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1 Sing a Healing Song Chapter 8    Wed   Dorothy Colleen
2 The Ceilidh    Wed   Shiraz
3 Unaccounted Gains - Chapter 40    Wed   Shiraz
4 Take Three Girls Part 9    Wed   Christina H
5 The Transit of Venus - Ch 64 Epilogue, Book 2 Prologue    Wed   Rhona McCloud
6 Damselfly 2.7 Field Training    Tue   Erin Halfelven
7 I Wish: Chapter 15    Tue   Amethyst
8 Patriot Games - Chapter 22 - Betrayal    Tue   Marina Kelly
9 Eve - Chapter 40    Tue   Shiraz
10 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2454    Tue   Angharad
11 Sisters 30    Tue   Cyclist
12 A prisoner in my own mind    Tue   Sydney Moya
13 School Time for Death Chapter 7    Tue   WolfJess7
14 Armsman of Joth -3-    Tue   Penny Lane
15 For Friends and Family Part 12    Tue   Christina H
16 The White Wolf Chapter -41-    Mon   Barbara Allan
17 Among the Val Kyr part 3    Mon   Morpheus
18 I Can't Make You Love Me - 2    Mon   Drea DiMaggio
19 Jem...Chapter 119    Mon   Bailey Summers
20 Athena's Wisdom - Issue 7    Mon   Erica Jane
21 Twisted Throwback, part 09 of 25    Mon   Trismegistus Shandy
22 Not into franchises but I couldn't resist - Dammit!    Sun   Rhona McCloud
23 I Need To Remember. Chapter 16.    Sun   Ahaz
24 Joey's Joy -- Part 9    Sun   Shauna
25 Gaby Book 11 Chapter *7* The Amazing Jess    Sun   Blogger
26 My DVD Remakes - Collection    Sat   Mary Beth Sanford
27 Raven's Blood: Chapter 1    Sat   Amethyst
28 Here there be dragons, chapter 4.    Sat   Nagrij
29 A Longer War 18    Sat   Cyclist
30 Whispers from the Void - Chapter 4    Sat   Ryker
31 Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 10    Sat   Bailey Summers
32 A Rainy Night    Fri   New Author
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The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XX

Chapter 68

“Roxx? What do you wanna do when you grow up?” Mary asked thickly. “Y’know, when school’s over?”

“Eh?” Roxx asked Mary, suddenly irritated by that question. Robb had asked her that once. More than once in fact. What bothered her was that she never seemed to have an answer. He was always going on and on about having a better life. Paying rent and bills were no fun. To the then Melanie, and now The One Who Is Roxx that the simplest, easiest way to accomplish that was always the best.

Joey's Joy



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Joey learns some unexpected life-lessons and finds out some unexpected things about himself along the way.

St. Paul’s

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I promise this is not going to be just another forced fem story, although there is this aspect to the story—my hope is that it will be a journey of discovery for Joey and that I can portray that journey adequately in the manner that I envision it. There will be some happy times and some sad times ahead—if you want, watch that journey with me as it unfolds.

House Sitting Pretty

House Sitting Pretty
by Ellie Dauber © 2003

Dan Hendrix learns that the one thing worse than cheating on your wife is giving her a really lame excuse when she catches you.

This story is not a sequel to “Habeas Corpus”, although some of the same characters appear in both.

The Housemate Chapter 2

Twisted Throwback, part 07 of 25

“It’s what they call a mental Twist. Most of my body didn’t really change at all, but my brain... there are a lot of little changes there, because I have a kind of new personality. Basically, I have a girl brain.”

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 4

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 4
By Barbie Lee
Edited by Catherine Linda Michel

Things are heating up for out heroines and their mates. Is war inevitable? Will they best the slavers, pirates and the rest of the scum who are breaking the treaties? Plenty of action in this chapter so Strap in, settle back and prepare for more UF-2, now!

FROM BEFORE: "Dan was shaking his head no, as Sandy answered. “They took over the Control Center by pad six. Most of the time that’s where you will find the majority of them. They can keep an eye on the spacers coming and going and what everyone is shipping. Kind of like a help yourself buffet. You like what’s moving in front of you, then you take it. If it’s not worth the trouble or it belongs to another slaver let it pass.”

“How many?” Meliss waited for an answer.

“I’m not sure. Forty or so from what I’ve heard.” Sandy figured the conversation was over. Two men going up against forty were not good odds."

And NOW...

The Ship That Giggled

The Ship That Giggled

104 (3).jpg

Synopsis: Flit pilots, the elite of pilots, were literately coupled to the brains of their Flit ships. Those brains, once little girls were the controls of those flits, but still very much little girls. It took a very unique set of skills to fly a flit, and more than a little tolerance to become a little girl's doll. Jack graduated flight school with honors and in his first baby girl outfit took his first flight as Sally's doll Jennifer.

The White Wolf Chapter -40-

Jesse has inherited his Grandfather's ranch.
Now he must fight his father to keep it while he must
honor his Grandfather's last wish of seeking Coyote.

The White Wolf

Chapter 40
Like Father, Like Son

by Barbara Allan

Copyright © 2013, 2014 Barbara Allan
All Rights Reserved.

The Flying Babalooskis- Part 3


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THE EXCITING CONCLUSION! Waking up to the wreckage of their disasterous housewarming party our two "retired circus aerialists" are outed as the runaway children they in fact are. So they hastily depart for Florida, having acquired an absolute little monster of a travelling companion, who they seem to be stuck with. At the airport things really go south. But will our heroes manage to?

~~ A Fantasy of Freedom ~~


Butterfly Curse

Butterfly Curse
Be careful when you visit a Chinese shop to see TV in peace, and if you get thirsty, remember that one bottle can be the Butterfly Curse

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 7

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 7


Though I did read me saying that “I’d love it but I’d never really wear it.”
I said that a lot.
Though I can see why.
I mean there’s a lot of me that I can see as Sarah seeing Shawn never being out of the way and that had to…and does…suck.
I can even sort of feel that much.
…….I want to be pretty, to just kind of walk and feel and be that person that I feel like inside.
I absolutely do not feel like a Shawn.
Actually I feel…I feel.
I feel like I’m going to panic because now I’m inside this thing and it’s small and it’s closed in and it’s making noises and lots of them and all of a sudden I’m not there.
I’m in the car and it’s rolling and it’s rolling and every time it rolls the air is getting redder and redder and I’m screaming and screaming and it won’t move! It won’t give I can’t get out and my back hurts and I can’t get out1 “Lemme go! Lemme out, please, please let me out! Help! I’ll be good! I’ll be a good Girl! I’ll be a good Girl!”

*And Now…

Girl Power Rules II

Girl Power Rules, Part II
By J.A. Stevens.

Mark was your typical thirteen year old boy. He skipped class now and then and maybe more than he should. He was working on his bad boy reputation as it seemed the prettiest girls all like the bad boys. His parents weren’t pleased in the direction he was headed and when the teachers started picking on him, they let it slide thinking it might be a good thing. Landing a girl’s part in the school play starts a prank that sees him become the homecoming queen. But that is just the least of his troubles now


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  • an update


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    I'm sorry I haven't been giving any updates recently. It just feels like I'm pretty much stuck in a rut - I go to work, I sleep, I go to church, I sleep again ...

    But here goes.

    My grief over losing Kylie is slightly better, I guess. I almost feel guilty about that ...

    I got the green light to do a talk on trans 101 for my church, and I'm super nervous about it. Honestly, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this ...

  • Housekeeping

    The sharp-eyed amongst you may already have noticed some logo changes for the Eve & Unaccounted Gains series as each is now displaying Book 1. The Series page has been suitably modified with a new uber organisational page created, There is also now an Eve 2 page awaiting content, as a teaser.

    What this means is that both Eve & Gains will be finishing soon in their Book 1 guise. One or both may take a break whilst I work on republishing Tammy, starting with the Hallowe'en special.


  • lost story


    read a story a wile ago .. cant think of its name to find it again

    started with this guy in a bad part of town .. get chased ends up leaving the car think it was to a flat

    runs up a bit finds a hotel where has a friendly conversation with a woman commin out of a room another man shows gives the woman a hard time he end up taking a bullet for her

  • Made it home

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    I made it home. That might not have been in my best interest but it was the only option I had left open to me. I had to work, even though I am in no shape to work. It was foolish and dangerous and I'm glad no one got killed.

    The leg is still infected and swollen. It looks a little better but that's not saying a lot. It's not as red, but it still hurts like hell. Ever play dig dug? When he puts the pump into a monster. Picture that happening to my left foot. To think I was upset when I couldn't find shoes before.

  • Can Someone Tell Me??

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    I curious. I always have been wandering the site, and a few other site that I've written for. Now the "Account's are getting read, and I'm up to nine years and eleven months. Erin or Piper, can you provide the date????

    There is method in my mania. My final Novel is finished. Comdex is FINISHED!!! Yeah The Pruetts. and The Steven meet and discover My..secret.

    Well it's been fun! I'd like to post it on that day. The three books all run to 5oo pages or more.

    Blessings, Love, and Hugs,

  • Two New Kindle eBooks!

    Just a quick announcement about our two newest Kindle eBooks by some GREAT authors from our community! Hypatia and Rebekkah deMere.

    While BC was undergoing it's upgrade, I published Hypatia's " The Lady Lies Sleeping "

    " Many things that walk upon the earth are older than we can guess, at the beginning was The Firstborn, he who danced as the world was created…he will dance at the end of the world too…and that might just be a little closer than he would like. "

  • Man walks into a bar...

    I'm stalled on another long story I'm writing, so here's a diversion. I can't remember where I heard it first.

    A weary-looking man walks into a bar with a shoebox under his arm. He walks up to the bar, sets his shoebox down, and orders a drink.

    "Hey, what's in the shoebox?" the Bartender asks.

    The man sighs, opens the box, and pulls out an exquisite miniature piano. Then a man in a tuxedo, about a foot tall, gets out of the box, walks to the piano, sits down, and proceeds to play Chopin.

    "That's amazing!" the bartender says. "Where did you get that?"

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