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Defining myself

It has come to the point where I have to give consideration to who and what I am as an author. It is not an easy thing, nor is it fun.

There are certain questions I must ask myself.

last day - Wrestling Against Myself free for kindle


Leaving Anonymous reviews on Amazon

I've noticed that several people want to leave reviews for my work but are worried about being outed.

Here is how to do so anonymous:

Log onto Amazon:
Go to my account

I want to cry

I want to cry.

I shouldn't say want to because tears are already escaping my eyes, so I should say "I am crying"

Wrestling Against Myself... free on kindle

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A Different Kind of Life, now on sale

Hello my friends.

Doing better and hitting Milestones

First off, I want people to know that I am feeling better. Yesterday was me going through some things that sometimes crop up.

Not doing good

This came up at counseling yesterday:

How Life Can Change

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by K.T. Leone

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All Rights Reserved.

Ultimate compliment

This was sent to me as a response to a review that I responded to, but it summarizes why I write:

Wrestling Free Weekend

I would like to say that because of the IOC decision to remove wrestling from the Olympics that I will not be posting any parts of the story this weekend, but that would be a lie (but would make it so

Holy cow - I'm number 1 on Amazon

This just in. I made it to number 1 on Amazon. I think it is awesome and thank everyone who supported my work by purchasing a copy. It is truly an honor. Here is a pic as proof.

WAM and Christian content w/explanation

Wrestling Against Myself is a different kind of story for me, one that I openly share my theology in.

It's my life

I often wondered why I had to go through a lot of the things that I did. It seemed that the universe thought that I was some cosmic joke and used me as it's whipping boy.

It happens

I have to admit, I can't figure life out. I've tried, and every time that I think I know something life sneaks behind me, kicks me in the seat of my skirt and runs away laughing maniacally.

I'm number 2

The release of the new book is going smashingly well. Oh my God, I might actually be able to make it as a writer.

Wrestling Against Myself

Wrestling Against Myself
(A high school romance)
By Katie Leone

Need reviews

It's me again. I know I haven't posted a story since Christmas, but that's because I've been working on a doozy.

Where you are is okay!!

This isn't addressed to anyone in particular, but I do have several people in mind.

Katie Leonard: A New Life #7 Relationships are fickle

I met someone.

Three little words but the effect on my life in enormous.

Last Chance for Free Ebook


Katie Leonard: A New Life #6 First Birthday

First off, the cheap plug that today is my birthday. I am 38 and 1 depending how you look at things. This will be my first birthday as Katie and that's something to celebrate in and of itself.

Need editor for short novel

Someone had offered to be my editor a while back ago and I wanted to take them up on the offer but couldn't find the message in my inbox.

Katie Leonard: A New Life #5 Handling stress

Last week my van broke while I was delivering Sunday's paper. Not a good thing to happen, but what followed was even worse (See JennC I used the right one).

Sorry for doing this

I do apologize for doing this. I know that a few months ago I changed my nickname from Little Katie to K.T. Leone.

Dispelling Misperceptions

I know I have been on this kick for quite some time (for me 11 days is an eternity), but I can't stress how much it has affected me that I've come out. I am relaxed, I am at ease, I am comfortable.

Katie Leonard: A New Life #3 Katie's 1st date

I keep surprising myself. It's like I never even knew the real me. It's been eye opening.

Things are happening fast and I am happy. Happy for the first time in a long time.

not the same Katie

I know I have rubbed a few people the wrong way with my bluntness and the way I approached things in the past.

Katie Leonard: A New Life #2

This is my response to someone who mentioned people looking at my facebook page and seeing me dressed as a woman:

Katie Leonard: A New Life #1

So I've been keeping everyone up to date and just maybe I can help people who are kind of in the same situation as I am. I came out to everyone, and I mean everyone. Were my problems solved? No.

Finding Jenny now on Kindle

Finding Jenny, the epic length conclusion of the God Bless the Child trilogy (unless I go all Douglas Adams on everyone which is highly probable) is now available at Amazon for the kindle http://www.

No Good Deed

As everyone is aware, about two weeks ago I received a phone call from a friend who was in dire straights and in need of a place to live.

Last Chance

The free give away has been a rousing success. I mean, I am floored. I have had over 600 people download God Bless the Child while it was being offered free on Kindle.

So Much For Secrets

As everyone who has been following my blogs lately knows, an old friend from high school has come back into my life and is living with me along with his fiance while they get back on their feet.

Free book

Starting Christmas and running until the 29th, God Bless the Child will be free on Amazon for the kindle.

Sadness this Christmas. RIP Wren

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It is with deep sadness and regret that I have to inform the Big Closet community that we lost another one of our members. I have just been informed that Wren Phoenix has passed away.

An Update

Okay, I'm starting to grow uncomfortable.

Robbed for Christmas

I guess 2012 wasn't done with being extremely shitty.

Damn Mayans.

This is odd and I don't know why I'm the only one who has realized that its happened.

The Present

The Present
By K.T. Leone

A short story

December 23rd - My Christmas Gift To You

I have a heavy heart, my dear, dear friends...

Maybe I'm Projecting

It has happened again, so maybe it's time to stop thinking that it is a coincidence. This is the second time in 2 weeks and it still gives me hope that I can pass.

The 12 Transgendered Days of Christmas

Sing along, you know you want to!!!

Taking Criticism

Criticism has a bad connotation to it, but it really doesn't have to be taken in a bad way. I will point it out using my own writing as an example.

Can't write tonight

I really do try to keep on top of my writing. You can ask those part of team WAM that I normally stick to my schedule. BUt I am too heart broken to even try tonight.

What am I waiting for

I really don't know what's wrong with me. I wish I knew, really I did. It's the fact that I know who I am, I know what I am, but still I hide it from the world and even from myself.

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