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1 The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 18    Fri   Rhona McCloud
2 I Need To Remember. Chapter 19.    Fri   Ahaz
3 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2476    Fri   Angharad
4 Somewhere Else Entirely -113-    Fri   Penny Lane
5 Tamara's Debut - Chapter 11    Fri   Shiraz
6 Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 18    Fri   Bailey Summers
7 My Hero - Four Years Later    Fri   Anon Allsop
8 Case 1: Terri Kinsley ~ 8    Fri   Shauna
9 The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 17    Fri   Rhona McCloud
10 Twice Removed... 16    Fri   Amethyst
11 Among the Val Kyr part 15    Thu   Morpheus
12 I, monster. chapter 2.    Thu   Nagrij
13 Patriot Games - Chapter 23 - One Last Trip Home    Thu   Marina Kelly
14 Auntie Av and the Bubble Witch    Thu   Rhona McCloud
15 I Can't Make You Love Me - 3    Wed   Drea DiMaggio
16 The Last Water Nymph Chapter 2    Wed   Shin Eris
17 The Bride's Groom Chapter 3    Wed   Shin Eris
18 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *11* Dance Away    Wed   Maddy Bell
19 The Topshelf Mash    Wed   Kate Hart
20 I Wish Book 2: Chapter 3    Tue   Amethyst
21 Damselfly 3.4 Jeans    Tue   Erin Halfelven
22 A Longer War 20    Tue   Cyclist
23 Sisters Forever~6    Tue   Susan Brown
24 Training Stories    Tue   Alys Prince
25 Caught and Out    Tue   Alys Prince
26 The Unusual Clownfish Part-8    Mon   Enemyoffun
27 The Art of Being the Imp part 1    Mon   Morpheus
28 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 10    Mon   Ryker
29 The life and times of Mackenzie Somerset part 2    Mon   Raff01
30 Julina of Blackstone - 037 - Honour And Dishonour    Mon   Julia Phillips
31 Twisted Throwback, part 12 of 25    Mon   Trismegistus Shandy
32 Unaccounted Gains Book 2 - Chapter 9    Mon   Shiraz
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The Princess and the Plague : 24

The Princess and the Plague
Part 24
By Anistasia Allread
Edited by Karen J.

Mr. Martin pulled into Tricia's driveway. Erika shifted the flowers once again from one hand to the other. Mentally she skimmed over what was written and sealed in the envelope addressed to her friend. Along with that letter was a card that she had filled out with an apology to Tricia's parents.

Cissy's Story Final Chapter

Cissy’s Secret

By Wargamerguy

Chapter Three

It was late and the four girls were giggling around the fifteen-year-old boy wearing a pink silk nighty and panties, sitting in a pink Barbie sleeping bag that they set on the floor for him. It was really humiliating and the sexy girlish thing he was wearing and the humiliating aspect aroused him. He couldn’t stop himself from just loving the pink nighty.

Crystal Friend — Chapter 2

Crystal Friend

Chapter 2

By Mildred Ki'Lya

Edited by Sephrena Lynn Miller


“You have nothing at all to fear from me, please! I never kill. And, I do not need much blood.” Blushing a deep rose red, she continued lowering her eyes, “It’s not the blood itself I need - it’s a gift of life, the blood is just the medium. That is different from how you are thinking of what the word ‘vampire’ is.”

Ashley was dumbfounded by what Meryl had told her.

A Different Convalescence

A Different Convalescence
by Janet Harris

I clearly remember the first time I woke up as a woman.
"Angela, Angela," the voice was close to my face.
"That must be my name," I thought.

Transcendent - 1: ~Beginnings~


Jaiden, a hard worker and an astute student, was being prepared for a life he didn't want. Everyone around him seemed to have plans for his life. But Jaiden wanted something more. He had a deep dark secret. He was not who everyone thought he was.

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms: Chapter 4: Truth and responsibility

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms

With the escape plan underway will Natasa and her maids be able to escape the palace, if so what awaits them outside the palace walls? Are the people of Ur really in need of help. Knowing the truth is all well and good but will Natasa be willing to take responsibility?

Football Girl ~ Chapter 11

I started undressing; after taking off my top, I felt a strong urge to scratch my chest, but couldn’t get at my nipples because of the strapping.

Football Girl

By Susan Brown

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms: Chapter 3: A troubled mind

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms

Trapped on an alien world in an alien body Natasa has to decide to take a chance to escape before the false king can get his claws into her. The questions are: is this what dolls feel like while little girls dress them up and can heals and pretty dresses really help in an escape?

To Shape One's Life - 4

Part 4 of 4
Chapter Nine: Cavalry's Coming.

by Jeffrey M. Mahr

Heroing is one of the shortest lived professions there is.

-- Will Rogers

A Prayer Answered: Chapter 6

  Sandra returns to school as her new self; full of confidence but with a little fear of what might happen. Will Sandra be accepted or hated and what will happen if she runs into Kevin Chambers (the school bully) is feeding the fear. Things get a bit dicey in this chapter, therefore is now for more mature audiences.
And Now...

A Prayer Answered
Chapter six
By Sara D.

The Girl in Me -4-

The Girl in Me
by Erin Amelia Fletcher
Please keep in mind most names, and some specific details, have been altered, to limit the amount of Strife within those associated within whom may come in contact with this.

This is the parody story to my poem I am a Girl, please enjoy...


A Gaby Fan-Fiction
by Stanman


Synopsis:With the Bond's moved to Germany, just what do the gang get up to back in Warsop? This story gives a shot at answering that very question.

Something Feels Strange - 18

Something Feels Strange…

Something Feels Strange

Yes... I like Tom. He is a good guy and comfortable to be around. Throughout the conversation Laurie has to send me silent signals to remind me to not slip back into boy mode while we talk. I find myself slipping back towards guy mode as we relax around each other. I think Tom likes talking to a girl who acts more like a guy–he is obviously not trying to impress me, just normal guy to guy talk.  It feels good.

Chapter 18: Shopping With The Girls

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms: Chapter 2: Answers that give more questions

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms

A boy thrust into distant world and transformed into a girl has enough to worry about without having to deal with unwanted male attention. Can Natasa find the answers to whats happening to her and avoid being made a woman against her will by a power hungry false king.

The Girl in Me -3-

The Girl in Me
by Erin Amelia Fletcher
Please keep in mind most names, and some specific details, have been altered, to limit the amount of Strife within those associated within whom may come in contact with this.

This is the parody story to my poem I am a Girl, please enjoy...

The Pretenders

The Pretenders
By Ricky
There's a magic in the summer woods, a peace and tranquility that soothes the soul and calms the mind. When mother and daughter meet father and son, romance - and just a little bit of sweet revenge - ensue.

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms: Chapter 1: The World turned Upside Down

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms

Throughout time legends and myths have been passed from generation to generation, many of those legends and myths are untrue but occasionally some are based on the truth, Sometimes the legend or myth is completely real but made to look like it’s made up to hide the fact that it is the truth.

Harry Potter and the Deceptions of life - Chapter 4: Settling In

Life should begin to settle down for Seph, but how will she feel once the initial rush has slowed and she has time to think?

Rhod`s Trip To America ch 43 Angst and Surprises

Rhod's Trip To America

Chapter 43

Angst and Surprises

Mrs. Jones came up to me and asked, “Is Dan bothering you girls?”

Dan blanched. Bernie was about to say something, as was Ally, but I got there first. “No, Mrs. Jones. Dan was asking me a question and he deserves an answer. He was not threatening, or anything like that. It’s alright, I think.”

“Ok Em. Let me know if there is any trouble.” Mrs. Jones gave Dan ‘THE’ look, then walked off and I saw Dan quaking in his shoes.

To Shape One's Life - 3

Part 3 of 4
Chapter Six: Deities to Go

by Jeffrey M. Mahr

It seems that I have spent my entire time
trying to make life more rational
and that it was all wasted effort.

-- A. J. Ayer

Cissy's Secret - Chapter 2

Cissy’s Secret

By wargamerguy

Chapter 2

After being kidnapped, held a hostage, tricked, recorded and humiliated did he realize that he didn’t have too many options with these girls and he let the girls lead him into their living room. Jennifer kept commenting about how well he walked wearing the stiletto heels. He didn’t really have any retort for that as he did have to admit to himself, he did know a lot about feminine ways and dressing. But he would be damned if he would admit it to these kidnappers. He had his secrets and he intended on keeping them from these girls.


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