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Life is on top of me right now.

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Firstly, an apology. I am sorry that I have not really been around and contributing.

Musings about reviews and reviewers.

In between visiting my father in hospital (he's not at all well.

For thems that like the paper variety....new book

I know that for many of us paper books represent the past, too much expense, too little room to keep them and subject to too many elemental disturbances.

Paperbacks - The Other Side of Dreams & Killing Me Slowly

Hi everyone

This is for those few who still like the old fashioned way of reading - PAPER BOOKS

I have just published two more of my existing novels as paperbacks through FEEDAREAD.COM

Thanks and a NEW BOOK.. A Tale of Two T's

Just to say a big thanks to those who voted for my story - Three men and a Christmas Spirit in the Christmas competition.

20,000 up - New Book out to celebrate!

20,000th book sold!

Merry Christmas to all readers, everywhere

I'd just like to say a special thanks to those of you who go to the trouble of reading my work. If it wasn't for you guys, we who try to scribble would never get the encouragement to continue.

Three Men and a Christmas Spirit

girl and gate 1 copy.jpg

Three Men & a Christmas Spirit.
By Tanya Allan

Three young men break down on the way to spending the Christmas break in the French Alps, in a region where cell coverage is almost non-existent. Only one speaks sufficient French to seek help. Leaving his friends with the car, Terry Cooper sets off to find a telephone just as it starts to snow. He meets a woman on the road, but before he can speak to her, she vanishes. He believes she has gone though a gate, so he follows to find a large chá¢teau at the end of the drive. On answering the door, the butler mistakes the bedraggled Terry for a girl. On entering the chá¢teau, Terry is allowed to call the breakdown organisation. however, on leaving he sees a portrait of the woman he saw on the road. What is weird is that he bears a striking resemblance to her.. What is weirder still is that she has been dead for nearly two years.

He is then seen by the owner of the chá¢teau, who cannot believe that the young person in front of him is male, or that he has walked here by chance looking just like his dead wife.

So begins a fantastical adventure that can only have one outcome; ...

..... or can it?

French speaker/editor required

I am looking to translate my books into French. Is there anyone willing to re-correct/edit my efforts?


Been busy, so not been around much

Been so busy, hard to remember when I last sat and read stuff as I wanted to. Had some time out of the country helping start a school in Africa. That was fun, but fraught.

I Hate Halloween


I hate Halloween

by Tanya Allan

I Hate Halloween: Copyright 2013 Tanya J. Allan

The author asserts her moral right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988, to be identified as the author of this work.

All Rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of the copyright holder, nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.
Any adaptation of the whole or part of the material for broadcast by radio, TV, or for stage plays or film, is the right of the author unless negotiated through legal contract. Any commercial use by anyone other than the author is strictly prohibited.

This work is fictitious, and any similarities to any persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental. All persons and many places are fictitious, Mention is made of persons in public life only for the purposes of realism and for that reason alone. Certain licence is taken in respect of medical procedures, terms and conditions, and the author does not claim to be the fount of all knowledge.

The author accepts the right of the individual to hold his/her (or whatever) own political, religious and social views, and there is no intention to deliberately offend anyone.


Andrew is persuaded to go to the Halloween party, but trusts his friend Melissa to select the right costume. Unbeknown to him, Melissa has an ulterior motive and Andrew is about to face a very different future to that he expected.

New eBook published. - A Girl can but Dream

Hello everyone.

New Book - TWOC - A comedy of Errors

New Book out... TWOC - A Comedy of Errors.

It's a sci-fi comedy available on Kindle. Find it listed here: Tanya's Tales

New Book - Extra Special Agent published.

Hi everyone.

Just to let you know that I have just published a new book on Kindle. (Paperback to follow)

here is a blurb: -

More on Kobo

Just to let those of you who might be interested, I have now uploaded five of my books onto Kobo.com

Tanya Allan is now publishing direct to KOBO

In answer to all those who have asked me to publish in any other format other than Kindle. I have now taken steps to publish in ePub format direct onto KOBO.

My 35th Book published! - When I count to Three.

Wow! My thirty-fifth book has now been published. Considering I started publishing only two years and two months ago, that's not bad (even if I did 'post' several before that).

A Wedding and Two Wars - now available as a paperback.

Just a quickie for those who don't like Kindle books. My new Book - A Wedding and Two Wars - is one of sixteen now available as a paperback.

New Book Published - A Wedding and Two Wars.

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A Wedding and Two Wars

Yes folks, Book two of the Knox Journals is now available for Amazon Kindle.

Find it here with direct links to the Amazon sites

New Book on Amazon Kindle - It Couldn't Happen, or Could it?

I've just popped a book onto Kindle that I have been working on for ages... I'm clearing the backlog slowly.

New paperback published - A Chance would be a Fine Thing.

Just to let you know that I have now had BOOK 1 of the Knox Chronicles - A CHANCE WOULD BE A FINE THING - published as a paperback.

New Book published - Beginning's End on Amazon Kindle

Just published... Beginning's End - the sequel to Behind the Enemy is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Find it here for .com - Amazon.com

12,000 Up!

It seems just a little while ago I announced that I had sold 11,000 books on Kindle.... That has now increased to 12,000

Five Star review received for my new book.

Yet again, I'd just like to say a huge thanks to all those who have bought my new book A Chance Would be a Fine Thi

New Tanya Allan Book available on Kindle.


This is a heads up... I have published a new book on Amazon Kindle... A CHANCE WOULD BE A FINE THING.

feeling down!

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Feeling down... my mother passed away on Monday. She caught whatever is going round on the previous Monday and I called an ambulance on Monday morning because her breathing was awful.

Romance is not dead

I was sent this link... It appealed to my warped sense of humour.. It is in English, but the Scottish variety. (Sub titles available)

My 11,000th eBook sold!

Just a heartfelt thanks to all of you who have bought one (or more) of my books. I have just sold my 11,000th Kindle version through Amazon.

So you want to be a published author? Part One

So, you want to be a published author?

Yes please.

Fine. Let’s play twenty questions.


Simple one first. Who are you?

Two more titles now published as paperbacks


For those who are interested, and I accept that not everyone is, SHIT HAPPENS, SO DO MIRACLES & WHISPERS IN THE SOUL are now available as paperbacks.

My thanks for the amazing response to Help Help Help.


Thanks all of you who came up with ideas. Many of you left suggestions in the thread of my last blog entry, and even more PM'd me with your suggestions.

Help - Help - Help

I need help to decide/create a suitable title for my latest creation.....

I have given birth to a monster.

SKIN now available in paperback


My heartfelt thanks to those of you who have bought my kindle books. I am pleased to announce that my latest book - SKIN - is available in paperback...

Dreamer Book 2: Part 10


Dreamer: Book 2. Part 10

By Tanya Allan

This part Copyright © 2012

This is the third chapter of the ‘new’ bit, written in response to those readers who requested it.

Philippa Stewart, international Movie Star and mother of two, continues to look back at her life. We are finally introduced to her husband, as he too harks back to the old days.

The police close the case, but she needs to return to the school so that door may be closed as well.

She faces her old friend, so past and present become clear. Her family seem to come to terms with her true nature, at least he mother does. Pippa now believes she has grown up, but finds that perhaps her future may not contain a certain Norwegian.

Find out what happens.... read on....

Comic or not comic? That is the question

Hey ho, you learn as you live, I guess. What I intended was a story in pictures, so I used, or misused the word comic. What would describe what i want more?

I am open for suggestions.


Discovered 3

Number three
Discovered 3

Discovered 2

Comic Strip - Discovered - By Tanya Allan

Hi, I am venturing into the realm of the comic strip. This is my first effort. Please let me know what you think.

My Thanks to all

Many thanks to all of you who've helped with typos in SKIN. I have gone through and corrected them, so within a few hours, the Kindle copy should be fine. It's amazing what your miss.

Sales hit 9000!

Today marks the sale of my 9,000th book.
My heartfelt thanks to all those of you who have bought my books.

I now have twenty-eight titles on Amazon Kindle, eleven paperbacks on Feed-a-read.com, one (ePub etc)on Smashwords and one paperback on CreateSpace.

Here's hoping to hit 10,000 by the end of October.


Errors on the Tasters blog entry

It seems that my telepathic speech marks meant something else to the html of the blog and it neatly erased most of the speech, so it was unintelligible.

Sorry, I shall try to correct tomorrow


Taster for Whispers in the Soul

whispers in the soul cover.jpg

The sequel to Whispers in the Mind, Whispers in the Soul has been available for a few days for Kindle readers through Amazon.com

I am aware that my last posted taster may not have been seen by many people, so just wanted to repeat the taster for those who may be interested.

Taster available on previous announcement...

For all those who saw the announcement without opening it. The first chapter of Whispers in the Soul is available in the last blog entry.


Whispers in the Soul Now Published.

The sequel to Whispers in the Mind, Whispers in the Soul is now available for Kindle readers through Amazon.com

Find out what happened to Michelle and as she faces several challenges and new characters are introduced in this, the second of the series.

Find it here! Whispers in the Soul (US)

Whispers in the Soul (UK)

Dark Whispers has already begun, and will be the next in the series.




New work published on Kindle - humorous verse & poetry

Just to announce that I have just published a collection of humorous verse and poetry, in my usual genres.

Find it on US Amazon here: Dragons & Stuff!
On UK Amazon here: Dragons& Stuff


Yes, I have finally FINISHED a NEW book!

I sent it off to my editor a few days ago, so, as soon as it returns, I shall be publishing the sequel to Whispers in the Mind, entitled Whispers in the Soul.

Update and freebie

Had a very busy summer - so far. Celebrating over 8,000 books sold, so a HUGE thanks to all those who forked out the vast amount of filthy lucre to pay for my books.

I am just about finished my book. WHISPERS IN THE SOUL. It is in the last few paragraphs, as I tidy the ending. I shall be sending it off for editing and then uploading it to Kindle in a short time.

Once it is ready I will post a teaser of the first chapter here.

Dreamer Book 2


Dreamer: Book 2. Part 9

By Tanya Allan

This part Copyright © 2012

This is the second chapter of the ‘new’ bit, written in response to those readers who requested it.

Philippa Stewart, international Movie Star and mother of two, looks back at her life.

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