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1 To Beth    Sat   Hope Eternal Reigns
2 School Time for Death Chapter 25    Sat   WolfJess7
3 Mike and Ashley, Chapter 3    Sat   Portia Bennett
4 Tamara's Trials - Chapter 20    Sat   Shiraz
5 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2559    Sat   Angharad
6 Curiosity Killed The Boy 6    Sat   bob4ayl
7 Golfing in Pink    Sat   Katherine Day
8 Somewhere Else Entirely -120-    Sat   Penny Lane
9 Honey Bunny: 1    Sat   Louise Anne
10 Jessie's Ride    Fri   New Author, GypsyWoman
11 Secondhand Life - Part 11    Fri   Kat Walker
12 Ilos Part 9    Fri   Tas
13 Among the Val Kyr par 37    Fri   Morpheus
14 Patriot Games - Chapter 29 - Plans Are Hatched    Fri   Marina Kelly
15 Hiring of Elaine Hall – 10 The Conclusion    Fri   Jessica C
16 Undercover! ~ 8 (Conclusion)    Fri   Shauna
17 Shortcuts 21    Fri   Terry Volkirch
18 A New Start in Life part 7    Fri   Christina H
19 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 25    Thu   Ryker
20 Room in Hell chapter 18.    Thu   Nagrij
21 Magic of the Kingdom - 1 - I Spy a Pixie!    Wed   Dark Kitten, Zoe Taylor
22 Nikki, part 6    Wed   Debbie V
23 Season of Change - Chapter 30    Wed   Elsbeth
24 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *25* Como Toes    Wed   Maddy Bell
25 Kayda 1 - Buffalo Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight - Chapter 7    Tue   Elrod
26 Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 16    Tue   Bailey Summers
27 Jessica's Story - Part 10/Michelle's Story - Part 4    Tue   Rachel Porter
28 Debriefings 18    Mon   The Rev. Anam Chara
29 Life Is Not A Bowl Of Cherries~Final Chapter    Mon   Susan Brown
30 Luna 1: Drafted - 7    Sun   Irvine
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The Half-Lilin: Chapter 14

Adela looked straight at me and her eyes glowed yellow again. If I was not in pain, I would've made a joke about how much it resembled a pair of traffic lights. It took less than a minute for the stump on my right shoulder to collect enough mass eventually forming a solid arm. Flexing my arms and fingers, I was pleased that it worked just as well as before.

No Half Measures - First Movement - Chapter 6

Royalty Consists Not in Vain Pomp - Part 1

Royalty Consists Not in Vain Pomp - Part 1
by: Lilith Langtree


I threw the copy of the marriage license at him, which in reflection was stupid because it wasn't tied down with a large piece of marble, and it wound up flittering away until it landed beside him. "You want to explain this? Oh," I waved my left hand at him displaying the monster mound of diamond attached to my finger. "And this?"

Susie and Jeffrey 44 - 47

All at Sea

"Well, think again, Jeffrey - eating a Penguin bar is the closest I've come to killing an albatross."

"Funny you should say that, Susie, because their chicks are a delicacy; you scoff the lot - bones and all."

"What about the beak and feet?"

"Obviously not, but everything else - apart from the feathers."

"I've never seen them down Tesco's, Jeffrey."

Susie and Jeffrey 44 - 47 by Jamie Hayworth

The State does not make mistakes -12-

The State does not make mistakes

12 - Unexpected Journey

by Penny Lane

Site Security begins to uncover Supervisor Hirsch's schemes, but the proposed action means that Marion must leave her apartment and stay with Belle. When she arrives, she gets a shock.

Tragedy Of The Spirit-Part 22 The Letter

No Half Measures - First Movement - Chapter 5

The Journey is the Destination 3

The Journey is the Destination
Chapter 3

By poetheather

The plot begins to get even more convoluted as Akane and Ranma decide they need help to make this whole thing work.

Daughters of Time -3-

Daughters of Time

3 - In the Balkans

by Penny Lane

Because of their mutual suspicion, Luke has difficulty communicating with those he believes are the Daughters of Time. His new hosts make certain requests that cause him some heart-searching.

Singularity -1-

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 21 Mother

No Half Measures - First Movement - Chapter 4

Maiden by Decree Chapter 24

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 24


Or: There is no rest for the wicked!


Maggie Finson

“I think we may want to move our attack time forward, my lord.” Sestalphas calmly told Garret.

“Why do that?” The Knight asked. “We already have things planned out.”

“Well, I think your lady is alive and well.” The other answered and pointed at the walls of Aruendal Castle. “Look for yourself.”

Tragedy Of the Spirit Part 20 My Fathers Thoughts

No Half Measures - First Movement - Chapter 3

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Princess Found - Part 11

Homecoming Princess (Revised)
Princess Found

Part 11
By Arecee
Edited and proofed by Sephrena Lynn Miller

I didn’t expect that! Omigosh! That’s perfect!

“Would you?” I meekly asked.

“I’d love to, more than anything in the world!”

I had the school’s best looking boy wrapped around my finger! I realized right then the power that girls had over boys. It filled me with such a thrill, one I had never felt before! Here, me, plain old Lynn Collins, had someone begging to be with me! OMIGOSH! Mmmmmm! Delicious!

“Yes,” I softly replied, letting go of his hand. BUT only so I could hug him fiercely!!!!

I looked up into his strong commanding gaze and let myself slip into his power. I felt our lips meet and his arms wrapped around me too. He pulled me up close to him and I inhaled his scent in once again. It just felt so darn right!!!!

The Princess and the Plague : 37

The Princess and the Plague
Part 37
By Anistasia Allread
Edited by Edeyn

“Where are we going?” Erika asked looking around, “The church is the other direction.”

“I thought we would try out a different church.”

“I thought you liked the Catholic church last week?”

“I did,” Her mother nodded, “I thought we agreed to try a different church every week?”



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