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1 Tamara's First Christmas - Chapter 2    Mon   Shiraz
2 Baby Jenny Part 1    Mon   Sissy Baby Karen
3 Change for the better. Part 1    Mon   Sissy Baby Karen
4 Chris's Surprise Prize Part 1    Mon   Sissy Baby Karen
5 Chrissy's New Life Part 1    Mon   Sissy Baby Karen
6 Princess of Russia    Sun   New Author, Kellenxx
7 Liliths son Chapter one    Sun   New Author, Jennifer Reed
8 Undercover! ~ 1    Sun   Shauna
9 The Princess ~ 3    Sun   Shauna
10 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2501    Sun   Angharad
11 Secondhand Life - Part 1    Sun   Kat Walker
12 Unaccounted Gains Book 2 - Chapter 17    Sun   Shiraz
13 Dead Ringer - Part 12    Sun   Kat Walker
14 Summer of Love - Part 7    Sun   Kat Walker
15 For Friends and Family Part 21    Sun   Christina H
16 Little Boy-Girl 10 Marie and Missy are born and Michael finds his sisters part 2    Sat   Mario Cawhern
17 I Can't Make You Love Me - 5    Sat   Drea DiMaggio
18 Raven's Blood: Chapter 9    Sat   Amethyst
19 Think Like a Man - Chapter 4    Sat   Julie D Cole
20 Ilos Part 5    Sat   Tas
21 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 15    Sat   Ryker
22 Now I am become Death    Sat   New Author, souffle girl
23 Five Hertz of Separation    Sat   Meps98
24 Twisted Throwback, part 18 of 25    Fri   Trismegistus Shandy
25 The Transit of Venus, Book 2 - Ch 30    Fri   Rhona McCloud
26 Choices - Chapter 21    Fri   Sherryann44
27 Among the Val Kyr part 23    Fri   Morpheus
28 School Time for Death chapter 11    Fri   WolfJess7
29 The Craigslist Killer Part Three    Fri   Nom de Plume
30 Patriot Games - Chapter 25 - An Education Begins    Thu   Marina Kelly
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 22

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 22


Mom takes Dad’s hand and she kisses him and she leads him out of my room and I look at Kaitlyn and she sort of blushes under the scrutiny and bites her lower lip a little and we sort of do that intense stare at each other thing before the tears are building up in my eyes and I start to cry and…

“Thank you, thank you for just like dropping your life and coming…” (Sniffle.)

She gives me that head tilty really light up the day kind of pretty smile and she reaches up and she thumbstrokes some of the tears that are starting away from my face.

I’m happy crying still some and just emotionally crying too and I’m shaking a little because I’ve never had anyone do that to me before and my brain’s in like good shock?

“You’re my friend Sarah of course I’d come.”

*And Now…

Shocking Developments - Part 1

Terrael grew up in paradise, until the Fomorians showed up. Now Humans, Hypers, and Fae all face extinction and Terrael is their only hope. Can he get used to his own changes and make the one change that can save them all?


Shocking Developments
Part 1 of 2


My mother’s eyes shot wide open. “You can’t seriously be thinking about taking Terry to see her,” she sputtered. “She wasn’t playing with a full deck before the Flare. After she threw away any cards she might have had left.”

The Mysterious Ms. Stevenson - Part 2

I Wish Book 2: Chapter 4

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 2
Chapter 4
The Night Before

“Wait a minute,” I said as I started to put two and two together, “there’s no way this is for me. I couldn’t possibly…”

Playing her way - Chapter 3

Playing her way - Chapter 3

© D.L. 2014

"Care to explain what is going on?" Mrs Rogers asked Anna once back in her office. The headmistress had shoved the door almost closed, deliberately leaving it ajar.

In Tandem Orbit 8

For Friends and Family Part 14

Nicky and Amy.jpg
For Friends and Family Part 14 – Love and Truth.

Andy is looking for a new challenge, his current girlfriends sister has suffered a nervous break down, Andy is very similar in both size and looks, agrees to be changed into a Nichola look alike.
This is a dream for Andy who has a secret desire to live and work as a woman. In this chapter the new Nichola's feeling for Brett intensify and she has a really deep heart to heart conversation with her new Mother.


Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

by Jennifer Sue

Kyle didn’t understand. Every time he’d played with other kids, the adults always told them to share their toys. Now they were telling them to keep the ball away from the other kids! The adults had everyone was running around kicking a big black and white ball that they called sock her. He’d been told to never hit anyone, especially girls. Yet now they were supposed to sock her? The other guys seemed to understand what was going on except for the boy who looked a lot like a girl. What was worse was that boy’s dad was always yelling at the confused boy, almost as much as his own dad yelled at him. Just then the ball rolled to a stop at the feet of that other boy. As he stared down at the ball another boy ran up knocking him to the ground and kicked the ball away leaving the first boy on the grass crying. Then Kyle saw a massive wet spot appear at the boy’s crotch. Even at three he knew peeing yourself was not a good thing and that the crying boy would really be in trouble with his dad. Feeling compelled to help, Kyle ran over to the soggy sobbing boy and did the only thing he could think of that could help. He opened his fly and peed right on top of the large spot. The yells and screams of the adults as well as the laughter of the other boys ended all other action.

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 21

Hopscotch… A Jump in Life 21


It was sort of scary dealing with them and at the same time it was just all sorts of cool.

He has Mom sign the stuff for charges to be pressed if and when they can and he leaves with the police officer.

The town police officer was kind of quiet, I’m not sure what he was thinking or if it was like about me or me being trans or not. I really couldn’t tell and I don’t know if that’s just me in my head or it’s just a police thing.

I sigh and double hand hold my coffee as they’re done and Mom and Dr. Johansson are looking at me. “You want to go for a walk and clear out the ughs from all of this?”

I take a breath and a sip then nod. “I think so, okay let’s go.”

Mom slips her arm around my back and we head out to do a few rounds round the hospital with her and my therapist.

*And Now…

A Longer War 21

I was in the bottom of some new-style cabin cruiser, trying to see if it was the seal around the shaft that was leaking or whether it was a warped hull, and I heard him call my name.

“Hang on, Ern! Just got to get this fastened back on!”

I took most of the dirt off my hands with a rag as I stepped ashore.

“Won’t give you my hand, pal. Covered in oil and grease”

The Second Bell

The Second Bell
By Melange
Copyright© 2014 Melange
All Rights Reserved.

TopShelf's Fall 2014 Back to School Contest

Didn't it start right here? Facing only herself, nothing more and nothing less. Like with many changes, it all began with a simple question: What if...

For once, she hadn't brushed it away as an idle thought. For once, she had listened to that feeling inside. A little like how your legs could get stiff if you sat down too long, a part inside her had grown stiff from being cramped up. She needed to stretch out. Stretch the wings of her imagination and soar.

But that was before, and today was the day. It was time to be brave.

Shivering With Antici... pation: A TG Mixed Tape

Shivering With Antici... pation


Edited by Hutcho

It’s Halloween. While on assignment a warlock finds himself observed by strange man with tape recorder. At a music festival for monsters, two security guards set out to apprehend an intruder. As darkness falls across the land, and the midnight hour draws near, hit play on this collection of spooky, sentimental and surprising seasonal short stories. [Includes an interview with Zapper (creator of the Consultant Universe).]

Two Daughters

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but I have had a great idea!

If I can get my DNA Gene-Splice technology to work it will revolutionise medicine. No more nasty side effects to drugs or aggressive treatments.

Just lay on this bed and we can fix it!

Just got a few little wrinkles to sort out, I am sure nothing will go wrong.....

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 20

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 20


They all kind of are gone after that and I’m kind of just sitting there wiping the odd tear leaking out of kind of like relief. There’s some more answers and there’s people that kind of sort of know me and stuff but more importantly they want to know me.
Sarah me…Well I think I mean that they mean me; the whole thing was on Shawn’s page and all.
And Adam…wow…Shawn stood at least for something.
I really can’t like see me being brave though, crazing and wanting to get hurt maybe but brave?
Though it’s kind of nice to know that Shawn wasn’t like an ass to people.
And I am tired…and tomorrow is likely going to be a busy day and things.
I wipe at my eyes again and power down and close my laptop and try and get comfortable and get some sleep before Mom or the staff show up for stuff tomorrow.

*And Now…

Playing her way - Chapter 2

Playing her way - Chapter 2
© D.L. 2014

Arnold Bridges sipped his coffee, savouring his first hit of caffeine for the day and working week. He had just finished eating his serial when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching down the stairs. He had gotten used to having breakfast alone. His wife, Marilyn was currently in the bathroom, having made his pack lunch while he showered, shaved and dressed. They swapped places, and he would briefly see her again as he left for work.


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