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A Day Without Pain

A Day Without Pain

A Hatbox Short by Melanie E.


"It's the least we can do."

That's what they had said when they had come into his hospital room, clipboards in hand and curious, though not unkind, looks in their eyes.

It was natural for those who were healthy to be curious about the dying after all, and that was exactly what he had been doing, slowly and agonizingly, for the last three years.

It had started out innocuously enough, with a twinge in his temple when he would stand up or turn his head too quickly. The twinge had turned to a spike, and the spike into a burning lance, piercing his head with every movement.

For years he had devoted his life to becoming one of the most promising young talents in the computer technology world.

He felt it somewhat ironic that he would die not being able to stand looking at a monitor for more than five minutes without a morphine drip in place.

Quest for the Silver Cleric

Quest for the Silver Cleric


by Dorothy Colleen



"When the Empire was in flower, the Weres came to fight. The Sea-folk were threatened, and The Dead ruled the night. The situation hopeless, the battle was as good as lost. Then the Silver Cleric came to save us, no matter what the cost.”

And when the troubles returned, the Sea-folk reached across time and space to find a very special person, someone both male and female, to find to rid this strange world of darkness, oppression and misery.

Danica finds herself in a strange world with new languages, cultures, personalities and challenges on a quest to find The Silver Cleric.

Ma Cherie Amour

Ma Cherie Amour









Lea and Zack are twins. They want to spend their last summer before college together, because Lea is going off to an all-girls college. Their mother finds the perfect job for them as nannies at a lake cottage, perfect except the woman is looking to hire two girls.


TransGenderElla book cover

An old fairy tale turned on it's head;

All transgenderella wants is to be herself and go to the ball, but her evil stepmother has other ideas. When Transgenderella stands her ground, insisting that it's time to come out, she is torn down and left crying in her room as her two stepsisters are whisked away to the palace. With the aid of her fairy not-quite God Mother, Transgenderella is transformed into the woman she always was, but is that enough to bring her happiness.

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The Chorister Part 3 - Conclusion Fri Pentatonic
Meeting of Minds - Chapter 14 Fri Dana Short
Alexa Chapter 11: The Change Begins Fri Kris Traverse
Derby Day Surprise - Chapter 6 Fri Julie D Cole
The Station's Late Nite Princess -chapter 18 Fri Snowfall
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Masks 12: Part 13 Fri Stickmaker
Was it Worth it? Chapter 1 Fri Leila
Old friend, New love - 1 Fri Cheryl Bishop
Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 20 Fri babyjennie
A Summer's Odyssey IV Chapter 8 Thu Jennifer Sue
The Black Ring Thu New Author, TGFictionStv
Weddings and Reunions Part 16 Thu efindumb
The Fellowship Thu Debbie V
Hired Girl -4- Chinese Takeout Thu Erin Halfelven
Footprints In The Sea 13 and 14 Thu Frances Penwiddy
Bah Humbug Solo Nikkie Silk
We Never Break A Promise Chapter 6 Thu Warm Hearted
All the World's a Stage Chapter 31 Thu Bronwen Welsh
Morning after the Night Before - Part 2 Thu Samantha Ann
Ashleigh Madison-Cassidy's Story part 2 Wed Ashleigh Madison
Robbie's Revelation Chapter 13 Wed Rebecca Jane
Somewhere Solo Leila
Ongoing Inquiries Part 9 Wed Cressar
Easy As Falling Off a Bike pt 3076 Wed Angharad
You Could Go Home Again, part 05 of 16 Wed Trismegistus Shandy
Tyler,Taylor Swop Days - Chapter 8 Wed Julie D Cole
Nena Book 4 *Four Star* - Part 8 Wed Maddy Bell
Breathing...Chapter 1 Wed Bailey Summers
Body Thief Solo Foxxe Wilder
The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth... Wed Lethaldaza
I saw Santa Kissing Who? Me? NO WAY! Tue Jerrie526
Princess and the Plague: Erika's next Chapter 2 Tue Anistasia Allread
Jem…Chapter 183 Tue Bailey Summers
Kayda 9 - Crying for a Dream Tue Elrod
It Wasn't A Mistake - 04 Tue TiffQ
Leigh Anne - Chapter 20 Tue Barbara Lynn Terry
Secondhand Life - Part 43 Mon Kat Walker
Power Fluctuations - Story 4 Mon Jerrie526
Road Phantoms - Chapter 01 Mon Snowfall
Selene Chapter 3 Mon Selene
Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 12 Mon shesgotleggs
Family is.. a problem [4.6] Mon Nessa M
Fashion Girl - 14 Mon Katherine Day
South of Bikini 4: Episode 10- Loose Ends Sun R.G.Beyer
Victoria and Bethanny part 1 Sun Michelle
Kelly's Story, A Whateley Tale - Part 7 Sun Nuuan
E-Girl: the Gift: Prologue Sun Dorothy Colleen
Mana Fire - Epilogue Sun Kara Ryker
Age of Gods Online Chapter 5 Sat Shiina Ai
Mirrors Chapter 1 Sat Unknown_Person
Julina of Blackstone - 073 - The Retreat Sat Julia Phillips
Book 2 - The Reluctant Cheerleader Sat Melanie Brown
Hostage Solo Melanie Brown
The Ideal Image Solo New Author, Unknown_Person
It Won't Be Over by Christmas Solo Lindale
Learning How To Recognize Your True Soul Mate Solo Warm Hearted
Blinding Revelations Solo Ricky
Lost and Found Solo Julie D Cole

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Body Thief

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Xchanged - Body Thief
©2013 — Foxxe Wilder

Micheal Carols, a police detective in the near future runs into a problem while alone at a crime scene. Having been stunned into unconsciousness from behind, he wakes up in a strange woman’s body. Still on the crime scene, he is arrested for interfering with a crime scene as well as being a prime suspect in the theft of some experimental software from the crime scene.

The real owner of the body he is trapped in makes off with his police credentials and system access (coded to retinal scan, voice and thumbprint) and stirs up trouble for him. His best chance is the help of a female jail inmate that knew the original body’s inhabitant and a detective he barely knows.

The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth and the Galaxy ( part 89)

By the year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after around 40yrs ago an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . Now at the age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this our story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else who I am now a woman with power.

89 The Start of the end of males under 18yrs old

Kayda 9 - Crying for a Dream

A Whateley Academy Adventure

Kayda 9: Crying for a Dream

by ElrodW


On a night as I lay sleeping, in a dream I saw the shore of a distant land where
Promise lay in wait
And I heard the sound of voices of a million hungry souls
Now it comes to me to lead them to the gate

But I am just a man, not worthy of this plan
With a strength that's not my own,
I must rise

It Wasn't A Mistake - 04


It Wasn't a Mistake
by Tiffany B. Quinn

How bad can things get? In his darkest hour, Jerry finds out that his life has been one big character test... And he passed!

Going back to work is problematic.

Chapter Four: Going Back to Work

Leigh Anne - Chapter 20

Leigh Anne - Chapter 20
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Practice, Practice, Practice

Their fifteen minute break being over, the girls all returned to the courts. This time however, instead of four girls to a court, Mrs. Madison wanted the Lady Tigers to play singles again, reminding them of the aces, lobs, slams, slices and chip shots they needed to practice. The idea behind this strategy, was for the girls to gain enough confidence to be able to win the state tennis championship trophy. That would guarantee them a berth at the nationals semi- finals and finals.

Secondhand Life - Part 43

I had hoped to sleep in, but Mikey woke me like a five year old on Christmas morning.

I scowled and wiped the sleep from my eyes while he kneeled next to me atop my covers nearly bouncing with excitement.

“...What?....” I grumbled groggily. “More shark stuff?”

Mikey just grinned from ear to ear shaking his head 'No' and thrust his iPad in my face.

It was an online video of the previous day's E.T.

Power Fluctuations - Story 4

More of the tales of the Fluctuations. Warning, may cause an emotional response.

Transexuals can be made as well as born...

Power Fluctuations

Lisa's Story

By Jerrie526
Copyright© 2003 Jerrie526
All Rights Reserved.

CAUTION! Emotional Subject Matter.

Road Phantoms - Chapter 01


  At anytime over a million trucks are professionally driven on the highways and by-ways of America. Carrying everything from acid to yachts. Not all loads are so innocuous. Some are precious and some are out-right lethal. For loads that are deemed dangerous or valuable to be referred to as High-Security, special trucks are used. Trucks that look so normal, one would never guess it from any other. Trucks that run in secret, apart from their company, called Ghost Fleets. Others have no markings at all, and are specially modified. One such company that specializes in High-Security Loads; Phantom Lines....


Selene Chapter 3

I got my suitcase and went to my room to take out one of my bras. I figured that undoing my binding and showing that I had breasts would be the best way to start. However when I opened my suitcase it wasn’t what I was expecting, yes there were bras in there but also a variety of skirts and dresses and, more importantly, none of my pants. The very unladylike curse words I yelled at seeing this drew the attention of Amy and Yuki, them quickly knocking on my door.

Yuki: “Are you OK in there, it sounded like you got hurt?”

Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 12

Sunday Morning Pantyhose XII
Tracy Davis

This is a true story of how my Mom feminized me as a teenager. She had caught me wearing her pantyhose the summer before seventh grade. I got the surprise of my life the first Sunday of junior high, when she started encouraging me to wear them, and then it was all downhill from there. After a few days at my sister-in-law’s, she decided to turn things up a few notches -- Tracy

Family is.. a problem [4.6]

ourIceMain.jpg People will see what they want to see a lot of the time.
Confirmation Bias should always be factored in to any situation.
If you quack like a duck, walk like a duck then hopefully people will believe your a duck.. it might even work on a lightning god.. just for example?

Events unfold including but not limited to:
John panicking and Eris crying
(not necessarily in that order)
Meanwhile Hannah takes a long nap at last, it's about time after all..

South of Bikini 4: Episode 10- Loose Ends

With the Time Machine Bandit, Clemson, now ‘incarcerated’. Alex and the crew of Meridian 12 must now find their Egyptian passengers a new home. What other surprises are in store from the Empress of Time and Space? And is this the last time we’ll see Andromeda, Regina and the crew of Atlantis?

E-Girl: the Gift: Prologue

Mana Fire - Epilogue


Mana Fire

Mana Fire
by Kara Ryker



Eternal darkness waits on the edge of reality, threatening to devour everything it touches. Unbridled wrath burns in the heart of an untested immortal with a tortured past. An army of acolytes rises to reshape the world in the vision of its fanatical mistress.

The only hope for salvation lies in the soul of a young girl who is only beginning to learn the truth of herself. Can she unravel the mystery within before these forces clash in a titanic struggle that will burn the world?


Age of Gods Online Chapter 5


Serena was a top player in the popular browser game Age of Gods Online which combines elements of strategy and RPG on a platform available to everyone with access to the internet. As an RMT scum, she climbed the ranks of the deathmatch with real world money. One day, after she was defeated in battle by another player, she went to sleep and woke up in the world of AGO.

But something was wrong. She woke up 300 years in the future of the current Age of Gods Online. Will she be able to unravel why or how she got there and if she'll ever return home?

Age of Gods Online Chapter 5
The epic struggles of young gods in another world.

By Shiina Ai

Julina of Blackstone - 073 - The Retreat

Book 2 - The Reluctant Cheerleader

Now available on Amazon Kindle!
Christopher is now in high school and has tried to bury his being Ed's reluctant girlfriend in the past. But now his school is one cheerleader short...

The Reluctant Cheerleader

by Melanie Brown
Click to go to Amazon!

Copyright © 2003, 2009, 2016 Melanie Brown

The Ideal Image

Author's Note: Hi, I'm Unknown_Person and this is my first story. It may be small, but its a start.
This came to me while tossing and turning in my bed at midnight, I hope you enjoy

The Ideal Image

“Hey,” I said to my friend Josh. “Do we have academic team practice today?”
For most people spending extra time after school to take tests and answer random questions may seem like torture, to me and my friends it was what drove us to be better.

It Won't Be Over by Christmas

When his mother dreams that the war won't be over by Christmas, and that he and all the other boys from school will be killed in the trenches, John changes his name to Joan and everything else flows from that.

Author's Note: This story contains non-violent rape, under-age sex, and cross dressing.

Blinding Revelations


Blinding Revelations

By Ricky

Some teenagers would get all flustered in the lingerie department – was I stupid or not? I told the truth.

Lost and Found

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry


Sometimes life can be cruel and then there seems no hope. Sometimes life isn’t fair and we feel we need a break. Sometimes life brings hurt and sadness. Sometimes it brings joy. Sometimes we are buried by grief and then an extraordinary act of kindness is needed to bring it back on track. Kindness is often reciprocated and most acts of kindness cost nothing and we get a return that we never expect. Often tragedy can happen by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes we are in the right place at exactly the right time. Sometimes we feel lost and sometimes we are found. This is a Christmas story of kindness.


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