K.T. Leone

Robbed for Christmas

I guess 2012 wasn't done with being extremely shitty.

Damn Mayans.

This is odd and I don't know why I'm the only one who has realized that its happened.

The Present

The Present
By K.T. Leone

A short story

December 23rd - My Christmas Gift To You

I have a heavy heart, my dear, dear friends...

Maybe I'm Projecting

It has happened again, so maybe it's time to stop thinking that it is a coincidence. This is the second time in 2 weeks and it still gives me hope that I can pass.

The 12 Transgendered Days of Christmas

Sing along, you know you want to!!!

Taking Criticism

Criticism has a bad connotation to it, but it really doesn't have to be taken in a bad way. I will point it out using my own writing as an example.

Can't write tonight

I really do try to keep on top of my writing. You can ask those part of team WAM that I normally stick to my schedule. BUt I am too heart broken to even try tonight.

What am I waiting for

I really don't know what's wrong with me. I wish I knew, really I did. It's the fact that I know who I am, I know what I am, but still I hide it from the world and even from myself.

How your titles effect the way I view your story

I was going to write this in a way where it appeared everyone had the same view I did, but since I don't know how everyone feels about the situation, I will just write on my view of the situation.


I just wonder if other authors do this, and I find myself doing it often from time to time.

I am fundamentally flawed

I really wanted to wait before I posted this until I understood it myself, but that is probably never going to happen.

I miss posting stories

I really do miss posting stories. I miss reading comments and I miss seeing my kudo count rise as I click my story page 10 times an hours to see how things are progressing.

What a weird day, year, life

This day has had an enormous swing of emotions and since my only friends are on this site, I figured I would share them with you.

Made someone cry

I didn't mean to do it. It wasn't my intention. In fact I didn't see it coming. But talking with someone last night they said they were reading over my work and it made them cry.

And -- The winner is....

This is in my response to an earlier post to pick out the cover of my book.

Time to vote

I have two new cover designs for God Bless the Child and wanted to get people's opinion on which one they like better. One is very similar to what is already up and one is completely new.

Limerick on BC

Sometimes you take the good with the bad: I think this limerick should be ok

I joined a place called B.C.
it is the kind of place for me
I tell a good tale
and some are for sale

My stories are now removed from FM

I have mentioned the desire of doing this for quite awhile, but I finally had all my stories taken down from fictionmania.

Big Closet authors on Kindle/Amazon unite

Here it is, my one good idea of 2012.

Need help making postcards (formatting)

I have this great idea to put little postcards advertising my book in with my Christmas cards when I deliver the paper next week. My issue?

This turkey has a message for you all

Cluck, cluck, cluck... Happy Thanksgiving.

I got some explaining to do

My other blog should be taken down since I am posting two in a row. I shouldn't have posted what I did and then vanished, not very cool of me. To recap, my mom posted this on Facebook:

Why I hate life!!!

This is off my mother's facebook page, which she doesn't realize that I still have access to even though she unfriended me:

Katie's update

I know I haven't posted a new story in quite some time, and believe me it is a lonely, unrewarding existence. But I am still slaving away at the next great novel.

Kindle books price change

Good news. I changed the price on my two e-books down to $2.99 so people who are in a bit of a budget crunch can be able to buy them. I know times are tough and the holidays are upon us.

Still need reviews for Growing Up Jenny

I have left Growing Up Jenny on the site in order to get some reviews on Amazon. I know that you had to have at least made one purchase on the site to leave a review.

GBTC Pulled

I pulled God Bless the Child from the site like I said I was going to. I hope no one is upset at me, but I did feel it was necessary since I am selling it as an ebook.

Worlds are COLLIDING

Worlds are colliding:

Or should I say, my worlds are colliding and I never thought that I would see the day it would happen.

How I am transitioning.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about where I am going with this GID stuff. Actually, I haven't, but I do have a few thoughts about what I want to do.

Wrestling Against Myself - Novel Update

Just to keep everyone updated on my latest work - here is a blog.


I had to pay over 500 dollars in repairs to my van this week (New radiator, then new water pump and a wheel hub) which I actually had. But, it seems that all my bills are due this week.

Disney buys Big Closet!?!

Westminster, CA-

It's official

I've been watching this for weeks, wondering when it will happen.

Last week of God Bless the Child

I have generously left God Bless the Child available even though I have it available as an E-book on the various sites (I prefer Amazon).


I spent most of last night crying, not a good thing to do when delivering newspapers.

I don't know if it's the hormones or just me. I've been known to cry in the past.

What I want and What I am

One of the novels I love the most in life is Les Miserables.

God Bless the Child now a book book

Just to let everyone know, God Bless the Child is now available in paperback. It did take forever and a day to get it available from createspace, but that might have been me.

If you didn't hate me before

From the ex-LittleKatie:

So, I went to my counselor today. I go every two weeks. We spend half the session talking about my writing and why I don't have a life.

Little Katie Laid to Rest

I will no longer be going by the moniker of Little Katie. Since I keep my transsexualism a secret, I think it is hypocritical of me to refer to myself by that name.

Growing Up Jenny on Kindle

I was a little premature yesterday in my announcement. The page was available, but the book wasn't set for purchase. So, let's fire up the dancing kittens.

Why I am a loser

I am a loser

I am the son of two losers, and the product of that failed marriage, so it might be genetic.

Cleaning up the front page

I was looking over the front page and notice how different everyone posts look.

Drawbacks to writing a novel

One of the drawbacks to writing a novel is that I don't get the instant satisfaction of getting feedback, nor do I know if I am spot on with what I am trying to accomplish.

Becoming a better writer

When I first started posting stories, oh so many years ago, I thought I had a pretty good hand on my writing.

First 4-star review

My novel God Bless the Child, which is available on Amazon and

Alone again, naturally!

Yesterday I came home for work, my roommate was up and about (sort of weird for her, she normally sleeps until noon).

I've become a ditzy ex-cheerleader

I have become a ditz. I don't know if I should blame the hormones because some of the ditziness occurred before I started taking it, but I'll blame it anyway because that's what ditzes do.


I'm really starting to become paranoid. It started with the hearing of someone call out my name in my house the other night and the house being empty.

Smart stupid cat

My orange cat has found something new to do to annoy me.

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