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1 Laura, part 6    Sat   Debbie V
2 Rhapsody in (T)G Major ~ Part 2    Sat   Shauna
3 The Loves of Julie Pearson - 5    Sat   Katherine Day
4 My Dreams of Spirit Dancer - Part 5    Sat   Teddie S.
5 Frills-chapter 5    Fri   Snowfall
6 Caught in the Act – 12 Decision Time?    Fri   Jessica C
7 Memoirs of a magical girl, chapter 2.    Fri   Nagrij
8 Magical Girl Policy- Chapter 17    Fri   Taralynn
9 Honey Bunny: 24    Fri   Louise Anne
10 Lady in Waiting Part 2    Fri   Christina H
11 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2685    Thu   Angharad
12 The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 23 - Butterflies and Cherubs    Thu   Snowfall
13 Little Boy-Girl the Flash Backs 6-8 Joy, Katie Lee, Zoey Brooks Vaughn, Taylor Ann and Zack    Thu   Mario Cawhern
14 Kayda 3 - Two Spirits: Chapter 1 - Oyate    Wed   Elrod
15 Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 5: Volume 1: Chapter 10    Wed   Paul Cousins
16 When tales come true Chapter 16    Wed   GypsyWoman
17 Battle For Earth: Coalescence (Chapters 5-7)    Wed   D.A.W.
18 Thank You Sara    Wed   New Author
19 Stuck Too    Wed   Emma Finn
20 Patriot Games - Chapter 34 - A Date with Ivan    Wed   Marina Kelly
21 The Knights of Death chapter 13    Wed   WolfJess7
22 Girly Gurl Salon Heather Part 2    Tue   Francesca Walker
23 Our Way - Part 9    Tue   Lady Blaise
24 Jem...Chapter 147    Tue   Bailey Summers
25 Sweet Dreams-63    Tue   Bailey Summers
26 Celestial! - Chapter 4    Tue   Lady Blaise
27 Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 4    Mon   Debbie V
28 We Shall Fight On The Beaches...4    Mon   Susan Brown
29 Being Diane    Sun   New Author, Dennis N. Adkins
30 Reversals - Ch03    Sun   Rachel Wren Clark

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Air Force Sweetheart -- TacPzlSolGp Chap. 23/34

Air Force Sweetheart
Chapter 23/34


by T. D. Aldoennetti


They dive into the photos, noting the Top Secret – No Forn stamps on the back of each image in bold red lettering and glance at each other for a moment.

A few minutes later, our new Captain comes over and asks me where they can find notepads and pencils. I loan her a pencil and hand her a req form and tell her to fill out a requisition for whatever they need, then it goes through channels. She rolls her eyes but takes the form and the pencil.

The Journey is the Destination 21

The Journey is the Destination
Chapter 21

By poetheather

Things have calmed down some but Ranma is still worried because the Amazons have not made their move yet. She is worried that Akane and Ukyo might not have the strength to survive what is coming. The only solution? Training Trip.

Sarah Carerra - 1.14 - Marketing Blitz

My dad rolled his eyes. He’d obviously worked with him before.

"Sarah, just..." Dad started. "Just don't take anything he says personally."

Sarah Carerra
Chapter 14 - Marketing Blitz
by Megan Campbell
Copyright  ©2009 Megan Campbell
Released: December 25, 2009

A Splintered Life - Chapter 5

Deirdre has found more people to hang out with, people with whom she had something in common, gaming. She goes to her first meeting a little nervous and gets home after a little scare.

A Splintered Life
Chapter 5 -
Let the dice fall where they may!

by poetheather

Copyright © 2009 by poetheather

December 2009 Christmas Holidays Contest

December 2009
Christmas Holidays

2 days left to submit your entries!!!
Submission Deadline extended 2 days!

Entry Submission Dates are from December 1, 2009 until December 26, 2009.
Voting Dates are from Friday December 27, 2009 - Jan 1, 2010.
The Big Holiday Revelation Night to find the winning entries, is on Jan 2, 2010!

Starting the Hunt

Note: please read The Mail Box, move onto Sweet Dreams, follow with Playing Detective now add…

Starting the Hunt

“Ok, I agree it’s not much to go by, but it’s all we have.” A hand waved a piece of paper through the air.

“I still don’t like it. I mean wh…”

Air Force Sweetheart -- TacPzlSolGp Chap. 22/34

Air Force Sweetheart
Chapter 22/34


by T. D. Aldoennetti


They take everything and clean up the lab. The instructors remove the maps and fold them for inclusion in the bags. We have three bags of trash to be burned.

The students are dismissed for supper and the burn bags are taken down to the incinerator. The instructors and I make our way out of the school, chatting about the students and the confusion which momentarily surfaced each time something unexpected arrived. We alter tomorrow’s group assignments and separate. This first day of the third week is something the students are unlikely to forget.

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms: Chapter 11: Things not as they seem.

Legend of the Ancient Kingdoms


What happened to Natasa after the collapse, will someone save her and what of Seleukos? will he invade, time will tell.


When you need to get away from the keyboard for a while - travel!
Perhaps you might want to change your lifestyle when you see the possibilities out there!


by Maddy Bell

Copyright © 2004, 2009 Maddy Bell


----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Scott was on his way west to meet up with his friends to start a new life in L A.
What he came across in the desert after his car broke down would change him forever.
He wondered if his friends would recognise him once they finally met again.
He didn’t think this was what his friend’s intended when they said, "start a new life."


by Prudence Walker

Me and Sam


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----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Two young teens, life-long friends, discover each other, though not in the usual way.
A gentle "coming-of-age" tale.

Me and Sam

by Darla Raspberry

Air Force Sweetheart -- TacPzlSolGp Chap. 21/34

Air Force Sweetheart
Chapter 21/34

by T. D. Aldoennetti


I walk to the door and out with my thoughts swirling around me. I don’t remember finding the car, nor riding back to the BOQ, but somehow I realize that I’m back in my room searching for those few tampons I tucked away from when Mom, Sis and I went out to supper and dancing. That’s it, they’re in that purse….

Finally, I have one in my hand and, after some trial and error, manage to insert it. I clean up and go back to bed to sleep for the two hours remaining to me.

Dreams assail me in the form of tiny kicks against my tummy from within. When I wake up during the night, I find that my hand is cradling my tummy, as if feeling for something which I wish were there even now. I go back to sleep with a smile on my face.

A Splintered Life - Chapter 4

David just couldn't wrap his head around his brother's choice to live as a girl. It disgusted him and he felt betrayed. Drivning around and drinking were his only refuge. What else could he do?

A Splintered Life
Chapter 4 -
A Bitter Brotherhood

by poetheather

Copyright © 2009 by poetheather

Jellyfish -2-

As I woke up the next morning I didn’t know where to turn. I had serious misgivings about my choices so far. I was getting involved, and with that come a price, vulnerability. And that was a price I wasn’t sure I could afford. I also had made a new powerful enemy, knowing all too much about my shady past. Yes, I’m referring to Ivan that wanted to buy Alana.

Something Feels Strange - 32

Feels Strange

As I drive home, I keep an eye on the rear view mirror in case I’m being followed.  I even take a few odd turns aimlessly down residential roads but don’t see anyone following me. I’m sure that the Major is being cautious, but I’m starting to think we need to keep from getting paranoid. After all, who would be worried by a simple teen girl working as an intern?

Chapter 32: Hormones

Air Force Sweetheart -- TacPzlSolGp Chap. 20/34

Air Force Sweetheart
Chapter 20/34

by T. D. Aldoennetti


“To keep everyone interested and awake, I’ll offer them two short breaks of ten minutes during the lecture period. During normal days, the labs will be about three hours each following the intro hour in the lecture hall.” I was designing my class on the fly now.

“Remember, the first lab period is really two separate labs with half the students in each, as is the second lab period. Can the school arrange this for me?”


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