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Stacy In Love - Part 2

Kelly's Journey-Chapter 6 No More Kelly Boy

Kelly's Journey (Revised)
Chapter 6 No More Kelly Boy
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne with Special Thanks To Terry Naut and JennaFL for Proofing and to Heather Rose Brown for the Illustration!

In school, Kelly proves to be very much of a tom boy as he excels at academics, and sports, side by side with his best friend, Johnny. Together, they become the school's top athletes until Kelly is hurt, then Kelly become Johnny's tutor to keep him from academic probation. Later on, a misguided doctor destroys Kelly's dream, and Kelly finds a new dream.

He Throws Like A Girl

He Throws Like A Girl
By: Willy Mays Hayes

“The time has come” a slender slightly graying woman stated “Every walk of life is in baseball, there are the Blacks, the Jews, even the Hispanics are in baseball, and yet women are still not allowed in the game, this has to change!”

The Red Dress - Part 3

“You danced several dances with him and each one was more…provocative then the one before it. You were grinding your ass against his crotch and then you shoved your crotch at him as though there were a place to put his package in your front. It was truly quite amazing to watch. You really got into character.”

“What do you mean? I ‘got into character’?”

“Well, you were dressed like a woman and were reacting to the men as a woman might…”

The Red Dress
Part 3
By Kelly Blake

Leprechaun Trickery Part 10 The End

"Now, girls, I'll give some last instructions," Dr. Trate told the nervous teary eyed ex-boys. "As I said, my treatments will help you accept your girlhood. You'll quickly adapt to girlhood. I'm sure at least some of you were planning a last minute escape by running away tonight. Since you're castrated, you now know such an act is useless. Saturday afternoon, you will attend the Victorian Tea Party at the Balkut estate. Saturday evening, you will enter the hospital. On Sunday, one by one, I will remove the now useless remnants of your masculinity and reshape your groins into absolute girlishness. By this time on Sunday, each of you will be forever more a girl..."

Leprechaun Trickery

Part 10 - The End


Leprechaun Trickery Part 9

"Tony sat with me in Olivia's office as Robert spouted off," Lydia stated. "He didn't try to deny anything and even confessed to his weakness. Olivia has a close relationship with Dr. Trate whom I mentioned earlier. I'm sure you've heard of her good reputation as a plastic surgeon, endocrinologist, and Hypnotherapist. Well, Dr. Trate has an interesting side line that matches her name quite well and fit in perfectly with disciplining both Tony and Robert. Now what do think Dr. Cassandra Trate's side line might be? Just think of what a good disciplinary procedure Dr. Cass Trate could employ."

The women gasped as they realized what Lydia was getting at. "Oh my," Linda gasped. "Cass Trate... Castrate. You don't mean..."

Leprechaun Trickery

Part 9


Leprechaun Trickery Part 8

"You were right," he grunted. "The damn thing has always gotten me in trouble. Now it won't let me jerk off. Take me to this Dr. Trate! Let her cut the fucking thing off! Let her rip off my balls! Have her give me a complete sex change! I'll fuck the first man you want me to screw. All I ask is that you do it now, tonight, while my hatred for the damned thing is still hot. Do it now, damn it! Do it now!"

Leprechaun Trickery

Part 8


Cresswell Industries Chapters 70-71-72

Without a Trace - Part 6: Baiting the Trap

Without a trace part 6
Baiting the trap

JR after his mom hugged him smiled as his stomach again made its presence known and sheepishly grinned. His sister and her partner grinned and even his mom laughed, as a group they decided to head down to the cafeteria and get something to eat. They walked through the hospital corridors in an uneasy silence JR’s mother holding tight to his hand. He felt a bit uncomfortable but his Kylie side was comforted at the close contact. He had to be honest he was scared at what his sister wanted him to do but also proud.

Peter's Girl

Set in the near future Timmy and Lucy are a normal couple like so many other couples of their generation. However, with the new Rejuve drug reversing the ageing process and also reversing masculine and feminine characteristics Women are gaining power! Men are now seen as cute little feminine things and much to Timmy's dismay men's and women roles are now completely reversed. This story follows poor Timmy's descent into femininity along with his fellow men.

Authors note.

Picture Day

Picture Day

This poem came to me in the last few minutes.
As I lay here in my bed trying to sleep, it just came to me. I don't really know why, but I think my muse might just be nocturnal...
Strange how the best ideas, come at the worst possible times...

Lucky Shot

Lucky Shot

by shalimar

copyright 1968, 1990, 2001, 2007

A soldier lost less and more than he expected.

Suddenly shots came from every direction as the troop was on patrol in the jungle. Everyone in the troop took cover and returned fire.

"Medic! I've been hit!" shouted one of the soldiers.

Audra: A New Life -5- "Beginning Over"


Every new beginning is the end of something else and every ending begins the cycle again. When you finish grieving, it's time to go on living.

Audra: A New Life

Woman in the Mirror

This is a story about life’s regrets and about the transition from a young boy to a grown woman. This is a story about the price each of us has to pay, to be true to our inner selves, and become what we must be.

Woman In The Mirror: Chapter 8


This is a story about life’s regrets and about the transition from a young boy to a grown woman. This is a story about the price each of us has to pay, to be true to our inner selves, and become what we must be.


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