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1 Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 10    Tue   Teddie S.
2 The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 49    Tue   Rhona McCloud
3 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 3: Chapter 08    Mon   Paul Cousins
4 Shocking Developments - Part 3    Mon   Amethyst
5 Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 18    Mon   Bailey Summers
6 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2628    Mon   Angharad
7 Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 8    Mon   Taralynn
8 The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XXX    Mon   Chefness
9 A New Start in Life part 28    Mon   Christina H
10 Unaccounted Gains Book 3 - Chapter 9    Mon   Shiraz
11 Education in the Hills - chapter 34    Sun   Penny Reed Cardon
12 California Girl Part 5    Sun   Princess Panty-boy
13 Pink Panties Part 3    Sun   Princess Panty-boy
14 The Knights of Death chapter 8    Sun   WolfJess7
15 Laura, part 3    Sun   Debbie V
16 Embracing Justice -chp 8    Sun   WolfJess7
17 Going Back to School Chapter 2    Sun   Freyja Celeste
18 Leigh Anne - Chapter 12    Sat   Barbara Lynn Terry
19 The Visit - Chapter 5    Sat   Julie D Cole
20 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 13 - Roses and Butterflies    Sat   Snowfall
21 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 36    Sat   Ryker
22 The PomPom Fortress chapter 10    Fri   Snowfall
23 Honey Bunny: 14    Fri   Louise Anne
24 It's Simply Not Cricket! - Part 24.    Fri   OES
25 Out in the cold    Thu   Kat Walker
26 Season of Change - Chapter 33    Wed   Elsbeth
27 Vincent's Slow Change 2    Tue   vjtwentytwo
28 Kayda 2 - Trials of a Warrior, Chapter 5 - Thanagila    Tue   Elrod
29 Battle For Earth: Resistance (Chapters 4-6)    Tue   D.A.W.
30 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *38* Vierwaldstattersee    Tue   Maddy Bell

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Battle For Earth: Resistance (Chapters 4-6)

I had been a slave to the Qharr nearly my entire life, but one fateful day
everything changed. I joined up with a group of rebels, and through a twist of fate,
no one could have foreseen, I became the woman I am today...

Gaby Book 11 Chapter *38* Vierwaldstattersee

Chapter 38*


“Nite Dad, nite everyone.”

“G'nite Drew, Amanda.” Dave replied.

“Don't be late in the morning.” Caro added.

“We won't.” Drew chirped before following Manda inside.

“Someone's happy.” Chris suggested.

“Indeed,” Dave agreed thoughtfully, ‘indeed.'



Susan Brown.

Originally published in 2000, this story has been reworked, tidied up, edited a bit more and hopefully made readable.

Please note that this story is a bit naughty in places and girls of a delicate nature should not read it without smellings salts to hand.

Flushgate: Uncovering The Transgender Agenda of Taking Over the World One Bathroom at a Time


Contests and Other Features

Time for some fun !


Blog About: 

Okay, enough doom and gloom, time for something fun!

Dorothy Bellion presents ... Why Hollywood should make a movie of my life!

1: Hollywood loves Bio-pics - It's true. Some of the biggest movies in the last few years have been true stories about real people. So why not me?

2: Hollywood also loves underdog stories - People cant seem to get enough tales of people overcoming handicaps or tragedy to succeed, and my life has had a few tough moments, so I'm perfect for the movies!

On the nature of hate


Blog About: 

I will be the first to admit that I have a lot of pent up anger and hate. I have had a lifetime of resentment. Most people don't know the things that have happened to me, and I'm sure most, if not all, of you don't really care. Anger and hatred are quite valuable tools. They insulate you from a harsh and brutal world that seeks nothing more that to destroy you. It gives you the strength and resolve to soldier on through the quagmire that is everyday life.

Not a good idea to be transgender in Brazil


A link to the Daily Wail showing some graphic pictures of the brutal treatment of a transgender prisoner by Brazilian police, who have a reputation for being rather violent. Like all violence it seems pointless.

California Girl Part 4

California Girl
Part 4

By Princess Panty boy

( I wrote this some time ago and I never up-loaded the other parts to this web site so I am re-editing them and posting them here. Please read the early chapters before you read this chapter so it makes sense. Hugs Princess)

Hatbox Funds Needed


About a week left in the month and we are at about 70% for our goal for April.

Please, if you can contribute, use one of these links to send us a gift thru Amazon or thru P**P** on the Janglewood page.

We're going to have some great things happening in the next few months. :)

Thanks and hugs,
Erin, Piper, Cat, Katie and Sephrena

Going Back to School

"'ve got to be joking," I finally concluded, handing back the folder. "I can't do this!!!"

"You've done quite a lot of undercover work in disguise for the last 15 years," my superior, Frank replied.

"But this is a whole new dimension. And look at the age group? I've never been been disguised as this sort of person," I pointed at the specific line. "This is totally quite out of my league."

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 3: Chapter 07

Rock finally called in one of her most powerful friends. And when Bob faces this new opponent, he may wish to have faced the Bloodhound, instead of her.

Given Bob has no means of escape. How will he be able to defeat an opponent that is his superior in every way? With his wits, guile, and a whole lot praying.

And Boris' problems finally catch up to him. With him, Ed, and Bob, having to make some hard choices.


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