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This story was written with the help of T Manners
This might not be how hypnotism works or people react to it, but for the sake of this story please play along and enjoy the fantasy that is Justin’s fate.

Bears Know Best - Part 6

Bears Know Best

Part 6 of 28
by Tiffany Shar

Edited by Carla Ann

Thirteen year-old Taylor Landt’s step-mother believes that he should be the next great football player for the high school he’ll be attending in the fall. Having a dad who is an accomplished professional linebacker, and growing up surrounded by professional football coaches and players should all but guarantee his ability to dominate on the field. Unfortunately he hates playing football, and knows his height and build will never allow him to be successful at the sport. Faced with an obsessive step-mother who ignores his obvious talents in other areas but instead thinks he is a blight on his father’s reputation, Taylor does the unthinkable and moves to Ohio to live with his mother who abandoned their family and left him with his father eight years ago.

Soon after his arrival, Taylor discovers there’s more to his inability to follow in his fathers’ footsteps than just his height. Will it be possible for him to make friends in a new town in the middle of nowhere outside the shadow of his dad's fame? Will Taylor be able to finally make peace with his mother who abandoned them all those years ago? And how long can he keep his secrets to himself?

Work experience P4

After all the new experiences, fights with his mother and his internal discussions, which way will Joe go when the pressure builds.
This is as far as I will take Joe in his life, unless I can be persauded (not bullied off course) otherwise, or someone else can see his potential :)

My Summer In The Big City


This is the second of four interrelated recollections by a man in the late summer of life, recalling the events of some unusual summers, and the members of the female persuasion who made them so unusual and worth remembering.

My Summer In The Big City
By: Zylux

Work experience

Schools like to think they are preparing their charges for the world outside the classroom and for many years have been making the students get a taste of what they might like to do once they leave the education system.
Joe enjoys the taste and can't stop going back for more

A Promise is a Promise - Sneak Peak -

A Promise is a Promise
By Angel O'Hare

Since the fire in our elementary school happened in the late summer, we all had to start this year in new schools. I was supposed to start the sixth grade this year, but since I’m one of the ‘brains’ they decided to have me skip a grade and start junior high school a year sooner.

Great, just what I didn’t want to happen. I mean I was the smallest in my class as it was; now, I’ll be the smallest in the whole darn school! Another year of utter torment, once I leave the house, get to the bus stop, the ride to school on the bus, and thankfully, quickly if at all possible into my classroom. I hope that the teacher will be there and I will be left alone. Safe until lunchtime, when again I am on the defensive until I make it into the library. Yes, I spend my lunchtime at the library, much safer and a lot more peaceful than anywhere else in school. After my so-called lunch and recess break, I wait for the last minute and head back to class. I wait with the others to board the bus; the ride home is anything but peaceful as the girls all the way home tease me.

My Summer In Wonderland


This is the first of four interrelated recollections by a man in the late summer of life, recalling the events of some unusual summers, and the members of the female persuasion who made them so unusual and worth remembering.

Bridges 30 The Wedding

Bridges 30

Chapter 30

Wedding one.

Yeah wedding one.

I wanted this as much as I want the big one and I had made a call into The Base and after some talking and some explaining with a few people. The base Chaplin is pulling into my yard and he’s meeting with Brandon and Ryan. I head to get dressed and into my very best as I see some RCMP cars pulling in.

Another shower and strong coffee. And I use my Veet to get extra smooth and then it’s the lingerie…Okay I might be insane for getting into this knowing I’m going to change out of it so shortly anyway.

The First Queen in the Village 14

The First Queen in the Village 14

by WannabeGinger

Astrid has had a wonderful afternoon with Heidi. Christopher, likewise, with Bev. Armed with ‘information’, both aim for home at the end of the day and Christine prepares to explain her plan in detail to Andy.

There are some explicit details contained early on in this chapter, so, though it’s mild, there’s a need for CAUTION.

Chapter 14 — The plot is hatched!


When David Bowie and T Rex were making waves in music and their hair my characters find a new way of living. Another dip into the world inside my imagination. Not sure the pictures will copy, sorry if they have not.



Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

I've always been a risk taker and this has sometimes got me into trouble and for many years I have been an active transvestite. I am also something of a loner and in view of what has happened, perhaps that was just as well.

Change of Summer Camps - 4 Being Patti

Change of Summer Camps - 4

I had on lipstick but had I learned how girls greet one another without smearing it on the other. I jumped up from my chair and ran to my mother entering the room. I jumped into her arms as a much younger girl might do…

“…Showing you panties to your friends is not becoming for your age.” …After I regained my composure, I introduce my mom, Karen Landis …

Return to The Grange

Return to the Grange

My name is Kay English, I am part owner of the Grangers night club and Casino, which I run with my Girlfriend Mikee, We where both turned into beautiful she male prostitutes by Dr Jones at the Grange Medical research Centre, and sent out to work at a Gay bar on the other side of town, we both managed to work our way up in the company and helped acquire Grangers for which we were made partners.

The Grange ~ 01

I was 19 years old, my parents where separated and I would divide my time living with either parent for a short time, they where both into new relationships and I always had the impression that I was just in the way. I didn’t get on with my father he used to beat my mother about, until eventually she had the courage to walk out on him, but her new partner was just as bad, I still had not found a job since leaving school but had a sizable inheritance from an Aunt I never really new, so I spent most of my time either just lounging around or reading the situation vacant pages of the local newspapers and just generally getting in the way.

That’s when I spotted the Add.

(Volunteers Wanted for Medical Research into the Common Cold. Get Excellent Rates of pay while you relax in our Health club)

The Add also contained a phone Number for further details.

My Ken Doll Part 2 of 2

My Ken Doll

By Zylux

Part 2 of 2

It's Halloween, a time to let go and live out one's fantasies, even if it's just for one night.
Laura and Crystal talk Mike into stepping out while dressed.

The First Queen in the Village 12

The First Queen in the Village 12

by WannabeGinger

After setting forth into the unknown, both Christine and Andy have been unmasked very early on in their afternoon encounters. Bev and Heidi proved to be more perceptive than even the two Lovers expected. But what will they reveal to them in return?

No explicit details are contained in this chapter, so no need for CAUTION.

Chapter 12 — The afternoon that Bev and Heidi……really did!!

The First Queen in the Village 10

The First Queen in the Village 10

by WannabeGinger

Andy and Christine spent the evening before their ‘day of research’ just relaxing in the glow of an early evening bout of love-making. Andy remained in his Astrid mode. Christine relapsed into her married-woman-with-CD-husband mode.

Started with a Prom Dress - 6 - A New Year

Started With a Prom Dress - 6 - A New Year
By JessieC

(Previously)… Mom spoke, “The doctor told us it wouldn’t get to this. The doctor and Carl’s Dad both said I should have locked the doors when he came to visit. That Carl was at a vulnerable time and he was ripe for in intervention.”

The Change-room.

What do you mean I can't write another chapter of The missing manhoods?

But that has nothing to do with missing...

Hey I paid good money for those pots PUT THEM DOWN!

Ok fine but you had better let me get to work on missing manhoods soon..

The First Queen in the Village 8

The First Queen in the Village 8

by WannabeGinger

It seems that Heidi will be central to whatever happens in Christine’s plan for Andy and the extra time she wants them to stay in the village as Astrid and Christopher.

Chapter 8 — The plot thickens

In Penny Lane there is a crimper showing photographs
Of every head she's had the pleasure to have known
And all the people like to come and go,
Stop and say hello
(with loving appreciation of Lennon and McCartney)

The First Queen in the Village 7

The First Queen in the Village 7

by WannabeGinger

A new character, one who is especially well-connected in the Village is someone that Christine feels that Andy should meet.

Chapter 7 — Through the looking glass

Shawn the Maiden Chapter 6

Shawn the Maiden

Book 1

Chapter 6

By Princess

The young son of a rich and powerful business man struggles to survive the cruelty of his step family. The son, now forced to live as a female named Joan, finds that his power is growing. How will he overcome his persecutors?

Cruising For Trouble




Summary: In the first of three parts, Eric finds himself in deep trouble. He makes a bargain with his family that will ultimately lead him down a path he never dreamed of.

The consequences of lying.

I was staring at my friend Andy, no Amy, no Andy, no Amy. She, no he, was standing in front of me in a set of grey satin underwear, which included a suspender belt that was holding up some glossy stockings. The hair was perfect, the make up ideal for the situation. The voice neither falsetto nor too deep, just sexy, no wonder I was confused.

Wings of the Butterfly!: The Trailer.

This is not a full story. It is thoughts for a new one presented in a somewhat different fashion. I had a story idea while up to my armpits in another. Instead of writing an outline to preserve the basics, because of all the summer blockbusters trailers I've seen lately I decided to try and do it in a movie trailer style.

Started with a Prom Dress - 3 - The Prom

I was asked who had added the flowers. I was praised that the little touch was magnificent. I asked if they thought Jeff would like the gown. Mrs. Richards commented “He will love the girl in the gown and that you look so pretty. It will be the other girls who will compliment you on the dress, shoes, your makeup and the many other details.”

“Will Dawn and Denise know how beautiful it is?” Mom smiled at my interest on how I appeared and what friends would think. “Mom, did you notice my feet, I need that second pedicure you talked about.”

Thanks Dad for Being There - 4 - Back to a New Normal

I practiced daily as I can and jammed with Dad at least twice a week picking up a cord sequences here and there. Travis remained my instructor; he was comfortable with my working with Dad, saying I was progressing well.
Dad shared he leaned things, which helped him as well. While Dad became my biggest fan and encouragement, Mom would take time as well on the keyboard. He would usually use the bass guitar when we jammed and his acoustical guitar if he was trying to teach me something…

My Dream

My Dream

I have always wanted my wife to help me, support me in my crossdressing. I hope this happens…

Hello Cathy are you home? Yes, Bob I am in the other living room, please come in here.

What’s up dear? Her big smile told me something was up as she said, “Bob it’s your night, maybe even your weekend if you are a good boy. Would you like to go upstairs and transform yourself into Holly? I have all your pretty clothes we bought on your bed. I want you to shower, powder up and then I will be up to help you get pretty”.

The First Queen in the Village 3

The First Queen in the Village

by WannabeGinger

Pure fiction, inspired by two great British Comedians, one of whose characters was (I’m told) the Only Gay in the Village. This Queen, you may suspect, is the First, but not necessarily the ONLY Queen in this village. No such village yet exists but, who knows, one day…. Now, Astrid and Christopher get out and about..

Chapter 3 Outside the front door

Suzanne’s cousin Clare: 10


Clare falls out with her friends
but then gets her hair styled

Suzanne’s cousin Clare:
and how she changed my life

by Louise Anne Smithson

Chapter 10

An appointment with the hair stylist

The First Queen in the Village 2

The First Queen in the Village

by WannabeGinger

Pure fiction, inspired by two great British Comedians, one of whose characters was (I’m told) the Only Gay in the Village. This Queen, you may suspect, is the First, but not necessarily the ONLY Queen in this village. No such village yet exists but, who knows, one day….

Chapter 2 Behind other doors

The First Queen in the village

The First Queen in the Village

by WannabeGinger

Pure fiction, inspired by two great British Comedians, one of whose characters was the First Gay in the Village. This Queen, however, is anything but gay, unless you count finding out that you’re a lesbian after coming out as a crossdresser! No such village yet exists but, who knows, one day….

Chapter 1 Behind closed doors

First time 27.......

First time…..

Musings from WannabeGinger

The months pass after any cataclysmic situation that a couple like us endured, if you’re lucky. And I count myself as lucky. Christine’s demands were met. Her limitations imposed on me concerning my life. If I wanted to stay married, this was the end of my dressing. Could I meet that demand, of all of them?

My Super Secret Life-20.

My Super Secret Life-20

Chapter 20

I was more than ready for the shower after my time in the gym with Terry it had helped actually helping her and helping out Shane with her friend Kyle. Shane gives me something to really think able other that my break up with Matt.

My Super Secret Life-19.

My Super Secret Life-19.

Chapter 19


I wake up feeling like I’ve been through a beat down and my room’s dark and my body just hurts. My stomach hurts from crying so much. I slide out of bed and there’s still some of Ty that’s leaked out of me.

Enough to get me bawling again.

Emotional, yeah…usually I’m Matt and by almost social definition told to not act femme…and femme isn’t camp. A genetic male being female in his sensuality isn’t camp and swishy.

Yeah, I’m Bi in my sexuality but really in my sensuality I’m a girl.

First time 25.......

First time…..

Musings from WannabeGinger

My previous chapter started with some of the best love-making Christine and I had ever had. After a ‘turnabout’ party, we had explored ways for both of us to be in control in bed. The chapter ended with my taking the chance to dress in public for the first time. I asked if that was betrayal. I was to be proved right that it was seen to be just that.

Chapter 25 — Being discovered


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