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A Day Without Pain

A Day Without Pain

A Hatbox Short by Melanie E.


"It's the least we can do."

That's what they had said when they had come into his hospital room, clipboards in hand and curious, though not unkind, looks in their eyes.

It was natural for those who were healthy to be curious about the dying after all, and that was exactly what he had been doing, slowly and agonizingly, for the last three years.

It had started out innocuously enough, with a twinge in his temple when he would stand up or turn his head too quickly. The twinge had turned to a spike, and the spike into a burning lance, piercing his head with every movement.

For years he had devoted his life to becoming one of the most promising young talents in the computer technology world.

He felt it somewhat ironic that he would die not being able to stand looking at a monitor for more than five minutes without a morphine drip in place.

Quest for the Silver Cleric

Quest for the Silver Cleric


by Dorothy Colleen



"When the Empire was in flower, the Weres came to fight. The Sea-folk were threatened, and The Dead ruled the night. The situation hopeless, the battle was as good as lost. Then the Silver Cleric came to save us, no matter what the cost.”

And when the troubles returned, the Sea-folk reached across time and space to find a very special person, someone both male and female, to find to rid this strange world of darkness, oppression and misery.

Danica finds herself in a strange world with new languages, cultures, personalities and challenges on a quest to find The Silver Cleric.

Ma Cherie Amour

Ma Cherie Amour









Lea and Zack are twins. They want to spend their last summer before college together, because Lea is going off to an all-girls college. Their mother finds the perfect job for them as nannies at a lake cottage, perfect except the woman is looking to hire two girls.


TransGenderElla book cover

An old fairy tale turned on it's head;

All transgenderella wants is to be herself and go to the ball, but her evil stepmother has other ideas. When Transgenderella stands her ground, insisting that it's time to come out, she is torn down and left crying in her room as her two stepsisters are whisked away to the palace. With the aid of her fairy not-quite God Mother, Transgenderella is transformed into the woman she always was, but is that enough to bring her happiness.

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Title Code Author(s)
Alexa B-Side: Jenny & Debbie Tue Kris Traverse
Lucky Charm Tue Mopar
Easy As Falling Off a Bike pt 3078 Tue Angharad
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Part 9 Tue Barbara Lynn Terry
Ongoing Inquiries Chapter 12 Tue Cressar
Squires-35 Tue Bailey Summers
Masks 12: Part 14 Tue Stickmaker
Gaby Book 14 ~ The Girl ~ Chapter *2* Konichi Wa Tue Maddy Bell
The Gift Solo Morgan Philips
Big Sister Chapter 3 Tue Leila
Searching for Love Solo Drea DiMaggio
We Never Break A Promise Chapter 7 Mon Warm Hearted
Finding Julia - Chapter 3 Mon Julie D Cole
Gokachuu - Chapter 5 Mon Kazue Kitsuna
Fashion Girl - 15 Mon Katherine Day
Old friend, New love - 3 Mon Cheryl Bishop
Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 13 Mon shesgotleggs
Family is.. everywhere [4.7] Mon Nessa M
Selene Chapter 4 Mon Selene
It Wasn't A Mistake - 05 Mon TiffQ
Prom Changed Everything Part 1 Sun Paradox
Unlikely Quarterback – 19 Elaine Rising Sun Jessica C
Footprints In The Sea 15 and 16 Sun Frances Penwiddy
Room 1408 Sun TGFictionStv
Home Is Where The Heart Is: Prologue Sun crazypagangurl
Educational Justice -chp7 Sat WolfJess7
Turnabout Part 3 Sat Miss Jessica
Time to Fly Chapter 1&2 Sat Lilly85
Meeting of Minds - Chapter 15 Sat Dana Short
Shadowsblade: Dead ringer part 1 Sat Shadowsblade
The Chorister Part 3 - Conclusion Fri Pentatonic
Alexa Chapter 11: The Change Begins Fri Kris Traverse
Derby Day Surprise - Chapter 6 Fri Julie D Cole
The Station's Late Nite Princess -chapter 18 Fri Snowfall
Amadeus Irina ~ Part 9 Fri Shauna
Was it Worth it? Chapter 1 Fri Leila
Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 20 Fri babyjennie
A Summer's Odyssey IV Chapter 8 Thu Jennifer Sue
The Black Ring Thu New Author, TGFictionStv
Weddings and Reunions Part 16 Thu efindumb
The Fellowship Thu Debbie V
Hired Girl -4- Chinese Takeout Thu Erin Halfelven
Bah Humbug Solo Nikkie Silk
All the World's a Stage Chapter 31 Thu Bronwen Welsh
Morning after the Night Before - Part 2 Thu Samantha Ann
Ashleigh Madison-Cassidy's Story part 2 Wed Ashleigh Madison
Robbie's Revelation Chapter 13 Wed Rebecca Jane
Somewhere Solo Leila
You Could Go Home Again, part 05 of 16 Wed Trismegistus Shandy
Tyler,Taylor Swop Days - Chapter 8 Wed Julie D Cole
Nena Book 4 *Four Star* - Part 8 Wed Maddy Bell
Breathing...Chapter 1 Wed Bailey Summers
Body Thief Solo Foxxe Wilder
Book 2 - The Reluctant Cheerleader Sat Melanie Brown
Hostage Solo Melanie Brown
The Ideal Image Solo New Author, Unknown_Person
It Won't Be Over by Christmas Solo Lindale
Learning How To Recognize Your True Soul Mate Solo Warm Hearted

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Alexa B-Side: Jenny & Debbie

“Jenny, come in please.” Dr. Debbie Burke said as she entered the waiting area for the office of the Program for Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota. The person she just asked to come back is not a patient, but the partner of one. Dr. Burke had tumbled into one of the most unique situations ever presented to the Program. A young man had begun to question his gender. That was not unusual. The unusual part was that at the same time, he and the girl entering the counselor’s office had begun a relationship.

Lucky Charm

The Lucky Charm

Chapter One: In the Beginning

Life can be strange, or, should I say, my life was strange. I suppose I should explain that. Not that it started that way,
or at least I didn't think that when I was a child. I was different from all the other kids, but I just didn't realize or
care for that matter. Hi, I'm George, and this is my story.

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Part 9

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Part 9
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 13 - David Adams spends his day in court.

“The 36th district court is now in session, the Honorable Patricia M. Jackson, presiding, silence is commanded, gentlemen please take off your hats.”

“I will have the first case, John.”

“State v. Adams, case number MFC-5769, here for trial, your honor.”


Jess Stone had breasts. He had been like this his entire teen life not quite fitting in anywhere that he had lived and at the same time he hadn’t really had the chance to. His folks moved around a lot with his dad being a hydrological engineer but they were slightly afraid of what might happen to Jess if he attended school. Some people just didn’t get it or wanted too. Jess was now attending a new school when he decided to change things...

Only it was everyone else that was getting changed!

by Bailey Summers

Copyright © 2012 Bailey Summers
All rights reserved.


Image Credit: anime couple

The Gift


This Christmas spare a thought for those who choose to help others. They have their own lives and issues that may run parallel to those they help.

(Warnings are for some bad language and references to "off screen" violence and possible sexual assault")

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

Big Sister Chapter 3

Big Sister Chapter 3

Thank you. Two years ago, a Joint Task Force consisting of the FBI, the US Department of Labor, US Department of Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement, as well as several other agencies initiated investigation after receiving information regarding several individuals, detained against their will in a small community just South of Tucson, Arizona. For the past several months, the Task Force had determined, that individuals had been transported to various other locations through out the US as part of a massive underground operation, spanning 7 states.

Searching for Love

We Never Break A Promise Chapter 7

We Never Break A Promise 7
Warm Hearted
Proofed and edited by Catherine Linda Michel

Fiona, with Ged's arm around her, watched Willow sleep in the huge, four poster bed with loving smiles on their faces. Then Fiona said, "We have our baby back with us and the cursed promise that kept her from us was destroyed with that school of hers."

Gokachuu - Chapter 5

Fashion Girl - 15

Fashion Girl – 15

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2016)
(A shy college boy discovers a new life and along with it great friends, career success and maybe even a lover. This chapter concludes our story.)

Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 13

Sunday Morning Pantyhose XIII
Tracy Davis

This is a true story of how my Mom feminized me as a teenager. She had caught me wearing her pantyhose the summer before seventh grade. I got the surprise of my life the first Sunday of junior high, when she started encouraging me to wear them, and then it was all downhill from there. -- Tracy

Family is.. everywhere [4.7]

ourIceMain.jpg See the past, see the present, predict the future.
We all do it, some of us are just better at it then others.
Some people get an unexpected helping hand in that department though apparently, whether they want it or not?

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Eris admitting that she likes her current incarnation.
John trying to apologise
(after having a long 'talk' about his not-so-recent behavior)
and Hannah finds some new things to focus on for her sanity's sake if nothing else.

Selene Chapter 4

Miss Karen: “Yes about that, Mr. Johnson forgot to tell you but shorts or skirts above the knee isn’t allowed in the restaurant we’re going to tonight either. I’ve been going around telling people they need to change before we leave in 30 mins.” With this she takes a better look at what we’re wearing to see if we need to change, Yuki and Kim are told they’re fine, then she gets to me...

Selene Chapter 4

It Wasn't A Mistake - 05


It Wasn't a Mistake
by Tiffany B. Quinn

How bad can things get? In his darkest hour, Jerry finds out that his life has been one big character test... And he passed!

Its time to retire.

Chapter Five: Making the Retirement Decision

Prom Changed Everything Part 1

Note from the author: I've had this piece sitting around collecting dust for a while because I'd kind of lost the muse that had been whispering sweet nothings in my ear and was worried it was starting to become stale and monotonous the more I worked on it. As of late, because of the work I've been doing and the positive reception I've received from what I've posted so far here, I've been finding myself somewhat inspired to perhaps continue with it and sort of depart from the Whateley genre temporarily so I don't get myself stuck in a rut with it.

Unlikely Quarterback – 19 Elaine Rising

Unlikely Quarterback – 19
Elaine Rising

Bryce Royce learning he’s androgynous, says I’m Elaine…
Being Elaine not the boy Bryce, should be okay,
Except Bryce is Mr. Royce’s boy and a football player!
…Bryce/Elaine became an unlikely Quarterback;
…now moving to be seen fully Elaine.

Footprints In The Sea 15 and 16

Footprints In The Sea – Chapters 15 & 16

By Frances Penwiddy

Copyright © Frances Penwiddy 2015

Footprints in the sea is a work of fiction and any similarity to persons living or dead is coincidental.

This novel is not considered suitable material for minors and is rated X

I suggest you read Footprints In The Sea in chapter order so if you haven’t read Chapters 1 and 2, please do so.

Room 1408

After receiving a post card in the mail, Mike, a hard-core haunted house enthusiast, decides to check out the supposedly haunted Room 1408 at The Dolphin Hotel in NYC. What he quickly discovers is that no man ever leaves Room 1408.

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Prologue

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

They say that home is where the heart is. Well, this is the beginning of a story of a heart finding its true home.

The violence portrayed here is key to the story, it forms the basis for the two main characters meeting at this stage in their lives.


Educational Justice -chp7

Educational Justice


Maria DeMarco never thought that she would find trouble amongst her many businesses. After all they were the public face of where her money came from. She was after all a retired Prima Ballerina and like most such women she invested her money wisely. But trouble she did find and in the one place she would never have thought to look. One of the schools she loves and sponsors. Can the Black Badge Deputies ferret out the people behind the troubles before Gemini has to deal with Gym Class?

by Snowfall and Jessie Wolf.

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, and AJC Snowfall.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Turnabout Part 3

Jessica and Dan continue to learn about life in the other shoes - the good, the bad and a whole lot more...

When I woke up and looked over, Jess was up and looking at me. "Hey beautiful," she said, giving me a kiss.

"That's a wake-up call," I smiled. I had gotten used to her calling me beautiful. At first, it felt weird and mocking. Now it felt normal. "What time is it?"


"How long have you been up?"

"About an hour," she said.

"Why didn't you wake me? Weren't you bored?"

"I read the paper. Besides you looked so sexy lying there. “ I was wearing a teal satin nightie with lace around the neckline and hem. I had put it on the night before when we made love. “I can't believe you can sleep in that."

Time to Fly Chapter 1&2

“Who am I? Where am I? How am I living? How am I surviving?”

I ask myself those questions every day. Some days I feel like I have an answer to that question but other days it's not so certain.

Life drags you in many different directions. So many in fact that it can almost seem impossible to come to terms with who you are inside.

I’ve never been one for being outside. Most of my days I spend my time looking at the many books my family owns.

Meeting of Minds - Chapter 15

Originally posted to Classic BC July 29, 2004

.An "Old Friend" shows up, and someone looses their head - literally. The end of Act 1..

Rollin' Home
(And Then There Were Four)

by Dana Short

========================== ==========================

Shadowsblade: Dead ringer part 1

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and

In this chapter...Change

This is the chapter some of you have been waiting for! But it's in three parts to keep it easier to read


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