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1 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 6: Volume 2: Chapter 01    Sat   Paul Cousins
2 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2727    Sat   Angharad
3 Lights, Camera, Action! Chapter 2    Sat   Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
4 Beyond the Tales Chapter 17    Sat   GypsyWoman
5 My Starbucks Obsession (Part 1)    Sat   Nina Adams
6 An Accidental New Life - Part 4    Sat   Mykhaila Ejensfell
7 the Amazons : the life and times of Izabella Patterson and friends part 5    Sat   Lethaldaza
8 The Enhanced: TRI - 29    Fri   Moongoddess
9 Frills-chapter 13    Fri   Snowfall
10 Jessica's Story - Part 14    Fri   Rachel Porter
11 Somewhere Else Entirely -133-    Fri   Penny Lane
12 Embracing Justice -chp 13    Fri   WolfJess7
13 The English Courtesan    Fri   Nancy Cole and Persephone
14 Michelle's Story - Part 9    Fri   Rachel Porter
15 The Might-Have-Been Girl Chapter 5    Fri   Bronwen Welsh
16 The Loves of Julie Pearson - 13    Thu   Katherine Day
17 Caught in the Act – 16 It's All Jessie    Thu   Jessica C
18 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 31 - Butterfly Games    Thu   Snowfall
19 Just Roll With It Part-2    Thu   Enemyoffun
20 Nikki, part 16    Thu   Debbie V
21 On Her Own Petard - part 23    Thu   Ceri
22 A personal history of mutation side story; the two R's.    Thu   Nagrij
23 Being Me - Part 10 - Pt1 - On Home Shores    Thu   Karin Roberts
24 Serving with Distinction: Chapter Two A Night to Last Eternity    Thu   Serving with TG
25 A Longer War 32    Wed   Cyclist
26 Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 15    Wed   Freyja Celeste
27 Lady in Waiting Part 6    Wed   Christina H
28 CyberRealm: Into the Underworld - Chapter 11    Tue   Ryker
29 Nowhere To Go... But Here - Chapter 3    Tue   Natasa Jessica
30 Nora and the Nomads, part 1 of 4    Tue   Trismegistus Shandy

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Nora and the Nomads, part 1 of 4

Nora had been terrified, in those first few days after the Divergence when everyone’s thoughts were leaking indiscriminately into everyone else’s, that everyone would treat her like a pariah once they knew about her.

Drabble Saga 1: How Could She Refuse?

Mother's Child - Chapter 2

Liam knew where his life was going, or so he thought until an incident at football practice turns into his worst nightmare. And the fun is only beginning.

I want to thank Maggie Finson and all the other authors for creating the Whateley Universe. This story is Fan-fiction and may not conform to Canon rules or timelines. I am only playing in their sandbox. I also want to thank Connected for all the editing work put in to turn my scratchings into a readable story.

Please note that all of the categories checked do not apply to all chapters. My goal is to post a new chapter weekly as I have written several ahead with publication pending a final grammar check.

I appreciate all the encouraging comments and Kudos. I understand now in a way I never did before how important these are to the authors. It kind of like being paid, so thanks. Don't be afraid to tell me if there are things you think could be improved. I'm new to this and want to learn to be a better writer.

The Curse of Womanhood, Part 4

And here's the next three chapters of The Curse of Womanhood. Sorry, I don't actually have much to say. Actually, that's not true, as I'm fidgeting around with another story, the next part will have to go up in two weeks time. The chapters for part 5 (13-15) are up on TG Storytime, but the final two/three chapters aren't, so I'm giving myself enough time to finish the story. If all goes well, the final part here will go up the same day as the final chapter over on TGS.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 22

I'm posting this earlier while I have some time. Atalanta starts her class assessments and meets Dr. Bellows for the first time. She also meets a group of bullies and ends up with more face time in security. And she make the acquaintance of Mr. Hawthorne! I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Contests and Other Features

She talks to Horses


Thinking about posting a story after I mentioned it and someone asked. It is NOT a life shift story. In other words, non transexual or transgender. I started it years back, forgot it until last couple days. It is a couple hundred pages long and NOT finished. I have more unfinished stories than I'm going to tell. I'm not even sure myself. Couple dozen? Who remembers the stories they wrote anyway? Start a story, real life calls, forget the story before I get back, and maybe remember it years later if something jogs the circuits in the mind?

The ironic downside to losing weight...


Blog About: 

In other words, after weeks of dieting and exercise, I've come to the unsettling realization that I was more passable when I was fat. (Less fat means my features are more angular and hence, less feminine). I essentially lost my best asset when I lost the weight, and earlier today, I suffered the consequences.

It was a good day. I'd been pretty good about trying to eat healthy and and at least cut down on the bad stuff, and the results are beginning to show. The weather was warmer than it's been over the past week, with the promise of it becoming warmer still tomorrow. All in all, nothing to complain about.

That's usually a danger sign. It's like an open invitation to God/Fate/the cosmos to give me their worst. And sure enough, that's exactly what happened.

the future has changed now eath is ruled by Amazon women part 12

In year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . At age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this my story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us

Chapter 11 the new Princess

A special birthday wish.....

I just found out that Smowfall is another year older and I wanted to shout "Happy Birthday!" from the rooftops, but I had to settle for this.

Here's wishing you a very special day Hon. Since mine is just after yours maybe next year we can get together and celebrate over a glass or two of wine.

Thank you for sharing your writing talent with me, and thank you for your insightful and supportive comments. They are greatly appreciated - even if I didn't get the kitten PJ's.

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 6: Volume 1: Chapter 08

The final chapter of Book Six, Volume One.

Pedro and Matthew find themselves in a reality they never thought would exist, let alone visit.

For they find themselves in the Laguna Negra reality, in the city of Santo Domingo, of the Dominican Republic.

Now, with Matt and Leigharch, these four men must navigate this strange, yet familiar reality.

And they are not the only ones to come this reality.

With the locals taking notice of these newcomers.

Blog Entry 28th August 2015- Get it Together!

I'm supposed to be writing the third chapter of Stephanie, but instead, I'm writing a blog post... Yeah. It's been a while, and I haven't thought of a song title yet to match to this post, but I'm sure I'll stick a link here eventually-

A Thank You to all who read "Headlights Girl."

To my amazed delight, my story, "Headlights Girl," has reached over 11,000 hits! I'm not certain this is from new people actually clicking on and reading the story or if it's the result of all the hits on it from old Big Closet and the new version getting totalled, but for whatever reason I am grateful to every single one of you who clicked on and read the story.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And Thanks too to whoever re-posted it so newer people could read it!

Catherine Linda Michel

Going Mainstream

Well, it seems the Transgender community has come of age and has finally gone mainstream. I wonder if the story below is related to the 26 August 2015 Reuters news story, 'Wanted: Transgender actors for Hollywood, little experience required?'


rose coloured glasses

so a very common theme i've noticed pop up in a lot of stories is that a mother character will be very supportive of a child's change while the father will be either neutral or against it. I'm curious why this is, since the opposite can be just as true. Are we as non-gender conforming individuals biased to believe that all mothers are very pure? I'm not sure that's true since there are so many stories where a mother forcibly feminizes her son, but curiously there is no father available in these stories.

looking for a story

Story about a brother and sister brother was always pick on at school so as they got older sister was getting tired of it so much that one day as the two of them was driving home she saw them she ran them over the brother loving his sister so much took the blame for it they found him guilty. Ended up on death row. The government knew he was innocent but had to make it look good they turn him into a girl. Hope some one remembers the story thank you.

Looking at upgrading to Gigabit Internet(questions).


I'm looking at upgrading to Gigabit Internet and had some questions for the even more intensive tech. people here, at least in terms of networking. So Piper and others..
First, is CAT5e cable backwards compatible with CAT5 devices if they don't support 1 gb. ethernet? I'm looking at my PS3 and on the Wiki page it says that it supposedly supports 1 Gigabit internet but it's Wiki. I'd just use CAT6 to futureproof it all but I get the impression it wouldn't hash with non-gigabit ports.

It kind of sucks


I wanted to blog. I really did. I wanted to talk about gender and the difference between being transgender and just thinking what would it be like to be the other gender. I'm sure many guys out there wonder what it would be like to be a girl. I don't think that would be the same as wanting to be a girl. Even Jeff Foxworthy does a routine about picturing himself as a woman.

The Amazons : life and times of Izabella Patterson and friends part 4

I was born in Derbyshire England I was a 14yr old out caster boy until I met a Amazon cheerleader who changed ever thing in my life forever my name Brendon at the moment this is my life my story to now on planet Amazonia Earth in year 2232

Chapter 4 new life as a cheerleader and school


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