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Years ago, I wore Suntan Garter style stockings and then they became unavailable. Recently I bought 6 pair from Stocking and wore the first set today, with my blue suit and 3" heels.

I don't like pantihose because the hips and waist are too tight and they are so hot that I get claustrophobic. Self stay ups, either don't stay up or make painful welts on my thighs.

Evil thongery

So, I was only just reading a story in which one of the protagonists was wearing a thong, which called to mind my own experience with said garment, if it could be called that.

Mein Gott ! After a while it felt like butt floss, like I was being sawn into from my lower utmost to my cranial vacancy. Later after I finished with this instrument of torture, it went straight in the garbage chute.

I enjoy stockings with a hold up belt but never more a thong! Never more !


No Ticket

No Ticket


Gwen Brown
Actually posted on Facebook


The Morrison Bridge, all of it, is now 25 MPH!

While crossing the Morrison Bridge, I got pulled over by a totally HOT male cop driving an ATV with all the lights and sirens, who I thought said "I'm going to write you a ticket". I asked him if he expected me to believe that ATV he was driving was a police car?", and not in a respectful manner.

Movie Experts

We used to have an author around here that was heavily involved with Movies, and I just can't think of his/her name. I'll work on it.

Anyhow, I have been following the reviews for "50 Shades of Grey", and I think it is doing pretty good in the box office. I think a lot of the screaming about it being lewd was just media hype. I've done all most as much as our protagonists, except I don't have a helicopter or Audi r8, damn.

One off short stories

Somehow I am not getting some elements of posting stories here. That should be of no surprise to those who know me because at times I can be the consummate ditz. :) Both of my two previous stories were intended to be one off short stories, but somehow I missed the place to make that selection.

Will someone please explain this to me?



Xq-28 It has begun


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I am not going to give you too much information on this. You need to Google "Xq-28". There are enough articles out there to give a range of opinion. It appears that the "Gay" genes are being isolated and that as this occurs, transgender genes are sure to follow.

AND, I have often thought that perhaps I was simply Gay?

It's going to happen for us, I just know it.


I hurt someone here?


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I got a lengthy message from someone on Facebook, and since I have not friended them, the message went to "other" and I do not often check that slot. She was quite upset at me.

This is going to bump my other thread off of BCTS but that is OK.

It's like this. I don't intentionally hurt people. And I caution people that "friend" me on Facebook that I do not talk much, if at all, about GBLT stuff. I just don't. And if someone I have "friended" does it, I drop them like a hot potato. It is my right to live in stealth, and no you do not have the right to out me.

TOO loud sound

I thought I would ask questions here before I go haring off in the dark.

When I am not using headphones, I play my sound quite low as I live in an apartment house. It is frustrating that when an advertisement comes on, the sound generally surges to very loud and this is a problem when I am listening at midnight.

Printing your own book

I was just in Powell's Books to purchase a TOEFL exam book to help with my teaching English to ESL students. It's become quite enjoyable and usually wear a scarf to head off questions, letting them either think I am Muslim, a Nun or an old Eastern European Grandmother. :)

Gym's Transgender Policy


I tried to cut and paste the link to the story here but it did not work. The title goes something like "Gym's transgender policy stirs debate".

This is going to make some of you mad as hell, but this needs to be said. If you are going to start dressing as a woman in public then you need to make some effort. Find the article and listen to it. You can do that much.

Getting "read" ...


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I've not experienced being "read" more than a half dozen times in 10 years, but Sunday really burst that bubble.

Being a stubborn drama queen, this was bound to happen. I went to a Baptist church were my daughter attends to see if they would help me reconnect with her. In retrospect, it was an unrealistic Adjustment Disorder that drove this.

Answer to Dorthycolleen, fragile.


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Answers to life?

People seem to either love or hate 50 Shades. It has been difficult for me to read it and see the movie, but I am drawn to it like a “moth to the flame”. The Churchy folk are universal in their condemnation of it, but I simply won’t talk to them about it.

The actual sex part is relatively tame in comparison to some of the things my X and I did. I think on top of a running clothes dryer was close to the best!  We never tied each other up or used cuffs though, I wanted to. Don't know who would have worn them.

50 Shades of Grey

For those of you who read the books. It looks like this first movie follows book one faithfully. I see all sorts of snotty reviews but the movie is good, I think it appeals to me because of my own very twisted nature. I would want to be Anastasia and would be happy about some limited spanking, though going overboard not so much.

Welcome to my world.

I am not putting this on my FB.


Hiding our healing


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I've had a belated realization regarding healing and now feel somewhat foolish for not realizing it before.

I have a very close friend who has gone on a self righteous rant about "50 Shades of Grey". I doubt that she has read the books or intends to see the movie. I have read the books and plan to see the movie but do not intend to tell her that.

Computer wiz


Computer development is going so fast that it is like totally gee wiz to me. And playing with them is like a total rush, though I did not usually give a ...
I'm not talking cost effectiveness here, just talking about what a novice can do, and it is like totally fun. So, I know some of you will think what I am saying is stupid, but please don't treat me like your irritating little sister.

You've done a disservice to a good talent !!!

When I first began to read "Whisper", I thought it was well written, and had some uniqueness to it. The language in the story sounded like a teen age kid, not some English professor.

Some where along the line I lost track of the story, perhaps when she went to Whateley. I respect the author that originally came up with the 'verse but since then so many have just dumped their protagonists there and gave up on the story. Now when it is mentioned I usually just stop reading it because I do not want to think of Whateley to be a place where good characters disappear.

Strange conversation with Urologist


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So, I have been having a lot of pain in my lower abdomen and went to a VA Urologist to see how to access Medicare to access a surgical solution to my incomplete SRS surgery. Well, the meeting was waaaayyy different than I thought it would be.

She said I have classic Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, which manifests by pain in the hip, general pelvis area, and anterior abdominal area, often feeling like pain in the ovaries. (I have no ovaries) She believes that the "Ovary" pain is either from scar tissue from their removal at birth, or from simple muscle tension.

Unseen spirits

I suppose it depends if someone is one of those "Nothing but the Facts" folk, or if you are one of those who has their head in the clouds. I think many of us see or feel something going on in our own heads or in the world at large that you won't hear about on the evening news.

We have a number of different ways of explaining it to ourselves, or maybe we don't. Maybe we just try to ignore it? Perhaps we have learned not to speak of it?

Why do I try?


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Perhaps it is time to clear the air?

Often I write about other cultures, and to be authentic in those stories there is often some element of religion to keep it all in context. There are many places in the world where even though one might be an atheist, they must either pray in the streets or hide until everyone is done. I don't actually care what your beliefs are and if you confront me about them, it will be a waste of time. That element was only in the story to depict realistic situations.

Coverage of Transgender folk.

The fate of Leelah seems to have struck a cord in some segments of America. This morning, right on the front page of CNN, there is a rather detailed story about her and other transgender children and it is quite sensitive and supportive.

On my Facebook page I call it murder.

Leekah's story has moved me, striking chords in me that were not expected. Can it be that Trans folk are coming out of the dark ages? I'm going to phase over to Fox News now to see if the impossible has happened.

Posting a whole book at a time.

So, I am feeling a bit of frustration because several of the author's whose stories I really like post so infrequently between chapters that I've forgotten everything by the time they do. And I have been guilty of the same offense myself.

So, I am wondering about posting an entire story of say 12 chapters, as an example, at once as 12 different files? I've had poor performance at writing new chapters of a multi chapter story and getting them posted in a timely manner. For example, my 4 chapter "Katia" story took about 14 months.

The long finger myth

Just thought that I would pass this bit along as a comfort to my Sisters here.

I was once told by someone who was quite sure of themselves that if the second finger was longer than the third, you were a boy. Well, in the last years, I have met women, some with as many as 5 children who have that anatomical feature. So, you can relax.

The long finger only shows that there was an elevated level of testosterone in the womb in the first trimester.

Merry Christmas


Final Discharge ?


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December 23. It has been 10 years since the family got on my computer assumed I was gay, and threw me out. At first it was touch and go as to whether I would make it or blow my brains out. This was one of the happiest Christmases I have had until my son sent me an email saying he was coming for a visit. He'll likely see his Mum and sisters, and I suppose if I am fortunate if he will not come to see me.

Girl to boy, Yikes !


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On Facebook I have encountered a young Mormon woman who feels she is male. Sigh !!! And looking at her facial features, it seems likely that she has some sort of intersex issue. She is one of those women who can look female with long hair, and with short hair and perhaps a bit of Testosterone look male perhaps. As you probably already can suss out, Dad is not speaking to her and Mom is in tears. This to me is the pain road ...

A real Dom


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OK, i have switched to my subbie persona for the purpose of this blog.

i used to think that i was a bonafide subbie, and then today i listened to someone say that they always thought that they were an abused subbie, but as it turned out as she got well, she found out that she was actually an abuser, and not even a subbie or a Dom. Hmmmm. She also said that she had learned how to not manipulate people in a negative way.

Banned in porn in the UK


I see tonight that the UK has banned 10 acts from its porn? I don't even look at it any more having enough of that running around in my own head, not that I needs much.

One matter of distress to me is that they banned "Spanking". You mean that if I came to the UK, I could no longer get a few taps on me bottom ? I never felt that what I experienced as a child was even vaugely related to any sort of affection, so what I seek now and have been completely unable to find is that gentle rat tat tat. :)

What is the world coming to?


To the lonely in PDX


So, about everyone knows that I live in Portland, Oregon in a 6 story, 50 unit apartment building. I am told that there are 4 other T folk in this building. I have seen one of them, tried to make conversation, and you can guess where that went.

Across the street from me is another 6 story apartment building and on the 6th floor is another one of us.

The Stranger

The Stranger


Gwen Brown

“Are you an author or professor or something?” she timidly asked. Credence had ridden on the elevator with him a dozen times and increasingly wondered about him. He seemed so dignified? What was this magnetism she felt for him? Maybe he was dangerous to her, could perhaps hurt her, take advantage of her or even kill her? Why did he never come to the potlucks? He was civil, even friendly to her but it had never gone beyond the usual pleasantries and a sentence or two.

A place for us in society.


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I promise, NO Drama.

Since 2005, I have been determined to forge a place in society for myself and those like me. I've stubbornly insisted and fought for a place in society as a woman, and to an amazing extent, that dream has been realized. It has been a long time since anyone has challenged me on the street or off it.

In spite of my total lack of understanding, the Mormon members around me have been kind and healing and supportive. That the upper management of the church has issues with those like me, actually arouses the ire of the members.

Jennifer Gable's death


I've a really sad story to tell. A young woman named Jennifer Gable, transitioned from a man years ago. That's the last time I will mention her as trans.

So, she was apparently a customer service rep for Wells Fargo, in Idaho. Wells Fargo hires anyone they wish as long as they can do the job. She attended Boise State, studying Art and Drama.

She unexpectedly dropped dead at work with an aneurism. Doubly sad is that her father had her hair cut and had her buried as a male.

TDOR a surprise


I spend a lot of time on Facebook talking about things that matter to me. Oddly, I have yet to be confronted on TG issues, and this is surprising to me because I have pictures and everything right there.

A couple different people including the TED group put up things about Transgender folk and gratifyingly they were supportive and not snide at all. Perhaps things are turning around for us?

Sure, there were those who demonstrated their hate and ignorance. I think the anger was mostly manifested by the profoundly ignorant.


Ashleigh Blayze Where Are You?

Ashleigh Blayze:

So, in trying to find her, it seems that the last time she visited this site was in June of 2012. Has anyone here had contact with her? I am not thinking of badgering her for more of her science fiction, but would like to know how she is doing and to wish her the best.


PS: I have a strong suspicion that Ashleigh Blayze is one of the authors here who chose to write in a different voice. All I can say is bravo!

Lost Story.

So, I thought her name began with an "A", and she wrote what I think was the most marketable Science Fiction I have ever seen on this site. She wrote about TG in a way that would be acceptable to the general public and that is what I want to see more.

He was a colonist whose world was attacked by pirates. He ran and got up into some woods to hide out and lo and behold, stumbled into a space ship that transformed him into a Princess with strengths of megalithic proportions.

Anyone have a clue?



Transgendered or broken?


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In my own situation, growing up with nasty, brutal men, I hated them, and I hated being one of the enemy even worse, and did not accept that idea without struggle. Then, what did I do but marry a young woman who herself had been abused awfully, and in her adult years became a rabid feminist. So after a while, I could never be right, or even OK. Looking back, I just wanted to be on the winning side. It was a choice to just walk away from her like so many other young males did at the time.

DVD's, Stacks, and Twilight

So, I do not own a TV and do not wish to purchase one. I watch DVD's on my ancient Dell XPS 430. Sometimes to watch a Video disk, it is like dragin a dead mule through the mud. It freezes, or won't load and it seems impossible to predict when it will happen. At first I thought I could solve this with new DVD drive, but once I got a message that Windows 7 could not read the disk. Out of 5 disks of "Twilight", two were exceedingly frustrating, while the other three played without issue. Last night, the last disk would not load at all, so I just went to bed.

Tutoring ESL Students


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I am sat here thinking that I have gotten us in to a right mess Ollie. So, a few years ago, I helped a rather nice Saudi gentleman to improve his English to come to America to attend College. He is in Southern Oregon attending College now. Recently another Man contacted me about the same and we have been working on him for a while.

Mysoginistic games

I suppose this will only mean something to you if you really, really want to be a woman. If you are just playing in girl's clothes, drinking beer, burping and bellowing at footie games, perhaps not so much.

I do not know how many of you here play Video Games. Every time I have tried some "guy" just kills me and walks away. Grrrr

So I had not thought of it much anymore until I heard Anita Sarkeesian speak on YouTube about how sexist video games are. Listening to her speak wakened something in me that I can best describe perhaps as being "Pissed Off, spitting mad!

About Dragons

So, I'm just starting to write a story with a huge Dragon as the protagonist. He, or she will have previously been a 14 year old boy, you know the drill. I am have been reading Anne McCaffery, so my Dragon will not hatch or be fighting strings. It bothers me that one of the story devices I plan to use is that my Dragon will draw his power from another dimension, but I can not remember who originated that concept on this site, so I can ask permission to use it.

There will be no religion in the story, cultural or otherwise. I will use conventional sexual role models.


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