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Quest for the Silver Cleric

Quest for the Silver Cleric


by Dorothy Colleen



"When the Empire was in flower, the Weres came to fight. The Sea-folk were threatened, and The Dead ruled the night. The situation hopeless, the battle was as good as lost. Then the Silver Cleric came to save us, no matter what the cost.”

And when the troubles returned, the Sea-folk reached across time and space to find a very special person, someone both male and female, to find to rid this strange world of darkness, oppression and misery.

Danica finds herself in a strange world with new languages, cultures, personalities and challenges on a quest to find The Silver Cleric.

Ma Cherie Amour

Ma Cherie Amour









Lea and Zack are twins. They want to spend their last summer before college together, because Lea is going off to an all-girls college. Their mother finds the perfect job for them as nannies at a lake cottage, perfect except the woman is looking to hire two girls.


TransGenderElla book cover

An old fairy tale turned on it's head;

All transgenderella wants is to be herself and go to the ball, but her evil stepmother has other ideas. When Transgenderella stands her ground, insisting that it's time to come out, she is torn down and left crying in her room as her two stepsisters are whisked away to the palace. With the aid of her fairy not-quite God Mother, Transgenderella is transformed into the woman she always was, but is that enough to bring her happiness.

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Grandpa's New Ride


Grandpa's New Ride

by Katie Leone

Grandpa has an old ride, ancient, a relic really; when he decides to change it for a new one, his grandson Scott jumps at the chance to join him at the auction. A fun sci-fi romp by one of BigCloset and DopplerPress's favorite authors.

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Title Code Author(s)
A New Job Twist Part 8 Mon M. Gorman
The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth... Mon Lethaldaza
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2955 Mon Angharad
Across the Pond Part 6 Mon efindumb
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Masks VI: Part 8 Mon Stickmaker
Anchored - Part 20 "Tit For Tat" Mon Shiraz
FEMAIL: The Complete Story Sun TGTrinity
Popeye the Sailor in 'Recipke for Disasker' or 'A... Sun Erin Halfelven
Geechie Mance - Ch 1 Sun waif
Gaby Book 12+1 Chapter *9* Stern Position Sun Maddy Bell
Happy Teen Babies Part 1 The Bad News Hits Sun Mario Cawhern
South of Bikini 4: Episode 2- Colonial Trade Sat R.G.Beyer
Voodoo Gone Wrong Sat TGTrinity
In Too Deep - II, Ch 2 Sat waif
Mana Fire - Chapter 22 Fri Kara Ryker
The Nightmare Rider - chapter 15 Fri Snowfall
Dressed by teacher Fri New Author, bc2016
Justice or Vengeance -chp4 Fri WolfJess7
Surrounded on Halloween Fri TGTrinity
Julina of Blackstone - 069 - Integration Fri Julia Phillips
Felicia's Second Life Sidestory #4 Thu Shiina Ai
Transformers Revisited Thu Roberta J Cabot
Gene's Story or How I Gained a Cousin Chapter 34 Thu Karen Lockhart
Ashley, part 6 Thu Debbie V
Little Girl-Boy 8 an Accidental Mistake Thu Mario Cawhern
The Disregarded Curse Solo TGTrinity
Rebirth: The Swimsuit Solo Kelly Blake
The Advisor - 5 Thu Katherine Day
All the World's a Stage Chapter 4 Wed Bronwen Welsh
JAMIESTORY: Chapter 1 Wed Natasa Jacobs
The Bright New Springtime of The soul Solo Theide
The Purple Tullip- Trapped in a game Wed Kristin-V
Princess Warrior - Part 3 Wed Melanie Brown
Letters From College Solo TGTrinity
Nothing Wrong with Being a Girl 2 Tue Ollie
DD Rides Again - chapter 6 Tue Penny Reed Cardon
The Return of Nevermore part 24 Mon Morpheus
Kamlai: Breaking her Chains Solo Licorice
Unlikely Quarterback – 5 Decisions, Decisions Mon Jessica C
Hannah is.. understandably tired. [2.4] Mon Nessa M
Mercy Chapter 11 Mon Dorothy Colleen
My Fathers Secret Part 16 Mon Sara UK
Call the Midwife: Rebirth Solo Drea DiMaggio
Life, Death, and Rebirth Solo waif
End of the Line Solo Melanie Brown
The Roles we play Solo Nessa M
Life lived twice Solo Kerry Brown
Between a Frock and a Hard Place. Solo Angharad
LIke a Woman Scorned Solo Charlotte Dickles

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The Bright New Springtime of The soul

It was getting to be about that time. The time of year when the world froze over and the cold settled into my bones to rest.

This winter would be different though. I had finally decided that I could no longer continue as I had for so long, trying to be who and what I was supposed to be when even my life cycle differed from most around me. Oh sure, there were other magical creatures out there… more of them than there are of the mindblind in fact but I wasn’t like most of them either.

The Purple Tullip- Trapped in a game

*_*_*_* Mike *_*_*_*
We both got our senses back about the same time. It felt weird, disorientation is just a word that hardly describes the complete loss of the "self". Next to me was a person. He was different. He looked extremely outdated in those woollen clothes, and his face was different, but by elimination and deduction he was Paul. I managed to stutter “Paul - is that you”, at the same time I was irritated that I was wearing a tent.

Letters From College

Letters From College.jpg"The Collector"
a Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

A collection of letters sent from Stuart to his High School sweetheart in 1998 that document his life changing time at Timber Grove Community College.

Author's Note:
This is the eleventh story set in the "Timber Grove" series, but it is a stand alone story that you can follow without having read any other stories in the series.

Story Themes:
Slow Transformation
Magical Transformation

The Return of Nevermore part 24

The Return of Nevermore part 24

In the Legacy Universe, there are very few villains who are as feared as Baron Nevermore. Now Nevermore has returned with a group of powerful allies, and the heroes will have to work together if they are to stand any chance of saving the world from this evil.

Kamlai: Breaking her Chains

A follow up to Shauna's "Thai Pie", following the ordeal of the unwilling kathoey "Kamlai". But it turns out that when anger rules action, the results are unpredictable at best, and the victim may not always be who you think.

Unlikely Quarterback – 5 Decisions, Decisions

Bryce Royce, as he was raised, was androgynous though it was eleven before he was told…
Sometime later, Bryce started to see and believe she was Elaine. …That would have been okay,
if Mr. Royce wasn’t so set on Bryce being a boy and a football player… Bryce tried to please
His abusive dad to gain his love, hoping his father would reciprocate.
His dad’s dream comes true, kind of… Elaine insists now is her time too.

Hannah is.. understandably tired. [2.4]

ourIceMain.jpg Coming home can mean a lot of things, some of them are frustrating.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Sarah not actually being present AGAIN
(no exceptions this time, she's just being lazy)
And Hannah faces her rematch with the shower monster by thinking tactically.

Mercy Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Author's note: Sorry this chapter is so short.

“Do you think she’s ... like Brand?” Faith asked.

“It doesn’t appear to be the case. She’s described as a warrior, but not out of control. I’ll know more when I meet her.”

“Well, if she decides to come, I’d like to meet her.”

“We’ll have to see. Her name is Vantier, by the way.”

Faith’s stomach rumbled, and Mrs. Carson smiled.

“Sounds like you need to get some food.”


Call the Midwife: Rebirth


based on characters from Call the Midwife; a BBC period drama series about a group of nurse midwives and Anglican Sister Nurses working together in the East end of London in the late 1950s and early 1960s, The series is based on the Memoirs of Jennifer Worth

Life, Death, and Rebirth

The Roles we play

Life lived twice


Life Lived Twice
By Kerry Brown
Originally posted 2010-05-17 22:39:33

How many times have we heard some one say “If I only had my life over it would be different” but if we could force our lives to be ‘reset’ without losing any of the memories we had, how would we handle it and what changes would we select before pressing the button.

Between a Frock and a Hard Place.

Between a Frock and a Hard Place.
By Angharad.

Jack Chesney and his friend Rob Harries were dining out that fateful night. Normally they found it hard to meet the rent let alone a surplus for luxuries like eating out, but Jack had won five hundred pounds on the lottery which paid his share of the rent for two weeks and enabled them to go for a basic meal in a local pub—just something that wasn’t a two quid microwave meal from a supermarket like they usually ate.

“That woman is looking at you, Jacko,” said Rob quietly.

“Which one?” asked his scrawny companion.

LIke a Woman Scorned


The women's self-help group was dedicated to making men suffer for their marital sins, and what more fitting humiliation could there be, than to force them to be the kind of woman they most desired. When the narrator wakes up as a Dolly Parton look-alike, he expects the worst, but actually gains more than anyone could possibly have imagined.

This story was originally published on Fictionmania in 2003 under my other nom de plume of Marianne Nettes. It is posted here virtually without modification. It's basically a light hearted story with lots of sex of all types. Please don't read it if that is not to your taste. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy!

Contests and Other Features

Outwardly Perfect

We (Amy and Liam and I) have spent a wonderful week with a friend. A friend who came down to help just in case Amy was "laid up" after her surgery.

Amy's surgery went fine, recovery has been excellent and as a result we've manage to be out and about doing things most days.

We've been to flea markets, friends houses, the condo pool, and even had friends over for hot dogs and conversation, twice in fact.

It's been a wonderful week, a great Memorial Day weekend, even if we didn't really plan it that way.

Milsy Slowdown

Although I've managed to get the preceding chapters of What Milsy Did out in a reasonably prompt fashion, it looks like I won't be able to keep that pace up.

Various Real Life issues including but not limited to health, family and house need my attention and so there will be less time for writing.

Sorry, folks.


A general question on, I suppose, a health issue.


Let's talk pierced ears.

More specifically, pierced ears that have now 'healed' up and the 'channel' through the earlobe is blocked since the skin has grown over the hole back there behind the earlobe. Probably due to the hole not being properly doctored after an allergic reaction to non-'pure' metals.

(Any other reasons that this could happen will be gratefully considered!)

Are there any dangers in getting it re-pierced?

Either the body's reaction or considerations for the piercer.

one reason why I love this site

As a writer and a reader, I get frustrated when people excuse bad writing because the end product was marketed to a specific group.

Like saying "its just for kids" or "Its just for teen girls" isnt an excuse to not try and make a good story.

When it comes to trans fiction, the excuse is usually that its intended for the small number of guys who have a trans fetish.

the Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth ( part 21)

By the year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after around 40yrs ago an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . Now at the age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .this our story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else who I am now a woman with power

21 Supreme Commander Katelynn Amazon commander

Across the Pond Part 5

After being cooped up in the estate the four finally hit the city and enjoy it as only Finns can. Mr. Smith has some important meetings cementing his position regarding Nigel, Nichole, and the new family members. Ethan gets a taste of the downside of siblings and the Smiths finally see the man they have heard so much about.


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