recently someone expressed interest in my stories, in editing them, and giving me advice on how to publish them.

Internet Provider going out of business

OK, well a few of you sort of keep track of me and for that I am thankful. So I have "Clear" as an internet service.

Loonily, Live what you write

So, I am "tooling up" to finish the three stories that will be part of my anthology to be published this fall.

Not going to believe this !!!

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OK you all know how loony my life is at times. This one will have you rolling on the floor! :)

To those who care

I seem to have struck a note in mentioning that I was thinking of living in my car and camping for a couple months.

Living in the Car

OK, so no drama, OK?

I am wanting to change my living situation; live alone in a small apartment away from town, and controlling people I'm with. This is not a big emergency.

Yikes ! I need stern Motherly guideance !!!


Gender Sexuality that will rock you.

Here is a video that rocked me. What if you could be just as sexy as a hot girl and still be a boi?

What am I to do !!!!! ?

Yikes ! A man on Facebook, actually more than one, has have expressed interest in me, and when I started to tell him, he said he did not care.

Stolen Stories

A few years ago there was an issue with Authors on this page having their stories stolen. And, sure enough, when I went searching, I found "MS Frankenstein" on a pay site.

Descriptiveness in stories

So, I've resumed working on two Sci Fi stories right now that have been in the oven for three plus years.

Lost story

This morning I was reading a story where a nice boy married a Bitch that was Pregnant. Her father gave him a generous prenup to get her out of his hair.

Now I can not find it.



Advice on Dealing with Family

Let me make this clear. I know some Aspergers folk and the one's I know are good people, and friends of mine.

Be A Man

This spring or summer I want to go camping in the Oregon Outback and have found a place that is at least 40 miles from any urban lighting, on a plateau of some 5000 feet, in isolated solitude.

Heart broken.

It is really hard to say this. I am finished with religion, particularly the Mormon Church. I feel so sad because I actually believe in the Mormon "stuff" too.

Needing to feel safe

I've been fully living as a woman a little over 9 years, but I know other girls here who have been at it for 15 or 20 or more years.

New Story

Much to my surprise, I have begun a new story. A few will not like how some words are spelled. Get over it.

They Sometimes Kill Children Don't They Ch 2

Sometimes They Kill Children Don’t They
Gwen Boucher
Ch. 2
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