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Belle of the ball 5

I can't believe ... I really gotta stop thinking that. It's happening deal with it girl! I can't believe I just thought that!

So yes here I am in a ladies restroom at a local gas station surrounded by girls, in there uniforms just like I'm wearing, from St Marys Catholic Girls Academy. Well the summer cute uniform. The pink winter one isn't so nice to look at. The girls names I'm not so sure about I caught a Crystal and Sara, not too sure about the rest though.

Belle of the ball 4

"I can't believe I'm... Ohh forget it!"

Yes I'm sitting in a doctor's office filled with people, some of who I know from school, that seem to enjoy my predicament. Okay the boys are just looking at me funny while the girls are half smiling half sneering at me. Getting a date after all this is gonna be an exercise in pain.

Cometh The Hour Cometh The Woman: Part 1

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Women.jpg

There are some who say that I got what was coming to me, and hell, some of those people are me. But back then I sure didn’t think so, nor did I have any real expectation that it would all work out for the best. There was a time or three I even contemplated filling out my discharge papers with a 9mm. But smarter people than me restricted my access to firearms so I’m still alive to tell you my tale. A story of hubris and honor, duty and desire, true love and epic hate and this is the way it all started…

Mistaken Girl chapter 6

I'm Not Diane!

My name is Duane!!!

Sorry I just had to get that out first despite what people think I really am, and wish to be a man.

This started a few months ago. I was a ward of the state at the exclusive private school Wranglers. Yeah that school. I got in with a ward of the state clause even though I still live with both my parents. It was just that being poor, both my parents didn't finish highschool because of a little complication namely me.

Lead Shoes-14

Lead Shoes-14

Chapter 14

I almost don’t want to get into the van to drive home once we’re out of the school and he pushes me along with me in my chair. I have had I think the most amazing night of my life and part of me really doesn’t want it to end.

I take out my phone and text mom.

The Pink Painting Smock

The Pink Painting Smock

Nessa D.

Milo couldn’t understand how it had happened, all of the boys in the class knew that when it was time for art class you either brought your own apron or made sure that you got to the art cupboard first, yet here he was at the end of the line and the only thing left was the pink painting smock.

The washroom (A Jaci and Dottie story)

Jacilynn entered the house and all but threw her purse on the sideboard. Mostly because she missed and the purse slid across the floor into the living room.

She was angry from being so embarrassed. Earlier today Dottie Mom had shown up and after the first few minutes of the visit Jacilynn was asked, politely of course, to maybe go to the mall and shop.

"It's not my fault! If that bitch had not tried to hurt my sister I would not have done that!" she mumbled to herself.


Masque in D Major: II. Adagio non troppo

Masque in D Major

To an audience, the conductor's technique & art are the most mysterious of all the orchestra. Whether it be a world-class philharmonic orchestra, or a youth orchestra of yet-blossoming talent, only a small part of the conductor's work is visible on-stage, glimpses seen perhaps now, as a wave of the hand or baton & maybe then, as a wild dance atop the podium. And the conductor must always perform turned away from the audience, appearing to the outside world as if his or her face were hidden behind a mask…

Jem...Chapter 55

Jem…Chapter 55

Chapter 55

I get dressed and let Mike in with the computer and his recordings of stuff. It’s mostly audio except for the stuff in public areas and there’s some scenes where we catch Justin and Lucas bullying some of the kids that would kind of fit into the less than up to their social standards.

They’re not hitting but both of them are big guys and hooked up with Adam…well not just hooked up. Justin’s Adams closest “Friend” and Lucas is almost as sycophantic.

“That’s Justin and the other one’s Lucas, or as I used to call them Adams right and left testicles.”

Parental visitation (A Jaci and Dottie story)

I am gonna give fair warning this one is a bit hard.

Dorothy's hair was in two pigtails on either side of her head. The blonde hair just long enough to give that little girl look. Jacilynn's single braid with the little white bow on her waist length auburn hair almost a contrast. While both girls wore the same white blouse with the short puffy sleeves, pearl buttons and its almost see thru polyester material Jacilynn's breasts were already pushing the limits of the A cup bra she wore.

A barbie tale (a Jaci and Dottie story)

Andrea was worried. The roast in the oven was almost ready but she was not sure that they would like it. She was currently rubbing her hands back and forth, a nervous gesture of hers, as she waited for the roast to finish. She wondered for the 20th time if she should make a salad or maybe some desert.

Being that the trans support group meeting was to be held at her house for the first time she was understandably very worried. Would they think her place to masculine? To overly feminine? Was the bath towels clean? Did the girls rooms look okay? Would anyone think she was abusing them?

Your Starter for...

uc white dress.jpg

When Michael correctly answers the starter for ten points in his school's "University Challenge" game against the local girls' high school, he never realised it would also lead to him not only meeting the girl of his dreams, but turning into one.

Brianna’s journey.1

Most people who knew the old me would have told you I never would have amounted to anything other than a long time occupant of a federal hotel if you know what I mean.

But here I am on this stage fixing to receive my BIO chemical engineering degree, I would like to see the look on their faces, of coarse they would most likely never recognize me unless they knew what happened.

Whatever Next pt 30

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Probably the penultimate chapter in this book, maybe of the trilogy.

Jaci and Dottie - an introduction

Dorothy is rather insistent that I publish this part right now even though WE, yes you too Dottie, are still working on the whole story and it will not be ready for quite some time.

Schoolgirl Mixup - Amber

"Look I am not writing another part to this story. I got enough stories to write more chapters on."

"That's not my fault your the dam muse!"

"Let's see when we last left Ariel ..."

X-Why-Me...Chapter 2

X-Why-Me…Chapter 2

Chapter 2

She had fainted and was slowly woken up with her mother shaking her gently. “Emily? Emily wake up you fainted.”

“I did?”

“Yes, you did.”

“I had the worst dream Mom.”

“It wasn’t a dream.” Her mother had this strange almost foreboding finality there in her voice.


“You eavesdropped on me and the doctor and then you looked what we were talking about on Google.”

“But it’s not true right?”

“We haven’t got the DNA tests back those will take awhile but everything else says yes.”

“But it’s still not true, c’mon!”

Schoolgirl Mixup - Mom

I should note I didn't really want to post another chapter and may or may not continue this story as I really want to work on my other stories. However my muse seems to have other ideas.

Then again so do some people reading this story.


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