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Tikki, A Cat With 9 Lives?

Tikki, A Cat with 9 Lives?

I did not know how to break the news to my daughter, her first pet, a kitten, would have to be put down.

The gift

This Christmas I wished alone in the dark to see if I could get what I longed for in my heart.

I wished to be soft and sexy and shy for long hair and maybe meet others like I.

The Living VS The Dead

The Living VS. The Dead
By: Sandy Riedel

I grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her into the mansion, gasping for air, and slammed the door behind us. I looked back at her; a mixture of pool water and sweat dripped down her face. She was shivering and I wasn’t sure if it was from being cold or from being scared.

Miniskirts: A TG Mixed Tape


A TG Mixed Tape

Edited by Hutcho

Three bikini clad bombshells rob a bank; a mild mannered comic book artist prepares for bed; a man chats up a waitress at a train-station diner; a beautiful socialite pays a visit to her father, but is she all she appears to be? Are any of them? Hit play on this collection of nine short, short stories by nine very different voices in TG-fiction and find out.



I can still remember the first time.

Tante's Birthday - A Jaci and Dottie story

Tante’s Birthday - A Jaci and Dottie story

Drea knew something was up by how good her two charges were being.



Oh, hey, I’m really glad I ran into you.

Can we ... talk? Somewhere private?

An Error Of Judgement


My First Romance

It was 1968 and the summer of Peace and Love. I was in love. Deep Passionate Love. Her name was Bronwyn Evans. She was from Wales and spoke to me with a beautiful melodic welsh accent.

Barbie Girl

Barbie Girl

Author's note: This is based on an incident my mother swears happened ...

One summer day, my little boy gave me a lot to think about.

A Prayer Answered

Set in the same multiverse as 'You Said Seven'.
As if that makes a hell of a lot of difference to you.

Summer Dare

Summer Dare

I looked down at my feet again, struggling with what I was seeing.

It’s difficult being a Draenei.

Just a little drabble I wrote while I was playing WoW. It started with the question "What would happen if a WoW character came to earth?"

It’s difficult being a Draenei.

Somebody's Knockin'

Somebody’s knocking

Please Come Home

For Dorothy and Drea.

The Beings Alike

The Beings Alike

Merry Christmas my wide eyed friends.

The New Doctor?

“Quiet please!” commanded the first Wise Man.

The other two finished their conversation and turned their attention to the first one.

“Right. Down to business.”

In the Red

You probably should read "In the Pink" first (click on the name).

Halloween Portrait

Halloween Portrait

I had gone all out for Halloween, and I could tell the effort was worth it from the reactions of the guests at my party.

Can a leopard change his spots?

Can the leopard change his spots?

I dont remember my original name.

There is something tragic in that loss, the lack of an original identity.

Feeling Keystrokes

Feeling Keystrokes

We met online it wasn’t even what either of us were expecting and nothing that we were looking for.

I was typing away on a site with one of my hobby sites and it just started as these little exchanges.

Friendly talking and quirky.

God I loved that.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek


The Cauld Lad


By Nicki Benson

A short piece inspired by an old Wearside legend. The word 'cauld' (meaning 'cold') should be pronounced 'card'.

Bedtime Silliness

This is a short piece I wrote several years ago but never had the courage to post. Please be gentle with me. :)



Just a little slice of life from my teen years. Enjoy!

One Ugly Broad

One Ugly Broad

By Portia Bennett

You Said Seven


By Nicki Benson

The first in a series of stories set in a multiverse of my own creation. They will all feature the same protagonist.

A Darker Shade Of Red

A Darker Shade Of Red

By Melanie E.

A note of caution: this is a much, MUCH MUCH, darker piece than I typically write. I may even take it down eventually, and I'm definitely not linking it to the rest of my stories. So, be forewarned.

Losing Control and Hurtling Towards Heaven

Losing Control and Hurtling Towards Heaven

"Pro..." the young girl placed a note down on a black tile in her kitchen. "... change is good."

kitty litter cake Hillbilly Recipies

I don't know who started this but I think it's funny

A Hand of Love and Hand of Faith

A Hand of Love and Hand of Faith

"Hold my hand, son." The Mother reached out to her young child and guided him across the road.

Volunteer time

Volunteer time

The Supermodel

The Supermodel

the story about a teenagers desire to be a model with the help of his sister. But does his sister really want to help him?

Berry Adams


by Nicki Benson

"Berry Adams was late the first day. Wasn't far, just a daydream away."
Sean O'Hagan

Shifting Sands - A speech to Gender and Sexually Diverse youth


Katie Leone

My 10 minute speech for a youth summit for gender and sexual diverse teenagers.

Puppets 2 - the strings are cut

Puppets 2 - The Strings are Cut

I stood in the smoking remains of a building, wondering what happens next.

Girl on a Motorcycle

It was a normal Friday afternoon (or so I thought) when I left work. The weather was sunny and the sky blue. I was in a good mood as I was going to spend the weekend en-femme and also indulging in my other favourite pastime of riding my Bike.

I sat astride my weekday machine, put my open face crash helmet on, adjusted my flying goggles and kicked the aged but very beautiful '69 Bonnieville into life.

Canadian Superhero Battle

Canadian Superhero Battle

Canadian Super-villain (CSV): “I’m terribly sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to please give me your valuables. Again, I’m sorry”

Returning Home

This is for Stan. I hope he would've liked it.

I Have No Legs

I Have No Legs

"You have to grow up and run The Marathon"

(to herself) (what does he mean? I don't understand...)

The Choice

The Choice

Well, its time.

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Cuz I got a peaceful...
Easy Feeling....
And I know you won't let me down...

The Face Through The Railings


by Nicki Benson

Please read the notes that precede the story before making comments.



Author's note: This one is a little dark. Read with care ...

“All right, young man. Why dont you tell me what made you come to my office in such a hurry?”

The Wish

The genie said he’d be granted a wish.

Instantly he knew what it would be.

Smiling happily for the first time he could remember, with a voice hushed and breathless, he asked.

"I'd like to know what it's like being a girl."

The genie laughed and vanished.



by Nicki Benson

On a really bad day I’ll pick up a newspaper and find that all the full stops are missing from the text.

When They Came .....

When They Came ....

Author’s note. This one is pretty dark. Read with care ....

Little .... Buddy?

Little .... Buddy ?

“Skipper, can we talk?”

“We are talking.”

“I have a question but I dont want you to be mad. Can you try not being mad for me?”

Le Moment Magique


by Nicki Benson

But I'd done all that. I was ready for a different kind of action.

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