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1 Little one part 1 & 2    Sun   Princess Panty-boy
2 Embracing Justice -chp 4    Sun   WolfJess7
3 Psychic Sister    Sun   New Author, MonicaS
4 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 2: Chapter 04    Sun   Paul Cousins
5 Magic of the Kingdom - 9 - Home Again    Sat   Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
6 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2581    Sat   Angharad
7 Being Me - Part 8 - Voyage of Discovery    Sat   Karin Roberts
8 Tamara's Trials - Chapter 36    Sat   Shiraz
9 Sisters 41    Sat   Cyclist
10 Secondhand Life - Part 19    Sat   Kat Walker
11 Easy As Falling Off A Bike part 1    Sat   Angharad
12 A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 11.    Fri   Nagrij
13 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 28    Fri   Ryker
14 Kayda 2: Trials of a Warrior, Chapter 1 - Maka    Fri   Elrod
15 The Knights of Death chapter 1    Fri   WolfJess7
16 The Queen ~ 6    Fri   Shauna
17 A Longer War 25    Fri   Cyclist
18 Somewhere Else Entirely -123-    Fri   Penny Lane
19 Honey Bunny: 6    Fri   Louise Anne
20 Nikki, part 8    Thu   Debbie V
21 Jessica's Story - Part 12    Thu   Rachel Porter
22 A New Start in Life part 13    Thu   Christina H
23 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *30* Lezzeno    Wed   Maddy Bell
24 Land of My Heart - Chapter 23    Wed   Bronwen Welsh
25 Charlotte, part 7    Tue   Debbie V
26 Nicole 38    Tue   Sydney Moya
27 Angry Diary - Part 6 of 6: Conclusion    Mon   Karin Bishop
28 The Warrior Princess - part 3 of 3    Mon   Di Wonder
29 Adventures in BC Chat Gaming: RISUS Ghostbusters Part 2    Sun   Rasufelle
30 Turning 16 chapter 4    Sun   GypsyWoman
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Adventures in BC Chat Gaming: RISUS Ghostbusters Part 2

Adventures in BC Chat Gaming
RISUS Ghostbusters: Part 2 of ?

GMed by Melanie E., with the gameplay talents of Doc (Greeneggs667,) Stardraigh, Fiona, 0xNaomi, and Dorothy Colleen

After the lukewarm reception of our last game log I considered not sharing this one, but then I thought what the hey. So, more RISUS Ghostbusters adventures!

This time around the menagerie includes magenta ferrets, ex chihuahuas, and even secret agent frogs! What could our noble (or at least generally well-meaning) ghostbust-ettes be in for now?!


Michelle's Story - Part 6

Michelle's Story - Part 6

Michael's path to becoming Michelle is not going to be easy, but plans to get the journey started are now being put in place. Seeing a specialist is one step. Making friends with Emma's classmates is another. But school still provides problems: a headteacher that needs convincing, and a bully who doesn't like the taste of defeat.

April Schooled Chapter Four: Where Are You Going, Said Meet-On-The-Road ?

Chapter Four: Where Are You Going, Said Meet-on-the-Road

A few hours later I was walking out of the school gates reflecting that life could definitely be worse. Maddy and I were becoming firm friends and I seemed to get on well enough with her immediate circle. I know I wasn’t at school to make friends but it was better than the alternative. Also it meant I didn’t have the added hurdle of trying to persuade Vincent to date a complete social outcast.

Little Boy-Girl 14 the Trip Back Home With my Nephew and Nieces

Joseph and Gillian say “why is Gabriella going to live with Uncle Mario.” Beth says “it’s to get her away from the person bullying her.” And I then say “if you are having trouble as well you can come as well.” Gillian asks “what time are you leaving in the morning.” I say “early real early.” Beth says “if you want to go pack seven day worth of clothes and be ready to go when he says get up.” That’s when Gaby says she ready for bed and I go to tuck her in and tell her the rules for traveling.


John was walking back to his cottage. Man, he wished he hadn't gotten stuck with such a lame codename. Furball? But he hadn't wanted to argue with the MCO since they thought his power was harmless.

He chuckled a bit at that then stopped when he realized he wasn't alone.

Oh great. It was that bunch of jerks that had been making life hell for some of the other freshmen. Looked like it was his turn.

"Oh look, it's Tribble Boy."

He tried to ignore them.

"Man what a lame power, summoning a bunch of harmless furballs."

Ok,. that was enough.

Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 7

Eli bounced up and down in the passenger seat while Cory navigated the dirt road as quickly as he could with his car lights off. "You sure you can drive safely on this dirt road in the dark?"

Cory responded with a tone far more confident than his words. "Almost sure. I mean, I’ve seen it before."

Eli groaned and steadied Cory’s laptop as he swayed side-to-side. "I really don’t know if I would have committed to this part of the plan if I had known that.'

Sorry folks

I don't know where the evening went, funny how it just disappears when you try to sort something on a computer that doesn't want to play. Amazingly, I stayed cool, calm and collected - then killed it in cold blood! Actually, I didn't, I got the cats to distract it and managed to fix the problem. I'll enjoy it while it lasts which probably won't be very long.

Will do a new Bike tomorrow computer permitting.



Take a look at one of my other bikes.



You may have already seen this - it's getting some currency on social media:

Pottery and Perfection

“The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. All those on the left side of the studio, he said, would be graded solely on the quantity of work they produced, all those on the right solely on its quality.

paddling up a waterfall


Blog About: 

Well, the last couple of days have been filled with anxiety, and last night I finally put together why.

It goes back to an article on Facebook which was about child abuse, and the idea of making a Valentine's day card for your younger self.. I thought it was a really good idea, and was going to work on making one for the 7-9 year old me, but I didn't realize how much I was triggering myself until my anxiety was at Defcon 5 and you could almost hear the robot from "Lost in Space" going "Danger, Dorothy Colleen, Danger!"

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 2: Chapter 03

Which do you think is more insane?

Annie watching the Star Wars movies?

Or, Rock watching the Black Lagoon series?

Because both happen in this chapter.

Though, Rock has a more interesting time, before he watches his own series.

And someone from the past, finally shows up.

Hows the hatbox fund doing so far this month?


Erin and company, how much more do you need for the month?

I have got overtime pay this week and last week. I have a little extra money after paying bills, so I can contribute a little bit more this month I just need to know how much to try and squeeze out.
I want to keep a little in reserve but also want to help keep the site going. I may not be LBGT but I find the people on this site much easier to relate to at times than I do most people around me. So I want to help if possible to keep it alive as long as possible.

Illness precedes my being active


Blog About: 

I have had health difficulties since February of 2014. I have been in and out of the hospital for falling when I stand up.(7 days in the hospital and one month recovery at home) I had my fifth toe on my right foot amputated in August after it blew up ( two weeks in the hospital two months recovery) November I was admitted to a mental health clinic for depression ( 8 days in the hospital and daily recovery. February 6th this year I had a heart attack that required emergency surgery to put a stent in. ( I am recovering now and have thirteen more days before I can drive or get excited.

Kindle emergency!

To all who have purchased my new book A Necessary Fiction (and thank you for that!)--

The conversion process duplicated some chapters' text and cut part of one. This was caught by Allison Z and thank you-thank you! I double-checked and it has been published again. The title page of the correct book reads: KBB2152

Leonard Nimoy, RIP

Star Trek!
A name, a program, and TV event that will live in history. For the first time in American media history, Blacks and Whites, men and women, Americans and Russians, Occidentals and Orientals were all working and living together in harmony. And, there was even a half-alien, Spock, portrayed by Leonard Nimoy.

Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe

The recent best actor Oscar winner is starring as Lili Elbe the pioneer transgender woman who died attempting to have a uterus transplanted. If this film wins an Oscar will it be as best actor or actress?

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 2: Chapter 02

This chapter deals with how Rock was separated from the Lagoon Company, how he met his motley crew, and while they are on the run from Chang and his forces.

Caution. This is a very, very dark chapter. While, this chapter does not have any sexual situations, from a technical standpoint. It is still a very dark story, in ways most of you may not even think is possible. There is also nudity of a nonsexual nature in this chapter.

Use your of discretion is advised.


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