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1 Liliths son Chapter one    Sun   New Author, Jennifer Reed
2 Undercover! ~ 1    Sun   Shauna
3 The Princess ~ 3    Sun   Shauna
4 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2501    Sun   Angharad
5 Secondhand Life - Part 1    Sun   Kat Walker
6 Unaccounted Gains Book 2 - Chapter 17    Sun   Shiraz
7 Dead Ringer - Part 12    Sun   Kat Walker
8 Summer of Love - Part 7    Sun   Kat Walker
9 For Friends and Family Part 21    Sun   Christina H
10 Little Boy-Girl 10 Marie and Missy are born and Michael finds his sisters part 2    Sat   Mario Cawhern
11 I Can't Make You Love Me - 5    Sat   Drea DiMaggio
12 Raven's Blood: Chapter 9    Sat   Amethyst
13 Think Like a Man - Chapter 4    Sat   Julie D Cole
14 Ilos Part 5    Sat   Tas
15 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 15    Sat   Ryker
16 Now I am become Death    Sat   New Author, souffle girl
17 Five Hertz of Separation    Sat   Meps98
18 Tamara's First Christmas - Chapter 1    Sat   Shiraz
19 Twisted Throwback, part 18 of 25    Fri   Trismegistus Shandy
20 The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 30    Fri   Rhona McCloud
21 Choices - Chapter 21    Fri   Sherryann44
22 Among the Val Kyr part 23    Fri   Morpheus
23 School Time for Death chapter 11    Fri   WolfJess7
24 The Craigslist Killer Part Three    Fri   Nom de Plume
25 Patriot Games - Chapter 25 - An Education Begins    Thu   Marina Kelly
26 Un-Tuck-ing Believable    Thu   Rasufelle
27 Brief Encounter    Thu   SamanthaMD
28 Julina of Blackstone - 039 - Time To Say Goodbye    Thu   Julia Phillips
29 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *15* Shop ‘til You Drop    Wed   Maddy Bell
30 Sisters Forever~7    Wed   Susan Brown
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *15* Shop ‘til You Drop


Chapter *15*
Shop ‘til You Drop

It took some effort but I did finally get my intent into Manda's bonce.

“Why didn't you just say?”


“Where've you guys been?” Sal queried when we found them a few minutes later.

“I needed to pick up some supplies.” Mand supplied showing them the box in her basket.

Sisters Forever~7

I was in hospital for a total of three days whilst the medical ‘experts’ tried to work out what was wrong with me, if anything. On the second night at approximately 2.30 at the morning, I awoke suddenly....

Sisters Forever ~ Chapter 7

By Susan Brown

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 14

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 14


“So they are camped close?”
He looks at us and he nods. “It’s the only explanation; there must be a murderhole close by.”
I look at him. “A murderhole?”
Hawk was drinking from one of our skins and she passes it to me. I take it and drink. It’s wild cherry wine from one of the places we were at. The liquor is welcome.
“Goblins live in the mountains, or under them, they hate the sunlight it hurts their eyes so they live in the darkness and in caves. We usually end up following their ranges and know where their territories are at but every once in a while they’ll dig, they’ll join cavern to cavern to underground streams and the like until they can get passed our lines and then they’ll amass a large raiding force…that place is called a murderhole.”
I take a few more drinks but pass it back because my body is wanting me to drink it all and that wouldn’t be a good idea. I look at the others. “So what do we do? Do we go and track them? Do we look to our wounds and the horses? Do we move as fast as we can and try and warn others?”

*And Now…

A long time ago in a world far away (sort of)

I posted my very first novel "The Frozen Balance" here on BCTS, starting in 2009.

Recently Erin has been immensely kind and added the updated version that I submitted for the Amazon annual competition to the Hatbox. It's exclusively available there for the next six months (at least) as I wanted to offer something back to the site that started me on my journey and for the many friends, including the sister of my heart, who have so generously helped me along the way.


OK. Updates.

Hope I'm not TOO treading water here

Moving 'Dead Ringer' and Summer of Love along ever-so-slightly.

It feels more like a tease .... an appetizer without a meal.

....The meal's still on the stove...

I'm confident that it will still be a meal, but (much like the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner) it's more an aroma and a promise than the eventual fulfillment.

Still, I promise a fulfillment.

I just haven't worked out how to get from the bag-full-of-groceries to the inevitable food-coma yet, ;-)

But, I have no doubt that I WILL....


A Personal Request


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Hi Everyone. There have been a few times when I was in a jam and the wonderful users here @ BigCloset have helped me out immensely. Whether it was helping me buy a new mattress/boxspring for Bill and I when we were stuck in a motel during the mold cleanup, or helping me setup a fund to get a vehicle and get my life back on track, and even helping us come up with the security deposit for the apartment we are in.

So it's now that I come to you with my hat in my hand, and my heart in my throat, asking for help once again.

Little Boy-Girl Part 9 Marie and Missy are born And Michael finds his sisters Part 1

We were in the hospital when Marie and Missy came in to the world. The doctor said “It twin Girls” Melissa was so glad that she cried. “Finally two girls of my own after all this time” I said I know“ We know of the issues you were having while carrying them and all but we want to run some test to see how rare this disorder is.” I say how will you going to do that. “Blood test.” Well about that time a nurse came to get the doctor that is doing the test and said “There’s a young man about 10 years of age in the ER with something rare” I asked how rare.

Part 8 the Big Move

With the resent turn of events the Davis family, find out that the new twins babies that’s on the way might not survive. It’s been four months since the Kids birthday. The day we went to the doctor, he said “it might be best to move west.” We tell the kids about it and they say it might be good to move away. With time against us we pack what we’ll need right away and head off. Then have friends pack the rest and send it to us. Our stops on the way to rest are Alabama, Texas, Arizona and California our new home.

Little Boy-Girl 7 the Birthday Kids

Now that Samuel is living with us things have become better. But he goes by Sara Beth now. Melissa and I have been planning a big party for the girls and Junior. The big day is a week away and we said you can all have two friends over. Samantha and Sara Beth will be 14, Sabrina and Nicole will be 13, Jenny will be 12, Jamie will be 11 and Amber will be 10. And they’re all born the same day but a year apart. I know it is odd for something like this to happen but it did. But first the reason Samuel AKA Sara Beth is living with us now. But I’ll get back to the party later.

Little Boy-Girl 6 the Operation and Favor

As Samantha gets settled in. She asked if she can help with Junior. And said “I would like to ask you a few questions about Jamie as well.” Samantha asked why Jamie is so small for his age. Saying he should be like 4’4” but he’s only 3’9”. Come bath time Sabrina looks at Samantha and says it is Jamie’s bath time do you want to help. Samantha says sure but mom and dad says Amber is to get a bath as well.

Little Boy-Girl 5 the New Year Wish the Cousin

It was New Year’s Eve and we get a call. The call is from a cousin we knew of. But the way things went with the kids. Well they went bad to worst but we will get to that in a bit.

Little Boy-Girl Part 4 the Holidays

It was Halloween and all the kids where going out except for JR. Because there wasn’t any time to find him something. We talked about what Jr can go as but the answer was no to all the ideas. Then it was Jenny’s idea to dress him as a little girl and we thought about it. We said.

Jennifer Gable's death


I've a really sad story to tell. A young woman named Jennifer Gable, transitioned from a man years ago. That's the last time I will mention her as trans.

So, she was apparently a customer service rep for Wells Fargo, in Idaho. Wells Fargo hires anyone they wish as long as they can do the job. She attended Boise State, studying Art and Drama.

She unexpectedly dropped dead at work with an aneurism. Doubly sad is that her father had her hair cut and had her buried as a male.

"Conversations with a rattlesnake"

I am reading a very good book on recovering from trauma called "Conversations with a rattlesnake".

Its by former NHL hockey player Theo Fleury, and in the book he (along with therapist Kim Barthel) covers how to retrain your brain as you recover from your past.

The book contains some frank discussion of rape (Fleury was molested by his hockey coach), so gentle people prone to triggers will struggle at times, but it really is worth the read.

Sorry - had to go out this evening

I had to go to a colleague's leaving do so haven't had time to write Bike for tonight. Hopefully will be back to my usual boring self tomorrow to describe in tedious detail another few minutes in the life of Cathy and her family. Bonzi had offered to do it for me but the daft old bugger got shut out and was soaking wet when I returned from the restaurant. Why couldn't Whizz do it for me, I hear you ask, but her spelling and punctuation is worse than mine.


Little Boy-Girl 3 a New Home

After two months of being in the group home the day came they got to meet their new mom and dad. The twins were happy. Jenny, Jamie and Amber were kind of scared. But the new mom and dad said everything will be OK. Mr. and Mrs. Davis asked if there any problems.

Little Boy-Girl Part 2 the Group Home

It was the first night in the group home and Jamie was with the boys. While Sabrina, Nicole, Jenny and Amber where in a room with another girl. That first night was hell for Jamie because the way he acted. As you read in Nicole’s dream there dad was not coming home the way they hoped. When they got up the next day the group went to breakfast and they all ate together. Jamie told his sisters about his first night. So they went to Ms. Van Horne to tell her what happened. Ms. Van Horne said “a bed is open in the room you girls are in and I know about Jamie so there should be no problem.

Little Boy-Girl Part 1 the Dream

There was this boy named Jamie and he lived with his mom and four sisters. His dad was in the army away fighting for his country. His oldest sisters being 13 had to baby sit him and her three sisters. Well there mom was home when the call came in that her husband was not coming home. Well she told the kids and they started crying. Well the little boy wouldn't talk to no one. It was about two days later and he started having accidents at school. It was bad enough at home but he had protection there.

Little Boy-Girl Bios the Start

The twins age 8 Sabrina the first born and Nicole the second born. They both are kind, loving, sweet & smart. Those are the good things. Sabrina & Nicole both have nightmares at times waking up screaming & crying. Those are the bad things. Jenny age 7 the third born. She is like her sisters but is also outgoing. She sometimes has nightmares & night accidents. And can be moody the day after one. Jamie age 6 is the 4th born. He has a gender identity disorder. And sometimes wears Amber's clothes mainly pants, shorts & shirts that is.

I was interviewed


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Not too long ago I was contacted by someone from Poland about doing an interview. Can you imagine? Poland? Didn't know I made it there, guess I should put another thumbtack in the big map I have. Anyway, they run a pretty big blog and have interviewed a lot of notable people and decided to include me. I guess to some I'm a heroine. I hope I'm not too addictive.

If anyone cares, and I can't imagine anyone not caring, here is the interview link. Share a comment here and there.


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