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1 The Wedding~Part 3 of 3    Fri   Susan Brown
2 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 16    Fri   Ryker
3 No Rules | Chapter 5    Fri   Randalynn
4 Bimbo Kisses, Lollipop Dreams: A Platinum Chef/ Delacroix side story Part III    Fri   Chefness
5 I was a Porn Star for the FBI    Fri   Melanie Brown
6 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2504    Thu   Angharad
7 Chrissy's New Life Part 3    Thu   Sissy Baby Karen
8 Archie Andrews in "The New Girl"    Thu   Dorothy Colleen
9 A Longer War 23    Thu   Cyclist
10 School Time for Death Chapter 14    Thu   WolfJess7
11 Tamara's First Christmas - Chapter 3    Thu   Shiraz
12 For Friends and Family Part 22    Thu   Christina H
13 Baby Jenny Part 2    Thu   Sissy Baby Karen
14 Princess of Russia Chapter 2    Wed   Kellenxx
15 I Wish Book 2: Chapter 6    Wed   Amethyst
16 Little Boy-Girl 10.1 the Kids Tale 4    Wed   Mario Cawhern
17 The White Wolf Chapter -44-    Wed   Barbara Allan
18 Unaccounted Gains Book 2 - Chapter 19    Wed   Shiraz
19 Sisters 37    Wed   Cyclist
20 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *16* Deep Breath    Wed   Maddy Bell
21 The Princess ~ 4    Wed   Shauna
22 Five Hertz of Separation (Chapter 6-10 of 62)    Wed   Meps98
23 I Can't Make You Love Me - 6    Wed   Drea DiMaggio
24 Somewhere Else Entirely -114-    Wed   Penny Lane
25 Julina of Blackstone - 040 - Out With The Old    Wed   Julia Phillips
26 Change for the better Part 2    Wed   Sissy Baby Karen
27 The Stranger    Wed   Gwen Brown
28 Twisted Throwback, part 19 of 25    Tue   Trismegistus Shandy
29 Undercover! ~ 2    Tue   Shauna
30 Get A Life!~Chapter 17    Tue   Susan Brown
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A Blast from the Past -5-

“Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart and his friends can only read the title.”

~Virginia Woolf


A Blast From The Past
Part 5
By Ginger Collins

Some Enchanted Girlfriend -8- Soaping Down

Some Enchanted Girlfriend

by Donna Lamb

8. Soaping Down

Constance Catewood. The name did not ring any bells. Connie, on the other hand, did. I looked in the mirror over the wash basin. “Hello, Connie,” I said. The blue-eyed blonde reflection nodded and wrinkled her nose at me. “Too cute to live, too dumb to die,” I decided.

Mike versus Michelle 18: Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Michelle settles into her life as a woman, wife and mother. The grandparents come for a Christmas visit.
Mike versus Michelle:
Part 18

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
By Sharon Parsons

Football Girl ~ Chapter 14

Our team bus drove down the long straight road leading to Manethorpe’s stadium. Even this early, with almost two hours until kick off, the road was a seething mass of black and white–the Manethorpe colours....
Football Girl
Chapter 14

By Susan Brown

Angel Marquez 22-29

Angel, my brothers and I have talked it over. For a long time now we have been struggling to keep up with you, so that we can teach you. Javier and I are getting old now and Fernando’s hands won’t let him play well enough. We need to find you another teacher.

Angel Marquez
Chapters 22-29

by Paula Dillon

The Blossoming of Billy - Part 14

“So your Mom told me that she discussed the test results with you.”


“So I’m baffled right now and that’s why we want to perform a couple more tests to see if we can discover what is causing the hormones imbalance. Could you lie back? I want to look at your genitals and make sure things are ok down there.”

The Blossoming of Billy

Part 14

By AshleyTS

The Princess and the Plague : 30

The Princess and the Plague
Part 30
By Anistasia Allread
Edited by Edeyn & Karen J.

"I've been going through some testing to find out."

"Find out what?"

"I'd... I'd rather not say just yet," Erika looked away.


Terri's Vengeance-4

Terri's Vengeance
Chapter 4

By Stanman63

Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis: As Terri readies himself for his Battle of Armageddon, he remembers his first time wearing a dress, and how it changed him. His new family and old meet to help him. As he readied himself, Kerry gets him to stop his war until she can help him. In the meeting, a plan is forged to destroy Delano in such a way that his empire is taken over and his evil ended.

Dear John

John’s social life is ruined when his ex-girlfriend starts spreading rumors about him at school -— can his best friend Don do anything to help him out?

Dear John
by Melanie Ezell

The Girl in Me -8-


The Girl in Me
by Erin Amelia Fletcher
Please keep in mind most names, and some specific details, have been altered, to limit the amount of Strife within those associated within whom may come in contact with this.

This is the parody story to my poem I am a Girl, please enjoy...

Synopsis: Derek a very bright young man, is a very unique individual. Who happens to possess extraordinary abilities, from family genetics. But the most unique thing about him is that he is a transgender girl, and happens to be a Witch and a Gypsy and the first Witch and Gypsy in her family tree in several hundreds of years. As soon as one problem occurs and is nearly fixed another comes Derek's now Morwen's way.

Rhysling's Rue - Part 11

He had an evasion course programmed, and he found himself holding his breath as the clock ticked downward, holding a single finger supported by the others, ready to stab the button which would cause his ship to engage in fairly violent maneuvers. He nervously checked his harness with the other hand as the numbers on his boards dwindled toward zero.

Rhysling's Rue
Chapter 11
By Theide

Drabble Theatre: You are gay, aren't you?

“Mom, dad, there’s something I have to tell you. I don’t quite know where to start…” Mark sat nervously on his chair, his parents on the couch across him. Though his parents seemed relaxed he felt like it was the inquisition.


It was fabulous, sitting on the harbour wall with cod–they were out of haddock–and chips in paper with just the right amount of salt and vinegar, trying to avoid being mugged by the ever present dive-bombing seagulls...

Chapter 13
By Susan Brown

Some Enchanted Girlfriend -7- Lying Down

Some Enchanted Girlfriend

by Donna Lamb

7. Lying Down

“But you promised to go get me some clothes,” I whimpered. I didn’t have my pouts organized yet, but I think this might have been a number seven.

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Part 5

Homecoming Princess (Revised)
Part 5
By Arecee
Edited by Holly Hart & Sephrena Miller

The bus rumbled closer and was slowing down to our stop. I felt a twinge of fear as I realized my test of passing as a girl in front of the people I had to go to school with every day was upon me.

The doors opened and I just gulped as I took my first step up onto it. Mrs. Uttman, our driver, looked speechless as she looked me up and down as if I was some oddity. I felt a little queasy and just grabbed the first seat pole and finished pulling myself up into the aisle.

“Well Good Morning to you Lynn! My My! You look wonderful today! It’s about time you decided to be who you really are.”

I blushed furiously as I knew a lot of the other kids on the bus heard her and even now they were all looking at me in bewilderment. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard her say. SHE thought I had been a girl all along! Omigod! Did Lynn the boy ever really exist?

Play Nice ~ Part 6

I knew that living back at home for a few weeks would be kind of strange, but shortly after my arrival it got stranger than I'd ever thought possible. As it turned out my grandmother was a genuine witch who---tired of our constant bickering---put a transcorporation spell on my sister Joy and me, body-swapping us...

On Saturday my gravely ill father cursed me as a godless murderess and banished me from his life forever. Then Joy (who we were now calling Joey...) thought it would be funny to try and sabotage my relationship with my life partner Ricky, which led to the frantic punch-out between us that cause the death of Grandma Rosa's sinister antique cookie jar & drove her to go stay elsewhere.

By Sunday morning the situation had completely fallen apart, and we still had 26 days to go until we'd be returned to our own bodies. Would my brother and I murder each other before then? Or would we somehow learn to...



Feminizer Disease Takes My Body Over - Chapter 10

"Terri, I think you have graduated to your next bra size, a 36D cup. My, my, my you are developing nicely, Sweetie. Those pills and the disease must be working well, Dear. I will get some pretty bras and your corset in your new size, Dear", Mary said. My wife looked pleased!

Feminizer Disease Takes My Body Over

Chapter 10
By Terry Hansay

The Blossoming of Billy - Part 13

Billy took a deep breath and slowly lifted his t-shirt.

“How long has your chest looked like that?!?” his mother drilled him. She beheld two small mounds on either side of his chest. That gentle swelling was a telltale sign that breasts were on their way.

The Blossoming of Billy

Part 13

By AshleyTS


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