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A Day Without Pain

A Day Without Pain

A Hatbox Short by Melanie E.


"It's the least we can do."

That's what they had said when they had come into his hospital room, clipboards in hand and curious, though not unkind, looks in their eyes.

It was natural for those who were healthy to be curious about the dying after all, and that was exactly what he had been doing, slowly and agonizingly, for the last three years.

It had started out innocuously enough, with a twinge in his temple when he would stand up or turn his head too quickly. The twinge had turned to a spike, and the spike into a burning lance, piercing his head with every movement.

For years he had devoted his life to becoming one of the most promising young talents in the computer technology world.

He felt it somewhat ironic that he would die not being able to stand looking at a monitor for more than five minutes without a morphine drip in place.

Quest for the Silver Cleric

Quest for the Silver Cleric


by Dorothy Colleen



"When the Empire was in flower, the Weres came to fight. The Sea-folk were threatened, and The Dead ruled the night. The situation hopeless, the battle was as good as lost. Then the Silver Cleric came to save us, no matter what the cost.”

And when the troubles returned, the Sea-folk reached across time and space to find a very special person, someone both male and female, to find to rid this strange world of darkness, oppression and misery.

Danica finds herself in a strange world with new languages, cultures, personalities and challenges on a quest to find The Silver Cleric.

Ma Cherie Amour

Ma Cherie Amour









Lea and Zack are twins. They want to spend their last summer before college together, because Lea is going off to an all-girls college. Their mother finds the perfect job for them as nannies at a lake cottage, perfect except the woman is looking to hire two girls.


TransGenderElla book cover

An old fairy tale turned on it's head;

All transgenderella wants is to be herself and go to the ball, but her evil stepmother has other ideas. When Transgenderella stands her ground, insisting that it's time to come out, she is torn down and left crying in her room as her two stepsisters are whisked away to the palace. With the aid of her fairy not-quite God Mother, Transgenderella is transformed into the woman she always was, but is that enough to bring her happiness.

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Justice or Vengeance -chp12 Tue WolfJess7
Gene's Story or How I Gained a Cousin Chapter 59 Tue Karen Lockhart
A Matter of Fact: pt 3 Tue Camospam
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The Singer Tue Commentator
The Heir--Or, The Unusual Path to CEO... Book 2: Junior Year ~... Tue Shauna
Elven Tales Book 1 Part 1 Tue Branek
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 3019 Tue Angharad
Missing Person Tue Nom de Plume
New World Epidemic - Chapter Two Tue Miranda Sparks
Odds and Ends (part 2) Tue Elrod
Masks 10: Part 9 Tue Stickmaker
The Amazons : I became a Amazon Cheerleader ( part 3) Mon Lethaldaza
Looking for Light Solo Drea DiMaggio
Vengeance Solo Ellie Dauber
Not Another Word 26-31 (Finale) Mon Commentator
Hannah is.. safe [2.17] Mon Nessa M
Change Of Heart Chapter 14 Mon Barbie Lee
Book 2: Junior Year ~ Part 6 Mon Shauna
Mind Games Book 3 Mon Paradox
Ashley, part 8 Mon Debbie V
The Purple Tulip 7 - The first skirmishes Mon Kristin-V
It's Just a Skirt Part-10 (Conclusion) Sun Enemyoffun
Designer Children Chapter 3 Sun OneShot20XX
Defiant Sun Licorice
Gaby Book 12+1 Chapter *25* Just Another Day Sun Maddy Bell
Hired Girl Sun Erin Halfelven
Big Top Sun SinComics
ups and down is a part of every love story 02 Sun CuteKeira
A Doll's Life - 3 Sun Katherine Day
Alternate August Contest: Breaking Tradition Solo efindumb
Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 7 Sun babyjennie
The Promotion Chapter 09: Miss Zita the seamstress. Sat Blair Winsley
Art Project – 11 Gaining Roots new and Old Sat Jessica C
A New Job Twist Part 10 Sat M. Gorman
What Milsy Did -13- Sat Penny Lane
The Station's Late Nite Princess -chapter 03 Fri Snowfall
Vector -4- Hunger? Fri Lainie Lee
The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth... Fri Lethaldaza
Misstaken Identity Fri Nom de Plume
Left at Eden - Chapter 3 Fri Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
A Perfect Fit Solo Optimizer
Wish You Could Solo Drea DiMaggio
Alexa Chapter 1: The Great Experiment Fri New Author, Kris Traverse
Where No Man has Gone Before Chapter 10 Thu Mopar
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Part 1 Thu Barbara Lynn Terry
A Study in Satin - Part 2 - Chapters 5 - 8 Thu Tigger
All the World's a Stage Chapter 16 Thu Bronwen Welsh
My Mother hired a witch. Solo Blair Winsley
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

A Doll's Life - 3

A Doll’s Life - 3

By Katherine Day

(A chubby ‘tween’ boy who is fascinated by the magic of dolls is overwhelmed by lovely dreams of living a different, but beautiful new life. This story is told in three parts. Here is the concluding part.) (Copyright 2016)

Alternate August Contest: Breaking Tradition

My hometown is a boring place. It’s just like any other small town in the middle of nowhere. We have a single bank, a single general store, a single restaurant, a single theater showing a variety of movies, and we have a single doctor. We have everything you would expect from a small town. What sets us apart from every other small town is our peculiar tradition.

What could possibly be peculiar about our traditions? Well every year for one week we force students to wear the clothes of the other gender. Yes, our parents force us to crossdress.

Art Project – 11 Gaining Roots new and Old

Andrew’s attention deficit, being a bit spoiled and getting away with things finally caught up with him… Consequences of Andrews’s action have become Andrea’s blessing… Andrea is now the one most visible while Andrew is set on holding onto himself… Not all are so accepting of Andrea or the dual identity.

A New Job Twist Part 10

It would be a rare treat. We were escorted by two individuals from security up to the eleventh floor. There were two banquet halls on this floor. We were escorted to the banquet hall on the right. There was a welcoming committee to greet us at the door into the banquet. We received name tags with our female names on them. The tag also displayed our table number. Then, we walked into the banquet hall. It took me about fifteen minutes until I figured out where table # 7 was. As I approached two women stood up. The first to introduce herself was: Hannah Short.

What Milsy Did -13-

Milsy gets her badge, visits a glassworks and subsequently has to consult Rosilda. The second clock arrives and is wired up, the clocks are tested and news arrives from the far north which results in Milsy being released from her primary duty.

What Milsy Did

by Penny Lane

13 - News from the North

The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth and the Galaxy ( part 76)

By the year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after around 40yrs ago an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . Now at the age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this our story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else who I am now a woman with power.

76 Interrogation of the Resistance Leader Part 2

Left at Eden - Chapter 3

Left at Eden

Hailey knocked on the store's door, “Anyone awake in there?” she teased. “7-11 is supposed to always be open you know.”

“Sorry, we don’t serve crabs,” Vanessa said from the other side of the locked door. Ella gave a small twitch of her arm, causing her gauntlet to spark. To her surprise, the crab spread one pincer and gave a little spark right back at her. Then started to wander back to the beach with its friend.

A Perfect Fit

My dreams are always surreal, but very rarely involve sex of any kind. So, when the image that inspired this story cropped up for a few seconds one night, it stood out in later recollection. I decided that it just might be worth fleshing out... so to speak.

Where No Man has Gone Before Chapter 10

A Star Trek Next Generation based fan fiction novel

Reginald Barclay discovers that space is not the final frontier

Where No Man has Gone Before

Chapter 10: Tera part 1

Last Time

Lucy said, "I saw into your heart before Geordi, and I know you're just teasing me. You only love Regina, and that's why I
love you so much." She blushed, "both of you!"

The captain asked, "A very unusual shuttle craft, very small. What did you do with it?"

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Part 1

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Part 1
By Barbara Lynn Terry

(Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between this story and any real persons, living or dead, places, or things, is purely coincidental.)

Chapter 1 - Buying a new home.

A Study in Satin - Part 2 - Chapters 5 - 8

Unable to defeat the addiction-withdrawal syndrome of Moriarty's youth potion,
Holmes is running out of the drug, and faces madness and a horrible death.
Unwilling to concede victory to the Professor, he leaves England
in search of the one person who might still best Holmes' archenemy -

"THE Woman."

A Study in Satin
Part II: Veni, Veni, Vici
Chapters 5-8

by Tigger

Copyright © 2002,2013 Tigger
All Rights Reserved.

My Mother hired a witch.

My Pleasures Were (To Say The Least) Undignified

A classic story, extrapolated to modern times. The source material's been done to death, of course. A few have even taken it in the direction this story goes. But none have been terribly faithful to the original, and commercial considerations prevented them from following things to their logical conclusion.

The Ivory and the Ebony

“Hello. Can you hear me?” asked the young woman.

“Uhhhh,” moaned the figure lying on the ground.

“Lets get you up. You can’t stay here in the wet.”

It had been raining heavily for several hours and there were deep puddles everywhere.

She helped the Woman to sit up. Then she saw the bleeding. It was coming from a nasty gash on the side of the woman’s head.

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