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1 When tales come true chapter 2    Sun   GypsyWoman
2 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2653    Sun   Angharad
3 Charlotte, part 12    Sun   Debbie V
4 Room in Hell chapter 20.    Sun   Nagrij
5 Altered Fates; “The Bodyguard” Ch 16 of 16    Sun   Zapper
6 You're Looking At Country - Part 4    Sun   OES
7 Education in the Hills - chapter 35    Sun   Penny Reed Cardon
8 Drew's Meltdown - Chapter 12    Sat   Kate Hart
9 Bikini Beach: Of hopes and dreams, of friendships lost Part 1 of 2    Sat   ib12us
10 On Her Own Petard - Part 21    Sat   Ceri
11 Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 11    Sat   Taralynn
12 Secondhand Life - Part 29    Sat   Kat Walker
13 Testing Times - Chapter 7    Sat   Shiraz
14 Embracing Justice -chp 9    Fri   WolfJess7
15 Unaccounted Gains Book 3 - Chapter 16    Fri   Shiraz
16 Battle For Earth: Downfall (Chapters 1-5)    Fri   D.A.W.
17 Worth Fighting For - Post 5    Fri   K.T. Leone
18 Honey Bunny: 18    Fri   Louise Anne
19 A prisoner in my own mind 3    Fri   Sydney Moya
20 Imp 3: An Imp-Perfect World part 2    Thu   Morpheus
21 Laura, part 4    Thu   Debbie V
22 Our Way - Part 6    Thu   Lady Blaise
23 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 17 - TinselTown Takedown    Thu   Snowfall
24 South of Bikini 3: Episode 3- New Arrivals, New Era    Thu   R.G.Beyer
25 My other daughter 3    Thu   Sydney Moya
26 A New Start in Life part 34    Thu   Christina H
27 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 41    Wed   Ryker
28 It was a rainy day in 1982. : 12    Wed   Barbara Lynn Terry
29 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 4: Chapter 01    Wed   Paul Cousins
30 The PomPom Fortress chapter 12    Wed   Snowfall

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

A New Start in Life part 34

A New Start in Life Part 34

The Girls Mk2.jpg

A New Start in Life: After losing his family in a horrific road accident Stephen takes refuge in being Susanna part time. However a girl acquaintance visiting his flat accidentally discovers his secret.
Stephen then confesses that he wished that he could become Susanna and makes a very important decision that will give him the new start in life. He starts to live as Susanna with the help of his two best girl friends.

Whispers from the Void - Chapter 41

Whispers from the Void

by Ken Ryker

We are not alone.

There are forces out there beyond the vastness of space, existing in the realm between life and death. They are called archons, but they have been known by many other names: angels, devils, demons, spirits, ghosts, gods.

Among them, a young girl is thrust into a destiny she does not understand. Lead by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and wanted by a malevolent spirit, she will face unknown threats and find unexpected allies as she struggles to determine whom she can trust and whom she must deliver to a fate darker than the blackest night.

Chapter 41:
A New Light


Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 4: Chapter 01

Meet the Lowe brothers. Stan and Lewis Lowe. They are both seventeen and a half years old. And they seem to have both their lives on track.

They are both well mannered, polite teenagers. They both get along with each other. They both have friends.

They are both super-geniuses. They are both also in great shape. With them physical strength and abilities matching their intelligence.

They are in a high school that they like.

Both are well like by both the other students, and their piers.

They are making good grades. And they are both on college career paths for bigger and better things.

Stan's path is advancing in sports. And Lewis' path is math and the sciences.

Unfortunately, these two brothers are a pair of super-geniuses without a clue, of what is really going on.

And old family secrets, than the two brothers do not know about, are about to come back to haunt them.

To add to their problems, they do not know any real combat skills. And so, they will need very bit of wits, knowledge, and talents, to survive the adventure ahead of them.

Somewhere Else Entirely -129-

Garia and Eriana move out of the palace to make room for all the expected distinguished guests. On their return for lunch there are dispatches from the war to read before the first visitors arrive, which include an unexpected guest who has news of a different kind.

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

129 - Rulers with Strange Names

Julina of Blackstone - 044 - Plans Laid, Foiled and Actioned

Do things EVER go according to plan?

Julina of Blackstone
Her Chronicles, Book 2

by Julia Phillips

044 – Plans Laid, Foiled and Actioned

Caught in the Act - 8

Caught in the Act - 8

By Jessica C

No sooner are we through the door when Robbie comes bouncing up to us, “Mom Grandma Stephens wants Jessie over in the morning to go to church with her. She doesn’t need to wear her new dress to church but Grandma wants to see it after church.”

Maid to be a Man? Chapter 7

We Shall Fight On The Beaches...2

I blinked as I went outside. The sun was strong and it was relatively warm. There was a slight breeze and my dress flapped a bit-it was a strange but not unpleasant sensation. It was as if I was in a ghost town...

We Shall Fight On The Beaches...

Chapter 2

By Susan Brown

SRU: The Map

SRU: The Map
by: Ellie Dauber
© 1999

"Fred, I think we're lost." Almost as soon as Margie van Arndt said it, she was sorry. Most men won't admit that they'd messed up directions or misread a map, but Fred, well....

"I'm not lost," he said through clenched teeth. "This road is just the long way to Wheaton. It's such a nice day that I thought I'd --"

After School Nightmare

Yet another TG Storytime immigrant. Eventually, I'll be posting original stuff here, don't worry. This one came from a dream, but the dream was significantly more graphic, involving rape/murder and other such themes. As it stands, there's still murder in this story, at least implied (I can't remember if I actually showed the murders or not, it's been awhile and I'm tired as I post this here). If you like ghostly possession, this story is for you.


A Mother's Love

Originally, I wanted this to be as an homage for Mother's Day, but I couldn't complete it in time. Oh well, better late than never - Hope you enjoy!

A Mother's Love

By Anon Allsop

It had been five years since I stood on this small grassy hill, five years since I had said my goodbye to one of the best women I had ever known. Sighing, I looked down at the flowers in my hand and quietly placed them in the little vase that stood like a sentinel before the polished stone.

Contests and Other Features

Blog Entry 24th May 2015- Everybody Doesn't Love Charlotte?

The first story I ever wrote on BC was Charlotte- which came from an idea I had for a TG story where a boy wakes up one day as a girl, and along the way discovers that life as a girl has its own set of advantages that are much better than his previous life as a boy. The story has since expanded fairly dramatically- part 10 of the story even saw the protagonist undergo SRS- but it has always remained one of my least popular stories here on BC.

I made my boss tear up today

Well, I managed to make my boss tear up today.

See, I had my poem "Dear God" published in a free newspaper my church gives out, and to celebrate, I took a copy to my work and showed the store manager the poem.

She teared up, and asked if she could hug me ...

In honor of this achievement, I am going to post a link to the poem below:

Land of my Heart

I just finished reading LAND OF MY HEART BY Browen Welsh . I feel the need to post that if you have not read this story you need to give it a look .
The story starts with a young boy in Britain called "A Foreign Country" and the adventures there in to becoming a 50's Woman in the Australian out back .
VERY GOOD READ but you must start at the first story. KUDOS to Author .
Hugs to all Richie2

Altered Fates; “The Bodyguard” Ch 15 of 16

Current Situation:

Nevrast has been saved and the remaining Elves are migrating to Tumladen. Molly and Logan have traveled with their friends to the ruined watch tower and the Gate. Then tragedy struck when the giant spiders attacked the small group catching them by surprise. With Molly’s reason for staying in Arda gone will he return to Earth?

Author Note:

Bikini Beach: Of Hopes and Dreams.

For those that are interested I have reposted my story Bikini Beach: Of Hopes and Dreams, of Friendships lost.

This, for me was a major revision of corrections, a few additions and hopefully better writing.

So if interested take a look see. I hope to have the other half edited and done soon.

Link: Bikini Beach: Of Hopes and Dreams, of Friendships Lost Part 1 of 2



more good news from Canada!


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Two pieces of good news from Canada!

First, Parlament passes a bill to protect trans people:

Second, the Canadian Football league now has its first openly gay player:


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