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Quest for the Silver Cleric

Quest for the Silver Cleric


by Dorothy Colleen



"When the Empire was in flower, the Weres came to fight. The Sea-folk were threatened, and The Dead ruled the night. The situation hopeless, the battle was as good as lost. Then the Silver Cleric came to save us, no matter what the cost.”

And when the troubles returned, the Sea-folk reached across time and space to find a very special person, someone both male and female, to find to rid this strange world of darkness, oppression and misery.

Danica finds herself in a strange world with new languages, cultures, personalities and challenges on a quest to find The Silver Cleric.

Ma Cherie Amour

Ma Cherie Amour









Lea and Zack are twins. They want to spend their last summer before college together, because Lea is going off to an all-girls college. Their mother finds the perfect job for them as nannies at a lake cottage, perfect except the woman is looking to hire two girls.


TransGenderElla book cover

An old fairy tale turned on it's head;

All transgenderella wants is to be herself and go to the ball, but her evil stepmother has other ideas. When Transgenderella stands her ground, insisting that it's time to come out, she is torn down and left crying in her room as her two stepsisters are whisked away to the palace. With the aid of her fairy not-quite God Mother, Transgenderella is transformed into the woman she always was, but is that enough to bring her happiness.

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Grandpa's New Ride


Grandpa's New Ride

by Katie Leone

Grandpa has an old ride, ancient, a relic really; when he decides to change it for a new one, his grandson Scott jumps at the chance to join him at the auction. A fun sci-fi romp by one of BigCloset and DopplerPress's favorite authors.

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Mana Fire - Chapter 22 Fri Kara Ryker
The Nightmare Rider - chapter 15 Fri Snowfall
Dressed by teacher Fri New Author
Across The Pond Part 3 Fri efindumb
Justice or Vengeance -chp4 Fri WolfJess7
Surrounded on Halloween Fri TGTrinity
Julina of Blackstone - 069 - Integration Fri Julia Phillips
Felicia's Second Life Sidestory #4 Thu Shiina Ai
Transformers Revisited Thu Roberta J Cabot
Gene's Story or How I Gained a Cousin Chapter 34 Thu Karen Lockhart
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2954 Thu Angharad
Ashley, part 6 Thu Debbie V
Little Girl-Boy 8 an Accidental Mistake Thu Mario Cawhern
The Disregarded Curse Solo TGTrinity
Masks VI: Part 6 Thu Stickmaker
Gaby Book 12+1 Chapter *8* Back to Normal Thu Maddy Bell
Rebirth: The Swimsuit Solo Kelly Blake
The Advisor - 5 Thu Katherine Day
All the World's a Stage Chapter 4 Wed Bronwen Welsh
JAMIESTORY: Chapter 1 Wed Natasa Jacobs
The Bright New Springtime of The soul Solo Theide
Anchored - Part 19 "Unexpected" Wed Shiraz
The Purple Tullip- Trapped in a game Wed Kristin-V
Princess Warrior - Part 3 Wed Melanie Brown
Letters From College Solo TGTrinity
Nothing Wrong with Being a Girl 2 Tue Ollie
DD Rides Again - chapter 6 Tue Penny Reed Cardon
The Return of Nevermore part 24 Mon Morpheus
Kamlai: Breaking her Chains Solo Licorice
Unlikely Quarterback – 5 Decisions, Decisions Mon Jessica C
Hannah is.. understandably tired. [2.4] Mon Nessa M
Mercy Chapter 11 Mon Dorothy Colleen
My Fathers Secret Part 16 Mon Sara UK
Call the Midwife: Rebirth Solo Drea DiMaggio
Life, Death, and Rebirth Solo waif
Family Secrets, Chapter 2 Sat Drakira
End of the Line Solo Melanie Brown
The Roles we play Solo Nessa M
In Too Deep - II, Ch 1 Sat waif
What Milsy Did -7- Sat Penny Lane
A New Job Twist Part 7 Sat M. Gorman
Operation Zero: Chapter 1 Fri Natasa Jacobs
Life lived twice Solo Kerry Brown
Between a Frock and a Hard Place. Solo Angharad
LIke a Woman Scorned Solo Charlotte Dickles
The Rash Solo Princess Panty-boy
The end of the first day Solo Freyja Celeste
A little crossdressing fantasy tale Solo New Author, InItForTheFrill
Lost Luggage Solo SamanthaMD

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

How to Take the Kill Shot Part-8

How to Take the Kill Shot -
Part Eight


Jonas Oliver's life has been turned upside down. While on vacation his parents are murdered, he's stranded on a deserted island and all he can think about is revenge. The only tools he has are his intellect, his overwhelming sense of right and wrong and his skill with a bow.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 2

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 2 - First Duel

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

As soon as I entered into the blackish, purplish, sphere of screams, I see a large area of the same stuff.

My Super Secret Life-1.

My Super secret life

I guess it started like, about a month ago yanno? See I really screwed up but like not back then. I mean really screwed up and I’m in trouble I think I could like go to like jail or like mebbe even like uhm die. See my name in Sunny, Sunny Harper and my dad’s this really smart research scientist he works for this company called Genoma-Tech.

W. O. P.

W. O. P.

By Melissa Tawn

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

---Emma Lazarus, 1883

Defender's Dream - Part 10

Defender's Dream

All I Have To Do Is Dream!

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio
I need you so that I could die
I love you so and that is why
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is
Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream

Duty and Destiny - Part 5

duty and destiny
Part 5
by armond

Prince Caden has been transformed into a young woman with midnight hair and blue sparkling eyes. King Coel plans to humiliate the new princess before all, and then ship her to Arcum in a prison wagon.

But the spy Jaussen and the Glamorgan princesses form alternate plans…

Sweet Dreams-2...I'll never have them

Sweet Dreams…I’ll never have them-2

There’s the swirl of his tongue and mine. Alex’s strong hands gripping me, hard yet soft. Almost synonymous with his massive cock.
Pressing into my stomach…I want him. I want it so bad I cramp in aching need.
Alex breaks the kiss and squeezes my breast.

Tuesday, September 21rst, 2010.

I wake up from the nightmare, wet, red hot sex dream and I’m cumming pressed into the ratty old mattress I sleep on. I swear I can feel his touch…I’m not gay!, I’m no faggot!

Joan - Chapter 13

Joan - Chapter 13

 © 2010 - Andrea Ribeiro
Many thanks to Stanman63 for editing.!

Previously:Mother pays the bill, leaving a generous tip. Once outside she says, “Joanie, I think your father will have a heart attack when he sees the next month credit card bill.”

“Oh god, mom. I hope you didn't spent too much.”

“No sweety, I was just joking. And you do need everything we bought today.”
“OK, Mom. Thanks for today. It was tiring, but fun.”

“Next time will be even more fun as we won't be buying so much.” Jenny says.

“I hope so. I think I tried half the mall's clothes today.”

“Ah, come on, that is the fun part.” Mindy says.

“And that's how you develop your own sense of style.” Mom tells me.
We then walked to the car and soon we were our way home.

Wildfire -1-


by Tanyalynn

Ever since I was a kid, I loved comic books. When I was in high school, I took a creative writing class and our term paper was to write a novelette. I wrote a series of comic book stories with each chapter being what would be an issue of the comic book. I was dressing up by that time, but had never heard of transgendered fiction. I wonder if the story would have come out somewhat as what follows. I have adapted the story, but because of the intervening years, current comic book fans may see some discrepancies. My knowledge of the more current X-men comes from watching the X-men and X-men Evolution cartoons, so there may be some discrepancies there. Please don't email me with these- just go with the stories. I also loved the Firestorm character and that is the source of some of the ideas of blending the characters. I figure give credit where it is due. As always, emails and comments are welcome, as long as they are not abusive.

The Sissy Farm 29

Where Michelle finds requittal for what was done to her in the brothel (lucky Michelle,) and starts on the slow road to recovery from the rapes.
This is the penultimate chapter of Sissyfarm. Truth to tell, I've got rather stale with it.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 1

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 1 - 1000 Years

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

Well the next bit of this story occurs over 985 years later, although I'm not sure how I got to this time.

The circumstances of my arrival were told to me by my adopted mother - Selina Kaiba. The following is from her point of view - some scenes recorded and transferred to this holo diary are not for the fainthearted.

Snakes and Ladders-3

Snakes and Ladders 3

Chapter 3

The palace is so stunning but the view is so…That huge moon. Shaya feels so good pressed into my back. It’s been too long, so long…and the way I am now…Never? I gesture out at the sky and all the things I see there. “Just how many moons are there?”

“Fifteen but not all are inhabited.”

“Oh, the big one must be the closest.”

“No, we are the closest. That is the Sacred Heart, The Planet of Sylvania we are on it’s closest moon known as Highwood.”

“Oh it sort of looks like home, is it inhabited?”

TGL - Book 1: Through Death, Rebirth: Chapter 5

Gateway to Life
-:Book 1:-
Through Death, Rebirth

by Faeriemage

Copyright  © 2010 Faeriemage
All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes, it is what you do that matters. Sometimes, it is who you are. Usually it is just being in the proper place at the proper moment in time with the will to act.

Chapter 5:
Live another day

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time - Chapter 0

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Chapter 0 - How it Begins

Copyright: 1996 - Kazuki Takahashi

This is my story of how my life changed for the better.

It began in the year 2010, gosh it seems so long ago. But as a part of my acceptance of what happened, I'm writing this so I can cope with it, well that’s what my Therapist says.

Oh I forgot, I should have mentioned my name, oopsie.

My name is Tanya Kaiba, that is not my birth name, but that is what this piece I am writing now is about.

Apples and Honey

Apples and Honey
by Maggie the Kitten
This Kitten tale is dedicated to Rosh Hashanah, the celebration of the Jewish New Year.
It is a very important date for the Jewish faith,
and since it’s very important to my mommy then it’s very important to me.

Huggles Momma Shelly I hope you enjoy.


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