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1 You Chose the Wrong Store – Part 16    Sun   Jessica C
2 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2448    Sun   Angharad
3 April Schooled Chapter 3 A Red Letter Day    Sun   Polly Adler
4 Joey's Joy -- Part 4    Sun   Shauna
5 Your Wings Are Beautiful - Part 4 (The Caress)    Sun   Kalista
6 Catburglar 7: Kitty Kangaroo    Sun   Saliaven Chronotis
7 The Transit of Venus - Ch 60    Sun   Rhona McCloud
8 Patriot Games - Chapter 21 – A Girls Day Out    Sat   Marina Kelly
9 Eve - Chapter 36    Sat   Shiraz
10 Sing a Healing Song Chapter 3    Sat   Dorothy Colleen
11 Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 9    Sat   Bailey Summers
12 Unaccounted Gains - Chapter 35    Sat   Shiraz
13 Damselfly 2.4 Class Act    Fri   Erin Halfelven
14 Armsman of Joth -1-    Fri   Penny Lane
15 UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 5    Thu   Barbie Lee
16 Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 11.    Thu   Bailey Summers
17 Take Three Girls Part 7    Thu   Christina H
18 School Time for Death Chapter 6    Wed   WolfJess7
19 Horizons of the Heart - 24.5    Wed   Melange
20 Through the years: Trials and tribulations of a preteen girl part 14    Wed   Raff01
21 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *6* Not So Brief    Wed   Maddy Bell
22 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 2    Tue   Ryker
23 Land of My Heart - Chapter 16    Tue   Bronwen Welsh
24 Can Dreams Come True?...Part 10    Tue   Bailey Summers
25 FTL-24...Faster Than Life.    Tue   Bailey Summers
26 For Friends and Family Part 10    Tue   Christina H
27 I Need To Remember. Chapter 15.    Tue   Ahaz
28 The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XX    Mon   Chefness
29 House Sitting Pretty    Mon   Ellie Dauber
30 The Housemate Chapter 2    Mon   Freyja Celeste
31 Always and Forever: Bored    Mon   Elsbeth
32 Twisted Throwback, part 07 of 25    Mon   Trismegistus Shandy
33 The White Wolf Chapter -40-    Sun   Barbara Allan
34 The Flying Babalooskis- Part 3    Sun   Laika

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You Chose the Wrong Store – Part 16

You Chose the Wrong Store – Part 16

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2448

The Daily Dormouse.
(aka Bike, est. 2007)
Part 2448
by Angharad

Copyright© 2014 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

Joey's Joy -- Part 4

Joey learns some unexpected life-lessons and finds out some unexpected things about himself along the way. In this part, Joey finds a protector—and it is not his Dad….

St. Paul’s

Your Wings Are Beautiful - Part 4 (The Caress)

Morgan, having been let out of the golden handcuffs by Erika, is offered a magic-enhanced massage by her older sister, Viola. Slowly but surely, reality kicks in. This isn't the body Morgan is looking for.

(This narration relies heavily on information penury, as well as continuous improvisation on my part. Because information penury doesn't work well when spoiled, minimum tagging is enforced (if the main character isn't aware of something in a given story part, then the corresponding tag won't be included until they become aware of it in a latter part).)

Part 4! Writing erotic scenes is something new for me (and probably not my forte), but hey -- I tried! Also, backstory for Viola and Erika.

Catburglar 7: Kitty Kangaroo

Kitty Kangaroo

By Paul Calhoun

We return to Reg and Kelly some way into their married life. Kelly buys a giant kangaroo plushie costume to play with. Minimal TG.

I originally was going to have a generic couple for this, but it felt like the sort of thing they'd do. There really isn't a lot of tension or action, just playing around. Next time I do the plushie suit thing there's going to be a bit more plot to it.



By Patricia Marie Allen

The days were getting shorter. Summer had just flown by. Patrick was beginning to feel a quite a panic setting in. He had promised to find a job by the end of summer, but his heart just wasn’t in it. Here it was already the second week of September. His father was getting impatient. Patrick would rather have gone to school. He had the grades for it. But his father had not supported his choice of schools. Linfield’s College of Nursing at Good Samaritan Hospital was accepting men in the nursing program. In two years he could be an LPN if he stuck it out four, he could graduate an RN. But his Dad said “I’m not paying anybody to turn my son in to a pantywaist male nurse!”

Patriot Games - Chapter 21 – A Girls Day Out


This is a fictional chronicle of a normal hardworking guy named Jack. The federal government made him an offer he couldn't refuse. All they asked was for Jack to go undercover to help the U.S. Government ensnare a terrorist.

Any resemblance of the characters depicted in the story to actual individuals is coincidental. All events are the sole responsibility of the author. None of the scenes in this story depict minors engaged in any sexual encounter.

This story has been previously posted on other sites. It is being posted here with a strong rewrite; some new chapters have been added. I had my BFF Monica Rose edit the material so it should be more readable. -- Marina

We know that some of the characters presented here are unlikeable or appear to be unbelievable. That is the point though. People grow and learn through their experiences. And there is always hope for justice and punishment.

Marina: [email protected]

@ @ @ @

Eve - Chapter 36


Chapter 36


Simon Jones is Eve Jones. But she didn't know.


Donations still needed

Author, Rating and Tags:

This month is a particularly heavy one for bills. We have over $1000 in bills for hosting due before the end of the month, this is because several annual payment contracts are expiring.

Sing a Healing Song Chapter 3

Sing a Healing Song, Chapter 3

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 9

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 9


He passes Mom’s hers and she does the exact almost same thing as I did and he picks up some bags from the floor that he brought in from Sears and Walmart and sets them on the bed.

“Your Mom and I agree that until you get home and can go through your things that I’d best make a pit stop for a few things for you so here you go. Now your Mom picked the sizes and hell she picked out most of this and sent me pics of what to get on the phone so if it doesn’t fit blame her. And the rest is stuff that I picked out.”

Oh…oh wow I look in the bags and it’s clothes and things and I can see packages of underwear and stuff and I look and look and look then I look at him and I look at her and I bite my lip.

“I…I don’t know if I’ve ever dressed like this before...”

*And Now…

Unaccounted Gains - Chapter 35

Unaccounted gains  

Chapter 35


Accountancy can be deadly




The Unconvincing Doppelganger

After a stressful week of dealing with people, Ellis liked to lay down on his bed and silence his thoughts with deafening rock music. Only after Friday night's sunset would he be able to forget all the ways he messed up over the previous seven days and start over again. With his eyes closed he envisioned a version of himself undeterred by what others thought. His door was closed, so it came as a shock when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He started out of his music-induced trance and saw a woman he didn't recognize raise a finger to her mouth. Normally, Ellis would have screamed, but in her eyes he detected no malice.

Armsman of Joth -1-

What happens to someone when they become the thing they most fear and loathe?

Armsman of Joth

by Penny Lane

1: Refugee


Rule Three: It's Not About You...

Author, Rating and Tags:

I first posted this about another topic some months ago but there is a new need for it and I have therefore edited it.

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 5

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 5
By Barbie Lee
Edited by Catherine Linda MIchel

Our heroes continue to try to enlist allies in case of a war with the Earth Alliance. They run into slavers, pirates and worse, oh my! A return to UF-2 leads to clues to an old acquaintance and a new ally. Family joins the resistance, against family wishes, but welcome. More action in this chapter than you can shake a stick at.

FROM LAST CHAPTER: "In my heart I knew that millions of lives were going to be lost. Humans had a very nasty record of making and breaking treaties as it suited them. There had to be a way out of this mess. The Earth Alliance had to understand that they could not ignore this treaty."

And NOW...

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 11.

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 11.



It’s my first time for that kind of kiss from someone that means it as a kiss.
So it’s a good thing when the feelings in your heart are stronger than the feelings in your body right?
We break the kiss and I’m catching my breath and Rudy looks at Sam. “Let’s go get cookin and we can let Morgan finally get to use her tanning chair and get some rest and Sun.”
“I kin grill?”
“Yeah, let’s.”
They leave and Rudy smiles at me and he walks out of the water backwards and his grin gets all teasing and devilish as he’d definitely sporting some serious arousal going on down there and I blush because he’s doing that and it’s pretty obvious if someone looks.
I sink down in the water some more to hide the goofy grin that’s there too because yeah, he’s showing off and stuff but he’s with me and he’s kind of showing off for me.
And that feels just.
Yeah I’m so happy hugging myself right now.

*And Now…

Take Three Girls Part 7

Take Three Girls Part 7

Take three Mk 1.jpg

Take Three Girls. This is about 2 girls and one woman (myself) and their very different route to become the women they knew they should be. It was going to be called Take Two Girls, but an on line friend (she knows who she is) and the girls bullied me into the name change. Some poetic licence has been used to help the flow of the story but not very much.

Kate see’s the specialist in London and finds out about her condition and goes home. Victoria also is referred to the Tavistock and finds out about her condition. Victoria then makes a shrewd guess about my past.


School Time for Death Chapter 6

School Time for Death

For Maiha Nakatoma going back to school is not all it’s cracked up to be. Will she ever know what a normal day is?

Edited by Prof. Virginia Whippeal, djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Horizons of the Heart - 24.5

Horizons of the Heart

By Melange
Copyright© 2013-2014 Melange
All Rights Reserved.


Jaden and her friends revisit the town of their first adventure, Carrick Field, and then continue the chase across the Olman countryside. Upon arriving in Tarad, the border town where Oleander grew up, they hatch a cunning plan to make a suspect man talk.

Flashback: Before braving the Outside world, Alisan spent her youth training her voice to become one of the best singers in Ral Sona.

Chapter 24.5: Bridge of Memories, part 2

When it hurts too much to pretend
And the words burn inside your head
When the tears are slowly melting down
And your heart's stuck on a merry-go-round
I will be waiting

Through the years: Trials and tribulations of a preteen girl part 14

Tears started to pour from Tracy’s eyes and she began sobbing for now, out of fear. Fear of being taken away from her mother. The more she sat there, the more she wished she had never come with her mother. The more, meant more of the customers looked her way.

Eva had left the counter, as there were no other people at the counter. Even though she had questioned Tracy’s reason to be there, seeing the girl cry was more than enough reason to go to her rescue. She went to the booth where a now scared Tracy was. “Her mother is in the cooler, right now, grabbing more lettuce. She has the papers to show she is home schooled. Tracy has been here for the morning, but she and Grandma Leone were upstairs, doing her school work. Tracy came down for lunch and her mom should be off of work soon.”


Editing by Djkauf

A return to Tracy at the deli. When last we saw her, she was starting to cry. And we return, before the next teardrop falls.


Gaby Book 11 Chapter *6* Not So Brief


Chapter *6*
Not So Brief

The mild weather that we were lucky enough to have yesterday didn't last the evening out; we woke to persistent rain that looked set for the day. The racing over it's back to the grindstone.

Whispers from the Void - Chapter 2

Whispers from the Void

by Ken Ryker

The Archon Saga unfolds as a young girl is thrust into a destiny she does not understand.
Lead by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and wanted by a malevolent spirit,
she will face unknown threats and find unexpected allies as she struggles to determine whom
she can trust and whom she must deliver to a fate darker than the blackest night.

Chapter 2:
Fallen Again


Can Dreams Come True?...Part 10

Can Dreams Come True?...Part 10


“Josie, you want to go out?”
“Huh?” Blink, blink… “Like…?”
“Out, out of here, go for a drive, see some things…go on a date.”
“A date…with me?”
“Yes please.”
Oh…that, that yes please…Never, no one has ever…it.
Just two words said with real earnest just…I had no idea that two words could actually feel that good…

*And Now...

FTL-24...Faster Than Life.

FTL-24…Faster Than Life.

Chapter 24


“Will you be alright tonight?”
I give her a look and she looks down and she bites her lip a little and she looks back up at me.
“Is that an invitation?” I ask...my mouth’s a little dry. I’ve really never and yet at the same time there’s just. There’s just something that’s sweet about Liz…and honestly I’ve never had the whole experience of meeting someone young and having us…well not outside of the Sims and VR-life.
“It is.” She swallows.
I swallow too. “Let me log in where I’ll take you up on that.”
I close my eyes and link to my OBC and tag my I.D. code to hers and then she sort of surprises me by taking my hand and leading me away from the mess and towards quarters and I’m actually a little excited and at the same time a little relieved.
I was worried what after all of this would bring after all.

*And Now…

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I apologize for how this story has been received. Marina wrote this story about a man who is forced by the government to go undercover and his wife jumps on the bandwagon.

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