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Title Code Author(s)
Threading the Needle Solo Lainie Lee
The Return of Nevermore part 8 Thu Morpheus
In Too Deep - Ch 12 Thu waif
A nightmare come true Thu QuietOne
Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2869 Thu Angharad
Masks I F: Death of Cold Thu Stickmaker
Testing Times - Chapter 29 "Songbird" Thu Shiraz
Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 19 Thu Freyja Celeste
The Knights of Death chapter 27 Thu WolfJess7
Cheerleader Demons (part 5) Thu Lethaldaza
Tink: A Strange Fairytale 13 Wed Domoviye
The Might-Have-Been Girl Chapter 29 Wed Bronwen Welsh
The Brain-Jacked Chronicles - Fugitive! - Part 3 Wed Melanie Brown
Gene's Story or How I Gained a Cousin Chapter 3 Tue Karen Lockhart
The Coven Solo Anon Allsop
My Safe Place - Chapter 4 Tue Natasa Jessica
Undercurrents 7 Tue Theide
Ashley, part 3 Tue Debbie V
The Other Half of My Soul, part 09 of 11 Tue Trismegistus Shandy
Drew Nance, Girl Detective Book 1: The Secret of the Old Clock Tue Roberta J Cabot
Why? Solo efindumb
Marley for the Win Part 3 Mon imanobodyhere
The Crush - Melanie E chapter 2 Mon Julie D Cole
The Crush: School Daze Solo Theide
A Birthday Reunion Solo SamanthaMD
The call Solo Freyja Celeste
Goodbye Sun Chapter 1 Mon Domoviye
Where No Man has Gone Before Chapter 6 Sun Mopar
The Decaying World: Kiranim Sun Kitten
Sisters 52 Sun Cyclist
God Bless the Child DP K.T. Leone
Trying to live 5 Sun QuietOne
Gaby Book 12 Chapter *33* Bond Girls Sun Maddy Bell
Xìngbié; part 10 (of 12): The Final Step is Acceptance Sun Quintilianus
The Christmas Party – part one Sun AmyLikesDancing
Somewhere Else Entirely -140- Sun Penny Lane
The Many Faces of Harry Potter 10 Sat Fayanora
Autobiography Solo Rasufelle
Letters from Heaven Solo Jennifer Sue
Cosplay Adventure – Part 3 Sat AmyLikesDancing
Requiem for a hero. Solo Theide
Man hunt in the Heartland -chp8 Sat WolfJess7
Jaguar Solo Theide
No Doubt Solo Rasufelle
7000 Gold crowns a dance. Solo Bailey Summers
The Name Solo QModo
What were you thinking?? Solo New Author, Willow Tree
Marine 2 KS Tanya Allan

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First time 26.......

First time…..

Musings from WannabeGinger

The worst possible scenario had happened. Why oh, why had I not explained about my dressing before now? Before marriage even? Too late to control the way the news was received. Life in ruins. How can anyone possibly recover what is so precious after such a stupid mistake?

Chapter 26 — Once discovered, never trusted

532 Part 5


Chapter 11

Belle’s mother did her hair in a straight down do, parted in the middle. She had hair that would do just about anything her mother wanted it to do, and Marta chose this to give her a nice comfortable look. If Belle’s look could be compared to anyone, it would possibly be a younger Jennifer Aniston, with even more delicate features and bigger eyes. Even that wasn’t entirely accurate.

The Ram 14

A Chapter that expands the relationship between 8-year-old Sion and the intergendered Dave/Daphne.

The Welsh Mountain Ram 14.

Briony Betrayed wife and mother.
Sion Her eight-year-old son.
Ellairy Her nine-month--old daughter.
Arfon Brionys’ unfaithful husband.
Dave Cadwalloder Welsh bachelor hill-farmer.
Jenny and Lassie Daves’ sheepdog bitches.
Laddie. Daves’ sheepdog.
Jessica and Pansy Daves’ sows.
Angel Daves’ mare.
Gabriella (Gabby) Angels’ foal (Gift to Sion.)
Daphne Daves’ ‘girlfriend’
Cledwyn. Farmer further down the valley (Neighbour.)

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-13

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-13

Chapter 13


I never expected to run into them…not this soon and the contact just…god I could feel their soul calling to mine…there was an instant spark between us and I’m scared. God I’m scared.

Oh yeah we have or had a creator belief too but I guess It doesn’t matter. I’ve been here on earth ever since I was a toddler.

We’ve been set adrift as a people, and when I… I was sent here when the Loci of Dylan’s spiked. I never expected to meet one…a Shuan the fourth gender.

Dylan’s just…

Accidental Magic: Chapter 28 - Feedback Distortions, Part one

Accidental Magic
by Allison Krane

Chapter 28: Feedback Distortions

Terri's arrival was accompanied by a shock wave akin to an explosive going off and the contents of the room were pushed away from her including shattering the windows and throwing the couch up onto one side.

Other than the lack of fading on the couch, there was little evidence to suggest she was now in the same room only twenty-two years earlier.

A Decade of Big Busts Stories - No 2 - The Long Weekend


When Mike's wife, Sue, wins a weekend break for one in Scotland, it suited both of them that Mike should go instead. The problem was that the organisers wouldn't let her change the name on the ticket. Fortunately, Sue had a ready solution: Mike could simply pretend to be her.

Things may have been less eventful if Sue hadn't purchased such a large pair of false breasts for him. As it was, the new Mrs Susan Martin found she had a number of admirers, to whom she had great difficulty in saying, 'No.'

This story contains adult themes, and is entirely fictional.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: My very first Big Bust story was published in 2002, and products from the Big Bust shop have continued to feature in many of my stories ever since. Set in the fictional English seaside town of Seacombe, Big Busts products are considered state of the art by men who want to look like women, even when naked.

To celebrate Big Busts' tenth year, I have decided to republish all my Big Busts' stories which are not already on Big Closet, which I'll do at intervals throughout the year. The stories are not being published in chronological order, but are intended to give a mix of different types.

Like most of my stories, this is meant to be out and out fun (and I don't think there's enough of it on this site). Whether you're a new reader of my stories, or you have read them before, I hope you sit back and enjoy, without becoming too serious about it all.

Football Girl~Season 2~Chapter 19

I sat on the bed as Mummy read Joanne’s email. I was still a bit weepy, well girls do cry you know, and as everyone will tell you, I always cry in the sad bits in films …
Football Girl
Season 2 ~ Chapter 19

By Susan Brown

Copyright © 2012 Susan Brown

my life

copy rights are the norm here yada yada you can post this at any free site as long as it remains intact.I know this is a bit of a side track on the stories here, but just an up date on my life and its changes.

My early memories of my mother were of some one who was tired and worn down yet still fought the good fight and won out.
I imagine raising 5 kids would do that to you. I remember she had to leave for a while to go back home to Holland, why was never said but I think it was for mental reasons and a possible breakdown.



Chapter 9

Brandy leaves headed to work and to go dance and I’m here alone for the first time. It’s unsettling but I first go around and I check all the windows and all of the doors then all of the windows and the doors again before I’m good.

My Super Secret Life-19.

My Super Secret Life-19.

Chapter 19


I wake up feeling like I’ve been through a beat down and my room’s dark and my body just hurts. My stomach hurts from crying so much. I slide out of bed and there’s still some of Ty that’s leaked out of me.

Enough to get me bawling again.

Emotional, yeah…usually I’m Matt and by almost social definition told to not act femme…and femme isn’t camp. A genetic male being female in his sensuality isn’t camp and swishy.

Yeah, I’m Bi in my sexuality but really in my sensuality I’m a girl.

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Emerald Witch - Part IV


For a moment, nothing happened and the full feeling was freed from her mind. She thought she had beaten The Emerald Curse. Suddenly, the amulet chain tightened and began to squeeze tightly on her throat. She tried to pull it off as it dug into her skin but it was much too strong. She trashed about the place, gasping for air, wrenching and choking.

"The old man must DIE!’’ screamed Alys.

"Arrrrrgh!’’ croaked Heather, pleading for Alys to stop.

Death is Precious: Ch. 12

Eugene Westerfield is a troubled teen who felt that he could start his life all over again in the isolated town of Ravencrest. What he finds instead... is a different kind of rebirth.

Death is Precious:
Chapter 12


Quarantine Cove, part 3 of 3

Some of us were glad to have a few dozen more male bodies in the mix, so we could be of our preferred sex more often; but by then I think most of us were starting to get used to femininity — if we did not enjoy it, at least we had stopped complaining about it.

532 Part 4


Chapter 8

“And this must be Belle? My, but you are a pretty one, Belle! You are well named!”

“Thank you, ma’am. I didn’t pick it, but I am beginning to like it. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether I like it or not. I don’t think I can change it. I think the people who kidnapped me did something to my mind. Every time I think about changing it, I get really sick”


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