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Catwoman Catatonia
By Maid Joy
Things keep going strangely for Catwoman. But when an opportunity to grab some very expensive artifacts comes along, she just can't resist.

Unfortunately that is only the first herald of the changes to come.

Detective Comics owns the copyright to Catwoman. This is a retroactive contunity, or a Retcon of the same character.

One of My Teachers

One of My Teachers
By BillieBob
Ever get a crush on one of your teachers in school?
If you’re lucky, you only make a fool of yourself!
Another tale that’s a ‘little different’. Like me.

Rising Dawn Chapter 3

Rising Dawn

Chapter 3 - First Soul, Metal Soul

Last Time on Rising Dawn
But then I hear loud bang and turn to look out of the window and see men in robbing gear at the door to the bank, my sister is trapped in there and theres nothing I can do.

"My sister."

"Well I be, I think I never seen this happen here before."

"I want to help."

"The best thing you can do here is to stay here."

But I start to here this voice in my head.

"Do you want the power to help."

"Yes I do."

Then there is a bright flash of light.

Shadowcraft: Aria Blade (Revised) - Issue 4

Issue 4: Changing of the Guard

She glowered, but this time not at me. “I know who’s responsible for this, and I’ll take care of it, but for now we need to put this thing down.”

“Let’s do this,” I responded, taking her hand in mine. Psy floated closer and grinned.

“Can I play too?” she chided. I could feel my cheeks burn.

“Psy this is serious! Get something to lob at its eye sensor. While it’s distracted Raven and I will move in for the-”

Galactic Marshal II - Chapter 4

Galactic Marshal II


As we were approaching Prowhiness, Jeff turned to me.

“I guess I ought to give you a warning about a rumor I heard about this place.”

“OK, what kind of rumor?”

“Well, it sounds crazy but the rumor is that there is an alien presence here.”

Cold Feet 16

And that, it seemed, was a watershed. We returned the Reading crew to their home on the Sunday, with much nudge wink from the two biggest ones ( I can’t bring myself to say ‘adults’), and then the three of us found a cross-country backroads way so we could enjoy the ride.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 1156.

The Daily Dormouse.
(aka Bike)
Part 1156
by Angharad

Copyright © 2010 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

Musetta's Waltz - Revised Edition, Chapter 2 & 3

Musetta's Waltz — Revised Edition, Chapter 2 & 3

By Portia Bennett

It has been two years since Musetta’s story was first posted at BCTS. Now it’s time to see more of the story as Musetta originally wrote it. Musetta, born Marcus Meyers, had an indifferent childhood, a disastrous early adulthood, and a very fulfilling adulthood. This is her story as she wrote it. She had not originally intended it to be published; however, changed her mind later on. Several chapters were omitted from the original edition due to her involvement with an individual who was still living. That person is now deceased, and with his previously given permission, the missing chapters are now included.

Chapter 2 & 3: Musetta is exploring her femininity, somewhat surreptitiously, and is drugged and raped by an acquaintance. She is kicked out of her home by her parents, but finds shelter with two good friends. Supplied hormones by her rapist, she starts the journey she will never return from. It isn’t going to be easy.

A Spirited Emergence - Episode 11

Girl in eye
A Spirited Emergence
Episode 11: Confessions

by D.L.

Copyright  © 2010 D.L.
All Rights Reserved.

Its time to face the music.

Too Good to be True

Too Good to be True
by Maeryn Lamonte

Michael’s new apartment is too good to be true. Immense, beautifully furnished and cheaper than his last place.

Sometimes when fortune smiles you smile back and accept what it offers you. Other times, with Halloween just round the corner and a killer on the loose, it might have been as well to ask a few questions first…


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This is a compilation of a chapter story that I submitted last year. I would like to thank Angela Rasch for her help in editing. She was remarkable and I never would have finished it without her help.


Halloween - Chapter 1
October 31, 1970

“So what are you boys going to be for Halloween this year?” Mother asked looking directly at me while I was eating breakfast with my brothers.

“Are you asking Steven and Billy or are you asking me, Mom?” I replied.

Blue Bug From Outer Space-Part 8

Blue Bug From Outer Space -
Part Eight


Jaime Reyes is kid out of his element, who dreams of a life better than his own. He finds such a life when he stumbles about a strange blue stone in the garbage and his whole world changes.

Rising Dawn Chapter 2

Rising Dawn

Chapter 2 - Soul Syncho, A new Superhero is born

We arrived at the local mall's carpark, I am nervous as hell as this is the first time that I am outside the house in my Dawn persona.

The Adoption of Little Orphan Danny (Part 5)

The Adoption Of

 Little Orphan


By K.T. Leone

(Little Katie)

Part V: Nearing the end

Cold Feet 15

The Friday evening was a good one. The children all knew each other well, so they were more than relaxed, and the boy-girl balance left them bouncing happily off each other in the best way.

Another Point of View 9

I woke up yet again with the dead weight of an arm across me, and dribble down my neck, which, of course, is why I decided I needed the tissues.

Something Good....

Something Good
A Musical Interlude

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio


I Can See Clearly Now 3rd & Final Song of the Kylie Warren Saga Part 2

I think I can make it now the pain is gone,
And all of the bad feelings have disappeared,
Here is the rainbow I've been praying for.
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) sunshiny day.
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) sunshiny day.

Part 2

Heather went to school Thursday until 11:00 am when Linda picked her up to go to the hospital for the MRI and CT scans. DJ, Billy and Kylie were delighted to learn that the initial tests showed Heather was intersexed. Of course, Kylie had already known that from their astral chats.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 1155.

The Daily Dormouse.
(aka Bike)
Part 1155
by Angharad

Copyright © 2010 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

Cold Feet 14

I saw almost everyone out of the house at eight, Jim being young enough to need a curfew. Arris and I settled down on the refolded sofa for a snuggle and a chat, with a glass each of a big fat red. I hugged her.

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