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1 Twice Removed... 16    Fri   Amethyst
2 Among the Val Kyr part 15    Thu   Morpheus
3 I, monster. chapter 2.    Thu   Nagrij
4 Patriot Games - Chapter 23 - One Last Trip Home    Thu   Marina Kelly
5 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2475    Thu   Angharad
6 Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 17    Thu   Bailey Summers
7 Auntie Av and the Bubble Witch    Thu   Rhona McCloud
8 The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 16    Wed   Rhona McCloud
9 I Can't Make You Love Me - 3    Wed   Drea DiMaggio
10 The Last Water Nymph Chapter 2    Wed   Shin Eris
11 The Bride's Groom Chapter 3    Wed   Shin Eris
12 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *11* Dance Away    Wed   Maddy Bell
13 The Topshelf Mash    Wed   Kate Hart
14 I Wish Book 2: Chapter 3    Tue   Amethyst
15 Damselfly 3.4 Jeans    Tue   Erin Halfelven
16 A Longer War 20    Tue   Cyclist
17 Sisters Forever~6    Tue   Susan Brown
18 Training Stories    Tue   Alys Prince
19 Caught and Out    Tue   Alys Prince
20 Tamara's Debut - Chapter 10    Tue   Shiraz
21 The Unusual Clownfish Part-8    Mon   Enemyoffun
22 The Art of Being the Imp part 1    Mon   Morpheus
23 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 10    Mon   Ryker
24 The life and times of Mackenzie Somerset part 2    Mon   Raff01
25 Julina of Blackstone - 037 - Honour And Dishonour    Mon   Julia Phillips
26 Twisted Throwback, part 12 of 25    Mon   Trismegistus Shandy
27 Unaccounted Gains Book 2 - Chapter 9    Mon   Shiraz
28 The Mysterious Ms. Stevenson    Sun   New Author, Jodie Anderson
29 Hidden Gifts - 19    Sun   Annette
30 The Model - Part 1    Sun   Melanie Brown
31 Debriefings 17    Sun   The Rev. Anam Chara
32 Aunt Caroline's Girdle    Sun   Pamela
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Twice Removed... 16

Xia Phar had a good life for a human on Saer’kah. She didn’t wear a restriction band and the Saer’khi family that had raised her since the Migration treated her like one of their own. Others humans on Saer’kah though had no reason to love the Saer’khi . At least Xia had some semblance of freedom. So when the humans decide to rebel against the Saer’khi and she discovers the real reason for the presence of humans and other aliens on Saer’kah Xia decides to take action. Enlisting the help of her family and her friend Tarek she forms a plan to get everyone out of the alien barracks without arousing suspicion and get them off Saer’kah on one of the newly built colony ships. Sounds pretty easy right? Now Tarek’s crush on her is the least of her problems and leaving Saer’kah is just the beginning.


Twice Removed
Chapter 16

*Don’t worry Xia, I’ll keep in contact the whole time and help you both through it. You should be fine though,* she assured me, *it’s just like flying, you just use more telekinesis and don’t use your wings.*

Being Transgender is the Least of My Worries

Being Transgender is the Least of My Worries
By Drew Miller

What do you do when you come to savor the peace and contentment of living a life true to yourself, only to have it ripped away? How do you move on? Can you move on? Katie, the main character, must find a way by turning her pain into something positive.

Patriot Games - Chapter 23 - One Last Trip Home


This is a fictional chronicle of a normal hardworking guy named Jack. The federal government made him an offer he couldn't refuse. All they asked was for Jack to go undercover to help the U.S. Government ensnare a terrorist.

Any resemblance of the characters depicted in the story to actual individuals is coincidental. All events are the sole responsibility of the author. None of the scenes in this story depict minors engaged in any sexual encounter.

This story has been previously posted on other sites. It is being posted here with a strong rewrite; some new chapters have been added. I had my BFF Monica Rose edit the material so it should be more readable. -- Marina

We know that some of the characters presented here are unlikeable or appear to be unbelievable. That is the point though. People grow and learn through their experiences. And there is always hope for justice and punishment.

Marina: [email protected]

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 17

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 17


We eat and watch Stardust on my laptop since apparently it was in the DVD drive as if that wasn’t like telling and even the parents raised an eyebrow at that and made me blush and soon after that they have to head home with their actual RL stuff going on and everything like work and Dad has a long drive to go and get Nova…Uhm Kaitlyn tomorrow and me…well I start going through my laptop trying to figure out just exactly what Shawn was like and where Sarah was hiding in all of the stuff here.

It’s thanks to password saves on my Firefox that I get into Shawn’s Facebook and E-mails.

Oh…that was a mistake.

*And Now…

I Can't Make You Love Me - 3


by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Look at you how well you've done so far
look at where you're standing who you are
and all our moments good and bad forever in my head
wish we could go back just once and laugh at things we said

The Bride's Groom Chapter 3


My name is Albell Sentnaria. I am a 4th generation boy of the famed Sentnaria merchant family. Unlike other merchant families, my family is incredibly poor. So when someone of high birth offered a large sum to my family in exchange for marrying me to his child, my family jumped at the chance.

Now here's my dilemma. I'm betrothed to the prince of the kingdom, who has a weird taste in brides. Depending on how I seduce him, I will either have him as my bride or he will have me as his bride. To make matters worse, I will have to seduce him, who will be crossdressing as the princess of the kingdom while crossdressing myself as a young girl. Why me?!!!

The Bride's Groom Chapter 3
A tale of crossdressing love between two straight boys.

By Shinieris

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *11* Dance Away


Chapter *11*
Dance Away

“You on?”

“Huh?” it's not bad enough I've been dragged to Jess's room where I'm stood here in my undies but now she's talking gibberish.

“You're wearing a pad.”

On? Oh right, “Just some spotting.” I allowed, which isn't a lie.

I Wish Book 2: Chapter 3

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 2
Chapter 3

“There will be even more to celebrate after we stop in at the precinct,” Annie added with a smile.

A Longer War 20

That night was the start of so much more than a ride in the back of a bread van. Once Tricia and I had broken the ice, it seemed as if her personality had expanded. The films we went to see in the cinema were in colour, more often than not, and so was she. Courting back then was different from what it would become only fifteen to twenty years later, and also from what it had been during the war. It wasn’t the formal dance it had been for Mam and Dad, but it wasn’t a headlong dive into intimacy.


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