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Not going to believe this !!!

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OK you all know how loony my life is at times. This one will have you rolling on the floor! :)

To those who care

I seem to have struck a note in mentioning that I was thinking of living in my car and camping for a couple months.

Living in the Car

OK, so no drama, OK?

I am wanting to change my living situation; live alone in a small apartment away from town, and controlling people I'm with. This is not a big emergency.

Yikes ! I need stern Motherly guideance !!!


Gender Sexuality that will rock you.

Here is a video that rocked me. What if you could be just as sexy as a hot girl and still be a boi?

What am I to do !!!!! ?

Yikes ! A man on Facebook, actually more than one, has have expressed interest in me, and when I started to tell him, he said he did not care.

Stolen Stories

A few years ago there was an issue with Authors on this page having their stories stolen. And, sure enough, when I went searching, I found "MS Frankenstein" on a pay site.

Descriptiveness in stories

So, I've resumed working on two Sci Fi stories right now that have been in the oven for three plus years.

Lost story

This morning I was reading a story where a nice boy married a Bitch that was Pregnant. Her father gave him a generous prenup to get her out of his hair.

Now I can not find it.



Advice on Dealing with Family

Let me make this clear. I know some Aspergers folk and the one's I know are good people, and friends of mine.

Be A Man

This spring or summer I want to go camping in the Oregon Outback and have found a place that is at least 40 miles from any urban lighting, on a plateau of some 5000 feet, in isolated solitude.

Heart broken.

It is really hard to say this. I am finished with religion, particularly the Mormon Church. I feel so sad because I actually believe in the Mormon "stuff" too.

Needing to feel safe

I've been fully living as a woman a little over 9 years, but I know other girls here who have been at it for 15 or 20 or more years.

New Story

Much to my surprise, I have begun a new story. A few will not like how some words are spelled. Get over it.

They Sometimes Kill Children Don't They Ch 2

Sometimes They Kill Children Don’t They
Gwen Boucher
Ch. 2

Story Ideas

It is doubtful that I will have time to write again, so I am just going to throw a few ideas out for what we could call, "Muse Candy", for anyone to use.

You Brits !!!

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From my UK friends I frequently take the piss about Americans and their bloomin guns. Geeze, I have never shot or killed anyone, and would not enjoy it full stop.

Hormones Discontinued

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I have been on (Estrogen) Vivelle dot .1 since they decided that my kidneys and liver were to weak to metabolize the pills.

OK, you Welsh !

Katherine Jenkins, my favorite singer is doing "Requiem for a Soldier" on the grounds of a huge old castle in Wales. Can you tell me the location, please?

Internet Search Engines

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I am asking this here because I know there are geeks on the loose ere.

Today, I realized, Duh, that the internet search protocol on a smart phone is different than that of a computer.

See in the Dark

OK, I am waiting for a story about this phenomenom. :}

No Drama Tonight

I'm the Christmas Nut I suppose and used to rival Chevy Chase's "Christmas Vacation" when it comes to decorating my house.

Post Op Health.

So, I finally got an MD at the Veterans Hospital that had active brain cells, and she told me things I had never heard before.

Seven Years

In two weeks, it will have been seven years since Sephrina recruited me to come to this site. I was a right mess when I got here.

Stary Stary Night.

There is so much peace in driving out through the desert, but I have never been out there in the winter. Sometimes I see pictures with snow out in the sage brush and wonder how it got there.

Dune! Book previous to Dune.

Enough Computer Talk !

Windows 8, What?

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So, I keep hearing more and more about Windows 8. Is anyone using it? What do you think? My Computer is "OLD", like 2009 old. It has a Window Experience Index of 5.1, what ever that is.

The Unicorn's Gift

I've just started to re-read the classic, "The Unicorn's Gift". I just know that it will be as entrancing this second time around as it was the first.

Whining about my Bra

I've been on the 'moans for about 12 years now and can not bitch about my breasts. I think they are size B, at least one of them. You did know that breasts are not equal?

I confess to being a Bitch.

So, tonight I went to TDOR. I was surprised that the attendance was around 200 people, about 2/3 MtF folk. FtM folk were there along with some Lesbians but not many gay men according to my GADAR.

Zinnia Jones Trans ?

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Or Lauren Mcnamara. She has lots of Youtube videos. I am not actually sure why she would reveal she is Trans.

On becoming "Normal".

The following video shows a wonderfully vivacious transgender woman. And, CNN gave her great and respectful coverage. As to her appearing in the Victoria's Secret show, who knows?

Transgender Battle in the West

It seems from my perspective that the battle for rights is joined in a way I have not seen before, at least in the West.

Sex Toy idiots !

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I just have to say out of complete and utter frustration that those who make sex toys are clueless idiots !

Openly Transgender Mormon Woman... I NEED help !

I was extremely surprised to find this on a TV Station in Salt Lake City. Part of the video refers to several transgender women living in Portland, Oregon. I am none of them.

The best years we can have.

I saw a blog about De-transitioning and read the blog it referred to and the replies.

Shame ... Remorse

I don't usually read anything this rough, or at least I thought it was rough before I started reading it.

Tell me it's getting better?

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Just feeling a little melancholy and shaky this morning, and I have to sleep before I get up at 7:00 AM.

What the Hell !!!

I guess I will never understand the denizens of this site. "Severance Pay", has in my opinion ALL the elements that would make most of you go goo goo, yet the kudo count is low!

What if you are an Alien?

Are you an Alien?

Embarassing Google Searches and Death

I am only sharing this news to forewarn others.

Twisted Tales, or Demented Fiction.

Well, I am compiling my list of stories I have written that are suitable for inclusion in an anthology to be published on Amazon or some other publisher in both paper and eBook format.

How it should turn out.

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This just popped up on my youtube, and I usually just don't watch these things. But, in this case, I hope these two are really happy.

Self defense in a story.

So I am going to write a scene in which the protagonist must kill an assailant, but doesn't and gets the shit beat out of her.

Gravity !!!!! Yayyyy !!!!

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I just saw "Gravity". Wowwww. Now I found out it is in 3D too !!! The plot "may" be a little out there but I don't think so. The action is breathtaking, if you can watch it.

Anyone here with heavy Psych background ...

I was wondering if there was someone here with a strong psychology background that could read a 34 page Facebook journal for me and give me their assessment.

In Portland, Oregon Most of the Internet is down

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Well, I do not know if Hackers are having their way today, or if the government is teaching us a lesson. I do not know how bad it will get.

I love you all.


Story with dragons and worm holes

What happened to the story where this guy was dying and went down a worm hole and wound up a Princess with a pet dragon? It is recent within the last 6 months and I do not think it was finished.

Almost came home with a boy friend.

Well, what the hell.

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