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The Center: Tester - Part 3

The Center: Tester - Part 3

By Blackout

Editor: Renee M
Thanks Renee M for editing!


After the incident of horror with Liz, Kris and I got a ride to the facility. I was ready to see this center place, already. The whole way my boobs kept bouncing up and down in the hospital gown. “I really needed a bra…..uhg to infinity”. When we finally arrived, I leaped out of the jeep as fast as possible, ready to get my grub on.

Aurora - Chapter 2 - Trick or Treat?

Aurora Book Cover/Image
Aurora - Chapter 2 - Trick or Treat?

Somehow the woman at the door noticed, and said “Wow, what a wonderful group of costumes we have here, but I think your friend Sleeping Beauty there seems to have gone silent.”

Everyone turned to me at that point, and  my body took it upon it’s self to betray me and blush violently. Once that was taken care of, I smiled politely and said “Trick or Treat?” and even added a bit of a curtsy

Hi All! Sorry for the delay! Chapter 3 is with editors for the first round of "What were you thinking?!?!?!" comments. I hope to have it out next week.

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Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 1290.

The Daily Dormouse.
(aka Bike)
Part 1290
by Angharad

Copyright © 2011 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

Aurora - Chapter 1 - The Plan

Aurora Book Cover/Image

Brian just wants to be normal like everyone else. His best friend helps hatch a plan that will make that happen. How will it all turn out?

...we both looked down at my torn pants and started to tell the story.

This is the first chapter, in what I hope to be a near novel length book. Chapter 2 is with editors, and work has progressed well on Chapter 3. Your comments and encouragement will help speed me along.

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Changing for Gym: Fitting In

Migrated from BigCloset Classic...
A new story in Xoop's Changing Room Universe: High school is about learning who you are and how you fit in...
Fitting In

This is light little story inspired by Xoop's 'Changing for Gym' at Big Closet. It could be considered a sequel of sorts, but is actually more of a stand alone story set in the same place. I do make use of Xoop's setting, and a few of his characters (School officials, Jessica Woodruff(in a supporting kind of role) and of course, Hill Street High School.

I have also, quite shamelessly, taken Xoop's intro verbatim just to maintain continuity, with apologies to the original author. But I just couldn't come up with anything better. The rest of the story is completely my own and I'll take whatever blame or kudos come my way for it. Now, on to the story....

My Super Secret Life-4.

My Super Secret Life-4.

Chapter 4

I’d been home at Mom and Dad’s insistence for a few days now. They just wanted me to adjust to being home and safe while keeping me clear of my friends and Mattie. I still talked to them online but it was hard to not pull my hair out over the way that they talked.

Amy: “You’re like so totally getting like major sympathy votes because of what like happened.”

Stacy: “Oh like totally you’re really rocking it Sunny! OMG!!! You’re so totally rocking the whole like sick vote.”

The Three Wishes

The Three Wishes

By Stanman63

The School Room 4 - Conditions of Release

The School Room
by Koalas
Chapter 4 - Conditions of Release


After being kidnapped and rescued, some conditions still are in effect for the kids.

Rachel's Complicated Life: Brianna's Story

Brianna's Story:

I couldn’t believe that the time was nearly here. Steve and I had just experienced a whirlwind engagement that lasted all of 12 weeks. Now, I was just 24 hours away from being Mrs. Stephen Marshall, and I couldn’t be any happier.

It didn’t matter that I could have any man that I wanted. I had my mother’s looks, and she was a former Miss Texas. I am 5’10”, 130 pounds, with what I have been told is a killer body. Okay, I guess that part is right too. 34C-24-35. My only disadvantage, if you could call it that, was I was born with and unfortunate part of my daddy’s DNA namely the Y chromosome. I say disadvantage, because the only thing I can’t do is have babies. I was born a boy, Brian Charles DiMaggio. I was one of the heirs to the DiMaggio Oil fortune.

Without a Trace - Part 13

Without a trace part 13....

Battle lines

Across the city from where the now complete investigation team was sitting drawing up their battle plan, Doctor Eva Delving sat watching the tapes from the close circuit television. She had seen her two minions take that recalcitrant boy dressing him as though he was a newborn and put him in the back of the centres and Mark White Van. She smiled as they had followed her instructions to the letter and now possibly with the hypnotic suggestions that she had implanted in their latest victim's mind reading the police a stray.

Without a Trace - Part 12

Robert realised some thing was different and his mental conditioning took over and his screaming started to ease. He looked and saw above him instead of the ceiling of the place where he had been, he saw open sky. He looked at the two women and he saw they were dressed in street clothes not in nurses uniforms and he finally worked out he was away from those women that had been robbing him of his will and body. His work with martial arts brought him back to himself with a perceptible
“wh....wher.....where am I?” he managed to stumble out.

Now the story continues...

My Mistake: Chapter 35

My Mistake: Chapter 35
Samantha Jenkins

A meeting with the Superintendent, news of a threat, and a plan...


Chapter 1

I got in to the carriage of the tube, which was already pretty crowded, at the front of a large mass of people all trying to do the same thing. Standing room only, and not much of that. I flashed a quick smile at the man in front of me, before turning to take hold of a pole. More and more people pressed in after me and we ended up with everyone pressed against each other.

The Sun will come out Tomorrow

The Sun will come out tomorrow
A bad boy is sent to the Pink institute, where he cannot get into trouble.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 1215.

The Daily Dormouse.
(aka Bike)
Part 1215
by Angharad

Copyright © 2010 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

The Journey is the Destination 26

The Journey is the Destination
Chapter 25

By poetheather

The return to Nerima where Ranma and company are faced with Elder Cologne of the Amazons. What can Nabiki do for them now?

The girl who never was.

The girl who never was.

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately.

A sad tale of confused gender.

The body was discovered by a man walking his dog. Or rather, the dog found it and would not obey his masters calls! It was in a small patch of woodland about a mile outside the village of Lockvale. A girl of 25 to 30.

Swimming Pool - 1 - Alice's Story

Preface: The swimming pool water was found to have a chemical compound that would interact with the Y chromosome in males and change their bodies to be XX from XY. It also change bone structure and other physical characteristics of the body from being built like a male to be that of a female and other features, including reproductive organs. Only male children that had swam in the pool were effected, none of the females who swam were effected. The water from the pool was collected and stored in a safe and secure place by some government agency. It was then completely cleaned of all traces and fresh water installed. Monitors were install at a number of locations so that this would not happen again. Military and civilian investigations are being made. Overseas known perpetrators have been 'taken care of' and the lab that most likely made this was destroyed just to be safe. This incident was then classified top secrete on a need to know basis. Help is being given to the children effected. This case is otherwise closed.

Swimming Pool — Alice's Story

La Suite Danse Macabre 2

La Suite Danse Macabre

Mrs. Torre, Erica, and Vanessa give Danny a ride to school. The girls plan to tease him gently about Danielle’s début the previous year, but discover that his memories of the ensuing events are still painful.

Choices (part 4)

(From Part 3)

“You are not facing this alone. Just accept that I am coming with you.”

“Th…thank you.”

“Now, do you have any idea where to start?”

“If this is connected with Alex, we need to go to the house he lived in.”

“What a way to spend Halloween. Looking for a ghost.”

“Up to you, you can sit this out, I wont think the less of you.”

“Not on your life. Tonight, we go ghost-busting.”

(Part 4)

Choices (part 3)

Choices (part 3)

(from part 2)

Finally, I got out of my dress, and slipped into one of my new nightgowns, and went to bed. I slept fitfully. I had no clue then that this nightmare had just begun, and soon my fellow students would have their turn facing this horror. The worst was yet to come…..

(part 3)

Choices (part 2)

(from part 1)

“Now I have a serious question. Have you ever told anybody before me?”

“I…I only ever told one other person.”

“Good. Lets start with him then.”

“We can’t. He was a friend of my brothers, but …“

“But what? Why can’t we see him?“

“He died last year….”

Part 2

The Swimming Pool

Warning this story has not been edited. So if bad grammar upsets your reading then don't bother reading, thank you.

Spelling should not be a problem cents Eye have checked with a spell checker.

The Swimming Pool

By Koalas

Chapters A - That Morning

Chapter A. John

Spacetran 9

In this chapter Beverly reluctantly returns to earth because mankind cannot make sense of the Anti-gravity science. She starts to realise that there may be hope for her returning as she learns that tolerance has moved a long, long way since her traumatic childhood. She also meets her only remaining older sister.




The Rescue 1

This story just came to me. Out of the blue. I suppose I could have expanded it and divided it up into chapters and there's huge scope to take different threads to various ends but for now it's a stand alone. Each of the 'threads' leaves tantalising potentials for further stories. I might come back to different threads if and when I've hit a dry spot or summat'



The Rescue.

Julian 4 - Susan


Sometimes a name is all you need, and sometimes its the wrong name

Julian 3 - Stacy


Sometimes a name is all you need, and sometimes its the wrong name


A Gaby Fan-Fiction
by Stanman

Synopsis:With the Bond's moved to Germany, just what do the gang get up to back in Warsop? This story gives a shot at answering that very question!

My Vengeance-1

My Vengeance-1

By Stanman63

Jolly Hockey Sticks

by Charlotte Dickles

The problem was there weren't enough girls prepared to play the so-called friendly hockey match against the brutes at Seacombe School. So what could Fiona, the captain of the team, possibly do?

Magical Chaos!: Crossing Over-2


Magical Chaos!: Crossing Over-2

by Lynceus

The Fifth Age threatens to tip the balance between Order and Chaos, and Mordru isn't happy about it! But the new Sorceress Supreme is weak, and, if defeated, her mantle would be up for grabs! With this in mind, Mordru creates a new Agent of Chaos, but can even he control- Klariann the Witch Girl?

Reality vs Dreams vs Isa: 6 Isa School Day

Are you sure you want to eat that?
Reality vs. Dreams vs. Isa
by Amaya the Night Rain
Part Six- Isa School Day

Reality vs Dreams vs Isa: 5 Isa New World

What would you do if your life took a turn for the better?
Reality vs Dreams vs Isa
by Amaya the Night Rain
Part Five - Isa New World

Home Alone 3

I was sweating all over. The nightmare was terrible. I was in the burning wreck of a car–my Mum and Dad’s car. I couldn’t get out...

Phoenix Rising: A Ret-Con Story

Phoenix Rising: A Ret-Con Story
Dorothy Colleen

Astronaut John Grey, returning from a routine satellite repair mission, encountered something much more than a total systems malfunction.

Reality vs Dreams vs Isa: 4 Isa Faints

What would you do if your life took an all new meaning?
Reality vs Dreams vs Isa
by Amaya the Night Rain
Part Four - Isa Faints
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