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For Sephrena

The little girl was in her room and scared. She looked at the door to her room from her bed. She knew she should just get up and open it but she couldn't. It was far to frightening. She had spent so long hiding herself from everyone that the thought of walking out the door of her bedroom was so hard. She knew she should but as soon as she even thought about it her heart would pound in her ears.

The small issue with my family.

My name is Vincent J Wiggs. I know it sounds corny for a last name but that is really what it is or was. That's gonna take me a bit to explain. Alrighty then, first off I come from a family of witches. Magic really does exist and I have known about it all my life. There is a problem with that though. Magic comes at a price it is not free.

Angel - Season One - Pilot (Parts 1-3)

---"Angel" Season One Pilot---

Mission commander Michael Owen is on the verge death after a failed mission in space to save the planet earth. Saved by what he thinks to be an angel, this friend from another world offers Michael the opportunity to save his planet by endowing him with great power, but at a great personal cost.

My Office Gift - 2- Giving Back the Gift

“We did not come to be modest,” I said, “these kids health has been hit hard; our love needs to be beyond us feeling good. We want to be assured this would benefit both floors and show our caring beyond Tuesday night.” With the knowledge we will not forget and we will be back, Cheryl seems to be well impressed...
Heather spoke, “I don’t think they will allow that much of your money to go for others.”
Darla shared, “Anne has a strong following in our office, we'll help her do what she wants...
Holding Tracy in my arms as we're ready to leave. “You’re an angel and not just an elf, aren’t you?”

My Office Gift
Chapter 2
Giving Back the Gift

by Jessica C

Copyright © 2012,2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Pop Pop and the Unexpected Bridesmaid - Part 3 After the Wedding

Previously… “Then when my sisters came home and Mom Ruth came in we get all wound up in conversation and I pay for it in the morning. You realize all that of course you but you don’t if you’ve been a guy.
…“O God, I hope no one expects me to be up early to go to church. Thanks Josh I better let you go before I nibble that cute ear off.” … Josh excused himself and walked four houses away to his own home.

What would a girlfriend like partner to learn

A short part of a person’s life, but was he totally surprised by the outcome or was he leaning that way and just needed a push? Were the girlfriend and his date in league together? But most importantly will the experience change him forever?

Change of Summer Camps – 6

Change of Summer Camps — 6

By Jessica C

Willy went to Camp ArrowHead, but got to be a Rainbow Camper after he got into some mischief... Now at Camp Rainbow, it's time for payback to those who ran out... Willy/Patti had given her word to try and make his agreement to the discipline work... But he never expected this...


Perspectives: 24

Belle of the ball 23

The sun was shining from an odd angle as I woke up. I was warm but felt cramped. I struggled with a thicker comforter and arms before I was able to see that I was in my parents bed. Sam was on one side of me with daddy on the other side of her. Mother was on my other side. I do not remember how I got here nor how I got into my lavender silk pajamas. I did know that my bladder was calling for immediate attention. I padded out of bed being careful not to disturb any of my family.

Sweet Dreams-43

Sweet Dreams-43

Chapter 43

It’s the first time that I’ve been to a home game and I’ll have to say that it’s exciting. I’d never had pegged myself for a football fan but here I am sitting in the seats set aside for the players family and the players girlfriends.

Despite how I’ll be going to the dance after this well its two hours after this I’m dressed like a fan or my version of a fan.

My new do is messy manageable so it’s under a turned backwards team ball cap and I’m wearing my inserts and a push up bra that gives me some girl bounce for when I’m up and yelling my head off.

The Fundraiser/Or How I Was Volunteered For The Womanless Beauty Pageant

The Fundraiser Part 1 of 3
Or How I Was Volunteered To Be In a Womanless Beauty Pageant
By Nina Adams

My life as I knew it gets turned upside down for a fundraiser at my High School. What started as just an embarrassing request leads to so much more.

Sweet Dreams-42

Sweet Dreams-42

Chapter 42

I’d like to say that the next few days were just run of the mill stuff but it’s not. Or it’s not for me. There’s school and classes which is starting to feel normal and I’m catching up with things but what’s not and what’s new for me besides my impending surgery and going to see my father’s grave on Sunday is the fact there’s a home game here Friday afternoon and later after that a dance.

It’ll be my very first high school dance.

Belle of the ball 5

I can't believe ... I really gotta stop thinking that. It's happening deal with it girl! I can't believe I just thought that!

So yes here I am in a ladies restroom at a local gas station surrounded by girls, in there uniforms just like I'm wearing, from St Marys Catholic Girls Academy. Well the summer cute uniform. The pink winter one isn't so nice to look at. The girls names I'm not so sure about I caught a Crystal and Sara, not too sure about the rest though.

Belle of the ball 3

"I can't believe I'm doing this!"

How many 15 year old boys accompany their moms shopping for new bras for him to wear since he is gonna be wearing them for a bit again. Mom is getting a bit too enthusiastic about it though. She is now picking out lacy bra and panty sets.


"Oh just look at this one Belle it will look so cute on you don't you think."


"Oh and this one would look just great under a nice dress and make you feel just sexy.

Belle of the ball 2

I can't believe I'm doing this.

After Friday's performance I had asked Kim to remove the forms and hair things. She just looked at me funny and asked me why since I was gonna wear them again anyways. Seems nobody told me that the play was on for four days. Two shows on Saturday, two on Sunday and a final one tonight.

Belle of the ball

Hi everybody! Please don't blame this one on me I swear I didn't want to write yet another possible theme but it sorta landed there last night when I went to bed and well...

I can't believe that I'm gonna do this.

Yesterday I was my usual self. I may be scrawny looking. Okay I was a wimp and everyone knew it but this is ... well.

Mistaken Girl chapter 6

hmmm whaa... let me sle....

Ouch that's my hair you witch!

I don't care if you think I should write..

Great I'll pack you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your trip. Bye!

Indulgence Revisited

Indulgence Revisited — BOOK 1

by Zoe, a friend of WannabeGinger's life-long partner and Bride

This story is a synthessis of an earlier work - one which, in many chapters, gained a great audience - more than many of my serials - So, in an effort to publish to a wider audience, composition has been made and a further book (2) will follow. For those who resent authors recycling their work - forgive me!

Guilty as charged!

Guilty as charged!

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

Part 1. My sentence.

Despite my pleas of innocence, I was found guilty of rape. It had always been regarded as a very serious crime and this was still true in the third decade of the 21st century. The mandatory sentence, however, had recently changed dramatically as more efforts were made to ensure that criminals did not re-offend. This is my version of what happened.

What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately.

Ann, Barbara, Christine, Delia, … … … Xanthe, Yvonne, Zoe. I've been a closet cross dresser for many years and never bothered to adopt a femme name. But now I'm intending to come out and can't go out with boobs and a dress and still call myself Johnny. You would think choosing a name would be easy but I've been through the alphabet twice already and can't find one which I feel fits my new self.

Leavers dance

Tiffany did this TV caption and I extended the story
skimpy 9.jpg

This a picture of going to the leaver ball at the beginning of last month. That was after the last exams and was a significant day in my life for many reasons. Let me tell you a little about myself and how I came to look so pretty.

Bears Know Best - Part 22

Bears Know Best

Part 22 of 28
by Tiffany Shar

Edited by Carla Ann

Thirteen year-old Taylor Landt’s step-mother believes that he should be the next great football player for the high school he’ll be attending in the fall. Having a dad who is an accomplished professional linebacker, and growing up surrounded by professional football coaches and players should all but guarantee his ability to dominate on the field. Unfortunately he hates playing football, and knows his height and build will never allow him to be successful at the sport. Faced with an obsessive step-mother who ignores his obvious talents in other areas but instead thinks he is a blight on his father’s reputation, Taylor does the unthinkable and moves to Ohio to live with his mother who abandoned their family and left him with his father eight years ago.

Soon after his arrival, Taylor discovers there’s more to his inability to follow in his fathers’ footsteps than just his height. Will it be possible for him to make friends in a new town in the middle of nowhere outside the shadow of his dad's fame? Will Taylor be able to finally make peace with his mother who abandoned them all those years ago? And how long can he keep his secrets to himself?

It's Dorothy's fault...again really

Hi ladies and erm others? Hard to actually think about what to call those who don't see themselfs as one or the other.. I think too much!.

Anyways Dorothy and myself were, as usual chatting on the phone when... well you know the muse just got wild.

Todd was gonna be so late! He had tried to make sure every scrap of makeup was removed before he had to leave for work but had almost forgotten about the nail polish, or nail varnish if your from england like some of his or rather her friends.

Sixty-one Going on Sixteen - 2 - New Girl, New Family

Previously… I was a man of sixty-one recovering from quad by-pass heart surgery nine months later when testicular cancer was discovered. The noted surgeon I had waited for was a no show as he was called out of the area... Scans done some two months earlier proved insufficient but the scan prior to surgery by Dr. Greene was lost in their system.

Skirting the issue 2 Enter Melissa

The overgrown garden was almost choked with weeds and grass. The wild cucumber plants looked more like a bush than a few plants. The wild corn did not follow a straight line. Same with the few radishes, lettuce, peas , carrots and other not easily identifiable garden plants.


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