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1 Laura, part 6    Sat   Debbie V
2 Rhapsody in (T)G Major ~ Part 2    Sat   Shauna
3 The Loves of Julie Pearson - 5    Sat   Katherine Day
4 My Dreams of Spirit Dancer - Part 5    Sat   Teddie S.
5 Frills-chapter 5    Fri   Snowfall
6 Caught in the Act – 12 Decision Time?    Fri   Jessica C
7 Memoirs of a magical girl, chapter 2.    Fri   Nagrij
8 Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 17    Fri   Taralynn
9 Honey Bunny: 24    Fri   Louise Anne
10 Lady in Waiting Part 2    Fri   Christina H
11 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2685    Thu   Angharad
12 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 23 - Butterflies and Cherubs    Thu   Snowfall
13 Little Boy-Girl the Flash Backs 6-8 Joy, Katie Lee, Zoey Brooks Vaughn, Taylor Ann and Zack    Thu   Mario Cawhern
14 Kayda 3 - Two Spirits: Chapter 1 - Oyate    Wed   Elrod
15 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 5: Volume 1: Chapter 10    Wed   Paul Cousins
16 When tales come true Chapter 16    Wed   GypsyWoman
17 Battle For Earth: Coalescence (Chapters 5-7)    Wed   D.A.W.
18 Thank You Sara    Wed   New Author
19 Stuck Too    Wed   Emma Finn
20 Patriot Games - Chapter 34 - A Date with Ivan    Wed   Marina Kelly
21 The Knights of Death chapter 13    Wed   WolfJess7
22 Girly Gurl Salon Heather Part 2    Tue   Francesca Walker
23 Our Way - Part 9    Tue   Lady Blaise
24 Jem...Chapter 147    Tue   Bailey Summers
25 Sweet Dreams-63    Tue   Bailey Summers
26 Celestial! - Chapter 4    Tue   Lady Blaise
27 Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 4    Mon   Debbie V
28 We Shall Fight On The Beaches...4    Mon   Susan Brown
29 Being Diane    Sun   New Author, Dennis N. Adkins
30 Reversals - Ch03    Sun   Rachel Wren Clark

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Being Diane

Being Diane

Published by Dennis N. Adkins at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Dennis N. Adkins

Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Chapter 1

I awoke earlier than usual that momentous morning and walked out the back door to see the sun rising slowly over the lush verdant fields of eastern Arkansas. The neat clean rows of cotton and soybeans awaiting the warm life-giving rays of the sun. The plants stretching to receive the mornings blessing from Father Sol. The rows beckoned me to come and grow with them and stretch my arms to receive the blessings of the Sun also. I walked out to the fields and stood among them warming myself as the Sun rose higher and higher over the horizon. The coming of the day was always exciting to me making me feel as though I would have another chance at being the best I could and today, like any other, was a chance to be what I wanted to be. I had made the decision to myself to realize my life’s dream, now I had to find a way to do it. Luck was with me for once and the way came, however not without a price.

Reversals - Ch03

A successful woman is convinced a female lead marriage is the best path forward and as her career is taking off, her unemployed husband is expected to fill traditional female roles like homemaker and nursing mother. In this chapter… We meet Eric and begin to better understand Julia’s dilemma. Confrontation brings new revelations as new dynamics begin to form and Julia realizes she’s the one with the power in their marriage.

The catwalk

The cat walk

the beginning

I was enjoying a beer at the local bar when a beautiful woman approached me
she introduced herself as Wendy
she sat down next to me and offered me another drink.

A Hard Sell

Tim tolerates his job as a car salesman to support his girlfriend Anne in her career ambitions but at some point things must change for both of them.

(Originally posted to Fictionmania on 11/05/2014, I decided to bring it over here with some minor edits. It could benefit from a rewrite but at some point stories have to be allowed to stand as they are.)

Felicia's Second Life Chapter 4


Good evening, everyone. My name is Felicia Belphere Metrune. I am the only daughter of Baron Alphonse Lartes Metrune. I am 11 years old. I haven't always been Baron Metrune's daughter though.

I was originally a 29 year old man who lived in Cornwall. One day I got hit by a truck and you've probably guessed it, I was reincarnated into what seems to be medieval Europe.

Me? A hero? A quest to save father? Mother, are you still asleep?!

Felicia's Second Life Chapter 4
A tale of love (?) and change (lol) in a medieval era.

By Shinieris

Contests and Other Features

Blog Entry 4th July 2015- Young Girl

13 years before I was born, but here you go anyway-

Laura's story, my most recent one (that I've published, anyway) if part of what I call a natural progression from Jamie and Nikki's story- Jamie started transitioning aged 19, Nikki started at the age of 16, so it only makes sense to have a story start with a character transitioning even earlier- at the age of 11, the start of high school (here in the UK, anyway).

My dear Big Closet family

It is my happy duty to inform you that the author known as Scott Ramsey is no more. He has been replaced, by me!

As I've been telling everyone who will listen tonight, this online community is the only place I will ever be me, so it's just plain silly to not have MY name on my stories. I hope you all are as happy for me as I am. I feel ... reborn. Maybe it's silly, but hey, I'll take it!

On Independence......


Blog About: 

Today marks the 239th anniversary of the day on which our forefathers declared this nation to be independent. I spent a large portion of this past evening preparing for the picnic which I will share with my family,and their friends, in celebration of that act.

As I lay here now, resting and reading as sleep is once again unable to find me, I cannot but reflect how we should rather be celebrating our interdependence. We all, each and everyone of us, is dependent to one extent or another on others. Whether family, friends, co-workers, or simply those who keep our society moving,

Looking for a story

I usually remember stories pretty well but this one has something to do with a special forces type who rescues a girl from druggies somewhere in central or south america. He kills one (the leader?) on an old stone altar of some kind and the sacrifice/blood awakens a god who changes him....

It's humbling


I wasn't going to blog about this because I know some people get upset at me whenever I do anything, but others have encouraged me to say something and not let the naysayers steal my joy.

The Dress Punishment has just hit 50,000 reads. That's a lot. That is more than I would ever expect, especially on a story that is such a departure from what I usually do. It's humbling, because I didn't think anything I produced could have such a draw. I want to thank the people who read and re-read the story. I'm glad you like it and thank you.

Rewriting away

to the my readers

I was almost done with chapter 17 of my story When tales come true but I was hit with a double whammy. Life and a massive rewrite will delay the chapter for a week or more. I am not sure what this means for the story. I will post when I can.

Hugs to all

Unexpected Acceptance?


I've read a number of stories where a young man is punished (usually by a mother/aunt/grandmother) by being made to dress like a girl, and inevitably they decide they want to stay that way. I'm curious however, if you punished someone in this way and then realized that the person you were punishing was disappearing into a new person wouldnt' you want to try and get them back? I mean, they're losing a son/nephew/grandson.

Contest results are up, see center column


Sorry these didn't get up yesterday as planned, stuff happened. :)

If you've won, let me know what you want done with your prize money. If you got prize money in the earlier version of this contest, I'm sorry but that was it. :)

Oh, and all entrants get a free 3 month subscription to Hatbox. That's probably going to be a feature of ongoing contests.


Life is NOT fair!!!


Blog About: 

Last night was “one of those”. I had an unsettling nightmare that led to me tossing and turning in grim reflection of my life. At my age (67) and given the tumultuous and very public life I’ve had I had plenty to think about. After due consideration I was not surprised that each and every problem I’ve had in my life could be laid at the doorstep of my transgender nature.

Each flaw in my four children sprang from my cross-dressing.

Every set back in my business was due to me being less than 100% male.

My Dreams of Spirit Dancer - Part 4

My Dreams of Spirit Dancer
by Teddie S.


Part 4

Little Fawn now has her own dance regalia. Her mother, aunt, and Laughing Maiden had gone behind her back and had a dress made for her. Also behind her back, they set up and held a Give Away Ceremony for Little Wolf at a Pow Wow. Something that she, or even he, really didn't want. Then, a meeting at the police department was very interesting. Everyone found out a lot about the man that attached Caley and murdered Spirit Dancer.

Being a spy


Blog About: 

Those in Salt Lake City are under a lot of heat right now.

Someone from "Mormon Newsroom" openly admitted that the church has not treated trans and intersex folk well, and I intend to keep the heat on. I'm not vitally interested in how they handle gays and lesbians because they threw us under the bus a few years ago.

In another decade there will be a changing of the guard, and I see T and I folk getting full rights. There are just lots of parents and partners keeping their heads down but in private they are dissatisfied.


Okay so this week things have got pretty weird. Let me try to explain. Last week the bosses at work decided to move the contents of our 2 adjacent stores around - in a major reorganisation which effectively moved me from the store i've worked in for over a decade to the other premises. Well after stuff has settled at least.
Then yesterday afternoon the boss asked to see me and offered me a new job. They must have been reading my mind, it's Monday to Friday no stupid late shifts and a move from sales to stock control.

My Dreams of Spirit Dancer - Part 3

My Dreams of Spirit Dancer
by Teddie S.


Part 3

Caley had been abducted, and Luke, because of a dream, was able to save her. And, with Luke's help, and maybe even Sprit Dancer's, the cops were able to apprehend the guy. Caley, Little Fawn, and Little Fawn's mother spend a day shopping. Then Caley needed to face her fears, and she and Luke go visit where she was attacked. And, the gay question was asked and answered.


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