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Title Code Author(s)
Little Girl-Boy 6/Little Boy-Girl 30 Jamie Makes a stand Tue Mario Cawhern
Mercy Chapter 4 Tue Dorothy Colleen
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2801 Tue Angharad
Finding Daisy Part 5 Tue efindumb
Xìngbié; part 7 (of 12): Cracks in the Wall Tue Quintilianus
Horizons of the Heart - 27 Tue Melange
Alex & Chris Chapter 29 Tue Sharp
Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 35 Tue Sharp
Freya's Gift Chapter 10 by Mopar Mon Mopar
Jenny’s Story – 4 Between Places Mon Jessica C
Quoth the Raven Chapter 5 Mind Games Mon Jennifer Sue
A Love So Bold - Chapter 47 - 50 Sun Anon Allsop
Ian, part 1 Sun Debbie V
The Day I Went Home - Chapter 5 Sun Barbara Lynn Terry
Gaby Book 12 Chapter *23* Parting Of Ways Sun Maddy Bell
Hello David 6 Sun Sydney Moya
Captive! - Part 1 Sat Melanie Brown
Summer of Love - Part 12 Sat Kat Walker
Frills-chapter 31 Fri Snowfall
The Knights of Death chapter 23 Fri WolfJess7
Musings on "Vide Cor Meum" Solo Gwen Brown
MAU: Infinite Crisis, part 3 Fri Set3
Changes in Paradise Chapter 13 Fri Raine Monday
The Might-Have-Been Girl Chapter 18 Fri Bronwen Welsh
The Omega Unicorn Chronicles Book 5 New Beginnings Ch. 30 Thu Rachel76m
The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 41 - Angels and Animosity Thu Snowfall
Secondhand Life - Part 37 Thu Kat Walker
Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 17 Thu Freyja Celeste
Shadow of the Heart Chapter 6 Wed GypsyWoman
Mana Fire - Chapter 5 Wed Ryker
Making of a Family Part 7- Finale Wed efindumb
Nikki, part 19 Wed Debbie V
Babes in Toyland Solo Drea DiMaggio
Amie and Jamie - Chapter 12 - Strange Conversations in the... Wed Jamie Simms
Patriot Games - Chapter 42 - The Trial and Its Consequences Wed Marina Kelly
Julina of Blackstone - 057 - Ground and Paper Works Wed Julia Phillips
William Priest Grand Thane Solo Sharp
The Many Faces of Harry Potter 4 Wed Fayanora
The Metamorphosis of Tiffany Solo Marina Kelly, Monica Rose
The Vicar of Dibbley Solo Lindale
DD Rides Again - chapter 4 Tue Penny Reed Cardon
Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes: A TG Mixed Tape Solo Anon Allsop, efindumb, Ellie Dauber, Hikaro, PersnicketyBitch, Shauna, Trismegistus Shandy
Homo Sapiens version 2.0 Solo Foxxe Wilder
And Never Brought to Mind ... Solo Adonna
What Comes Next Solo Bailey Summers

Contests and Other Features

S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Of Heroes and Bullets: Super Powered Blues

Note: this is kind of loosely based on a very good book, and very different take on the superhero genre: Those Who Walk in Darkness, by John Ridley. I suggest checking it out if you enjoy my humble story.

What happens when humanity gets tired of gods in their midst?

Cold Feet at Christmas 1

“PIE! Get off my bloody face!”

The bastard dog was sat right on my chin, and even though most of his body was on my chest his smelly rear was just under my nose, tail swishing across my face. Jim’s voice filtered through the black and white fur that blocked my vision.

“Down, Pie! Sorry, Dad”

Legacy of the Anari - 10

Legacy of the Anari

by Ashleigh Blayze

Chapter 10

A big apology to everyone for the lack of individual responses to their comments. A big thank you to you all for your thoughts and thank you for reading. I promise normal service will be resumed straight away just real life has been a bit of a mare. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the next chunk of Ashai's misfortunes!

07 - Glamour Girl

Glamour Girl

The seventh story in Morpheus' Legacy Universe.
When a darkness arrives on our world, a champion is created to fight it, Glamour Girl!

Too Little, Too Late? 47

The week went by as weeks do, but each day was one closer to my meeting with Alec. Larinda seemed to be avoiding the subject, but each evening she insisted I ‘dress for dinner’, and I noticed that she was pushing my diet firmly in the direction of health.

The Blanchard Home Chapter 1

Jordan Newton finds himself living in a mansion where the residents aren't what they appear to be. He must struggle to hold onto who he is as he becomes one of the house's girls.

___________Chapter I: Welcome home___________________________________________________

Covered Bridges-1.

Covered Bridges.

Chapter 1

There’s times looking back that I knew I was different but really I hadn’t a clue at the time how different.

I pull my rental car into the parking lot of my old home. This is where I grew up. The driveway’s still dirt and is just this big half circle that goes from the edge of the lawn to the road. The grass is starting to reclaim it now. My House and my grandparent’s houses aren’t here anymore…Well it’s been a long time.

Healing a Princess...41 (Fighting the Wind)

Healing a Princess . . . 41 (Fighting the Wind)

By Anistasia Allread

Cavalrymen having heard the alarm and noting their Captain’s tense posture, began forming up behind him.
The Captain turned towards them. “We don’t know what may be out there, but we need to hold them off so that the princesses can get across the river.”
::We should get going.:: Mi’tana suggested.
::Let’s stay here. Just a bit longer.:: Monyka protested.
“Monyka.” Grymm’s words were a bit slurred from his wounds. “We should head down to the river.
“Captain!” a call went up. “Look!”
Monyka looked north and saw a swirling cloud of black coming straight at them.
“What is that?” a voice asked.
Monyka squinted and strained to make out what the mass was.
“Everyone, if you have face guards, put them down.” Rikki ordered. Those who don’t cover your faces with what you can. That is a murder of crows.” The Captain looked to Monyka wide eyes. “Can you do something?”

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 5 the replies


though I admit to using drink as balm to my soul I implore you to abstain. At least moderate your indulgence. I understand the need. I miss my son grievously but we do not have that luxury. Clear heads are needed at this portentous moment. I will bring you some of that excellent vintage you requested but we must indulge sparingly.

Make My Day

Make My Day

by Julie D Cole

When someone says ‘I hate you’ it often brings a tear,
Especially when the words are from the ones we hold most dear,
Hate is rarely ever meant, but it’s like a bullet from a gun,
The shooter aims, the shot is loud and lots of pain will come,

But ‘Love’ is like an arrow that that flies from archers bow,
It often strikes without a sound, so the target doesn’t know,
So if you hear ‘I love you’ even though from far away
More tears will come, but the feelings good,

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 2.

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

God things came around so fast instead of going someplace else to get myself sorted out I made appointments with different places here in town. Alright I’m a bit vain I guess and I decided that if I’m really going to do this and everything that I was Really going to do this.

06 - The Vengeance of Lady Hexx

The Vengeance of Lady Hexx

A man is caught in the middle of a superhero battle and suffers a horrible accident, causing his body to mutate and him to lose everything.
Afterwards, he seeks vengeance on the person he holds responsible.


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