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A Steel Ribbon part 15

A Steel Ribbon part 15

A dying man is given a second chance. This story is a fan fiction that takes place in the Whateley Universe.

The Family that Plays Together, part 08 of 10

But why did my tail feel so weird? I looked down and saw it was split — that’s how it felt at the time. I wasn’t thinking of them as legs, but as something that had gone wrong with my tail. And when I tried to slither forward, my tail impossibly went in two directions at once, and I fell and hit the floor with a painful thud —

Havens Salvation Chapter 7-1 Bits and Pieces

Havens Salvation
Bits and Pieces

Ann as when James Meet Her the first time After Battle
Havens Salvation
Any resemblances to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.
Copy Rite 2014 Michele WhiteWolf
Editorial salvation by djkauf
Creative Consultancy by Bailey Summers, and my two girls Anna and Crystal
Ms Mary Adelaide Wilkinson [ my mother who dragged me all over the back roads of Colorado bringing those historical souls back to life. ]
With out all of the efforts from the above this story would never seen the light of an audience.

The rapid fire pace of the last two weeks continue. Some problems solved. New Problems develop. New Allies discovered, and a nasty villein in the shadows. Oh My.

Twice Removed... 14

Xia Phar had a good life for a human on Saer’kah. She didn’t wear a restriction band and the Saer’khi family that had raised her since the Migration treated her like one of their own. Others humans on Saer’kah though had no reason to love the Saer’khi . At least Xia had some semblance of freedom. So when the humans decide to rebel against the Saer’khi and she discovers the real reason for the presence of humans and other aliens on Saer’kah Xia decides to take action. Enlisting the help of her family and her friend Tarek she forms a plan to get everyone out of the alien barracks without arousing suspicion and get them off Saer’kah on one of the newly built colony ships. Sounds pretty easy right? Now Tarek’s crush on her is the least of her problems and leaving Saer’kah is just the beginning.


Twice Removed
Chapter 14
Storm Watching

“Why? Are you not attracted to her? I thought you were with the way you look at her sometimes, how you smile when we talk about her, and the way you two interact. Was I wrong about that? Did I misread your non-verbal cues?” Tarek asked in genuine confusion.

Assassin -6-

Part 6
By Arecee

Assassin at Amazon US

Kelly Girl - Post 10


"She's so darling in that cute dress, oh, and a little dolly!" The old lady cooed. "What's her name?"

A Longer War 5

We rolled into the big city, and Wilf went looking for the best pub. No, not really. There were no pubs. No houses, no streets, nothing but rubble and blank-eyed locals staring at us without any life in their faces.

Purple Pimp or Kneel

The Third Street Saints have been in numerous turf wars over the year against other gangs, the authorities, and even an alien empire. Maybe Father Time should have thought twice before he messed with their rackets.

Beauty and the Vial: Tested -06-


Beauty and the Vial: Tested

Chapter Six: Adella and Dennis

By Jo Dora Webster

Will 17 year old, Gail, in being aged to a
25 yr old Adella find harmony in interacting with a man?

Amber: In the House of Calvin - Ch. 60: The Rock

Amber: In the House of Calvin


by Ken Ryker

When fate intervenes, a night of fun becomes a journey into
a dark, mystical world, and a new heroine journeys within herself
to find an identity she never knew existed.

A tale of love, redemption, lust, and forces beyond comprehension.

Assassin -5-

Part 5
By Arecee

Assassin at Amazon US

Duality~Final Chapter


  Thinking that I would not get very far before the Honourable Lord Phillip was either found or had recovered his senses, I wasted little time in walking as fast as my skirts would allow…


By Susan Brown


I would like to thank Miss Jane Austen for the inspiration for this novella, which is based on a time prior to that which is described in Pride And Prejudice and involves a few of the characters in that great work.

A Longer War 4

I sat in the warmth of that Summer’s sun and wept. We had finally been pulled out of contact, for you can’t replenish under fire, and in the sudden break from what I had been watching my strength had finally broken loose and fled, and I was crying like some stupid little girl. That airfield.

Summer of Love Part 1


If I didn't live through them myself, I'd believe the '60s were a myth.

The BigCloset Battletech and Mechwarrior Writing Club

The BigCloset Battletech and Mechwarrior Writing Club

Bigcloset's very own page for Battletech and Mechwarrior LGBT fan fiction.

Assassin -4- Second Half

Part 4 (second half)
By Arecee

The adventure continues and remember the whole novel is available at Amazon, Author, Richard R Carlson
Assassin at Amazon US

A Steel Ribbon part 14

A Steel Ribbon part 14

A dying man is given a second chance. This story is a fan fiction that takes place in the Whateley Universe.

Somewhere Else Entirely -108-

Garia sees Keren depart on his Valley journey and then has to find out what the Guildsmen have been doing while they were away. Later, she begins teaching meditation to Eriana, receives an unexpected visitor and is summoned by the Queen...

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

108 - Oaths of Fealty

I Need To Remember. Chapter 5.

Chapter 5. Linda is woken by a surprise visitor.

MAU: Can't Take the Sky From Me! Chapter -6- & -7-

The Air Force Captain took a lung full of smoke. “I saw it, but I don't know if I believe it. However, what the hell. No one else has believed either, but the question is do you believe in superheroes, because I swear to Gawd we intercepted Iron-Man and War-Machine out over Tampa Bay last night.”

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth.

In this 2002 sequel/finale to Winner Takes All: http://bigclosetr.us/topshelf/fiction/51324/winner-takes-all, an enslaved Earth seeks the cure to The Change & the will to fight back. Within her own fractured group, Colonel Trish Stevenson must fight a war on two fronts; against the Machiavellian First Lady, Madeline Bradley, & the ever present Norwin threat at their doorstep. Join the rebellion, in this gender bent Science Fiction adventure of Loyalty, Betrayal, and Love most unexpected.

Winner Takes All.

Another TG blast from the past, in celebration of this July 4th. In 2001, this tale of alien invasion was meant to be my first attempt at a gender bending epic; written as straight up Science Fiction rather than as a joke. Naturally the greater story is guided by some insanely complex characters for such an action driven narrative. Would you expect any less from me?

Of course, as with my other older fiction, this is presented as originally submitted, warts and all.

So have a picnic, grab a beer, and enjoy this firecracker of an adventure.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2393

The Daily Dormouse.
(aka Bike, est. 2007)
Part 2393
by Angharad

Copyright© 2014 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

Assassin -4- First Half

Part 4 (first half)
By Arecee

The adventure continues and remember the whole novel is available at Amazon, Author, Richard R Carlson
Assassin at Amazon US

A Friend in Need Part 13

A Friend in Need
Part 13. Passion Awoken

March 2013

I must have drifted off to sleep as the sound of the alarm woke me, it was Monday and Clive had to go to work, Chloe was still asleep and that pig of a husband of mine had slept through the alarm, I considered waking him up by arousing his love shaft and having an early morning pleasure trip; but a little mewl from the cot forced me to change my mind, so I kissed him passionately and woke him up.
I slipped on my heavy satin dressing gown and picked my baby up to change and feed her while Clive showered and got ready for the day.

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