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1 Sisters Forever~9    Mon   Susan Brown
2 Tamara's Trials - Chapter 52    Mon   Shiraz
3 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2605    Sun   Angharad
4 Charlotte, part 9    Sun   Debbie V
5 Mathew's Secret Desire - Chapter Three    Sun   Daphne46
6 Secondhand Life - Part 26    Sun   Kat Walker
7 The PomPom Fortress chapter 2    Sun   Snowfall
8 It's Simply Not Cricket! - Part 18.    Sat   OES
9 Embracing Justice -chp 7    Sat   WolfJess7
10 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 5 - Butterfly in the Dark    Sat   Snowfall
11 bonducted    Sat   Sorceror
12 A New Start in Life part 20    Sat   Christina H
13 Caught in the Act    Fri   Jessica C
14 Honey Bunny: 10    Fri   Louise Anne
15 Krystal's Flight    Fri   Kiste
16 Danielle's tale - Chapter two    Fri   Kiste
17 Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 8    Fri   Freyja Celeste
18 Jessie's Ride Chapter 5    Fri   GypsyWoman
19 Girly Gurl Salon Alexis Part 3    Thu   FrancescaTG
20 Land of My Heart - Chapter 27    Thu   Bronwen Welsh
21 Vanilla Sky…Part 10. The Finale    Thu   Bailey Summers
22 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 32    Wed   Ryker
23 Uniform Treatment - 2    Wed   Alice Digsit
24 imagine (repost)    Wed   Sorceror
25 The Knights of Death chapter 4    Wed   WolfJess7
26 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *34* Tested Out    Wed   Maddy Bell
27 Jamie's Story: Chapter 13    Tue   Natasa Jessica
28 Sisters 43    Tue   Cyclist
29 Masks Chapter 42    Tue   Bailey Summers
30 Mission Imp-probable part 2    Tue   Morpheus

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Masks Chapter 42


He looks at Dad and they guyshake and there’s that tactile Guylepathy going on between them as they’re doing whatever mysterious thing that Men do when greeting and accessing other men.
I’m like lost about that because hockey or not all I’ve ever really been every able to do is like fake it.
And almost like he read my mind…Becky’s Dad looks at me and then at my dad.
“I thought you just had boys.”

Mission Imp-probable part 2

Mission Imp-probable part 2

The Imp is an infamous art thief and super villain, and after a year long sabbatical, she's back in the game and out to prove that she still has what it takes. However, her latest heist soon proves to be a huge pain in the tail.

This is a non-TG story that takes place in the Whateley Universe. This is also the second story about the Imp, with the first being The Art of Being the Imp. I plan on posting the new updates to this site a week after each one is posted on the official Whateley site.


Veronica Carter is an amoral young gold digger who wants it all, but when she breaks into the safe of her fiance's elderly grandmother she finds an item that might make her rich but will exact a terrible price. A female to female transformation.

This story is one of six stories in the compilation, Talons of the Hawk by Emma Finn, a book of transformation and body swap stories available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


Texas Gal


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----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

David is a young boy who is forcibly introduced to cross-dressing by his sisters, and their friends.
This experience quickly changes his life, as he discovers what has been missing in his short life, for so long.

Texas Gal

by C.Sprite
Copyright© 2011 C. Sprite
The following 3 chapters are the last known chapters of Crystal Sprite's saga Texas gal. It stands incomplete.
The rest of the story may be found here on Storysite: Crystal Sprites Texas Gal

Candy and the Firestorm

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Candy and the Firestorm

By Ceri

Copyright© 2008 Ceri
I might not quite be ‘blue eyed murder in a size five dress’, but I'd definitely ‘hit the ground running’.

Admin Note: I would like to point out that this author has written a wider variety of fiction including several historical fiction pieces which are of note to you historical TG fiction buffs! Please check out Ceri's other works to fully appreciate this author's writing style! ~Sephrena

Contests and Other Features

Looking for

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Whilst reading Blog entries within the last 2 weeks I saw a link to an authors web page.

The Blog entry had a help request for I think for something to do with email or feed back within a website, something I know nothing about, but this was why the link was included in the comment section.

I began to look at the site in question. I had thought I added to my favourites, as this seems to be wrong, I am at a loss.

Its been a tough week


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Well, I finally made it to the end of a really tough week. My job was very physically taxing all week, getting ready for this move is stressing me, and my spiritual struggles meant I was emotionally drained all the time.

Ah, well. Maybe next week will be better ...

Help Requested

Quick Question for my Fellow Publishers:
I have seen many authors and or publishers have a sign-up page to get updates sent via email when a new eBook is released. I was wondering if any of you have such a system in place, and if so, how did you set it up?
Right now, I publish the release of new Kindle books on our various TG community sites, but I know that a HUGE advance get our books directly from Amazon, essentially by " stumbling" on them. I was hoping to add a "sign-up" list to announce new Kindle ( and hopefully other formats soon ) releases.

My Dream


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Hello. I am new here although I have been reading blogs and fiction on BCTS for several years now. I have finally convinced myself it was time to create a persona.

I almost never remember my dreams, so when it does happen it is significant. I recently had a dream that I remember, and I think it holds special significance to the general subject matter of this site. If any of you are into interpreting dreams, this one should be pretty easy IMO. This dream is also the catalyst for creating a persona here on BCTS. I just had to share it with you all.

Funds Needed for BC


It's been a month since we last asked for funds but we will be needing some before the end of the month to pay some bills and keep our internet connection and stuff like that.

You can give us a gift through Amazon Hatbox or through or P**P** link on the Janglewood page. PM me for a mailing address or other means to help support us.

It's been quite a month, and I thank you all for helping keep us going.

The PomPom Fortress chapter 1

Xq-28 It has begun


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I am not going to give you too much information on this. You need to Google "Xq-28". There are enough articles out there to give a range of opinion. It appears that the "Gay" genes are being isolated and that as this occurs, transgender genes are sure to follow.

AND, I have often thought that perhaps I was simply Gay?

It's going to happen for us, I just know it.


Some Companies Will Stand UP

Kohellet (Ecclesiastes) 4:1 (Art Scroll translation):

I returned and contemplated all the acts of oppression that are committed beneath the sun: Behold! Tears of the oppressed with none to comfort them and their oppressors have the power-- with none to comfort them.


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Scarpe Gucci sono una delle scarpe popolari che si possono vedere nel mercato di oggi. Gucci ha fornito l'abbigliamento di moda di alta qualità per diversi anni. Queste scarpe sono realizzate in materiali di altissima qualità e garantiscono la migliore qualità. Il marchio è molto popolare per le sue coppie di lussuose ed eleganti di scarpe. Possedere un paio di scarpe di Gucci è un segno di fama e ricchezza.


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