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1 Girly Gurl Salon Erica Part 1    Thu   New Author, FrancescaTG
2 It's Simply Not Cricket! - Part 5.    Thu   OES
3 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2585    Thu   Angharad
4 Nikki, part 9    Thu   Debbie V
5 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 2: Chapter 07    Thu   Paul Cousins
6 Michelle's Story - Part 7    Thu   Rachel Porter
7 Magic of the Kingdom - 10 - One Ending is a New Beginning    Thu   Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
8 Somewhere Else Entirely -124-    Thu   Penny Lane
9 Here Comes the Sun - 4    Thu   Drea DiMaggio
10 Jamie's Story Part 1: Chapter 3    Thu   Natasa Jessica
11 Tamara's Trials - Chapter 37    Wed   Shiraz
12 The Last Water Nymph Chapter 5    Wed   Shin Eris
13 Escape! Chapter 7    Wed   Shin Eris
14 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *31* Rocky End    Wed   Maddy Bell
15 Land of My Heart - Chapter 24    Wed   Bronwen Welsh
16 A New Start in Life part 14    Wed   Christina H
17 The Last Mission of Captain Catoriel -a Nightingale postscript    Tue   Armond
18 The Ring - Part 3    Tue   Melanie Brown
19 The Knights of Death chapter 2    Tue   WolfJess7
20 The 'Ndrangheta Countess 3    Tue   Sydney Moya
21 In Tandem Orbit: Chapter 10    Tue   Sure-as-elle
22 Nowhere to Run Part 6    Mon   Natasa Jessica
23 Hey, Little Girl    Mon   Dorothy Colleen
24 Unconventional Chapter 2    Mon   Bailey Summers
25 Images 61    Mon   Bailey Summers
26 Bridges 46    Mon   Bailey Summers
27 Little one part 1 & 2    Sun   Princess Panty-boy
28 Embracing Justice -chp 4    Sun   WolfJess7
29 Being Me - Part 8 - Voyage of Discovery    Sat   Karin Roberts
30 Sisters 41    Sat   Cyclist

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S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The Red Dress - Part 4

Gone was the flamboyant blond in the micro dress with the enormous breasts and the four and one half inch heels. Gone was the slightly overdone dramatic theatrical make up. What remained was a somewhat stately, calm and in control, statuesque beautiful woman.

The husband grinned that warm fuzzy feelings grin as Ellen slid out of the booth and greeted him with a brief kiss on the lips, “Well…this is certainly a different you today. You look absolutely wonderful!”

The Red Dress
Part 4
By Kelly Blake

Tragedy Of The Spirit-Part 40-What Life Has Become

The Naked Truth of My Life - Part 4

I found myself living with my parents again, only this time they wanted me to pay 300 dollars a month worth of rent and they still expected me to live by their rules. My sister had managed to move out and she lived in a ramshackle trailer that smelled something awful. It was a mixture of mildew and sulfur(from the water). She did her best to fix it up and make it look decent and the truth is, I was jealous of her.

The Naked Truth of My Life
Part 4
By Theide

Working Relations - Part 4

Working Relations
Part 4
by D.D. Weldons
I wanted to make this section twice as long for missing yesterday but my time has not been my own.
Here is what I had time to do. Sorry there is not more.
I hope you will enjoy it until I have time to do you all some justice -- DD


"Lisa's hands shook as she picked up the diaphanous satin panties, high-waisted full briefs with floral trimmings around the gusset. So sheer, so nebulous, so heartstoppingly feminine. Her cheeks flushed as she pulled on the alabaster remnants, drawing them slowly up her thighs. Her breath caught in her throat as the gleaming material slid over her flesh."

By Tracy Lane/Transfemme

No Half Measures - Third Movement - Chapter 23

Hot Water Helps You Clean

Hot Water Helps You Clean
by Angela Rasch

I had just finished conditioning the oak woodwork in our twenty-year old home’s basement with Murphy Oil Soap when the doorbell rang. I scanned myself in the wall mirror and wished for the millionth time that my uniform fit me better. There’s only so much you can do to make a maid’s dress look natural on a forty-year old male body that weighs in excess of two hundred pounds, unless you make drastic changes. . .operations and hormones. I sighed . . . Once again considering things that could never happen.

It's What I Want - Part 3

It's What I Want
by Tanya Allan

Don is a bit of a geek. But his intelligence was matched by his kind heart, and his flat mate and friend Steve appreciates his help in his university course work.

Don is a little confused as to why Steve and two other friends want him to join them of a motor cycle tour of France in the summer holidays, but he is pleased to be asked, and goes along. On their first stop, a cool group is playing at a night club, but it is a couples only evening, and Don is persuaded to become Donna for one evening, just so the four friends can see the show.

But no one expected to find Donna still there on the following morning.

In fact, Don never returned. And Donna was anything but a Geek!


How I spent my Summer Holidays

Why must teachers always ask for the same old report? There is the true report that can't ever see the light of day and the cliched string of "and then's" that was actually turned in.

Tragedy Of The Spirit-Part-39 Faithfully Yours

The Same Old Argument

The same old argument raved again.

“Look, how can you not understand that I have always needed to be a woman?”

“You stupid fuckin faggit, all I ever wanted was a man with a dick! I told you 20 fuckin years ago that if you wanted that, you need to go be a whore or find yourself a rich man to do that for you! You sure as hell don’t fill my needs! All you are is a goddamned fag that couldn’t accept the fact that he was gay so he thought he had to be a female!”

No Half Measures - Third Movement - Chapter 22

Fitting Room

Sixteen year-old Misha Waverley had been fighting a virtual war with his Otherself, a struggle for supremacy he believed he'd finally won after all these years. But when his covert fantasies lead him down to the dancewear store on Lyndhurst Street, Misha realises that his feminine persona had never truly surrendered - she'd simply been waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Fitting Room

By Tracy Lane/Transfemme

The Chronicles of Mana - 1 - Prologue

The Chronicles of Mana
by Saless
Chapter 1 - Prologue

This chapter may not seem like it's talking about Mom at all, but it'll make sense in a while, okay? Her early years were a bit…different to what most probably expect. I wrote this in first person, because that's the way Mom's diaries and journals are written and it just seemed the best way. I've tried to capture her 'voice', and I think it sounds about right. Enjoy!

Hugs and Kisses!


The Journey is the Destination 11

The Journey is the Destination
Chapter 11

By poetheather

What is Nabiki up to? And Ranma realizes he had forgotten another major thing... gym class.

From Venus to Mars

Copyright 2009 by Heather Rose Brown

My stomach felt like a huge lump of ice had dropped into it as Captain Richards stood up and said, "Will Andrea Martin please approach the tribunal."

Wondering how long my wobbly legs would support me, I stood up and took a step forward before saying, "Actually, it's Andrew."

The captain frowned as he looked down at me from the makeshift podium. "What was that?"


As we prepare to renew our marriage vows, I can’t help but remember the past. Pat and I have been married now for ten years.
During that time we have been through many trials and tribulations.

By MichelleA

Edited By Holly H.Hart

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 38 What About the Lonely


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